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Incest confession of women(2004-01)

What you mean by family

yuna himekawa[131]
I'm on the four sisters. The reason is incompatible with the father. His family has a 17 year old brother is the father of the previous marriage. We are a brother and a good relationship, you try too hard feeling. Come to play in our apartment even try too hard to say is good, I always come to depend on the person targeted.
This can not happen to get in touch with my sister and I hug the body comes to calm.
The other day my sister and I opened the wardrobe in our room and they go back to the apartment with his brother to eat out, I have to figure out underwear and clothes.
Moreover, it is not with the lower body is nothing to the arrays were exposed erection.
While my sister surprised me, "What are you doing!" And raised a loud voice.
Here 向Kimashita shorts while holding hands with my brother surprised.
So while it's not know when I hit my sister my brother 悟Ttarashiku Hirate.
My brother became in an instant, blushing, and finally my sister off 殴Rimashita.
My sister does not work at all or fell in a swoon.
My brother kicked my sister lying on the head again, this time came towards me.
I tried to open the door to escape the Itarazu, was taken away and pulled the room caught.
Then my brother take over, I finally got a faint beat me in the face several times.
I noticed a sharp pain in his groin area. It would seem fine and my brother inside. I was lying motionless on the floor while being unable to escape a while but limbs.
My brother came from behind to forcibly enter the depression I choked down my legs and riding on the shoulders of his brother.
Nde I am a woman too scared scared Tamarimase. Would naturally full of body fluid would have been inserted. At that time, my brother shouts, "You're my sister s lewd tears. I'm wet like me" and.
Yara Yara unbearable shame I feel scared.
My brother was released in the way I went to my sister. My sister dressed like sitting back and legs and tied my hands and the difference was tied at the knee.
And the crotch portion of the cell was placed sister.
My sister is blocked by some duct tape placed in the mouth, "Uuu" was done, and,

Brother and bath

For single mothers but, sometimes Mom overnight work ... so cute, always eat dinner with my brother, I'm taking a bath house with my brother.
I was that I always have to wash the body of my brother ... with him, and hugged her brother is pretty tight on the back ... just put a body shampoo hand, stroked her breasts began to elaborate .... Also nipple tweak, tweak ... Dari.
"If in your tea sauce ... sauce ... oh, eh no, oh sauce"
Pretty, when I was too entranced 気持Chiyokutsu, their hands come down gradually, and under the belly button ....
"Lovely, even from here ... It's important, wash it well," ... I'm in the hands of your stay tea, open their thighs are mirrored in the mirror ... all ... pretty, very embarrassed.
"Yeah ... and my brother ... I not show it," I was begging me to forgive my brother Kurenakutsu. The fingers of her brother, and this pretty embarrassing ... I feel like petals of a push open ... also reflected in the mirror.
"It's a beautiful pink ..." Wait, brother of the whisper. Has moved a finger, pretty, Feeling better ... almost fainted.
"I'm wet ... You know ... a lot" Hey, my brother's sticky fingers, which got ... lick.
Brother fingers are carefully stroked the clitoris pretty sharp again, ... ... tampering.
Pretty ass down to the little boy was the imposition of Okkiku Brother, for shame ....
Leaning back and pretty limp in the bathtub, big brother, I started licking the crotch of the pretty ... Peropero.
're Out of the voice, and unstoppable. The elder brother, "some more, I would - in pretty good voice out ... from the cute" I whisper.
Pretty, many times ... Itchaimashita.
Jim Johnson is also the brother, I told him I'll have to feel pretty, brother, "it's still" Hey, let's me ....
Into the tub for two narrow, and is played with a lot of places with my brother ... and among the hot water. ... Dizzy brink.
"Because of the pretty, pretty ... everything is beautiful. Everything, so it's older brother," Hey, whispered in the ear is to hear ... licked.
Did you already exhausted. Hey, is wrapped in a towel pretty, take me to bed. Is nestled in the heart of my brother as it is, I was sleeping soundly ....

Hey, mom I did not tonight. I get into the bath ... and pretty. This time pretty well, I'll feel good with my brother ....


I am a 25 year old woman. Are under one year old brother. My parents passed away two years ago, is a two-man family business ramen shop. Because parents died soon after opened a noodle shop, you can not stop shop for the loan. My brother has no money to hire people to work from morning until midnight. Such that one night, I saw that I was masturbating to a corner of the kitchen while his brother was charged the next day. The anger I have on Susan in the kitchen of the restaurant and the thing I was surprised at the same time, now we have been living together in two rooms on the second floor of the shop. Where can the public eye to avoid masturbation but there was only a brother would. From this year, I know that man is physiological phenomena. My brother did not have time to make her last two years, should not give any money to go to the store to handle the physiological phenomena of a man. That night, I gave up Shigoi cock 脱Gaseru pajamas and sleeping brother. Are you tired, but my brother did not happen Shigoi cock. Samashimashita eyes and brother still wears Shigokitsu. Chan "Hey, what are you doing I" "I say only just get through anything," I went to see cock's soft & hard it woke up my brother. Has become increasingly tearful face my brother. Pyuppyuppyutto bolted three arcs in the hands of a white liquid at the same time my brother and give a cry less. I said while wiping the semen taken to arms and thighs. "I do not hesitate to say this time Karanee ゃんがときどきしてあげるからがまんできなくなったら immediately" since my brother is now coming Nedatsu daily. Over two years I have no acquaintance with men. Squeeze cock while his brother every day, you can see my legs get wet. But if you are my brother 押Shi倒Sa One day, I am sure I can not resist.

