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Naughty experience story of mother and son

Mother of confession! 10 years divorced husband, I am also 42 years old ... Nobody us to partner ... other than the son ...

yuna himekawaI also recently, now have a relationship with one son to become a 18.
I son is 18-year-old is currently 42 years old.
Before 10 years divorced her husband has much living son and two.

Since I was a woman prime in their 30s, I spent in Hitorimi, to comfort sometimes feel hot body, relying on tools such as Vibe and rotor bought by mail order, we have somehow Magirawase care.

But, a casual thing, would have peeped the scene of the son of masturbation, I fire had arrived at the woman of nature that had been pressing down until now.

It dates back to before January.
I came home a little late at work, because the whole house of lights was gone, I entered into the open the front door in a duplicate key.

Son still thought that I wonder not back, and go the son of room to peep, in a dark room that turned off the electricity, my son is not squeezing a pair ○ vinegar was erection while watching adult video with a headphone directly below.

I am in a hurry, I tried to Shimeyo the door, and thought better, from a gap opened only a little, and looking through the middle again, son of Bae ○ vinegar, with robust Bae ○ vinegar large adult-looking, heart Bakubaku I was surprised about becomes.

Then, looking at the son of the hand, what have been gripped my shorts, son sometimes it, Dari smell rubbed on his nose, had been or the leading edge in the mouth.

The figure was watching me, remember the illusion of being caressed his dick to his son, I felt that the lower body becomes hot and Jean.

Then, with the finish to my son come "whoo! ... or, Mother! ..." and shouting, toward the woman on the screen of the video, the vigorously copious amount of cloudy liquid Dobyu', Dobyu', has over spitting Dobyu', and directly below.

I breath was excited about painful but, as not to be noticed by his son, gently close the door, went into to his bedroom in a hurry.

When Komu fell to the bed, now, large son was seen in front of the eyes, burly Bae ○ vinegar or been revived the figure of the son who cum shouting "Mom ...", want to be my son Itoshiku (tightly hug ... on the lips, the cheeks, the body throughout, want to kiss ...) such a feeling has been Wakioko' and horny, did not stop the trembling of excited body.

I, from the drawer of the bed so as to scavenge the rustling and things, and take out the thick of Vibe, was inserted into my dick that is already wet wet, put a switch, transmural in that big Bae ○ vinegar son while floating thought his appearance that he, many times I have said.

The next day, after the son went out, I went to see secretly the son of the room.
In the trash, to a man of smell, Yes discarded tissue is a lot, from under the bed, in addition to my shorts, brassieres and, stockings, and came out to the used sanitary napkins.

And, some of the sports bag under the desk, the video was Yes hiding like a mountain. Its title is, you want to the SEX mother out of mother-to-child incest play mother and Based incest forbidden mother-to-child copulation of a child "Yosoji" in Mother! Even affectionate mother predilection take comfort mother ... none of the out Mature Mother Pies in淫肉busty mother 38-year-old disturbed mother forbidden, also, did just video obtained by photographing a mother and child incest.

I look at it, in that child so much, if the wants my body ..., I thought my mother from ... I good to give become a woman ... and mind of that child .

That night, my son had to go home, it was 9 o'clock at night.
"I already have back home, Mom ..." and, just was normally called out to his son, I, and the appearance of masturbation last night of the son, that of this morning of the son of the room is come to mind full to the head , beating of my heart had become faster.

"Yeah ... I Totoro mother was also hatched now ..."
"Today, I was cold .... I want take a bath right away ..."
"I think the mother is also trying to enter from now, did you had just stretched the hot water ... after a long time speaking to fall? ... "together, son, but I was a face like was first surprised, I nodded at gasped.

It was pounding on just heart out my heart also.
When I'm waiting for a bath earlier, my son came in to hide the lower half of the body with a towel.

I decided to rise from the bathtub, I get to wash back to the son.
The son who wash the back with a gingerly soap, I am before the son of the body of the look by changing the orientation of the body to say "thank you" in the muscular, was already a man of the body.

Son was using care not to be seen to me Bae ○ vinegar and erection hiding before with a towel.

(My Itoshii son of Bae ○ vinegar, hard and thick and youthful pair ○ vinegar, what kind of taste I wonder is, Once in there, would of us, no matter how rampage) I have thought in my heart and .

I ventured told my son
, "Hey ... do you go to bed with the mother to tonight is cool?"
The son went into the bathtub again referred to as the "eh" after such as, "Yeah".
I chest had become a Kyun was a good year.

I up from the bath earlier, I went to the bedroom.
After a while, my son came in to the bedroom in his pajamas.

