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Incest confession of women(2004-03)

Happy ☆

yuna himekawa[165]
I am a college student 20 years old next month. Age difference between father and I have only 15 years old. His father was not father. The father. Because my mother was a teacher of the school they are put out his hand to his father was in junior high school. But then I was born, his father still is not old enough to marry at that time was not so, my mother gave birth as illegitimate. And when my father turned to marry the two of them happily married. But the problem is me. I thought I was entering junior high school that my father before my father. And I was secretly in love with cool dad. I've just become a junior high school, my mother passed away. Then, when I was a few years, I told my father had hidden much in love. My father talking to me and hugged weeping gently, until I have sex as it is. My father worked for a host to have to earn a little more, kind of act is a forte, I was very happy that my love take me anyway. The two years passed since the first time have a relationship, the relationship between father and continues to this day.
35 Father is about youth and coolness in the 20s through. My dad is proud of.


I am a mother of a 26-year-old brother is the only middle school families. I mean, my brother is actually a son. It dates back a dozen years ago. At that time, my mother died of illness, grief 暮Remashita father. I began to fill out my hand to her grief. I did not know how ignorant that is what I'm told to attend to my mother's father was supposed to be the remains. When my father came first is really hurt. Thinking about it, so I often containing large, I think. I have to endure. When I think of the movement became more and more fast father, but went only to about the middle of the penis so far up into the root and found dick sticking closely to each other. Spread inside of me and something hot and gushing. Even knew it was kind of a baby after pregnancy. Ai came out but the species mix of virgin and her father pull out the card was slightly smaller penis. Every now and in the soup and was in foal and her father noticed. The strangely excited to think that I was pregnant with semen that was still my prime. Even now, the father and the H are also in the soup too. Here's a confession I have done this, because I wanted to talk with an experienced person like me.


My first experience was a partner of his brother.
Many people speak so if you like me here.
First experience,
This is my fifth grade when the sixth grade at my brother
My brother is so cool, and frankly erotic,
Out well in front of my penis, "says I'm gonna," You're. A ride to the penis on the head or "topknot" (laughs)
But I was doing well and more
Well, I was pleased that I love my brother (laughs)


I am a girl in college. I have a 19 year old brother. My brother is now in question are so-called "withdrawal", it does not go out with one step. I like that my brother and sister (sophomore in high school) I 2 ~ 3 days to once a blow job. Been filed in the case is a strange trouble.


I am working away in five older brother is a very kind person.
夏休 was the middle of eighth grade. Every summer I was supposed to return home to his father's memorial service in the family home, so I had a cold at this time, only to return home parents
My brother remained at home. Was about four days away.
My brother gave me a lot and care about me.
Of these, my brother, "I changed the better," saying,
I'll help to me, embarrassed to say I thought of making your own,
"You will not do because I have to have seen I'm sick," saying,
Gave me the room went out.
気Darukatta also really helped, I borrowed my brother's hand reluctantly.
The hands of his brother's watching every single button will remove the pajamas,
"It made me dress this way too little time," says,
Momentarily stopped the hands of his brother, "Yeah. But now, I'm old and wrong" Hey.
Placed in the hands of my brother's shoulder suddenly pushed my body as it is a bump.
Surprised that, my brother came to me repeatedly lips, roll up your bra raised.
"What are you doing?!" And give a voice and a face like 思Itsumeta brother badly
Lips have been repeated again.
Wake rage even knowing it, with or without strength in a cold,
I was at the mercy of his brother.
Slipping into the hands of his brother in pajama pants, as it has been lowered breath.
Intense kissing lips, down from the neck or chest is rubbed, the top while being 嬲Ra projections.
And, my dick fingers Tadoritsuki to his brother, began trick of.
By that time I heard there is a qualitative and adhesive Brute man stir,
I'm dying to hot body.
"I do not have to endure, to voice out" from my brother saying that,
I'm aware of and feels the first time became more embarrassing.
But again I will no longer be patient, each time more fingers inserted into my brother, I'll scrape the wall every time, in response to half-crying.
Among them, feel there's something hot will be outfitted with me and see my brother,
"It's okay," I.
Pain seem to strike as quickly ripped it to my brother Shigamitsuitara thinking,
My brother came back swinging. Also appealed reluctantly, my brother just kissed me back.
But gradually, getting a different pain than the feeling of winning,
I was raised my voice in another way. Another reason I was saying something somewhere.
My brother Lee and I would, "I always liked" Get me out.
But I was surprised, no I'm not you at all.
I think my brother is much better at first.
My brother and I then also. They both were almost in bed until their parents come home.

