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Incest confession of women(2004-12)

Re: [340] Village of memories

> They erase me I left my heart, I'm beginning to think that the recent moves. I'm worried about is a little like something has changed my body.
> I am now in a very average home husband and son to have a man, but made life Irun enough work for part-time before, when they sleep at night remember. It would in my head lately Yogitsu sweet thoughts when I was actually embraced by his brother when I was young.
> Distance away and my brother is not so, I recently wondered whether there are times when I do 無性Ni to meet you. I have written I'd have the courage to come if you have any advice or should I do?
You should see the phone?

Relationship with father

yuna himekawa[345]
I was raped by the father and his friends.
My father owns a restaurant they jointly with a few friends,
The shop has a 切Ri盛Ri mother.
I had to help when you have time to shop.
One day in the evening last month, in a phone call from my mother asked me to go to the store to pick up the books.
Since that day the store was closed, I stopped at the store on the way home from college.
Entering the back door key to open the shop and headed toward the counter. Then I heard from more women in the back.
I thought at first, but mishearing, after all you hear.
But I'm scared to go out, unfortunately, I caught my father came out of the bathroom.
"Your father's?"
I could not understand how the shop is why the father.
The father grabbed my arm and taken to the back of the store was surrounded by women who have a few people there.
The woman was in and saw me crying, not their words in Japanese.
Women by those who were regular people often come to the store to friends father.
You have no voice and look at me with fear, comes closer to me with an expression of a grin.
"What? ... Stop it.'s Why your father?"
Father but not the answer.
Another man, I'm holding a suddenly 押Shi倒Shimasu on the couch.
My father was released and went to another more women are already naked.
"Your father's, help!"
Then the guy on my cover overhanging the
"Yuka-chan thought I was going to take before Scored"
To say, I had to rub my chest under the shirt.
I have resisted desperately, and I come to grab the jeans 脱Gasou forcibly by another man.
"Stop! Your father's, help!"
Look towards the father was overhanging cover and naked women on the lower body.
As soon as I saw it, I missed the power of the body. Someone to help me in this and I think nobody.
The man unhook jeans, jeans 脱Gashimashita intact.
"Yukiko-chan hehe I'm resigned to the T'm back today"
To say, T-back pull on the leash has been cut into them.
"Yukiko-chan's butt, I'm always watching"
I covered his face with both hands.
The man raised on a bra roll up my blouse off buttons, and turn your tongue licking nipples violently.
"Yukiko-chan, what? It feels good?"
Noisily licking dirty Yurujuruto continue the same.
There has been turning over in shorts rubbed my other hand.
I endured to Kuishibatsu teeth. Eventually, it is also taking off panties and fingers come through.
A man saying a dirty word in my ear, 掻Ki回Shimasu over there.
They gathered around a group of men, touching my body, and push dick.
To respond by moving back a little when I
"What? Yukiko-chan, and I'm still kind of love"
And he can act to escalate.
The man took off his pants, sticking out my lower body face, and put in your mouth.
I do not open your mouth to put desperately
"You Open your mouth!"
And a few have been forcibly put to a slap in the mouth again.
The man moved back, come into my throat. After all, the man I end up there.
Then, my dick has been inserted into another man.
It was never a virgin will have to cry in pain and was put in a chagrin force.
"Good idea, I would want to more intensely Yukiko-chan?"
Said the man moves back violently.
I was committed to the three men. Can not think of anything more distracted, just simply stunned.
Eventually, me and holding me someone. Father did.
I had a stepfather and raise, lying face down on the table for. Came from behind and put 思Ikkiri.
突Kimasu dozens of times from behind me no longer any strength left to resist.
My father while massaging the chest,
"It was bad, Yukiko-chan"
Has said. I was silent.
"The translation'm not go away like this.
Matt's not here and everyone Bareru SEX Shinee doing things.
But the thing I was aiming for her people and Yukiko.
Someday I Yaritai. I'm your father's the same. "
The stepfather, said that, with the release in me at once.
A few days later, the stepfather was a picture.
I had the photo of naked.
It was taken a photo did not notice at all.
Perhaps I took when I become distracted.
I still continue to be the relationship between father and their friends.