Digit s father-daughter thing

I am an only child for two years 逝 early middle school when my mother became my father and his two lives. At that time my father was forty years old thirty years old yet. Hot nights in summer, feels odd to wake up, I looked at the sleeping form of his father squatting into the foot of the bed is a futon bed Hadake. My father and I woke up I noticed, "sleep together" came into the bed and said. And "Is not father and daughter," I began to massage the breast in hand and stood me saying section. It is the power of adult men to resist the 叶Imasen crying. Hand into the shorts have finally invaded Iki descended gradually. While his father on the wildly rubbing Wareme more excited as we have breath comes grinding against my body and hardened cock wild pleasure. I was a virgin.被Satsu have covered all the beasts and 化Shita father naked and between a dim consciousness Innovation said while crying. Koji開Keyou comes to cock a little tick Wareme. "I'm more relax!" Came into being passionate, hard things with my body the pain is torn and he gave up the moment Zac Innovation orders to do anything. "Ouch ouch! Yamete dad ~!" My father used to put back all the way Zuburizuburi 押Sae込Mi me cry. Feel cold in the legs as massive bleeding in the hymenal laceration. Movement has become smooth as his father and it became a lubricant. I was just crying crying ... just nothing but painful. Like of which has increased the pleasure of his father, "c ~ ... oops oops," I got in my install. This is how my virginity was stolen beast father. Abortion was also four times the relationship is father to the toy beasts Hazama Sono three times a week at the house until I enrolled in college. I just tasted horrible act of pleasure rather than the father. Every day now is a man crawls into a number of POV, as if to obliterate the dark mark was etched into my father. The females may have become the beast ... and myself.

Mother love

I am a college student like my mother.
Became interested in women as a mother, but I do not remember what time,
Became like a mother could pass the air in lingerie masturbation.
Not satisfied just recently underwear has been stolen - filmed sex and mother.
The ample bosom, vagina was still pink.
Mother's voice was pretty surprised because I usually can not imagine enough.
Watching the video, masturbation and I have.
I urge to 犯Shitai mother seized can not be performed easily.

Brother last night

Last night my brother was very mean ... for a change.
Let me take off my panties, imperceptibly, had begun to lick at my embarrassing.
Time to move fingers and tongue, sound ... Kuchukuchu indecent.
I will be away legs spread big brother, so embarrassed.

In your mouth on its mouth is what will be grown for example ... my brother.
This time, it became Etaku suck ... even under your mouth.

"Brother, my ... your ... do intercourse, sexual intercourse as well put ...."
I am, I was embarrassed to be extremely embarrassed about, they say.
My brother, my dick continued tracing around the tantalizingly.
Early offense: keep in mind, below the mouth, pulling the strings that come dripping mucus.
"Brother, put in ...."
Painful voice heard my brother suddenly came into my.
Like crazy, I was caught by his brother.
"Itsu Hi, Hi Itsu ...."
I let out a voice at a time when pierced, brother excited state.
Lift up my ass was led to show me the place.
Mingled pleasure and embarrassment away, I was quite disturbed goes ....
To match the rhythm of my brother like, I also was moving back.

While changing the position, what my brother went 突Ki立Te into my thick hard.
Already, I was at the peak times.
The waist is useless because it was likely to finally exclaimed like to implore his brother ....
"Ugh Also, do not .... My brother."
"Mind, why they want?"
Listen to me brother.
Not a voice, "like my brother to make!" Shouting in my mind.
My brother, my hard work in ....
My brother, you always want to ask me how.
Eternally when they hear my voice.
I will not meet, my brother will continue to blame 果Tezu.

I am the elder brother was becoming a woman of taste.
Whisper words like brother happy, eh brother suck the yummy stuff, intense agony, to accept my brother ....

White in the head.
Already been forced to the edge of pleasure that would really dead, I voice ....
"Brother, let him drink!"
"Ok! Mind!"
突Ki立Te brother was always drawing something, in front of my face ....
And what started to jerk fat drips fall.
"明世, to me, I'll give you now ...."
I opened your mouth wide, waiting for that time.
As soon as the voice of Big Brother, is poured into sticky discharge during face.
As well as the mouth, nose and eyes as well ....
To stain the eye, the nose has been hit by a strong grassy smell.
And what is pushed Ino Hutoshi brother in the mouth, tongue 痺 while they are bitter, it was like had to fainting.

How much time passed or when awake already 居Nakatta brother.
Hand and face, a lot of things were not going to adhere to exposed.
"Maybe it was a dream?"
No, there is no such thing.
But the smell remains the face of his brother shot, some pain in the groin ....
And more than anything, even stand on the spot, unable to think ....

Even though the winter was very hot and painful night.
But waiting for that day become what is being embraced by his brother ....
'm Afraid ....
Still, I am in fifth grade.