My first experience is a partner of my grandfather

Every year the summer was out of town mother of the family home. That year, because of work and Yukenaku father and mother, and my middle school years, only three will be going with my brother and sister in elementary school. My grandparents met me gladly, take me to get me here and there every day.
I put a little heat because of the fireworks of the day, I went to see fireworks only brother and sister and grandmother, and my grandfather was in the house. And antipyretic drugs comfortably drinking, fell asleep as it seems. What signs and bizarre, but woke up feeling very pleasant. I was Hadake chest, was taking off the pants. Gently, gently stroking had a quiet hand in my vagina my grandfather. The feeling was that pleasant. I was just pretending to sleep. My breasts have Masagutsu one hand. When touched the nipples, and now I feel good tool. Now, my grandfather, my tongue licked the nipple. Feel better, I found the nipples become stiff. Now, my grandfather, my vagina licked. Although surprised, I'll feel much better not say anything. When the clitoris is sucked, Kundt Pi hips moved involuntarily. My grandfather, "Nana-chan, I'm already awake. This is like a secret only because me and Nana-chan," he said, pulling the penis issued his control. It was about getting straight five times bigger penis grandfather always control. It is to me to put into pussy. Painful, but failed many times in last 突Ki刺Sarimashita. The more painful and jump, scream raised. My grandfather, "Sorry, sorry," but sat quietly and was moving to say, on my belly to pull out the control of the penis, and seminal fluid poured expired. Then wipe clean with me, saying they gave me 10,000 yen allowance control.

Re: [158] touched my brother!

> Yesterday, my brother has touched my heart suddenly become 27 years younger when you are sleeping 9
>····· Violently kissing while being 抱Kitsuka
> "Ah ~ s ~ sister's body! It smells like my sister ~!"
> Masagura the body has to say.

I touched my brother there is not wet?

Touched my brother!

Yesterday, I woke back up and touched my heart has suddenly become 27 years younger than his brother when you are sleeping 9. "What on earth are you doing it yourself!" Violently kissing while I was a slap in 抱Kitsuka 思Ikiri and "Ah ~ s ~ sister's body! It smells like my sister ~!"
Masagura the body has to say. I fucked my brother so scary, it will not give me this somehow desperately to resist!


