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Incest confession of women(2004-11)

Kino thing

Daughter's death today, today, the 29th daughter, "Yui Kaoru" is the anniversary of.
My first baby that I actually stayed in my stomach, "Yui Kaoru" is the date of the abortion.
"Yui Kaoru" is the first week it was 21 406g · 22cm girls.
At that time, I had to abortion in the second year in high school yet.
My baby's father dwelt in the stomach Moreover, it was a brother who lived under one roof in the next room without anything even for those who fell in love with me.
I am the brother-in-law (Kino) is a pregnancy was forced to be raped.
I hark to the disagreeable.


yuna himekawa[321]
I was in high school, the parents are divorced because of infidelity of the mother, who was adopted by his father.
Even though my father had been an honest affair, like shock had now drink every day.
But note that you drink too much weight, "I know" good while, and did not quit.
My brother is still in elementary school, his father's people wanted to see if those every day, to finish your homework early,
I was let go to bed early to say. Probably would have noticed, but had to say, listen in silence.
One day his divorce just three months, making dinner, then slept in my brother, my father came back late than usual.
Dent father collapsed on the spot, she was very tight. "Are you OK?" When asked, say anything and just open your eyes slightly.
To ensure there is no heat, "I come to the new bed," I went to bed to say a threshold. Back,
Dad has to eat dinner they were eating on the side until the end. "Take a bath?" And asked "No," and went to the toothpaste. I was not worried about what may fall, ever since I saw the back.
Though, that I felt like taking care of the elderly. When you go back to the bedroom after the toothpaste
Nothing stumbled in the ditch, Kokemashita. "Dad!" By Kakeyorimashita. My father cried suddenly issued.
Did not voice out what came out ragged tears. Nagusameyou and somehow,
I was desperate, "and found ...", and with his back to me. (Huh!) And I was surprised. Surprised to see your face, your father, "I thought ... useless? ... Or no?" Has been heard.
I did not answer anything, and I have for my father, shaking her head.
Father holding my arms, desperately tried to leave. "And the only ..." I knew the pain of his father every day. Dad is drunk alcohol, expensive relationship with the company who avoided, will come back as soon as possible.
Shin-looking face, but sometimes, at least in front of 見Semasen brother. We are painfully struggling thanks to the father,
Life was made. A man, also knew that cheer you have a relationship with a woman.
Incest sex with parents at school into the learning of the abuse was also not bad.

Father and things

I gave up and is gone. .
"突Ki出Se butt!" And abandon the butt and was beaten.
Remains to be told, the arms remain some time, 突Ki出Shimasu ass. Father comes to licking ass hole relentlessly. . .
Both my husband, but only a handful of places that no, I would endure the pain. . And now, just as impossible to do anything.
There is a father, my butt is fitted to
"I'm 逸美 relax," says the still followed. . .
"I feel that cheating !!... great pain and I heard that,
Ralph hot rods, going into force. . .
"Ouch!" The cries, words become
"Hey.. I'm waving back!" Abandon your butt and was beaten. .

"It's the first time in decades, I do uu O.. This loose"
Since I moved back, I want to end as early utmost
I was just so.

Father and things

Father is, when I was deeply 突Ki上Geta. .
At this time, I feel that if a woman was the father. . .
I've never experienced the pleasure hit her husband also. . .
So now my body through the power of
Do you know that, you know, is the father lifted the back so that helped me. .

How long does it only. . .
The sudden movement of the father, stopped.
"E" would be what happened, I cautiously looked back. .
"Do you feel good? 逸美 now, but if you want me, do not promise to be entertained me all the time? ..." I was told it was.
Some were too comfortably, shaking her head.
Suddenly "Take that!" And strike your butt's might.
I call it pain, more pleasure, without knowing it was entirely pleasant feeling.
I have to become the father of brush Yamaguchi promised. .
It is that time. Ralph faster movement, breathing, ever more intense moment when, thrust up big, thick, however, felt that exploded in the back of my ass. . It was issued in. . .
At the same time I went I. . .

Stepfather, loosen the strings, remove the towel, as if nothing had happened, went out.
And pain in the ass, pain in the ass hole ripped, I could not move. .

From the moment the butt to stand up, father's sperm came out. . .
That was hard to tell that sperm was still stained red. . .

