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Incest confession of women(2017-04)

Brother confession

yuna himekawa[30279]
 I thirty-two-year-old, it is a housewife.
 When it was twenty-seven years old. One week before the wedding, from now on,
because everyone can not be face to face every day, Saori
before had gone, do you want to go to eat a feast,
and mother, began to say, as my home, upscale restaurants
the booked. Sister-in-law is, beauty advisor of cosmetic companies
because that is the, absent on a business trip to Kansai, parents and brother, my four people
We had a feast in.
 Like parents were tired and go home around nine o'clock, I rest earlier.
 When will I be Kyumo, when I was getting ready to change of clothes in your room
is a door knock, brother, because was a good kana voice \"Please
and I'll good\", brother red or was drunk at the sake little face were they
right under \"Saori, but I'm certain that you want to talk, good kana
\" while pounding, and waited for the next words, says difficulty
likely, while there was a \"Saori had gone soon
When I think that I, lonely, I'm not able to sleep at night, I,
I was loved it from the front of Saori, because brother and sister,
patience, with patience, I was married and reluctantly Asunabi, selfish thing
I'm is known, want to hear. all of Saori
I want to know, \"I'm the eyes of the brother is in Junn\" I'll say
if your brother think, Datte me, since I was a junior high school student, you
of brother things in the mood, My God of the other boys, all
I was not in my head, I also want to know that your brother, How can it
be your brother, hugged me strong brother, ask
and were each other staring you want to \"stay in all the time I feel the feeling
approaches remain, move the mouth directly below, is the kiss of the first time of his brother
, with a soft lips, gentle tongue, caress my tongue, I danced to back
the hands of his brother, which is is, lowering the one-piece fastener to the waist
remove the bra hook under the cami , from the bottom cami
in a bra that became loose in, your milk in the entire palm of the hand
so as to enclose, fir, Korikori \"brother sandwiched between the nipples with your fingers
brother, of glad I'm happy, Yeah yeah Mmm Oh Right on
, \"at this time, I Do not want to see Sue and away\" Saori is a take off on your own,
is \"older brother because I also take off, loosen your belt, the Y-shirts
take off, I was only in underwear\" I, embarrassed , Brother
-chan, I'm behind I have directed, \"\" useless, the place to take off is Saori
because I want to see \"will also write later.

Mistakes with my husband's friends

I am a 28 year old housewife. My husband is a 35-year-old office worker. I do not have children. My husband's friend Kazuya came to drink on Friday at the end of last month . I drank it for 3 people. My husband, who is vulnerable to alcohol, fell asleep in the bedroom. It's already past 1 o'clock and Kazuya will stay at our house. When I laid a futon in the guest room, Kazuya hugged me from behind. Kazuya is a little drunk. I like Satomi-san. It's just today, Satomi-san. No good. My husband wakes up, so stop ... I was pushed down by Kazuya-san and rubbed my breasts from the top of my clothes. Kazuya-san, I can't ... I can't ... No, my husband wakes up. The blouse was taken off, the hook of the bra was taken off, and I rubbed and licked my breasts. I put my hand in the skirt and took off my panties. Kazuya is accustomed to treating women. I was stripped naked in no time. Wait a minute, Kazuya-san. I went into the bedroom and saw my husband. I was snoring and sleeping. When I returned to the guest room, Kazuya stood naked. I was hugged and kissed. I haven't been with my husband for a year. That's why I thought when Kazuya was drinking because he could be embraced by him. I was laid down on a futon, kissed, put my tongue in my mouth, and I got entangled . I have a husband in the next room, but I'm naked with KazuyaI'm hugging each other. I got excited and got wet. Kazuya-san took a shower ... Don't lick it because it's dirty, no ~ Kazuya-san licked my dirty pussy. I was sucked by chestnuts and put my finger in my vagina and felt it being stirred. I put my hand on my mouth and pushed my voice to death. Satomi-san's pussy bichobicho ~ Do you want my dick? Say, please put in a dick ~ I can't say ... Satomi-san, licking my dick-I licked Kazuya-san's dick on my cheek . It's bigger than my husband. It became 69 and licked each other's secret parts. Aan ~ Kazuya is gone ~ I've already put it in ~ I've become missionary and accepted Kazuya's dick. Don't use contraception ... It's been a year since I last had a dick. When I entered the root, the glans hit the uterus and I felt very comfortable and made a sweet voice. I entwined my legs around Kazuya's waist and turned my arms around my shoulders. Satomi-Which is better, my husband or me? Even though my husband is in the next room, I'm embraced by me and writhe. Don't say about my husband ~ I like Kazuya better than my husband. I became a woman on top posture and I shook my hips violently on Mr. Kazuya. Kazuya-san rubbed my breasts roughly, and I was stabbed violently from below and I was passed away while shaking my hair. I felt that I was backed up and stabbed violently and hit my ass. Anal is no good because it's dirty.I was stabbed violently while putting my finger in the anal and I was passed away many times. Mr. Kazuya was told by Mr. Kazuya that he was in the missionary position and hugged me, felt violently pistoned , screamed and uttered a reluctant word that he had never said to his husband . Ah ~ Kazuya is gone, no more coming ~ Satomi ~ I 'm about to die ~ Aan ~ Today is a dangerous day ~ Take it outside ~ Oh ~ Satomi ~ I'm out. I couldn't move while I wasn't able to move because Kazuya was holding me back and I was put inside. A large amount of sperm has been put out in the uterine ostium. I ran into the bathroom, scraped the sperm in my vagina and washed it off in the shower. Kazuya also came in and I'm sorry Satomi, it feels too good ~ Suck me ~ My head was pressed down and I was forced to put a dick in my mouth and lick it. Kazuya's dick is getting harder in my mouth . Oh ~ Satomi is good ~ I'm going to die ~ Come out, drink Satomi ~ Kazuya's head was pressed down and it was put out in my mouth and I drank it . Kazuya's dick erected again in my mouth. I put my hand in the bathtub and had a hard dick inserted from the back. The sound of meat hitting the bathroom is echoing. Ah ~ Aan ~ Kazuya-san is gone ~ Come on ~ Put it inside, put out a lot ~ Die ~ Haahaa ~ Satomi is gone ~ Conceive my child ~ Even though it is a dangerous day, sperm of another person is vaginal cum shot I have. I begged for the second ejaculation.

because I like

It is the women's high school one year.
I do not have any father to my house. I'm parents got divorced when I was a nursery school.
3 people living mother and brother.
My brother is a two-year university, it will be 20 years old this year.

I began to think like that of brother is from about two years ago.
My mother is coming back is always be 8 o'clock to go to work, dinner is always made with his brother and two people.
My brother is really to friendly to become dependable, they loved and very good friends brother and sister from the old days.
From around elementary school upper grades, friends of the class was normal to have likes boys.
But men to be worried about me and wonder did Mase Zuttoi.
Favorite men well into the junior high school did not have.

2 of time in, or he laid up with a fever brother I cooked the rice, with or me replace the wet towel, there was that who has nursed.
I chest was noticed like that of brother much to Kyun at that time.

Then two years, it does not of course mean can confess such a thing.
But like the feeling it has just become stronger more and more.
It will look just that of brother and being together.

But, I noticed recently.
What my feelings through, that it is common that older brother is also me staring at me.
Brother I think also I like me.
Come to think of it, brother to think that it is absolutely Moteru type, does not that she was able until now to the brother.
Since good a word, After me say \"like\" because really good in a word, I, to become a thing of the brother.
I want a virgin, of course dedicated to the brother.
Anything that, that you want to your brother, I wish me to me.
So I want you to say a word \"like\".

Insulted by my son

I'm a 40-year-old housewife. Until just the other day, I was a housewife in a normal family. It's been raped by my son and ... it's worse. I was worried because I couldn't tell the police or my husband about this.  My son is now 17 years old. He was big and violent and often violently attacked me. Then one day when my husband was away on a business trip for about a week, he suddenly turned into a man and attacked my bedroom . I resisted, but power shouldn't be enough. After the pajamas were torn and naked and caressed violently, I pierced the sharp male genitals there at once without getting wet. It was no use screaming and begging for forgiveness . And ejaculated inside. That's not enough, and maybe I grew up with mukumuku and calmed down with one ejaculation, I moved slowly and rhythmically, and my body that had not had sexual intercourse with my husband for more than half a year I have reacted. After all, I was completely overwhelmed by the hardness and thickness that was incomparable to my husband's. Then. My son demanded sex and blowjob with my husband's pretense, and was accused of "nasty haba", "sow", "public toilet", "son's cock-loving haba", and if he refused, he was kicked and finally the embarrassing hair underneath Has been shaved . When you come back from school, you will kneel and serve your penis. During menstruation, only the mouth is used, but at other times, you can have sex every day.The energy is unequaled anyway, and ejaculates three times a day with less once. I was afraid of getting pregnant so I started taking pills. He never puts on rubber , and sometimes he just takes a joyful face shower or puts it in his mouth. I thought I would tell my husband many times, but it is a fact that I do not like it, but in the end I accept my son's penis in my mouth and over there and get wet, which is very embarrassing because of my dissociation from my heart. is. The other day, I was finally put in anal and fainted in front of my son for the first time with pain and indescribable pleasure. I was so pulled that I woke up. Every day like that, my son said something out of the ordinary. "Habaa.'Ll've got to the Do not. So friends of the other party from bringing now friends 2-3 people. Would be happy. Nasty Habaa, young Timbo'll can eat anything this. Or say, to my father When you have run away I'll tell you and set the house on fire . " And that day is today. I will write again. My son will be back soon. My husband is not on a business trip again from today.  Now I woke up enduring the pain all over my body. My son is back from that as planned . Of course, I have two friends.  First of all, I was required to be naked in front of three people. It is a humiliation to take off your clothes and get naked, even if you are forced to take off your clothes . But it wasn't allowed. I became more embarrassed when I was in my underwear. "Wow. T's mother has a good body. It's breasts.""It's better than Habaa at home. Oh, I want to get it done quickly, I want to do it." He was really naked and looked serious, and exposed the hairless area to the two of them. He was then ordered to serve the penis of his two friends with their lower bodies exposed. Both of them had already erected in Gingin, rampaged like steel in their mouths, and were ejaculated and drunk vigorously . After that it was a frenzy. The three of us were tossed and teased like a toy. The semen of three young people was received by hand, mouth and body, and the face was exposed to semen so that it became crunchy, and it was violated without rest. Someone challenged my body even when they were absent . The hardest thing was when my son was inserted into anal and the two were inserted into three places at once, over there and in the mouth, and semen was poured. I became frantic and fainted. How many times did they ejaculate? I woke up in the middle of the night. The whole body hurts and the whole body becomes crunchy with semen, and there seems to be no sensation as a tingling sensation. My son got up and said, "Don't you think it's really a public toilet?" "I'm a stupid woman, crying not only for me but also for my friend's cock . " I cried. I asked you to forgive me. But my son turned his back and left.

