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Incest confession of women(2004-09)

In an affair with his brother?

The husband and married at 26, 22 at the time of the Toshitemashita brother already.
My poor little son of the actor during the 14 town, 17 years old directories - the floor of the gym in the same class in three of his experience Pukisu NO1, Agemashita. Then, the 色色 that Demashita fun guys, my brother, panties - wear a ska - flip the default to increase penis, masturbation two - that I, and I saw her panties -, which for the sticky.
After its until next of kin to get married, a combined father, O's and Takeshi Osamu,
~ 4 times for 5 SEX. Even now with my brother, my brother is good then I'm the best
Today, no panties, as her husband Mitsukara brother's PC - in the chestnut from the edge of the left index finger, but I beat connection


yuna himekawa[267]
In fact, with incest, too.
I am a current high school year.
(Sorry, I really was banned under the age of 18! I'm like that)
After having an affair with one younger brother, now three years.
It got started by accident because I saw my brother masturbating.
It is one thing when in the summer.
At night to sleep too 暑Kutsu, go to the kitchen to drink barley tea,
After going back to my room (my room was very back and go through the front room of his brother.)
His brother from the room, so I heard the groans like a nightmare or a dream that?
I think, I'll try to threaten, the door opened
It was hanging on the wall watching on the bed, which looked like a side of belly scratching.
I wonder what are you doing? Often a closer look
Not wearing pants, holding a little boy, up and down
The other hand, has some wear cloth, was hit around the mouth.
Faster movement of the hand gradually covered with a piece of cloth on the little boy was hit in the mouth, hand movements and exceptionally severe,
"I ーー Ugh U" with admiration for a halt.
My brother still remain upturned.

This is a man of this masturbation? ! ?
I saw my brother masturbating heard from a friend did I dream.
In addition, six smaller brother! !

I really did not know the translation ejaculation what is what anymore, beside his brother 近寄Rimashita gently against the wall and I wanted to see.
My brother is not at all aware.

Looking at the piece of cloth covered with a little boy, but I understand that something has changed colors soaked.
But carefully, and try to rag on them somewhere, have seen
Yes! It was in my underwear.
Thinking! "I do not use strange thing!" I said.
My brother, I was surprised Shitarashiku mess, and tumbled out of bed "Oh Wow!"
Had knees in fright.
From the hands of his brother, snatching the underwear, "Oh Oh, I got to this!"
He said.
"Tomorrow, I'm telling mom! I prepared to leave!"
Leaving those words, put the kick has been stunned by her brother, returned to his room with underwear.

In my room and observed closely with semen from underwear back.
I touched hands with slimy. Hey, I feel like pulling the string.
I got in the hands smell of semen.
It smells, it smells like something quite light-headed.
Throbbing in the vagina to smell that, I feel myself.
Unawares, but got the hands smell of semen, masturbation and I was too.
And remember to hit dick while masturbating brother sperm directly attached to the underwear

Iki me when I suddenly felt a sign of life? !

Yes, because I forgot to lock the door closed, I had seen my brother.
And also my brother watching masturbation is Shigoi a little boy.

Something to look at it and feeling terrible burst
"My mom came here from say"
My brother came in the silence.
"Mr. Happy, I'll also touch, touch"
After that, what happened is what I do not remember much.
Could pass the air, on my brother
The little boy's brother had had a dick. I know it is not translated into the vagina,
Dick hitting the little boy is very hot.

My brother and I was leading a little boy in hand.
"There coming" I thought, It was a terrible pain.
But the next moment, my brother and me hot dick around Gaji ow are you ejaculate.

Until the day dawn for sex.
In the beginning, but contains little boy a little while until it was gradually repeated ejaculation ejaculation, longer, and it came to dawn into the whole.
Hell, my brother many times did you ejaculate?
My dick too, even your brother's dick, before bed, or something gooey sticky cum on! !
The smell was amazing. (However, this smell, I love!)
The next day, both of them until early afternoon, I slept.

Later, during the summer vacation, even during the day and parents are absent, even at night of course!
Leave to have sex! ! And also I was not contraception.

Since the end of summer, while I did not.
(Just during the period! Inakutsu pregnant and I'm glad!)
Period since the end of the night to again. Of course, contraception (condoms) as well!
However, my brother, "put out into the condom is no fun (気持Chi良Kunai!)"
I say, I was once ejaculation will always live in your mouth. (I also love it!)

And that is a third year.
These days, the moment you pull the dick go! Many things have become so attached to live to see the technique.
Hey, it's a different little boy live more comfortably, but I'm worried!
Mr. Happy too, very good compared to the beginning! !
There might be a taste of semen, may be different than that from the start? !

