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Incest confession of women(2007-04)

Quagmire family relationships - 2

yuna himekawa[4201]
My husband and mother, husband, one son, high 2-year-old daughter lives five.
Rezuri while mother and my husband is also intersect Megumi made my husband my son.
The mother gave birth to a son at the time "I look forward to the future," know the meaning of the word of spring break was just to go to middle school son.
10 years down the hair until it is permanent hair removal, pubic mound was the same as the mother of a butterfly tattoo.
Mother and lesbian, sex with my husband, was a daily frustration and far.
I thought it an ideal home we will tell my son everything.
Mother while I was a lesbian and that I, as usual. Next thing you know,
I'm Shigoi dilation in the penis naked husband and son next to us.
Son penis engorgement and skin 剥Ke to another, a turtle head soup is getting ahead of myself!
My husband is more small but full-grown penis anymore! ! I 凍Ritsukimashita.
We did not expect my husband and son are just going to let Naka Hazime had yet! ?
I noticed that my thoughts, the mother,
"Do not worry, Megumi. Tsuyoshi from training properly for years gave a" Hey! ?
Steal my eyes, let your mother never had a person from the sixth grade at elementary school son!
"Mom, do not worry. Because he taught me a lot from Grandma," said his son's teeth and it cleared my 当Teta erect my face buried in the crotch of a sudden.
There is no good! Raretara guess there teeth, and I, are you crazy! ! !
"Ah ~ Tsu, Tsu ~ Well," cried, I got back we 仰Ke反Ra crotch while pressing hard on the head of her son. No good! Stop! !
I accept the bitter end I'm the son of my son's back while making a nail.
I peak and I am asking from you violently shake your hips straddling her son.
After the squid once, I was stopped and a hard and piercing stet,
Iki was stopped and piercing it will also no longer shake their own hips rubbing becoming chestnut is driving me mad "~ squid Setee'll" ask for and crying.
But my son is to mean, to me Kurenaku to be cool enough, the son of another streak of madness "of the issue either way," also said the question,
"What'll Pull Out ~!" I have my son back legs entwined like crazy and screaming.
Many times when I felt the back of the vagina ejaculation hot son, I cried a trembling sense of climax.
Jaarimasen'm sad. I'm happy, but on Susan came from the heart.
On this day, just let me dominate her son mother.
I will continue to leverage 舞I上Gara techniques she learned from her mother my son,
果Temashita five times in the end. Another was the morning air could pass.
I'm exhausted, "Do not disconnect" while it slept together in an embrace with her son likes a leg twist. But to leave the place as his young son is a strong stimulus.
Late morning, "Mama, Mama" when awakened by the voices of the engorgement penis was in my son.
Pierced heart's content to let his son have such a love embrace Oshiku.
While on a Lovely Voice, I could understand things really fell in love with his master mother.
Since that day, my son will do at least two more times in our two opponents every day.
I was inspired by the participation of husband and son, are working hard to be outdone.
And I made it the pregnancy. Master? Son? Know.
I thought I'd be abortion, gave birth to a daughter in the family is convinced.
Fortunately, my daughter has been relieved without any fault at all.
D years since then, I'm sleeping next to mother's still young daughter, husband, and hoarding in the back of the vagina and penis semen to accept my husband and son are attacked every day in agony followed by three men of her son.
Recently melted daughter asleep awoke, I began sucking dick with smoke Chuuchuu husband had just ejaculated semen dripping.
I increased the milk away, but soon realized,
I did my daughter do not even want to lick your face one sperm.
Such a mother stroking her granddaughter's head with narrowed eyes happily,
"Satomi-chan, Chikatta leave?" I'm saying.
My daughter 10 years Soi On this way is now swinging back away straddling husband and son sucking cock.
But I can not stay away from other family relationships in this morass is my mother.
In the past 17 years, a handful of days I really sex! !
Lesbian mother and no, the pie 埋Maranai sexual intercourse, but no sperm inside the vagina
I can not stand the body had been the day I d states.

Hello, my husband travel

Hello everyone, my husband is lasting longer work, but come back to GW and dawn, no longer in the family of three 過Se. So as to meet her husband and son, we (my son) has decided to go and see, on the surface, actually at the suggestion of his son, see you in one day her husband, two people in the town on the way Staying in the draft was called. Of course, between my son, because some sex, then a love hotel accommodations. It is really distorted family!

I have things to

Daughter is married to 27 years old. I am 52 years old, the son's age was 35 × 1. My daughter actually × 1, Tsu catastrophe in less than two years to get married! ! The cause was due to cheating partner. My daughter is in favor of husband and wife live with me, but I now live in three, my daughter, so I got a job, my housework is almost the eve of the holiday will be the girls take to the life I know that, so I am still a woman, honestly, I would like. Last month, on her work, when I went on a business trip in two nights and three days, husband's drinking, drunk when he came around to each other so well, I was seduced from my husband's. Even so I am still a woman, too naughty and I'm speaking in one's heart I want, after all, that night we, the fellowship on several occasions, rested on a bed. Only, the thing I'm coming period is still disturbing.宿Ttara period was over if I have a new life, no story, I think not.

Listen to my shame

I am 52 years old, and stayed nine younger boyfriend.
But last year, to break up, but now a partner with me to my son.
62-year-old husband is in there, how bad is already Utch, to me, because it is of unsatisfactory activity, of course, at the beginning, but went out looking for a young man, very well thought Mire 若Kutsu familiar to you, my son said the man then I would not hang in there the other party money, the temptation for a son, still in that period × 2 I want to try having sex with son (^^*)!

