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Incest confession of women(2004-08)


yuna himekawa[250]
My son was connected with the definition of sex if it accepts the penis at the age of 17 my son. I want to prank my body so terrible so far.
Until then, I was using from my books and videos instead of naughty.
The husband did not come back with my young mistress house is rarely tan in anguish as I'm scared to act in imitation is a strange man stalking me.
Because only three days since Akezu sex: I was.
I thought I was not so horny. I was just asked if I always met the man and it seems the body and atmosphere.
However I did something pheromone abnormal hot body and it is still unable to.
Once you no good if I come to depend on one couch in a bath towel! But I kept saying, been devastated as you like with your fingers,,,.
Once you're no good I forgive. More when I feel I got You should not feel.
I got here I like this obsession.
Another man was supposed to be transformed into a cute boy. I also burned my tongue to Karame.
One Sunday morning my son came late in the morning goodbye.
Gosogoso last time her son was supposed to be finished this you have to rub on my butt.
While I do dah with condoms attached.
But I wonder if I was strong as ever consciously look.
Big penis father 親Yuzuri tall. Just remember my husband got a piercing just plain sex. I think that I would have been attacking and yet I wonder if a little long.
Desperately resisted. Once, well, you know.
Really intense. 5 and 6 were infringed when there is hot, but I think it was done min waitress came home crying, I feel committed to my son in pain.
While fiddling with my son back soon. Now 貫Kimasu position change from the side like a plow from behind. Did I think I'm feeling it were not there.
Ik,, ik,, ik Uu. I cling to his son.

Re: [246] for her husband and sister-in-law

Is this fiction? Without Well, lady with adultery too. Leaving this, it is a disintegrating family.

I like Yuri

I live with my family in the translation lord some days a month I'm living separately without my sister (sister-in-law), but I've been to stay home with the convenience of
The husband's family lived on a tray without care when I was of course (parents, family home to say his sister) came by my late husband is the thing when I went to borrow four-day villa Shinsyuu H touching the chest maybe? That went down to the room immediately below the mean if I pretended to sleep with a light I look forward to? My husband and I thought that once you get to 1 H at any time and tell the story you want to pretend to go get a drink come I never come because I was waiting Hitsu Koi big brother (the brother), brother and sister wanted to go closer to what you chew (my husband) to his brother on the sofa in the living room SEX Is not doing, "Shush," I'm troubled brother is said that a sign of quietly and sit down and edge is readily available to sit next to! I hope there touched with my hands while I was waiting I thought I touched my brother wet wet edge! My brother is still face to kiss, "I also want ○ Kazusa OK here is the room going from bad," the three naked into a room without knowing what I had been whispered, in a relationship like this before and Datsu My husband said just know in my Tasou is "likely to be divorced from it was that I said" nasty things that also has been touched up to kiss your brother too much I say one thing to complain I felt I was virtually impossible for my brother and I also face great expectations also because it was thicker than my husband Kiku Hiroshi longer?
That day my husband sister and brother in the stomach and mouth has gone hand in a cup of sperm without any strong reason his brother is a pillow made me really mad I feel like three is a woman's breasts are a little kiss Sun goes after my husband and myself were amazing experience 取Rase sister licking my husband's sperm out of the siblings will follow I still can not SEX, but I'm like my brother is amazing as well I'm the face without taking videos and pictures to HP will also feel like I come here again, there seems to be planning to make 出来Tara

Younger brother-in-law

Married to my husband two years ago, three people are living in an apartment with my brother also left seven years of her husband. My husband and brother, I have to be able to talk a little bit normal, before going into summer, I went to a personal interview in his high school Minai. The college has also, from a terrible teacher scolded came back. At home, I was a good boy at school is found to be a bad attitude, I was shocked. When I was talking with him face to face in the future. Suddenly, you've snapped that he was throwing things. To surprise, if you attempt to escape, this time tapping the floor with attached arm grabs, the rider. Afraid, even the voice come out. I realized, was wearing a blouse ripped fullest under the suit, I was being rubbed their breasts. "Stop!" Deta voice but, in so horribly beaten, could not resist anymore. "The brother seems to, then." Even if you mention it, not even think about what you're saying. After all, he wanted to go down. Uniform pants down to your own fasteners have been out from the trunks of the erection. I have things in his mouth for fear people. Licking things politely gave him to give to my husband. He felt how much, I ejaculate quickly. I began to Drink his cum, and I was cool to meet him many times. "Take off all." But still he says, took off all the things that I wear. He turned to me lick my own way, has been looking for. "What is the first time." But saying that, he has been hitting me hard. "While, because it can not." I told you, he got to the end in me with no respect. Since then, from what he is young, as I say every day and ask me.

