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Naughty experience story of mother and son

Sexual treatment of my child my work [incest confession experiences]

kannoGood evening. I will have to do a full-time housewife in the 38-year-old.
 Incest? I do not know if or but, I have raised with the processing of the sexual desire of one person son to become a 12-year-old at a pace of two to three times a week now.
 Thing of chance was a conversation with a friend.
I "Recently, (the son of a friend) ○○ Mr. How? Still rages of?"
Friends "Actually it from there, became completely quiet,"
I "Oh, not that was good. Did received something or counseling?"
Friends "it's the difference. I I was taught how to some people. secret by anyone? I the son of the array, the are doing by far in Handjob."
I "for example ... I pull out?"
friends "there I, semen.'re raised son of a masturbation doing is me. and then it from becoming quiet as a lie, I began to hear now 's good to me. "beginning to hear the story, I I have received a great shock.
 But, before you think is immoral Toka indecent, I have admired and I have a much effect.
 Because, because my son's friends had become a cause of class collapse in great rowdy.
 However, I have shown the most interest was the continuation of the story.
I "Where taught was No? Such a thing."
But I'm a wife of a friend "next to the class, No seems she is also doing in the child. The child because it is junior high school entrance exam next year, it is distracted by unnecessary things and in order to soothe I'll seems to give to do in order to, as in do not. "
 among son also next year, we aim to junior high school exam.
 Since recently by the School returnable until late every day, I feel you are stuck always be air in the house.
 Speaking of which, this time the mouth also will not hear much than before,
because the "pretty nervous than has become hypersensitivity ..." had just felt the anxiety and, listen to this story, Guangming looked felt I did.
 Problem in any flow, was whether I'll perform the processing of sexual desire for the son.
It's what also to touch suddenly, throw away as much as possible nasty feeling, I wanted to finish the office to be.
 So First taking a bath together I tried to start from the fact that I'll wash the body.
 After a few days of listening to the story of a friend, when the return of the master is slow, casually tried invited to enter into the bath together.
 Since the son was to enter into separate from about two years ago, but after a long time of it.
 At first it was wondered with the "Why?", "Once in a while might be good, Dad also slow do to it" did not even refuse to not ride cares say a "good but ...".
 Wash away the body, immersed in the bathtub together, I saw To intently the son of nude after a long time.
 Although still line is thin, the naked son was seen in the previous still have a little bit different, had become to feel somehow masculinity.
 Son says, "I wash before", the moment straddling the edge of the bathtub, but important part of the son I saw, where no hidden was relieved yet and I'm a child.
 Then, my son was asked to take the plunge in the middle of washing the head ....
I "Hey, (the name of the son) ×× You are certain that the penis has been or become hard?"
Son, "Well I've got to what I heard, lewd!"
I "of such important thing, tell me properly,"
 son seemed puzzled despite hesitation on my serious tone, me answer "I there is ..." in a small voice directly below.
 That I also do not or making fun to answer, he said seriously this to the son.
"You know, at the age of about ×× kun, penis is or becomes hard, there's that or no longer can concentrate on things. Will now important time? So, can concentrate on studying ×× Mr. as, the "I think I want to helping Okasangao
 saying so, I am also out of the bathtub, wash away the son of hair, sat next to the son.
 Son has stood only in facial expression that I wonder what the future begins.
"I have to sit still. Painful it is because not. I say when it is no longer able to endure."
 I say so, tweet and anxiously "Yeah ...".
 I first took the body soap appropriate amount, in hand, was bubbled rubbed together.
 Suitably where the foam was standing, it was rubbed back and forth so as to wrap the son of the penis with both hands.
 Son or ticklish of, and to get away with a laugh and wiggle the hips.
 To stop it, and telling to endure.
 After a while, what was accustomed to ticklish, we stop the son of the movement.
 Instead, a small penis in my hand has started to throb.
 As a matter of fact, I myself, it was the first to the caress against men.
 Although my husband caress against my will, to the other has never requested, in the first place my little man experience in the girls' school grew up is the knowledge was poor for the gender.
 Maybe, we continued to caress to the son just speculation that I think we this way.
 Penis in a slimy hand soap will wash away once because it has become not grasp well.
 Already penis son is a state that is facing the ceiling taut firmly.
 Rather than earlier is swollen like a master, it has become a half state that skin was wearing.
 Embarrassing thing, but this time, I was the first time to know what's called phimosis.
"I say If you or say? Hurt?" I
son "Yeah ..."
 I dimensional worlds the penis advantage of the fact, I tried to gently rubbed back and forth.
 The moment when the skin is Hikitsu', because my son cried and "Itsu'", saying "I'm sorry", but this time rubbing so as not to spread the skin.
 When asked "How?" The son, replied, "I feel like a to tickle".
 Because it was not sure whether the feelings or bad good, or accelerate the speed, the power to seize tried various ways to try and or try a little strongly.
 A little speed up the speed, the son now has leaked a voice as "Oh ...", because've been to shove the waist, it seems the timing is good.
 Looking at the son of expression, firmly close your eyes, and the mouth half open.
 I also on hand to turn on the shoulder came into force.
 I think about five minutes to continue rubbing the son of the penis.
 Suddenly, I stop my hands with one hand screaming son as "useless!".
When asked "What happened?", Referred to as "... because pee is about to leave."
 I "So the good, because I put out the bad things all in the body. Take out not endure. I s not something dirty because the bathroom" and telling, also has resumed work.
 This time began to shout "would come out'll get out ..." in less than 30 seconds, so I wanted to give as it is to the squid, we accelerate the speed to move involuntarily crazy Narite.
 Then the next moment, as the son of the penis is bursting, hot cloudy liquid was scattering toward the mirror of the tub ....
"Hora ×× kun, I was full out. Refreshing?"
 When asked, son while the lightly breath in the shoulder,
"... electricity was like ran I Bibibi"
 said he.
 I, that the first time the work has been completed safely, was relieved.
 And it should not tell anyone this to my son (also father) and then, to promise that the issue occasionally, soak in the tub again, it came out of the bath from the warm well the body.
 Then, as the first-wrote, has been treated at a pace of two to three times in roughly a week.
 Son also accustomed completely, now also concentrated on the study.
 Now fawn to me than before, now often I hear what you say.