Now, before you even write this Toshitemashita brother.
Until now, I had sex with people other than my brother does not. The same is my brother.
Both of us, let it forever! I'm Quarrelling.


This is the age of 23 OL. I do not know if this is to say incest is also trained by my sister, actually. My sister and I'm 21 years old quite a sadist. I am a masochist and a hard-oriented. And two sisters living in the past three years, has received training since then, like every day now, and let vagina and anal fist, you are going to be enough blame to faint.
The goal is Daburufisuto September this year. I worried that I'll try.

This summer it was angry.

Hazime Tsuyoshi my age is 32 years old only son 11 years in elementary school six years.
Kozu husband only once a month at home away from home since last year, I live alone Yuichi 2.
I did not even think such a thing would never even Yuichi son.
Hazime Takeshi has been calculated from the day it still continues to.
Takeshi Hazime even without those I have become unable to think, to the delight of her delight.
I have become very well because Ttara Hazime Takeshi.
The school summer holidays in August I had a couple of days in crowded sleeping away the summer playing the wind.
Day 1 for me too hard Hazime Takeshi nurse, I had to wipe his forehead and me, was in a fever dream Ooita drowsily down that night (would have)
Like a dream that her husband held the body feel good, but turned sideways and I got naked and then startled to feel like that forever, someone hands me they touch the clitoris, was attacked by a great pleasure to have your finger into the genital area "Oh Yeah" I aloud.
振Ri返Ttara supposed to be behind and nobody but son Yuichi face "Hazime Takeshi Well, how" to say that in the utmost, fingers are getting amazing piston Yuichi "Mom I love my mother ー Yo, Mom "
I get to put your finger saying. Helplessly at that time great pleasure, "No, no, ー Hazime Takeshi No" "Well, mother, and seems to be, oh I'll say sauce," I instinctively got out voice.
I rode naked on Hazime Takeshi was so distracted that I suddenly stopped the movement of the fingers.
And "Mom, I put" the little boy came into the pubic Yuichi I say wet. It came into my inside feel thicker than the husband says Zubuzubu Innovation. I was so distracted suddenly without any time to think, that pleasure is terribly aware that it's real son, again, "Oh, you're going, no.'s Hazime Takeshi Oh I know? A mother and Iー, yo No "I said," Mom, it's not, I'm like my mother, "was told" Oh Takeshi Hazime useless. Oh No tea had to be spoiled like yo Oh "But flying reason been flooded pleasure to come to the hip shake the Hazime Takeshi do not care," Hazime Takeshi, Y., I ah ー feel good mom "away saying, attracted by turning the hands Hazime Takeshi is turned on I.
And what is what anymore 判Ranaku "Oh mother're already left," came in semen in my Yuichi Hazime Takeshi me screaming.
After release, the meek become Hazime Takeshi "Mom, I'm sorry. But, I can not endure," it said, but I love them anyway and Hazime Takeshi "That's OK. Hazime Takeshi mom is OK with ? "and ask me," my mother because I like subservience to the stronger "in the Teiu" Even my mother, I love it Yuichi, "said Innovation gave you a kiss.
That we have bigger penis and Yuichi Then the "one more time?"
訊Itara and shyly, "Yeah, that" came into my heart and say.
That day, I Yuichi intersect several times since then.
Now you can not live without anymore Hazime Takeshi. Recently, now I get to blame on the blind from the back look like reproach.
If the living room seemed like 教Etara a tetrahedron sitting position is larger than my body and "Come Mother" I invite, saying at that time I would remain to be told Take off your panties WET about you It is.
Tomorrow is looking forward to what is said now to what position.

Re: [246] for her husband and sister-in-law

I'm continuing the relationship people are in a similar environment as well. When I first saw and was surprised myself.
Sister and hugging each other before they married, my wife is now married to hide it. Incest sister and I will continue in the future.