My family

Of them, were away on a holiday or business trip to the golf open and the father of all family members except the father is your brother and I lived happily with Mama.

Blow your brother was a mom in a downstairs living room and try me going last Sunday.
Beckoned me to sit on the couch while my brother put you just came on the pajamas.
Mama kneeling in front of your brother is shaking his head up and down great Jupojupo whistled.
I want to say hello and good morning I can not hear.
I had my tits out and then lick Berochu sitting next to your brother.
But my heart is not like Big Mama, my brother said to me you are too cute and I like Aya's breasts.
Your brother and I started to say while being Rerorero Unun nipples I like the pea to stimulate the vagina pants 絞Ri上Ge symbol.
Mom is 50 years old and is soon sucking dick in Bakyumufera think your brother.
The brother while stimulating my clitoris, "Hana Aya easy to get wet," or I say bully.
I have put the first man I gave up going to want to increase your dick is your brother - that the rules of my house.
Big brother clung to hold a little boy grows up straddling a mom.
I whistled drenched big butt shaking back and forth.
I'm just looking pieces are nothing besides watch ...
I noticed your brother has to be lined with a wink Masu Hashi sad for me to be back with all fours on the posture of holding a mom.
Aim to get naked butt, too, of course.
Your brother, your ass will turn into two people lined up.
My mom does not like the sound is so small Pampanga.
In pregnant then I fear if I never say me.
The finish Did mama raised over there anymore!
Mom is happy to start cleaning Feller still hung down from the sperm of your brother there.
Glancing away from it, "I hope" I think that Aya.

Quagmire family relationships - 1

Megumi, 36 years old, the mother of my husband and my husband, one son, high 2-year-old daughter lives five.
Camcorder three years have passed now and also meet his son.
But the trigger was the first place 17 years ago.
I met my husband was still in college students party, made it the relationship immediately.
I, of course, did not you are a virgin. I dedicated a virgin at the time of d boys in the same class,
No foreplay is suddenly thrust into "I'll hurt ~, ~ I'll hurt," crying all the time.
So the end is 射Sa face to all men now deny it, or into the eye.
Learn by experience in middle school but I got one that was playing pretty deep into this fit every lesbian in high school know. The three-year period Hadorezu girl.
Finally I can say is it was a lesbian using vibrators on each other instead of male.
So, he was met at half-party, with a smart and cool, to really be there at the Cock-tech, I got hooked the procedures.
Three months related to him, "Tell my mother that" it is said, when his home was taken to have a large garden that is an exclusive residential area when I was in ecstasy.
After eating a late lunch with her mother and three,
He said, "come out a little.'ll Go from slow to stay," I.
Mother also a "take it" relentlessly and is invited, so we stay longer procedures.
After eating dinner and drinking wine together, the "first to take a bath" I also came to the place where her mother is said to contain. Suddenly saw that the crotch does not have hair!
The Shaved smooth, shame on the hill was included in addition to the butterfly tattoo.
After being hugged by my ear, "You'll I was lesbian," a passionate kiss on the neck and whisper while, played with a nipple in the left hand and right hand in the crotch.
Mareta picked wade through a moment while the chestnut hair, "Ah, ah ah ~ Tsu"
I sat down to wash place is missing the power of the knee. Now, then
My ear has been vague and squid many times, "Megumi's short hair, I shave because I bother," I have been all the hair shaved pussy Shaved likes.
And while he is naked lesbian s mother still in bed, I was wearing came engorgement of the Cock! ! !
Being caught while being caressed his body with her mother for the first syncope intense euphoria.
Lovely Voice I felt that the mother had heard in the dim consciousness.
Six months until graduation was commuting from his home. Of course played by three people each night.
Graduation, marriage, and immediately. That's when I was three months pregnant.
Evening of the day was returned from two week honeymoon.
After the lesbian mother in a long time, my husband came in in the nude.
I myself thought it would surely be held,
I marked the first time in Wushe mother suddenly his penis engorgement.
"Ah ~ Tsu, Akira's little boy Long time," he said! ! !
In front of me as a frozen numb after my husband picked up the mother! !
"I'll give to you next, and waited," she said my husband was violently thrust her mother, her mother was also 張上Ge a Lovely Voice.
After a while, "and get out! Out which way?" And my husband said,
"The mouth, drink out loud," yelled the mother and the mouth was ejaculation.
"It the first time in three weeks! I was good. Now, I turn next to Megumi," he said,
The oral tradition in my mother's mouth while kissing sperm remained holding with me!
Came from behind to lift the hips into my husband while I lifted a Lovely Voice to Rezuteku turned on my mother's.
From there until I was sucking the cum out your husband and the mother.
Such a life of six months, was playing the day before my birth in the hospital in preparation.
And I gave birth to a son.
"Megumi, I'm Well done! I am looking forward," said the mother's motives did not know at that time.


I am 19 years old, my brother is 14 years old.
Suddenly awake at night going to the bathroom, I noticed the light leakage from the back room at his brother.
To put one's ear against the door, "Ann, Ann ..." ... and moan.
It opened slowly and I making any noise, I had my brother PC masturbation erotic flowing from the video.
What is the moment when ejaculation would actually ... so I was wondering, as is observed.
Then I noticed my brother.
I was 引Kenaku later, I have to do to get my mom says anyway? And make threats, and things started 扱Ki little withered.

