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Naughty experience story of older brother and younger sister

Startle of experiences that came out sister I went to soap in hand 100,000 yen earned in horse racing

 The other day of the story, I carried the foot to the soap town with a coin earned in horse racing (100,000 degree).
Therefore, visiting the phrase shop.
But for the first time I entered the store nomination without hesitation because the fee was a fine type of daughter at an affordable.
When waiting in the room ....
Manager "customers, Sorry. Customers of who your nomination daughter and I have returned just a poor physical condition ..."
I "Nani'!"
You inconvenience in the store manager, "Sorry! Mistake here was over. another if the daughter can be immediately available, but ... "
I" what daughter? "
look store manager" Unfortunately directly because it does not have a photo, so you return the money if not meet the satisfaction ... " I was accepted.

And knocked a while to door of the room "rude and Well be ~", came the voice of the daughter to have heard somewhere.
Surprised to see the face! (Now! Kaori!) Was a sister ....
But was looking at me with his sister was also surprised facial expression, immediately "customers, has rude earlier," said the continue Naika'! I "I What are you saying!?"
Sister "customers, or your use of our shop you will find the first time?" Merely do not know sister to pretend.
His eyes were desperate to sue something to me.
And was taken to the bathroom In addition, the "customers, easily will explain our shop of the system" and grabbed my arm.

When the door is closed and "Huh ~ ... Seriously De ~", was changed to speak of the usual sister different from the up to a little while ago.
I "I Ne Ja seriously De ~! Mine I was surprised that ..."
sister "brother, absolutely! Ne in the manner we do not Bale it 's brother and sister!"
I "Do not, I? 'S Why"
sister "be said to be by chance, If you wait too long and come family of someone, I No would be causing it to stop individual bytes!" My sister was quite desperate.
I "You, or so much in need in gold?"
Sister "base, fool Rashiku' be something ... Is because earn than ... ordinary byte Is the I do not mean you are in trouble Apart from" continued and this.
Because sister "extraordinary What I, gonna not come out is always felt to enter only when the like suddenly someone is missing now. Happened today, have come in after all fill-in-the-blank of missing daughter in front of your brother, or it means I was asked "to the manager I thought was over
I I did know me," Well circumstances, I'm speaking here in what? "
sister" over there in the room of are monitoring the store .... strange guests because it monitored by camera and microphone from but try to do by force and sometimes girls, because our conversation also heard of would. bathroom is neither camera nor microphone, why not or heard or seen "
I," I see 's Hey ~ ..., I'll go home, "I convinced the I and when you to go out and raise the one hand ....

Sister "Well! No results back! I Wait a minute! If you are such a thing Thats reduce my byte bill!" And ... has been fierce protest.
I "I've got to say anything! Kai! Can something with you"
sister "~ I to stay up because good just er enter separately just bath time. And Thats is suspicious to change Once go home now!" Somehow saying I got to say that "ginger Nena" is also sweet to still cute sister.
Sister "I'll sink about doing was § ~ ♪ back ♪"
I "I Apart from good, it is not necessary to do that." Once back to the room from the bathroom.
Sister sister has changed to "In, customers, so you come to the preparation, wait please take off your clothes" byte mode went into the bathroom again.

Meanwhile I took off his clothes, he had been waiting wrapped a towel around his waist.
After a while "Customer Please, Please enter," it was called to open the door.
Sister somehow was also wrapped a bath towel on the body.
I "I'm wound why bath towel to you?"
Sister "I As is also coming once I ... any chance staff okay" or that time is naked sister Ogameru of? ... I've imagined.
It sank the body to "either go home to clue contained in Venerable bath!" Towel to remove bubble bath.

Wide bathtub was a place no undue importance in my one person.
Then came to say sister approaches as "~ I wonder if you and I also Tsukaro".
Well together to soak I think that if you just "along or, to put" and multiplied by the voice.
Sister "Well, Hey ~ ♪ enter" because it took to remove the bath towel saying, I was averted her eyes.
Two people in a bath full of foam, soaked in face-to-face.

Sister "softening That's a strange feeling has entered together in the bath not a ... house (laughs)"
Do it my "Yes, I had entered together even in the bathroom of the house, Kaori is about 10 years old of time until was was to do "
sister" along Kaa, ... to discourage like to where you are in Natsukashin that such do's Hey "old before the other more than 10 years.
I "Oh yeah, Which body of Kaori still took ♪ When I do not know whether the front or back"
sister "I was a child Thats not be helped Karaa!"
I "do not you do not change much even now?" Teasing a joke saw.
"Because the rude Ne! Brother when you see now, absolutely! Excited!" Sister
I "Yes, yes ... I Do not be unreasonable"
sister "Oh believe Naa not -"
a sister "You see §!", Suddenly I stood up and took a pose.
Body with a little bit of foam was a proportion of up to stunning.
95cm 60cm West to E cup, I had involuntarily fascinated the hip 88cm (I heard later).

Most of my eyes were glued is a crotch that are clean become slippery.
Soon my junior MAX! Sister and has been a blunder-down is I thought and squatting in hot water again, and as it approaches made to crawl on all fours, grabbed suddenly my MAX Junior.
Sister "Yay! Excitement to Ruuー♪"
I "Wow! What grabbing do it Tsu I!" I did not know what the difference was the moment in the sudden thing.
Although say, those accustomed to handling There is only being truly bytes.
Men can not be dispelled in earnest for a sister.

