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Wife last spring, died of lung cancer ... mother-in-law It was my support

kanno6 years married.
Wife last spring, died of lung cancer.
Ours has died in the third year at even accident father-in-law married.
It was entered as adopted in the home of his wife.
Company of people and mother-in-law of the hospital of the people of the wife, even the people of the neighborhood
"I still young, why ...,"

children will have a girl to become a 2-year-old.

Mother-in-law has been the secretary of the medical office in the city of the hospital.

I was married There is also a wife recommendation of the mother-in-law in the welfare nurse.

I finished an anniversary of his wife in the spring of this year. I think it was around before the summer.
Sometimes from no longer stay wife, it had been or indulged in one vain masturbation.
Settlement to dye your hands up to the underwear of Chikako's mother-in-law said to be bad.
However Chikako's mother-in-law did like was found.

From small shorts and infectious and stockings that had been abandoned by the mother-in-law had been the rich smell not suit the face.
Originally, since the women of smell to loved I was hugging the longing of a kind also to Chikako's mother-in-law.

One night, we drink the mother-in-law lay the AsaRina
"also Masao-kun, forever will be lonely 's one! Not a have someone good person?"
I honestly, voice has jammed.
"Bad kana? If you stay here,"

"I, Iyada, I Is not such a meaning! Mo, I'm sorry. And words bad ..., I think because still young that it is poor,遂...,"

"I because to be there AsaRina thinks that it is the mother that's mother-in-law in Drops to mother-in-law's ...,
   I want to stay. If you are happy even mother-in-law's, in this house ..., "

" Masao-kun ..., "

tears in the eyes of the or mother-in-law was very happy in his words ....

"I want you to become a mom Rina hemp if you're even mother-in-law's, if possible."
"Do not, by what the No say? Spirit becomes ..., I do not'm no reason to become!"

"Hated, I'm sorry. Mother instead in I'm good.
    mother-in-law's, to beautiful still young ..., "
" place, when Tsu fool! this child! "

" because Datte mother-in-law's, is not it still young? "

" Masao-kun ..., you, have , I would not want. If I Tsu! Let's sleep soon! "

mother-in-law would have felt something.

We supported the mother-in-law was dizzy rises from the sofa.

"A', I'm sorry. I've drunk a little bit!"

And I to the bedroom to support the mother-in-law.
I'm from behind, had hugged softly.
And was a kiss on the lips as turning the mother-in-law.

"It's, Tsu useless, Karinimo parent-child of No I! Such a thing ..., and, please stop! Damee!"

I again overlapping pushed down the mother-in-law in bed, has been violently resistance when you take away the lips.

"Come on you,, useless Tsu by! Asami is Kanashimuwa! Such a thing! Tsu useless, I, Nee?"

"Do, I like mother-in-law's! I'm useless and not anymore mother-in-law's!"

I mother-in-law It was erection sweet body odor.
And in the fierce resistance,
"Sloppy in to! Tsu'm no good!"

Desperately resistance the kneecap of the mother-in-law enters into my abdomen, I have crouched.

"A', ...,"
"It's, okay? I'm sorry!"

while of silence was flowing.

"Please, I'm sorry! 'S in mother-in-law, and I was such a terrible thing, ............,"

"Masao-kun ..., will hurt! I what, please, I'm sorry. Would you really painful?"
"............ ..., "

" you fool! like me to Olusegun ..., "

mother-in-law I took off the clothes in front of silently while eye.

"What, mother-in-law's!"
"Tsu I hate! When you go out from this house!"

Was young and beautiful than I had imagined.

"If embarrassing I! Seen so much,"

mother-in-law is 48 years old. I is 36.
The hempseed wife stayed away 12.

Mother-in-law was wearing a small shorts from the top of the stockings with no ass and crotch portion What do you say?

Mother-in-law has turned its back and lie down on the bed remained silent.
I was also hugged the mother-in-law from behind and lie down on the bed in one piece pants.

"A', I embarrassed! No way, Nante become such a thing ...,"

I was Kasaneai the mother-in-law and lips and on his back and remove the hook of the mother-in-law of the bra.

"Please, I'm sorry! Mother-in-law's!"

"I was not a never hate thing I! But I also Masao-kun can not be helped!
From the time we met for the first time the hospital, did you think good boy!
So hempseed and ..., Nee? Are not you want to regret it with me! "

" Nante's such regret ..., I want you to become a mom of AsaRina! "

" I, Tsu'm disgusting! From now on, is properly that of my things Tsu I do not want to be me thinking! AsaRina to face with me, by then ! I say? "

was true. The mother-in-law is a man and a woman if Kasaneae the skin say.

"I, found was? I can play?"

Never did not have even thought Nante's play.

"Its, such ..., It was like all the way it's mother-in-law,
      because people who want to take care of the future ...,"

"I fool! When Tsu you!"

I'm red-black of large while a kiss to the ample bosom of mother-in-law It was biting sweet lick the nipple.

"A', good, I weak, Ann,"

I multiplied by hand in small shorts mother-in-law while the mischief to the nipple
mother-in-law has raised the lightly waist.