But a bad start.
I am exasperated by the sweat off his, T-shirt and wearing only panties, turning to his brother on all fours with your ass. Are you up for excitement? I think.
As expected, the younger brother full erection. Stroke stroke (laughs)
I finally M-character split, where you will cut into Ikimashita in striped panties.
Pyutsu and after leaving, drop and add more ~.
~ I come out like this where I tried to withdraw quickly proved to be Nedara once again to my brother and I Want to Cum.
Well I do, or not to proceed was installed in each.
My T-shirt off, boobs rub Dari, and is showing that you have a masturbation streak traced from the top of the underwear, the second brother ejaculation.
The amount is small, 1m flew away to as my thigh.
Withdrawal of having stuck with his brother wore that shocked.

I got really excited as it was in a room masturbation.
Neta brother.
Stimulate the vagina causes feelings Beat Bra.
Try licking your finger to scoop attached to the thigh ... bitter semen.
Sole issued from his brother, but definitely led me to climax.

Since coming to my room at night in about a week and worried for me to become a Onaneta.
Well, whatever ... but I had done, and gradually increases and demand, M is now at last naked leg up pussy masturbation.
My brother is a joke.
I have nothing else of him.
Originally temperament M, also added more shame, suffering will instinctively.

Tsu Not now!飛Bi掛Ri brother and I cry, I just inserted.
Also wanted to switch completely into resistance, I can only gasp.

Siblings. Incest. Contraindicated. Onaneta reality. Virgin brother. Devour my chest. Insertion complex. I was feeling fucked.
I have combined 3 piston as I got them installed.
Vagina is tightening things Gyu ~ Innovation brother, just ejaculation. I was put in a long time, I think I was about 30 seconds pulsing.

Since then, the relationship between me and my brother six months has continued.
I want to use the pill because I can not stop saying cum many times.

Because I remember I masturbated, please miss sentence is wrong.

I found Lightning!

Mom and my cousin, I just go into a love hotel was in his car because it was a calm, because it was my car mom I knew immediately.
Mom is 43 years old, I'm sure the 19 year old cousin? He was going at 27, is a member of society. But Daddy and night, to spend a but, what, (my nephew) and I thought that was cousin What time? ! To have sex with cousin brother mom dad and chicle, then Dad, how you do? ! But the cool older brother, but maybe because my brother? Or the mom asked what na?

Make Cash on the father and brother

Hello, Hello.
The high school I was active at the age of 17 ー. The ー and tell you that spending money to his father and brother to Make Cash nasty recently.
At first I did not like that at all
The company went out in the mouth blow job from 30 minutes to tell me something to suck out the morning before work today my father.
I'm in good Ikimasen we decided to tentatively rule.
My father was once a month pocket money I got I'm five million, five times or more things at least a month, a blow out, we meet twice a month is a holiday that promises sex.
I got a blowjob once every two yen from an older brother of course.
My mother is always exciting when you go shopping or to do it while I'm in a bit against your mother and it is exciting and absolutely secret.
Because what comes in my room, my father asked fellatio Kono Hazama something.
I was more nervous than my father.
When sex at home or indeed but took me not able to love hotel and business hotel
Nde I really still 14 below and my sister I have two sisters
Even though more experienced in years, and ibises were recently told my sister I 金回Ri something good was Shot During this period.
Our father and to live like this anymore than two years.
Came time to act like this is my mother and I are not like fine, I know from being sucked breasts when I went to bed in my room by mistake and mother when I went to the drunk father . Just then I will embrace my father when I notice a mistake in the alumni 居Nakatta mother.
I was reluctant at first, but I also felt good when they are inserted to the world about Hikkurikaeru I also quite 悶Emashita cock with my father's much larger, but I was very upset when it is truly Pies.
Teru Hashi father snoring in bed writing a large shed in the video jump to the bathroom immediately abandon the Father in my bed all night until morning I finally went to bed with new bedding and sleeping under the bed in the morning So I shall say to me, Is it her child Innovation 奈那 was surprised to see how the current state of their father truly become Kokunto nodded.
Went to work in a hurry and I wrong to say I'm sorry dad.
Could leave the mail that day to apologize to me later.
But then I felt good, but it is now both worlds to get pocket money every month like my father because of that
My brother is much better but Drops me, but I just say something because when you up this way of playing around with The ー wealthy friends in monthly allowance.
Now enjoying a pace of about once a week to have sex with my rubber milk properly.
I did not know there was a site for this, and I wish I'm impressed that everyone was really quite at home.
Nde when you are also often asked to think we'd love to father and brother recent report.

Older brother

When the third and boyfriend about sex now, "I'm a good Blow me you.'s Bytes were dissolved?"
It is said that Hung Tokimashita.

He does not say but Blow me, I know my brother was charged!
We could talk to anything of mine because it was a good brother and sister for quite naughty.
As you'd expect to get pregnant in the mouth, but many people hated each other since ....

Sex was the best time in my life at that time was about 16 or 17 Demashita brother jumped into the room and come home from school.
The rooms are waiting for big brother big brother sat down on a sofa opposite to keep the floor due to its horizontal mirror.
I lowered the zipper of my brother and jumped next to Byun.
嗅Gimasu and warm air to remove the penis.
The tongue Chirochiro from enjoying such a familiar smell a little sour.
I also like the back of 舐Memasu 突Tsu張Tta Once you have cleared a bit ticked off.
Slide the back Ategatsu lips and then her brother as a request.
I feel like blowing a harmonica on I say ...
Caress me I'll be happy with just a broken index finger of the hand which held'll Wait a penis at that time.