Sex habits

Once the relationship has a son in high school and fatherless families.
SM is also rising from the vagina anal 弄Rita interested in an altered.
Twice a week, so I was embarrassed at the hospital several times, playing with the hips and I decided on Wednesday and Saturday.
On Wednesday I'll pick six companies train station. "It's a filial son." People say I do not know.
Some trains are terrible Nabura anal.
Arui home 15 minutes from the station.
It is an enema.
I ran to the bathroom in the house, "Morasanakatta today. Hey pinching."
Ubiquitous 突Kimasu to hard anal from two Toushiro making a meal.
Ikimashita devoted to standing up in front Rotabaibu.
"Stupid, stupid." I held on to his son Shaburitsuku penis.
And to the anal. "I have caught."
My son is violently rub the clitoris.
Marks the climax together. I ate dinner after waiting the vibes torture.

From my diary

"It was good mommy? Went many times?"
Go to cute handsome, sweet voice whispering in her son than adult men seem 逞Shiku, I was answering voices gasp emits intense pleasure Ito Ara calm down yet.
Could not remember how many times did you feel, they still remain vividly the feeling of sweet meat vagina, penis young son still deeply buried in the flesh is withered vagina ejaculation just had a few minutes ago has a bell mouth opening of uterus 擽Tsu broken tip of the glans and the hoity-toitily 脈打Chi or prosperous as tireless.
"I want more? Miss me mommy? I have nothing that I'm alone from now.'ll Do anything to me!"
My son's face and voice whispers to me says the boy is adorable xv is another man's pretty good.
Also in the habit of masturbation clitoris not stop to think that marriage, whichever is greater.
Fellowship while sinful heart trouble, a sensitive clitoris Hikuhiku 疼Kimasu stiff.
There ripe prime of my thirty nine years old I've been burning penis crazy son of a stout.
My body of a woman who knows the joy a few minutes if you want a penis would stand the ache for some time lascivious child.
"Mom Matashitai? Mom many times they did it before I go."
My son is a boy and whispered words of the fifteenth and think, damp sweaty hands 張Ri切Tta F erect nipples sucking up Shaburitsui lips tightly gripping cup breasts, 舐Memasu.
"I spoiled Ah, no more ..."
Sweet and clitoral spasm ran into the uterus, flows into the bud anus perineum 伝I liquid from the gap between men and women spill out of the womb holding Munching a cut penis lust, the sheets and ass 脹Rami wetted damp.
Face full of smile spread son was intrigued to know that I feel shameful, we begin to dance while sitting down slowly.
Thrust movements intermittently heavy uterine fat and long penis harder than her husband, his hands clenched Shidakimasu massage the breast.
Stronger feelings of guilt for having sex with her son every night but there is a growing crazy sobbing from behind the thrust of lung Waga身 obscene.
"Mom, OK?"
Coat a jelly baby arrived young cock sucking vaginal wall folds of the myriad of hot and slippery moves up and down the belly and hips unconsciously invited even understand their own pleasure and 吸I込Mou wriggle into the back of the uterus.
Her husband, director of a foreign company a half years after they stationed overseas headquarters does not come back from six months ago.
In the same bed with her husband signed a passionate wild love, now I devour each other on a meat forbidden love 淫悦 drowning son divided the flesh and blood.
I have pleasure in the flesh vagina 甦Rimasu intensify the movement of lips and tongue to suck her son back.
"Oh do, not move!"
Penis to get away from the body wiggle that bounce back strong in line with the weight of an adult son is not allowed.
"Forgive, Mom.'ll Rip!"
Uncontrollably and seizures and other abnormal contraction of the sphincter and the sweet meat from the liquid overflowing joy uterus and vagina of the woman who knows the joy which they may not indecent behavior is driven by unconscious thrust the hips.
"Mom was a lot? Like you said my penis is better than the big daddy because mommy anymore?"
"Can I take Mom! A penis your hard big is! More then I love you. No tea for people and other women anymore. Dad and another as mom does not. I want to be sexual intercourse just for you. I love to believe Mama oh Iiitsu Oh! Iki it again! "
"Mama I'm good U Ugh! Alone can not look at pictures and videos of other women have sex, but is the first time Mom!"
"Really? It was the man for you Mommy? Happy! I'll tell you the joy of a man's body mother more often. Mom loves to be with you! I almost Chai 熔Ke even sexual intercourse is also womb ! squid to let out the waist! "
No doubt about that four-letter words from the lips of his Tomedo'm 迸Ri Monaku, obscene erection first time I have a hard one.
The generous response to the aspirations of the penis thrust wanton gouge my son is a drunk 痴Re Yue deep forbidden meat.
"I Oh, go again! I upset the mom so much! Not embraced by the father standing up now! Why not give Mom! More agony to hold you off, I want to feel good! Love you Because you are! "

