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Molester is not necessarily a man! I encountered in Slut

 I made a move at the end of the year of the high 2.
Train school also has changed, now Saddle ride in terrible crowded train every morning.
The hell began is the day that is 3 semester began.
As well as to catch a train, because I do not ride that it is not me push the station attendant.
It is also the person at the next station is pushed from the addition ride.
The number of up to Ikebukuro was enough, but really every day was hell.

Of mid-January, one day, I was pushed in the same way as always.
While I think that hate it Naa, or several people at the next station has been pushed.
Just I was standing in a state in which peeled back toward the door.
When the last of the people for a while is pushed, I noticed the hand is hitting something in the back of the thigh.
I was and I think mon is hitting by chance, but I'm apparently different.
Palm it's stuck quite right thigh.

I thought that strange Do it, but do not take a look at the movement.
It does not move at all to look back behind.
As you endure for a while, the hand has been moved to the ass this time.
I come Turn stroked slowly the ass of the school uniform.
It was thought that if some mistake.
Molester is whether not it they've touched my ass by mistake with the woman.

Was shown in section somehow Stop it and the attitude twist themselves.
But I come to turn much stroking the ass.
I'm feeling is poor, it has moved only a little to move direction.
Just become to become a horizontal position, the hand from the ass went away.
I finally was relieved whether noticed Datte man.

What guy was aside of whether interest has been Nante pervert.
Because knew of being in my behind Atari, I thought I'd check to the moment you get off somehow.
It is at once the game the moment the person is discharged in Ikebukuro.
Forcibly twist the body, I was to see who is behind.
And OL-ish woman and the father is in there, there was a man of college students wind.
This college-ish of whether the father is I thought I Do'm a pervert.

Forget things such molester, even the next day got on the same train.
It pushed the people at the next station time, also became state can not move, and I hand has been hit in the ass.
Now is not'm Toka thigh, it began to turn stroking the ass from Tsu beginning.
Or do! I Yojiri himself with, but it does not stop the movement of completely hand.
Is to put away has been rubbed the ass crack up and down with your finger.
Also it does not stop the movement to twist himself, was finally beginning to fuck round and round the hole around the ass at your fingertips.

Can not put up with this truly was guard by forcibly turning the bag behind.
Father who was next to've seen in the openly sullen face, but it is not like that of the relationship.
With a bag behind him, it surpassed the ten minutes to Ikebukuro.
And we'll make sure pervert bastard what today, I saw a back twist desperately body in Ikebukuro.
But it was not there, you do Mase different father and young man city council and yesterday.
The only was the same, was the only person of OL-ish woman.
Desperately was confirmed or not the same guy as yesterday.
But I do not see after all.
I went to school in the mood that does not say anything.

As it becomes the weekend, it became on Monday.
I wanted Yari Check the molesters, have been thinking the strategy.
That come to touch from behind, I'm supposed're among those who have been pushed at the next station.
So today and I'll ride toward the door.
I thought nearing the molester and the surface if so.
Once you are touched toward the surface, I was thinking trying to Shiteyaro also a head butt.

Emergency pushed to become the next station, four people were been pushed.
And OL's Poi women who saw yesterday is in it, there was a college student-ish man seen on the first day.
With the educated guess this college students whether molester of the, I was in as would deliberately facing in that person.
That person is not listening to music, we see only ads on the diagonal.
I had thought that I do not Yatteko and still faces before.

As you peace of mind, has been transmitted feel Innovation Munyu to the left shoulder.
Per the middle of that one shoulder and elbow left shoulder.
Try and pushed in've OL's Poi women's breast to see is, I've been hit big time.
The woman seemed to have down the bag, we pressed against the tits in my arms do not even guard.
It 's impatience with me is mistaken for molester, was an effort to somehow leave.
But it does not move too much too crowded.
Women Who cares that no, was pressed against the yank the chest while looking down.

You can see if the breast of the valley, but I come by pressing the left breast or were breast to the right.
Although I did not understand because it was virgin shame of the time, maybe I think that D cup had.
In softness transmitted to the arm, I was totally involuntarily erection.
I think Toka mathematics thought Yabe, was an effort to keep the erection.
Because not fit and looking towards the OL's, went on looking at the back of the head of a bald father in front of the eye.
It even feel of the breasts being pressed is handed down, even unpleasant to the arm.

If you think a Yabeyabe, it has been suddenly hit by the palm of the hand to the left thigh.
Or rather it has been hit, I palm has been stuck perfect as turning stroking the ass.
Edge! I saw the OL's thought.
OL does not move while facing downward.
But the hand ish clearly the hand of the woman.
I impatience. I think that was pretty upset.
I there 's no experience that touched a woman, do not know other than the mother Datte feel of the breasts.