Married in his half-brother and sister

I am illegitimate child. It is the so-called children born out of wedlock.
18-year-old mother at the time of died became a person without a single relative I, visited the shop that there is a note that was left of the mother to rely on.
\"Oh? Is part-time job seekers? Please, please.\"
Are invited and, at the edge that has been adopted in one shot, marriage evolved into a relationship with the bottom of the shops of second son, now, of two children the mother.
Ever since dedicated her virginity to her husband, now lustful wife taught the woman of joy to her husband.
But, I was aware of the more obscene fact, I muttered in mind while being embraced by her husband.
\"Brother, pleasant. Delicious licking dick sister? Anne, the sucking our brother, by your beans sister. Brother of the penis, have rampage in my dick. To sex A brother and sister, very indecent I. \"
on the back, in the photograph exactly the same name was written the name of the father-in-law, had reflected a mother and father-in-law of his youth.
Date of one year before my birthday was being carved.
My father, would be the father of her husband.
Maybe, in the hope, as his half-brother and sister to get married, the husband of the home address might be my mother left.
Perhaps it was revenge of the mother.
Last night, the cock of the real brother and licking example mouth, was each other rubbed the mucous membrane in the brother and sister welcomed over there.
Hug to brother trembling out in pleasure, has been multiplied by the clouded your soup of DNA that are similar to me.
\"You, I wish I really like sex. I'm glad in a similar thing a couple.\"
Oh yeah, very similar because it is brother and sister.
Sex love is probably genetic.
I because even my mother I was sired the children to not enough 's mother-in-law only.

Asked by my younger brother

When my parents had to leave the house for about two days for an acquaintance's wake and funeral, I went back to my parents' house to take care of my brother's meals. I was pregnant, but I was calm without much morning sickness, and above all, I lived with my husband's parents, so I was happy to go home when I could take a break. It is a high 1 with 8 differences from his younger brother Takashi. I've been taking good care of him since I was little, and Takashi was a very sweet boy to me. Besides, I'm very weak and shy, but I'm very kind, and when I got a fever, he took care of me (I was just by my side (laughs)), and I like Takashi because he's cute. did. On that day, when I finished eating and taking a bath and watching TV together in the living room, the next day was Takashi's birthday, so "Tomorrow's birthday, my sister will make a cake, right?" "Really? ... Thank you. ”At that time, I was wearing a loose knit dress and no bra, and I was dressed in a comfortable way that I couldn't usually do, and when I think about it later, I feel that Takashi's gaze was glancing at my chest. "Birthday gifts, what do you want?" " What you want ... hmm ..." "Please tell me anything," " Is it really anything?" "It must be too expensive (laughs)" "Then ... What do you want ... I have a request for your sister ... " While wondering about Takashi, who is strangely embarrassed," Please? ... Okay .... What? " " With your sister ... " Hmm? ... with your sister ... what?""No ...... still good ..." "Because refuse if what Yoo ~ ... saying Take a me ... bad (laughs)" "because it is good ...... impossible ... also bought something clothes? ' " Says over a period of stop Nante I don't look like a man ... "I wanted to hear Takashi's request, so I pressed my shoulders against the sofa and brought my face closer to me," Please ask my sister ... Tell me! " With your sister ... " " Yeah, with your sister? " " ... I want to have sex ... "Takashi turns his face red and looks away. "Eh? ..." I was also stuck in an unexpected word and was silent for a while. I couldn't stand the atmosphere, "Why that ..." Takashi kept looking away and said, "I've always liked my sister ... I always masturbated with my sister ... I want to have sex with my sister. I'm sorry ... I forgot? ... I'm okay with clothes ... " I thought that I had done my best to say that the weak Takashi had taken the plunge so far, but he said, " I'm happy with Takashi's feelings ... but it's impossible ... ... I bought clothes ... " When I said that, Takashi, who was forced to smile, was so cute that he became masturbating and wanted to accept Takashi's feelings. I myself was a little frustrated with my husband since I became pregnant, but when I heard Takashi's feelings, my body became hot and I thought it was only once ... "From now on, Takashi will dream." "Hey? ... No ... I'm not sleepy ...""Maybe I wake up and remember ... it's ... a dream, right?" I put my hand on Takashi's shoulder and said "Chu ..." on my lips ... "Sister? ..." I was surprised with my eyes rounded. When I straddle the top of Takashi, I put on my lips and stare at a distance where my lips can touch, "Only today ... Dream ... Let's see ..." "Sister ... Hmm ... Hmm ... Is that okay? "I can only see it today ... because it's a dream, right? ..." When I hugged Takashi, who had a rough breath, and gently kissed him many times, I felt that it became harder. I shook my hips and stimulated, "Koji's ... hardened ..." "Because ... ha ... ha ..." "Take off?" Take off Takashi's shirt, shake your hips back and forth and kiss your nipples, and I I grabbed my butt with both hands and rubbed my crotch. As soon as I slipped my sweat pants and pants and put out a hard erected Ochinchin and stroked the glans with my fingers, it became slimy with Gaman juice. "Sister ... Sister ... Hah ... Hah ..." Takashi kisses crazy while moving her hips When she slowly and gently returns the kiss to calm her down, "Sister ... Hah ... Hah ... Stomach ... Is it okay?" "..." "Is it okay? ... Easy ..." When I took off my lips and crouched between Takashi's legs and took off my pants and pants, the thing that erected hard in front of me was a little bigger than my husband, "Koji's ... big ... "When I kissed Takashi's Ochinchin who looked a little happy and put it in my mouth, my body was shocked and looked up at the heavens and "Ahhhhh" While licking the glans that swelled a little in my mouth When I rub it, I try to raise my shoulder with both hands while stretching my legs, "Sister ... Damn ... Wait ..." I thought it was going to be alive and sucked violently, sticking out my waist and in my mouth I ejaculated with "Sister ... Hah ... Hah ... I got out ..." "Did you feel good ?" "I felt good ... I didn't ..." I ejaculated and made it spicy with a slightly softened Ochinchin. Takashi "I'll be able to do it soon ... It's okay ..." When I crawl my tongue on Ochinchin so that I can see him staring at him, I immediately became a gingin. "You can do this ...?" Stand up, take off your shorts, straddle Takashi and "put it in?" Nodding and staring at Takashi who drinks raw spit, sink your hips and slowly insert it all the way. I hugged him tightly as if I pressed my waist. "Does it feel good?" "Wow ... it feels good ..." "Don't come out right away ... slow down?" "Yeah ..." Gaze at Takashi's face and slowly raise and lower his body, and Takashi also looks at me. Move your hips "Inside your sister ... ha ... ha ... inside ..." "Koji is inside ... do you feel? ..." Let me slowly move in and out for a while, then stand up and pull out the cock."Ah ... older sister ... huh ... huh ..." "This time ... Takashi?" When I sat down on the sofa and showed my legs spread out, I held my hips with the spread legs and slowly inserted them. Takashi slowly moves his hips in and out to put up with it "Inside your sister ... feels good?" "Wow ... feels good ... ha ... ha ..." "Koji's kiss feels good too?" "Really? ... your sister feels good too. "?" While hugging Takashi and kissing, "Because it feels good ... Move it a little faster? ... Because my stomach is okay ..." "Yeah ... Hmm ... Hmm ..." When Takashi's hips move faster, there is a rubbing sound. As I heard it, Takashi's movements became fierce as if I was excited by the sound. "Sister ... ha ... ha ... already ... let's put it out." When I hugged while moving my hips crazy, "Sister ... Ah ..." When Takashi stopped moving and was inserted all the way in, I felt something spouting inside, hugged tightly and kissed. When I gave it, I was ejaculating inside me while shaking my body. On that day, I slept in bed together, hugged him until Takashi fell asleep, and stroked his head. The next morning, when Takashi was preparing breakfast in the kitchen, Takashi woke up and said, "Good morning, I'm ready to eat." When he said the same as usual, Takashi took a deep breath slowly and exhaled. I said "Good morning" and had breakfast.As I confirmed last night's promise, "Koji ... a good dream ... did you see it?" "Yeah ... a very good dream ... I'll never forget ..." The relationship with Takashi is the secret of only two people. It's a dream.

And brother-in-law

I am a housewife of a three-fourteen. About a week four days you have your work.
When that day, home from shopping, the entrance of the intercom, there was a people who are pushing, from behind is AkiraHitoshi's, it is the brother-in-law.
I'm the same age with me. To approach \"AkiraHitoshi of ~ down Hello\"
I was surprised as to look back, \"Oh sister, not the absence I was good, healthy, two people with\" \"Yeah Genki I, I I do not stay Uchinohito, the business trip, had to do today, it 's so unusual, at this time of the day, now I'm going back tomorrow, \"If you are working in here in the living room while you will\" go out I think that was good and the cleaning before enter the middle, Anyway sister, also not you became clean do or not, I young, is the I not compare with me, do not happy big brother, I \"enviable
gonna What are you saying, and said such a thing, I was a little happy even anything I do not have.\" When Serve beer, suddenly when was about to walk, around in front of me, saying her sister, scissors my face with both hands, I had been to block the mouth, inserted immediately tongue, the face I was trying to escape waving, but not me away. While a kiss, brought down on the couch, rubbed the chest, hands in the blouse, removed the bra hook, from the gap that became loose, the whole your milk, across the nipple to finger Korikori, blocked groan in the mouth, which is, I there have begun to react in the skirt, as if it was found it, from the top of the skirt, I've been touched there. Away in silence, per the knee towards my feet, turning the skirt up \"sister, my great, such a sexy panty - yes I'm, I unbearable Oh\" there stuck the face, such as smell the smell that the \"sister, I is wet, it's the smell of you sister This\" put your hands in underwear, slowly

