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Naughty experience story of mother and son

Not only I am the mother! I'll fuck with divorced mother

 I and mother, has been moved to S City three months ago.
In the old house surrounded by a wooded area, but we ran private railway in the vicinity, because it contains a little into the alley, is a good place is very quiet usually.

My mother was divorced and the father three years ago.
The mother is 42 years old. Since the work of translation at home, and so as not to lack of exercise, is coming up a sweat in walking when the time is free seems to be a daily routine.
It is what also What I say, irresistible plump the stature of good tits of form and fair-skinned.

In fact, me and my mother for a while gone father, has signed the relationship of the body.
Once would have a relationship, as it does not hear a halt, as every day, and while it is the mother and sex, mother had to modest also have become as issue with large yoga voice, your before that appeared suspicious to the neighbors, because say is better to leave the apartment, it has been moved.

The first opportunity, the place that had been masturbating while smell in my room stealing the mother of the panty, by chance, and I seen the mother, at that time, my mother,
I'll be ". Instead, study also gonna be fine. OK? "
is called, I nodded a" Yes ", then you mother came to us with the help of masturbation.

Washing before the dirty panties at the highest, penis will have an erection to Bing and smell the smell of part of the yellow stain.

Every day, while pressing the mother of dirty panties to the nose, had been asked to hand was the mother.
One day, they ask them was a hand to my mother, and I have become good feelings, my mother took out a small voice as "Oh ..." in very sexy face.

Tits of no bra from that of the mother of one-piece chest to downcast to see was a full view.
The bath of soap scent. Fair-skinned smooth the skin. Just by looking I become unbearably, we reached out to the mother of the skirt to say "I'll also be the mother."

My mother, "Tsu no good, no good to my mother," but was referred to as, and then remove one piece to forced and pushed down the mother, she arrived Bollywood warrior to the tits.

Surprised mother cried as "useless Tsu!", But I was crazy about.

Yada, the mother was vigorously resistance that it is killing, but now gradually calm.
Then we touch from the top of the panties in pussy.
Than I say that my mother want you to stop, but it was not wet the Gushogusho to the top of the panty.

I was putting two fingers from the side of the panty. It was complicated contents a slimy warm.
I Shaburitsuki in pussy and then Nugashi the panty.
Slimy folds and nasty smell was the best not say anything.

My mother have Yoga' raise the painful voice and "Oh Oh", mother of pussy, open the red mouth like a petal, honey was out overflowing from within.
Though seemed to be tired of waiting my penis.

I'm a crazy about, and attempts to put the erect penis to the mother of pussy, but had rubbed the penis become a normal position hurry, it does not enter easily.
And say, "Mom, I put",
"Oh ..., such a ... bad ..." he said.
At that time, my penis is without any resistance, has entered into a mother feeling say Innovation Nurburgring.

, Instantly, mother of the body is splashed Innovation budge, issued a Atto voice.
In loose than I thought I felt, it hole had much below. But I was happy.

"Oh, Oh, Oh ... Oh ..." and, to hear the mother's voice, I had instinctively move the hips back and forth.

I forgot to much of the pleasant, the cracking.
"Kasan', I, I, out ..."
"Oh, Tsu useless out in the Dameyo."
And, but my mother told me, I can not stop the movement, seem to strike is amazing ejaculation feeling , I have it out all in the mother's vagina.
Dokun, I feel wavy and Dokun was very good.

My mother hugged me panting and "Oh", and asks for a kiss, from moving so jumpy jumpy jumpy To the body was convulsions, became To limp.

Ended after mother while referred to as "Dont child ...", it looked doubtful my eyes.
Then, After that, I do not know how many times I did it for, six to seven times I think that was the ejaculation in the mother.

My mother, "after all, the thing should not be done in the parent and child, so the other, which I once and for all," he said to press just in case a.

But my mother and I were immediately the next day sex.
Then be in the sex on a daily basis, it became so as not to hear the brakes on each other.

Somehow I feel a confession became easier.