I am a 42 year old single woman.
I lost my mother in kindergarten about the disease, had been living alone together with my father and daughter.
The relationship with the father is around the summer of 6th grade.
Hot summer night unable to sleep well, woke up in his hand between his thighs churn moan and her father lying next to his father together.
And call out to his father strip the bed to go to the front of my father worried and saw that I raise a voice like a good feeling that pain will be around hard to hold something in the naked lower body backward and Exactly, like that white liquid from the portion of women worry aloud while more surprised to see my face was the best time, I was discharged my sperm toward the right.
Moment 果Temashita saying my name to see my face.
My father is a grown man was surprised he was taught to put out useless white from your Chinchin, told me I usually put out in the mother's genitals.
In the would have been taken my father to another person was saying but of hope to other women or anyone from the can not do my father will now think is in the genitals of my cock my father I say we'll put out.
My father is such a thing like not being able to put up with and rely on my genitals cock every night my dad was asleep and can not be said, to raise my hand every night with my father or hope for back and forth to touch it, it said it could also just move around your head nothing besides the mouth, night, the white liquid nothing besides the mouth becomes hard to give up holding hands so that it comfortably had to give up until you get your head back and forth.
Just ask them to at the time raised the middle school moan weird at that time my father know of a good feeling to be touched I am now touching the genitals or breasts when I have for example sucking mouth because it's unfair I knew that to raise, What did you say you learned from pleasant.
See all feel good when I go to bed not even my father 貰I to get naked, now sleep in the nude with nothing on me to arrive at.
Now remind me to be comfortably touching the genitals go where I have to take his hand and begins to hold the cock tight father.
I feel good when you twist your body is now said to groan aloud feels good.
Myself when I felt I was forgetting a move to hold his father do I say what I remember to tell my father I did not is "No, I do, put, put a lot Will my father had gotten excited and shaking while pressing legs to Itarashiku embrace with his father as to avoid an open crotch, and push came to go in the male genital know my father's cock I, I went to push it to cleave Guigui like to sit back to back so waited.
Know the pleasure of sex astride my father got up to beat on my father was lying on his back legs up high with a penis like 悦Bu also feeling the pain just accepted genitals without feeling any resistance Women like exhausted, move back slowly, aloud move violently twisted his body in agony while sometimes enjoying rising slowly into the end of regrets but also to enjoy the growing 上Ri詰Me pleasure, many times He was in agony and the ecstasy shrill cry many times.
The body's white eyeballs as they become subjected to water spray and sweat like junior high schoolers for lifting rhythm that is causing the body to attract throughout the body and hip movements seem voice will move back hard with no break out at even convulsions become faster every motion aloud in agony sweet will through the nose like we far away each time causing frequent seizures that have taken Move your fingers pluck at a rate like eyes clench clit 泊Maranu also in how to think like without interruption dishevel hands, grab the chest with one hand started massaging vigorously, swinging upside the head, turned white mouth Re無I close to the hands and wonder tense to wiggle your body to continue to raise our voices in agony flowing down vertically to drool without any 止Medo was inserted penis to like 突Tsu張Ru to stretch the legs, behind only genital exhausted body seems to contract to a moment like flying through the sky like 如何Nimo.
I said then was nearly an hour wandering interval of pleasure, like a circle while pressing and slowly sat down and become like a sleepwalker.
Once a month is such a kick out of people other than my father was away and the body feels unthinkable.
I have become obsessed with pleasure.
Father when they can no longer possible to miss even one day I was still lying in agony on the side of my father who got a penis-like objects attached to the bed.

I remember my father in years gone except the pleasure of the best middle school depends on a woman having sex with my father watching his father take care of my father's 65 years old can not think now is continuing to this day.
Times impossible to come up frequently lost enough to be inserted with a solid year in 3,5 times a month I have come to enjoy less sex.
I have not the time to pee, so the body can not stand not feeling into genital always extends between deep shrunk to near the entrance of the genitals in the vibe of the same thickness and the ankle which he also made a special order is always When the customers come in front of the store hidden in a skirt to a wide range of self-employed person I know with a band attached to the penis rotates while the pleasure of feeling pleasure in agony, you also have a chair with a vibrator As I sat down into the hole to the bottom.
I look forward to coming out, so I finished the order and another to be thick and the thickness of the vibe around you into the genitals.

Sex and abstinence and relatives had been told by ordinary people further out of guilt, the wanton and excitement of the early timing made even that the relationship between father and daughter do not know the pleasure felt I've felt regret but do not feel joy.
I think the results are kept 悦Bashii tirelessly for decades Eta pleasure in knowing that the relationship between the father and daughter.
Thanks to my father asking me to leave the body to feel pleasure just thinking about my father left me alone even if his father died.
I will raise my genitals were going in even when his father disappears.

I think seriously want to die while being inserted into the pillar near the genital vibrator while raising the voice of agony and joy of feeling the vortex of pleasure through the body too.
I would like to wish her dead woman while showing only pleasure I have called at the end.
Thanks to a healthy body can continue for decades and still looking for pleasure.
Incest pleasure in knowing I was a little girl the best life has to continue to delay the ones at best.


