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Incest confession of women(2004-02)


I am a 15 year old third year middle school. I confess that I found here I was playing with accidentally absent from school with a cold computer.
I live with my dad two people died from the fourth grade when Mom. Dad's not even the real father is a married guy and the other mom.
I therefore, the demand for sex and body Chata from Dad last summer. I love daddy was received from the kind I confess I got was that I liked from way back. And I taught many loved by papa sex.
But recently, I have a strange state of the father. That asks for sore hands are tied and come looking for me to hate. Wake your daddy 訊Itara that "This is a SM'm horny. Now I'll be tough but I feel good once you get used to pain," and taught me.
But what I said is true of a father, someone who has experienced a very anxious, you tell me?

My brother and I

yuna himekawa[145]
I will be age 20 OL is.
I believe that we ourselves are a woman, we can not spend their days actively term relationship with a man there thinning hair for some reason.
To me, our 8 year old brother years away. The cute little brother came back in 5th grade.
I have said that the recent very poor.
I Shaved also have the desire it happen.
And his brother slept in another room but we could not sleep at night around 10 o'clock, I was comforted Orimashita alone on a separate voice in Deta thinking like, forget to close the pass key It's bad, our opponent suddenly the door "feeling bad okay sis?" we have entered and brother.
And brother, startled faces, but I could not bare the embarrassment it there, "Take what you knocking about," I scolded and trembling voice, let me sit down on the bed Shimaimashi grabbed his brother's hand somehow or.
"Sis, I'm sorry," the brother said, "I'll Punish"
Exposed his penis to not fly off your pants by pants and cute hair. "I'm sorry," the brother said, "Shut up because a little punishment," while good, are not cute little boy Tsukimashita for the water is still ahead.
It smells a wee little wee-wee. I suck like crazy and it has become hard and increases Mukumuku, I let my Shidaka massage accompanied with the hand on my chest pressed against his brother and irresistibly. "As painful sis, such as penis hurts"
I came with my brother crying.
"It's a punishment from, it hurts a little, a little pain will not go this way is" the tip of the little boy gave up and peeled.
Pretty pink ones have appeared. In between I was leaning so far from there until the thigh juice heart pounding.
"That still hurts," his brother said, "Well this pain will do is close your eyes a little," little boy astride his brother was the clangor of his brother lying on his back with his eyes closed and his brother bet me they were greeted with a hand slowly. This is a man thing, the first man and Jean Tokimashita. There is my little boy is bringing in any pain I could not feel my brother. I came up out of there feeling coming back slowly moved more and more thrust. When put in front of the darkened "sis, ー'm a pee," was issued along with something in my voice. Then suddenly my brother dick I missed smaller.流Re出Shimashita from there I have a white liquid.
My brother crying, "because it put a bad girl pee, I'll not tell from today's mom, well hold your tongue, Yoshio," and issued a gag to room.
It was the first man to throw away her virginity is a thing too low Yoshio. I think that might come out after feeling a little bit and then it Jean.
Yoshio and I would like to rise to the occasion or stuffed.

My brother became increasingly hard dick "so sore,

Please tell me.

My seventh grade.
And my brother is a freshman in high school.
My brother is fine.
Today, parents are not. So, Just two people.
I was pressed down to his brother.
"No! What are you doing? Brother!"
"The virgin is not it nice sometimes"
I can do but I stuck to my brother.
But now is the perfect toy for his brother.
Recently, I came Cha Lee, too.
Recently, you have a boyfriend. It is two years older seniors. The seniors are like virgins.
I'm a Let you blame.

Who, besides me, please tell me who my brother is the first experience Imashitara.

Older brother

I have a brother on four. My parents went to travel is that when I was two people.
Is this likely is a scene. . . Thought it was.
I wanted to see from the dying brother masturbation.
Sitting on a sofa wrapped in towels just came out of the bath in bra on purpose.
Of course, even under Temasen Yes.
Pretending to sleep when I was little legs spread, her brother came

Dick would peek.
Open pretending to hit stride turned over, my pussy is getting wet mess Mushaburitsui Bichobichoni.

If I'm in the pink penis of a brother Tsuya Tsuya. . .
Kuwaeru warm and had wavy.

Bareru parents so that dirty on the couch in the room with her brother H.

According to seven times that day.

Brother freshman year, I have two years of high school.

She was unable to say so.
After that night, come to lick my pussy every day.
Aichi Yannoochinchinmonameteagemasu to us.

Re: [136] a sense of hopelessness

Hail Satomi's Sex It is a great son

Re: [136] a sense of hopelessness

I can not believe that, life is a big deal now but if you really like a family drama even though the collapse

The first time posting, Satomi's housewives (41) is.


