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Naughty experience story of mother and son

Mother to the night crawling son [incest confession experiences]

incestI'm 17 years old, a high school student. Mom is 42 years old. 
Dad from last October, I went to Osaka bachelor.

Until then, Dad and Mom has a good relationship, with two people such as the rest of the day, it was well go out.
Dad is also up to New Year, one every two weeks always come back, and go to Mom and shopping, we were going to the art museum.

But from coming back to the New Year, at the launch of the new project, he said that busy, no longer come back also asked Mom.

Mom first had said that can not be helped because it is your job, but it was somewhat sad.
One day, Mom while looking at the photo of Papa, was crying.
I, Mom did not become a poor

 next day, as if nothing was not mom, it was very healthy.
At first I thought that I'm behaving bright and unreasonable, but, then, because it was much more energetic, I also was relieved.

 On February 2, when home from school, Mom was very happy.
That's right birthday gift has arrived from dad. I Do He keeps to do Papa, I thought.

To hear whether the gift was what Mom did not tell me.
Night, Mom is on the phone to dad, to the upcoming holidays, we have heard either come back.
Mom, work hard you work to dad, I had to say.

Dad is so was saying that it is not likely to go home.
But, Mom, I have to say that there is no ginger because it is important for work.

I celebrated Mom's birthday with mom and two people.
Always, because Dad is also a together, I am a mom even once, I had never prepared a birthday gift.

I for the first time, we have prepared a gift to Mom.
It is a pashmina. Mom is very pleased me, told me to say that "I is Naku' to thank you."

I, and Could liked the first time of the gift, I was very happy.
I did not have even thought Nante thank.

 That night, I slept in the 1 o'clock.
Somehow cold and I think, when I woke up, there was no quilt.
And, it had been pulled down little by little hand is applied to my sweat pants and pants.

I am in fear, I have solidified.
When I open the thin, there is, there was a mom that I was wore a pashmina that was present.

I-closing his eyes, I pretended to be sleeping.
Mom and Nugasu the pants and shorts to the knee and said, "I thank you from Mom", and kiss and smack, grew a hand on my penis.

Penis was about the painful will quickly grow.
That increased to much I think that hurts until now did not have.

"It's gonna be big even though sleeping. I'm happy," mother to say, contained a stiffened penis in the mouth. It was the first time blowjob.

Than I say comfortable, it becomes large enough penis hurts, who over there is felt strongly.

Since I also Chau immediately said in a masturbation, but I thought that as soon as Chau said, did Mase very much alive.
But suddenly from the fine, and I thought has become comfortable, I have to ejaculation in the mouth of the mom in between say at.

When Mom undo the pants and pants, over a futon, I went out of the room.
Mom had wore a pashmina on top of the pajamas.

 The next morning, I was occurred with a funny mood, Mom was not always a change as there was no nothing.

I, lonely Mom is also not have a dad, I think I just was going to magic is pointing to thank, I decided to forget.
However, mom that night came to my room.
And it was allowed to ejaculation me in fellatio in the same way as yesterday.

I is a blowjob mom for two consecutive days, the kana us to be tomorrow, now to expect.

 The night of the third day, Mom came to expect of me.
I no longer feel the pain also increases the penis, I learned the true good of fellatio.
But I have to that amount early ejaculation.

Every day it from mom, the sneak into my room, and blowjob my penis sleeping, I let ejaculation.
February 9, and not go back after all, there was a phone call from dad.
Mom, seems to have to expect a little, I was a little disappointed.
I did, if not come back Papa, now happy with, get to every day.

 That night, Mom came wore a pashmina that I was present.
For the first time, ever since when Mom came to my room.
I and make sure that the mom came, I-closing his eyes.

Mom Doke a quilt, was down the pants and shorts to the knee.
Something was touched in my head. I naked mom was home, which was clad only pashmina straddling my face opened the thin.

"Dad, I want penis daddy, I can not stand, daddy, daddy"
saying Mom began masturbating.
I was tempted to pushing the mom. But, because Mom thinks I'm sleeping, I was to endure.

Mom always as was straddling my legs and a little. But unlike usual, it was thighs of place. And I was turning my jacket.

And we have dropped the hips spread the legs and get a hand to the side of the chest.
Mom of pussy of crack was touched to my penis.

