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Naughty experience story of older brother and younger sister

Brother to sister that completely fell asleep?

 When that happened in one night toilet, I went toward the sister of the room but I did not have that feel.
Then, in spite of the 1 o'clock midnight, it had been with the lights of the room.
When I opened the door, what of it rather than my sister was sleeping while wearing electricity.
But instead of a futon, was the appearance of the remains went up to the neck in kotatsu playing always together. At that time, I worried that it will indeed pull the wind, tried to wake over the voice.
But rather than reaction even shake lightly even over the voice, to a large extent whether the sleep was deep
did not try to Samaso exactly the eye.
Because ginger is not, I tried to Jacobo until dragged futon.
I grabbed both sides of his sister, was out fishing pull the upper body from the kotatsu.
Supported from behind so as to directly sit down, when you try to Hikizuro until the futon with your hands folded in front of the chest,
that the chest touches the arm, that feeling had revived.

Always sister was wearing a sweat of the upper and lower selling boiled ○ black in the winter.
Stomach when you go to bed is because it is warm stomach,
it was in the futon and put on pants to trainer.
(I had been saying Stop it because please, "sleep good Desho because only"
 I did not stop to say that)
For this purpose, a sense protects there is only touching the trainer over in the iron-clad
, but was bad feeling, and now trainer I was out from.
On the contrary out to T-shirt, it was sticking out from under the trainer.
But I think because the pants were down when dragged, at that time was also good in the dough.
I thought it was chance. Sat down while supporting the sister from behind, I also went only feet to kotatsu open the leg.
When viewed from the outside, would I was dressed like became the seat chair sister.
Your hands in your kotatsu from between the arms of her sister.
And it warmed his hands, which had become cold when you wash your hands in the toilet.
It consideration because it does not wake up in shock when touched with cold hands.

I think that I was not so much wiser at the time.
But a greedy about things erotic, moderately head surprising is turned myself.

Both hands from sufficiently warmed and placed in the gap of the T-shirt and pants.
This time I tried stroking lightly quite boldly laid hands on the belly of the younger sister.
In the behavior of up to earlier, because there was a belief that my sister is not wake the absolute first.
It had little sweaty in the heat of the kotatsu, but the even was smooth.
Hand was also familiar well with the body temperature of a sister.
And go as they move hand to the top, thumb has touched the soft part.

This time, was excited to the highest in the same way as night was the first time prank.
It has been a form of pressing the things that has become hard to the best in the ass sister Once you noticed.
And not to introduce cold outside air into the clothes, carefully lifted the hand
wrapped with both hands in the chest of a sister.
Honestly, I thought big. Reasonable sense of weight and palm furniture fit in the breast size,
breast of completely different shape than when that has been touched with his back of the state was there.
Feel touched for the first time live more than anything is a Sucking stick like the touch in the palm of your hand,
The feel of the nipple is in the softness that "have touched a raw tits"
was felt strongly.

While no longer know the translation in the excitement of up to abnormal, he intently enjoying the feel of the breast.
In the meantime, gradually I found the nipple has become hard.
While also impressed that the body of sleeping sister is reacting, pinching the nipples standing
or turning crunchy, it became bold more and more touching way.
Then, "I want to see" "I want to lick, suck you want" was the urge such.

Unplug from float the hand, it laid slowly sister.
I become a form of Lying next to the sister out of the kotatsu,
and the T-shirt was suited to slowly sister horizontal raised turning each trainer.
Chest is the first time growth, I saw the chest of the first sister.
It was far smaller than that of the well of the adults who had been seen in the erotic book chest, but
I thought the best cute.
And close the face, I tried contains one of the nipple in the mouth.
Salty, such as was the taste of sweat.
Continued slowly licked the entire chest while ironing my things in one arm.

Alone in the pants and soon, it regained gradually cool.
There is a place to wake up in strange after issuing a single,
mind got attached to the abnormality of the things that I've done.

There was somewhat'd drawn the back hair,
was once left the room and returned a sister to posture close to the first state.
When I take off the pants in the toilet, it has put the amount of amazing
It had stains on sticky until the pajama pants.