Son and Bolero

Pregnant while attending college. Only single mothers now recognized that the difference in the mud walls of the marriage status should be waiting for graduation. We are living in unprecedented 頂Ki to alimony and inheritance in terms of helping to destroy a lawyer acquaintance of his father. Orimashita two mothers living in peace in revenue is also run by his uncle cram appreciated. Refusal to take the high school before my son, but I feel Orimashita also responsible for the environment I now have a nightlife. Kame Tetsu has said on several occasions, the reason of not been able to hear my son's feelings easily. Many men go through every day hobby I have recently (in terms of taste nothing sir.) I jealous. May be had to dress like a fairly young cuckoo for sure. I can not do anything and look at the same time as the target of. I was surprised not to remarry or not at all in my head. It is the real intention is to avoid trouble. What can I do to jam with? I did not want to touch with my body I've heard enough. I began to forgive a sexual relationship that I want to gradually smooth academic mad son was soon to be denied of course. At first my son put his hand inside her skirt Masaguri at best, but it was eternally on the spot about,, and so on and playing with first-hand look like they originated from Omowazu I hail no voice after dinner three or four times a week to spend a few Orimashita time naked lower body. I feel more and more feel and should not, could those days. It is more than a towel Gusshori will also have the floor and incontinence son's fingers skillfully over time. My son bought a vibrator I bought or where I was attending and when there is a serious prep school. 4 inches is suddenly rolling length is 20 centimeters with a violent vibration. The son became so much 突Ki飛Bashita Omowazu Iki. Such changes have Aisuru man facing rather than that I feel my son. "No more can result in useless as a mother over the line." And say "Why? Mother too, I do. I'm pretty much something around her." And. What I got sucked into drugs continues Kudoka son. Ugomeki intensely sensual world of nipple vibes while being tampered with but rather is left naked,,,. While I have been known to all Sarakedashi have already seen the whole body convulsed. My son seemed very impressed, "was awesome. Mom.'m Great!" Cried many times. Some lingering lips together with his son "I love you,, like,,," I hang onto. It dwells in me the devil anymore. I love my son came out it made me want a fainting 度度. One Sunday, "try to put in?" He silently Orimashita surprise. After a silence, "I've got it ready?" Buy condoms in pharmacies casually off to the grocery store together. My son was supposed to be eating out for lunch is to pull your sleeves and go home. Tantalizingly restaurant purpose. I sat my son sat next to every seat on purpose. Has put his hands around in stealth was a little short skirt. We are only stocking was before we could say on the carpet in the living room while being Kakae I returned to the apartment opened the door to more fairly Meals. I am keeping the penis and I was impatient son. When I touch harder than tough I,,,. I thought that might be substantially more walloping vibe. Son led the wet and I started to respond well to put a collar. I think I'm wet and smooth moves pretty tight and Omoimashita son. Mentally I was still tremendous perversion erotic've went. My son is released before we could say.抱Kisukumemasu just me.
Omoi Fukkira that brought me my son had finally become a woman. Beautiful things in the mouth with his son. Some experience with men and to me, "so much that I was in carriage,,, my son surprised. My mother was a saint and I will. I thought I already enjoy abandon it without hesitation. Disorder Makurimashita told my son to feel all the points. It is a family dinner until 11 at night after all. My son has a road and then turn back the hand on his hip. Become much more painful, so I "will not do anymore." I slept in an embrace pain and pleasure while intoxicated is inserted from behind before going to bed eventually said. My son is 2 days and we are still having sex Akezu high school now. I started aerobics also said a loose vagina before the summer. We take pride in their 20s and can not lose thanks to loose body. Recently, my son is back on I moved to become lazy. I will stand with the union while watching Yarasa living large mirror door. I would meanness in her to reach the peak. I think I want to do it every day if I want my son any more.

Nice brother

I am now 16 years old.
But I'm not a virgin anymore. Yesterday, Lightning sex with my brother.
My brother is really cool even from my sister, but not a degree I Blacon in particular, boasts cool brother.
Kire was too great for her, of course, I had a boyfriend just fine, with emotion that I did not love until now.
But, I just broke up with my boyfriend, I've broken up with her brother.
Learned it is rare when I'm drunk brother in the room.
Unexpected is behind 抱Kitsuka if I was putting away from beer cans littered the floor or something. "~ Rumi" "Hi ~ I drunk it," normal thing because he always had quite playful wrestling or something.
Still carrying on the bed, I suddenly came to speak normally sit tired at the end. "I Rumi," "I ~?" "Kaori I (she) broke and" turned his face to say that much.
Oh, and I'm depressed.
It had been dating for almost three years.
I lift up my head Yoshio Yoshi, so it was an old nickname, "Daddy can" call me if I comfort, something in a muffled voice, "I suck" Hey. Coto I do not even say that, so dozens of times "at least" I repeated.
I really started worrying about what happened, I was 押Shi倒Sa imperceptibly.
"Because I, I thought I SAY E to embrace real sister? So, I'm three years broke up with girlfriend? Is abnormal. Sucks"
Teru Kano lovely goodie bags to Wakan saying, Damn Pani up a little. To good or do not understand why.
A brother, a gentle kiss.
To'll become slightly deeper, not being able to breathe. I thought there was no resistance. Old brother who is now his fingers caressing the head of my dick stirring sound with Yutteyarashii Yamaguchi.
I was a virgin, but my finger masturbation Tteta as little pain ... and I first ibis felt far beyond such at all.
In going crazy. Beer and Peace (tobacco) and even smell nice.
Forget about something that even my brother, my brother wanted.
My little brother is different from the tall, and I found it much too big for me.
It wanted irresistible.
But not yet got to lick, she urged.
Then my brother but I was surprised I came slowly and happily insert.
It felt great.
"Hey ... you ... my brother ... ... I Okki chan ..." "... The Rumi E Eii narrow dude ..." "... moving?"
Violently slammed to the waist, hips shaking Tta yoga too. I was happy.
Gave us in full.
At that moment, I went blank.
After finishing, I 醒Mashi eyes, there was next to the letter.
[I] was wrong it says.
Then my brother I am avoiding.
I also was avoided.
But I want you again my brother.
I want to wet a lot.
Keep in mind a lot.
So now, I think attention, even when no parent shite.