My son has been sitting next to me you are sitting on the bed without saying anything.
Looking at the son of the eyes, in the back of the crystal clear his eyes, it seemed also to have you and to have ferocious prevailed young libido to mating with the mother of the real from now.

In the air, such was wrapped in tension as stuffy, I have to say to shook his head in a vertical son heard that "much that of my mother ... me think?" "Yeah", so that it cues , my son has been hugged my shoulder.

Beating of the son of the heart was clinging to my chest was handed down.
While feeling the warmth of the body to each other, how much, or would have done so.

Unexpectedly son looked up is
"I, and mother, ... I wanted to do"
gone off the hoop of mind as my mother in the straight word, things hot in the chest has welled up . (Oh ..., mother also did wanted to with you ...)
for the first time from when I saw the son of masturbation, I was hoping that penetrated to the son in my mind ....

When I say "so much ... that? ... I wanted to with my mother," the son has asked the face to gently my lips.
I was quietly closed the pupil.
When the warm son of lips touched my lips, it was faintly trembling and felt like current flows in my whole body.

My son has been sucking vigorously lips as Mushaburitsuku.
After a long hot kiss, eventually son lying on the bed slowly and I, we have again asked the lips.

And son remove the button of my negligee, it was to reveal my breast.
Son of the hot breath had been Matowaritsu to the skin.
Son is like, as returned to the baby, I suck so hungrily my breast.

So while one hand we have to insert a finger into the flushed was secret meat in the shorts growth in my lower abdomen.
My Mitsutsubo was already out moisture was to facilitate the entry of the son of the finger.

The son looked up from the breast, it has been superimposed on me.
I stretched out on the crotch of his son a fingertip while seeking the lips of the son from his, hot, I touch the big meat stick pulsing.

Son is impatient, once causing the body, Nugashi my panties, I was looking through To intently to observe the middle to open the secret meat with both hands.

Son to see the rare ones not referred to as the "Mother .... I'm this I'm coming out of the hole .... I clean pink color you are in ...", flaunt also finger to tinged honey pot to the heat It has been put.

I was likely to come out a voice not think that "there ...".

Son I became embarrassed about face is red and is obscene sound of and into and out of the finger "Nyuchanyucha".

In excited son was Uwazu' voice has been heard, "Mom ... mine I also put? ...".

When I nod, son me not put weight on me, put your elbows on both sides of my body, I have been in close contact with the lower body.

(Finally ... It's penetrated to the son of the hot cock of the real ...)

I am the son of the hot, led to the vagina hole son along with a hand on the big cock has been born pulsing.

As soon as the tip of the son of hard meat rod touched my vaginal opening, I remember the hit trembling such excitement for the first time in a dozen years.

Son When I tell the "Now ... there'll ..." has been inserted into the suddenly cock as "Zun'!" To drop the waist.

I once press spread the vagina hole in the big cock of the son, wildly pushed up to the very back of the cervix, I felt a sensation like dull pain.

I have a moment, because frowned, my son had to sit still in the wind you do not know what to do.

(I've got this child there is no still experience ...) I was so thought in my mind.

"It's fine, try to move ..." and I say, my son began to slowly and gently piston.


I showed nodded eyes closed to savor the pleasure to son to hear so.

I also use a little waist, and help the son of the movement, son As we have grabbed more and more tips, waist Tsukai has become smooth.

Become a fierce breath Tsukai to each other, cried more when the movement of the hip is felt that it has become violently, in such son was surprised voice as "there!".

Son and pushed up as typing in my hips, cock Pulsed and Bikunbikun, we had to ejaculate while shaking.

Hot liquid, has been released to push the my Chitsuana filled.
Son of semen is certainly now, when I thought that trying to reach up to the inside of my uterus, a moment in my head, to float the word (pregnant with baby son ...), scary at the same time, is that it will be rather increase the unusually sexual excitement, I as it is turning the arms to the son of the head, hugged while, it has pushed up strongly waist so as to insert the tip of the son of the meat stick to your cervix .

After receiving the womb ejaculation son, for a while, it was to remain embraced each other so as to calm the rough breath.

I did not lead to sexual climax, but we have certainly felt the sex of joy as a woman.

It might was the joy of it was from the son of the mother ... the woman of his son.

Once upon a time, a small life that dwells in my stomach, and growth eventually be born from my body, that the seed of his life is also meets to fill my womb, I felt a strange life of the chain.

I wrapped in sheer happiness, slept hugging and son naked.

I who had crossed the line of mother and son, as was obsessed anymore this immorality of pleasure, every day, mother and son each other devour the flesh of each other, we have each other demand.