Opposite the mirror, we have reflected on my face buried in his groin on all fours and the next older brother seemed to have the legs spread comfortably.
I'm not good brother, but it remains a uniform atmosphere has put a finger through a gap in pants and rubbing his thighs and hips, and reach out to people of my skirt.
Gin Gin tease strategy because it also turned me around here dressed up for the 69 "
Shake your head up and down that nothing besides my brother Innovation Park.
Increase your brother from the bottom of my clitoris licking.
This feels good.
Put your tongue can get around in the back and not just hear a click sound comes Nasty been filled too full.
Juppojuppo to lose ... but also not feeling too concentrated.

If you really want to put in because I'm just happy doing that every time I'd eat pussy.
Has signed a commitment in advance of such time.
Iki so that when my brother can not get my mouth to carry it far.
And drink up until the end to finish it in my mouth.
"I'll protect it if you've put"
"Protect, defend putting the fast!"

And they called the big brother feeling null.
But still move me.
Chaimasu scrounge up from below the waist with entwined legs brother.
I'm frustrated with hair worn up or down which resulted in part.
From my brother saying naughty words promise begins to move.
After sucking the penis is also mixed with the smell of my brother found himself rising to second in the state I do not know another translation.
"Roman: Come clean properly. She is a determined"
I know without being told.

Did you know?
I get the rest ran into the mouth and suck the semen from the penis after a split Yuutto went immediately.

Oh oh, I want to wish my brother again.
But it is impossible now.
Brother, because it left the woman with a home

Sneak Peek

I am a 28 year old housewife. My husband and son got married four years ago shift.
Parents and relatives have been quite the opposite, so even at the age of 10 years old and my husband's previous marriage was for boys and was not break through to me because it was pretty 懐I me before marriage? I to.
The time his son was in middle school, could disappear from the laundry sometimes my underwear.
Away where I stand as a curiosity more than concern as a parent woman and her son think so by chance, I went looking for her son to the room feet concealed one night.
Sliding door of the room and seen a little empty. I heard spilling from the music room. My son sat in the chair as 仰Ke反Ru was hit in the nose of my pink panties.
Son to the little boy who I did not see, you can see clearly that the piston moving. And occasionally in a low voice, "Yumi" sounds are faint and muttered.
Rub a little boy my son repeatedly hit in the nose of my underwear is calling my name son
I sat down to endure to become more and more place my heart beats faster, somehow came back to the bedroom. To cause my husband was asleep and crawl into bed, stretch out your hand in the crotch of his master.
Move the legs and face, mouth Kuwaemashita greedy little boy as her husband began to harden. Sleepy husband, "What happened?" I asked, "Did I suddenly want" Matagarimashita panties crotch husband and I just took off.
And I call your name Kasumemashita the face of my mind at the moment my son go.

Daddy's Children

I am a 18 year old beauty Kana. 48-year-old father, the mother to run away together to the age of five does not live Kana beauty. Dad has always brought me to remarry without Kana beauty. I will now also be seen in older men and women in high school with one society personality. Do not even think about marriage and Dad for me
I was able to please a father from a company one day soon 買Eu was waiting to make a delicious meal. Or you go home earlier than usual at work Dad also ended early. Dad told when they are finished eating good food as usual. Daddy daddy no hard feelings for saying this is better over there are doing? Even today I'll get another 18 year old girlfriend's dad is holding a beauty beauty SEX Kana Kana hope you do not say nothing because I wanted to experience even once with my dad Dad went to hug dad saying.
Dad hated before, began to aggressively from Kana beauty. Breast beauty brought Tori Kana dad's hand. What to do? So ... today I get up I'm in love with the beautiful girlfriend Kana dad! Dad ... I was hesitant for a while, come wrapped in soft, beautiful breasts and gradually hand Kana dad began to softly caress Oshiku love. Has surged from the burning sensation as core body Kana beauty. Beauty KANA closer look to the lower body of Papa, the last lick while hanging full of spit to glans from behind while licking from those rods Oshiku love the alter ego of the father Ikiri立Tta swarthily big to take off pajama pants are better in the mouth territory, deep in the throat and swallowed Kana beauty. Dad has a dense'll attack each other's mouth and posture of the 69 saying it out loud but pleasant small. Dad gave me a hard gentle rubbing out a spot on the back of a finger in the sense of beauty and roll excess Kana hand fingertips on the tip of the tongue flop sensitive clitoris most beautiful long tongue Kana . Atsutsu beauty and Kana is gone once I should have a voice in such a weak voice. Daddy's in the mouth of the largest beauty big KANA harder, I feel on the verge of bursting with an explosion at any moment. KANA beauty with his back to the dad got up and led to the insertion of your own dad Ikiri立Tta astride the waist of the father. Things out daddy to shake his hips from Kana beauty intact. Write tomorrow

Son! !

