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Other naughty experiences

Fucked in the senior school, and high school girls that have been until cum is too dire ...

incestIt was committed to the senior school last October.
Senior of the three years in the place that was going to go home and finish school I have been multiplied by the voice.
I was feeling what would without also spoke.
Story went with the senior to not refuse because I was told by a serious face me I want a little bit comes from there.
Brazen but I've thought Nante I wonder if confession ....
And two seniors were in the midst of already classroom When I tried to enter the audio-visual room.
Huh? When I thought I was dragged into the classroom they have been overpowered seniors who brought me.
Other seniors had been the curtain to close the key of the door.
Desperately resistance also does not come true in ....
Sorry I called the "sudden. Since then etched from now! "
I was just struggling just do not know anymore translation.
But in front of the three seniors are taking off on unable nothing has been the chest bare.

As it is a favorite way rubbed been licking is to ....
I can not do anything been overpowered.
"Then if Let's say below! You Nugasu? "
Senior've put your hand in my skirt with a laugh.
I know I was resisted by moving flapping feet, was as it is made to take off pants.
... the seniors had been Mawashikko and stripping the pants from the foot.
I ended up looking down sitting in situ ashamed.
Seniors came grabbed my feet I thought to have been around behind me.
This is spread! It was closed to put force on the foot I think!
"I put what force! Look open! "
Senior has spread the legs with all his strength and faced my knee back.
Seniors was not clamoring happily ....
Skirt also turned in is another half-assed ....
When the crying shame, senior came open my dick.
And a Kashakasha with a digital camera that another one of the seniors had!
... which was already Nakijakuri.
I have to show a photo taken in such a me.
It is already the worst is photographed to the face!

It was pushed down as it is and finishes to show photos.
And one of the senior holding my hands, the other one senior've been pressing to expand the legs!
And the other one of the senior ....
I know did not have'm the first time to have even a boyfriend, I was crying all the way frustrated that contains the the person of a man not even like.
And pain is ... because suddenly have been queued.
Here you do not hear the outside even aloud how much's a audio-visual room.
Seniors came over to the stomach and pull out from my dick!
And those between without any of the following senior rest is!
I hand also was only crying just also been the presser foot.
"Ahh! Taman not! "
Senior, in turn disconnect from there has been subjected to around the chest.
... I was limp anymore.
"I wonder not Taman guy! Mess feels Yoo! "
Such a voice and are Innovation Atamagabo - was heard faintly.
And as it is ... is that of the third person of the senior.
The senior is the worst, I have been moved so deliberately hurts with a laugh!
I see that has issued a strange voice from the pain in his own.
"Hurts per cent? Where the painful per cent? "
I have said in words such as to fool.
I was Yari to say a minimum of voice that trembled in can not stand!
"It's fine at the lowest Yoo! Love! Love! "
I wrote the words of such a senior and ... you remember the time that.
Senior has been a more violent movement and come against the waist!
Never experienced until now, it was such a pain body is broken.
Was a time that has been gradually mind is far away in the pain of that too.
When the senior waist stops, we found that immediately after that things warm in my spread!
It has been issued! Care was found to me clear also that begins to far away!
I resisted desperately raise the voice crying.
But both hands both feet is to have been holding, senior you are out in does not do anything to have overhanging me.
"I got out! I'm sorry When you are pregnant! "
Three senior was laughing.
can not believe···.
Pulling out from my dick, also was photographed!
Frustrated not stop the tears, I had also forgotten crying hide ....
I say to the "someone I'm seen whether or not this photo made? "
After the resistance was the promise do not know what is what.
Seniors went home with my pants ....

The morning of the next day, those in my classroom contact board was printed yesterday of the photos had been pasted nothing sheets!
The one that is reflected in my face I had not been attached, but ... many pieces is that other than it was reflected in all.
Yes also put in a word yet say "I someone's in this class."
I wanted peeled off right away, but it does not have such a thing not be in front of everyone are!
... the photo that was around here and there.