Son looking into the bathroom

I'm a 40-year-old housewife. I have a relationship with my son. To be honest, I'm worried. I would like to confess with a feeling of regret. Around 9 pm during the summer vacation, I remembered that there was a watermelon I was thinking of eating after meals, so I went to my son's study room to eat with my family, but I have no son. I thought it was a toilet, but it doesn't seem to be there. The next night, when I went out to go out to the yard, I saw my son coming out of my room. When I was wondering what happened, I passed through the hedge and entered the next site. I approached the hedge so that it wouldn't be noticed. The place where my son was was outside the bathroom next door. It was pitch black in front of me. Suddenly the house was lit and I saw my son outside the window. And it was the wife of the house there who was about to take the bath. I saw my son unsightly looking through the window, sticking to the wall of the house. I thought I'd bring my son by pulling his arm from the spot, but I thought I had to keep calm here because it was likely to be found by the people there and it was too dangerous. I entered a private house. My husband opened the second beer and was watching professional baseball while slumping. I entered my son's room. The stand on the desk was lit, but no books were left. I sat on the bed and waited for my son to return. It was less than 20 minutes, but it felt very long.Finally my son came in through the window. My son had a surprised look. "What were you doing now? Mom, you know what you were doing. You were looking at the aunt in the next house taking a bath." The son looked into his eyes . Divert and say nothing. "I'll keep silent to my dad, so don't do this again." I said so and left the room. Then I took a bath. It made me sad that my son wanted to see the nakedness of a woman older than her mother while soaking in the bathtub. And I remembered at a junior high school lecture that the instructor said that the sexual desires and interests of the kitchen students were quite strong. I made a decision. When my son got out of the bath and returned to his room, I followed him and went in. My son was lying in bed, but he sat with his upper body facing us. I also sat down on the bed and said. "As I said earlier, don't do that again. If you find one, you'll be taken to the police and your mom will be embarrassed to walk outside. You like your wife over there. it does not was. However, I gonna wanted to see a naked adult woman. When was the case, I mother I'll show a naked adult woman. so I do not you to the other absolutely. " I stood up , I turned to my son and started to unbutton the light blue pajamas. When I pulled my arm out of my sleeve, my breasts were exposed because I wasn't wearing a bra.For a moment, I was embarrassed and had an urge to hide it with my hands, but I pretended to be nothing. I took off my pajamas pants as casually as possible. When I folded my pajamas and put them in the corner of the bed, I faced my son in the form of a panty. The panties were a simple semi-bikini type with no decoration of white cotton, but I was embarrassed about how to take them off. "Mom is still attractive," she said, putting her left hand on her hips, raising her right heel and bending her knees inward, posing a little ridiculously, and making a gap. By no means, I sat right next to my son with both hands on his thighs. My son looks astonished and looks at my exposed breasts, tummy, panties, and thighs many times. I was of course going to take everything off and show it to my son. However, I can't decide to take off my panties. "Hey, are you satisfied with this? Or do you want to see more?", The son nods. "Then I'll show you, but don't look into it anymore." I sat on the bed with my legs stretched out and moved my son towards my legs. I put my thumbs on the rubber of my panties, lowered it a little, bent it with my knees aligned, and sat down and pulled out my butt. I could see the hair under my tummy, so I stood on my knees and pulled my panties out of my legs. You can see that my ears turn red due to the hesitation and shame that I wonder if this is really good.And it seems that my woman's part has reacted. "Look closely. Every woman's body is the same, it's like this," I put my hands behind and slowly opened my knees. My son moved his gaze from my face to his crotch. My son's face was about a meter away from me. My son looks at me seriously. I don't want to look like this with the lights on. If you look down at the part your son is looking at, bushes that are thinner than humans will stick to your stomach and you will see cracks from above. "You can look closer," he said, holding back his embarrassment and restraining his desire to close his knees right away. "But it's kind of embarrassing to be seen by my mother." I will. "It's stupid, it's embarrassing to look at it. Then I'll sleep." He lay down on the bed with his knees up. Then my son started peeking with his face between my knees. From this time on, my feelings started to go crazy. When my son stares at such a close and embarrassing part, my body reacts for some reason. If my son violates me as it is, I can think of something like that. I was surprised at my son who said, "Mom, can I touch you a little?", But I thought I would forgive him as much as possible. "Well? Well, okay, like it." I answered, and my son lightly spread my thighs with both hands and stroked his hair a little. Place your fingers on both sides of the sensitive woman's beans and mess with them as if they were spread or shaken up, down, left and right.Although the part being touched was a little, the pleasure like an electric current struck the whole body. "It's sensitive, so don't touch it strangely," he says irresistibly, lowering his finger position and widening the crack. It was already wet. The son puts his hands on the base of his thighs and traces the lips of the crack with both index fingers. After tracing several times, this time, rub the wet crack with the pad of three or four fingers of your right hand with a light touch. I had to stop here at the latest. But I thought this was also for my son, and to be honest, my body was more than happy. I bit my thumb, held my breath and endured desperately. Up to this point, I didn't want to see my son, so I didn't look at him, but I thought I had to hold my son's hand, so I raised my face a little. I was surprised to see my son. My son was touching my body with his right hand, while his left hand was slightly lowering his pajamas pants and clenching his penis. I made my son touch an embarrassing place with a single thread, and he was holding his penis. I was in a state of extreme excitement and confusion in my head. I thought my son wouldn't see me as a mother for sex. That is why I exposed my body to my son. And yet, my son's clenched penis is excited and chewy. This kid is excited about my body.It would be embarrassing if I was alone, but if this child was the same, I thought I would continue as it is. At that time, my son's finger suddenly touched the bean part of the grown-up woman. And I quivered the fingertips. I was desperate even if it wasn't. I was dying for this and made a small voice. He said he was finally able to breathe. "Don't do that." The son stopped shaking his fingertips, but he tried to put his fingertips in the vaginal opening while still touching them. "Mom, you can put your finger in." "No, I'm just going to show you, mom." "Mom, I'm gonna get out." My son has the power to hold back something . When I said that with a tone that seemed to come in, I put my finger in regardless of me. Every time I move my finger, I hear the damp sound of evidence that I have felt. My son suddenly pulled out his finger, grabbed my thigh and made a powerful voice, and made my body taut. My son seemed to ejaculate while holding his penis. My son let go of my body, so I turned to my son and let him cool. I wondered if it was good to do this. It was when I thought I had to get up. My son attacked me from behind. My son took off his pajamas pants and pressed a hard penis into my crotch.I thought this shouldn't be the case, but I thought it would be better if this energy turned out strangely, and I was relieved if my son was interested in me rather than another woman. Words and facial expressions were rejected, but the body did not resist with strong force. My son's hard stuff came in to push me over there ...

Secret relationship

yuna himekawa[30238]
I am a 48 year old housewife with a husband 3 years younger. I have sons aged 24 and 22. That was four years ago. My older son was in Tokyo as a sophomore in college. The older child, who has a mother's complex, slept with her until junior high school, and when she was just in high school, she took a bath with her. So I always went home for long holidays in summer and winter. As I was 20 years old, I decided to go to my son's apartment to see what was going on as a celebration. My son, who was at school, wasn't in the room, and I was a little disappointed that he could feel relieved as a student when he had the key, but when he sat down on the bed, he found it. It was a naughty video. The content was all the naughty videos of mom and son such as "incest", "with mom ...", "mature mother" and so on. My son came back two hours after he entered the room. In the evening, I turned on the lights and prepared dinner. My son was surprised, but he immediately hugged me and stroked his ass because of his childhood habits. I heard about school and friends while eating dinner. And when I heard she was there, she hugged me again, saying she wasn't there. From the previous video, I was convinced that I and other motherly women of similar age were targeted for sex. I decided to be frank. After mentioning the naughty bidet on the bed, when I asked if my favorite person was a mature woman, I shyly nodded. He said he had been confessed by a child of the same age, but he said he couldn't accept it considering me. Then I changed the story a little and asked about the celebration of adults. It's Friday, so I decided to stay on Saturday and Sunday and do various things.My son didn't answer and prepared a present for me. It was a ring that I bought after working part-time. He gave it to me. I sensed my son's feelings. And I asked what I wanted. My son wanted to have sex with me. I want you to have sex for the first time. I was prepared, but I was confused. I had a younger child and didn't have a night life with my husband, but I decided to cross the line as a family. But I decided to believe that my son could grow up and love me. I took a shower and went to bed that day. After a long time, I slept in the same bed, hugging each other. The next day, when I went to the city center, I ate before the present from my mother and bought a present from the budget I had prepared.  At night, after finishing a meal at a slightly fashionable restaurant, I took a train to a famous hotel district with a downtown area. I entered the hotel I checked online and entered the room.  When I sat down on the bed, I was worried that my son would really let me do it, so I hugged him and kissed him. Then my son seemed relieved and began to rub his chest over his hugging clothes.  When we asked to take a shower, we took off our clothes and we were naked and washed each other's bodies in the bathroom. I was happy to find that my son Ochinchin was unexpectedly big and splendid, but I was embarrassed to think that he would come inside me. When I returned to bed and took off my bathrobe, I made a deep kiss. As I entwined my tongue, my son's hands touched my crotch and chest underground and inserted my fingers. When I inadvertently panted, my son stiffened Ochinchin. I squeezed it by hand and lay on the bed before I knew it.  I straddled my son's face and put Ochinchin in his mouth, which stimulated it in his mouth and tongue. My son's one grew up in his mouth and was about to pop. My son also licked my dick, and I almost went there many times.  Both of them were about to die and I decided to insert my son Ochinchin inside. I laid my son on his back and led me to a towering genitals.  My son left it to my hips, but he started to push me up halfway, perhaps because he wanted more pleasure. So I went right away and asked him to poke me in the back.  My son's back was better than my husband and the one I had an affair with a few years ago, and I went with me probably because my son was the first one. The semen released inside hits the back of the vagina, and I wanted to do anything with that feeling. It was nice to see my son's offspring flowing out of his vagina and partly running down his inner thighs.  After that, I took a short break and was vaginal cum shot again at the woman on top and missionary posture.  I was planning to have sex with my son only once as a gift, but after feeling the pleasure of forbidden sex with my son and its big genitals physically, I may have become addicted.  Before leaving the hotel in the morning, I had them inserted in the shower or bathtub in the bathroom. Then. After all, I went to Tokyo for a reason and had sex with my son. She seems to like everyday sex in the apartment and is sometimes fucked in a naked apron.