The other day my son underwear (pan cord) to solve a string of so Tsu! I was surprised. But groin son, standing in place Ikiri already know, my son Tsu spell it out in front of me take off my underwear! From my dick, spilling joy juice before I knew it was probably the son earlier, I think virginity is no experience yet with little thought.


yuna himekawa[4082]
55 year old father, I am a 30 year old daughter, three years have passed by since my mother passed away.
I rolled into living alone with his father divorced last year, was a thing of the end of last year.
This is a delusion to think we can say, it might be possible to talk about the future.
Go to the washroom and noticed I lost the contact to the bath before going to bed after finishing, my father came out from the toilet.
From "Lost contact."
"Well, go to bed early so cold."
"Yeah, I go to bed now."
I have this conversation a normal conversation, as my father was unusually taciturn father never heard the words of his father about the only reply, one mother had also complained before he died, "life a quiet good, but that serious and I'm fucked up. "Father, do, and call out to me and will come out of the toilet was not considered, the contact noticed while taking was that the washing machine lid is open.
In memory of my memory and put the lid from the underwear, because I forgot to take for granted that things would not always close the lid, it should come from the natural action of the washing machine they open the lid, the toilet came out of my father, I call out to me, I look into the question aside and raised in the washing machine.
My underwear, pants 有Rimasen, took off my pants were missing earlier.
This is the first thing, the thing that my father was shocked, the other hand, without playing, but also about things that is missing from my mother remarried, my mother had said stiff of seriousness, our daughter working great but also from the crusty father, unimaginable story that his father and stealing the underwear, I felt that I had seen any normal human being.
After returning to the room, the father I know, to stay at such a thought, I had also taken care to attack the underwear thing.
I got divorced six months from a year There has been a complaint would be accumulated, floating feeling to get out of hand the idea of sex, "If my father comes, should I do?" And wondering, indulged in masturbation learned from the evening was married.
My father is too serious a daughter in that stiff, but I really can not think, I stole my underwear, maybe, a bad girl.

His first love and first experience

And writes to the database at the Itsu Me Dji-ω-)
Pictmap my little girl is 2 Imanaka Tsu! Lol

In fact, the first person I wanted to experience a cousin brother. My brother is cool and schools are apparently quite Mote Arimasu ooo she saw some of this experience so far in o is cry, I know I can not believe it Madji something by thinking;

Before this winter break, away misery continues relatives were staying several days at grandma's house my brother and my cousin's cousin sister.
In the meantime, they of course absent from school much, so I'm boring. Boyfriend once ...? Also touched on a (what to call my boyfriend;) and I was really free time. Lol

Oh, I'd explain late ooo, five cousins in two small ⇒ ⇒ my sister (brother) High three cousins ⇒ (brother) ⇒ a high

In my cousin's one more high (from where his brother S c) and was often talked. But almost three Unoitoko height (from where his brother Y c) since childhood and was very 喋Remasen; sweat and say why, but my first love partner Barre Y c and brother to all parents that ♪ I treasure even laugh, but recently become able to speak, I'm so happy!

It is a long introduction;
The Sun lost virginity I'll ...

Parents are busy with many things like I thought, our four children have been expelled from something living. Lol, if I talk to upstairs, S c is being asked to buy my brother, my sister will be going.
I [O Yeah!? Y c my brother and I talk with two crisp fig Ya!] I sweat I thought I had a very nervous. But asked later, Y c ♪ brother is also nervous and Tarashii

But still my brother and c Y ooo Kind and I will talk with care. , The answer I was too moderate. Talking a lot, when I finally came at a relaxed state, the incident happened is! Lol Y Meiru brother came to the cell c, Y c is the brother returned immediately reply. And the next moment, "that I still like the Megu ー?" She said whatever, I've clung to me from the side!
Normally, I'm really 焦Rimasu? 慌Temasu you like?

I am honest, I'd hate not you, Daa bad; so my brother thought I c Y's might to push, "Do Dodo Dodo was Digi d'oh?" (Kyodo maybe I had become Kou / laugh) I said. I do not remember it ('Д )

A busy ... so now I, ooo or more later

My reason for living (2)


The uncle went to the house of one week after the first experience. To make it a little uneasy while riding the train, "How was he before this? What he liked my body?" Came as a question. But remember the mind of the huge bar.

When entering the house, "I do not have to clean again and have intercourse from ~" I thought, "The Saboranai, I earn money properly," I ordered. I have a little pissed off, has the smell of Italian cooking in the kitchen while cleaning. Has made me aware of a gentle uncle lunch. So, after cleaning, I was eating pasta with a nice uncle. Do not know the source remained lips. But my uncle is clean. In addition, they have to take time, and then, "I go to the bedroom?" Was going to bed before me the word uncle. The stand was worried about whether I walked to the room rattled.

When you enter the room, another uncle was sleeping. It was as if it were a cock rock bar. Take off your clothes I rely on intuition stage, and lie close to the bed. Uncle soft hold big things, and put my little hole. They poked fun at Uncle labia first leaked out of my soup was a smooth stick. Uncle cock thrust himself into the moment. I've now reached the womb because the bars. I hurt to get used to the big dick was to meet. Stretched the waist, getting up and down while moving comfortably. Came to hand massage the breasts uncle, who lick the nipple to satiety. From that, we kissed our lips met. I had such a deep kiss first kiss.嬉Shikatsu opponent is really nice because my uncle had more juice flowing love. I had been a caring uncle Iki, then withdrew, I received an ejaculation in the mouth.

Informed business trip to hold the bed while the uncle. CM seems to Canada was scheduled to go on a month to shoot. Cry, but suddenly I was depressed, she made before the uncle. I cried on the train home.