In the spring of this year, when the children went to visit my husband's brother, with relatives of her husband (eighth grade) I had, things would just stay at home and two people.
My husband's brother, wife and brother away quickly out of the fishing boat owner is so weak ... I do not like shopping alone for now.
Actually, my husband and I are so different sexual intercourse was 12 years old because he was out in front of blue fruit and there was anguish in the day was about once a month, does not collect.
I had balls like a man like a human.
I hung on the motion, when the rice was just lunch.
"Instead of your tea?" I spilled the cup and the boyfriend pants.
"Take off, and I'll wash" their hands and hang the belt and pants, "No, take off your own ..." and let us out of the room, and I got his pants down immediately.
I got to the momentum that has to be de-pants and pants scary.
"Ah," the voice of my face and I was hit in the face thing that snaps boyfriend stiffed.
I thing my husband than myself.
"Well, so much bigger, you know not Koh," Carré said is "Nee-chan I think your wrong,
Because you know so beautiful, "I was told was a wet feeling inside. Passion does not stop anymore.
Mono is a Calais and Calais Mushaburitsuku will ping and stretched his body stiff, too stiff cock will,
When I realized the things that scared the boyfriend 脈打Chi Innovation in the mouth, etc. Damn, Cum Eating Innovation was poisonous.
I bathed my boyfriend of cloudy liquid directly into the throat. About the amount of force was a little cough.
I'm amazing. Even though things still out of Calais is the one I turned to the heavens and the Bing still remain.
"I do not know," asked the boyfriend, and "Give me one more time ~, Nee's you"
This is not my brother, "says Nee us" is weak.
And'm really hard to talk about what the boyfriend was again in the mouth, "Oh ~" I let out a voice.
"Where do feelings?" When asked, "do everything in one's mouth," I said.
The maternal instinct thinking? I woke up to this time Tsukatsu tongue, and I was poison carefully.
Then, "No more! You'll cum," with a lot of ejaculation and Innovation 脈打Chi budge boyfriend in the mouth of the goods at the same time with a tearful voice.
Now pull out before the Copyright mouth, and I was put out by hand Shigoi.
Itta moment, there is also light Itta pleasure that I can clean up and I was doing at the mouth.
Dattarashiku first, I was impressed. It escalated from a while ...
The boyfriend and just the other day, I brush down to a love hotel with my husband the opportunity of a trip.
It is the forbidden fruit tastes good.

Forbidden relationship with his brother

In fact, I have to become involved his brother.
The day they go out to the house had only two parents and brother, I went to the room and suddenly my brother said it was boring, I was hugging my brother.
Surprise because it was too sudden, "What happened?"
Could barely hear my brother getting a kiss and say nothing, I got the power of the body just missing it.
Have been pushing my body to caress me gently on the bed has become a board can not think of anything good in the head What a kiss I thought I was still a child, it is I was surprised because it is good again, wherever or remembered, the reason I went off slightly in the wake of an erogenous zone in an ingenious way,
Imperceptibly being naked, when I rolled my tongue clitoris is Nokezotsu to cry thinking I was a woman this time instead of my sister, brother, that the time was inserted Iyo Iyo was clinging to his brother in the last reason is also gone crazy.
Well not think of anything more poke too pleasant, so No'll cum ... ... ... ‥ Copyright Ahhh ...
When his brother held a squid once again at full strength to spare me.
Change in various positions

I'm terrible thing

New Year's holiday at the end of the father, grandfather do not seem to have a chance to have sex with her. Increased the number comes in the room 忍N Maybe because my grandpa. Since I was feeling better sex, but a welcome, it was like my brother 感Dzuka one of those times. But I do not know come to my room late at night because my grandpa.

"Grandpa.'s Nde I was raised to see sick place."
"Do you want to see Takashi too."
"No, thanks. From nothing wrong."
"Slept here."

寝Kasemashita his brother on the bed. Raised around the belly rubbing his younger brother. That falls moves to the shoulders and chest when my brother's chest. Rub your crotch to get his brother to spare moment again. I understand that hard, but look at the groin several times. Every time you touch my brother Innovation budge.

"Oh. Wait a minute, here." Grab and brother in earnest.
"Wow." Raise his brother scream, but now I'll rub gently and quietly.
"I have to look good." 下Shimashita zipper and briefs. Touch the penis of a brother stuck with pink nervous. I'm really beautiful. I'm hard on it. Jump up and down vigorously grabbed release the penis. It will be interesting to play. Seems too sensitive on the other hand, jumped out quickly that I had been tinkering with the sperm.

Awatefutamekimasu brother better than me. Here are a tissue to wipe his brother's sperm. Like a penis is more sensitive after the out, pull the back run away brother still touching.
"Better weather?" And asked "Well, yeah." Waist again and subtract. "When I say sick.'ll Rub away." And said "Yeah, OK." Brother replied obediently.

Red and white is over, come year end 行Ku年 family have all got to sleep. My brother and I remained alone in the living room television set of late. I switched to CS the movie channels. I had to confirm sex of the midnight movie screenings. Well as the combination of sex and naked men and women do come to my room. Came gradually to feel strange. My brother seems to have been the same.