Instead of my son Yosuke's wife

I have been taking the place of my 28-year-old son Yosuke's wife for a month. I'm a 56 year old ordinary housewife. My husband is a salaryman who is one step higher than me and only thinks about work, and he doesn't care about me and my son . My son has a daughter-in-law named Emi, but she has gone out of disagreement with me. I was against it from the beginning , thinking that Emi with a flashy personality and her son with a selfish personality would eventually go bankrupt . So, my wife and I had a trivial dispute all year round. The husband was indifferent, and the son was initially on the side of the bride. I don't know if my daughter-in-law could have changed the situation, but it seemed that my son was gradually changing his mind because he could n't get a child . One day, so was my one person in the house, leave their part of the naked up the bath when you try to go to the shop, had seen a naked son had returned home a little before I .. When I was young, I was smart and a little confident, but now I am embarrassed and rushed into my room with an aunt's body with flesh around my abdomen, buttocks and thighs while my chest is small . After that, at dinner, my son said , "Mother's big ass is powerful ." However, from the figure of a middle-aged woman, "Mature women have their own goodness." "." One week later, it was my birthday, but only my son realized it.He told me that he would meet up with his son on the way back from the floor in Shibuya for dinner . After that, as I stopped by the tavern and talked about various things, my son suddenly turned dark . "Mom, I'm not going well and Emi place of here. I can not have children when you are talking in it, shed When you say If you give also heard to say a little of my mother gone mad Prefer, since then without me listening too much mouth, I got along stretched obstinacy Oh. but I'm wondering what would I a breakup, you say What do you think? ". "I think and I do not disagree in the future and Mr. Emi, you want to do is Yosuke I favor if. Dad but would oppose just because there is respectability. Hole because other people are still young, early if the break up It ’s better, ”he said. "But, even if the Anna Emi, but I think to come in mind also softened Over time also, I wish to also can not be pussy and break up with him. So, ask the mother but it is there. During this time of my mother naked you've seen. softening so horny gone by. Mother is in place of the Emi, sometimes not let pussy on behalf of the daughter-in-law kana. Soshitara I are divided and smoothly Emi, I expel. " and the like, with me I have requested sex. "Yosuke, what are you doing to say. You and I are gonna real parent and child. Do not be pussy by the parent and child by transformation Te do. To have was a father." I say involuntarily Hashitanai wordsIt's gone. "I'll keep you from being exposed to my dad. If you want to break us up, now's your chance . If your mom decides, I'll definitely break up with Emi. I promise," the son complains desperately . is. A selfish son doesn't ask when he says it . Then even if various discussions, I, and promised to mid forced son was Mai. I left the store and headed to the hotel area with my son on my shoulder. Upon entering the hotel, I took a shower and headed to my son, who was waiting in bed . I closed my eyes and lay down, leaving myself to my son. My son caressed me carefully, but each time my body trembled. And finally, son bearers to my feet a shoulder, covered turnip to bend me has left. At that time, a hard and hot chunk of meat was pressed against the entrance of my vagina. Shouting as "up, useless, too large. Unreasonable unreasonable.", It pushes back the son of the shoulder was. Husband or, the vagina in much larger penis than the people of the man who had been dating before marriage is devoted I felt so that fear. However, mercilessly those of Takeri crazy son, spread my vagina to the limit, at one stroke has been raised against up to internal organs of the further back of the uterus. Then, I was stabbed at a tremendous speed, and the pain of cracking my body mixed with the pleasure of intense friction made me feel disappointed and eventually lost consciousness.When I realized how long it had passed, I found a lot of semen released by my son from the vagina to the thighs . My son took a shower and came out. "Mom, I even got out I was good. Much better by .3 times than Emi. But it amazing when the mother goes. Loud screaming and whether I would fainting by the body convulsions , et al., I was excited best." And As my son told me, the lazy and indescribable pleasure after the end was so supreme that I forgot everything . No longer, because my son and I felt that it will become a relationship that can not be apart from each other be. Then my son broke up with his wife and I changed from my husband's wife to my son's surrogate wife. I will continue to live as a stupid mother who steals her husband's eyes and makes a pussy every day to satisfy her son's libido .

Sachiko to

From son, I hope awarded the panties of the leash.
My husband, and my mother to become a 84-year-old, a still sex
we are. It will also be in nearly 40 years. When mother to greet the son-in-law,
when sharing the bed is, in one piece red undershirt, it seems to be sleeping.
We usually red loincloth, we have to put to the mother. My husband's favorite
is like. How is the good of Anna Babaa, but was attacked Sanza, including're apart of the year, \"it is good compatibility of pussy\"
It seems to. And his wife the mother-in-law, seems to have seen.

Father and etch

Read me the sequel ← previous [28691].
Last week, posted a video that daddy and etched to SNS.
I dad even know the face is not reflects slippery dick and my shaved pussy dad is in my pink pussy put the Cusco endoscope shooting also inside of pussy at up plain view.
Etch video there anything other than the SM 6 & 6 Blow or Pissing open pussy in the M-shaped.
Last's it in until you cock of the dad was inserted into my pussy.
Search keyword's a secret or posted to anywhere in the site.
Even now cock of dad enter the text remains went into my pussy, have posted.
It is heading to the PC while and I feel every time dad moves referred to as \"Arne\".
It is fun every day because daddy has to do not have pregnancy but to cum etched wants me.

Even in my child!

Referred to as the 39-year-old Shinobu. It is a mother with a son of a high school one year.
The other body is also to say that the 16-year-old is mature as a man of one person. Do not you think so?
You sometimes see a naked body of my son just came out of the bathroom, but
that moment would feel that a man rather than my child, the whole body becomes hot and palpitations intense
Masu no longer.
Thick chest to the raised shoulder and male symbol of the towering from the crotch of the bristles,.
Penis of bathing up is going up always warp, it looked larger than the length of my palm
and E.
Son will come exposed before the whole body of the eye without hidden I do because the parent, nothing.
Only to see it, is another head freaking likely!
Things like put your hands on my child, does not have at the moment,
that's like this, it might become imminent in the near future.
When the laundry, fill the always face the son of underwear,
because they or sucking in the mouth while sniffing the smell of young men, quite dangerous or
even ...
because the amount of tissue in the wastebasket is large, masturbation and there is no doubt of that.
In previous son of the room, because there is that you have found my panties, I mean
I wonder if that masturbation in the story of me, and when I think, does not collect anymore.
Scary from exceeding a line is, although I think he does not become in order,
as a woman of one person, entertain interested in the man in front of the eyes, ... want to see also play a woman who does not go
to be ripen a little more opportunity , I guess useless (^ ^;
! But, at the very least, much Masturbation of my child I want to see
! and semen gushing from thick healthy penis, want to see the face of my son soak at the height
if possible, to the penis I want to drank the semen Mushaburitsui!

Adopted son-in-law ^ _ ^

I, penis of adopted son-in-law does not forgotten that seen when I went to my daughter couple and hot springs.
It is also big thing, I like penis of phimosis.
Do you Welcome such people?
Deceased husband, but it had said that it is not phimosis, before the erection I thought as little phimosis.
That it smells and at the skin was somehow liked.
Penis son-in-law is, there was also the size from those of the master.
To anything speak daughter, saw and heard that \"penis phimosis of Kou-chan?\".
\"Huh? Why?\"
\"When I went to Hot Springs, had a look!\"
\"Did I look! Wonder if phimosis of Kou-chan? I think it's probably likely Why?\"
\"No, I think so kana ??\"
\"Apart good do not you. \"
\" Yeah, \"I do not have to worry about
\" but? \"
was a conversation to say.
While or covered or peeled of phimosis penis, the feeling that you want to pacifier is not away from the head.
Do not those who can empathy?
I'll weird?

After the emergency call

The husband to go out, sent to the garage, and back to the entrance, father-in-law has stood was \"You're Atsushi call? Very, back home I wonder if is come\" surprised, I thought that was bad and got raised it 's \"have brought a change of clothes, it seems not go back, than that, your father, would I'm sorry to cause\" \"it is good, in the room, I was doing the wine, but it than, lonely not you Atsushi is absent wax, please rest in my room, \"turning my hips, I went into the room of the father-in-law. And there is a whiskey glass on top of the glass of the low table, also has become to clean your room. Are embracing asked, was to block the mouth, mouth to spread the whiskey smell of, such as passing on the nose, happy mood, tongue is entangled, sucked the saliva, the breath as not to voice. Band of the gown is released, before is opened, all of which are exposed in the eyes of the father-in-law, my husband is called a mobile, hurry, only gown, so dressed, below I was not wearing anything, \"so or, if Atsushi as that was the middle, the cute so, let's see, grace's, I still wet, followed, prior to my left I stood because I \"in naked vary knee Mazuki, in the place where my husband had me love, I put the mouth \"is a teacher there no good, I'm dirty, Iyan sensei is Damedame\" Itaburi the clitoris by the tongue, hit lightly teeth, under the , bending the finger of the father-in-law is, great stimulation, Kuchukuchu \"Sensei, is very good, oh - N Oh yeah Oh there is a feel good, is laid to ask bed let me so squid will be another change, my lips to, the teacher was wet with a transparent liquid propenyl Vinegar, the glans so as to sandwich with both hands, in your mouth. Father-in-law is a teacher of the practitioner, in this area, I'm famous teacher, been waiting a long time, teacher examination is said to be such a short period of time but also Welcome, my teacher, and a very carefully examination, even in our nurse colleagues, even without over An'nani time, and carefully examination much to say etc., is a practitioner of the town, but of quite medical equipment are you true well-equipped. I longed to, here I got a job in, rumors Street is a fine teacher. my husband, I'm a doctor of the university hospital, one is, so here, Nasaru along with the teacher is. marriage before, from the mother \"Yu-chan, are dating and towards the man
there was be heard as\" I \"Why\" mother \"recent mon towards dirt of your underwear is different,\" I since the laundry has also got to do to mother, minute I it was Tsu now I.


It is a single mother of 38-year-old.
Only son of 16-year-old and have been every day.
I am in the thick of the body type, but not a beauty to compliment
Still son will love me.
Cute and there is no way cute. The'll make Mei Mei the head of a son coming graces boobs is the time of bliss.
To me and may help in the house, money obtained by a part-time job for most,
us put it in the house.
Today, saying that would have tired us with a rubbing shoulder.
Me really pleased and make the son of the favorite hamburger to dinner.
I do not the money is very happy.
In normal position to dear son, \"Mom! Mom!\" When poked gently while being called you will want to cry happy too.
I think I'll allowed to cum today. About overflowing from the vagina son of semen I want. Let's much living with two people all the way ....