My 22 year old college student. My brother was about masturbation to just my brother and I opened the room without knocking when passing in front of the room my brother came home late today. I was drunk and did little to help hold the cock masturbation brother. But his brother is not even hand Shigoi much squid. I was fed up with the rip-off Munching cock brother. Innovation came gushing white cock from the tip of his brother instantly popular in Bakyumufera boyfriend or guy friend. And brother have a tissue to wipe the mouth "toots, I'm" going to have to hug. My breasts 揉Nda hand over his brother's clothes. I think this is more awkward and quietly left the room to shake the hand of his brother. AfteR drunk now and then taking a bath, and I regret that you had to hard.

The brother

Nozomi not say the age of 14.
Asuka saw his brother's post below
"Let's announce to all of you even foolishness"
And has been posted.

When I was in third grade, prior to masturbation, I knew the feeling of getting that first lick.

I was five years older brother, my brother is 10 years older.
When the third grade, parents are not at night, but 10 years older brother, "You'll miss one person,"
And he came into my futon, I went to bed together.
I was stuck sleeping on a futon,
"未希, then I'll feel good, pants off"
Is said, but I did not know better, with his brother as saying.
I was shy, but was told to spread the legs
My brother "It will soon"
He said, was spread out legs.
"At first I wished to tickle and get to endure"
Say, licking dick and lick issued.
First is Kusuguttakatta.
But I feel went slowly.

From that day on, every night. My parents
"Study them to look at my brother"
She said, and two people were getting licked.

I understand Coto wet ik be learned.
In about six months later, the night is not my brother for the first time masturbation.
In time, before you have got to see this naughty older brother, I learned that sex.
Before spring break of senior year, to ask from me, for the first time sex.
Coto wrong and did not want sex with my brother.
Every day for sex with my brother.
My brother was out in time.

Then I'll have my brother feels. To say that everything now.
Even though 4th grade.
And began masturbating in front of the mirror
To film sex, masturbation and see it.

9-year-old still before the summer break.
There was a day alone with my brother.
That day both hands tied behind since this morning, my brother licked for hours over the pants. Will stop licking my stet it, and lick it settles, will stop licking it and stet. I said, "I beg you be cool!"
You say, at the corner of the desk to rub.
"Not Nozomi is a really cute"
My brother is willing to say so, I took a picture too many pieces.
About 8 hours long, it was in the state.
Moraezu even let me go to the bathroom for about two Omorashi.
Pants were Gushogusho.
Was only in my head that I want to be cool soon.
Still, my brother gave me to be cool.
Let me take off your pants and finally was taken to the kitchen, putting the condom on a banana
"Try to put yourself"
He said, holding a banana 立Temashita on the table.
I follow the words of his brother, glue on the table, holding a banana Matagarimashita brother.
I hit the door the moment the tip of a banana, while his brother standing fingers, fingers hit the hole in the ass.
"Hey, is there at the entrance of fingers ass, I can not put a banana."
"Well, stop putting? Tea I'll stay Dokasanai your fingers"
I was told.
I just slowly Shagamimashita.
"I have tea with you, still hurts."
So I said, pleasant to the previous hole, could not be stopped.
After all, I was terrible frustrating, when a hit in the back feels good portion, I got Lee.
That day, I had too many pieces to take pictures.

The state of the day. The pictures taken by my brother, I put a certain message boards.
Mosaic is a very thin face.
The message
[未希. 4th grade school ○. Age idea. Masturbation in my pictures please. Waiting for you to think. ]
And Iremashita.

