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Naughty experience story of mother and son

This is I cry That's love ... sex with mother

kannoOld story (1951), but, mother (42 years old) is the father in the divorce premise with her brother and I (2 small)
. We do not live, I went to the home of the mother.
The mother slept together in one futon to a small 6.

When the mother is my legs between the legs of always mother said, "because the warm That way," you go to bed
slept across.
Mother when I go to bed is slept in not wearing the Zurosu in the wound bed in loincloth.

My is both legs of touch the pubic hair of the mother in, but downright think because I was a child of innocence at that time
really warm and not I, was sleeping embraced by the mother.

I think when the small fifth place, but first remember the discomfort (pleasure) in the lower half of the body was awake, continued the sleeping pretend
we only.
Then, there is often the same thing, is to not withstand at last one evening mother honey
I have had. Mother that I realized that I woke up is referred to as "sh", it to huntingtin which has been squeezed
was early the movement of the hand.
I have to ejaculate into the hands of the mother not completely at last stand.
Mother had to wipe the cock and his hands in the pillow cover.

After that toilet paper is placed on bedside
becomes so that, post-processing is now toilet paper.
Such a thing for a while continues, skin picking by the time became the sixth grade, I also also rich knowledge of gender
will now insert a hand to the pussy of the mother.

Pussy is wet, such as when the fingertip hits the part of the chestnut "Ugh, Ugh, hard" of the mother and
was so put out even subdued voice.
One night, my mother had been squeezed by hand until now I was me suck on the mouth.

Warmth in the mouth of the mother, interference in the mouth, completely different feel and ironing by hand
to, in the squeezing of the hand it had been sustained pretty, pretty in this the first time the pleasure
of early mother of mouth I have to ejaculate in.

If it is set to doze off, and before I opened the notice eyes to warmth the eyes of the lower half of the body
there is a ass mother in, the pussy was clearly visible.
Shiny and slimy is in light of the miniature bulb, a little dark labia minora, apart from Gros and seems also
not (this is thought or woman of pussy), or open the labia lips with your fingers, or refers to the chestnut
intently To observation (? )was doing.

Already since the place felt by the mother knew that it chestnuts, to crawl the tongue to the chestnut had the ass with both hands
was each other licking at the posture of 69.
Still mother is inserted is not let, but was just always ejaculation in your hand or mouth, it
even am I was happy with.

Ikazu is to not sleep in with the bedding and indeed mother and become a junior high school student, separately in the same room
but now sleep on a futon,
I was placed in his futon and "Hiro-chan, Come over here because warm" and or me,
in or say, "I go to over there", the relationship is continued in the state of back and forth each other's futon

Nowadays sexual knowledge was put to considerable wear, but want to want to insert into the pussy
irresistible to.

Sometimes mother up to it, my dick between the butt here example for (lateral decubitus position) pussy
had me was sandwiched by squid (intercrural sex referred to in the now).

When the pubic hair on I began to fly, completely it has been observed every time to say that grow aligned process is interesting
to when I was growing uniform I was told "I became Hiro-chan and adults, is now in on today." but,
always (or smoked a course tits, massaged but Dari had been the) relationship between the mother-led was
and meaning because is in a not know, nightwear, not the M-leg to kick skin loincloth you.

Put the body between the M-leg, naked mother looking down from the top is the first time.
A little feeling hanging
breast open next to, pubic hair was from the chest lower abdomen, and black people.
Chestnut and the labia minora, which came out from the crack, the hand of the mother is always to hold the cock as
was Mashi Goitei, but was Ategai my dick at the entrance to the pussy shining wet from their own.

Being a puzzled because the first time that, "as it is poked at the waist ..." remains to be said
and to feel at the same time warmth and sense of Innovation Nuerburgring and shove in front of the waist, mouth until now
It was a completely different feel.

Pick put the same time, "Ugh, file -" a voice that does not stick as well as gasping both sigh mother
will leak from the mouth of.
Then things also know not to be left alone "to move ... the waist ..." 2, before and after taught that
when you insert or remove three times this time was out to the mouth of the clear words as "good ~".

Prepared to deal because I always experienced a pussy for the first time live as usual (suck, licked
When was able sustained about 10 minutes) Ikazu, it will ejaculate during and at the same time listen to the voice of the mother
directly below.

And feel that semen out of their hits in the back of the wall of the mother, is a large difference to being in the mouth.
"Hiro-chan, I can not be helped because it is the first time"
the mother is me Itawa', I had wiped my semen that is flowing from his crotch with toilet paper.