Mother-to-child incest

One day, I have sex with mom


I am 39 years old and my son Kosuke is 15 years old. I divorced in September and live with two people. The burning body of a single person has managed to get rid of it with a computer and the rush of life alone, but it reached the limit with the masturbation of his son who witnessed about two weeks ago. When I looked into my son's room for a midnight snack, he grabbed my penis in front of my desk and squeezed it. And what a dirty panty I took off that day ... My son rubbed his nose against the embarrassing crotch and licked it with his tongue. And I was surprised at the strong size of the penis and the momentum of the finish, and how lovely Kosuke's voice ended while saying "Mama ...". That night, I didn't make a midnight snack and remembered the scene in bed and masturbated and went twice. That comfort made me decide to regain the woman. We went shopping yesterday Sunday and it was cold and cold so I said I should take a bath from daytime and invited Kosuke. Kosuke was surprised at first, but nodded whether he had decided. I was so excited that my chest was torn. First I took a bath first. I purposely put the panties I just took off on the top of the laundry basket. When I was soaking in the bath, Kosuke's silhouette appeared in the washroom, and when I was still naked, I just thought, "My son is looking at my dirty panties ..." I have come. Kosuke came in with his lower body hidden with a towel, but at a glance he could see that Ochinchin was erected under the towel. I decided to have Kosuke wash my back. Of course, it is the towel that Kosuke has in his hand.I love Kosuke's hands, which shed my back, and when I turned around, saying, "I'm going to get stronger," there was an erection in front of me that seemed to bulge and hungry. When I asked, "Kosuke, is it like this when you see mom's nakedness?", She turned down. Kosuke said with a surprised face and muttered "I'm sorry ..." when he said "You were having sex with your mom's dirty underwear, right?" When I said, "Okay, don't be so embarrassed anymore," I couldn't stand it anymore and grabbed Kosuke's Ochinchin. Kosuke was surprised and sat down, but I squeezed Ochinchin gently with my hands, regardless. I was wondering if this was my beloved son's penis, a hard, thick and youthful penis, what it tasted like, how much it would go wild there, and semen from Kosuke's penis. It splattered. And every time I squeeze, semen pops out vigorously. I also flew to my face. I guess I couldn't stand it. "Mom, I'm sorry," Kosuke apologized. When I asked, "Okay, did you feel good?", He said "Yeah," and smiled for the first time. The smile was so nice that I hugged Kosuke involuntarily. The skin overlapped perfectly and I rubbed Kosuke with a sharp nipple. Then you can see that Kosuke's cock, which has just been released, is hard enough to pierce the heavens. "Mama is cold ..." Kosuke's voice suddenly returned to me and I put Kosuke in the bathtub. Kosuke's body, which I see again, was already a man's body. It is muscular and has no pieces of extravagant meat.The husband who broke up was medium-sized and medium-sized, but he felt that he had already overtaken his father in all parts. Of course there is also a penis. Kosuke was careful not to let me see the erected penis in the bathtub. "Hiroshi-chan, you were surprised because Mama did something strange, right?" " Does Hiro-chan already know a girl?" No matter what I asked, I just shook my head. I made up my mind and asked, "Would you like to sleep with my mom for the first time in a while?" Kosuke nodded clearly only then. I had a good year and my heart was sick. Kosuke withdrew into the room when he got out of the bath. I ate silently at dinner. After eating, he nodded again, saying, "Because it was the promise I made earlier, I'll go to Hiro-chan's room when mom finishes cleaning up, right?"

Fucked son

My house is a three-person family, I am master in 38-year-old 43-year-old, son is 15 years old.
My husband is a salaried worker who works for an engineering company, it is half of the month we have a business trip, but I never thought the lonely.
It is, I think and originally I sex did not like so much, and because he did not fit the master and personality. But about six months ago, but I've made a mistake and son.
I I did not know even a little, but the son from a previous is the case had been masturbation using my panties. At that time, I was napping while watching TV.
Son says it's because my Nesugata was sensational, but I have been exposed to the thigh, seems to have foresee until the crotch of the back only to me was sleeping lying on his back.
Son is tearing my panties with a pair of scissors, Dari smell of the genitals, but seems to have or messing around, I did not notice any.
When the son I have noticed is was trying to insert, it had been held against the penis into the vagina.
\"Takashi, Stop it! Useless by! Righteousness!\" I do not have an enemy in the power of it was my best Aragai son.
\"Mom, it just would be nice. One. Come on.\" Son had hoarse voice with excitement.
\"You no good. Forgive, please. Takashi.\"
I and my son but we struggle SuMadoka while arguing such a thing I have been finally fulfilled the insertion.
\"Mother, I'm sorry.\"
I am a force to resist as soon as it was found to have been inserted I have rapidly Use. My genitals has become a slimy love liquid overflowing, because the son of the firm strong penis had been occupied in the vagina.
Son continues complained of pleasure in terms of as long as they come up, I have to ejaculate soon. Me in also extremely good feeling, but seems to have complained of a pleasure as delirium, you do not have to remember well.
I will be 16 years married to my husband, but it was the first time was so good is.
The son should that one-off times, was ejaculation also only six times at that time. I also more helpless and well comfortably, has reached a number of times.
It thing called from, it has come to sexual intercourse if they have spare time without the day and night sides relationship. Spear in the mouth when I became a physiological, and sexual intercourse every single day. Then three months, noticed a change in the physical condition, I went to the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology yesterday.
When talking on the phone in the \"Let's Serve three months. In the story's doctor,\" said my husband, I said, \"Well congratulations. By all means gave birth in me.\".
Child in the stomach is not a child of the husband. He is the son of a child no doubt, but my husband I believe that my child. No attempt was still speaking to the son.
Happy like, scary, such as, is mixed feelings, but the children are thinking about Sanmo.
Currently it has also continued the mother-to-child incest with the son, there is no mind to quit. Drinking the semen of children born of their own, a good feeling not unbearable is being deep ejaculation of the vagina, mother and child incest does not quit absolutely Once you do once.
My husband and are also doing in-law now, but you do not want to do really. I am of this sinful woman.

Finally, I drank

I, drank at last. Real of the son of semen, directly from the penis. A son groin and happened Chan of because I'm cute raised voice yoga to like a girl When the son Tsu After licking Chirochiro at the tip of the tongue. Licking me tongue - the rod in the tongue surface of the penis, Paku' and mouth Ete, rubbing the back muscle in the tongue, or morose the urethral opening. Turning licking the glans while squeezing the rod \"Oh, Mother, in, Tsu will out!\" My mouth bulge turtle head in, and the smell of the penis is rampage ... chestnut flowers, slightly even with bittersweet sweet, dark Yui semen is a large amount of mixed Jerry-like thing that was Churun ​​in was a thick. Oral inflated abandon the and you reservoir the son of semen. When the pulsation subsides, it puts a penis from the mouth, while staring at the son in Uwamezukai, going to swallowing hour by hour the semen in your mouth. For semen of husband Once away love went wrong from my husband, I feel No delicious if they like son of semen. After drank, lips to natto and yam unique was like to eat \"slime\" is left. I No can endlessly ejaculation I high 2 boys. I was raised to drink three times. Opportunity is that the husband became sexless is masturbation while watching the erotic DVD, yet it has the DVD did those of the mother and child incest in incest products. My husband was from the vengeance of the was ejaculation while groan I \"Mamaa!\". Will was ejaculation thought the mother-in-law, which celebrated the sixtieth birthday. Then the thought of to master fully awake, initially so as to help masturbation sincerely son revenge, but first was a hand-job, because I've heard the reason to do so to his son, talk all the secrets of the master or did. Frustrated and \"It's Mother okay, I love my mother, because I do not want to see the mother is sad ...\" me crying me me to hug and Gyu', budding is love to the son became obsession gently strong man ...