The next night, I was surprised that board replies.
[It's shiny on her pussy 舐Metai 未希]
Many times [for masturbation. See more photos of others. ]
~ He said, however Shitee ~] Not uncommonly in
[Call me number is 090 - I ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ー]
Etc. There are many naughty thoughts.
"I'm not noble pussy masturbation see all"
And his brother said.
I became very horny mood was slimy.
"The noble pussy outstanding fourth grade, and I'm masturbation. Until you put your contacts. ♪ Let's put it this time. Nozomi yet but I think the transformation of masturbation reported seeing people I feel. "
I say, my brother was Pantsuno check the contents.
Yet notice and slippery,
"Try to masturbation. Ttara once installed, I'll cock"
He said. And as directed by his brother start to masturbation, I put my brother to write the bulletin board in the mobile phone number.
've Got the other,
"Hi there, I is not noble brother, now I'm not masturbation is Nozomi. Could you help me?"
He said, gave me a call.
People on the phone to me "I 未希 her cute. I was masturbating with her pussy in 未希 now."
I was told. I am also excited,
"Nozomi'm not even masturbation."
He said.
The other person is "How old is 未希 her?"
Been heard,
"9 years old"
Say, in an excited voice,
"Do nine years old, I'm going to my brother in the soup. However I want to be in non-noble in man."
He said. I got word that I installed.

My brother looked at it and get off the phone,
He said, to devote to my cock into her pussy,
"Now, I'll take you to a nice place"
, Saying the cock Iremashita Some Zubuzubu.

Next Sunday, for going out with my brother.
"Today, I'll take you where not happy that the transformation Nozomi."
And it was said.
The place went
Could Super sento.
My brother, "I take a bath, too, a man like me"
He said.
9 year old male is likely to give someone a bath.

I'm embarrassed. But
"未希, you look at my all"
It is said, was a little excited.
Instruction in the public bath was a lot of things to his brother.
Purpose "I have tea with us. I leak pee"
Was told her and my brother, "the unavoidable, for example tea topic here"
It is said, or try to pee in front of everybody're elementary,
Bass in a sauna, large legs spread out, or try Idi I sometimes
Close to the dude who went and saw shimmering, pretended to slip and ass hole, four deaf or become visible to her pussy and dust your
Anyway, it was ordered that transformation.

Back, and he and reward me, and I'll bring him to a love hotel for the first time.

Now, 14 years old, about five years between, I had a lot more to the koto.

Do you want to hear more?
With it. Nozomi is not a picture of the transformation, are you people want?

The writing also.

Re: [54] to help

I hate you, if you want to stop, so do you call the Youth Counseling trouble first. No need to say a name and face not seen.
I will listen to experts empathically these patterns.
Maybe the numbers I think I'm listed in the phone book
> My third graders are having an affair with a father from a year ago. It got started when I was my eighth grade. Teremashita bring supper to my father and I study at night. The father and talked a little breather, too, turned away somewhat sleepy, I just fell asleep. Bound by the wrist and found himself in bed, his mouth was blocked lying. Do not know what angry, "I'm ーー ーー I" came to my father and struggling. "What happened now." After that, most do not remember. Every now and then violates father to me. Anyone still scared to speak. I should I do? Means for the advice.


I am a 21 year old college student. Before, when comics went Suppose the younger brother of three rooms late at night, I Dekuwashi masturbation scene that is my brother. "Sorry!" I thought I hastily closed the door turn around and say, "Sister, wait" and grabbed my arm and my brother, I was in bed 押Shi倒Sa. My brother has been to 脱Gasou my clothes and forcibly kissed me. "Stop, stop," I have cried that day and could not ask anyone for help with something I did both of the parents. My brother is a rugby athletic physique to go because it was, had for more than 180 centimeters tall and I could not because it was nothing to be pushing his brother to be 155 centimeters tall, narrow body was.
My brother is so off your pajamas strip, but on my 乗Rikakari, let undress underwear. Sucking my nipples with his brother, Shidakimashita massage the breast. Reaching for my dick and started messing around. Long time while I was away from my boyfriend broke up very pleasant to have been tampered with to tell my brother, my naughty aloud. My brother has put a very big thing in me to be naked, too.振Ri出Shimashita and sit like crazy. First is the big thing is putting a hurt, my brother, so I was gradually becoming technicians rather pleasant.
My brother sat shaking violently, I have been violently attacked like a beast. Posture, sitting high, throne, went smoothly and the positions change continuously and Doggy. I do not think I'm being raped by my brother, I always felt many times. And my brother was no ejaculation in my bones. But that will not end, living room, kitchen, was taken to the bathroom throughout the house and was raped. In the end, was exploiting a terrible chest while being rubbed from the back yard that could also see how the road and the house next door. But fucked like a dog was seen in Mary's dog.
My brother and I put out all without turning into a rubber too. "Please, out the door," and I even asked, "I'll let my sister pregnant" could not hear me say this. I was terrible what Lee did as he lost consciousness.
My brother and I continued from that relationship. I became hooked on pleasure What can I do?