Saying that sister, "then why remove I'll ♪" was invited from the bathtub and the "here come" to the rise mat.
A little and spread the foot becomes his back to the mat, he grabbed the MAX Junior approaches sister is on all fours with his right hand in the meantime.
Sister "I'm older brother of large ♪"
"Is that so?" I
in the sister while saying the sister "Yeah ... at least ♪ be larger ... Tteka best in the range of my knowledge," such a thing right hand squeezing the rod, it has stimulated massage as rolling gently the ball with his left hand.
Then I slowly sucking the beginning, I came to give a pleasure to use even hand while making a Chupachupa and Nasty sound.
I "o ~ ♪ Kaori Naa-good"
sister "I Well, if you keep sucking for nearly a year ♪ I a certain self-confidence squid to immediately if most of the man,"
I "I wonder Kaori, Which is either go ahead to do together do not fight? "
... What is my sister," What? game, bet for? "
I" Well of course, if I wins, the individual fee is get back "
sister" Well, if I win? "
I "Yeah, I'll buy within ... 30,000 yen favorite things!"
became a posture of sister "magic!? do ♪" Sukasazu 69.

Shaved pussy in front of the eyes! Sister "Well'll go ~. I (a) to (k), Don!" Blow began again with the cue.
This time of Blow quite violently, vacuum there, Blow you gave a teasing there and the intensity was bought Yaba indeed.
I also the Flip and cunnilingus defeated.
Showered clitoris, urethral opening, Anal, and as much of attack that can be a vagina.

Sometimes I asked a question to the sister in order to interrupt the Blow.
I "I wonder Kaori I No of shaved from the beginning?"
Even sister "No I ..., because it was near to almost shaved, when receiving individual interview, who had treated if anyway from the store manager, because the good customers uke is hair loss treatment is "to told
it is a translation of beautiful in my" Heh reason "
and the answer is Ichikai to three months because not a sister" But permanent'm not and does not process ... "sister I will be a thorough Kosen between.
The body was trained in the soap, said that no matter how my sister is good, the so easily was a self-confidence that does not fire.
And finally sister, stop the Blow said, "Oh ♪ I can not take it anymore Mmm!", And change the body's direction, I began to insert from his grasp the MAX Junior.
I "Hey, production is probably prohibited?"
Sister "SHI ~, special ♪ Today" began to move their hips to say so.

Sister had been disconnect the cock became hard in my mercilessly "Oh N ~ ♪ feeling good ~ ♪ ~ ♪ want the beginning of the so large".
In As expected of me also raw fuck after a long time, yet the other party is not 's usual ratio is the excitement level and a sister, was I knew I would be fired as soon as missing care.
Sister had tasted the pleasure at your own pace, but was becoming honest tapir towards me.
I also say "Kaori soon..." So my sister is not at all in trying to stop the movement of the hips, on the contrary began to kiss come to defeat the body.
I was anymore.

I "Kaori! Tsu Chimau out Seriously!"
Sister "I ... well ... Awww ♪ and time out good,"
"I'm good, what I put out in this state?" I
sister "Yeah ♪ emergency because of the time that because drinking pill and if'm fine ... Awww ♪ "things like that and I'll pour big time without refrain in, I got to squid to a high-speed piston by replacing the position of the body.
Sister "Awww! Awww! Awww! Amazing! Brother! Acme Chau! Awww!"
Last only say, "A!", I also semen deep sister of the vagina to say "go! Tsu out!" It poured.
I was immersed in the afterglow without a break for a while.
I "Hey, now of Kaori is stopped Blow in my I Do? Former's win I win, because I started production ..."
Now "I ne Hey ... so, to pay the body is useless?"
Because I "ginger not Naa ~" I also thought that neither altogether bad in fact, was lucky it is said from the sister to reverse.
Sister "Well, because for the time being raised me this in bytes, depending Hotel on the way back one more time to ♪"
"nice to do? At one time," I
a sister "example? ♪ I say even Nfufu ~ ♪ many times" shop to tell the plausible thing as the "No-good daughter I was ~ ♪" when you leave, was it also happy manager as a "Thank you" ....

I was waiting to hear from his sister on the way to the hotel the city out of the shop.
Turn off the phone to say that after a while mobile sounds and "Oh Kaori ~ ◯ △ just because in front of the curved × □ I shop at the corner of the shop", a few minutes ....
Entwined arms "~ ♪ kept you waiting," sister, walked toward the hotel as if it were lovers when viewed from the side.
I we took off what you are wearing while kissing When he got to the room.
What surprised me was the sister was to have come from the store with no bra wearing no underwear.

Dressed as a sister of the day above is not so exposed, the lower was pretty racy mini skirt.
It should there Datte possibility of or seen someone in town.
But immediately it says that it came with no bra wearing no underwear wanted to have sex with me.
I're immediately caress just came into the bath, coalescence, and firing, intersects as long as time permits.
The day of I was no longer to go to the soap from a matter of course ....