I, somehow,

yuna himekawa[121]
5 years continues to be involved with my brother anymore.
Seventy-two-year-old brother now. It is under three years old than me.
My father passed away when my junior year in high school.
Died two years later to assume that after my mother.
Because parents left me a little fortune and siblings at home we both had the original money that was not lame.
But a job with Bank of Tokyo since leaving college that I got for causing personal injury fairly drunk driving drinking party and live Ue of the company.
Fortunately, the victim's life threatening but did not become an issue in a lawsuit for compensation, to assume the debt of several million were forced into state banks forced to quit of course.
I worked as a clerk during the day a small construction company, was yesterday forced to live double that of Shinjuku hostess snacks.
For me, the hostess was originally weak liquor pain.
But until the job dove brother still in college, worked hard.
One day I woke up the next morning Gudenguden home drunk, are you in bed wearing pajamas unawares.
It seems well into the bath. I was taking a bath after I had a habit of sleeping naked with no underwear, pajamas.
But there is some discomfort in the lower abdomen.
Yes, the day after sex, I feel like that contains a male yet.
My body just how persistent they never invited me to the customers who shop were not allow.
But maybe Kano Hana last night became so drunken.
I have no memory of the way after all.
While going dizzy, that cooking a breakfast, my brother has been going on.
"You were drunk last night sweeping me? I was like?" My brother asked: "it is amazing! You're asleep at the door. I went into the bath off the living room all the things you wear, so out I was not sleeping in the bath from 覗Itara leverage! "he said.
Likely carried to bed wearing my pajamas.
"Yeah. I'm sorry, take care over," but he said it, and remember it later, something strange was his brother's attitude.
Then about a week later, I have sex with someone in the dark and suddenly I noticed that quite drunk or home.
Were also unable to move in surprise.
And I call my brother to know that it took a long time.
Ringing a chime wall clock, "Oh, this is home," and I noticed.
Now in my mind went blank.
Why my brother?
I usually will not show any such gesture.
... Wing stop! While wondering what to do or shout out has Hotobashitsu pleasure from the core of my body suddenly they could not bear.
Even if I do anymore.
I decided to pretend to not notice.
I hear your body say it.
I would welcome my brother to move naturally.
But I desperately held back to, I'm sleeping.
So I know nothing.
Exhausted, it will help.
It is said that his brother had known the things that I'm still awake.
Different from before.
But my sister is my brother called me to act I'm asleep.
Boundary of the day my brother now come to have sex with me every night to sleep in my bedroom.
I thought I should not so much that I like sex, sex with my brother is different.
And when he ever dated a few of pleasure is different.
But while acting only have each other 知Ran振Ri continued.
I wanted to break the relationship between immediate family ever had to think of a brother and sister by doing so.

But one day, my brother tried to embrace the day when my physiology.
I have never had sex that day and in diseases such fastidiousness.
But denial is not possible.
Performance that they had wasted so far Then noticing.
What should I do, thinks of his brother is trying to do my underwear stripping each napkin, and then enter Muriyari seem fine.
Is the usual foreplay and no. Then it just became my brother crying 憎Tarashiku.
But I was not to move as possible. After all, is the role because I'm asleep without knowing anything.
However, when the body began to move his brother as usual,
I'm thinking too much pleasure that I give a loud voice.
My brother is a little surprised, I blame intense than usual before long.
I did what I 狂態 became embarrassed later hearing.
Culminating when I name my brother, my brother was screaming my name 果Temashita.
From that day are no longer two siblings.
Relationship is still going on five years anymore.
Both of them have no love and care to make out.
Work accident compensation can finally end his brother took a job out of college, quit the night job.
Now, the couple has to live as good as if not in this, while hoping to somehow get back to normal life, and then dragged on.
Bon example, when the grave, two parents who fits your hand thinking I would have seen what we think.
I'm really a bad thing. But something more, I do. I think so.

I hate my brother anymore

About a month ago, my brother has committed every day.
拒Memasen weaknesses because they are held in my brother.

Brother, the little boy makes me lick first.
As likely to ejaculate, like when you shake your hips sex fiercely Hold my head with both hands.
Then ejaculate in my mouth.
I drink semen out the mouth.
Otherwise, from the angry brother.

After about 3 to 4 hours I played with the body to the brother.

At first, being held in these days, but my brother was very unpleasant, the cry would gasp to my brother reacts to attack the body.

These days my brother is now requesting to come to me very disagreeable.

We are scared of her brother's actions to escalate.