And I went to crawl the nose tip, and the lips to the lower body of the mother-in-law.

Mother-in-law from time to time, and the crotch from the abdomen trembling twitching and body moves the face

, "Ann, have, Iyada, hey, gonna be dirty!"

Mother-in-law while writhing, stroking had my head which it was, but it was no anyway.
Pubic hair was filled with the rich nose tip.
Mother-in-law is covered with both hands trying to hide shy.

"It's, no good Tsu, Iyada, because hey! Dirty!"

I opened the yellowtail at their own fingertips to avoid the hands of the mother-in-law.

Man juice filled with transparent honey began to sag buttocks.
Red-black labia majora, labia minora thick tip was black沈色.
Chestnut had ballooned to red beans large.

Longing of the mother-in-law of pussy smell is rich plaque odor that same kind of stuffy and man and pee smell,
and cheese smell was.
I was touching the leg of the mother-in-law of stockings while snuff.

"A', good, sealed in, it would be another good! Iyan, embarrassing!"

The smell of his wife was strong differences rich plaque odor.
I showed toying become a mother-in-law and 69 put out their own meat stems from the pants.

"A'..., stomach, seems to hate!"

I was exposed to the nose of the mother-in-law the glans Peel.
Mother-in-law had sniffed to have with one hand.
I licked rubbed dark red沈色the labia lips sipping pussy juice excited to pussy smell of the mother-in-law, the labia minora, and the clitoris in the face.

"Ann, Iyan, Iyan, Ann, Damee!"

Mother-in-law had sniffed addressed to the glans crown that remains the most dirty nose without the like licking.
Clitoris is doing to bite sweet and come pops up blistering firmly until the peanut-sized small.

"I, say, Wow ...! Damee! Aa' ..., Sokoo ..., Ann, because Chow said! Iyan,"

and mother-in-law was convulsions and jerky come I violently shabu become spirit.

Came up sucking entangled the tongue to the glans crown.
I gotta pretty clever tongue technique had the best of the explosion in the pussy smell that stuffiness of the mother-in-law.
Mother-in-law to drink up the semen that was released in silence was regrettable love.

Asami wife did not drink.
Me me hug spans from the top down.
It seemed also to actively.

And grab the meat stems undiminished mother-in-law was led in and rubbed into their pussy.

"A', amazing! Ann, Iyan, come I interpolation Ruuー! O over, amazing!"

Mother-in-law, was using the waist as though people have changed.

I was stabbed deep in the mother-in-law that the piston up and down to use the momentum of the bed Kakaekomi the waist of the mother-in-law.

Mother-in-law was wearing the white of the eye as light-headedness.
This was the identity of the skilled mother-in-law.

I was doing rub touching the clitoris of the mother-in-law from the bottom.

"I, No An! 'S, Damee! Well Mmm, if you do that, because Chow said!"

Was the first time.
I was pushed up rubbing the clitoris from the bottom excited to violently gasping sexy facial mother-in-law.

"Iyan, Iyan, Damee! Acme Chau! Ann, amazing! Ikuwa, go, go, Ann, said Chow!"

Without I can also put up, accidentally cum in mother-in-law It was.
I was overlapping down the mother-in-law replacing the system.

"A', like this the first time. A', Oh, you over,"

and a long kiss.
Again, it had been firmly in the mother-in-law.

"A', I amazing! Also?"
"Yeah, OK?"
"You idiot! Hehe ..., I did not know quite accumulated I like was? Really! Of was mischief in my underwear."

"Because I liked it's mother-in-law. I'm sorry."

I leg of the mother-in-law I kissed stockings of the calf and the increase bearers.
If you kiss the heel from calf

"A', Tsu'm disgusting! More than that!"

Was the smell that stuffy mother-in-law of the foot.

Toes back from the foot of the mother-in-law had been a sweet and sour smell damp.
Originally, in my favorite of the foot was not a hate smell if there is also a particularly favorite smell.
Most of the woman's shy behavior.
I was with a nose to toe the back of the stockings are plenty of tinged with moisture.

"I, Iyan, to do that ..., If you Tsu Masao-kun!"

Sweat was Sue was smell and corruption.
Mother-in-law has been the face of delight Re interpolation welcomed deeply my pedicle agony by twisting the body.

"A', or, mother-in-law's! Mother-in-law's feet, great Nasty That's smell?"

Mother-in-law is strongly bending the toe to the word

"I, Iyada, Nasty child! Baka'!"

Mother-in-law suddenly jerky racking my waist and convulsions with.

Was really Sue was smell.

Unawares had to cum licking the toes back of the stockings excited to toe the back of the smell of the mother-in-law to me.

When the overlap with the mother-in-law

"I was excited. Mother-in-law's smell. It 's the first time. Of smelled the odor of such a stuffy feet."

"Place, I Baka'! Because I do seems to hate! Embarrassing!"

Every night from there, and both the bed.

In recent years it is called Mama a mother-in-law AsaRina.