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Naughty experience story of older brother and younger sister

Transformation experiences! Pounding experience cousin and wearing no underwear Dating

 Story of when my few years ago of 29-year-old just before marriage.
A place called wedding after three months after the betrothal.
If there is a memorial service, relatives Everyone is gathered in the home of me.
Once in many years like everyone under neta, it raised the drinking sake gathered.
Wife (fiance) is still because it is not the relatives
were not in place. This is the beginning of the incident.
Of the younger 10-year-old had a cousin named Rumi, the child each time to meet me
coming out of the actively Sukisuki rays.

Also at this time, so, wife sitting next to my (fiancee) that refers to the must not have
come to touch sticky to the body. Since I also do not bother bad I was doing by the way you like.

Also progressing sake, whether it went out in no bra to ladies who are on the spot? Like a
Rumi who was sitting next to when I was raised in the story came and whispered to me.

"K older brother, take me somewhere just me once before marriage."

I also also overlap topic at that time drunk,
"Oh, I say. Well, Do not Come with no bra."
Saying Oops.

Rumi is in the red face
"Yada, K brother of Sukebe."
And was with glee.

A storage from its sides. . . not really. . . No. . .

The next day woke up in the mobile e-mail sound.
I was sleeping in the bed of their own room.
Throbbing with too much to drink hangover head felt sick painful.

It was from Rumi Looking at the e-mail.
"I was drinking K brother, last night fine. Hangover okay?
I remember promise? Because to me pleasure."

Because somewhere had remember only the promise of him,
was the reply, "I remember. Date determined by us.".

However, the promise was not only that.
Promise the day, I went to the meeting place, which decided to Rumi in the car.

"K brother Chan, here here."
Rumi was greeted me with Manmen smile.

Immediately a joke
, "it came at no bra?"
I asked with.

"Yada brother, there not? Why."
Bright and Kirikaesu Rumi.
Was at that time that was about to convince the Do'm Sorya likely.

"But, I came to protect the other one of promise."
Was and started to say.

One more promise. . . ?
do not remember. . . Did you promise anything?

If I have puzzled, Rumi is toward the back to me
turned over Piratto and a skirt. White ass looked glimpse.

? ? ?

I have to be stunned
"that? Na still forgot Yada brother, It'll was quite drunk."
Rumi says.

"What was such a promise? Me."
"Yo's right. Thats was saying, come in wearing no underwear in a skirt. I, it'm defended."


Is memory which had said such a thing was revived. But I did not think I did not think I'd Rumi to really have to practice.
Crotch of I've been over it a little larger.

"Now, whether the pants do not have?"
"No, I have entered the prima facie in the bag, not going. Wearing today"

the time being Rumi began to run a ride in the passenger seat.
Damn I think Rumi sitting next to is that it is wearing no underwear is not a concern.
Dating never done even with the wife. It came the terrible pounding.

Fiance is 29-year-old of the same age, to sit next to the cute was a 19-year-old Pichi Rumi.
Moreover, wearing no underwear skirt. How crotch be compared it becomes healthy.

Eyes had gone around the thighs of the Rumi be in operation.
The back has been thirsty and I do not think wearing anything.

"I wish Rumi, what promise of wearing no underwear'm defended?" And hear and
"Yeah, because hope of K brother ... it's a brother bachelor."

Perhaps if while having the expected "serving might be"
in the car I headed to the indoor amusement park of about 30 minutes.
It is no fear that turned up skirt in the wind because it is indoors, I thought it was a good choice with us.

I arrived to the amusement park, between the vehicle of waiting, I asked Rumi.
"I wish Rumi, but what kind of mood do I wearing no underwear in a skirt?"
"Yeah ... something weird feeling."
Rumi answer smiling while holding a skirt. I thought I wish cute.

I wanted to be a little question-depth, but was determined to the next opportunity.
In the vehicle with a high-speed movement, it is holding the hem of Rumi frequently skirt.
My eyes are gone just to over there.

The next attraction latency Rumi is
"Hey brother, you. Had seen just around my skirt a little while ago,"
and, came whispered.

"I mean, I Thats anxious."
And when the talk back, rejoiced turned red is Rumi.