I am a 40 year old housewife.
One child in elementary school boy named Takashi Yasu says.
During the festival the other day, resting at work because her husband went home to my family home alone with his son.
Back home for half a year with his father and mother, brothers and relatives meet, after a long 飛Bi交Imashita lively conversation.
To sleep at night, but now two people in the room and Takashi Yasu was using my student days, and even some relatives that stayed did not have enough blankets.
Eventually, I decided to sleep in bed with a set of Takashi Yasu. How embarrassing at first, did Takashi Yasushi Ito Shina into the bed seem fine enough, and that lure me into bed by force, and lying quietly.
There also will be happy to sleep after a long Takashi Yasu, from the way I was raised to embrace Takashi Yasu.
Takashi Yasushi or ashamed of, but his face was downcast, soon saw my face, "to touch the breast of the Mother," and I started to say coyly.
I think that is dear Takashi Yasu, T-shirt lifted, revealing a breast and "OK. Now, you like touching," she said, I brought to the breast Takashi Yasushi hands.
Takashi Yasushi while holding the hand movements started touching her breasts in slow and gentle, and feel 安Raida had imperceptibly to fall asleep.
Suddenly I opened my eyes and feel uncomfortable in the lower body, in which a local touch over my underwear Takashi Yasu is not it? I was screaming so surprised now, are aware that the relatives wanted to stay, but whispers, "her health, what are you doing? Stop it," you hold hands with was. But the moment I pressed the hand of my son, I had to skip a beat.
Despite his son's hand over my underwear, I was covered in slimy love juice.
I became stuck as the bell rang and pissed on his head. Takashi Yasushi Then began my underwear down, had gone I sat together floating.
Then, take off your pants too Takashi Yasu, and your erect penis, to hug me to insert my local, and slowly began to move around the waist.
I am also supposed to be against his son, and feel from the bottom, shake the hips hugged Takashi Yasu was raised to reduce the voice of joy to others without being noticed.
Takashi Yasushi I will soon end in me, enough of me, to be standing at the mouth a little boy again, and started a second time. Now I can satisfy, I arrived at without sleep.
Next morning, while Takashi Yasushi cry "Mother, I beg your pardon yesterday," I apologize again and again and I said "Do not cry, little of the bad Hayo Yasu.'m Happy because my mother," and honest tell myself to hold henceforth.
What a bad mother I had opened the door to his forbidden gates?
But I do not regret it. From it because I love Takashi Yasu
I will leave to my son in the future, I intend to continue.


I'm looking forward to getting to have sex with my father,,,, i have been incest. My partner is the father.
I am 24 years old, my father died my mother at the age of 44 when I was 13 years old.

Was when I went to my house and my husband, my father a year ago.
Father and husband was drinking alcohol. But I had to pick up food to cook and father that I have, "Hey, breasts exposed," said Woji in my heart I was watching with someone Innovation.

I "Do not you get Dad to see a young woman's breasts," and said Hagurakashimashita. I was down in the tank to see how the breasts seems to lean forward slightly so that the bra was in parentheses.

I'm pretty drunk and all three have been with her husband and three people were drinking and cooking after the father.
Then my husband I fell asleep with 酔潰Re.

Carried to the bedroom had a husband and father my father and drinking in the two father and me "Are you dressed up like that everyday?" Because I've heard is "anxious much? "聞Ki返Shimashita this.
My father is a "from Play It Again, 10 years had never seen a worrisome even if his own daughter." I looked at my chest and saying.

I was partly drunk Omowazu "look see?.." I had to say without thinking.
My father said, "Does he not come awake?" I've heard "When I'm drunk, slept even with what happens." Tank top took off and sat next to his father saying .
My father said, "that is ~ Kii Hiroshi breasts" looked at and said.

I said, "It's 86 D cup," I look good dressed like that crawling on my chest and saying.
My father then began massaging your breasts touched. I said, "Well, I do!" But I was just thinking mackerel, I've been getting rough breathing gradually come to feel.

Watching my father, "what did you feel?" I've heard "Yeah.. Little.." But had been left by his father to say.
Then I suck my father had boobs. I've put my dick touch your hand to remove the button and zipper of my pants and empty hands.

I grabbed the arm of his father in amazement, "Wait up a minute! I'm sorry I'll just end with a joke any more..." Said his father stopped.
My father said, "... Yeah.. Sorry..." Was supposed to utter disconnect the hand, face down and say.

I saw a lonely look of the Father "and I see cute I like and I will be bothered by it to my father?" The father thought, "not having sex for over 10 years sure?" And When asked, "It was like that time you had to grow desperate." was saying.
And I "... Want to have sex with me?" When I hear my father was silent.

I saw that look for my father's mind.
My dad, "just you wait." The father then make sure that nothing happens to be her husband saying "Come over here, dad.." You say to his father's bedroom Iki was.

I have all the clothes off my father "Dad.. Attempt.." And kissed his father said.
My father has been sucking the breast to get pushed down to my dick was touching.
And I was touching a little boy with my father and Nugashi pajamas.

After a while my father began to eat pussy face buried between my legs. Since I was feeling very "Oh.. Dad.. Feels ~.." But had been left to be said.