Unnatural sex with my brother

I am a 36-year-old widow does not go, 30-year-old brother is also single.
Parents are alive and well with agriculture in the country.
We are trying to live in their apartment in Tokyo,
We are a fun weekend brother and sister incest.
Most come to my apartment, but my brother, sometimes my brother go away sometimes.
The brother came to fuck with me from the middle school, but I'm the guilty brother, ever since we became unable to leave.
I do not like the enema urine brother, brother I like to drink my urine and intestinal fluids.
Friday night sleep will continue to sexual intercourse. Dirty licking each other's genitals while becoming one another naked, sucking each other, drinking each other to spend each other's urine. Ask my brother to urine enema in the bathroom.
My brother will give an enema with warm water. Fuck I still contain the water in the stomach and urine, but I'd like to do it irresistible to endure a likely leak.

I wanted to married life with my brother

Had not yet known, but it seems like a dubious relationship with her husband and my brother. One difference between brother and sister we were good friends from childhood. Interested in each other's body since he was in elementary school, junior high school when their parents were hiding from sexual intercourse. In the eighth grade when the child is pregnant with my brother, but was forced abortions are known to get mad at me mighty parent's relationship with his brother did not confess. My parents thought it would be my wayward daughter, I gave very important to me that his brother loved about him. Forced marriage is that I did not come between her brother and for me to know that our parents. I'm sorry but my husband and I also love the little 沸Kanaku husband has sex with her husband not to be put in and why something happens Segan husband. Have sex about twice endless honeymoon, but otherwise has not done even after six months with her husband. But, my brother is doing on a daily basis. I have my house in the footsteps of his brother in a sake brewery house, my brother and I have a financial relationship with a family business because they are face to face every day. My brother planned to get married without having to single 義理立Te to me. I am now, I think a divorce from her husband. Once a divorced woman can be married and living as good as his brother.愛Shi合Imashita in the car with my brother today. Remembrance and give birth to a child as soon as his brother.


When I started in 6th grade, my father was naughty.
I have a great sense of fear for humans, especially men from it.
But it may be received by the recommendation of Mr. Counsel.
However, it remains true that anyone said.

But now 18 years old, coming Uzukimasu body touching my father.
There would soon wet.
Every day now they will have me Itabutsu father is waiting.
My father is very nice but I think that transformation.
My pubic hair was shaved to happen to him.

Sometimes I ride the train during rush hour movies and no panties at me.
And I have watched from a distance that is playing tricks on me we had a pervert.

And I'm the height of pleasure. I feel this is the idea that the die is certainly fascinated by the devil.

But I can not stand. I can no longer get Itabutsu father would disappear and live feeling. I would have made sure the other woman called metamorphosis.

Sure. I want to. I want more shame. Itabutsu want more.
Finally, is hoping to stir a long penis Ino Hutoshi father.

I'm happy to be born as the daughter of his father.
Now, no one to pass his father (my mother has passed away three years ago.) I hope I'll be with you forever live with my father.

My father makes it full of demonic pleasure in my father really great transformation.
I do not regret it.
Sexual intercourse with my father at the feet of my writing this email I put the vibe.

The vibe they put such a pleasure full of aphrodisiacs are probably most women are feeling sorry for what I go by and die without knowing.

Oh, nice. Can be together with my father.

Is no longer suffering.
The answer to whether or not you would not know.

From me to you once had the same trouble.

Day but

However universities closed, the parent will not, and went to visit his brother in high school, but decided to masturbate free lunch, so.
H and his brother from the room naked while watching a video saying goodbye to his room,
Massage the breast and rub the clitoris while lying on the floor, however feel that the voice seems to become gradually Iki, has opened the door with a slam.
起Kiagaru there with my brother naked surprise ... And there was the Bing.
My brother and I are freezing over there near the face came before me "suck," he said. Not supposed to be like brother and sister because I thought I should reject the other is not there all .. going .. going all wet, and the reason is flying and stood looking at what his brother Bing, I mouth.
This is my brother in his mouth ... but now I think unbearably excited like crazy. Because it was already stiff with stiff, my brother has put in some time after Shabutta back to life from my hands and knees.
At that moment there I came in with the flood because it was already Nyurun "Oh ... That" as soon as they give voice to season! And piercing and all the way, she was breathing He sat away feeling like electricity is passed through the body.
Real SEX with brother and I think students are placed in addition to earnestly feel superfluous,
My brother shook violently grabbed the waist and hips Zunzun my pleasure to become a little crazy, "Oh, go, go," Lee has been shouting.
Then his brother cum, I felt really out on that feeling in my sperm.
Many times for that day.
... Still got wet coming.

