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Naughty experience story of mother and son

I have time in elementary school, I think the mother has reached the sleeping as it is the first experience to feel the Eros in appearance try to talk

incestI was at the time of elementary school five years.
At the time the mother is 32 years old.
Face and hair to short the baby face, skin is a smooth, was the proud mother looks much younger than actual age.

One day in summer, when I can go home from school, my mother had built a sleeper's breathing lying in the living room.
Looking, skirt have burr up around the knee, in dim, mother of white feet seemed to quite noticeable.

I was called out as "I'm home" is approaching, but the mother was still asleep.
When staring stare face, I remember the mother of the sleeping face was awfully Kawairashika'.

At that time, my mother was out and rolled over.
In that blame, skirt rising further Makurea, firm white thighs are now Arawawa.
I was becoming more and more strange mood.
Perhaps, that of the mother from the usual, not just mothers, and, might have been conscious as a woman.

I have been moved towards the mother of the feet.
When the watch from there, among them from the gap of the skirt, is slightly but seemed.
It is white underwear with lace pattern.
I was staring.

While I think that it should not, is the thing, toward the mother of underwear, as if the eyeball image is fixed, it had been patiently staring.

"... kun"
was the voice of the mother.
"What are you looking at?"
My mother opened the thinner, in a quiet gentle voice, she told me.

I in a hurry, and to excuse and was trying to wake, my mother was happening from a little before, was answered.
I front of the eye is now pitch black.
For the mother, nasty thing and I was embarrassment and regret that the, now want to die.
My mother surely, speaks to his father.
I would be done somewhere.
I think so.

"... kun, mother of pants I was watching"
I'm a quiet tone, the words of the mother, such as cross-examine, I was not only nodded in silence.
"... Kunmitai a nasty child, I not a child of out the other,"
I was prepared for it said so.
Well, it may have not been able to preparedness.

However, words that originated mother was one of the unexpected of me.
"I'm already not be helped like that do it has become a year ..., I mon's boy"
mother say so, I put a hand on my shoulder.
I and mother for a while, I was so.
Eventually mother
"of ... kun ... Mom pants, want to see more?"
He said.
I did not know what I answered.

"? I do not want to see"
and says the mother, I If you wait too long to say that's right here, I think-back to take will not stick, shook his head to the side.
"So you want to see?"
My mother told me to close a cute face to face me.
I nodded in silence.

"Then let's go mother of the room."
Saying that, my mother by the hand of me, it took me to their bedroom.
"I because it is secret to Dad"
mother as if to promise a small child and say to me, I was shook his head vertically.

When the mother to sit me in front of the bed, I had sat on the bed.
And mother were sitting in front of my eyes, was lifted slowly skirt.
Mother of underwear I saw.
Than when I saw a little while ago, it was clearly visible.

It looks slightly transparent pubic hair from the portion of the crotch, had become darker.
I open eyes wide, I have watched to embark himself.
"To the touch?"
My mother has been asked.
I end that thought for a moment, To Un'un nod, grew fearfully hand.
Touching, crotch mother warm, soft feel has been transmitted to the fingertips.

When are tinkering doing so, mother
"in the pants, put try?"
Now that we have heard that, I decided to do so.
I until that time, even if even the mother, there was no such that you have touched a woman of the people dick, as a matter of course the heart throbbing violently, face becomes hot, breath had become rough.

My fingers, went in from around the mother of the navel in the underwear.
The bottom of the mother, very hot, was very wet.
"You wet?"
The mother said.
I Why? And ask the mother is, gonna be doing the woman is comfortable, he replied.

I have and are messing with dick of the mother, the mother's hand, it has been extended towards me.
Mother, Nugashi my jacket and shirt, and hit a palm to the chest of me, have worked their lips to my lips.
I surprise, I was averted face behind.

Mother, protruding in front of the face so as to follow me, I arrived Sucking on my lips.
Mother tongue is invading into my mouth, I swirled the mouth of me.
Mother, wines around my tongue, I suck my saliva from time to time.

Mother's hand, and remove my belt, opened the pants of the chuck.
At that time already my penis has become hard to Kin Kin, it was about painful.
My mother, when Nokezora me, I put down my briefs to around the knee.
"I because it absolutely secret is to ... kun ... Dad"
My mother told me to press just in case.
I nodded in silence.