After a while, so my father brought me to my face before sucking little boy gave the little boy. Could my father was dressed as I was six nines while, "Can I put in yet?" Because I've heard, "Yeah.. Put.." Put across a little boy and his father said.

I "have sex with my father! Incest'm this!" The pleasure of a few unusually celebrated peak minutes, I continued my father in me moving.

My father and I had to have sex until three o'clock in the morning. While the position or the way maple, I got my install about 5 times. Lee Ttemashita father twice.

The next morning I was going to make an early breakfast.
Then came my father going, "Good morning.." I have been greeted with something Mojimoji and
I said "Good morning... What?" My father heard of the "you last night, but seems to have been drunk much -... Do you remember?" Because I've heard laughing Innovation Nico "Remember I'll have... what I'm heavy so your father... I least get wet to Gingin the dick yet, thanks... "My father and I'll say is to get behind me," he still What happened does not come? "has been massaged my breasts while saying this.

I said "about 30 minutes but I think that happened coming... Maybe.. I want again?"
When asked, "because it is at any rate in 10 years.." Has touched a dick up my pajama pants Nugashi said.
I said "might come from going bad husband!" But I Kobanda said,
My father, "and I'm still really wet. This is unnecessary if the foreplay." I've put the panties to the side of the little boy said.
I while panting in a small voice, "my husband.. Kitara happened.. What if.." And say "Let me once again." I am so to say "Oh.. I'm reluctant. . Ne fast... "
Sex in the kitchen with just saying.

Since then, we met with the father to have sex at a rate of about once a week.
Sleeping right next to her husband, and father having sex with, but I was at the hotel or to the big time, about a month ago we did a move about.

Yes, my father moved into the house. Of course, knowing that my husband and my father O, K is made.
I "know nothing, however, that her husband is a bad thing.." I think other hand, I'm looking forward to getting to have sex with his father in the future.


Father and as promised, I ,,,,, I went to the hotel and promised his father, went to the hotel.
Today, I came three times, yet, possibly due to an unfamiliar, in front about this. But it,
The pain was too good to 有Rimasen father, but "it is getting better," and praised me, and I'm up the good work, and I was to Furachio first, myself,
With example suck cock, come made harder grows gradually small, happy and something that comes up wet, I made to feel, and comes in the cock, and feel nothing pain If you can not happen without great thought, "Dad,
Yo just do not feel anything painful "and said," Well, look at changing a lot, "and
Slowly, move your hips, move fast, or made on me, and are faster and gradually the breath of his father, suddenly pull out the cock "ERO suck" and composed go before the face Put it, without any time to think, suck and Eru, is now "full drink" and
As was said, and only dry, "as is, without Munching" and I have to say its still Furachio in 15 minutes, or, getting made up of "big time, the thoughts of Yu U while, to see, "I," Yeah, "his father, and felt good about receiving things to myself and to 上Getara than before, hard, hot and made to come," Dad, how can I, "and say" Look at yourself put on the ride, "and made on the
Guess her pussy cock, and sat down, this time into smooth without any pain, coming made hot out of it from what my father and clinging are then, "U - Yu, feeling Are you "was asked, the answer 成Ranai voice," No "Then the father" I do feel that, Yoshi Yoshi, "he said, composed the other hand, sat with abandon, poke me, they became the first voice, to feel like become less painful, with only the crazy topic. However, H is over, after a while, or, Ato Jiwatsu pussy back pain and, in like a good lie, "Daddy, what's lost when 成Ttara pain" and asked, "This next What a place, for sure "and" Then the next, when "" Well, early August "" Yes, understood, go eat something back, hungry, "says the story made up, to eat back up.


Nephew brothers earlier this month, came to stay at my house. I am a single woman in their 40s have an independent designer. Nephew brothers, the children of my wife's brother, and my house is only one away Meitetsu.

This brother and hanging out in about three years now, but 12-year-old seventh grade brother, 11-year-old elementary school is a six year brother. Our accommodation is a summer annual, I have a kid, the house is unlimited disorder. I hit my free time period in August, and recreation to travel abroad, I would return it after a day or two came to stay. During this time, I managed to get my brother a house wife. Prepared to deal, the elder brother's wife is a designer.

But lax management of the children because I'd be hard going back to Japan but abroad.逆Raemasen the law. In doing this back home while Boyaki, cleaning up around the couple, but my brother put his brother get home, I clean up crying.

After the clean up at 7:00 at night and take dinner with the elder brother's wife made me food. Children's animation these days will be disappointed. I have seen the show in cold blood like that. But I hate rats, but was fascinated by the Pokemon Pikachu.