Re: [149] also my brother and writes this ...

Maybe that is good but it is also poor Asuka?
I hate it is better if I said fine ear


While in bed with a cold, and I have sex with Kazu.
Kazu and my son is, 12 years old, the middle school this year.
I was 29 years old, and I full-time homemakers.
46-year-old husband in a long distance driver, I rolled the trailer.

The first had sex was 13 on Saturday evening.

There are about 39 degrees heat, had been in bed in the morning.
But I had to Utsurautsura, dreaming ecchi, Samemashita eyes.
To have sex with someone, if I seem a little more in Iki, I woke up I thought I had a dream.
I was moving my ass on a hard and is Kazu.
I was being completely naked, I was moving in my body and your penis is Kazu.
Kazusa and turned a blind eye, about the sides of my hands, move your ass I was hard.
"Honey, what's heaven for?"
Com Oops while and say something, but only momentarily stopped the movement of the hips,
"Oh, Oh I chan!"
I said, moving the body trembling ass
Kazu has been fired and in my semen.
A weird dream,
Pot is burnished to me, I slept again.
Samemashita eyes chime of the clock at 6 in the living room better.
The more like a dream, I was just moving in with you again in my head Kazu.
I felt.
I was there for me I have to lick Kazu.
I grabbed the legs and has been Kazusa ankle, bent, is open to the stride, put my face in there and the Kazusa, I was licking.
To feel, thinking aloud, Kazu and I pressed down on the head.
Then the little boy came in with Kazu.
Kazu and there are about 8 or 9 inches or 168 centimeters taller than me 7, and just doing the heavy body Kii Hiroshi wrestling boys, little boy was great.
止Menakya somewhere, Sasenakya stop, but I also thought that not to feel great,
To feel tired, with a pot Oh, Kazu and I have to kiss.
In the body of my little boy and the Kazusa, and will be moving to, I'm becoming more and more comfortably,
I immediately began aloud.
Kazu is a little boy with a hard, like a hit to the back of my body, really long running,
I went many times I was.

"Oh I chan"
Samemashita been shaken in the eyes and Kazu.
They both were drenched with sweat.
Kazu and I was still sitting on the bedside naked.
Got to stand up and support Kazusa, in the middle and I got to clean yourself up Kazusa, Kazusa overflowing with semen from there on I came out.
"A lot?"
When asked,
"Three times"
I replied shyly.
I was too hot for me down.
Two people got a shower to take you to the bathroom.
Jim Johnson also became hard and Kazu.
The "?"
I asked, since nod, but to leave the room, and Kazu from behind and get one's arms around my body to shut up, has been trying in standing posture.
And take a knee on the mat to the bath tub 掴Matsu I have inserted from behind.
A total of four times, I had sex that day.
The place they are having sex with my husband, to look into Tarashiku half a year ago, I wanted to have sex with me anymore, so I longed.
Husband or sex imitating techniques most of us are going to hide me I is H imitate video
Kazu and there is a little boy about 18 inches, big, harder than the boys who have before it at one time three or four times in succession for us.
He has been at 2 weeks since then, I came back in three days, but my husband could not, for about 40 times more sex.
Hoshino wants the girl to her husband, however because of sex, both can live with Kazu.
H - I kid born in a lewd, lascivious but also great Kazu, H entered high school until she can be, I think it is good for you.
Today, it comes back with the club soon after the Kazusa, I'm going to have sex
It just comes up wet.