A son who wants to conceive me

I am a 37 year old mother. My family is a family of an old husband and an old son. My husband is an individual trader, and for more than half of the year he travels abroad to buy various products and sells them to domestic customers to earn a living. My husband and wife are in good spirits, but because of my husband's work, there are few people living at night, which made me feel lonely. Still, until last year, it was a peaceful home everywhere. Even now, from the perspective of others, no, even my husband believes that our home is a peaceful home. However, for me, my home is a living hell. My home is an apartment in a commuter town about an hour away from the city center by train. The reason I chose this apartment was that it was suitable for me and my son to play the piano. It's not a grand piano, but the floor is designed so that you can put a piano on it, and it's completely soundproof so that it doesn't bother your neighbors. My husband also likes music as much as he was in a band when he was young, so I decided to move in by a prompt decision. On weekends with my husband, I had a lot of fun playing with friends and drinking alcohol. However, it was last month that such a fun life changed. Monday, Saturday, I will never forget this day. On this day, I was embraced by my son. I was careful because I had been pranking my underwear, touching my body, and looking into the bath for about half a year, but it did not identify me, but if it was a boy around the age I thought it was an interest for women that everyone holds.When I realized that it was aimed at my mother, I was laid down by my son in the couple's bedroom. Around this time, my husband was out to buy merchandise in Germany for a month. On my first weekend after my husband left, I slept alone in a big bed. I don't know the time clearly, but considering the time I entered the bedroom, I think it was around midnight. I slept soundly, but suddenly I woke up to the heaviness and suffocation of something. When I was surprised and opened my eyes, someone peeled off my futon and pressed it up. I felt a horror I had never experienced before and my limbs got stuck, but I managed to squeeze out my voice and said to the other person, "Who is who?" "I'm mom," I was relieved for a moment when I knew that the other person was my son, but the next moment, because it was my son, a different sense of fear struck me. .. "Eh ... I'm ... why ... what the hell is this ..." I was wondering, but in the eyes of my son who recently saw me, I sometimes felt something horrifying. So I knew immediately what my son had come to do. And when I noticed, my pajamas had already been turned up and my breasts were exposed. "Stop stupid things," I said to my son in a loud voice, but mysteriously my limbs were so stiff that I couldn't run away or push them away. After touching my breasts and nipples, my son started sucking, making a squeaking noise, just like when he was a baby."No, stop, stop!" I was sucking and licking my nipples as if ignoring me, who desperately shouted. If you do this, your nipples will become stiff even if you don't like it. Then, my son pinched the nipple and said to me, "Mom, if you feel like a woman, the nipple will rise. Mom also feels it." "No, it doesn't feel good if you touch it," I said, but my son doesn't believe it. On the contrary, he even puts out the name of the girlfriend he was dating before and says "He got slimy when he sucked his nipples" and even said something outrageous. I was careful many times that it would be difficult to make a mistake because my son was immersed in the house of my daughter who is a double-income family, but I did not think that I was doing that, so despite this situation I was deeply shocked. My son was stripping my pajamas and licking, sucking and biting all over my body. And I pretended to be an adult man and pulled up my mother's chin with my fingertips and even deep kissed. When I moan from the suffocation of being kissed or pressed, my son seems to misunderstand that it is a pant voice that leaks when he feels it. "Hey, mom is naughty. Even though I feel it so much that I speak out, "he said happily. I denied it many times, saying it was different, but I didn't think I would really pant after this. My son took off my pajamas pants and shorts together as if they were stripped off.I wanted to kick my son with my feet, but my hands and feet didn't move, probably because of the shock of being attacked by my son, as if I was in a sleep paralysis. My son opened my legs wide open. I told him to stop crying out loud, but it seemed to make his son angry. Besides, I didn't notice it at all, but apart from the unpleasant feeling, my dick was starting to get wet because it was irritating all over my body. My son buried his face between my groins and suddenly started cunnilingus. "Stop" I shouted at the beginning because I didn't want my son to do this, but from the middle I started to feel it and shouted to deny it. It feels really good, but if I admit it, I'll lose and I won't be the mother of this child. I shouted hard in a hazy consciousness that I was about to lose pleasure, but I noticed myself sitting up and down contrary to the words. And when I realized it was already the limit. I lost my position as a mother with a word that I accidentally leaked after losing the pleasure of attacking like a wave. "Ah ... there ... ii ..." After I said it, when I looked at my son, I was looking at my face with a triumphant look. Then I stopped the cunnilingus and pressed against me. "Please stop it," I screamed, twisting my body, which was desperately immobile. But before my son's power, my power was too powerless.When I was firmly grabbed by my thighs and pulled my hips, I had no choice but to give up. "Ah ... no way to this child ..." I had no choice but to look away from my son and close my eyes. My son thrusts a screaming penis to make sure he won. "No," I don't want to think I've accepted my son obediently, I screamed at the last stand. However, my son pierces his hips with a rough breath as if he had conquered me as his mother. When this happens, the woman is a sad creature. Even if you think you shouldn't do it yourself, or if you never feel it, your body will react obediently and start looking for males. I resented myself for the joy of a female even for such a son, rather than the son who did such a thing to me. I wanted to be a good wife and a good mother, and I thought that was the case, but after all, I was just a female, and I felt regretful and crying. And while crying aloud, I was exposed to the sexual desire of my son who never ends until the next morning. My womb was swallowed by my son's semen many times and was raised many times to a climax that I didn't want in my heart. Since that night, I have been stuck in the feeling that my mind and body are separated. When I come back from school, I want to put my hands in my bra and shorts, touch my chest and dick, and say "Mom can't escape from me" and do something nasty.Even though my heart is suffering from disgust and immorality that seems to break my heart to myself that is held by my son almost every day, my body wants my son and works with my husband Then, I was attacked by a pleasant sensation that I could not taste and I went up many times. At first, I didn't talk at home trying to avoid my son, but now I talk about everyday events, school, and TV. In other words, have you become accustomed to it? This is no longer a parent and child, but a couple. Moreover, my son does not use contraception at all, saying that he will completely conquer my mother. I'm trying to get me pregnant rather than not contraceptive, and recently I've been researching and knowing from my period to dangerous days. So, since the beginning of this relationship, I've been struck by fear and anxiety that even a slight delay in my period can cause panic. If I keep doing this, it may not be long before I get pregnant as my son wants. If that happens ... I don't even know what to do in the future.

Questionnaire about incest within the second degree

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Twilight Mr.

Best regards, it is a free site.

Twilight Mr.

Best regards, it is a free site.

Stimulated by AV

yuna himekawa[30070]
I have sex with my son. I'm a 31-year-old housewife. Daddy is 46 years old and is going to Niigata alone. To be honest, I was frustrated because I only come back once or twice a month. Last week, when I was cleaning my son Hayato's room, I found an adult DVD under the bed, and even though I was a kid, I saw this ... I was thrilled and immediately on the TV in the living room. I tried to appreciate it. A boy who doesn't look like a kitchen student? And the mother have sex, and finally vaginal cum shot. While watching such AV, I masturbated on the sofa in the living room in the daytime. With the lower half of the body exposed, I crawl on all fours, just like the screen, and attack myself. The difference is that the other side is a real penis, I have my finger ... Hayato-kun also sees this ... I wonder if he wants to? With that in mind, I tampered with myself and attacked myself, and before I knew it, I was absorbed in it and said, "Hayato !, Hayato!", Calling Hayato-kun's name, he passed away. Even if Hayato came back in the evening, I was embarrassed to see his face and imagined various things ... What is Hayato's penis ... I wonder if he will masturbate while imagining me? That night, in bed, after my husband was assigned to work alone, I was ona twice with the vibe I bought online, and I screamed aloud. Did you hear it in Hayato-kun's room? Raise a loud yogari. Then, fire, water, wood ..., masturbation crazy every night ... My delusion spread and I couldn't stand it gradually, and last Friday night, I finally wanted Hayato-kun's penis, and Hayato-kun I broke into the bath I was in naked."Eh !, mom ... what?" Hayato-kun is naturally shy. It's been about two years since I took a bath together. "I'm lonely, so I thought I'd go in with him once in a while ... I hate it?" "... I don't like it ..." Hayato-kun, who entered the bathtub in a hurry, took a shower until he stood up to show it on purpose. , And washed my body. At a glance, Hayato-kun's face is bright red, but I'm looking at him with cancer. "It's been a long time, take a bath together." I put one foot on the edge of the bathtub and entered the bathtub so that Hayato could see me over there. Hayato-kun hid it with his hand, but it seems that his penis is getting bigger. My over there was also aching, and I was already wet. After that, I tried to show it off, and I got out of the bath first with an unknown face. After that, Hayato-kun, who didn't come out of the bath for a little longer ... When I opened it after Hayato-kun came out, it smelled like a chestnut flower in the bathroom ... It seems that he had masturbated. After having an awkward dinner that night, Hayato quickly went to his room. I went to the side of the door of the room after 9 o'clock. From inside the room, I heard a faint sound of something continuous with a rough breath and a pant voice. When you slowly open the door, Hayato naked on the bed masturbates. Wrapping the penis is the shorts I took off tonight and put in the washing machine. I close my eyes, exhale and rub my penis hard. "... Mama ... Mama ..."Recalling my nakedness ... I'm getting wet over there, just moving a little, it's about to fall on my thighs ... Actually, I'm already naked with a T-shirt, underneath I didn't wear anything. My nipples also stood up and rubbed with my shirt, and I was about to make a voice. No, I took off my T-shirt, slowly opened the door, and slipped into Hayato-kun's bed. After that, it's already messed up ... When my finger touches Hayato's penis, which hardens astonishingly, it trembles and trembles, and ejaculates immediately after rubbing once or twice! It doesn't wither even if I put out a lot. Hard penis ... a little dark pink ... It's bigger than my beginner's vibe, and it's likely to be 15.6 cm. It's about the size of a cucumber, but it's like a boiled egg with a distorted potash that looks like a banana. I was trembling. After that, just by sticking to my tits, electricity ran through my body and I heard a voice, and I remembered it on DVD, or when I started using my tongue with my face on it, It's no good ... I used to use my tongue awkwardly, but Hayato-kun's nose just hit Kuri-chan, who was already sharp, and I was panting. "... Put it in!" M-shaped spread legs, with one hand on Hayato's impatient penis ... welcomed. A very stiff penis squeezed into my flesh, began to move, and the tip seemed to push my uterus up, and I suddenly warped. Hayato groaned and moved his hips like an instinct, and before I knew it, I shook my hips and responded. A stick of hot and hard meat, which is different from the vibe, rampages and stirs in me."Hayato !, Hayato!" Hot waves rushed from the core of the body, screaming and hugging Hayato-kun's slender body, entwining both legs around his waist and leaning back. "Hayato !, No more !, Mama, I'm gone !, Itchau!" The white in my head, I climaxed before Hayato-kun. I was kissed when I noticed. Hayato-kun's penis seems to have been done for the second time as it is in me. Hayato-kun's hands are rubbing my tits and I feel good. Hayato-kun's first kiss. It's a beginner Mark Kiss who doesn't even put his tongue in, but it's the first kiss for parents and children. When I put my tongue in and entwined it with Hayato-kun's tongue, Hayato-kun's penis in me googled and became even harder. It seems that the excitement has increased, and the movement of the waist becomes faster. "Ah ... Hayato-kun, two times, eyes? ..." I managed to squeeze out my voice while shaking my hips so that I could match. Hayato enthusiastically moves his hips, exhales a rough breath and remains silent, but still nods. "Mom !, I'll come out !, I'll come out!" I moved my hips very violently and pushed up my womb. "I'm gonna get it!" Hayato ejaculates with a jerky lower body. For a moment, "pregnancy" came to my mind, but I couldn't stop it anymore. It was the second time ... I felt Hayato-kun's hot semen being poured into my womb and spreading slowly. I screamed with my legs stretched. I don't know how much I was boring, but when I noticed, I unconsciously played with Hayato-kun's penis. It was amazing and hard again.Even though I masturbate once and put it in me twice. "Do you want to ... again?" The third time is my favorite one-on-one style. When you crawl on all fours, Hayato-kun's semen runs down to your thighs. It's already slimy over there, and I'm hot as if it's boiling. As soon as I raised my ass to show Hayato-kun there, Hayato-kun inserted a penis. When Zun was put in at once, that alone made a voice. Feeling good. It feels really good and I feel it. "Mom, do you feel good? ... Feel?" Hayato-kun seemed to be calm at the third time, and I asked him while moving his hips, but I felt comfortable and I couldn't reply, so I was just panting. I was really attacked. At the end, Hayato screamed and Hayato ejaculated almost at the same time. ... I want to do it again.