After the meal, a bath first two, and after the dishes, take a bath in turn. I always coming along, only this time was somehow have a bad feeling. I mean, sum kun (brother), rub my boobs, I've come to inflate the penis. Hiroshi kun (brother) is coming to Shaburitsui my tits. I thought I was fine, still children.

Breasts and breasts of A or B, dripping nipples, even though there should be no tension.寝Kaseyou up on the bedroom floor and two children, and let the 蒲団 潜Ra tried to 寝Kashitsukeyou. But I'm away to give up more, where I slept.

After a while you fumble aware of the pants and chest, awoke. Then I was in my pajamas with a 脱Gasou brothers. Why two people are naked. I jumped up with surprise, was staring at two people.
Brother "old lady, I'm sorry" could face full of remorse.
"My child is doing this for You You should not!" I was loosely argues.
Brother, "I heard everyone in the class that the experience of sex anymore"
I "Just because everyone has, you think I want to be like this old lady?!"
My brother, "her aunt, please just tits! Show!" Was an innocent looking eyes. Instead of saying lewd intent, by saying that you know that pure curiosity. Wondered what to do for a while.

I dare not now take off all your naked up and nightwear. Then I went on two inflated penis larger. When I saw it, I excitedly away thinking, the legs lie in M opens shaped ○ LANGUAGE showed a video. The two men raised the weeping of joy. At that moment, I have been springing onto my brother. I was desperately resisted the force is far stronger opponent, did not get help becoming slaves. The first will be a blow job was. Soon after he stet blowjob, while his brother looked at the eyes and tears.
My brother, "Please drink," said drank as.
My brother, "What is good?"
"I'm looking to younger tastes. But the sum kun, I have not and will never rape a girl?"
My brother "I have not" face turned red.
Brother "Aunt, please lick my dick as well," Blow up the turning to his brother. Iki immediately issued in the mouth, exhaled. Then, I have been pushed down to my brother snapped. And, as desperate to put a cock ○ LANGUAGE Oh, do not enter at all. I was watching the scene while paying attention to. It was awesome again. Are you struggling from a cold sweat while they iron it out anywhere.
Brother "genuine ooh U" became an expression of pain. Huh? Innovation moment I ran into severe pain ○ LANGUAGE Oh, I found that it was inserted.
"I will not do! Hong Kun! Get away!" Pressed desperately tries to let go, a strong force was useless. In the meantime continues to piston, and I was worried about what to do, I get the following action.

Let my brother on his back for a cowgirl. Blow cock with her brother while moving the hips for anal induced. The death throes on grimly to the pain my brother has struggled with the piston back and forth. I was filled with pleasure. After a while, while my brother came out, came out in the anal and then my brother.

After sex, I went to the bathroom and took two people in this state, issued a two semen from the vagina and anal. The blood came out even among the semen.
"My brother now you guys anymore, looks half-man I became," I guess I was saying? The two men were in the first ten. After this, I have washed two cocks, and we rubbed out firing, I have become a habit, squeezing the cock while two were put on the face and body fluid. Two cocks for a dozen times to discourage back to 蒲団. The two men immediately went to bed.

Since there is doing this, get stretched to about three weeks to one week stay, it was time for sex every night. Of course, my brother is a secret couple. And went home three days ago.

Long and I apologize. As I'm sure there are many interesting people who think the work long percent, capped readers read this far I thank you sincerely.

Suite 248?

Unfortunately (?) For multiple things at HP is also participating for a couple of sister-in-law but of course I join the party started swapping four days and nights in a male Temasen made SEX yet The woman's brother was chosen more for women SEX · · · one more man to man I have chosen the first time women had big dick like a good person chosen by young people 30 minutes after several tense voice resounded in my five minutes alone with everyone except the first brother (5) enter the power down my hand Toro Toro melted away I let the squid sister-in-law and woman look into the mouth dick is so serious about women kissing breasts, hands, and another woman started or are suffering sister-in-law deep kiss on the mouth and eyes open, "Kazu and I really wanted to," a word with
Edge! My brother's sister-in-law has a master's in anal sister-in-law regime is under 69 seeing kiss directly touching the clitoris vagina breast kissing someone else's sister-in-law started to think ahead Blow your finger is really exciting because I can not see someone from back in the sister-in-law without change to the other men from the brother to the others, attracted by each other's dick Masaguri Consult sister-in-law ... so I can come up sore vagina "can anal?" so I can not be asked, "Rim & licked" in charge? SEX and the experience of lesbians gently licking dick and get your wife to join when it was finished only two men are not experienced with each other and all 6 It was disappointing
I felt about my husband did not know - only three times except for brother (and?) In a single day, so no experience has been good to men who Toi +4 more experience before marriage record Takao too? I'm just kidding ...
3 day weekend from the 18th I also want to date two people and it's sister-in-law might be angry husband and I plan what I'm thinking about going out in a couple or sister-in-law


My father passed away when I was 18. I was in Electra complex, he loved his father it.
This is the first time I saw a bulletin board, below, "I look forward to getting to have sex with his father," When friends saw the comment, the first honest thought, that I envy.
I also now is a 21, my father was alive, if you wanted sex.
The three-time high, when you walked hand in hand with my father was so excited I remember.
Hey I'm jealous. I can imagine, I feel like a very nice thing.