Village Memories

They erase me I left my heart, I'm beginning to think that the recent moves. I'm worried about is a little like something has changed my body.
I am now in a very average home husband and son to have a man, but made life Irun enough work for part-time before, when they sleep at night remember. It would in my head lately Yogitsu sweet thoughts when I was actually embraced by his brother when I was young.
Distance away and my brother is not so, I recently wondered whether there are times when I do 無性Ni to meet you. I have written I'd have the courage to come if you have any advice or should I do?

Son in junior high school

I am now 39 years old. I live alone with my son in junior high school.
Became a physical relationship with my son, it was now beginning to take a bath with my son a few years after that chance.
My son was in middle school, the son of his childhood was not already.
I saw the naked body is a vivid erect hard.
But that time my son away dejectedly as a bad thing but to comfort you so I do not care who it was nothing more.
That the number of overlap between taking a bath together, and I think once it becomes gradually lower barriers between parents and son of mine.
One day in summer, I finally accepted his son into the body.
Taking a bath together, as always, wash your body when you are matching each other when we started to wash my fingers tracing a son over there, I was invited by his son finger movements, It issued a moan of the woman. It was triggered.
Hand movements to caress her son went to change, I move turned into a woman Deanie Ip.
We sucked on my tongue to my son, my son what 吸Imashita.
Now my mouth, thick semen has been released of her son.
Breath with his son, in the meantime risen from two in the bath.
Then head to the bedroom naked.
I had to lick my son there was wet enough already overflowing.
A second time until it reaches the top of me.
When the Son of Man usher led me. His hand and led me to where I put up at the entrance of his son, but stale.
And I became a mother and son have sex with filthy.
I gave my son ass hole.
Before looking at my son showed up to urinate.
Son in the sight, the figure showed a bowel movement.
As a woman, everything put out by exposing human 秘Subeki.
I do not have hair over there. Has shaved coot.
Instead. My armpit is not allowed to be processed.
It is like a relationship with another man 結Benai I never.


Is that one day.
I fucked my brother.
Cotton system had borrowed the CD went back to my brother.
Trying to knock the door and raised my hand the moment, the voice of my brother has leaked from the room.
It was hard to hear they mutter, and I asked the ear pressed against the door, "Ayu ..." I heard a voice say.
The cotton system is listening for a while wondering, "Ayu, I like ..." I said.
Little surprised, and peek inside the door quietly opened, I saw your brother back on the bed.
There is a bedside box of tissues, cotton system I realized that as soon as masturbation.
Masturbation brother saw because it was the first time I'd like to see more, but looked nervous.
"Ayu, Ayu Iitsu ... ... ... ... take me ..." Every time I hear my name, now there's hot cotton system.
Cotton in the big brother system is being committed. I think so, just there to get hot ... my heart pounding.
Back to my room no longer possible to endure.
Vibes coming out from the drawer and went into bed 即行.
While feeling out the voice of her brother, has been in my head ... sex.
My legs were covered in a deep blanket of sound that leaks out vibe was sweating.

19 years old.