When the mother to lie down with me to bed, spans per my waist, pinch me of the penis with a finger, it has been dropped waist slowly.
At the tip of the penis, we have received Nechottoshita feel.
The tip of the mother of dick and my penis, it was in contact.
Mother, and as it is dropping the hip, at once mother of vaginal Innovation Nuerburgring, it was crowded wrapped my penis.

"... kun, I I I've been born from the individual mother that contains now."
When the mother is referred to in the enchanted and the facial expression, was blocking my lips in my lips.
While mother hugged the back of me, in my mouth, it was also brought from turning crawl tongue many times.

Eventually mother, away from my mouth, began to move the hips.
To my penis, mother of warm and soft vagina, it has been rubbed.
The mother of the vagina is wet To soggy, the liquid overflows, run down my penis, were dripping until the ass of me.

My mother was moved up and down the waist several times.
When Sometimes momentum penis comes off left over, laughing cute as shy, led again by using a hand, my penis to vagina.

Mother doing so, move on me, wrapped my penis, while or rubbed or tightening, it was intersects with me.

I will not be able to put up with what time of the up-and-down motion, was the End groaning small.
Sperm is discharged from my penis, I was met in the vagina of the mother.
Maybe, I think that at that time was the first of the familiar.

"Hot ... kun ..."
my mother told me to Itoshimu the heat of my sperm.
"It was felt good?"
My mother has been asked, I was comfortable, and he said.
My mother, but I was still with connected for a while, eventually and pulling out my penis, was away from the top of me.

From the mother of dick it is, white liquid, was hanging To Botabota.
My mother Ategai the tissue over there, and closer to me, I hugged me with both arms.

"... kun, I love'm ..."
I also like a mother, and I said.
We were so few minutes, but we have eventually when the mother is separated from each arm, touched my penis.

Mother of the finger was skillfully stimulate the penis.
More and more gathered blood in the penis, I have an erection again, firmly.
"... kun, I put one more time, I"
mother and smiled mischievously, now on his back in bed.
I and are confused what to do, my mother was spread the legs as a frog.

Mother of dick, was clearly visible.
And filthy glowing pink, have a hole in the middle, sperm that has issued from the bottom of my, was slightly flow out.
"... kun, put in here,"
Mother, say gently, as a teacher, Come, and has prompted me.
I was in the street to say.
I tried to put several times, but did not go to think.

Then, my mother by the hand, led to my penis to my vagina.
"Here I"
When the mother says, I nod, was slowly extruded before the waist.
First Nigugugu, there is a little bit of resistance in the feeling that, after the, went entered the Tsuru'.

Once inside the vagina of the mother to the root, similar to earlier in the entire penis, it was spread Numenume and the pleasure.

"I feel good?"
My mother ask, I replied feels good by, and.
I After immersed for some time to pleasure in the vagina of the mother, she began to move the hips back and forth.

Yourself, have put the penis into the vagina of the mother who gave birth to yourself.
Indescribable feeling with such guilt, was mushy To spiral in the head.

I have every time projecting the waist, my mother was gasping small.
This state is, too cute, too Itoshiku, I want to bake more and more the eye such a figure of the mother, was moving the waist even more strongly.

"... kun, love, love!"
My mother cried.
Mother was squeezing the hand of me.
I also returned grip.
And we rushed a strong pleasure in the penis.

I again, in the vagina of the mother, was Pour the sperm To gushing.
But it had bowed become as numb for a while my head, looking at the mother so soon have some head is clean, I was in the half-open mouth and eyes closed.

I, clinging to the mother's chest, mother returns embrace me, I believe that while it is combining the penis and vagina, had much out as it is.

When the hit becomes dark, I and mother apart, mother together again me and lips
"I because it is only of secret Futari"
reminded and, when exposed to tissue in the groin, with the underwear, in order to prepare for dinner I went to the kitchen to.
I see off the mother, had been a while lying in bed.

Mother since that day, but is sometimes, now seek sex to me when the father is not, and I also now seek sex mother.

The relationship lasted until she can be to me.
I can not forget the feeling of the mother of the vagina even now.