It is very embarrassing,,,,

I confess that, in many places, a lot of people want to read something is very embarrassing.

It is a continuation of this before, until recently, and one son were in the bath together, I mean a thing feels, and really excited, I embarrassed, they grew the hair still my son I imagined a penis no
Could I have one.

Since that day, I now keep a close eye on his son.
Of course, that go unnoticed.
What my son was much like you would in pace, but less so once every two days.
I came home from school, go to the bathroom, then immediately 閉Jikomottara room, that is to say that.

I dare Hinerimashita the doorknob, but are indeed locked.
My son noticed the sound, with a red face (I was so excited) and Shiro angry knock.
Course, the penis is only 3 centimeters become hard.

"What, you want to pee?"
Speaking of which, I have stretched a hand to his son dick.
My son has pulled himself surprised: "Now, go to the bathroom together."
Speaking of which, could not escape and then turn your back like a hand, stroked her penis 回Shimashita.
Penis is still incomplete, without any tip Ino Hutoshi part, though, seems a little chubby pencil.
I can get a little hands, this time Tamatama confirmed.
Very small, like a pachinko ball.
Then, suddenly twitched, start up, it's gone.

Even such a small penis, and a little surprised that the movement of ejaculation, but did not truly out of sperm.

At that time his son, faces down, the whole body was trembling.
Looking at the faces, voices Kami殺Shi was clenching his teeth.

I have a face, very cute and want their hands, without touching the penis, "not a bathroom, or get into the bath?" And said.
Penis is a bit later so kind, had softened, and massaging that has hardened slightly.

My son wanted to leave the H is a (insert is of course not)
What my son was denied.
My son, I got stuck in the room.

If I had my husband is hard to make it.
I opened the key, with gentle persuasion.

When you do this, and confessed the next opportunity.

I have tea with us,,,,

About a month ago, my brother has committed every day.
拒Memasen weaknesses because they are held in my brother.

Brother, the little boy makes me lick first.
As likely to ejaculate, like when you shake your hips sex fiercely Hold my head with both hands.
Then ejaculate in my mouth.
I drink semen out the mouth.
Otherwise, from the angry brother.

After about 3 to 4 hours I played with the body to the brother.

At first, being held in these days, but my brother was very unpleasant, the cry would gasp to my brother reacts to attack the body.

These days my brother is now requesting to come to me very disagreeable.

We are scared of her brother's actions to escalate.

I am a 17 year old high school student.
My brother is 22 years old

Cute niece

Did with the high three nieces.
5 H with time.
Eh I still suck my cock.

H is 14 years old when the first niece, I did in the toilet of the train ride home took me home.
Proportion went to the bathroom so bad for feeling.
I've heard that what you are touching directly with the niece in panties panties down in the skirt of her niece While rubbing their hands in the back.
I put a finger to tell me feel comfortable.


