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Naughty experience story of older brother and younger sister

Nakasan cousin, was asked a high school also fixed one day, I want you to take a picture

  Story of when to pass the high school, had spent leisurely spring break.

Early afternoon, it is rumbling to have and one of the phones in the house. It was from a cousin who lives in the neighborhood (Nakasan from spring). I want you to take a photo, but that of the want to become a photographer.

Because it was free time, run by bicycle to the home of the cousin (hereinafter Jun and tentative name). Jun classmate of my sister Yumi (a pseudonym) in the second child born within a year, and but a family of four parents, the day was a voice mail alone.

Approaching the completion of the house to build the uncle family newly If you listen, close moving, want to keep a record of this house before that, and things. Jun is not an ordinary camera to me, I handed the video camera. It seems to have borrowed from classmates.
Since the small building of the municipal housing end immediately be taken all over the house, I entered the room of the last Jun sister. I was a very long time is to enter the room. Jun why close the curtains, turn on the lights of the room.

And "take firm." Was I slowly began to take off the blouse to say so. I was almost exclaimed in surprise, but barely holding back. Because I did not know at all the spirit of Jun.

Under the blouse was a T-shirt. Jun it also begins to take off while Taurus the eyes to the camera. Bra under it was a thing of the lovely design. Chest is a larger than is not had imagined in the big tits, valley also was fine.

Since hear "are taking properly?", I nod. Image shakes in the vertical. Jun remove the belt, it begins to take off the jeans. Plump and the waist and thigh, shorts was like a bra and a matching.

Swallow the saliva me, but I want to see is quickly ahead, without Jun trying Nugo more, just take a variety of poses towards the camera. Disappointed Keep an eye also from underwear while. At that time Jun said.

"Please do more to take off?"

"U, yeah!"

I to the reply in turned over voice. Then, "Well, Toshi-kun (a pseudonym) also take off." And point the camera picked up to me. Desire is greatly exceeded the reason, I took off his clothes, became only the trunks.

"And, promise would"
"I have known."

Jun to return the camera to me. Jun start to take off again. First bra is removed. Thin red nipples Kaowodasu. And shorts is lowered. Hair is a little darker, cracks can not be seen. Genital has also got hidden in the other side of the hair.

"I'm a little dark, I"
"Do or out of the family, my sister'm more dark."
"Know why such a thing!? Disgusting!"
"Because the family of you, will there is much that would look"
"Hmm, I'll decided to say so, "
Well", how much Toshi-kun? "

so said Jun Komu Kagami in front of me. Pampanga in the order of the hand is applied to my trunks, which crept a tent. Point the camera in the lower half of the body in a panic is said so "to be taken firmly".

Pleasure to be taking off the pants in the hand of man. And a feeling of opening. Tinkle seen in the camera over was strange that appear larger than usual.

"Oh, I Ii pretty dark even Toshi-kun."
"After all, the genetic huh. But I wonder because it is a boy."
"Jan do I,"
"I'm no good, because there is also the eyes of Yumi" "
" would be strange to think Once shaved suddenly "

Takes Jun of breath and snort, my penis react each time. Jun of the fingertip touches the penis.

"I'm good spirit. It quite large,"
"their, how so?"
"Yeah, to before he greater than the"
"properly are picking."
"There ever seen in front of him? ... of?"
" Oh, I thought my things virgin? "
" Yeah "
" virgin Do Naa "to such a thing

come rub my ball bag to say such a thing. Jun laugh and kicked kicked and reveal the voice as a "hit". "Oh, but Yumi is I think still. Because that girl late crop" in much also does not enter the head of such a word I was excited.

Another limit is close. They come to hear the "other Serve it?" Jun. To jerky nod me. "Well, Let out" Jun of hand and grips my cock. It is rubbed back and forth with the right hand, left hand stroking my ass.

The face is close, ahead of the tongue touches on my glans. At that moment, I was ejaculation will not endure. It was already shooting impossible. And absentmindedness few seconds, and I came back to us to try to fucoxanthin the semen of Jun's body with a tissue.

But I, Jun stop it, learning desk sat in a chair, "Toshi Mr. Clean to take licking" laughed as small as. Jun to make a one knee sitting in a chair. Apparently it is showing off the genitals.

I the reason was also also lost pride coming up here obediently kneel in front of the Jun. And extend the tongue in their semen that was leaning up around the lower abdomen. Do not think that of the liquid, to feel only feel and body temperature and body odor of the skin, I was turning the arm in the order of the body.

Navel from the lower abdomen, each time the dovetail ... my tongue trace the skin of Jun, voice leaks. The first was a Kusugutta up a Force, but became a gasp-ish gloss is from the middle. When I came in around the chest, Jun came hugged my head.

"Toshi-kun ... feelings, good ..." hand of Jun leads to the top of my head. I wanted to suck the nipple, but apparently entrusts us yet. Extend the tongue around the semen of the jaws of reluctantly Jun. Jun of the face in front of the eye.