Provocation son

I am 36 years old, son 16 years old, my husband is 40 years old.
Ask about another 5 years with her husband. The son but has been in almost daily like.
In our case, if anything, it is like invited from me, I think I have had originally incest desire if you from now.
Is that of a year ago, but the night is at home in her husband business trip did not have only a son and me.
I will not bite into the panties to crack, I was provoked his son was deliberately standing knee to the crotch of the back looks good.
Son the third time was pushing me no longer put up.
Son and pushed down my plucking the panties rolled up the skirt, we have filled the face to crotch.
Genital absorbed in licking wound chestnut, and I've been inserted said, \"Mom would be nice?\".
I was Yari floated the waist so that it can be successfully inserted. I do not remember well what was said.
As soon as the son of the meat rod is inserted it is what has become not know somehow.
Anyway, there was no way to good feelings.
Since then, steal the eyes of her husband's crazy to mother and child incest. I do almost every day, except for the day of physiology.
Both of them are like cats and dogs with a Sakari, but there is no way to comfortably comfortably.

It is bad Wife

I am a 26-year-old married the third year of the young wife.
My husband is in overseas bachelor at the age of 30.
My body is assigned overseas in marriage two years will get to throb.
We can not be satisfied with masturbation.
College student I met in dating, office worker, uncle
everyone has been in a relationship of one night only.
We also participated in the Rangyo party invited to mom friend.
Mamatomo has boyfriend and daily sex. Datte do not be satisfied only the husband.
I do not know my husband my disturbed man relationship

I have loved the father-in-law

I am a 30-year-old housewife. My husband is in the 32-year-old overseas business trip.
Father-in-law lives in the next town at 57 years old.
Together invited also in the diet and Delivery sushi in my house after a long time
was issued a beer. Nagisa's also full is said to let fleas only full
was flea say that. I would weak I sleep to drink.
It was on top of the knee of the father-in-law when I noticed. I am a lonely Toka bitches
it seems to have said. Father-in-law has been staring at me.
I came to the kiss and close my eyes. If left closed his eyes
came to put the tongue in the mouth ... I would I also entangled.
I rubbed the chest from the top of the sweater came put your hand into the skirt.
Here 's ear ... I went to the bedroom to take the hand of the father-in-law.
Father-in-law Upon entering the bedroom gave me hug gently.
It's good, Nagisa's. I nodded.
Now next to the bed piled the father-in-law and lips ...
I came to fill the face to the chest is made taking off clothes also removed bra hook to the father-in-law. When chewing sweet sucked nipples licked over the breast from the neck
I was totally out a sweet voice ...
panty also be accompanied by a hand to take off is the crotch ...
Nagisa's, the face to say crotch and I'm pussy Bichobicho I came to fill. Is agitated pussy licked a pussy and chestnut with a finger
I was totally felt by jerky the waist.
Really greater and take in hand is said to me licking Nagisa's dick.
Cali I'm a thick stem have stretched. It is likely to come off the chin and in the mouth.
Become Sixty Nine were each other licked the secret part of each other ...
Aan, your father-in-law clients, feels good, Well, useless say would ...
I came into the penis of the father-in-law in the normal position. Ah ah it is large.
I would have been ... felt in the bow of the body
is your father-in-law clients ... like, me in the mess ... Anan, Well.
It will break pussy. I I have been squid many times in the father-in-law ...
Nagisa's ... I like me! It is Mr. feels good pussy of Nagisa.
Ann Oh Oh, I do a would say your father-in-law (s) ... Nagisa,
your father-in-law sama ... Haahaa, Nagisa, pass away, I want you to where to put out, the crust
Ann Ann, your father-in-law clients, want you to put in, your father-in-law clients of
out semen please, be full out, pass away pass away pass away Oh Oh.
Nagisa, leave,
father-in-law and stops the movement pressed against the hip was ejaculation the semen in the back in the vagina
came flowing out of the muddy and semen from the pussy leaves the father-in-law. I was raised clean licking the penis of the father-in-law, the remaining juice also sucks cause I was ... and drank
... was less my two years were taught the joy of the woman repeatedly father-in-law and a body
to take a bath together penis come to Mukumuku and I'll wash the body
was raised licking squeezes.
Put out ... to your father-in-law clients ... your mouth
to the father-in-law was drank without leaving the ejaculation in your mouth pressed against his head ...
I was totally wet pussy ...

It begins in a very natural, natural to love each other

We are in the job hunting after graduation was love one naturally, a junior college this year, but was pregnant with the child's father.
I was tied for the first time daddy when a two-year high school student.
Mom was the first sex the first night you do not stay a week place in the grandmother of nursing, Dad went into the bath to go home and eating out by two people, I also dad said nothing enters the immediately in my body the said as go to the bedroom before me wash up every nook and corner, I was sleeping on the bed naked, dad of sperm that was nestled in the dad remains silent in the dark bedroom but it came in a lot in me did not pregnant.
Two people the next morning was greeted in the morning while each other embracing like a newlywed couple.
At that time I was was told to wait until that time comes I were to ask a want children of dad.
I think came true waiting three years.

For passing

Son was ronin one year, was this spring passed.
From last fall time, and not Fusagikon, state that does not enter the body and to study, in worry, in a parent-child three people, but we talked, because not told me clearly, It's my husband, \"AkatsukiOsamu be around, trouble do you think we are there, is said to implicitly'll try to hear mom \", after a few days, with tea and cake, I went to the room of AkatsukiOsamu\" Akatsuki-chan, you do not say to the father, talking to mom , what to worry about things is not it there, \"I will, over the side of the bed, straight staring at the AkatsukiOsamu, I\" that was waiting for the reply, I I, that of the mother is in the mood, to study at all I do not adhere to the hand ... like love, do not know what to do, good to hug mother of things, but restless, so please, be confession from I'm good \"son, I'm glad such, but troubled \"things I Moakatsuki-chan I love, if hug to settle down, subjected to I'm \"my right next door may be holding, multiplied by the hand to the shoulder, are strongly attracted, chest is also engaged, to a strange feeling, loosen the little hand, I wonder if the other good and I think, approaching the face, mouth is blocked, while the translation is not known, the tongue is inserted, to the intense kiss, but was about to leave to move the face, do not you talk movement together. Hands, touch to Nazeru ass from the top of the skirt, down along the underwear line, and, let's do, in the skirt, desperately holding his son's hand, but does not come true, son It is of the finger, in shorts, and a soft Hazama, and from the side of the shorts, touched in there, \"was a useless Aa -\" Omowadzu I've issued a feeling voice. Is lying on the bed, he turned over a skirt, and you Nugaso underwear with both hands, a little float my waist, I had to cooperate. I'm the son of the nose touched the most sensitive clitoris \"The Aan want to lick I there good,\" I have to prodding from their own. This is the first day, twice the vagina, I was ejaculation once in your mouth, then, almost every day, young penis is, because it warped upward, even when the incoming, even when the draw, vagina of touching the top, was not at the time of the master, the best of pleasure, a lot a lot, from the son. I write now, you have to wet the crotch.

German uncle

I, mother Germans to attend college from this year, my father is half-Japanese.
Parents, I was divorced when the small 4.
From this week Monday, uncle has come to play.
Mother is a three-day business trip from yesterday.
Yesterday night, the uncle, was plunged many times.
Maybe, also are ya many times today.

My son will be back next week.

Next week, my 30-year-old son (Tetsuya) will be back. I worked for a major construction company and built bridges in Southeast Asia for three years. Now that the bridge is complete, I'm back in Japan. It's an embarrassing story with my son, but my son is 24 years old and I've had a relationship since I was 48 years old. The trigger was my son's love affair. I confessed that she had a favorite girlfriend, but she told me that he was there. When I heard such a story, I was also a woman, and I was just hugging my son. My son pushed me down like that. At that time, I hadn't had a couple relationship with my husband for about half a year, so I accepted it thinking I shouldn't. There are still some things I can't rely on, but my body is full-fledged, and it makes me feel good about where I was taught. "Tetsuya, if you do that, your mother ..." I just felt comfortable and clung to Tetsuya. The name was given with the intention of having Tetsuya grow up with a hard will like iron, but when Tetsuya's hard thing comes inside me, my body becomes a jean. , "I was saying. After that, I started to steal my husband's eyes and love each other. My husband is also at home on Sundays, so I said "I'll meet my friends" and met Tetsuya outside and went straight to the love hotel. "I'm a bad mom. Invite my son to a place like this ..." "Because I thought you would have accumulated if you hadn't done it for more than a week.""Thank you, mom of was not the father." "Recently dad as much as ,, the past two months because no healthy long silence, and the other, you were taking a bath early because such a thing is good." Said, so each other Take off what you are wearing, get naked and take a bath together. When I look at my strong son's body, I just get my hands on it, and in the bath I kneel in front of my son and hold my cock in my mouth. "Mom, if you fly so much from the beginning," Tetsuya couldn't hear his son's voice and sperm into my mouth in less than five minutes. Tetsuya's semen that comes out twice, three times, and four times in the mouth, I take everything and gokkun with my dick sandwiched between my lips. "Mom, you drank it. Thank you." Tetsuya, who says such a thing, loves me and licks it cleanly until the end. When we calm down, we take a shower and love each other in bed. If you use too much soap, you will be exposed to your husband when you go home, so only a shower at first. After we love each other in bed, we both go into the bathtub and go home. On the day my husband goes on a business trip, both I and Tetsuya are running from the morning. "I came home early When you have finished work." Morning, Tetsuya saying that, in a small voice when you send a "was found. Early home come from my mother, me waiting to Ano dressed." And that cuckoo I'm wearing a naked apron. "Okay, I'm embarrassed, but if Tetsuya is happy."Say that and send it out. It all started on my birthday. Tetsuya gave me an apron before I loved each other at a love hotel as usual. At first, I wore it from the top of my clothes, but when I suddenly came up with it and tried to wear it naked, Tetsuya received a lot of attention. Then, when I was standing in the kitchen wearing an apron in my underwear only once when my husband wasn't there, Tetsuya came back and was deeply moved. He said, "Mom, it's really good, that's how it looks," and that night we loved each other in Tetsuya's room even before we had dinner. Of course, that night and the night of the apron, after dinner, the cleanup was all right, so we took a bath together and went to my son's room without wearing underwear. After that, I spent time in bed with Tetsuya until morning. I'm lonely that my son is proud to work abroad, and two weeks before going abroad, Tetsuya asked me if I could go to a hot spring with three people. At that time, my husband's work was busy, and I knew that both I and Tetsuya would be refused. "If it's 2 nights and 3 days, you guys should go together." Tetsuya's guts pose with the reply as expected. I will write about that time next time. Can I continue?