This is also my brother and writes ...

yuna himekawa[149]
Yesterday, with the instruction of his brother and writes today.
"And comply with the order and send teachers to the image while Asuka masturbation"
... And has been told. Creepy smile, and "Instead, the instruction properly 聞Ketara, before going to school tomorrow sperm Asuka favorite brother, I'll put the pants ...."
I was told.
I am both unacceptable.
But more people are watching the masturbation, even if sick in fat, it is better if we take the sperm to his brother.

"In yesterday's statement, there is not enough to write ...."
I was told, and writes about it.

... I now and then masturbating 5 times a day.
Three of them, morning and before going to school.
Is said to be wearing pants.
Twice after the night before my brother, my brother has the instruction topic.

When my brother before, let me masturbation is normal.
While adding his brother cock ....
Stet it will, bound ..., Koh put Suri on the corner of the desk ... I can not endure.
Such as AV, but the video is shot in .... To properly introduce yourself to, you can imagine my brother masturbation Set in a ... ....
Call the party line.

Video and images is retained as a whole.
... I want to erase everything. So I think that even the current, in particular we want to erase.

While masturbation is eliminated ....
Already been shot 10 times in total.
Each time in junior high school uniforms, "my brother. Asuka is very kinky. I imagine that masturbation brother every day. ... Hey, where's a metamorphosis ... Please Asuka. thank you. "
And is told her to shoot the video for my brother.
A video camera, the creepy brother in fat,
"Asuka, how much of a pervert?"
And ask.
I have no right to choose an answer.
Just have to get an enema that is prepared Ichidjiku brother
"This ... butt holes injected into the masturbation while endure. I want to put my brother."
And say the words of his brother happy.
Then just take off the uniform skirt, and his brother on all fours towards the camera to shoot, and adjust the pants.
My brother, "Asuka .... I put .... Happy?"
She said, including anal enema plugged into Ichidjiku, we will inject the contents.
I am happy because there is Wake, left neck and shake to the side. Nevertheless,
"Comes in .... Happy. Ureshii .... Ureshii."
Continue to say.
Not yet familiar with enema Workshop materials will want to excrete.
Endure while the masturbation.
...... But, in fact my best to endure the defecate, masturbation is not good feelings at all.
When the first enema, I do not however a minute.
It was only natural liquid was scolded by his brother.
A brother, "Lee Ttara fine, I go to the toilet."
Has been said.
And vice versa, "lies arrive, I present you another enema ...."
Is said to be.

I will do my best to Ikeru quickly, so no 気持Chi良Kunai always, Ikeru No way.
But it put out in the toilet and pretend Tta Lee.
-----, And then pretend that you are my brother Barre.
Bareru and,
"Asuka .... I'm one of lies Have you arrive enema. I have to say it. So, if you want, I'll even bother to lie no room."
And happily said, add an enema.
I've been truly endure the limitations of,
"... No good. ... Really. ... You'll get in again ...."
He says.
"My tummy hurts.. ... It was really impossible .... You'll get my brother out .... You'll get out. You'll get out."
Say again and again.
Turn the camera while her brother, happily, "You do not put out, probably do not want you to look at Asuka Put ?···· brother in the bathroom I could ask out perfectly good."
He says.
By that time, I can not judge me calm.
Just take out the toilet in mind,
"Asuka ... brother ... and this is the shit ... please look ...."
They say, my brother, "the junior pervert ... I'm missing me ~"
"British Columbia ... say it out in time!"
Like to say, pull up to the limit.
End up, "junior brother ... transformation, and Asuka, and while masturbation enema, British Columbia where the poop out. Please see. ... Thank you."
The told her this.
Serifuijime finally ends, go to the bathroom and relieved to have finally ..., my brother from there back down to despair.
"Well, I do topic in the bathroom. Asuka toilets today ... This is it."
Speaking of which, let me go to the bathroom after all.
... Basin. Trash. ... Plastic.
Yu hands of rice so as to instruct me on the spot.