Jun was not a beautiful girl with poppy, but it was daughter is charming. I while taking licking around the semen of the mouth, and kissed it. Jun acceptance like it a matter of course, came to seek further violently.

If think it was my first kiss. Jun of the tongue to take away the remaining semen in the mouth comes at stake in my tongue. Release the body after each other devour the kiss for a while. Regret, I want to have more. But Jun seems to have been dissatisfied only that.

Extend the hand on my cock and "I'll have another revival". It would probably braze was the best of the erection ever. Jun lying on the stage under the bunk bed as a "go to bed". I also ride in the bed.

But was a small bed, it was supported body weight of managed two minutes. "I'm a bed of really here Yumi, I Like" run my body become immoral sense of pleasure. Jun also seems to have been the same.

"Did you mean virgin-kun I Toshi-kun?"

I was obediently nodded. If Jun was the older sister with respect to gender. "Well, tell me I'll," said Jun issued an instruction and this and that to me. From earlobe according to the instructions of Jun to between toes, I was almost the whole body to crawl the tongue.

Some nice place of reaction, there is also a bad place. If you become now, Jun seemed to find his erogenous zones in my tongue. "Toshi-kun, this ..." and passes to me and take out something from the side of the school bag of bed. It was a condom.

"Oh, I thought I'll I put."
"Properly with are either because I'm worried,"
"U, yeah"

deftly fine of Jun covered with a rubber cock fingertips and glossy nails. I covers over in the order it is said, "I say, come". Jun of the finger leads to my cock into his genitals. Insertion was smooth.

"N'n'" Jun of the body bends backward lightly. It feels like it. Try to move the hips "I want to move," but, I myself had not obtained one pleasure now. Honesty earlier and kiss, and it is felt several times pleasant at the time that had been in the hand.

Arm of that time Jun came extend in my head. "Feels good ... Toshi-kun, I like. I love." My body has reacted to the words of the Jun. It seems electricity flows in like back.

Force from entering found myself on the cock. Word "Jun!", "Toshi-kun!" And each other's name and "like" is going to increase the degree of our pleasure.

"I'm sorry, the other ..."
"I say, saying!"

I was ejaculation abandon. Than condoms would be torn in momentum? As much seem so. Of course, why there is no, safely my semen had been dammed up. Chillin to Jun and I in bed finished the thing. Finally a decent thinking is restored.

"Uncle and Aunt, how still all right?"
"Yeah. Not come back until the evening today."

I rest assured to hear it. Then, "I, Bathing Hairokka together" came not whispered to me with. Jun of the house of the bath were small small. I first soak in the bathtub, and Jun on it. Chichigako the so placed on the knee, entered with two people.

The time is because it was shorter amount of hot water was small, the water level was me become much just good when two people enter. Jun says, "It was a hate narrow Uchi of the bath, thus it something good I can be in close contact"

ass feel of Jun Moving To Mozomozo on top of me. "When I was a mom who is also married, like this it was the kana ... along either, so I I was born just after the Yumi"

had also started the revival of my cock. Of course Jun was also felt it. Jun rising. Net of the lower abdomen in front of my eyes. I embrace the waist of Jun, put the nose to the crotch. Divide the pubic hair wet dripping, to crawl the tongue to the clitoris.

Jun's voice sounded in the bathroom. After the bout was tanned, Jun was stand up me. Knelt down, add my cock To biting into. "A'" for the first time of the Blow, in turn, is my voice resounds in the bathroom.

There was not a very good blowjob Given later, it was me enough to at the time. Because it was wet with hot water, sound leaking from the mouth of Jun is heard loudly. Near useless limit. And tell it Jun turned back, came protruding ass.

Condom unattached thing is was not known, but the insertion from later I in pretended not to notice. Masaguri the chest, why the chestnut with a finger, and earnestly shook his hips. "Oh ... go good ..., go likely!" The voice of Jun enhance my ejaculation feeling.

"Ua, go, Ikunoo!" Said Jun hold my hand. I was also anymore. I pulled out the cock immediately before the issue. Indeed There is only the third time, the amount was very small.

"I, although it was separately Above all good. Anyway because I do not come out only a little," and, for me that crowded sag, he said still to okay Jun.

And "And I try to etch. It Toshi-kun of was your cock pretty good" and dressed and go home to the house I in Jun says. "Oh, but no talk of Toka become lover. Also to a certain family of eyes, I also because examination this year," says.

I was directly go home can not only be in the form of the bite nails nod to the "U, yeah". At a later date it from, I was an etch only Jun and once. That day was also the other family members away. Jun at that time showed me the other day of the video.

To my surprise it was that I had been shot in also fixed angle act after the stop shooting. To see their own when it had lost the honest reason was a pain. Jun seems different, but ....

Shortly thereafter uncle family moved to a new house in a remote location. It was not a non-movable distance, but the reason to go up there was the distance required.

Spring Break at the end I enrolled in high school. It will be diligently to normal play and love with friends. And Jun combined several times face, but it was of course not to mouth the thing at that time.