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Naughty experience story of mother and son

Twenty-year-old around, night holding a mother only once


I am twenty years old.
Immorality of mother-to-child incest when the mother is 42 years old.
Mother at the time of my first grade, my father and divorce.

Homecoming to parents pick me.
We raised me while working in the town factory.
Childhood did not have to have such special feelings for the mother.

No to the opposite sex, it is now seen as a woman a mother since I became interested in sex.
To say that there is an interest in the body of the woman rather than to my mother I was a real place.
Not even be able to talk to women because it was shy, of course for me that she also serious did not waste system can be, mother I was the most familiar woman.

First it was it is possible to peep the mother are in the bath.
Because it was the countryside of the house bathroom is open here and there holes in the wall plate in the wooden building, was looking through from there.
But also visible mother's breast, bottom line female genitalia does not seem to have been covered with hair.

I really want female genitalia is seen.
Pussy want to see.
I want Chitsugami.

I want to see is the labia majora.
My thought was just raise.
Not see far in the bathroom, if there is only a close look at, I thought so I decided to look into when you are sleeping mother.

It was not only between the two in the narrow country house but, during which were connected by something like a corridor.
Grandparents I and mother slept on the inlet side of the room in the back of the room.
When I go to bed because it was poor was sleeping in mother and one of the futon.

My mother has had to come to such things as negligee, is that there were many that summer is hot because the hem Hadake.
That day underwear was a state of full view also.
I saw in the light of the crotch of my mother in the flashlight.

Pubic hair has come out about three from the side of the shorts.
Just by looking at it, the heart would be hit the fast from, my crotch had an erection to much painful.
I put a hand to slowly close shorts.

Because there was a fear that happening with Nugasu, decided to turn over that part a little to the side.
I tried to gingerly shifting in trembling hands.
Genital mother've seen in a dream has appeared in front of my eyes.

Finally am I was witnessing the mother of the genitals.
It states that pulled open a little mouth with shorts was a shocking sight for me.
Sudden surges is pleasure, I have to ejaculate only with it.

"Well" in a hurry because my mother groaned was pretending slept release the hand suddenly.
No more I think that it is impossible to go to the toilet, wipe any fluid on the pants, the masturbation while remembering the things of the mother was released again.
I felt the most of pleasure in that until now.

It sometimes also from, even while becoming the notice is likely, peeps had been to side dish of masturbation.
Next came so want to insert a matter of course in one inning.
Although I was a masturbation thinking to insert every day, but could not be transferred to eventually behavior, it may have is that close to it only once.

Is that of the cold of a winter night.
Summer is good, but had been sleeping Hittsui in the winter is cold and futon.
My mother is sleeping turned its back on me.

I stick to the more usual in the cold pretend.
In the ass of the part of the mother hit my penis, came grew larger and larger.
Because I tried to pressing it feels good.

Mother has set up a light sleeper's breathing.
I put down my pants will be bold, was applied to the part that seems to be directly mother of genital.
Only there is a cloth a piece of thin shorts between my penis and the mother of the genitals.

I have ejaculate only by lightly piston of mockery.
Although Bettori semen to the mother of underwear has arrived, I think that even No, Bale Tara Barre, I have as it is sleeping, however, even after the mother is not saying anything, without incident between the two people, after graduating from high school, I left the countryside for the job.
Both virgin and she can from the job I was able to say farewell.

But was also forgotten that of the mother, when the homecoming of the basin of three years after I graduated, it the thing happened.
Night was homecoming after a long time, talked while sipping a mother and beer take a bath.
And "I'm now you also drink the drink year" My mother was drinking beer deliciously saying happily.

I also becomes happy, it was poured over and over again to the mother.
Past 12 o'clock, we decided to sleep that since have also around drunk.
My mother "I was drinking too much, it happened I wonder is tomorrow" arrived to happily laughing bed also saying.

Happened to drink the throat is dry water in the middle of the night, in the same way and come back to go to the toilet see the mother and when viewed in high school, the hem of negligee is Hadake, shorts was a full view state.
Came it at that time is revived suddenly in my head.
Although the pussy mother continued to think that you want to insert more than two years in high school are wearing shorts, has been lying there defenseless.