I'm like a father and daughter or brother and sister incest me? But I did it different.
Mom and I'm a lesbian. What is incest too? Is high time one did me.
The day on a business trip without Dad, I was watching TV after eating dinner together.
Omoshiroku not much to it, I was spacing out. Then Mom, "May, you get into a bath together?" Hey.
I was surprised a little, "Yeah Why Mommy Come on you just put" I told you,
"Oh, I" decided to get together and change of mind. I am going to enter,
Mom "I'm very clean main body," I said look at me intently.
"Daa, and embarrassing," I said, Mom, "tried to wash Ikko," she said to, and has touched my heart.
Somehow I'm scared, "Mom, stop," I told you, is to move suddenly embraced,
Mom took my hand Then, I brought dick. I have become somewhat confused,
But had to leave mom. Finally began to touch my dick. I had experience of masturbation, I,
It was the first person to be touched.
"Still a virgin?" I was asked to, and Kokkuri and nod, "He will not do, like a mother from becoming unhappy," I said.
Then the mom could not leave. Boobs sucked, and licked a dick, now the white head.
After that long in the living room naked. Dick licking mom too, and licked my dick, was when I noticed this morning.
Ever since that day even now Ttemasu lesbian. But now, Mom and Dad will be so mad at SEX and think you are jealous.
The next day Dad Rezurimasu always embraced. Mom likes the smell of Dad turned off the dick,
Tanned enough to let my saliva is coming out. But I'm so happy for that.
Then get to lick the same too long.
However, is it not also thinking what a boyfriend.


But several times I had ever been behind a tan. But this time Kano Hana ~ comes late, but I was wondering, I'm pregnant. The real trouble to consult my brother, I mean, I'm a child of my brother something.
I am so unloved even while living with my brother to take another three years. Maybe I should still be pregnant together. I will say I'm going about my brother.

The picture will only

When I went to college, I decided to sell the hot stuff in Buruserashoppu quick thinking earn spending money. I had my brother help you in those years I was in high school makes sense when you are sick after the place they photographed it and really naughty.

I wear the uniform, for example, are posing in the back of it feels like, let me take a picture I feel like standing in a place it seems after my brother.
Yes, I did so and a T-back, but the younger brother after I was let stand naked body because it'll be reflected in ^ ^, that the Lightning first saw this when my brother ^ ^ v

I looked like I'm being really look at the picture later. Beginning his brother is "not stupid", but she wanted to Kitarashiku gradually become somewhat interesting, among them "toots, if she got this bad?"
I got quite enthusiastic about getting up or 言I出Shi.
I'm just being realistic in a normal position and put not see properly because of my hair, at that time I had taken my brother from the top to really take off your legs without underwear ー cane.
"Do not look," Do not look at me Muri Yu better posture Well I told you this, I saw my brother is probably one of my dick firmly.

Buruserashoppu went up for sale on a little picture from the built up such a thing to do at least twice.
Looking like a younger brother working of course, put to it now.
Then the manager was really happy there, "This is a pretty good price I sell," I never Yu.
I was done I started wearing uniforms in high school I grow on active duty. Take off your panties on the spot,
5000 yen I had bought fresh off panties and 5 pictures. But we have some photos Hakikae panties,
I like him if I took off my Post on the spot anyway. Instead, I was being photographed wearing at the time ^ ^;

Eventually got to buy six sets like that, I went back to receive a whopping 30,000 yen.
Nde 300 yen at Ito-Yokado also bought him the panties, I felt something killing me ^ ^ v
My brother gave 10,000 yen to the Galleria.
"Honey, you gave me money Rakkijan manage to choke on my body," I get to say, my brother-chan "Hey, great pictures were about 10,000 more were bought in 5000 yen I get like this, 're going to be? "I Yuuno.
"What more awesome, Do Yuu Yono" I Yuttara,
"What is it with you boobs rubbed from behind, and you feel that you are putting your finger in dick, and this is something I Feller"
What I'm Yu.
"I Gomakashiki photos like that there not?" I Yuttara,
"Oh, good. Yarushi were about to do my Son" I never Yu.
"Are not you stupid. Yanannainosa misplaced why is such a thing to me is you" and I Yu, "Come on, But I'm not really have sex," I never Heki suru.

That place also went to another day, I asked the manager to sell any pictures were high,
"Ne I thought, I suddenly have a foul and sell high guy" was told.
"Sugokattajan last picture. I'm glad something is put in place they posture. I had sold it on the same day. Right then, how Feller. Of the popular"
"I really got to take more of that and I asked my boyfriend," I Yuuno.
Because of Barenakatta Yarase contrived photo I'm his brother and a good

As my brother was saying. That guy, I wonder what I did in high school to the habit? ^ ^;
Why do not you tell from my brother back "Oh, right, that so I Yu 撮Rou of" What I really keen.
"Well, Once in the bathroom and coming from," I went back to my room I slowly.