In the next rode vehicle to a good thing to not visible from around
I tried to tickle at your fingertips the thighs of Rumi.

Are fidgeting while pulling so hard the hem of the skirt is red saying.
I've done touched the thigh of Rumi If there is love.

I think it would be soon called, I asked that rammed the plunge.
"I wish Rumi, you wonder a little wet?"

When asked,
"What? ... Yeah ... maybe ... a little bit ..."
and, replied become red and head down.

I as "tonight go" was convinced.
Then is, touching the thigh of Rumi in the vehicle that can not be seen around, until the back of the skirt
or extend the hand, was Hodai you want to do.

I tried to touch the pussy to take the plunge is a fully become behind closed doors in the vehicle.
Did not expect the touch is the, I was surprised to have wet tremendous.
At that time has been touched only a little cock of me also Rumi.

I pussy of Rumi became want to see Mushoni.
Was the two people looking for a toilet for the disabled.

The arm of Rumi while stuck in the wall, to the attitude protruding ass,
tried to turn the skirt was a little open the foot.

Wet wet pussy was visible. Breath of Rumi has become rough.
Tick also cock of me.

Clearly saying Sujiman.
No hair growth in the labia majora. A little bit has grown on top of the crack.
Beautiful pussy that little colored in pink.

Wife's are hair growth To cocked to the labia majora have run-off is Birabira.
It is a very elegant of Rumi think so.

No, here is handicapped toilet. . .
I was returned to us.

Endure the want Buchikomi the cock right away, it came out of the back of the skirt.
The eyes of Rumi has become a TRON.
There was no confidence to endure until the very night.

Finished the walk through the attraction, I we went to the hotel.
I was going to hit all of the sexual desire of me to Rumi.

Enter the appropriate found hotel, take a shower two people
were big time sex.
Rumi perfect in all in fair-skinned breasts even larger than I thought.

After you have done in the normal position, I was doing abandon poked in the back.
Rumi is spree writhing drooling.

We very quickly to were said to each other, but does not fit yet something.
Poked in various Positions, seems Rumi was also four or five times said.

I still unsatisfactory something.
I want to shame Kashii I think the more Rumi.
So I tried to ask and by shaving.

The first is a Rumi had ear wants, but the last gave us consent by that ask of me.
I proceeded to work with T-shaped razor and body soap.

Has grown area is small and the amount also became a quickly smooth because it was a little.
Since the hair was not Sujiman is pussy, such as the children were finished in the originally around the crack.

Rumi was Masagu' a hit on the fearfully crack.
"Iyan, no. Yo no. Important hair is."

Because the superscript, crack is visible in Moro when viewed from the front.
Really's pussy like a child.

"I wish Rumi, this Let 's try to wearing no underwear dating."
"Eh?'M embarrassed because there are no in wearing no underwear of that? Hair."

"Will Kashii shame even."
"Yeah, it is but so, and I think that there is no hair ... "

" I do not Like when? "
" crack if there something Thats would appear to Moro. "

" What hair was thought that crack does not appear if any? "
"Yeah, if because even turned up skirt there is a hair ... still ..."

even when there is a hair, does not change so much because it is a degree that only a little hidden on top of the crack.

"I wish, but also feel like you do change much with or without hair."
"No, I completely different."

"Will mood specific mon?"
"No, but I might be so, something different. "

I we went out to the outside finished the payment. It had become already a night.
Rumi is frequently holding the hem of the skirt.

"What is it?"
"Do not, do something really shame Kashii."

"How so?"
"Because, mon I do there is nothing to defend to the last."
Rumi has been much fidget.

I Tsurekomi the Rumi in the shadow of the building, put the hand in a skirt.
Drop is wet enough to think that it would be dripping.

"Rumi, you ..."
"Dattee, mon's drinking really a shame, however."
Face of Rumi is in the red.

To return to the parking lot, and then remove the skirt of Rumi to defeat a seat in the car.
It Buchikon the cock of my bald pussy.
I had entered Innovation vine because it was big time wet.

The other, do not know Rumi had many times said in one day today.
I was also ejaculation three times. Among them once cum.

After that, I spend a day-to-day happy married a daughter-in-law.
But I do not think the Shineru on this remains tatami.
Something is not to feel like down damnation.