Mom began to move the hips.
Mom of fractures from the bottom to the top of the penis, rub. But, we will go back to bottom in the middle.

Mom went on to move carefully and slowly lower back as penis does not enter the pussy.
I, fall into such illusion is a mom, I have said in the place where Mom moves the waist dozen times.

Mom, take licking spattered semen on my chest and stomach, back to the original trousers and pants, went out of the room.

 And February 11, the morning 2 o'clock today, Mom've sneak than usual late my room.

Mom was naked. Pashmina does not wore.
I was wish and I want to be like yesterday.

Mom has been dropped waist and across my face.
When exposing the lightly pussy in my mouth, I shook slowly hips.
I did not have the way I wanted to lick.
But you can not lick. And the painful pretend, I tried a little lick move the face.

Mom has floated the waist in a hurry.
For a while, I had asked my appearance.
I went to the sleeping was pretend. Mom has been a blowjob.
I was a little disappointed. As of yesterday, because I wanted a fake pussy.

When Mom immediately stop blowjob, I went out of the room.
My penis is now a little smaller.
But Mom came back immediately. And we have a blowjob.

My penis immediately, now eyes full large. Mom was tied at the root of the string of the penis and stop fellatio.
And also it began a blowjob.

To always be so as not dripping saliva, penis today becomes sticky in the saliva of Mom, will flow into the hole in the sagging was spit ass, it was attacked in unspeakable pleasure anything.

Mom and stop blowjob, by hand, I fuck a penis.
Then, when with the root of the penis with both hands, Mom, was Ategai the lips ahead of the penis.
My penis is slowly into the warm mom's mouth, it went sucked.

At that time, that should swallow my penis, Mom "U, Ugh, A'" was leaked voice and.

I opened the thin, Mom facing up little face closed my eyes I saw.
I'm a little raised his head while looking at the mom, we did the eye to quickly penis.
More than half of my penis is, had disappeared into the mom of pussy.

Slowly pussy Mom, but surely went swallowed my penis.
Mom For the hand next to my waist and swallow completely my penis, in the manner not applied weight, for a while, I was staring.

As Mom remind something to myself, and nodded small, it began to swing slowly hips up and down.
I, just a dozen times, I have to ejaculate just been swung the waist.

I've noticed that you did not the first time condom with ejaculation.
But because the root of the penis has been bound, it was not always like ejaculation feeling.

Mom despite I was ejaculation, went on shaking the waist.
First, waist was waving up and down just as well, or shaking back and forth, and you turn, it had been a variety of movement. But not very violently, was the slow movement.

When I tried to Mukaeyo the ejaculation of the sixth, it has changed the movement of the mom.
I the shaking violently hips even without anyway of body weight is applied,
"go, there, there, Iku', Iku'i' Chau"
as swallow the penis and say to the root, turning while pressing the waist, the penis I unwind the string that had been tied.

I reached the limits of patience, as soon as the string is unwound, was violently ejaculation.
Mom also "Ugh, U'" At the same time we stop the movement of the hip and say. Mom also did like was said.

Mom, we sit still for a while, was away from me.
From the pussy mom was on all fours on top of me, a large amount of semen was spilled on my stomach.

Mom up licking all of its semen, I drank.
When the wipe off with a tissue, I went out of the room over a futon to Jaca trousers and pants.

 In this before, if tied the root of the penis, so does not become smaller, tied the root of the penis of my husband, I remembered I read the confession to say that on weekends are asked to entertain in fully.

Mom is also 42 years old, is a woman prime.
Since Dad does not come back I would not have been one month position.
I wanted to enjoy enough sex because I think that he was tied to the root of the penis.

But the last of ejaculation tied the root of the penis, which was a half-hearted ejaculation, last ejaculation feeling was a great pleasure beyond description in words. In addition, I want to experience.

 But, it was the first of the sex for me. It is also sex with mom. It was a very mixed feelings.

Unlike the time of being rubbed blowjob and pussy, you do not need immersed themselves in the afterglow of pleasure. I write this confession, I feel even guilt.

But if on the night of today, also from us come Mom, I expect.
Someday, I want you to know that I have happened to mom.

On top of that, we want immersed in sex with two people. Tied the root of the penis, I want to continue until Mom is satisfied.
That way, I feel like also eliminates the guilt