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Naughty experience story of older brother and younger sister

Dating they were sometimes was a heartbreak to break up with her experiences in which the naughty things in kotatsu to sister

incestWinter of a year, I have a high 3, in the sister 3.
I just broke out a fine to the exam study, had been going out with her.
It was around that until light B with her.
One day, I fell asleep in the kotatsu after dinner, Will was late at night, parents are sleeping in their room.
Among the thin et al lights of beans electricity, the feel of human skin on the thumb of suddenly you wake up and your feet.

When turning the kotatsu futon, in important crotch part of the sister of white underwear sleeping toward the ass that was lit in Rogue red illumination of the kotatsu in here, my big toe that bites firmly surprised to see.
But red sister of thighs and white illuminated in light underwear and gone to see the Nikkan ass protrudes so as to bite into a little underwear, and feel that is soft, a little slimy of the big toe of the previous, in, most sexual desire is not can also be pressing the strong time a will you high school I shame abstinence of years, is sexual desire for a sister, not must be kept a minimum as a man no longer pressed.
Involuntarily moved instinctively slowly the big toe, I had trying to Taste tracing the shape of the secret part of the sister in the big toe.
It I had touched only for a moment her female genital that was dating up to it, but received a strong rejection, it had been finished only once.
Not be seen, of course, been infested the desire to want to see Mushoni, considered to rub and went to my room I saw a little bit, plunged the face in the kotatsu to move to the side, sister ass I took position behind.

Pay close attention so as not to cause a sister, was allowed to penetrate slowly and to give a little pull the underwear as shifted next to the crack of the secret of a finger.
Will be first surprised the first time saw pubic hair from a slight gap, ran an impact, such as beaten strongly the back of the head.
And is directly illuminated by the red light of the not forgotten even ... now When you are in as slowly shifted next to kotatsu underwear, and Birabira a dark little in front of the eyes, while the salmon pink of the mucous membranes, and the mucous membranes No overflow Numenume shiny and glowing liquid just amorous figure is immediately in front of the covering.
I anymore instinct only of any reason is lost, tracing the mud in the motion that has been left to the instinct rather than his reason-making with the fingers, move slowly, or to open the entrance to the sister, Makurimashita fuck It was.
Each time the younger sister of the body moves and Pikun sometimes, than happened? And the movement of the finger is stopped, several times to halt the movement of the finger every time the sister of the body moves pulsates, the repetition of confirmation that or not happening.

Since the sister continued operation many times that move and flutters the body, and the fear that than get up, because it is not familiar with the body of a woman, the liquid is a large amount ejected unusual place Nechonecho from over there dripping started, fear that than something serious happened because I toying with a finger, and in three of the feeling that you want to somehow his crotch, which came to the other of patience limit, the normally sit the left hand of the finger is now while fuck against the mud of the sister, it was moved to the step of squeezing grab their things in the right hand.
I came across this time also strange phenomenon.
And the sister of the body has become a lot jumpy tremble number of times, I heard a snort that anything unspeakable Rogue strange disturbance so strong that Hahahaha sister did not notice when the had to put his head on the kotatsu.
But, at that time a large amount to put in the hands, and wash your hands or body in the bathroom, and as it is for you, but you should go to your room, taking a warm in the kotatsu trying Atatameyo a cold body, the previous desire to Futsufutsu ....
Once fired and I was born the feeling of compassion to the sister could afford to, or stroked with love the ass, ... Dari rub lightly touching in turn, swelling of the breast that is not a bra.

Then I noticed was I, my sister and I had happened from the beginning.
Sister also I feel was good.
We enlightenment instinctively been disturbed Hahahaha and also snort as of earlier when I was stroking a while.
Do not because the good feelings of snort is disturbed? When.
Notice and what now is that erection on the side of the face of the sister, but was forced to act was curious to see in this, the tip although I was hit on the lips, talking face sister reject strongly Did.

There was still gripped in a tight and hands as if they were solidified strongly when the held take a hand.
Leave was held, I also was allowed to relentlessly accelerate the movement of the finger to the genital area.
Applied in this way I became firmly again instinctively to lie to the Lying behind the sister of changing the direction, the lid of the cock in secret part of the slimy sister while Masaguri alternately with the secret of the chest rubbing Te, and intensely moving the ass when you put, showed strong rejection.
But, continued I also will up the voltage to extreme sexual instinct, only apply to the mucous membrane that is muddy in what was erection, giving a sense of security that, that "I'm intercrural sex", the operation of rubbing over there at the entrance in Nani directly below.
Hand is while rubbing the chest.

Much and doing so, sister began a new movement that begins to move to the To swaying violently up, down, left and right of the head.
Body also had become as missing limp to the force.
Until then rubbed what was erection back and forth so that the lid to the mucous membranes, and without doing even just a little shed at the entrance to the mouth of the mucous membranes, also repeating the operation of rubbing back and forth to the lid, against the entrance be given again and again the peace of mind that only hit, but I was deceived, so to speak, when a gesture that only the last of the shed, the waist of the tip against the mouth of the secret part of the sister, and with the right hand Grasp, was then inserted into the push to twist one's arm at once Nani.
It showed the resistance, such as twisting the ass sudden thing, but it did not can also already resistance in the gas has become enough to no longer hear is to say will go body.
For the moment of chance, it was inserted in a stretch force.

Completely I have went to the root.
Sister is allowed to set the body while increasing the suppressed low cry as killed press the Gugugugugu and voice and pain, two bodies became one.
I still drew much the waist with his right hand, was not incorporated twist completely to the root so as to protrude the lower body.
There is no room to move, lower body is the moment that grabbed the chest with his right hand in it, it was accidentally released in what I am in.
Fortunately, the day was like it was safe date.

Then during the several months it is impossible to match the decent face, it was so as not to meet with each other cafeteria Toka living room.