It is seen to and uncle in temporary housing to son

I am a person of Fukushima earthquake victims, we stay living son and two people in temporary housing until two years ago. My husband remains missing in the earthquake,
temporary housing also initially without gap Toka sliding door, but I live in comfort was good without Toka draft, had warned there is no wind from somewhere and passed three years,
winter and the kerosene is, is as much need, cold,
but I sleep with the stove in one night,
in vain to give son and two-room, but I was so sleep in the same room,
my son earthquake but was a primary school six years time, I also celebrated the 35-year-old in three years Haitai if junior high school three years, brought up the hard son, there is also assistance from the government,
now, to be able to live in a little better apartment became. (It recently.)
Is that three years ago a hot day.
Son rises bath after that I have raised a bath, always is, but do you clean up in the kitchen, the day will tell that at the time was called to the school at the Toka meeting of things go from school and so go to the front of the room son can be seen from the gap between the sliding door, and opened, in the present grinded under the son bang bang is there in front of me, was a book of naked women.
I am in the head, and E', that the children of Yomoya junior high school three years,
but his son is grabbing the dick, facing the opposite side in a hurry, so I hid,
I, without you even woman masturbation no way of knowing no man masturbation Te, and as it is to go in front of my son, I say that I get out son.
Even once from birth is said for the first time to the children there was no rebound,
it was a surprise and shock.
Went out as it is, only a few days, drainage of temporary housing is, in the clogging degree, as before, does not flow through, got to come to ask towards the Rinpo length,
cleaning have jammed under the sink to heal me,
so hot to the uncle-chan, come to buy cold beer,
I was asked to housing in return.
It will be long, it will write later.

And his brother-in-law

I am a 24-year-old housewife, my husband company employee of the 25-year-old, is the newlyweds.
Brother of the husband around the time of the end of January came. My brother is a university entrance exam in high-3.
Since the close prep school came to my house.
He was asked me to care only for a while younger brother from my husband.
That is good brothers of the year of the distant relationship.
When it was only two weeks to come to my house went with your supper as usual. While smell of my panties sitting on the bed and enters the knock had been masturbating. Akira-kun will match the eye is referred to as Ugh
I have stained my blouse and ejaculation.
A little of what are you in the Akira-kun my panties, quit.
It has been pushed down to the bed grabbed the arm when you take a panty. Stop a little Akira-kun, please good. I have struggled.
Mr. Misono I like, I do study does not attach to the hand I think the Misono's.
My husband was asked me to take care of his younger brother from ... failed to think take me
troubled be. My husband does not return three days on a business trip.
I've decided ...
Akira the first time that's you. Akira-kun told me that there is experience.
I was relieved, Nante is the first opponent I, younger brother is said to be law
in virginity loss in incest ...
I sat on the bed in the take off all naked.
Akira-kun also sat next to me will be naked.
Looking at the Akira-kun of the dick will be facing on the tens to get to the stomach.
To a just ejaculation now ... I have a kiss ... and hold out the tongue
the boy and kiss the 18-year-old Akira-kun ... also came entwined tongue handsome
I have to ... I penis while kissing the was raised squeezes
has been put out ahead Ppokara patience juice.
Lay the Akira-kun I was raised licking a penis.
Akira-kun feels with the cute face staring at me.
I also would want, Akira-kun, and I also licking, become Sixty Nine
Akira-kun came lick my pussy ...
Aan, by Akira-kun good, decent, Anne, Anne ...
Akira-kun is a pussy and chestnut Job come by inserting your finger into the pussy.
I am aloud agony is when Akira-kun I'll lick make a Gupogupo and sound hanging saliva on the glans while touching a chance.
Akira-kun is inserted came ... in the normal position
is after a long time of sex What in recent husband and less.
I was totally out loud gasp according to the violent piston of Akira-kun. Entwined legs to Akira-kun of the hip has been turning the arm to the shoulder.
It was a very Nasty sex.
I shook violently hips become a cowgirl.
Take the Akira-kun of hand gave me rub the chest. Oh ~ in more rub,
Aan, poked more, feels Aan.
Mr. Misono I like. I also feel good. Haahaa.
It was caught violently from the back. Cali is I feel really have stretched.
Akira-kun returned to normal position is ... came poked violently hug me
was the kiss that entangled the tongue. It was replaced Akira-kun and saliva.
Ah ah ~ pussy feels good, I feel, would say, go go.
Come Akira-kun, it is full out, I want out in. Come Akira-kun
Haahaa, Misono's pass away pass away, out. Intense ejaculation begins in the vagina
directly below. We have to enjoy the ejaculation while the Akira you and kiss.
Muddy and semen came out from in and Akira-kun leaves.
I was raised with a cup of remaining juice squeezed licking Akira-kun of the penis.
Really is dark, I like to Aokusaku me drink.
It was nestled in the Akira-kun from this day as every night.
After my husband went to bed ... I became Akira-kun of the sex of the vent.
Cum ... Cum Eating ... fine drink ...

Akira-kun has passed the first choice university.
That evening I was hugged violently and Akira-kun ...

Feelings of good

Shoshaman of master (54), I (46), is the third family of single son (24). Every secret of the son, but I started was not how disgusting disgusting. But now only waiting for the son to the one that continues remains to be said to his son. My husband is only in the business trip is often, it is an overseas business trip and three months away Shoshaman. Only when the husband is present is the son also put up with, is the woman of my son and my husband is away.
Anata, and each other is referred to, and to wake from bath to bed. Become mad blame the young son and I, we dedicate all given the body. Until then, or he taught his son that embarrassing, such as was not that lighted my husband, has been or is Segama. Again and again we continue to be squid reached a climax. Acceptance live in safety day, even I'll do forgive ejaculation in.

You Get sorry

A year ago, I who had crossed the line at the graduation anniversary trip with his son is like a newly married couple since then. Son, even young so every day, two or three times we have sex. I for taught me the joy of a woman, son. My husband is a bland, did end with ejaculation in about 3 minutes to move the waist has suddenly inserted. Sex of my husband was died, but it was a series of surprise to me that I thought for granted.
When my husband died, I was 38 years old. I still body line was we were confident that not collapse in spite of the year, the son also \"It does not drip at all large Datte tits,'m much mistake and 20s you see only the body to hide the face.\" And, I say you have me. Husband after the death, and we are working overtime and would be lonely from the section chief's employer, it was often invited.
I think sorry is to master, but you forget everything and will inspire a son. Contraception only the will and love the pill.

Unforgettable cock

My husband was looking forward to retirement, he has died of illness at the age of 56. Then, it began the life of a single son of 29-year-old. The remaining memories of the tender was my husband, sadness that fade away was after finishing a three-death anniversary. Husband after the death, our colleagues of the company that my husband had been good friends, and now very much indebted to the brother-in-law's. Meanwhile, we were invited to a meal and in order to heal the heart, did not take the care.
After the burial, if you Fukkire from now on with my life, I somehow look like a couple of fellowship feel nostalgic. At that time, we went to the tavern begun invited to son. Drinking back the night, is Iyora a mom to my son, it was accepted by the cock other than my husband. Is agitated with a large cock, I forget the embarrassment, so comfortable, while producing no hail voice, I have gone many times. Is thicker than my husband, do not forget the taste of long hard cock, it has continued to slurping and relationships.

Aunt I am, in love with nephew  

Nephew from this spring is now able to boarding house to house. 
In fact, even people my husband is a bachelor, just ○○ because you also heard from relatives of this thing you are looking for a boarding house, immediately thing of the middle and Yuku have to talk to my sister 's good properties was there in trouble Naku' When speaking to my husband talk unity, he was willing to stay and just was good because it is dangerous. 
My husband also went to the appointed destination, nephew of ○○ come to you be home, as asked best regards from his sister, and then after a few days, but nephew of ○○ from you was called aunt, called the NanaYoshi's now, it seems to take a change in the ○○ your eyes there is no word referred to the nature and aunt. 
To me rather than aunt, was a gaze that looks at a woman of one person. 

And the connection seen by the son of the dog

yuna himekawa[29909]
I am the work of nursing in the divorced 39-year-old.
This residence is son to become a now 16-year-old high school two years.
I have bought a dog of Labrador retriever River.
Is a dog of another 6-year-old, but I think that at that time my son 13-year-old position.
From 1-year-old half-position, Toka butter in pussy, Toka honey, various trial, masturbation and lick the dog to say that white paint,
and we were, at the estrus in the neighborhood of a bitch, I cling to my feet,
It shakes the hips.
On a hot summer day, it becomes all fours, coating Toka butter, and that lick,
I've been riding on top.
I, or put, and is raising the waist and how to, to the drawing board to the waist,
and I think I hit the anal hole of, quickly,
cock of the dog in anal, and thin so fits easily into immediately to the back,
immediately increased, more and more increases in Anal,
white although I got off from the top of me, because it is very large, not missing, I think that equal to or greater than 10 minutes,
the dog and I led ass each other It did while. I walk with you dog overtake, but it does not come out.
Then, as time goes on, but I think that was missing in about 15 minutes it becomes smaller, and without pain, in feeling different from the sex, becomes a habit,
but I had me put if they have spare time,
last summer There is also accustomed to in, boldly without'm my room,
but I was allowed to put the dog in the living room,
to the son, such should not go home and not'm afternoon because they have lunch at the club,
came back around 12 o'clock, just white led put, come son back to the moment, seen the treatment that led to the dog, is also not missing to pull out,
10 minutes or more embarrassing appearance to the son of the real also be seen,
son to my surprise seems, mother white and what are you doing in the over, and the not stupid,
missing the doing or hit the reviled been in white,
and pussy also also seen Anal an open gaping hole in the son,
and Hazukashiku' since the son angry that said they are you such a thing from time It is.
A lie, it's the second time today, because mom also a loneliness and a woman,
and say I there when you want to have sex,
son, without'm a dog, I do I'm no good, and I do not mustard's parent and child so say If say, is told separately of why bad, and Ne because incest, those of human beings than dogs, and say I'm better,
suddenly, down pants, big, and I think that was out cock, on all fours by, suddenly pussy, and I push,
I will not say anything even me why resistance is also useless, the son of the cock, and I accept, son upright sound against the Petanpetan in my ass I poke.
In impressed cock it is entered into after a long time of Manco, involuntarily Uunn'uunn,
and son and is taking out Aann'aann and voice say Ugh, out and gone,
gone at last received the son of semen in the pussy,
the first time begins incest with the son, then, my son is a master in boyfriend. The dog, and when absolutely safe.
If you are pregnant in January of this year, come out, now I drink contraceptives.
Again, the sensitivity bad not live, because the feel of rubber hate.
?? Ne would much I have sex with dog