And rises out of the bath room I have, my brother came.
"Oh, toots, you seem like a sexy ho hair is wet? It around behind me"
Come up slowly behind me without permission I have to touch the chest from the top T-shirt.
"Screw you, what are you doing it." Stop and I'm saying that my brother let go of your hand
My brother has a hand grabs my breasts from the bottom, the moment "Huh?" I felt so big and strong I think. What I felt your body involuntarily and Vic.
"Toots, ー're a rehearsal is still felt s bad tea," My brother was laughing.
"The Well, I like this?" My brother has put his left hand touching the chest with my right hand 内Momo right.
"First, while wearing clothes, feeling?" Said his brother away from it with a digital camera set.
Set a timer and Pasha posing in a hurry to come back earlier.
"Then the next ー be, for example I'll just take off her pants hey had" got turned into something more pace and my brother.
I just took off the bottom, which I've just taken a similar pose
I touched my brother had a finger over the panty.
"Let me stop a moment"
"I'm not, I'll look into this as not Yarase. Hey, I take" Pasha.
"Hey ー following her, took off on"
"What? I Yada."
"You'll be fine from that perspective rather 分Kan put things right" to take off my brother takes me from behind.
"Oh hey, I know, do not Hippannai" I started playing I just got the panties.
"O ~, ー toots on his chest only. I knew.'s 75 D cup and I"
I was stunned. This girl I know you like my bra size.
"Yo touch, right?" Right? I was saying I already been touched.
"~ Us, only ー Soft. Mochii come ~" So slowly brother to me adopt a similar pose and just
And this is my honest, I feel I got sloppy coming. And brother, while his right hand touching the left nipple with your fingers touched my heart I've been on my clitoris stimulated stronger than before.
I was thinking, "Oh" and I've aloud, and began to fondle my brother like crazy like it was signaled.
"Ah ~, I Yada, Oh Oh stop stupid" I was like tea Nokezotsu to leave your body at all bad at the other brother after that I was trying to resist.
"Toots cute. Iroppoi tying" My brother came to move your fingers really hard and rough while breathing.
"Ah ah ah sauce ~ ~" The thing I like the other picture I was crazy to forget about feeling.
"Toots, but I Pantsu Bichobicho cool" My brother and I Yu, and fingers from the side of the panty jerk
"Ah ah ah ~ ~" I was a little rough and intense fondling his brother, to etch ever felt like no great pleasure. To feel like that shit
Chan "Hey, I want sex" is like my brother had to say such a thing. To me it is like at that time I did not understand what s going on, and noticed that his brother opened up my knee back up they have come before. I saw my brother above facing array.
"Hey, Yada, Stop it, what is" 言I終Waru before me is, my brother came with me to put things into their own.
"Oh Yeah ~ ~ ~" I cried with great pleasure. No longer will it become the translation is 分Kannaku
I have great Tarashiku aloud, while his brother had been directed to poke my hand to mouth.

My brother got me Sore程 installed in less time. The last out was on my tummy.
If I was motionless for a while, my brother and I had to wipe the thing in his stomach tissue.
"I'm really glad toots"
"Hey I wanted to properly long before I was to follow through masturbation while thinking things toots"
"From the first time at the pictures taken with him, I already put up Dekinakutsu"
"I'm happy now gah grinded. Okonnai it in?"
I will be surprised and anger to hear that my brother had to speak.
From the way I feel is a man clearly in his brother, thinking too little or not,
The truth is I noticed that I could not stop.

Since then, taking pictures and selling, but still continues, has already taken in Yarase enjoying sex with his brother without 思Ikkiri.
Oh, and Blow is popular photos lately been full of requests I got from the manager.
Eventually somehow unable to get the best brother?