For my husband and sister-in-law

The mother of one has been living with my parents. I will talk about my husband and sister-in-law.
I was very surprised, and I wanted to ask someone Kakikomi. It is a one more year before that, Sunday, I decided to take a nap and still one year old son, my husband was playing in the game. Asleep and her husband went down to start on the first floor. Went downstairs and one sister-in-law also. At that time did not even bear to think of mind a separate accident. Sleeping children, I went downstairs to drink a thought. When going down the stairs and causing a child care use, quiet descended. By the way, my husband what was wrong and that he feels does not come upstairs, but enough, when is descended the stairs. Heard a voice coming from the kitchen, wondering what to see, the sister-in-law with a hand sink, shove your ass dressed, I was sitting behind her husband waving. At first I did not know what is what. I realized right away that even sex. My husband's sister-in-law hands on hips, heart and soul were waving back. Sister-in-law's clothes were purpuric and shake shake the hips every time my heart is 捲Shi上Ge. Sister-in-law did not seem to not utter a sound like "oo" or "hmm ..." a voice that has been leaking. I do not I do not know the stairs were hidden from view. And soon becomes her husband's waist and movement "Mr. Akira Akira, Some Out TEE"
Sister-in-law said, and her husband had seemed to groan out among the sister-in-law. Her husband and sister-in-law pull out from among the "Mii-chan, licked," said the sister-in-law and sister-in-law is a sore Yaburuyouninametei insect husband went there to be mixed his joy juice in her husband's sperm knees Cuckoo Mashita. Licking and shook his head from his "I was pretty" and her husband had sideburns. They then started again at a positive level in the kitchen. I pretended that went back to sleep upstairs without knowing entirely what to do anymore.
After that, it has it really happened was when three hours have passed.

Then her husband and sister-in-law seems to have been involved. But it was her husband and sister-in-law siblings, so no reason I can not say no marriage. Because it is usually a very good husband and father. But I'm just going to remember is that two people will end up masturbating alone during the day. I do not know what to do better.


This means you have to have a relationship with my brother still continues.
The strange appearance of a little brother before I was in junior high school days, and I hope to never have sex with my brother or I did not know the ball.
Marika was the brother Even though middle school is still saying to have sex a lot in high school because I was amused to see the reaction of other words, I think I'm kidding, my brother at that time actually hearing it is my reluctant It is exciting to see Tarashii.
The older brother had an affair with two days of not really being, I said if I came into the room you sleep at night ie.
I want to do [ie].
What are you talking about first? What I thought, what the ball came off your pajamas that I have tea with a sudden you want to do [when] I finally understood the meaning of. I did it, but no brother you ever been to the Hashi Mari various things I was scared anyway, I'm hurt really been putting pen to dick. And cried for the loss of virginity, but eventually put into my brother did not like. Marika like brother and then has sex every night.先Datsu no longer stop at first I got before I knew it I feel more scared. It is strange that I was not pregnant at the time was not proper contraception.
She did not able to Hao tea recently. It is very sad. What is it? Jealousy because he is in love with his elder brother?
Marika is also disturbed by the body today is just now embracing her brother. This means you'd probably not stay away from my brother for life.
People who know the story is rubbish like this I wonder.

You have the proper

This is about my brother and between H and I.
I am 19 years old college student, a college student 22 years old brother.
His family in Aichi Prefecture, two people live in Tokyo to go to school.
Finished the dinner as usual one day, how you take a bath soon, and I went to the bathroom. My brother just came back. To this day my brother went to the only friend was pretty drunk.
As it was taking a bath without worrying about the usual thing and Omoi by Maa. I had a bath naked brother suddenly ended by the time I wash my head.
I was surprised Dezu words did not move.
Older brother is slowly approaching, I've embraced.
But I did not move after all. Small apartment in the bath can not be a rush to escape, but could still be made
We've been kissing and slowly.
Iki behalf passionate kiss slowly, slowly my heart was touched also.
押Shi倒Sa was gently pulled down on the floor in the bathroom from the bathroom and a small chair.
Found that approaches the right hand of my brother's dick. Finger was moving slowly.
But first it has become increasingly feel how I do it.
But it opened my eyes to the face of big brother always watching
I headed into the face of dick brother in the meantime. Was relegated to lick and greedy.
By the time that I was feeling crazy already.
Haitsu what has stiffed big brother for a while
After finishing my brother gave me clean in the shower and wash my dick.
I have a boyfriend. What should I do I get worried about this thing.
The elder brother is now at home almost every day when H asks. I'm worried that continue forever

To Eri

Brother disability? Difficult for women and socially. Virginity until I die.