Since that day 10 times a week at most, my husband at work, when I emptied the house,
Day and night, ask me now. .


I floated on a summons, that the real brother, I was excited Masu Masu Thinking about me that you do.
I eventually end up the same thing every night.
兄達 and never, but I did not think it would be like that.
Although it is among the single mothers, employees traveling from work that day my mother (Mari Tomari) for siblings at home we had to stay at home.
I finished dinner and was taking a bath in the living room sofa reading a magazine.
Even after a bath continuously 兄達 had sat on the couch drinking beer in front of me just put the towel on the shoulder Cuckoo naked as usual.
Looking at the array glance, appeared to be swollen and dark red bars are always bigger than my brother Ya.
I thought the moment, my heart pounding and my legs are hot and Jean.
(Daa, and I wonder what I'm thinking)

3P is the best mother and daughter

Old mother at her home in H when she was not infiltrated by, three people did. You can not forget its taste. Taste again. If her mother is Sugebe, thank you for your help. The 29-year-olds.


I am 16 years old with a shotgun marriage, with her husband to divorce at age 35, now lives in Boroapa 19-year-old son and have graduated from high school freeters. I have to part at the supermarket. No cool,
No son, we can not even drive a man she was dating with another day off on the sex education serves me.
From the mother, is going to love hotel, also broke Temasen virgins. Only the best atmosphere to suit the taste was just.
Son at the age of twenty such would allow the high school girls going out with six months pregnant at the age of 17, as well as I have said I'm getting married. Anger of the opponent is hard to imagine, from my son is not mentally 子離Re,
Grown, with the shock of hitting a little girl.庇Tta for her son, I am unable to do anything,
As a condition of approval of marriage, one day (0 to 24 hours) has been accepted a date with her only son.
Of course, my son declared that the stay away. Then came that day. On this day, I am a 16 year old girl 若返Rimashita.
Not the parents, is the relationship between Hiroko and Kazuyuki lover. Encouragement to make the lunch in the morning, amusement parks and swimming pools,
Zoo and enjoy a drink now and then to 4 hours time limit. I dare not, Kazuyuki took to a love hotel,
With passionate sex. C without the tension hanging in the cup, but piglets body, he 嫌Garimasen.
I had to take care of the rubber was 至Razu, let the breasts until shortly after midnight Shaburitsuka.
Tears. The next morning, I became her mother's face. As promised, admitted to marriage,
My son went to nest. Now, I am a ballet mom captain.


What can go well with my brother do,,,,
I secretly doing the internet I have tea with us, so Mark had to try it here to your favorites, Why do not you come really surprised.

I do not know in the world, I'm doing this is happening, just surprised.
Brother, a college senior this year, one of my college years.
I have no boyfriend now.
Somehow, it may be like in high school who said he liked the man,
I kind of scared to refuse.
When the guys are pretty cool girls in the class is
The person who did the face. From a friend, but I was told it was nice ... like, now dating another pretty well that their boyfriend is now feeling somewhat empty.

I thought, What a man, SEX and I will not be reading this or I will not have long?
And man, I know you have not even barely speak.
However, sex is a scary woman who knew from the Why.
Get naked too, like the body and it is touched, but shy man,
Na I'm just thinking it was mackerel or breasts,
What I do not think I must not.
However, I think it would like to embrace a man Na, some such little desire.
In 高岡短大 My boyfriend or somehow unable to Bakkari Nde Girls
Like the other girls, or to compile or do other universities like University of Toyama,
I'd make is that I like my boyfriend, I'm not timid Naka Naka.
Occasionally, a show that will take pictures with friends or,
I envy such a terrible time.
It also seems like showing pictures of my party or something, but there was an invitation from a man about four people, so somehow not scared.

I'm sorry to write at length gone.
Since its clumsy somehow I can not easily tell you guys.
But her clumsy Kaimasen same as my brother too.

If my brother and I even sex. That is my honest feeling now.

But, the older brother, do not try me as a woman I know.
I seriously and not only as a sister out.
However, you may have entered the bath with you my brother once.
Was the way it was wiped with a towel, I have seen naked.
I have for your tea, "sorry" but quickly went on to say I now blushing with embarrassment.
I have also c is a chest, but I do say so myself, You can call or voice I often wonder that I'm walking like that.
Maybe, I think there are attractive as a woman.
But I have tea with us, the only sister I can say how far I can not get out.
That is sad.