Father and that

yuna himekawa[334]
You can lick me for a while "standing" and said. But I was no longer standing and energy.
I had a father and carried to bed. And until now had been the exact opposite.
My father lay on his back in bed and I took out the phone. Have tried to stop,
Barely float in a few hands, many pieces were taken into the body Mo写 media. It is thought that the father did not think the family.
After taking pictures, "and the only ..." and I have to kiss. I've had better feelings are
Accept the kiss has become more pleasant. Seen intently chest, pinched her nipples had been standing,
"Uh Oh!" Was forced to put his voice gone. Tongue placed in the mouth, is likely to become dizzy.
Mouth go down, my heart began to suck. My mouth was empty, there was only Egu.
"I Oh Oh Oh go!" And to hear words like very much his father had not put out the word.
My father continues to attack the body in silence. When I went further down the mouth of the father, I was prepared for things to go.
My father repeatedly pivot on my knees, fingers open vagina and began licking gently. I hold the sheet's might,
Tried to resist going a little longer, Pyuppyutto in less than a minute, I spray.
As I reached the peak force someone to further similar to scream out loud but started licking clit sucking.
In the mouth of the father, went into the liquid would be me. I am ashamed to be helped,
I'm just going to bear desperate, I had no other can. After this, I have been inserted and,
I not write to remember. Maybe I write. Later, it was not your father's brother,
Or something but now occasionally touching over the clothes in my vagina and sometimes the chest, and the production 望Mou without
I also like me to go work properly. This fact, whether for good really do not know yet

It's my brother

Now I am a high 2. Though it is Koto last summer, that night, my brother, "I drink together," he said,
My brother drank in the room. Story time progresses gradually toward naughty, my brother "Hey sister,
Still a virgin? "I've heard. "No, I'm not a virgin anymore," I lied.
Lightning becoming drowsy sleep while I was drinking. Feeling of waking up in the body are touched.
Put your hand inside the shirt Τ brother of Deta massaged my chest. I was surprised, "Kya! What are you doing it yourself!"
Then my brother, "I did before my sister and Sita? Virgins because they feel sorry, but
Was waiting to lose, "he said, was taking off the shirt and bra Τ. "I heart my sister De Kai!"
While massage has been sucking the nipple of the breast cup and said Ε. Expected to slightly pleasant "Huh ‥ there," I got a voice out. Is taking off with the pants and shorts
At last I left the image of birth ‥. "I'm still a virgin!" I told you "I now slow!
I stop myself can not stand it! "He said, my brother naked. My brother was too thick hand grip position to at least 20 cm.
Please brother Takumi have foreplay, licking clitoris while my brother, you really feel good with your fingers and roll the nipple, and I got a virgin cum.
Then my brother devoted to challenging my vagina little boy, and had put a little bit. Itta and although I was a virgin in foreplay.
Really in pain, "Ouch! Please!'ll Stop!" I said "It was really a virgin sister, then I'll have my girl!" He said, was penetrated at once. "Tsu Oh, ouch ouch, please, relax!" But my brother, "Wow sweet! I in the best ever!
Copyright Ah Tsu, "Lightning and is then beautifully Nakade. Η pretended I was a virgin and her boyfriend that Atto,
Small and not good at all. Η with my brother and I in one week.