Maybe this is so cute that I as a mother. I wish understand

I am a disabled 49-year-old man.

To walk upon it, even tighter language disorders,

I speak in the face, hard to tell enough,

Relationship with the woman no less, yet know

I need.

It is a virgin too

Had to

Nice to meet you yesterday, made it the sex with my brother.
Two of my younger brother is a small 5.
Together, they do the Internet, I found a naughty website.
A brother, Gingin to the eye, so look at the images of naked women,

"My Chi - Masahiko eh! Little boy, I'm not an erection?!"
My brother, "What? What's that?"
"I know? It's larger and a naughty little boy?"
My brother, "Yes."
I "It's hard say!"
Brother "Wow"
"I'm watching and telling too much!"
My brother, "Yes."

Yet still I see a different image.
The following image, the image was a woman with a blow job.

My brother, "Hey, hey, Is this What are you doing?"
"I Blow your little boy are you licking? Too sweet"
My brother, "I feel good?"
I "I do not know well, pleasant to the touch You?!"
Brother "Do so."

Having said that, my brother was holding a little boy I look over my pants.

"I was not that Masturbation?"
My brother, "What's that, you know."

I also look at the images away variety, a little excited!
I said something Natsui Kon.

"I'll tell you, I see your penis soup up"
Brother "and I!"
I "Well, I guess 言Itsukeyo?! Show me, I'll show you, Na for me?!"
My brother, "Well, REALLY"
I "Oh fast"
My brother, "Yes."

My brother, opened the zipper, sent out a little boy.
Unlike the old days, big is the tip, I was a little towards.
Already, erection anymore! The Bing.

"I regulations in coming to the erection of erection called it"
My brother, "Let me see the following Nei Yeah you"
"I still! You Doing so sweet"

Holding a little boy, I tried to Shikoshiko.
My brother, "Oh, Ugh"
"I'm You by yourself?! Masturbation? Do? It feels good,"
Brother "and had no pillar, etc. Why yes,"

There is no hiding in that, like really know!
My brother, sitting in a chair, I will be rigid body.

"I do this?"

Skin, it was like being 張Ritsui,
I flip through the skin of your penis.

Brother "to Ite"
"I'm sorry, I do not go this way Ikenairashii"

Pyokkorito, have appeared throughout the glans
Cass has a white neck glans? Adheres to the place.
Tissue, and I was wiping a white custom.

"I know, You were beautiful"
My brother, "Yes."

The little boy, I'd have lost more than just energy.
The hurt?

"I'm sorry, hurt?!"
My brother, "Yes."
I "Then, even more awesome, I'll give you! Blow you!"

I was a little boy Emashita suck and rip-off.
Blow your first time but, like the book was written, while moving back and forth, the tongue Herohero

My brother, "there"

My brother, I will be rigid body. Jim Johnson also
She has even less than a minute

My brother, "Oh, go pee toilet'm yo, Ah!"

In addition, I thought the little boy bulging
In the mouth and thumps, thumps ー! Also the Dono方
Stake, was almost choking.
Still come out!
Hey, drank.
The little boy, what accumulated in the tissues in the mouth away from your mouth
To mix with my saliva, semen volume white wow! !
My brother, stargazing! Tatte'll feel is missing in force and gave it to show it sitting on the chair.

"I see the white, I'm Masahiko semen! Not that great!"
My brother, "What?"
I "This is prime baby! Not you pee!"

My brother, did not want to know better, I'm a little excited!

"I'm the first ejaculation Masahiko! What felt good?"
My brother, "Yeah!"

Looking at the little boy, also has grown.

"My dear, in turn, will lick the sis?"
My brother, "OK, thanks!"



Was raped by her brother

While being attacked by a bath

Resistance is also unable to

My brother's virginity


It was home early from school when I came out a little heat.
Always cheerful, "I'm back," I empty the door, saying at that time in silence, and came into the house.
Inside the house and immediately noticed an unusual atmosphere.
Mother and brother also supposed to be there, there is no sign.
I'm straight up the stairs to go to places I go to my room.
I also had in Sukun feet. I sat down in front of my mother and brother in a wheelchair with his brother and mother have been there next to the dressing room stairs.