yuna himekawa[253]
Looks like you have sex with dad, six years now.
My first elementary school when I was 6 years.
The Obon holiday, I was home mom who just ahead of Iwate.
Since the company also closed the next day dad was scheduled to return with me.
As is usual, Daddy come home drunk I was supposed to be before I sleep, too.
But that day, and up till about 10 o'clock I had to see the show, when Dad came home,
I was just taking a bath.
"Tatami, tatami"
I called in a drunken voice, saying something to the understanding of the translation to answer, like we did toward his room.
I am washing the body, and has suddenly entered the bathroom daddy.
And naked, with a red face, I was drunk.
"Dad, sex pervert"
Came from the period, taking a bath with my dad I was not more than one year.
My dad's eyes and Bootsu and grabbed my hand and tried to escape from the bathroom.
"Oh, I also got turned into beautiful tatami."
I was completely drunk.
Have bigger penis between his thighs and sat down.
Ability of the body is missing something, standing, could not do anything.
Put on your lap I was daddy was sitting on the chair before I knew it.
Bigger penis is sandwiched between dad and dad's belly my belly, I was rocking up and down holding my dad's body.
Oh, what should we do, stop it quickly,
But, I rubbed the crotch of your dad's penis, I felt good moment.
A tight hug and suddenly my dad, and my dad in the stomach during the spread something hot.
Daddy's penis while moving scared, I was blowing a white liquid.
Daddy is suddenly becoming something cute, and I was hugging my head.
Then, wash your body with my dad Ikko was quiet, went out of the bath.
I could not sleep, I was touched by his dad around the penis before I knew it was struck.
Masturbation was the first time.
I understood how much of the standing, and I feel good with your fingers touching, as it was about to cry.
"Tatami, I fell asleep just now is a sorry,"
I suddenly came into Dad.
I also took off his pajama pants shorts on the bed too, I was masturbation.
It was under the dim light, just know dad is like, had stood silently by.
And I came into Daddy's bed me.
The legs are gripped, I thought of my head touched the crotch of a father, I began to lick my crack.
I was surprised, I was comfortably sit tight.
Before I knew it, they also get naked dad, I was also stripped me.
I was working so I rubbed the penis of the father split.
I will be pushing both feet, I was working in between dad's body.
To feel good, you'll want to pee was about.
Dad moves faster and I thought, and still less on the breasts on my stomach, hot liquid has been scattered.
How come many times to jump out and sound Pashuppashutsu spread over me.
Dad kissed me gently.
Another 回Shimashita by morning.
The next day we went to Daddy and Iwate.
Mom is in secret, during the summer holidays 回Shimashita 3.
Become increasingly feel now just Itchau daddy finger.
Then ask me to come to the institute's dad in the car once a week, now at the hotel.
Then, before entering junior high school spring break, sex with my dad for last.
I hurt, coming up in my stomach spread sperm dad, I felt good.
Not petting, took about two months until the sex feel good.
We're a dad is wearing a condom, in my ejaculation is about twice a month.
Mom and dad once a week, but once a week with me while mom s away on holiday sometimes, and I have sex in my room.

Mother of the Handicapped

I am a disabled 49-year-old man.
To walk upon it, but speak in language disorders also face tight, hard to tell enough,
Relationship with the woman without too much yet, I can also trouble in The Nanny virgin you alone know.
Do you how to handle her son's sex?
Please tell us. What it does not make reference 宜Shikattara mail exchange of persons with disabilities.