I was swallowing the saliva as "Gollum".
My mother is sleeping writing a light snore.
Body and tried to shake a little, but there is no sign at all happens.

Pleasure of time that floats on the head, crotch had become to bursting.
"It is time to fulfill a long-cherished dream!" Good wine also help lost nothing of indiscriminate I have decided to move into action.
When you wake up before insertion, it has been decided to be rejected is resistance.

Because I thought would happen When Nugashi underwear decided to cut off the cloth that came to take the scissors to cover the that part, Delta.
Scissors with trembling hands was cut while careful not to touch the body of the mother.
Old mother of pussy and turn the cut cloth had been alive in the pubic hair became a little thinner.

I want to insert quickly! Is somehow after once you inserted, I thought so.
Would not do such a thing unreasonable idea if there is no good sake, wear lightly the saliva in the tongue with the mouth to the mother of the pussy, coating the saliva on his penis that Ikirita' while hanging getting ahead of ourselves, the mother of foot open, was pressed slowly penis ahead of the vaginal opening that is a little open feeling of the mother of pussy.
It's just part of the glans because the each other of things had been wet with saliva has entered with the feeling that was Nuru'.

Has entered into a mother, was another explosion likely only thought so.
Go enter so as to push open the inside of much shove and mother of pussy the waist where calm is feeling a little, and went into shot to the root.
Pleasure, such as penetrate until the crown of head was not late.

It began slowly piston from desperately be patient.
After a while my mother groaning as "Well", opened the thin.
However, "Well, what ... what was that?" In so that it can not yet understand what is happening, but had been put out and the Suttonkyo voice, the notices an abnormality in the lower abdomen is "What ! Please stop! "and cried while desperate resistance of the mother began.

It tries to Oshikaeso my chest with both hands.
I pressed down so that it is not moving firmly hugged Flip the mother of both shoulders do so to.
Then, in turn, will try to overtake my penis twist the lower half of the body.

Meanwhile also crying as "Iya, stop by!".
Now suddenly quiet and whisper as "Grandpa, I heard the grandmother" in his ear.
Next door from the previous seemed was in the mood, for it was not as much as issue a loud to say that crying.

Also piston has been wet in the Brute man stir and mother of pussy since the had continued between.
It may be that the mother was also excited to such a withdrawal state considering now.
My mother has been the staring Did resigned in tears.

I also began to move slowly.
This is Nuchanucha and sound every time the move.
Although my mother had wrinkles between the eyebrows, as if to put up with something, eventually clutching the sheets, began to divert the body, gradually increase the speed of the piston and finally to the arms is my back of mother around, came hug.

We come against the lower abdomen from the bottom.
Breath has become rough.
Mother is feeling! It has further accelerated the piston be happy if I think so.

And I rushed the pleasure of the more it is not felt until now, had been released to rock out in the mother.
Of whether the mother has felt it too abandon bending-back, I went to sticking the legs.
I was a big breath in the shoulder while overhanging the mother.

Mother also lay in state of breath also Taedae.
Nothing to say to each other.
What is the correct person who said that there is no word or say.

It looks cute mother that is below, and match the lips mother also came entwined tongue.
For a while came so to have and my penis becomes also larger.
Mother noticed it bring a hand to the binding portion of the two people saying "wash! After all, it 's young", directly touching my stuff, I had rubbed while saying "hard and large".

"I thing strange, Nante you come again back to come was the place to come out ..."
"I'll was a rambunctious penis from the time of the high school."
"Well, you knew that?" And I am "not a matter of course, it would be no way not to notice? Been Anna it ..." I asked my mother that I was going to skip scolded if it is more than that, circa So are interested in sex was talk that had to pretend that I do not know think that can not be helped.
"But I did not notice there is also blame was drunk truly Today, ginger is not I a child!" And laughed lightly.
And "This is're dreaming both by! 2 people dream, why's it Once you woke up. Understood? Promise I!" My mother seemed to be telling to myself while saying to me.

I came by turning the hand on his back saying began "still'm not awake" and said while also piston, my mother "would have said that might not happen today?".
After all then, was fellowship about three times until morning.
Did Pies was finished without Fortunately even pregnancy.

Mother and was as long as that night but will remain as good memories.
Then we have in previous parent-child relationship.