It was good to see the shadow of the washing machine what to do, that I immediately knew what to use heavy breathing and panting voice and hand movements up and down his brother's mother.
I was shocked, I could not even imagine my mother was handling the sexual desire of his brother.
Do not have noticed, I hid behind a wall after a great struggle did not move from his place on the floor afraid to even squeak.
When the lower body face Uzumeta mother's brother, I 後Zusarishi I struggled, and went outside to get away with that so from the entrance.

Once bolted to the outside, it took care of my mother and brother.
Relationship between mother and brother? Never
SEX I do, I do not like.
I'm just treated with hand and mouth. I'm just that bad as well.

I have been living together with my brother.

I was forced to let his brother H, asks almost every day since the body. The first time was resisted, unawares, I also
Perhaps because of the immediate family, the body is like a perfect compatibility. So other than a man would feel. Same here's what we'll Ayumi.
If children can also have a cousin marriage, and siblings are actually sad.

Re: [210] and Dad

Ayasan, very good ^ ^ thanks for talking
I understand that the father he loves.
Tatte I'm satisfied if there is no sex.
Finished reading, I felt happy now.


I loved my father since childhood.
There was even a mother at all lonely.
My father was so easy.
That's why I was shocked to superfluous.

Workshop materials become 7th grade.
My father saw things in the room.
The photo album that is as old as I am a child.
And the thing that is reflected in his underwear, and things that men hugging each other naked.
The man was my father.

There are a lot of albums, when it was more in shock 見Remasen.
And the album's close. There are dirty my pants.

My father knew that pedophile metamorphosis.
Also found that prostitution is a crime and going at the same time as in the album.

I should come to stop crime that to his father, his father was held.
Added every day.
Father's desire went more slowly.
Exposed, tied, anal, excretion.
I'm saying is gradually filled with the album.


yuna himekawa[236]
But what to give birth, and brother, even to where 出Kakezu same day as the first baby, every day, I kept my stomach hurt a baby to satisfy their sexual desire.
"Her brother-in-law to stop us now! Are you weak day by day My baby! Also know her brother would you?! Belly baby belly every time I spit the semen into her stepbrother us The weak going! so to stop it! "The word seems to me more and more excited but I said," Shut up! erection when a man once, but I do 収Maritsu to give Ne! now I'm put out! Oh, come! "the uterus is 突Ttsuita and 思Ikkiri.
"Stop playing! Stop playing!" I
I'm too vain hope that brother is the spit in my semen.
"Pyu etc! Pyuu etc!"
[Finally over. ]
My brother's superb article in the peace of mind I started hurting in my baby back again, again, the size and firmness.
"Oh Wow! To stop it! Baby! Baby belly!" And I cried.
Brother-in-law, however, thinking nothing of my pain, "Ne ignorance Pokochin things that young woman is absent! 美沙緒, I'm gonna cherish too many times tonight!" She said brother-in-law to crush the baby's belly rubbing As I poked my stomach hurt the baby as a pick pick.
"Stop now, her brother-in-law it! Baby, baby belly I die! Her brother's cute your baby is hungry?! I'm her baby brother it! In my stomach The baby! want a safe birth! fine, I want the birth to a healthy state! of bullying will stop now, so My baby! 産Ma cheerfully let my baby! !, "I said to brother.
"Mmm annoying him! Squid in my mouth so if you want to stop! Of Bti into 出来Tara Omeko that would go into the mouth of me from you I'll stop!"
突Kidashita is a superb article in front of my eyes away from the penis without saying that my genitals.
[This person is no piece of love? Her brother, so you, I made a baby, her brother died and you can hurt a child's mind is what? Even though your baby's blood-related] and I thought in my mind.
Brother-in-law is "Well, what do do Nei Yara?!"
I like a whore in the mouth Kuwaeru things brother, there was resistance.
16-year-old high school student to me out of the mouth of pee was harsh demands.
Did not go do it in the translation.
[At this rate the baby is killed? Kuwaenakere I must pee in your mouth thing out of my high school! ! Do not do well in the translation for anything! I gotta protect my baby from the womb of the mother the baby I will be? And I will try to do anything for baby! ! Even if a prostitute himself off! ! ! ]