"Sis. Got hurt. Look." Brother and cut the ball rolling. Brother penis is a tent not much more than this. "You're right there." Penis is healthy and can jump out and make a brief and pants. I started rubbing. My brother was touching my chest, you hold back a little. To make it easier to insert your hand my brother, and I was off the blouse one button. My brother was entering his hand from there, you can remove the bra, finally touched the breast directly.
"Sis boobs. You're soft and smooth." Additional buttons on the blouse was removed,
Both hands are caressed. "Like a foreigner woman, right from the big boring."
"I do not think so. May I kiss?" Answer soon, my brother was kissing nipples.

I moved to the lower body seems to care brother.突Tsu込Mimashita face in the skirt.脱Gasou panties and stockings and at the same time. Yarimasu floated to support the waist. My brother is also permitted to caress the woman's first instrument. Since I was just excited to be able to see everything my brother was starting to get wet. I'll put my brother got from Grandpa condoms. Kyoton and brother were, like the meaning 決Shita 付Ketara try to blindly insert. Virgin or sadness does not go well, and I was leading me. The long-awaited moment of my brother reached the penis. Unlike Grandpa, and smooth skin, I whole body is hot. The movements are crap, but maybe because I ejaculate as soon as the young. I give and take to clean up the condom and begin to grow. Conducted using a condom the second time I brought in a preliminary plan. On television, but foreigners continued perpetuation of sex yet, so we siblings were no longer needed, it was switched off to sleep with each other.

Back in the room there was a grandfather. I know what you've done that with my brother. Me very happy. I go to someone with children inherit the house and me and my brother. At my age I want to play is still around, he replied in pregnancy and want to avoid absolutely think that the inclusion mother and brother in a family meeting to be socially acceptable ways that time has now come especially now. I have not included my father. Although it is absolutely confidential, brother and I to contain the blood of his father Inan. So this family participate in meetings. But it does not know himself, his father became very poor.

Once the New Year for both the old man to have sex. Burgeoning relationship with our family early next year, I had sex three times already. The concern now is that the controls do not bump into my room at my brother and grandpa. They might mess with his father potatoes in this case.

New Year would stay up late. CS is like a movie tonight too naughty for movie channels. I think now I go down to the living room. What will be seen together with his brother again.


I am a 20 year old college student. There are two brother down. My brother is getting severe domestic violence from a year ago, has even started Yai parents. You may hit a few times too. One day my brother came into my room, "Hey, sister, Roman: Come shakuhachi," said this. I was surprised that my brother said, "Sister, you know You're the man. Janeedaro Hatachi virgin," and said. I certainly is not a virgin. I Unadzukimashita silent. "Well and get to the shakuhachi to me," My brother went to bed on his back in bed with my trousers and pants and say so. I have been shivering. "It's our brothers," "I Shabure cock soon you'll be" my brother yelled. Our conversation should not hear my parents are downstairs. My brother and threw toward the dressing table was covered by the book. The mirror cracked clash and whistled. I grabbed my brother's penis cautiously kneeling beside the bed reluctantly. It's long, thick and brother than a lover, one was slightly bent. I have almost no experience of fellatio. "Hey, I'm not very good," said the cock slowly up and down while ironing. "I do not stick to the here and fast" my brother's crotch 撫Demashita say so disgusting. I've decided to suck cock brother Eru reluctantly. That is better than sex. Face close to the penis and with a bad smell Punto. I said, "Hey, please, come here to wash. Then I'll tell you," said this. My brother went down the stairs and out of the room naked lower body. To go to the bathroom to pass through the living room in front of his parents must have. Yet my brother went to the bathroom while keeping an erection in the penis. After a few minutes my brother came back lower body just took a shower. My brother and I lay in bed barely wipe around the body without 塗Reta, "You do not complain about this," said this. I immediately kissed Yutto to the smell of soap on the glans and the base of the penis with one hand. Open your mouth wide and then close your eyes, and slowly Emashita sucking cock until the base of his brother. And his brother returned from the mouth and lips to the tip of the penis to slow to hit just inside the lips and penis, "O" and the leaked voice. I will crawl on his lips went to my brother's penis while the tooth care to avoid exposure. Chan "Hey, I do Umaijan" was changed to sound like spoiled little brother's voice was rough. And continue to suck for a while, "toots, I'm, I'm out now. I like this out?" And said in a gentle voice. Innovation has been poured out full of something lukewarm nod from the head of the penis while still Kokun Munching my penis. What shall I do what my mind if I put my brother decided to take the plunge. The sperm of a man drank, of course, who was also the first time in the mouth. My brother and desire to spit in my mouth like a different person now quiet. Then my brother fellatio tease me now. Then my brother gave fellatio to be quiet. Since then, I at a rate of once every two days will take the process to wind brother sex. Domestic violence, but thanks to his brother Yamimashita parents are still pretending to see Minu.