I relate to my son

The 40-year-old housewife. I relate to my son. Honestly I'm troubled. I want to feel like a confession in a confession.
By the time one evening to 9:00 in summer, remember that I wanted to eat watermelon after dinner, went to call his son to learn to eat in the family room, not my son. I also thought that the toilet does not seem. Day night, for you will never go out in the garden there is, coming out of the room I saw my son. If you look at what happened and, through the hedge between how we will enter the next site. I have not noticed that, I close by the hedge. It was where my son out of the bathroom next door costs. Before I became a black eye. Suddenly the light of the point where the house, my son saw it out the window. And was about to enter the bath, there was a house wife. Confirmed his son's ugly to peek out the window to stick to the walls of the house. I thought you have come to take his arm to pull her son from his place in the house where people find it, serious situation, so too here, wishing to not have to be calm, a entered the house. My husband opened the second beer, while I was watching baseball Utsurautsura.
My son entered the room. The light had 点I stand on your desk, this place was not. I sat on the bed and waited for the return of her son. Time was 20 minutes away, I felt very long. Finally my son came into the window. My son was a surprised face.
"You now what have you been doing? Like mom, I know what I was doing. You, if it just a peek into the bath when the lady next door."
My son is naive to say anything.
"The father, and I'll keep silent, and as such this will not do twice." I left the room and say that.
Then I went into the bathroom. Soaked in a bathtub while, I became sad and want to see more older women naked mother son. Sexual desire and interest of instructors in middle school and junior high school lecture to say that I remember it was quite Retsu Tsuyoshi.
I've decided there.
Back in the room my son out of the bath, so as to chase, I went into. My son was lying on the bed and sat here for the upper body. I said, sitting on the bed.
"But just that, and as such this will not do twice. Once found, the police have taken, I walk out to become mothers because Kashiku shame. Your wife loves it there so You're not you will not. However, I see that it's an adult woman naked. were right, I'll see mom naked adult woman. I do not anymore, so absolutely. "
I stood up and began to remove the light blue pajamas with button toward your son.
The sleeve and pull the arm, because no bra, now laid bare the breast. Moment, the urge to hide in the hands Kashiku Kararemashita shame, nothing for the gesture. Pajama pants are casually took off as possible. Corner of the bed and folded pajamas, wearing a piece of panty, said for his son. The type of bikini panties was no decoration of any semi-simple white cotton, or how good things 脱Idara, partly because I have trouble shame.
"But mom, still, right of appeal." Devoted to the waist and his left hand, bend the knee on the inside right heel, a little comically posturing, between Tsukuroimashita. With grim determination, I sat with her hands placed on the thigh, right next to her son. My son was surprised to look, my bare breast, stomach, panties, looking back and forth as many times thigh. I took off everything, of course, my son was going to show. But I really can not decide to take off panties Naka Naka.
"Hey, happy now? Look, or more?" And heard a small voice, my son nod.
"Well, I'll show you, not bring up something I already looked." Let likes asked. I sat on the bed legs stretched out, let me be moved to the foot of his son.
I was a little down over the rubber panties thumbs, hips turned 横座Ri drew while bending the knees Sized. Now I could see the hair under the belly making a knee, panties pulled feet. I wonder if you really like to, you can see the redness in the ears of shame and confusion. It seems they've reacted, and somehow part of my girl.
"Look well know. The body of the woman all the same I, I like those." I slowly opened his hands about his knees behind her. My son moved my eyes from the face of the thigh. Son's face was about 1 meter away from me. My son and 見Tsumemasu Majimaji. Leaving the light, for me to dress like this. Part is looking down and shoot my son, who is thinner than a bush, with a beam in my stomach, you will see from the cracks.
"It's nice to see some closer." Bore your shame, and to resist the temptation to close and now says the knee,
"But somehow ashamed that I seen my mother." He says.
"You idiot, I have seen more embarrassing. Well, I'll sleep." Your knees and stood still beside the bed. Then I started looking for my son to put his face between my knees.
From this time, my feelings have become increasingly strange. And shame are closely watched part of this to my son, is why the body would react. After his son committed to keep this idea in my head Yogirimasu Teiu like anything.
"Mom, can I touch something?" Said his son was surprised that I thought possible, I'll forgive.
"What? Well, OK, suit yourself." So I replied, my son, gently pushing my thighs and hands, hair slightly Nade上Gemashita. Place your fingers on either side of beans is a sensitive woman, Ijirimasu as blackmail or expand horizontally and vertically. The part that has touched the body Hashirimashita pleasure like a little, but current.
"There is like, you're sensitive, can I not touch strange." And could not resist and said, Son, lowered position of the finger portion of the crack spread. It was already gone when wet. My son is at the base of every leg hands and lips crack Nazorimasu where both index finger. After several traced, in turn, stomach in three or four fingers of his right hand and rub the wet crack a light touch.
It had also put pressure slowly stop here. But, I thought it was also for my son, to be honest, Orimashita gone to wreck my body pleasure than anything. I bit the thumb was desperate to stop the bear breathing.
So far, it will be seen by his son says, I do not see how to make Orimashita son, the son Osaenaku other hand, so I thought, some face up I was surprised to see her son. While touching the body of my son with his right hand, left hand down a little pajama pants, I was clutching his penis. I'm just a shame my son let me without a stitch of clothing, I have my son hold his penis. I became head of the state of confusion, excitement and perfection of the body.
My son is a sex object, the mother thought it was not looking. That is why my body exposed to his son. Nevertheless, the son of a penis is a stiff clenched with excitement. This girl, I'm excited to have my body.
But if you're excited to shame one person I wanted to keep the same if this child like this.
Then the fingers of his son touched the girl suddenly part of the larger beans. And little by little 震Washimashita tip of his finger. I did not have to be that desperate. This could not resist, I disclose a small voice. Get one's breath and finally said. "It's not there." He shook a finger is stopped, there remains a finger touches the vaginal opening to put a finger as well.
"Mom, you can put your finger like this."
"I No, are you going to just show you, Mom."
"Mom, I'm, I'm so out of Chai." Endure anything like my son, and said so in a tone into force, and not care that I've put your finger. Kikoemasu wet sound evidence that I've felt every time you move your finger.
And suddenly my son without a finger and speak like 力Nda to grab my thighs, let the body Tsuppara. While holding his son seemed to have a penis ejaculating.
放Shimashita son because my body, my hips towards his son, 冷Mashimashita body. I wonder if this was good to you, like many thought.
Another, is when the thought to get up. Son came up from behind.
It was a beast itself. Pajama pants off son has a hard cock pressed against my crotch. It was thought this should not face outward from the energy change is the idea better, and I thought it was safe for me if I'm not interested in her son elsewhere. Words and expressions, but was rejected
Body force did not resist.
Then, my son has found a chance and ask me. The son became a good son than I think previous.