The birth soon

I am a 38 year old housewife.
That was June of last year's event.
Your husband's father (60 years old at the time) was the thing when you are at home to nurse an injured leg while working as a carpenter.
My husband (age 40) every night it's something I'm Just Letting Your businessman father had come home late every day drinking wine.
Your father's not to say 60 years is fairly healthy person who has a sore leg was often go out to the slingshot.
Your father's felt that the incident was not long since married.
Forage and sneak my laundry, but also some pieces of underwear was gone there to dry.
During what is with underwear thief? I think your father's work and I thought I had.
Your father's hand to me and at last.
That day there was a problem, your father's came back from the day of pachinko parlors.
If I fold the laundry room into the laundry taken, turned around behind the popular feeling.
Stood naked lower body was already a rowdy snort your father's costs.
I could not move and it went blank in my head suddenly.
Your father's been hugging me and suddenly I see the fearful.
Your father's tank top and bra lifted up from behind me (a little proud) larger bust (92) has been on a sweaty hand rub vigorously.
Turn in your mouth has been licking at his neck ear quickly.
While I struggled to resist, "says your father, please stop! I said to my husband! Did not you please stop!" He said.
But you also have no father's ears, has been pulling or pinching the nipple hard and massage the breasts.
Something hit me on the back of rugged notice and fluoride.
Your father's been pushing me back, moving the rugged material.
This time has been pushed down with his back to the tits sucking me to the floor.
Has been raised with a strong sucking their teeth and wonder a little tongue licked at the nipple and pulled Chirochiro strong hands.
I could not resist 有Rimasen even more energy. .
Your father's not enough time to enjoy my breasts skirt I quickly take off the costume was a piece panties.
It seems your father's was looking strong for a while with both hands spread my knees.
And "Keiko, by wearing panties is so small! To Kiran Mari Osamu hair, protruding Choru!" Meet you traced your finger up and down several times until the thick part of the clitoris anus who said over the panties and cautiously or.
Hips were moving up and down according to your father's finger movements and I also noticed that shift.
Can be found that stick to your panties ○ overflowing with joy juice.
(It is really embarrassing)
Your father's accusing finger has continued without 脱Gasou Show details panties rich easily.
Father's and has finally got down to the knees to gently shear panties on all fours with me.
Your father's told me you were watching this ○ bare.
"How brave is virtually always in and out of Keiko's here!'ll Be stiff clitoris larger Villa Villa! But Then why can not kids!"
The tongue licking the anus has been grinding in the back while at the same time and stir to write this dumb ○ say that your middle finger.
I was completely strange to blame the other in your father's persistent finger before.
Thinking, "Oh Yeah ~ - Aaa," and I left a voice.
I noticed it's your father, "Keiko, you do not you want to! Yeah? To voice out that oops! Raretara What are you gonna look brave!"
The following are now saying that 寝Korobi fours under my father's bed with his back to us.
69 dressed as a quote-unquote.
Lick your father's fierce but has a whizzing noisily in front of us but this ○ rubbing my ass with both hands.
And in front of my penis was extruded Kikuno Masaru's father was ticking us.
吸I上Gemashita many times I tightened ahead queue from scratch, including the mouth lips move Kina Hiroshi glans penis and hold down Shikoshiko your father's nature.
Blow your penis in my father's is much larger and bigger than the ones my husband.
Your father's suit and licking each other while I said so on.
沈Memashita and I sat across Guu with your father's penis my shiny shiny with saliva.
"Uu ~ Africa ~" I missed a moment force from the body.
Your father's penis and thrusting Zunzun comes from below.
Moved slowly so you enjoy the father's penis and turn in a circular motion Gurutsu ass sometimes violently from side to side shake your ass up and down like crazy, too.
(I think that if the owner already ends)
Your father's will then have to force it back.
I just 突Ki出Shimashita ass up high on the floor and falls..
Your father's root was inserted into the penis can stretch ○ pushing your butt with both hands and pulled me.
I understand the rough and hit in the womb of my father's your glans.
I was already on the verge fainting.
They both were sweating and.
And there was a positive finish on top.
Your father's right now and pulled stet occasionally picked up a draw with both nipples tits shaking my hips.
The first man was a pleasure to know I put my husband only three.
I do not know that was about what I say faster movement of your father's waist and gradually.
Friends father you are, "Jaro yeah even cum Keiko! Hey hey," I said, I have: "No daddy! It No!" Says father you tried to overtake a penis reflexively and I forcibly I think I ran back and pulled the waist more intense, "Uuu Otsuotsuo ~ ~" he said, releasing up to the last drop in me.
As it had in a while.
伝I the anus was spilled on the floor and a lot of sperm to reverse ○ Dokudokutsu us from there and I pull out your father's penis discharge finished.
Then, the two men were waiting there was nothing to shake.
Of course, my husband did not say never.
For your father's death in a car accident last September.
I am now, I sit at a table having Kina Hiroshi stomach.
This means that lays just wanted to say before.
It is one week after the due date.
My husband is pleased with the kids can get married the first time in 14 years.
I am pleased that is not a child of my husband's pain.
But I think a good mix so that the blood of his master.