On that day my aunt went on a trip with his mother, was home alone with my father.
Leave me home from school uniforms evening, my father suddenly 押Shi倒Shimashita the floor.
"Oh Wait ... what are you doing!"
"Yuka, I wanted to do this all the time."
My father has gone through the lips.
"I'll do ..."
"Do something to inspire others. Yuka's father thing."
My father was a serious look. I was scared,
"No, Dad!" To say that it was my best.
And ignore the words of my father, at once raised to sow the uniform blouse and bra.
"No way!" I hid my face in hands in shame and fear.
Puruntoarawaninatta my heart to see,
"I grew up pretty, Yuka ..." said his father massaged her breasts with his right hand,
We devoured with.
I "‥ ‥ Oh Yeah" and I involuntarily leaking voice.
It came in the Father's left hand and pat panties.
Rotate the left hand stroking my dick father and Kaki回Shimasu Kuchukuchu through your fingers.
I forget the fear, I came to my head vacantly.
"Antsu there ..."
"Is not that wet, Yuka ..."
Stopped his hand and foot movements.
○ My father took out his chin.
"!!"" Dad just can not do that! "
"Floor, already unstoppable. I want to be one with Yuka"
My father pulled down my panties quickly ○ Ategaimashita the tip of the dick at the entrance to Chin.
"Here we go, Yuka!"
"Oh no!!"
Went into my vagina and her father ‥ ○ Zubutsu Chin.
"Oh Yeah!"
○ chin and push the hips into my father until I googled Innovation root.
"Oh, I've entered all Yuka ‥. I got to one"
"A, Auu ... but it should not ..."
"‥ I'll give you more comfortably now."
My father started moving the hips, back and forth several times with Kono Naka ○ until I have your routine.
Zuchutsu Guchutsu ... ...
"You're not ‥ Oh, this father ‥, ‥ Au ‥ ‥'ll say No"
"Oh, Yuka Yuka ‥!"
Deep in me, what was the hot shot.


My brother and I and SEX.
When my brother was in junior high school for the first time. Yes, it was another first.
Was a confession from my brother did.
"No one can be painful, but brother, it is also happy," his brother had been so agonized.
Teru Hazama a trip with my parents and relatives, his brother and two alone
I also really liked my brother. So I accepted.
Big dick hard and long and thick. Sperm overflowing.
I can see a time hit the back of the uterus in the soup.
At the same time to get acme, the body is numb.
And are exhausted, gently kissing, saliva snarl.
Tits and mouth out well, in addition to soup.
But it is a happy turn slimy sperm and his brother became their solution from the dick.
After 10 years living on soup and two brother.
But they could also quite every day, my brother finally 授Karimashita children.
Siblings can not marry because I, now, I keep quiet lives of two parents gave us.


Naked and take off your coat, I took a bath.
Reservoir water in a bathtub, two people entered into it. My father,
Let it sit for a while back before him, in front of that little boy's father Bokki my ass opened up on both knees in my crotch. Attracted me was the play resumed. Smooth out the fingers thanks to the extra water. Not only breasts and vagina without mercy or his dad has been smoking with his head as well. "I'm licking," and say,
Licking my neck from bottom to top, Kuwaemashita ears. "Ah ... ah ..." I felt it aloud.
But that I was twitching to sexual intercourse, nor should be stopped, in my head, that it was full of Play.
My father raised my left arm started licking the side. I was embarrassed as likely to feel dizzy. Heart attack while watching your side is, is tossed about the chest, you are attacked before sexual intercourse. This is it,
I'll believe that I was being Ikasa.

Re: [327] I want

Give birth to her son's child.
I'm thinking more easily.
I get my birth to two children of her son in fact.
We are not tied deeply devoted to the first. Unusually strong libido son, now a glimpse if they have time to masturbation, I'll do it by hand now that I become sad. Hands in their mouths and out their mouth and the vagina, and it became a full male and female relationships.
The son, so I was rather strong sex drive if not Shiro was a strong desire to have incestuous before. Some are even younger brother, but no one was approaching me, my son really wanted from my body. I was involved in losing enthusiasm like his son is taken away the magic of incest among my better reason, can not live without my son I have become.
Now we have to live as good a wife, so feel free single mothers refrain from nowhere is not original. As a bastard child born has delivered me.


Holy man of the world temple saint of the way the beleaguered father, sister, 53 years old mother 54 years 48 years 39 years my husband, I'll introduce my family it's an ultimate sex act with good feelings than I thought it was not incest 3
Then my husband whom I both made from milk incest Fuamiri'm all other 37 people in all 35 years younger 36 years old 6 years younger sister 35 years (relative of course) all together even small children know I'm just a family night every apartment living apartment building and revitalization of the company not to marry someone else because I'm fond of staying there anyone else Whirlpool 13 people so I can free incest sex with whom Non-citizens are in trouble
Now my sister's son (age 14) my son I will embrace you in the next room (25) and seventh daughter (age 12) I'm good I'm good hey 啼I daughter doing sex with man Yesterday I was surprised I got love sex sex with anyone if they asked a man walking down the street from us because we would wish to share with each other if all of the world men and women and male and female flowers and female sex Anyway, I'm perfectly able to incest sex but man it was 72 years old at the pub or inviting I wish I'm sorry guys and girls free sex 出来Tara 出来Tara town go there and enjoy everyone I feel good