Turned 18 during the Canadian trip. But 喜Benakatta. I was visiting high school graduation ceremony was not looking forward to it. Heavy heart. Every day spent without the means to do so dense back to life. But my mother talking on the phone before the day before graduation, to me, "It was my uncle earlier.'m Fit I'm busy waiting at the graduation ceremony with my father. But, I ride the uncle Kumi. Gentle You're human. It shows appreciation. "

I returned to my great uncle soon! Received a uniform dry cleaning shop in the morning of the day went to beauty parlor. Was super excited. I imagined how it would react to seeing me wearing the uniform pure. When I heard his car and came back missing. It was the first time in three weeks. Ata still interested in what I am? I got anxious again. But when you opened the door, my uncle appeared wearing a suit. Kakoi not! Kakoi not! Shinano How disappointed at all. I sit at the table without saying a word, and only Hikiorosu panties, cock out, plugged into a dick. Uncle wears a blue suit and wearing a pleated skirt I have. Fit perfectly! It only took two minutes to go from sex is a long time. Also gave us inside. Fill out warm sperm. I was happy enough going to be crying again!

I got the certificate while the sperm enters the vagina uncle's graduation ceremony. There are many pictures taken. She looks like a picture, taken at, was wearing panties very wet. Later, when I saw the photos my friends my parents, "Kumi, I have good shot," said many times!

We come to the house of his uncle this week.

Relationship with his sons (3)

Hi, I Misako.
It is a start from scratch in erotic diary today.
Yesterday, I got excited to sleep after all, a rare
Today I went shopping Lightning from day to dress naughty.
I'm told that my son is almost like a slave, but it is only about sex, it is usually quiet gentle brothers.
The school has also begun recently, is now full speed to get home from school or anxious about sex with me.
So with no where for us straight home.
While the brothers were both aligned but is never indecent behavior.
Aligned with the start of play from both of them. Today I also went to a department store,
Are not the body is the capital of food still stick I bought a department store in the basement of sushi with eel
Today, Vibe and ropes and candles have been carrying a variety of stocking feet sex toys where they sell a lotion after I was a little bigger and a little clip or put a bell or nipple just fine about the amount of SM I bought.
Today, newly renovated rooms heartily SM intoxication I think I will manage to tick. Ask hit the whip and whip Bashibashi course I've bought.
You will not even voice out to 洩Renaku firmly to soundproof it anyway.
Is it safe to abandon raising heavy breathing.
Today I want you to abandon semen poured into her pussy.
Sex and jumbled up to three mats in the wash into the bath with my son just gave pie to paint rubbed lotion I Ikimasen.
I was beginning to increase his sons hard in my ass at him, stuck a finger into the anal are anal pain now and now want to get two fingers of light.
Could I put you in the night for the sex I think you probably get my son and fascination lotion paint.
Today for dinner from now on I think I get into bed at around 12.
We are excited now.
The so exciting is like a heart bursting at the first night of marriage.
I'm looking forward to tomorrow morning in what state

I love my brother

My brother is very handsome and I was walking along in Chokko [boyfriend? In the course that was not enough, well we went shopping together. And, my brother bought me my underwear. One day, way back to the department store shopping together, my brother had been confessed. [For me, I like glue. Glue or hug. ] Have been told to cling to. I was surprised to completely blank in the head. After a while I noticed I was embraced by his brother. After that, two people, and at night, I went to the room hard at his brother had SEX. They were in the mood to spend more than half of newlyweds. All told, so I was a child conceives of his brother, had down. And then down some days, I guess I did with my brother SEX Nde likes. Today my brother comes back, SEX strive for.

I love my brother

I had a relationship with his father-in-law from the eighth grade. That lasted until I graduated from high school to home.
Slow trip home and when I go to work to my mother, my father comes to the room. The sexual content is similar to rape.
Or to resist being yelled at, beaten, so the state just endures. So, like good sense and not pleasant to say, far from it.
Because of that, I became scared of men.
Large male body is 近寄Renai is no good for men's things smell of perfume and hair dressing.
Now, 26 years old, have no experience with straight men and dating.

I have an older brother has been adopted towards the biological father. So, just confided to his brother the situation, I had let my brother live in the house of the architect is doing.
My brother is 10 years older than me is different. My brother is 36 years old, and wife, too. I'm very well for us as a couple.
Nevertheless, I became like a brother thing.
I lived far away, I'm so much a flesh and blood, had the favor as a reliable man.

I was good at men other than my brother, I was satisfied with the absence of mouth, mute. Working on my rehabilitation, the brother Kuretari hold me, kiss me I think.
And receive a kiss from his brother, very happy. But to me it further.

My reason for living


Last year, my uncle has been observed in a spat with her parents. The reason was that he not make jobs. My parents are high school students (17 years old at the time) I wanted to concentrate on the exam. I hope parents will understand, there had been bored into her like a box. Was it bound.

So tidy up the room when the job was proposed 47-year-old bachelor uncle, very happy. Shibushibu agree with me when my parents went to work next week and uncle's house. "It is not an easy task. I'm from the sloppy."

Uncle smiling, laughing, "fucked up the room," Did I say, so 汚Kunakatta his home.
After cleaning, the uncle made us coffee and talked about many things and then alone. I heard of a private of them. I learned a lot of things, what remains most impressive is often due to travel uncle who works at an advertising company, I was dumped fiance 20 years ago. Busy since then, it was impossible to serious lover. But cool, I was a little cute. Such is the uncle of the show started. Do not stop, but the translation, to show Uncle holding a pity. At that moment we speak out ridiculous "to say whatever Tageru ask for Uncle"

"What? Yoshiko Hisashi... What do you mean?"

