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Naughty experience story of mother and son

Smile to the condom with one hand! Today also etch try! Outrageous mother

tsubomi"Today, you do?"
To get the contraceptives, disgusting laugh mother.
I also again many times, and both the mother and the bed doing so.
These days, more of the mother is actively invite me.
I wonder what? This changes the way ... At first, I I was tempted mother.
Long ago adult was I, she also does not make, while living with parents holed up, dark, since I had been sent a tepid life.
Now even though I circumstances does not change.
"Mother is that? Does not Dad and etch"
I think that I, at that time, asked his mother such a thing while evening drink with whiskey.
From behind the mother clean up had a dinner seemed to be frozen.
"What was that? You're, what drunk"
I while Effeminate, continued brazenly.
"Dad, do not you not come back to the very house. So"
"So, what I"
"Is the thought I kana not to have sex with"
mother turned around in here while wiping your hands on the cloth.
"That can hear? Common to the parent"
against the waist hand, my mother looked at me in a dubious face.
I also help drunk, was Futebuteshika'.
"Well, what about Anta? Virgin? In the old"
light jab, was feeling was decided to guard the belly.
"Oh, That's right. Still'm not experience,"
I answered with a pout, fueled the lock of whiskey.
Ice made a big sound and Gasha'.
The triumphant such as smile mother had been floated.
Pretty Short mother than me, but seemed larger. My mother, have helped the household working in front of the station salon as a hairdresser.
A sober habit of hairdresser, not a beautiful mother.
There is no chopped, such as about sexual attraction, it will not be seen only in just aunt. However, at that time I is, I remember only became a strange mood that Hahanie is also said to unexpected nostalgia and shy became Naimaze.
Then, it was allowed to converge to the libido.
"Mom, do not I?"
"So Is the, me I do not tell the sex"
can not say if there drunk, Qusay words came out from slipped mouth.
take also a deep sigh, breath was leaking from the mouth of the mother.
And, I began to do and hurriedly the continuation of washing dishes facing the sink Puito.
My left behind-sensitive.
Itatamarenaku ringing, I was with embrace from behind approaching from behind the rising mother.
"Cho, a little."
"I. Might be good,"
staring at the small mother of face to look into, the combined my lips to the small lips.
My mother did not reject.
It is childish, but long, the persistent kiss, mother and me dating.
Faint was the taste of onion.
Tap water had become the flow leave.
At that time I had an erection to much painful.
Such as forty-eight-year-old mother are each other Mutsumi the son of 23 years of age, which is carried out of the dog damn.
"Ikanwa. Such a thing,"
I think the mother, said so in small enough not hear voices.
"my sister is back,"
I was away from the mother in a hurry.
The remorse have been attacked become by now.
As it is, I fled to my room.
"The How was that? There was something"
"No, I'll be getting ready for anything of neither. Rice"
conversation of mother and sister out of the room could hear. It was a Monday after a few days if there is such a thing.
Certainly, I think it was Sports Day.
Father nor sister, was absent but no I wonder what's errands.
With each other in clothes field nestled from the second floor of the sister of the room, my mother had to dry the laundry is also the day.
And sure to allow the finished dried, I look into the casually sister of the room, saw the mother.
"Oh, good morning,"
sister of the bed is placed in your tailor-made orientation.
I, and poised to think, was pushed down on his back in bed the mother.
, "Mother, might be good,"
"stupid, stupid. This child,"
she said, mother squirm.
I in anyway, took the lips of the mother.
And then, it became quiet.
Missing the power of resistance of the mother, it is rubbed by turning the hand on my back.
"If now, nobody do not have."
"But, here, I of my sister bed. I useless in a place like this."
"Well, where if Is the good. Sister of bed messing Damon from the original, I do not know."
"If the other. Tsu Kazutoshi"
mother , darkened the room draw the curtain of the window stood up.
"Over there, opposite have" mother said shyly so.
I was followed.
And is Pasari and apron sound fall of, seemed to take off also blouse.
And was a sign of fall within the sister of bed.
"I'll say,"
I, facing towards the bed.
"You're also'll Take off"
"For example, Oh, yeah,"
Somehow, things proceed with the feeling that was anticlimactic.
Take off your T-shirt and jersey, became only the trunks.
"Kazutoshi also After a little exercise? Tummy, I have slack"
"older sister something, No I you doing to go to tennis today,"
the sister If you are a tennis coach, Saturdays and Sundays are not almost home.
Down to take the plunge trunks, they were exposed to was hard penis.
"There is ne No cheerful"
mother is staring.
"I turned on?"
was futon in Slide the body to the sweet smell of her sister.
It is since I was a little child Nante to sharing the bed with mother and child.
Again, I saw up close the face of the mother.
I think that is similar to their own.