Hell, what can go along with my brother to do?

♪ daddy and

Hello. I made it the other day with my dad.
Next year, I'd go out into the world Daddy was always saying I'm worried that hue out into the world like a spoiled child but me.

The other day Mom went to training, you're a middle school teacher.
Enjoyed eating while talking to various people to create two meal with my dad.
After the meal, I went prepared with a bath towel into Nde dad say.
"Daddy, I put here ~ Toku." Dad opened the door and say "I put Ri main." You have entered a long time together Nde I say embarrassing.
At first, sensitive to your dad and then me wash or wash the back of Dad raised.
"Thank you daddy."
"And then I'll ~ neatly." I grew breasts sensitive to hand ax me daddy.
"Oh, Daddy ~ I do not care so much." Gradually becoming a disgusting joke What if I 有Tsu "Rio, this is wrong?" Ax Tteri, I 洗I出Shita the vagina.
"A dad and Uun" I left a faint voice.
"Do you feel it? Tell me more."
"U - Oh Well." Dad came in to say that my best to rub the chestnut. Body trembling knees feel well enough to be standing anymore hesitation.
"I'll stop. And say," because he told me, "disgusting, more to Papaguriguri, stir," say Lightning.
Dad, Dari pinching with chestnut foam finger from the finger and out at mach speed, "Oh Auuuu." ☆ wrong with me out loud
Korikori or click the tip of the nipple facing each other in the posture of dad Then, you can let the fat in Npo Okkina ○ Papa "There is Uuuu." ☆'ll install once I got
Yupachupashitarasugoku immediately in your mouth happy and was going to ax Okkiku Daddy, Daddy is excited, and hold someone's hair ax rest "etc. Damn," I put out your mouth.
"Dad, really. You're full.'s Good daddy" If you keep me Cum all, I was madly drunk 有Tsu licking each other's position for 69 to put your dad on the mat the quantitative.
Then I came to plugging in Zubutsu shaped like a cowgirl ride on back of your knees rising Dad enters the bath together in a matter already getting better.
"Oh, Daddy," good hands are holding me, "Rio, to see the face I'm feeling," Chu-tee Papa Bello and dad look for me is like messing come lick nose ax Ri or.
Among the hot, hard and piercing "Oh Oh Oh Oh U" Tteri you also made it the acme.
Dad comes from hitting and pounding on the mat is lying just because I do not cum yet, "Dad, and Rio, I ik. A Daddy"
"I'll be papa ik.'re In ax ik Ri.'m Hikuhiku Dad wanted," I.
Dad still, I got a lot out of poison poured into the uterus to ax Ri.

Then, when mom is not sex with dad Bakkari ☆
I feel very good but made up.


I am a 28 year old housewife and hostess death.
My mother is now deceased father-in-law is there but
The first was a 14 H and dad years. Dad started in the moat kotatsu from the top of the panties I was rubbing my clit toe,
While I'm not surprised one put my underwear and dived suddenly feeling ill and are pretending to be asleep kotatsu open with my foot on purpose transient skirt panties with excitement while I'm in middle school where Let me many times to caress squid time position.
H to the hotel shortly thereafter, the relationship still continues.
This relationship can meet good people can not stop what I'm sure. I love Daddy!

I totally agree.

I also have the same feelings for my sister 有Rimasu.
But I had a bad night as the long days and very anguish can 有Tsu reason.
Oh, you want to insert tied committed.

I want to be bound by his brother

I have just a single year exceeded the 30 mark is OL. Invitation or the subject of marriage is there many men from ages. But there was a commitment in mind I feel really 踏Mi出Senai. It is
It was actually my brother's presence.

The man now considered as one of the brother that I graduated from college, work that I had since junior year of college my brother. My brother had a very good feeling that even blood-related, of course. However, by contact with the man out of the surrounding society, it seemed to stand out prominently and the difference between his brother and other men. It may be likely because of the immediate family, of course, that it is not genuine from the heart of the calculation for the care and kindness is what I am. My brother is in junior high school days, after becoming so tall above me, for something completely different to me until it is very nice, treat me as if to envelop like watching your sister. But it was nice for me that be within the scope of the siblings in there but necessarily match. To know the world is.