過Giyou a year trying to get laid to look like the real sons. Even though there was also a lot of things to worry during this time the most important now is the time my son is being held. I've been able to pour into the life of his son that affection for me Masu Masu.
Mothers like me stupid, but I do not think, gotten my son wanted a child, my eggs so numb semen gushing and that comes through being fired from his son's body when Shisa Nakade I have gotten stronger every night you want to meet, are suffering.


I so not want to refrain from "I want to make a good father ..."
"... OK" "Instead, I'm just ..." "I understand ..."
Ginger was not really scary, but this went. Not guaranteed to not have to go through the voice
Maybe I will but also may be. Dad
And pulled me on his back, we've opened my crotch knee. The absence of things that were.
However touching the breasts and vagina, I was born to give voice to the desperate. And high school students is far different as I thought it'll adults.
Still, I do not go into the ditch, I was also getting sexual intercourse can feel your chest. I was already wet in the groove.
Smooth away into the father's fingers, I was out gambling Yuttoka sound. I would feel extra crotch is open.
"Ah ... Damn ..." leaked out and voice. Have endured so desperately to cause his brother was still impossible.
"Father ...'ll voice out ..." He said nothing, somewhere to call, I started wearing a coat.
I do not move, could only have Pikuppikutto convulsions. The taxi came a few minutes.
Dad is good for me to make a Messager, Messager left home to leave. I did not put the power in his hand.
I am this day, This is why we went to the hotel first. After no longer just want to be like dad.

Re: [322] Kino thing

Painful past but I was

First night

Is there a happy life there are various life, making life much more the opposite. I've had a cousin killed herself the president of the company went bankrupt relatives. Reach the office of the news that our brother and sister, my brother I went by car. Sometimes on holidays the next day I had been lucky not to go off by spring. My husband is a good answer Kitara was immersed in hot springs from a good brother and sometimes slowly.
When it comes to sex real brother and sister never even thought we did not have any. So, to make blankets to sleep in the same room side by side, I began to feel hot sake while I drink a meal in the room. Many of our friends into thinking waitress put away Take it slowly around Drunk. The waitress's I was fooled by what others have put everything to the hot sake, after it went out because he wears to pick up tomorrow morning.
While I was drinking next 返杯 brother went around the side of two of hot sake drink too drunk with my brother. My brother went through it again without so much as even a heart disorder that I did not worry because the yukata anything like brother and sister relationship, too. My brother was doing that in the eyes and disorder of the feet and chest I think. It has touched my heart to put his hands in a bathrobe but I hope a good size-chan just one touch. Just gone to lie down I feel, I feel like I have been tempted to touch my brother dressed like a friendly. Not only can touch the brother band turned loose, it had gotten out of the yukata breasts, I began to lick his brother.
I've left everything to his brother somehow gotten more confused. I've become numb to experience sex like never tasted so far embraced by his brother the first time. I had slept soundly until morning and hugging each other naked for several times. I was floating in my mind sharp just like a dream when you wake up sex. I went from close to embracing the way of my brother before going to the morning bath. Now that there is a hotel enjoys.


I said, "I'm just ..." I hope to OK. "And the only ..." "Instead,
Then brave here (my brother) may come in the room ... dad ... "
"OK ...." I get to the bedroom, I became naked while hiding the body in bed.
Dad is now naked. I stay still and I was sitting for my dad back.
I have touched on the shoulder and the father wince. Arms around his chest was slightly swollen,
With smoke has been fired. Of breast massage is better than his original, to feel, a little scared now.
Nokezotsu away touched the nipple and neck, I was feeling. Hold the head with one hand and smoke are 付Ka,
Breast was gently massaged. From the neck, shoulders and move locations, you have until I went into this more with one hand.
To be stroked gently, still feel, I move Pikuppikutto.
Permitted me to do, get back to the chest.