I am a 17 year old high school student.
My brother is 22 years old

Someone help me

It was a shock and post events too.
Yesterday I have a relationship on the brother and five.
And I'm in a cowardly manner, such as rape in half.
Brother and I do not get along so well.
If I'm always quarreling, I know you do not get along or even talk much.
But last night I brother easy.
I came out to meet me back late in bytes, put me on rice and tea Yu.
Something strange and friendly, I wonder what? And I thought I was.
By then it was I aware of.
I found that finally woke up, I'd apparently been sleeping pill or drink.
After dinner, I went to my room as usual, then do not remember.
Then when you woke up, I accept my brother I was.
Is naked, yet we are brother and sister Even though I was becoming one.
The hip shaking a brother, "because this is a dream. Okay" I feel like he said there was.
I have no idea I was so shocked voice.
A brother, "the dream" to believe the word, you feel like sleeping again.
Perhaps because of the sleeping pills do not work smart.
Morning, I woke up I knew it was not a dream.
The bra had to shift, I was attached to the chest hickey.
Paint was panties.
I smell Kagimashita Omowazu part that paint.
As expected, was the smell of semen.
I soiled my brother is my body.
I already hate.
Forgive the cowardly brother has done this.
A brother and sister, but why, SEX I do I have to do.
What parents say it is better that?
Please reply if you were raped by people like my family.
I was very scared at night.

I love my brother

I am a sophomore in high school girls.
Every now and has an older brother and three.

I'm out of bed in the same room with three people still at home because it is not very rich mother.
My mother's mom go until almost dawn the Yatowa snack.
Since I became a brother is in, masturbation was seen as almost every day and slept the cotton system.
And sometimes, the older brother [Miku awake? Talking to me], I had to put his hands in bed and pretend that I slept without a reply.
Touching over the clothes from the chest and the legs were touching.
As the number of overlapping and brother went to escalate.
Directly touching my breasts and clitoris, and sometimes were even licking.
In the beginning, but it was just pretend I am scared to sleep, count As we now look forward to my brother is touching us.
And then my brother also started touching my body and I am sure of is sleeping.
My brother Sakemashita hand, pretending to be tired because it was turned over depression.
Then my brother started licking ass hole while putting a finger inside of me.
Until now I had to kill it by pressing the voice come to light that's going to feel much, thinking to comfortably Amarino [] I had to cry.
Then my brother stopped his hand a moment: Why are you surprised Miku happening? ] And has been called out.
[I'm awake ... Well until now. Answered].
Then, see the brother Sorry. From no more. [] No, I will say so. Glad to get in touch with my brother Miku. Feel good. ]
[Really? ] Laughed happily.
Then the older brother to take off pajamas Miku gentle, open my legs and took off Ge yours
Me ass hole licking clit and fingers out while all the time.
I feel I grunted again.
You're brother is [Miku Hayarashii body. I'll fill out ecchi solution. Shows like I was peeing. Said].
I am also very embarrassed I feel [I want to let my brother too. So [say]] lick my dick licked I said your brother is hard.
The older brother for a while and trying to Peropero [OK? I have been inside] likes.
I clung to my brother was scared.
Moment, [it ran great the pain hurts. [My brother] and I'm sorry to say. But with a little patience. Say], and moved back Zunzun.
Changing away from pain to pleasure - Oh ~ ~ I gradually. Hey, I like ~. ~ It feels good. ]
While my brother was clinging to hope.
Then my brother raised his voice for some time now to move lower.
Even after the older brother is [I'll clean up. Me] to clean up and lick my solution.
But I feel good and get away, my brother is [not clean it. I'll go in one after another. And laughed].

Every now and then we are to H.
Bath and schools and department stores, the topic in various places.
Once I have it in bed next to my mother (laughs).
I'm worried it will not be able to leave with my brother and it is.