Also, another important factor is, it was a unique propensity for having me. I was in junior high school I was a masochist that he had felt himself called somehow. To watch something with my heart pounding scene where the heroine is caught and bound by television and novels, and it is without the fear was to realize just what I will sound completely different depths . I would like to become a heroine and that, to be bound heroine,.

Is there such a thing as blood is to these things. We got to know the secrets of his brother one day that I was early days for him to find employment. He found a secret in the closet that I somehow entered the room without his brother on a trip to the company. In a small cardboard box, close the book containing the 30 SM-related magazines,. That's when I might wonder if we still had a kind face. There is word that the blood backflow, this was so. Crackling and neck from the heart, blood Without running into the head and wakes up the brain, the body remembers that it was cold. I have to be worried about his brother's forbidden love even just one, never, never have I possess the same inclinations such. With incredulity, mixed and are happy to rise and fly feel that somehow.
But the magazine is kind of half watching things from the male half of S and M there are about half those. So, if you have something that my brother the same blood may be an M. But even remember me unspeakable comfort that I feel very fact that may still possess the same respect. Loved one, and the same is,.

It's my brother, but also what is called my sister, the word is just a beautiful person. It is a appearance, and human nature.
For such of his brother, and thereby learned that I was born can not be changed. But the reason he did not even swing 見Semasen 28 years that this one was born. And even now. Kindness to my sister is reached thirty years old and does not change this ever.

He has been at least five years to know the tendencies of his brother, during which my mind was a series of years of conflict between reason and emotion and feelings 打Chi明Ketai. The men in front of an inviting feeling that over the years. While living under the same roof, I can not poke fun or not even swing that Miseru. Hell may be a unique as it does. And even he could have me thinking that maybe my brother too,
Now feel that the feelings. I may be paranoid, be kind to him since I was in middle school, but to think of us in contact with the younger know they'll, I also still is also the girlfriend his brother 28 One also can not bring, and, maybe,. I would not encounter difficulties in such beautiful, the introduction has been said to be the brother or even my female friends had many people, so that alone he is, maybe.

It is also from this age, I have not has no experience. But in my heart, and a brother I have a. I, alone, when the comforting delusion while always consoles. While dreaming to be bound by a rope with his brother. The brother is bound to be someone like a princess. I want the freedom to take away the rope hanging down too well on the milk. I want my brother through the ropes in the hands of even embarrass myself and my new place. I want to kiss U shy in his arms like that,,,. And I want to commit,.

No, do not leave, if you like me M if his brother, still good. My brother and I tied up and somebody will want forced incest. I want to leave can not be wrapped around the tie will remain facing each other in the incestuous brother and.
If long-cherished ambition, if it is left to die without being so,.
I consoled himself that while such a delusion.
One day, a good night but if my feelings come true,,,.

Re: [304] husband is cheating.

> Fri and weekends at home with a young woman having an affair with the company once the company goes back home Monday morning, staying at home without the woman's apartment.

I think that you have a problem they've allowed it.
Why do not you talk to properly? I'm sorry for the kids.

Mother and stepfather and 3P

The point of forcibly married and the father were forced SEX, I was taught a father like it natural that her husband was only place in 帰Rimasen 1.2 out of time traveling abroad. It is also still a child, father child 下Roshimashita once. Now the father and mother 57 years old 55 years old SEX father every day Without Itatamarenai. Hidden in the mother SEX before six months and I had a SEX now Mari Osamu somehow since become a serious thing to be seen the spot where I 貰I holding a father and my mother are two SEX like a slave I spend the night. Will be at dinner with nothing on it until finished, clean the mouth and genital sexual intercourse father and mother, forced to lick last night was made to put in the hands of the mother genital genitals of your father the mother urination bitch mother and forced to drink until
When the father can only say SEX bitch seems to be enjoying it


The day before yesterday evening has sent in a brief ejaculation masturbating over it will be a brief Doctor. Let the sperm tanned face pressed against my brother and then briefs the sticky cum.
I was masturbating while watching it.
Last lick my dick clean Yoguchoninatta brother complains we did Shigoi carried my brother's dick. My brother is a slave of the best ♪


You know what I think common sense? Give him another ten years for a sex partner!

