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Naughty experience story of older brother and younger sister

Take advantage of the type of woman friend in quite seems loves me and her sister is a man friend

 Recently, I was in the mood is that of Kazumi.
But she's sexy in a very beautiful, also it has a cuteness, it is hard to "make use of" type of woman.
She is protons and friend of the sister.
Yoko has recently Kazumi and the relationship is good, to come took the phone every day, you can go back and forth apartment of each other, it has been in and out her name in end-to-end of the conversation.
Last week, Kazumi and Yoko went to the camp two people close to the mountain.

To last Friday, there is a phone call from Kazumi, was invited as "whether at lunch at a favorite restaurant."
After a light lunch, I went down to business.
Kazumi has asked my eyes at how there is no that I have seen so far.
Expectations and I felt that was mingled with anxiety.
Then, it cuts out this way.

"I wonder if Takuya, may Speaking Nante, the love that two people you and Yoko. But protons will'm related to you?" I was lost for words.
I've had a relationship with Yoko sister in casual opportunity.
But, she is why, I know it.
Was a bit of excitement in curiosity.

However, the "sister also I love you", but that if say.
I'm confused, I was boiled a little interested.
I was somehow squeezed out the words.
"Yoko is, that of kana. You know this thing, but especially do not say anything. And I I like is that of you, all the way this place was thinking only thing you"
"know I. and attitude somehow in and words and line-of-sight ", Kazumi answered with a smile to hair meaning.

"I know I. Yoko I love you enough for me to be the same anymore. It is love you of that, did each other confessed to in me to say that I have also loved it. Camp of travel "I'm troubled.
In fact, the feeling was confused.

"It's why I made this story to me. You and Yoko is if lover comrades, I ..." I asked.
Kazumi was reply this.
"Yoko does not want to break in. Brother and sister relationship and said I want this to tell you. But when I have also loved it. It I also love Yoko, I love you. Now my to come to the apartment. I'm sure I can enjoy this complex relationship, "the afternoon of that day, was in love with Kazumi.

It was a feeling, such as rising also in the other heaven.
She is low stature, but had a good balance has been established stature.
Her chest is not a Chisakara not a Okikara, was just good size.
I had a bra on the front hook was perfect size.
Remove it, it was take off.

It was a great experience.
I will not forget probably a lifetime.
When in the hands grabbed her small breasts, I thought I even want to be in her bra.
To my surprise, Kazumi was very active in sex.
She will not be able to darken the room, have been asking me.

Further my surprise, when my sister to fancy that you are in love with Kazumi, but the fact that my heightened sexual excitement.
I was fancy.
That the protons and Kazumi with each other asked the body to each other.
I got a variety of appearance.
Toka state in which the 69.

In addition, I protons to caress the clitoris of Kazumi, when sucking her breast from the front, insert the penis that I was upright from the rear of Kazumi in the vagina, and imagine that shake the hips.
Kazumi was subjected to caress to erect clitoris of the proton.
In addition, I imagined that reach at the same time orgasm at all.
A wonderful fantasy.
Very great sex lasted about an hour.

I got the orgasm never experienced so far in sex with Kazumi.
I're exhausted, I was lying.
I was asked to Kazumi.
"When did the sex for the first time with Yoko?"
She said, "During this before the camp of travel".
If you are talking in a sleeping bag because it was "cold, and have become increasingly strange feeling when I was Toka naughty story, I had gone to kiss without even from both at last. Of had sex after all. Yoko Later I did you say this to me. I woman comrade's the first time, I before also sometimes felt sexual desire in a woman. even I like also that of your brother ... "
" If sister of the other it would get jealous if a man and sex. with But it is a little excitement when you imagine that having sex with you ", I said.

I Why did not know what was said in that way.
Perhaps, if when faced with such a situation, most people are probably angry.
However, I did not.
"Do I want to see the protons and you have to love each other. I in or not you show me" Kazumi smiled, and hugged me, told me to kiss like a dream.

"I love it nice I it ..... She wonder if Aishiae in love by .3 people also" I'm night, when you go home, was a non-daily conversation.
I, the afternoon of that day, told Yoko that there was a Kazumi.

I had sex, that admits the relationship between me and Yoko Kazumi is, that I have learned that of Kazumi and proton sex.
Yoko is quite the cladding off guard that I said.
However, she bounced back immediately.
Then, Yoko said.
"What of your brother is like" I hugged the proton.

That night was in love with Yoko.
I talk with protons, it decided to call a Kazumi home.
Fortunately this time of parents weekend is going to travel.
Friday night, Kazumi three people strange relationship began came.
Two women comrades in love glowing is, to be observed for the way to satisfy the desire of the sex of each other, something to be very helpful.