It initiative from the moves to me, use your fingers to squid in the chestnut, not squid using the tongue, each time
from the mouth of the mother to divulge the pant a "~ good, more ... more" restrained Pounds It will be
directly below.
That being said and how much room large number of the house, that the voice of women from fast asleep is also quite hear
I think.

Physiological date will not let me do it, safe day out in the raw, the risk day I call out as "Ikuyo"
was out out playing the mother is his own waist and.
When this time, connect or disconnect in the pussy of the mother also would be 15 to 20 minutes can last,
it seems to have gone 2-3 degrees in the meantime in the mother also of my dick.

When to go of the mother, we know from leaking sigh and prop the leg "c-N'... Ha ~".
I was always "Ikuyo ~" and is signaled to call out when to go.

Or roll in the tip of the tongue on the nipple, we also know that feel even when biting gently mother.
I also remember Positions between the junior high school students.

The first is still begins with the M-leg of the mother, cunnilingus, Blow, finger Man and normal position
inserted. Click becoming increasingly a dick and pussy of wetness connecting or disconnecting the pussy of mother
Chakucha, it is that you have to remember the excitement in sound to build two tea two tea.

I feel come and face to be swung to the left and right of the mother, gasping voice, tightly wrapped around the legs to my waist.
The following is Doggy Style, it is inserted from the back.

I think it was when I was, mother himself "This remains put in ..." and Yontsun in the middle of the 69
's since protrude the buttocks while times.

At this time, was issued a pant voice was always To unlike "i ~~ up ... back ..." from the mouth of the mother.
Lateral decubitus position is because I knew from earlier this 3 pattern generally was always of course.

One time, my mother had suck a dick to fill the face in the crotch as it is raised shear the body
spans my crotch to come, Ategai an erect dick in my pussy, as it is hip
has been dropped .
It was the first cowgirl experience.

Looked up at the mother to shake the hips astride on my crotch, swaying breasts, it is loosened or stretched
belly, sometimes visible shadow of pubic hair. Mother is looked up to the labia minora and get his hands on the back, and out
huntingtin is has looked glowing and filthy.

I also Using the waist up and down, you will arrive all the way, it will change the pant voice.
Mother also or move back and forth and left and right as if shed dick of the earlier part of his own of feel,
I have fall her face in or turn the hips to "Hiro-chan, Ikuyo ..." my on.

At the same time, we ejaculation what was endured until it once Some of the mother.
When the junior high school had a relationship with a combination of newly added Positions.

But now they are waking up and the mother in them Zashiki warehouse (built to be used as a residence usually),
the room are separate.
Warehouse work is warm in winter, cool in summer, the benefits of the maximum of the mother is that was excellent in sound insulation.

Until then pant voice of the mother was kept feeling there was a limit, but it put out without Habakari
Words that emits when the panting of the mother also became far more.
When you go to high school, brother of the above three are living together family and job is to have to be a 4 people uncle couple
the other night of the relationship is no matter sleeping in one of the futon, but was the life of husband and wife no better.

In high school mother is suck a dick, while Job,
"~ I also became a respectable adult Hiro-chan"
and adorable likely politely Ni咥E, we put in their pussy then licking.

Each time the mother moving and ride over to the backward, anal or open closed per convulsions, to slouch
will, huntingtin to be inserted into or removed from pussy Every move is into and out involving the labia minora
we are.

It was mother beyond the 50-year-old, but ass was in its own way, yet there is also a neck,
breasts but had become the somewhat sagging slightly, compared to the aunt our neighborhood of the same age
feel like still young is.

When the posture of the pine needles break the mother said, "dick hits the best feel part of the back"
was a favorite position of.
It came to an end temporarily at my high school graduation = distant employment Also relationship.

Last night was mutual and pure mother without a any and all Positions without sleep almost all night.
"The other I ... I do not see the Hiro-chan"
had shed really tears reluctant farewell that was different from the tears to flow in at that time.

"Bon, be sure to do it by coming back to the late"
they gave us turned out to say.
It was each other and pure mother every time of homecoming to get married at 24 years old.
Woman at 60 years old I can.

At the time of this marriage, but did not say aloud, she was thought to be taken I
'll try one, it is opposed fiercely, was told to when you turn off the parent-child edge.

At that time has become estranged also the relationship between the mother does not even homecoming, understood that doing persuaded somehow
got married mounting a.

Mother was holding a grandchild and can also men and women two children became quite good grandmother, it
raised the shelf it up, to my wife,
"husband and wife'm the end When there is no more life of the Night"
strange and He passed away at 77 years of age with a wisdom.

In place of the deceased brother at the age of 58, the seal of the old mother life the 23 death anniversary of two years ago mother
I wrote with the intention of solving.