Gradually his hands came up from the thighs, arrived follow the crotch that erection through the base of the foot.
Left side of the son, had been completely erection in the left direction in erection.
In the dick, his hand was touched.
Involuntarily I was totally pull the waist.
In embarrassment that had been erection was Barre, it has quite upset.
What should I do, now also in lightly panic trying to do to.
Notice and to Ikebukuro is a little more.
Whether not arrive to somehow early station, I was thinking just that.

Meanwhile, women's hand had touched gently with Surusuru in several fingertips erect glans.
Is Sasura the back around the glans with a soft finger of belly, erection had become its climax.
If this remains touch is continued, it seems to get to go.
Wearing quickly, wearing early, I hope so.
Pull the hip continues to run away somehow, we finally arrived at the station.
I'm at full speed, I got off while hiding the crotch in the bag.

Looking back at the back, the woman was walking in the opposite direction with me.
I was relieved.
Desperately brisk walking to, I went to the toilet.
Cowper is not come out in large quantities, because had gotten wet Bitchori Some of the trunks.
Morning of the toilet is crowded, it came out can not also be wipe.

That day had much thinking just that of the Slut.
Is it really that woman had been a pervert.
Maybe homo Once you are are in the vicinity, or had been stretched out a hand.
I tried various ideas but, even if thinking there is no difference in that woman.
Caught a glimpse of the face of the woman, it was the appearance, such as do not think something is in the Slut.
Remain a little young feeling, it was not neat and clean type is a rather noisy type.

I was in trouble, but still the first time of the tits of the feel and the glans the touch the feel, It's embarrassing, but I have also carp that day three times.
And becomes the next day, I also rode in the same location on the same train.
That day also stood toward the door, I thought trying to ascertain whether the Slut from.
I have also got the woman at the next station.
This time does not have a familiar than the woman.

I am at the moment when the woman is pushed out the courage, I went toward the woman.
When the door is closed, I was standing in the feeling toward the OL's and the surface.
OL's faces down in the same way as yesterday, it lowers the bag with both hands.
And wearing a dark coat, cream-colored muffler.
Hair is a little burnt brown a little longer Medium than shoulder.
The good smell of the shampoo, I was pounding.
And I had started only in the erection if it.

The train started running, and that straddle so as not to disturb the posture swaying, we have extended a hand to the thigh immediately.
That day is not also refrain, has been extended immediately hand to dick you have erection immediately.
It was pounding.
OL's hand will come Turn stroked gently glans.
Use your thumb and several fingers, it will turn stroked the entire Sri Sri glans in the belly of the finger.
The movement is exquisite, I felt that crazy is Stop playing cat and mouse.
I want you to violently squeezed the early dick! When.

Whether they know it, OL's've trifle with the belly or a finger of the finger.
The back muscle of the penis was erect to Bing or have rub gently up and down with your fingertips, or have rub the root around.
About feel the cold, had come out Cowper also hilt.
The train will arrive in Ikebukuro after 7-8 minutes.
And I hope and I want you to hold fast to that before, came true a wish.
OL's've held the I slowly dick.
And holding hands the I was beginning to move little by little.
First was the one awkward movement was grip hardly.
But seems to have been gradually accustomed, it began to come slowly after the death over the glans from the root.

First born, is a woman of Handjob.
It was immediately explosion to will likely.
Dangerous! I was instinctively holding the hand of the woman I think.
When he directly several times after his death, it was directly acme would likely.
It was on the verge about Iki likely just rub the fabric of the trunks.
And it was very in I shake even train.

It does not fit just erection have finally waves subsided.
OL-san did not come out exactly the hand from there.
I think it was about five minutes away from Ikebukuro.
To dick not fully fit, and I OL-san has been stretched out a hand.
Moreover, it began to come powerfully after death because now Tsu beginning feel free.
Dangerous! Dangerous! I thought the moment, it has fired a gushing into the trunks.
So completely was Bikunbikun, it should be in the hands was handed down feeling.
Because still squeezing mon dick sperm is out gushing, foot of force was likely missing.

The train began to crawl, arrived barely in Ikebukuro.
Omoisugoshika, because the car was the squid smell feeling, headed hurry to the toilet.
Had lined up a few people do not go to this state school.
Finally entered the private room waiting for the order to wet a handkerchief, I take off the trunks.
Sperm It was equipped with Bettori also in the thigh, it was very seriously.
We do not have this time as it was thought that it was good have a handkerchief.