But, if there is no love like often seen adult video useless.
The man, by careful or woman to perform any such actions in the other a woman, it is possible to learn so much about how to please the sexual woman.
After all, with respect to a woman sex with each other, such the one ... protons and Kazumi that towards the woman knows better than man, had a very love.
Even before touching each other, we were able to feel the intense heat that each other has issued.
I girlfriend we looked sitting in a chair that the love in bed.

They were each wearing a negligee.
Chest and was seen through the outline of the black inverted triangle.
They also liked the sexy figure of negligee.
They began a slow kiss.
It became violently with time.

It seemed to last forever.
They are turning the hand on the back of each other from the top of the clothes, and a further violently kiss, was a caress.
The part that does not touch each other was not.
Yoko was not gasped to caress each one given by Kazumi.
Kazumi is loosening the proton of negligee so was very excited, I in order to show the body of the proton, were removed it.

"I very beautiful breasts, ... you want to kiss," he said Kazumi is.
Yoko has attracted the head of Kazumi in the chest.
Kazumi is a very hard, and gently turned licked them.
Kazumi quit a kiss, from behind her, so she gave me to me many times, her pussy to near the mouth of Kazumi, was ordered to protons so as to be close.
Kazumi was pressing her tongue to eagerly Yoko moist clitoris.

It is licking kissed.
Further or smoked it.
I have never give in so the proton.
Like a pendulum, protons of the body was shaking slowly.
Then, Yoko was screaming in the absence of that I heard voices.

She shouted "give me ... more".
At that moment, Kazumi into the one of the fingers of the proton of the anus, began to insert the other end of the finger into the vagina.
She led the tongue in such a way so as not to be I did up to now, the lips, the proton while using rhythmically a finger to orgasm.
Friday night, the proton has orgasm have never experienced so far was the explosion by Kazumi.
She is panting, collapsed on the bed, was obtained exhausted, the satisfaction.

I've welled up is awe.
Kazumi had caressed her while waiting for the recovery of the proton slowly.
I desire that there is no size you feel happened springing up to now.
I was close to the top of the bed.
I left off your clothes (Thanks to that, we were able to remove the strong pressure of the erect penis), was lying next to the Kazumi on the bed.

Then, when she to kiss, Kazumi is take off the negligee, helped to reveal her beautiful breasts in which the nipple erection very firmly.
I drip hot, such as the beast, I felt gushing from her vagina.
Then, she grabbed my very firmly became penis, it began rubbing vigorously, overlies cover on top of me, licked it, and started smoking.
I felt the moisture around her mouth.
It joy juice flowing out from the vagina of a proton.

Before long, no longer know in the saliva of Kazumi, Kazumi's completely crowded example sucking my penis in her mouth.
It was a great experience.
Although I was feeling orgasm to explode, before that, she let go of my penis, delayed ejaculation.
Kazumi is facing up a beautiful chest, warp back in bed, I asked to proton to make me go.
Protons, passion had started to return again.

She, her clitoris while caressing Kazumi began licking tongue.
Body of the proton is flexible, nothing was not a problem in this posture.
I was able to see without exhaustive Plump was pussy brilliant of protons in front of the eye.
I could not resist that lick it.
I, her swollen wet clitoris, and, in order to perform a caress to her erect nipples close to her body, was inserted from behind in the proton.

When I have these, sister raise the groan voice, it was further vigorously caress to Kazumi.
Kazumi began to groan violently.
Yoko was to grab the chest of Kazumi.
Then, they massaging Shidaki, has been reached.
Soon, I was almost to ejaculation.

Also, if I is about to ejaculate, protons feel it, even faster, was Ikase the Kazumi feverishly.
All us has reached its peak at about the same time.
My orgasm was something never experienced so far.
I, as if semen meets the proton, I felt that it would be overflowing.
But, this was not the end in.

Yoko is very lovely and soft, yet continued to caress the clitoris of actively Kazumi in her mouth.
Because of this very tasty stimulus, Kazumi also reached orgasm quickly several times.
Each of orgasm was the big thing than the previous one.
Her last orgasm is very large, large pleasure visited.
Yoko is now broken, in the happiness, cried in search of Kazumi.

After that, I we all, (it, just keep to report only that further was good) for love again in a few hours, the masses in order to re-charging, snuggle into each other, we went to sleep, such as a long dream.
Usually, us triangular relationship bisexual, such as would say that does not produce anything good results.
However, protons and, my love for Kazumi was enhanced by this experience.
Two beautiful woman, passionately love one each other, in a way that is not known to the public, thanks to me become my teacher, was able to understand each other each other.
As a result, I was able to learn how to love deeply the proton than before.