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Naughty experience story of older brother and younger sister

I have said and I want to see the appearance of a sudden I ejaculation seems wearing a sister strange knowledge that came to my room

tsubomiFriday night story of last week.
Around 11 pm, I started to say that suddenly the strange sister Once you read in my room with my sister (small 5) cartoon (Piece Toka Naruto w).
Sister "?? will do to that white sticky become a feel good when stimulated with or rub excited me a man of the people of the cock comes out I Dobya' So ??'ll really feel good when the white sticky leaves."
I "Huh ???"
sister "◯◯ you this before, - I was not saying white gunk is really was comfortable out. △△ you want to do was huntingtin is Okkiku Looking Toka erotic book. brother also white gunk ?? ◯◯ when you are leaving white gooey that was coming out, really and I was surprised hear the w "story that has been told you are out every day because feels good but, seemed Apparently there was a class in the class of the sex education of the younger sister, white sticky so and so seems to have heard the men of the teacher and nearby seat.

I was pretending to be (c'mon teacher do that tell us by how good is!) But I thought, as much as possible I think I also strangely upset bad unruffled.
I was the cold sweat that mind w me "I Well out ..."
sister "I thought feels good ??"
in the feeling of how curious I "Yeah Well ..." sister is not known me that Eloy, white was a feeling that is not at all understood but is was like was learned that mean sperm.
And then now ....
Sister "- I put out of your brother! I am white sticky. Show I seen you want to see ^ ^ in!" Or say Ya want ....

Maybe because it had entered Toka flow occasionally together until last year, my sister (in like a rather interesting) like with no resistance Toka to my dick very persistent.
So I is awkward, troubled it off desperation to ....
After I "now !! later because it is impossible! Later!" Or say 1 hour Nde w that Nigemawa' in the house, but I went because my sister has become quiet on the front, came in secretly sister when I wash my head Seriously and Te surprised ....
I thought you anyway expel, sister around hilarity rather than signs of going out at all.
Nde this is huge ... If you suddenly look at the chest.

But I also cramped think it's because I thought that my sister would still Tsurupeta, another tits now after one year to when I came in together a year ago Choi was Tsurupeta! ... such as it was likely momentum about C with feeling.
Such or grown for a year! I was quite surprised.
Moreover, the orz sister to be my dick blunder gone to see catapult I shake I the other breast shakes w becoming healthy from moving around in the rollicking look at it, I slapped the fine strengthen the sister in anger and awkwardness It was.
And then it is blown away sister, this time hit his head on the tub you you cry.
Do not tease it heard was my mother came! ! I was earnestly offended me.

Anyway soothe a sister, back to the original tension Once you've stop crying, this time will come and try to touch my dick.
... my sister but I had refused adamantly.
Since referred to in the sister "because while ago head recessed> <" I watery eyes (in fact there was no recessed), feel very Oime, it was supposed to be I'll not touch the conditions I if only a little.
Once upon a time, but there has been what has been touched with even or curiosity or a toy sensation when that came together (in that time did not bother me to do the children), Wake is different from that time.
Not not you have my dick in toys, ... I mind was not a care in the reason that you are so you can view my ejaculation.

At first I was feeling morose, and began to pull or hold or grasp them.
Nde sister also curious my dick is becoming more and more healthy.
"It was hard, though it was Oh! Okkiku became § !! Punipuni!" Sister
I "... Oh, Yeah"
"Ne not come out white guy" sister in a state close to my cock of the rapidly MAX To go···.
The difference sister "amazing Okkiku made it hard !!'ve been w" sister until a little while ago, was holding firmly as winding a finger on the other dick.
But it did not of course, or move up and down.

Orz And then my sister also had thought it feels good to blunder said ridiculous.
Sister sister said so "I'm white one out is comfortably rub? ◯◯ You Yoo had been saying to this kind of wind" is, the hand gripping lightly in the air with your hand off my dick He moved up and down.
I was frozen surprised seriously.
I never would have thought and have been taught to (that ish is amazing Erogaki of me ◯◯, story I Kusogaki to teach the word I pussy girls touching ass Toka chest of the girl playfully) No way such a thing It was.
Thats know to mess concrete! Like a ....

Not may be such my mind, my sister was laughing at the innocent face.
Then, in turn sister to me that has been frozen elsewhere are also my dick began to grip firmly.
This is a little comfortable, yet occasionally peek at my face ....
"I wonder if not de ??" sister Toka said Ya want.
I was wanted to make him stop in a hurry, ... that was great conflict among me.

A few seconds thinking this is bad! And I think again and was allowed to forcibly stop the "... Because it seems not come out today."
In sister's in front of Yappa When I became a calm eye, excitement also been cold, their own until a little while ago became embarrassed.
Dangerous was - as cold on the back is running, became sad at the guilt that was erection sister.
Then nothing, I were peaceful care to enter the slowly bath raised from quickly bath sister.
A little while ago of that and my sister after the bath, it finished in otherwise be taught that thing that is embarrassing to the Toka story of the penis in public.

It's, ... that dick is wither floating in the sister even as this single item since Ona wax head.
When I went to this before the convenience store Speaking if you've got me by sister ··· orz, ··· that men around the small 3 and 4 were surprised to see that read erotic book.
It is it seems is progressing recently of children.
Sister then, has been to the normal.
Without any Toka Eloy conversation, it comes with playful as ever.

However, "brother ~'m Okkii I huntingtin of" or am afraid to say ... when you are eating rice in the family.