Re: [304] husband is cheating.

> The people who suffer from the same PC owner who has posted the woman, the man thank you the advice you are cheating. Fri and weekends at home with a young woman having an affair with the company once the company goes back home Monday morning, staying at home without the woman's apartment. No. There is no night life for another 10 months. Cost of living has put me 180,000 yen a month. In one child a boy inside me every day is a dismal 36 years old housewife

Staying out to be alright, come on ne is a bit useless!
The affair is to hiding her husband in Kano Hana no serious mode? I think 180,000 is too low by the cost of living!

Re: [304] husband is cheating.

> The people who suffer from the same PC owner who has posted the woman, the man thank you the advice you are cheating.

If you put the cost of living, it will destroy the family Yo I do not.

My husband is cheating.

The people who suffer from the same PC owner who has posted the woman, the man thank you advice that is having an affair. Fri and weekends at home with a young woman having an affair with the company once the company goes back home Monday morning, staying at home without the woman's apartment. No. There is no night life for another 10 months. Cost of living has put me 180,000 yen a month. In one child a boy inside me every day is a dismal 36 years old housewife.


I am the 20-year-old college student. To me, there are seven years older brother. Is a twin brother.
One day, I am fighting with my parents, to run away from home, how soon Bareru ~ I thought both went to the apartment we live brother. We went to my brother but I'll go home first, because I talked to me to say, even if only as much as I feel Iiyotsu.
And that is tan in people drinking three weeks after a Sunday morning. Then, the elder brother "on the Mii is a very large heart ~" I touched my heart I had. I am so drunk, Oita, "too dense" was to be left to just say that. Then, came another brother touched it, gradually rub Dari, has been a flop and nipples. Indeed I was surprised "Oh brother," but I grabbed two hands, stopping the older brother, has now entered into the clothes. In the meantime, I have become comfortably, my voice out of myself. The brother asked me "I'll tell you more comfortably," saying, get rid of all my clothes, my body and licking turn together, mon Dari, Dari to speak. I can not think of anything to the other, but were left to be. Then the hand of her brother, and came into my dick has been cleared to play around with. I can no longer endure more, "Hey, now ... I ..." and say, "I want to do?" Come hear me, I am thinking "put" and said. Then their brother, change came in to change, I am becoming tired to sleep at night, I belonged to various H.
I still went to their apartment and sometimes my brother, so I enjoy 3P.


A fight never free her husband repeatedly cheated. Is doubtful, but then again saying that business trip.
Where people are drinking in anguish as one has asked my husband's brother. Knowing that the absent husband
I go home and issued a restraining force beer. Enough to drink, and ended up in the complaint, gave me to hear that brother. "There are outrageous, but such a wonderful girl," I am sympathetic to the accused and his brother.
"I have that were my brother, you sister is also having an affair," said 寄Semashita holding me.
I have refused, now my head went blank and his lips sucked. Extending the hand of the brother in the chest, and breasts are jostled, the brains pleasure sounded. The hands of lower body stretches brother, went into the pants. We truly back, resisted desperately.
Brother lips, sucking nipples, inside and hand over there, no longer know what is what I have become.
When I noticed is they are naked, was sitting on my naked brother.
深深To was through things in my brother. Intense pulsed with a brother, I was responding from the bottom.
Travels through the body sensory rush. "You go, sister, you'll go yo" became more intense movements and brother,
And impose a much lower back, was infused into the poison and poured my semen. I also
Reached a climax "Oh Hi ー" brother clung to raise his voice. With lower back spasms and body trembling.
What's so pleasant to and have no husband. That was floating around for a while fainted.
Then, twice, three times to have sex brother Yukimashita back to the middle of the night.


I am 7 years old, 10 years older than his brother was devoted to sleep next to the pillow face.
At that time, but I do 判Ranakatta is what my brother and keep still,
Let me take off my pants and started touching dick.
Initially, they only touch, licking, or put your finger was.
Sore at first, but the bad feelings, though small, was getting comfortably.
Then, such a thing was about two times, then came to be placed at a distance
Now I have not even match the look is almost


I have made good on a child, married at age 20, then became a nurse. And when I'm 27 years old, long since parted with her husband and did not SEX. Before this, my son was in middle school, without permission to take my underwear was used to masturbation. I've looked at it, excited, but knew that crime, penis licking son, I forcibly committed. And every night, my son, SEX forced to come. SEX long I do not, then take the invitation, SEX would develop a. What Can I continue a relationship with her son like this?