I have tea with you ♪ Daisuki

I have things in your tea, always, always liked her for years, wanted.
When I slept with my stay in your room, "I have tea with us, or Mine, I would like to have tea with us," What kind of.
I have tea with us, laughing, "even though the first time mami, Aichi Yanniagechatteiino to you?"
"That's OK. Because I hate to have your tea at almost Bye."
"What is it like the first Mami do anything"
"Yeah, I can not kiss like that were not in your tea I hate boys, you've never connected with it."
I have tea with your Mami's face was troubled in the face.
But, "Bye, no choice, I will teach you by us to have tea."
"Really? Yay ♪ should I do?"
"Then the eyes close the eyes"
"What if 瞑Ttara eyes?"
"You know it from 瞑Re."
Too tea did not close the eyes to look on the street told me to lick your lips to gently kiss.
"Ah a kiss now?"
"Yes. Well then, now see little mouth open."
I came into the tongue of tea Then you stay, the smoked tongue 思Ikkiri Mami.
"I'll do"
Instinctively look away and was "likely to be bitten tongue." I have tea with you I laughed.
"Even I was surprised because I too."
"Well, no surprise this time You, you know, one more time"
During the second kiss, and I found the buttons off shirts Mami tea I have in our hands.
I got it thought it was clever.
Mami has been up and down the white underwear.
"I always look like underwear or Mitsu?"
"Yeah. ♪ I love your white tea is not to like?"
"I'm Mami suits. ♪ better show"
"Because it no shame ー ♪"
"Well it is under this?"
"Ah! No! No way No way!'m Shy Huh!"
And fill my lips with your lips Yanhamamino Aichi, Mami Did you take off your underwear.
ー why such a thing! Become a white head, pot Ottoshichatte,
Seen them all I'll have tea with us than that! A I was embarrassed.
But unable to hide his hands hidden.
"It's my heart I'm Okkikatta Mami, how many have?"
"S no Mami, E of a cup. Okkii Mami's, but I hate."
"Why? ♪ favorite Okkiku ♪ Come on your chest better in Aichi Yanhamamino Okkii"
"Well no I only do tea if you like your stay."
"Good touch?"
"Eh?'m Not touching anymore ah."
I have for your tea making fun thing I did laugh Mami.
Yuutte immediately got sucked most susceptible plants, Mami is surprised, "Oh Ugh! That way! Stop! O Wow I'm embarrassed to stop."
"What's with the nitrous mon ♪ I'm embarrassed"
While saying this, I get the tea stay in your lower body Mami.
"No! No! Daa and no! Place and I like that!"
"I Mami, ♪ Well because such a place is named after"
I had tea you have to hold control of the full body of Mami.
"Because they're awesome! Dirty! And the hell!"
"I 汚Kunai, ♪ Mami it mon"
Then you have tea in hand I was in the underwear Mami.
"No! No! And Adaa!"
"Mami! Daa Who did I want first?"
There is no word like it is returned.
"It hurts not to open the legs?"
The painful because I did not want to open your legs a little "pull out" force
"Eh? What?"
I got came in in the Mami fingers do tea have in your Ataezu time to think, Mami, I was surprised "I'll Ouch!" And cry thinking, "Oh, sorry, a sudden or painful. "
"Why not! That idiot I have tea with you!"
"But here's Mami, What happened to you was really wet? To this."
"No! O Do not touch."
"♪ It is not in it and see, hear."
Leave your finger in the Aichi Yanhasouittemamino the Kaki回Shita towards the back.
The sound is perverted, Mami was really embarrassed, "No! Yeah emit sound in" I 隠Shitara face with both hands,
"Why? ♪ not sound cute" is not in your tea I played perfectly.
First thing I know, I was going to have to look between the legs of tea I have to have your Mami.
"Hey! To do ah, ah so embarrassing place! Hey Tsu"
O Mami I'm licking important that we do have tea with us.
I'm not even into the bath, looks embarrassing. Become more white in my mind I, I'll feel more and more embarrassing.
"So beautiful I thought Mami Coco. ♪ door to door have not yet."
"Oh, I have tea with you, O virgin I'm all this. I do not know Koto無I only seen from a woman in Aichi Yantteba you ever played!"
"Hey, Where Oh, I learned such a thing?"
"I saw for the first time I have tea with you? First people here."
"Ne so, never seen. To see better."
"Oh Oh, who'll get here first, not when they committed to do our tea."
"Hey hey, it're a bad reputation on the agreement I will not say I commit 犯Suda!"
Mami dick in comfortably with the embarrassment even while doing such a thing I got incredibly wet "Can I put in Mami?"
"Daa, and enter mon."
"However the first Ne yet, or impossible, too."
"O Yes, the tea did you stay with it."
(Because Okkii)
"Huh? Of tea do you have to what?"
"Anyway, it ー no."
"I must Mami is selfish, I did say was, by all means I useless useless"
"Me Cuz you, because I too afraid."
"Well, I try to get used to the last little bit."
Aichi Yanhasugokusugokusugoku kind to us, allowing us Mami selfishness.
Then you embrace or kiss, ♪ were very happy
♪ I want to do all our tea if the day really


12 morning, came to hear about her brother's letter.
I thought to be angry.
But it was a very kind voice.
"I did not know who I think things like that ..."
He told me.
I have been so full of tears, my heart jumped into my brother soon.
My brother gave me a gentle embrace. So happy.
It was hoped that from the time.
And while my brother and I were looking for.
I hesitated a little brother.
I thought, "sister" I think a strong sense.
I close my eyes, but
Warm lips had pressed against my lips slowly and brother.
Very very soft. Feeling really good.
Releasing the lips, "Sorry" I said brother.
But the thing I wanted.
I mean, it's because I love my brother.

12 days and nights to sleep with her brother came to me in my room.
Some years I wonder, I sleep with two people.
愛Shikatta brother was really sleeping face.

Today is my brother and me drinking a friend
I really miss coming home late.
But that minute, I get to hug my brother later.

I want to sleep with a much older brother in the morning.

Until parents come home, I want to be a deeper relationship with my brother.
But, about sexual intercourse, but nothing to his brother,
What one wishes to hear me in my lifetime?
That is my concern.