"Uncle, I want my virginity" a bold answer to my

"I can not... I do it because my niece." I had an answer.

"But I am a 17 years old, but the man still do not know. I help each other. It would be bad," I replied.

"If you find a person in high school," said Uncle tight.

"I'm ashamed of myself.'s First experience shame if 17 years old," I thought my uncle was a challenging surprise.
2 minutes, 3 minutes, did not say anything to anyone watching Jirojiro eyes. Then my uncle took me to the bedroom.

He undressed me and ordered me to sleep. Received a massage at my uncle's soft hand and half excited half nervous. Now in the hands of a man accustomed by degrees my body. Feet. . . Arm. . . Abdomen. . . The burned and about. . . To a secret place, I thought. . . Nipple. . . Dick. . . Caress me from head to toe.

Stick when he was introduced, under my sheets wet Gushogusho anymore. Terrible sharp pain pierced dick hard Put a Chinpo it. "Ittei Ah," cried I have lost her virginity and "okay, okay, Kumi, I'm doing well," words out in support of his uncle well, and began a stretch waist.
"Yeah, yeah... You know, not a kid anymore Kumi... I'm a woman... I'm a beautiful girl," who is also a perfect response to his uncle. More intense, more people back. It was the best feeling. I Yametakunakatta. . . Itta, holding an uncle! ! So tired! They take a deep breath, was given to my uncle on the stomach and then withdrawn. I have to wipe your finger and tasted.

貰Ttara money from his uncle, embraced and then "I thank you today. I did Kumi well. I see you next week," say me. First experience was unforgettable.

My discourse incest

My brother in 11th grade (Taka) is in three.
My brother is studying for, and to study the masturbation before going to bed until almost midnight. That sounds naughty book extract hidden under the bed, the sound turn the page, so you know what I'm doing what I pick up all of the creaking bed.
Oh well recently and I even masturbation is not just a guy from the daily also did not care, when indeed lost pants is quite a favorite with the upset.
The story of the year, went back to the home of the parents of his father, now I leave this apartment with my brother.
Exactly, is the story of me when I'm taking a bath.
Wash your hands in the sink had a brother.
Shortly before leaving the restroom, "Gacha" I heard a sound.
Rising from the bath, "Gacha" Very soon something.
Should not have put my pants on the washing machine.
My brother was watching the TV in the living room.
"I raised now?" Said his brother could not say it complains Quote: I was talking for a while.
I have my brother, "Hey ~ I'm back from angry pants!" Said his brother not to hurt and angry.
My brother, I was silent for a while 決Metarashiku ready "but found" I was embarrassed to Mojimoji this.
"The shame is it the same here," and retorted.
It feels like my brother reluctantly brought the pants were just taken. My brother, "I'm sorry for my sister! Awesome ~ I got dirty"
I'm with a white slimy things around and see a local.
It smells a bit like chlorine.
It was a moment. I hugged my brother has been doing Odoodo.
Moment, the still stunned I know that my brother which means "I'm sorry for me, I love things like 堪Nnai sister!" I've pushed down on the floor said.
"I ~ Wait a minute! Wait from it! Please! Hawk"
My brother once, let settle and release.
"What else do not like hawks child? I'm my sister!" Say "things to my sister liked Tteka absent from way back, even steal pants from other sister please! I just today from my sister and I want H! "he said.
My brother I was wearing pajamas, the other legs swelled greatly Teru You Demashita fully erect.
Some time thinking, "OK! I just like today!" I said, but heart to Baku Baku.
寝Kasemashita my brother took me to the bed room my brother.
My brother left his pants bra 寄Semashita hugging each other all our clothes off, too.
Has been hitting my thighs in the groin of his brother.
My thighs have Nasuritsuke Kiku Hiroshi really hot stuff.
I paint in the vagina has been filled canyon is sucked nipple kiss from his brother several times.
My brother finally came in the things.
My brother comes in and things bigger than he Guigui yuan.
My brother pretends to sit some of my ass, bite into Washizu "I feel my sister ~ my sister," says again and again.
I said, "absolutely useless in are about! I move it out! Taka" 堪Rimasen to sit comfortably while missing much that I said.
My stomach has been put out by far the cock cum Kitarashiku my brother.
My brother went to a lot of semen spill spill from the bed of my stomach.
I suck cock brother Emashita silence.
I came back inside to boot up in the show's cock then.
The nickname is well siblings truly outstanding, until the morning that day Ikimashita H dozens of times to embrace his brother.
After all, every day since that is now seeking each other's bodies.
Has a little paint while writing this article.
Is going to be crazy.


When I went to college, I decided to sell the hot stuff in Buruserashoppu quick thinking earn spending money. I had my brother help you in those years I was in high school makes sense when you are sick after the place they photographed it and really naughty.

I wear the uniform, for example, are posing in the back of it feels like, let me take a picture I feel like standing in a place it seems after my brother.
Yes, I did so and a T-back, but the younger brother after I was let stand naked body because it'll be reflected in ^ ^, that the Lightning first saw this when my brother ^ ^ v

I looked like I'm being really look at the picture later. Beginning his brother is "not stupid", but she wanted to Kitarashiku gradually become somewhat interesting, among them "toots, if she got this bad?"
I got quite enthusiastic about getting up or 言I出Shi.
I'm just being realistic in a normal position and put not see properly because of my hair, at that time I had taken my brother from the top to really take off your legs without underwear ー cane.
"Do not look," Do not look at me Muri Yu better posture Well I told you this, I saw my brother is probably one of my dick firmly.