Like father

yuna himekawa[299]
About six months ago, I had met him via email. They marry in the near future, vows were aligned.
He was on one job now 就Kazu even graduated from high school and was doing a job.
That he came to my town.
That day I had spent a pleasant day with him in a while, he was that day "or something to stay in a capsule hotel somewhere."
I said, I do not like to leave with him,
"Then, two people stayed in love hotels, the time comes, I go home alone"
That I went to a love hotel together.
Together with the SEX.
The first time I was the first time since he could not be well enough, somehow able.
I do not want to leave him in was 帰Remasen easily.
After all, was with him until morning.
The next morning, and two people lying on the bed, the phone rang and my mother, "Where are you now, I have girls sleep over, what with him that"
E-mail exchange with my mother and he had a good relationship and I understand that.
"For now, please come home"
The mother said he went back on the bullet train in the morning.
Then I went home.
My mother was angry with disastrous home.
Night, my father went back, not a word I 怒Rezu father than to say,
I can not hold myself to speak, I felt I was holding back his anger.
A few days later, the mother went to grab the game cheering on his brother, and his brother under the
Go play with friends, the house had only two 居Masen father.
My father, staying in the room above me, for I seemed to drink in the living room during the day and hold back your anger.
After a while, my father came into my room.
"Haruka, Where have you had this before, I had met that man."
I have potatoes, so that now,
"I was fit"
"The two people, where I stayed,"
"···· Love, Le Ho Te "
I was told at the risk of being scolded.
"Love hotel!"
My father went to more anger.
"What did you love hotel"
My father heard his words.
"You are what you think I stay, I'm such a good man anywhere,
Concerning man and not even a steady job, I can sleep in it together "
"That, right in my hand, you're not a kid anymore,
Leave me alone "
I am angry words of his father retorted.
Then his father, attacked me, lying to you Oh I became a rider on it,
"If you get laid by such a man, I'll be holding me," I say as soon as it took to take off the bread and G.
"Oh Stop"
I noticed a strange father, but struggled, making the Most construction industry, nor would win the power of the father, G I was simply taking off bread and shorts.
"Dad, Did not you stop"
You hold my body while my father took off his trousers and pants,
To fix up my twat and my thing has been hitting all at once.
"Oh hurts, it hurts, Did not you stop"
I did not still wet twat, It was a pain.
"You are my treasure and I do accumulate other guys do it"
"Ouch, ouch, Dad, I'm sorry"
貸Sazu father scream in my ear to continued thrust.
While gradually exploiting his father, I was beginning to feel.
"Oh sauce, oh, oh, oh, Aaaaaaaaa"
Accelerate the rotation of the hips of his father, Iku You did.
"U, U, U, Uu Uuuu"
Hatemashita Father in me.
While my father was a thing while it did not work in my
Came to myself,
"Haruka, I'm sorry, I had to do to Haruka that should not have to imagine that Haruka another man being held, there was no holding them clean, I'm really sorry"
Pull out of his father and began gently licking my private parts.
I finish the rest was put to his father, a genital licked yet also say you have been, began to feel.
"I Oh, daddy, sweet, oh I"
Licking father who, unlike him, was gentle and pleasant.
"I, ah ah, if, if, if, ーーーー go."
I can moan and gradually becomes more intense, I finally went.
My father stopped licking the genitalia, the lips of my father to bring the lips and tongue were 来Mashi put into the mouth.
"I Yeah, I immediately steadily"
My father crawled while my tongue in your mouth, T-shirt lifted up, and remove a bra, breast Sheered gently massage the hand.
I was his awkward, rough sex and different, my father went to caress dragged friendly and full of pleasure.
And the tongue is rolled breast nipples, pubic been touched with a finger, "Dad, put, put in my father"
My father
"Now, I'll be gentle"
My father and my feet face came into my father's things in my private parts.
Now, slowly and gently entered and started to work.
"Oh Oh, good ー"
SEX is a completely different with him and it feels so enchanted.
"I, Ah, Ah, Ah, Ah"
"You know, what feels good"
"Like her father, suave SEX"
My father gently, she was repeatedly Iki.
My father turned it Kitarashiku Iki myself, began to move violently back.
And so the two went.
Then Father and Mother met by stealth has signed a relationship.
Since then, that parting with him, my father is a lover.
When Father eternally, but I put me out,
My dad, "and while I may be out," I say.
Birth to a father, I feel like I steal from my mother my father.