Hello, known as Rumi.
A 34 year old housewife, has a son in eighth grade.
In fact, I am dying to have sex with her son.
Jaarimasen is proud (which is really proud of), my son is so so cool.
Valentine's Day or birthday gift you will get what it has not cut enough.
You will receive more than 100 love letters a month. It's about mail and complain.
It feels a little more face Kimutaku spruce, height is 170 centimeters.
My husband also did not like me too, "says the son of whom?" My husband and I wonder about.
(Or 100 percent of my husband a child)
I have to do kendo, took the time profile of a beautiful face, it becomes Innovation is my real mother even Poe.
And when the district tournament, the girls gathered in large numbers of fans seemed like a concert hall.
I really wanted to put the entertainment industry back in elementary school, also gave up his master's fierce opposition.
I've looked at have a son that masturbation.
Place so I went with a pledge to study a rare test,
There was his son's penis is rubbed vigorously on the bed while watching adult video.
Already firmly towards the skin, I lust for the sight of her son has a bigger penis than my husband desperately Shigoi.
My son will be put in the scene cum on the face of the woman in the video seemed to have ejaculation.
Since then, I tend to watch my son as a man no matter what.
The husband has sex with recently reduced remarkably away, I end up masturbating all means, my son is a thing to imagine all the time.
Fellatio penis to his son, or to be released in the mouth, like son fucked from behind in the kitchen
It is really scary I knew I would eventually do.

And nephews

I am a 28 year old married woman said to be similar to the Mizuno Miki. My sister lives next to the couple.
Your sister has a child who 比呂 school year, however is fairly cute girls. Called him to say the TV was broken one day. But it is a lie. I was waiting for him garter mini dress on the net.
Let him sit on the couch. Place your hand on his thigh first.
I 黙Rimashita he smiled. From here I 攻Memashita him.
"Have you dated a girl who I 比呂 you?"
"I have no experience then."
"I tell them by?"
Move your finger on the thigh. So as to crawl.
"Eh, what?"
"Good thing"
"The man I"
"I'm not you bothered recently. 比呂 why you and Mr."
Put your hand into his chest. I'll rub your nipples.
"Are not you also want Mr. 比呂? Who, to this anymore"
I'll pat on the briefs from shifting the fly.
"I want to?"
He fell. Will take you to bed.
"Do you say if you find my husband was attacked"
He really say I was surprised. It is cute.
"I lie"
寝Kasemashita I smiled at him.
"Is not it better for the first time an older"
跨Rimasu on his knees.
First kiss. Taste of your tongue.
I'll be licking nipples and neck and then raised a finger to lick. His voice is so enormous gasp from the stroking of a little boy briefs.
Then Burifera. What it gave me it made me listen.
"The called fellatio. You feel good"
"······ Yes "
Brief let me take off live. It is then inserted into the cowgirl. His taste was the best virgin. Lightning going soon, but I use the technique. To four times while I was still on.
Up on him twice since then. This was his virgin Itadai tea.
Now let me get me squid is also good you 比呂 said. Something much better than the other masters.

Somehow I'm lonely

Night with my brother.
Only two days.
I wonder when the next chance will come
I was just thinking about it.

The older brother came back from her father and mother, remains unchanged and has become the past.
Of course, the gentle kind. However, the full "sister" just as I have seen.
... Kind of sad.

"My brother, somehow I'm lonely"
The CD was in the room listening to my brother, I told you so.
"Oh, why?"
"After we came back because my father, me because I never bothered with me"
"... No, I'm that guy that public position. You tea bad flirting parents looking at anything much?"
"If it were, not that good right now? I'm not looking"
My brother turned to look sad.
I think my brother is a little embarrassed, and I slowly embraced Remarks, pat me on the head, kiss me.
"I love you brother"


It feels good

Nice to meet you write your letter. I am a 19 year old girl. Your friends, but they Omase child, out of your child, H Yu had the book ..... I'll bring the child good, works were very interested, the house has rather I saw. I had to Ko Hung. Of course, I love masturbation. I have been doing since I was a small 4. But still a virgin. So every day I masturbation. The one place about twice a day. Up in the morning, before getting out of bed once, and once at night before sleeping in bed. Sometimes, even in the bath, then. In the morning, I just simply do it, massage the breast while the Kuchukuchu over there. Around the clitoris. At night, it's harder. Massage the chest while his left hand, of course, I blame the clitoris or the right, put your finger in the hole, then Kuchukuchu. Initially, it was only the middle finger, index finger is also gradually put. It is up to three so far and want more challenge? ! Actually, I do some things, I got the vibe electric. So sometimes, I also work hard with vibrator. Initially, only the clitoris but are put into the hole and get wet gradually. And you are out or put out, to make it mind-boggling, says Cha. But using that vibe too Bakkari so we can not be heard only Copyright finger only use occasionally. When not in use, even distant friends, lend. It is also kid coupled Kono Yuu love masturbation. But this friend is likely not a virgin. I'm also a small child masturbation since I was 4, the six years after becoming, with her one year old younger brother of SEX Yes. Zade Shisu masturbation, you likely to be completely 痛Kunakatta first time. Then Satoru Yuu, but they do place once a week. My brother, but there is passage from semen come out yet when ik, but they do or do not use condoms. But I get very mad if a child! Next day, the child and for me to have SEX promises will be. I, H and I for many things. Moreover, H and I write the report.


Abroad during her husband away from home, my father related to her husband.
The trip out to mother, and when alone with the father.
The father came in suddenly while taking a bath, as it was committed.
I resisted, and after all naked. At last I had been raped.
And then it is sometimes violated, and now, I am waiting for my father. Father is much better than my husband, I can not leave my father and gave me such joy.