Not only that, and washbasin, is always trash,
Contains took off my junior high school uniform skirt.
When intact, the next day ... so much trouble, even laundry is put out.
I hope that my brother is already known.
"... Brother. Asuka, uniform skirts, that you want to attend school while my brother spent a lot of sperm .... To take a poop, the smell of sperm from a lose Brother, please retreat."
My brother "Well, then Asuka as desired, and tonight you'll spend a lot ...."
Saying, Dokashimasu.
I have come to the limit already.
Skirt is lost as soon as pain in the stomach.
Another, or embarrassing, it does not matter.
Good decisions and not long ago.
In the room.
In front of his brother.
It has been taken.
"Oh .... ... No good.'re Out .... Ugh ... Ugh. ... And Lee."
And crying, noisily shit then excreted.
A brother, "You know .... Asuka .... You say I feel ...."
... The question, but this time her head, vertical .... Nodding.
"Oh yeah .... Tsu Yeah. ... Feel good. ... Feeling good."
And says to the camera.

済Mu and this is about then, my brother is fucked.
Sex is issued in the end.
Making it a bit to really feel good.
My brother is into anal cock ... hate ... hate that has been lost, I know ... mortifying.

My brother is a fat, I feel really bad, you will not get married ... maybe.
S right to be, too.
Better yet, fucked by his brother, happy to be a toy, lead to better ... to think.
I like that now.

By the way, so the next morning, when you go to school uniform skirt I want the smell of her brother's sperm.
Almost always, fresh sperm contains a lot out of my pocket.

Re: [147] a slave.


You're the worst I can not forgive his brother. Okay as is?

It is slavery.

Now, 16 years old.

At the age of 14 when the two, my brother has been imposed, SEX with.

My brother is on a five in fat, and geeky.
Always hated feeling bad.

My brother is sick in the fat, I learned that masturbating with my underwear.
'm Really did not like.
I did not say anything do not want to talk with the wash basket to put my underwear the next day.
I found out and realized, my brother and I did the next day 合Wasemasen eyes.
(From my pants no longer possible to masturbating, my brother and Tsukatsu He was in a used napkin ....)

2 in October. The faster the club is finished, now go home as soon as possible.
This time I'm not my brother and parents were masturbating.
Not compared with friends, but I think that I am very wet. So, when masturbation was the inclusion of underwear.
When you are face down on the bed and began to stimulate the clitoral legs closed, legs spread and his face still endure longer, just before the handshake on the hips a little clitoris with the thumb, middle finger hole was playing around.
The one time because he never had every day.

December. As usual, masturbation was no one home from school time.
But that day, I just noticed, my brother was not home myself.
Become addicted to masturbation without noticing, before ik, opens, the door of the room, Flash.
Abimashita flash many times.
Workshop materials and noticed that his brother, Lee I, I was taken to the place where the hip and knocking.

After Tta Lee approached the door I noticed my brother.
In the fat body. Additionally, the poor have a smile, was standing at the door.
My brother said nothing, still creepy smile, tighten the door and went out of the room.
I (try to do) or, if the idea about 10 minutes,
Open the door of the room a little, PC was placed in the printed image.
As expected, the pictures of my masturbation.
My brother back in the dirty words "AM1: just me at 00 junior high school uniforms. I say to someone, immediately sent to the net."
I noticed this.

From that day until now, more than a year, almost daily, and follow the instructions in the creepy brother hates fat.

Of course, virginity was broken by his brother.
At that time, was raped while in middle school uniforms.
Again and again, "I feel good to have your tea ..." was and told her.
It is really painful Shikatanakatta.

Bloomers and instruction of his brother, as well as a raped in the school swimsuit.
Shiro sometimes called masturbation.

The more embarrassing, the instruction tell you to pee in front of his brother.
Naked. Wearing pants. ... In a swimsuit.

When you're fucked, masturbation can also pee. Everything has been taken pictures and video.

Second, CD-ROM has become almost a 100.

In recent years, such as required school uniforms, something his brother does not have no sperm.