My sister eyes in the large double, is similar to his father and say either.
My mother and I, we singlet eyelids.
"Tits, nice to touch?"
always not only seen in the clothing over the breast, there is a tension, was plenty.
And downright soft.
Those of such a texture had never once touched.
"It hurts me"
a little, seemed had entered force.
"Kazutoshi I also touch of?"
the mother of the cold hands, fumbling my belly, reached the hair below it.
Customs to unrelated I also did not impossible, such as to touch this area to others.
Finally, the mother of the finger was clinging to bending likely Cock.
"Hey hard. This Nante do not know the girl, gonna say treasure of an useless"
"I'm there is no encounter"
"Yasuko-chan something, what about?"
Said that of Yasuko Harada was together until high school in childhood I have.
"He is, boyfriend'm're"
"Oh. Demure that I wish child"
seized and talk while Yawayawa, or covered with a skin, also is at a high or the mother of caress followed.
"I got to this. When one of them"
say so, my mother began to squeeze in up and down.
"Oh, I do that I know."
"My Daddy, tell me I did asked to the old days"
on it, until the ball has been tossed about.
"You're a chance, I Okkii. This ..."
"Do not do so. If compared father of the?"
"Like Okkii better of you. Here'm much onnaji. I'm a parent-child"
while impressed with, Ladders the rod Iteiru.
I became want to touch the mother of dick.
Stretch hand in its place.
Zarizari and the feel of pubic hair.
And tinged with moisture, the meat of the folds.
mother, leaked voice. And Shut your eyes.
"Feel good? Mother,"
"Yeah. Say"
alone is complex and feel of the finger, but did not know exactly what kind of structure that's, has been increasing as moisture slips and smooth, it has become the state was "wetting" it was clear.
raised the usual voice, mother of gasping voice.
I grabbed my mother's hand my index finger, leading to something.
"Here, rub in"
to where it was indicated, there was a projection Shiko' little.
"Of Tteyuu clitoris. Woman ... Hya' that here feel"
gasping, gasping, my mother will be explained.
Obviously, I mother is excited about this unusual situation.
But was the same Datte me.
Then, my mother one way to me, taught me. I, I thought that it it once and for all.
As a mother, reason had thought that does not allow the "next opportunity". But, did not disappear fire was Tsu once point (Tomo).
Mature of the body of the dormant volcano is apparently had started work again.
Because refrain from no parent-child relationship what, probably something that would addicted to depth.
My mother began to behave in obedience to his desire.
Father mother than the one around more, Mai there is also unrelated to an older. Had been immersed for a moment to the memories of that day, was pulled back in front of the mother of the face of the eye.
Contraceptives began to use in relation to me.
The mother, but unseasonable but he seems physiology is still.
I said, "I sister comes back."
"Your sister is, I go around eleven o'clock"
now had just around the at seven of the night.
"Unfortunately. Well, Shiyokka"
"Bathing, previously entered in. Mother, from going from the rear"
and "Yeah" and finished washing the one way body is immersed in a bathtub, petite through the door of the bathroom figure of the mother can be seen.
Here is in a residential area of Yamagiwa, the mountain is imminent on the back of the bathroom.
A little, you should not hear the neighbors also put a strange voice.
"Oja Well"
incoming and antics mother.
Coming to without hiding the other familiar woman shadow.
"Mother, you do Tageyo wash"
make a foam with a body shampoo sponge, daub the body of the mother.
"Ticklish I"
"I'll wash in my body,"
two people become frothy, melt together.
"was really, feels good,"
"You're in, hard to hit."
"I want to be sandwiched between the mother"
Was the mother had let me experience the intercrural sex.
It is squeezed the erect penis in a slimy To the inner thigh (inner thigh).
Because of the low back of the mother, I would get across from the back of the mother quite bending the knee.
Also accidentally get comfortably from the back and have to do that.
"Oh, I have entered"
"I would come out."
"I no good. Still, my mother, because I have a physiological"
and is said so, but the want out is humanity.
"Is not it nice. The other I do not pregnant,"
"Iyayo. After vain"
petite mother there was no reason to Aragaeru to my force.
When and out of Zubozubo and penis, I was approaching the climax feeling.
"Ua, XXX"
"I useless, outside in. Please!"
"No Da. § I put in the mother"
Many times, was Hotobashira the dark semen in the womb of the mother.
"I hate Ah Ah"
"Mother is, I think we were saying you try to"
rapidly deflate, my alter ego.
And remorse.
Mother was limp To collapse the floor of the tile.
Dorori and semen from the red tears began to spill.
"I'm sorry. Mother,"
"If the other. Tsu Kazutoshi ..." over. That's the degree I Naobon of thinking was mother-to-child incest.
I wonder do not have enough training still.