Masturbation help?

Arms are thrown out the gay fucked from behind by a car and hospitalized in motorcycle accident 18 years old son at the end of summer (complex one-handed) and lower back and legs and neck bruised right finger fracture (Why?) Fracture - Without his young son seems to have been killed on the spot with a helmet and becomes erect so cute and are unlikely to embarrass myself even when the nurse away under the care of an erection every time, "hands Do you want me out? "When I hear" good? "is said" I can not stand it no good to hand it to the nurse also troubled, "and say" I'm sorry, please, "said to Shikoshiko look like while I was still in private hands while pounding Us, "her mother had left there'll" get a lot of sperm, "I was more patient I you okay? "When I hear" just one more good from the good sorry later? "
And give more in towels to wipe the lower body is said to acknowledge?
早Kunai? Clear cleared once again to give even a towel as it is thought Shikoshiko Tamatama "'re out there," masturbating in the bath came away wet and go home and finish myself -
Almost every one I give out the number out masturbation
Their sexual desire and that this year I did not think so


Accompanied by his father's mother is living alone after the death of his father in the country. 48 years old, young, beautiful and attractive. Mother's Day,
Go have a gift for inspiring me with hospitality. Be treated to dinner and a drink 頂Itara,
Drunk Staying had to end. Sleep to wake up, go to the bathroom came and went in the kitchen drinking water, so thirsty.
And passing in front of the bathroom, her mother seems to contain.透Ki間 and peek from the door, her mother had washed the body.
Color is white, her mother's body is plump, stacked and they excited, very 40s look.
I was already gone completely blank in the head, take off your pajamas like crazy, get naked and jumped into the bathroom.
Although her mother tried to escape aloud with surprise, I let go of her mother's body to Mushaburitsui.
"What are you doing, I should," "Your mother's, I love you. I love."
"No, not, let go," "Your mother's, I liked before. Please, ask once"
The "Okay, stop, allowing" while hugging her mother naked, and rub with the mother and the crotch per jerk my dick a dilation,
Weaken the resistance of the mother. Plump breast massage, including a mother and raise your voice slightly mouth.
Wasu there is a finger, moaning to Pikutto convulsions. Stir and put the finger comes back Karaji Yukujukuto oozing fluid.
Up to the chin, take over and put your butt where the penis Sosori立Tta mother. Her mother, raise your voice Oh Innovation.
Use the back like crazy, yelling and semen poured into the mother immediately poured. Gasped her mother even hugged me tightly.
Then he washed his body had two people leave the naked and went into the bedroom, had sex several times until morning. Finally slept like mud every time the white dawn night.


You know a good listen. Mara has 萎Bita shit son. I'm the real mother son Yatteyaru the real you. A Prepared! How did you wire coil printing habits alone can not do with her time? Instead I'll be eating dinner 出来Nakya so much! What is it? Tatanee I do! Worthless bastard. It looks just like you daddy. Ono Akira short left turn! A mother of Kono Minoru Buchi込Mi Yaritakya holes and relatives about it! Are you interested?塩梅 you are being spoiled right? I came out of you home. Is the best! I gone into menopause in a well-matched control time ago is because Mr. Nakada. I'm like my mother can double a child than you 出来Tara "Dad!" What. Is the best!
Then you are a child of incest? I just like the children of the incestuous mother! You happy? It is also the grandson of the child incest! How is it full of mother, right? And finally you go to hell! A grateful mother!

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> I have a son, a high school at age 38.
> Masturbation was a business trip when my husband was away during this
> I have a son just scrutiny. Knowing that the scrutiny and
> I just Mukaemashita a peak followed by masturbation.
> My son has not said anything from it is a bedroom scrutiny.

What kind of a masturbation?
The mother of a son is interested to do 堪Ranaku dick touching while sleeping spots Dari smelling panties mother of course I am. It is even now to imagine myself Deshitaku.