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Naughty experience story of mother and son

Please hear my talk, which was the son of 19-year-old I have a relationship ...

 I have associated with the son of 19-year-old.
It can beriberi is, was that her husband woke up in a strange hobby.
At the time of married life, we come to try to Hameyo to me have brought out the handcuffs that were bought unnoticed.
I had continued otherwise noted absolutely hate.
Once, I have been trying to forcibly Hameyo. Because I was messed up resistance, my husband seemed to give up.
At that time, it was determined long-term business trip of my husband. I was feeling the gas is restful. Husband have passed a few days on a business trip.
Came back from shopping, it was the moment you enter the bedroom trying to Kigaeyo.
Son so as to follow me came into the room.
It was something different feel from the usual.
It was felt that languishing something.
I, What did you do with me? When asked suddenly, we have toward and scary face.
And, it has been pushed down on the bed.
Held down by terrible force, it has been wearing handcuffs and shackles.
The handcuffs and fetters were Yes and connecting with a rope to the four corners of the bed. 
In appearance of the remains came back from shopping I had been restrained by the sprawled dressed in bed.
I was struggling and try to remove the restraint of the hands and feet, but it was useless.
Going really, but I was afraid mind, to do with such a thing! And was angry voice rough Gaité.
Son, from the closet remains silent, I took out the unexpected ones. It was a number of naughty toys.
Son took to get what pink egg-shaped from within it.
I was unable to accept in the future occur situation. 
Disgust and fear Once thought to be used such a thing on can not stuck body has welled up.
Control yourself!
I'm sorry is only with such a thing!
Angry ignoring me son've not crawl in my body and put the switch. It was around transmitted a little vibration because it was from the top of the clothes.
But, it was increasingly felt that going to become a naughty mood. 
Make a Boone and the sound you are sweet voice each time, which is pressed against the bulge of the chest had come to seem out.
I have continued to put up with clenched teeth.
Situation was one worse.
Son while staring as pitting that of me, I have slipped a thing of pink in the skirt.  
While Mawari crawl thighs wrapped in stockings has been up to the top gradually.
I tried to close the legs desperately, but I did it useless. Moment, which is pressed against over there, it has leaked involuntarily gasping voice.
I, whole body became hot in shame. 
Son smiling nasty smile, remove the blouse of the button, you have to put your hands.
While being the nipple torture at your fingertips, you over there to have been pressed.
The other, could not be such as to withstand.
Will be twist and body movement, it had raised the Hashitanai voice.
I had even remember the excitement in the situation in which they are placed.
Son, grab my chin, it has been the kiss hungrily.
When I came in tongue, it had gotten entangled the disgusting tongue.
Son had me remove the shackles.
But it has been again constrained when it is the lower half of the body to bare.
Then, we put the switch and take to get what in the shape of a penis. Kunekune and the motion has been closing in on me.
I have become afraid, like that of hate! said.
While son is grinned, sitting between my legs, place the tip in there, we have traced up and down.
Coming wet about embarrassing is, I understand myself. The other, how about not even trying, it had become indecent.
Mind was going to be a strange and sometimes is or pressed against the entrance.
Then, it had been put at last.
The moment that has been put in slowly, much will come trembling to the whole body, I have felt.
Son, this time while moving've peppered the nasty words.
I was going crazy in shame and immorality feeling.
The other, was the feeling does not stop.
I have thought I was more messed up.
I've said that should not be said, finally.
Son, as was sudden change, it was through the hands and feet to stretch the back of my state of being bound to a bed.
Then, it had been fucked wildly.
They told me to remove my handcuffs and fetters that you are stunned.
Handcuffs to each other immediately in the back is not passed on to the back of both hands to my surprise it was I have been re-connect.
Even said to my husband has been to the embarrassing appearance that had refused.
The I was brought to high lift-provoking embarrassed dressed was being ass is in a prone position.
Is gripped firmly on the waist was a fierce hip Tsukai, such as striking from behind.
I am had completely fallen into the abyss.
Son is what also had been Ikasa times.