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Naughty experience story of mother and son

Date of lust to the mother, the son was sudden change Housewife video?

kannoLast week, I saw the back video for the first time at a friend's house.
Married was a yoga crazy story to last fucked by a few men.
My penis remembered between video to return to friends and family farewell was thinking only that Nuku to go home early without OkoshichiPa.

My mother came out of the bath with one bath towel in the shower and get home.
Nothing if usually, but at that time a little while ago of the video has had attacked horny to thighs of the mother not away from the head.

My mother had not put out even voice not know the reason for a moment.
I was piercing the penis was erect to quickly take off your trousers and pants and covered in mother overlies Gingin grip on the pussy of the mother.

The mother is
"disgusting, Kazuya stop name of
had Kazuya Damedame"
but has screaming and I'm pointing against the pussy without regard middle people do not enter.
Expectorating the one-shot eyes while rubbing the pussy of the mother.

Mother of pussy became slimy in my semen.
My penis went into the mother happens to be and are piercing as it is pussy without losing the hardness.

My mother began to cry and "Noーーー".
I was immediately discharged a two-shot first in the mother too much comfortably.

My penis is wrapped gently in the pussy of the mother, received a sweet stimulus every time the mother to breathe, began to commit quickly erect again the pussy of the mother.
At that time, he was discharged to the pussy of three consecutive mother.

Then, you are committing a mother every day.
The mother is just did not feel a little cry, yesterday, after the father went out to the golf, reluctant mother to bare forced Tsurekomi in my room, in the pussy tied up both hands to the bed 3 shots in a row it Buchikon the semen.

Was doing and turn slowly licked then clean wipe and in the body of the mother's body.
The mother was still to be expressionless between them.

I remembered the last week of the video, began massaging the hole of the mother of the buttocks.
After you have raised carefully massaged, turned kneaded placed against the hole in the ass of mother with a spit in the middle finger.
My mother is crying like crazy, but tried to put the penis to insult the hole in the ass without regard.

There was placed in a pussy does not enter easily.
My mother stopped crying of the face, such as a little relieved.
It has been the mother state of change after a while. I have thrust put time into "Ha, ha," it began to push up the sometimes waist up short and voice with.

"I feel I'm"
As I stop the movement mother was begging your push-up several times larger waist.
I began committing the excitement was also the mother.

Place your lips to the mother has put the tongue from the direction of the mother.
It was the first time. I mother and accelerate strongly hugged piston the mother raised the yoga voice as "hit! Hit! Another ... another ...".

I was also dumped in the mother screaming I can not put up with "Mom'll go!'Ll go mother".
My mother had to limp screaming as "Iii'ーーーー".

Was felt good, it was thought that'm a true sex was the best ever.
As to go feel the mother is so good, there is no cut in love juice come out overflowing and have wiped pussy of mother that is limp in tissue paper.

When you clean the pussy of the mother and are hugged gently mother's body mother
"by solving the hand."
"It's bad,"
"The different, ... to the toilet,"
I was tied a mother behind him and solving the string.

Dubious likely mother to
whisper when the mother and the mother in the ear, "Mom, pee to Toko I do I'll show in" made a crying face a "hit".

"Mom, my braze carried out in the penis, will not be ashamed to be what the other"
mother has been suffering One fell to the I wander the waist in an attempt to stand up from the bed as idea.

I took him to the toilet while suffering embrace and hug the mother.
My mother was a pee in front of me so gave up. I've been looking at it also erection.

I grabbed the hair of the mother, "Mom, Suck by me" was pressed against the penis to the lips of the mother is referred to as.
Mother is resistance to close strongly lips.

I'm "gonna make a hole in the ass, Do not I'm good" mother and threaten and began sucking in a crying face.
I and Nomasu Buchikomi the semen into the mother's mouth
, "Mom, I'll lick pee in return"
was raised licked to clean and one leg of the mother is referred to as a put to the toilet bowl.

Mother flood the joy juice it seems came again feeling.
After that, he had embraced each other all the way in to eat a simple lunch to solve the string of the mother of my room bed.
My mother comes actively entangled the tongue and match the lips without further resistance.

Evening, I was put against the pussy slowly to caress the body of the mother.
My mother was the End crazy rising good use the waist entangled in my body without it anymore.

This morning, after the father went to the practice of golf, was derailed yoga two shots Buchikomi mother pussy hugged the mother who is in the kitchen by pacifier each other Naburi the lips to drink the semen.

What time, and I think I'll also committed hole in the ass.