Buruserashoppu went up for sale on a little picture from the built up such a thing to do at least twice.
I was working to put the eye or my brother.
Then the manager was really happy there, "This is a pretty good price I sell"
I never Yu.
I started playing I was going to wear uniforms in high school I grow on active duty. Take off your panties on the spot,
5000 yen I had bought fresh off panties and 5 pictures. But we have some photos Hakikae panties,
I like him if I took off my Post on the spot anyway. Instead, I was being photographed wearing at the time ^ ^;

Eventually got to buy six sets like that, I went back to receive a whopping 30,000 yen.
Nde 300 yen at Ito-Yokado also bought him the panties, I felt something killing me ^ ^ v
My brother gave 10,000 yen to the Galleria.
"Honey, you gave me money Rakkijan manage to choke on my body," I get to say, my brother-chan "Hey, great pictures were about 10,000 more were bought in 5000 yen I get like this, 're going to be? "I Yuuno.
"What more awesome, Do Yuu Yono" I Yuttara,
"What is it with you boobs rubbed from behind, and you feel that you are putting your finger in dick, and this is something I Feller"
What I'm Yu.
"I like that there not? Photos or Gomakashiki" I Yuttara,
"Oh, good. Yarushi were about to do my Son" I never Yu.
"Are not you stupid. Yanannainosa misplaced why is such a thing to me is you" and I Yu, "Come on, But I'm not really have sex," I never Heki suru.

That place also went to another day, I asked the manager to sell any pictures were high,
"Ne I thought, I suddenly have a foul and sell high guy" was told.
"Sugokattajan last picture. I'm glad something is put in place they posture. I had sold it on the same day. Right then, how Feller. Of the popular"
"I really got to take more of that and I asked my boyfriend," I Yuuno.
The picture even Yarase Barenakatta is contrived and I hope my brother

As my brother was saying. That guy, I wonder what I did in high school to the habit? ^
Why do not you tell from my brother back "Oh, right, that so I Yu 撮Rou of" What I really keen.
"Well, Once in the bathroom and coming from," I went back to my room I slowly.

And rises out of the bath room I have, my brother came.
"Oh, toots, you seem like a sexy ho hair is wet? It around behind me"
Come up slowly behind me without permission I have to touch the chest from the top T-shirt.
"Screw you, what are you doing it." Stop and I'm saying that my brother let go of your hand
My brother has a hand grabs my breasts from the bottom, the moment "Huh?" I felt so big and strong I think. What I felt your body involuntarily and Vic.
"Toots, ー're a rehearsal is still felt s bad tea," My brother was laughing.
"The Well, I like this?" My brother has put his left hand touching the chest with my right hand 内Momo right.
"First, while wearing clothes, feeling?" Said his brother away from it with a digital camera set.
Set a timer and Pasha posing in a hurry to come back earlier.
"Then the next ー be, for example I'll just take off her pants hey had" got turned into something more pace and my brother.
I just took off the bottom, which I've just taken a similar pose
I touched my brother had a finger over the panty.
"Let me stop a moment"
"I'm not, I'll look into this as not Yarase. Hey, I take"
"Hey ー following her, took off on"
"What? I Yada."
"You'll be fine from that perspective rather 分Kan put things right" to take off my brother takes me from behind.
"Oh hey, I know, do not Hippannai" I started playing I just got the panties.
"O ~, ー toots on his chest only. I knew.'s 85 D cup and I"
I was stunned. This girl I know you like my breast size.
"Yo touch, right?" Right? I was saying I already been touched.
"~ Us, only ー Soft. Mochii come ~" So slowly brother to me adopt a similar pose and just
And this is my honest, I feel I got sloppy coming. And brother, while his right hand touching the left nipple with your fingers touched my heart I've been on my clitoris stimulated stronger than before.
I was thinking, "Oh" and I've aloud, and began to fondle my brother like crazy like it was signaled.
"Ah ~, I Yada, Oh Oh stop stupid" I was like tea Nokezotsu to leave your body at all bad at the other brother after that I was trying to resist.
"Toots cute. Iroppoi tying" My brother came to move your fingers really hard and rough while breathing.
"Ah ah ah sauce ~ ~" The thing I like the other picture I was crazy to forget about feeling.
"Toots, but I Pantsu Bichobicho cool" Yu and his brother so we put a finger from the side of the panty with a jerk.
"Ah ah ah ~ ~" I was a little rough and intense fondling his brother, to etch ever felt like no great pleasure. To feel like that shit
Chan "Hey, I want sex" is like my brother had to say such a thing. To me it is like at that time I did not understand what s going on, and noticed that his brother opened up my knee back up they have come before. I saw my brother above facing array.
"Hey, Yada, Stop it, what were doing for" 言I終Waru before me is, my brother came with me to put things into their own.
"Oh Yeah ~ ~ ~" I cried with great pleasure. No longer will it become the translation is 分Kannaku
I have great Tarashiku aloud, while his brother had been directed to poke my hand to mouth.

My brother got me Sore程 installed in less time. The last out was on my tummy.
If I was motionless for a while, my brother and I had to wipe the thing in his stomach tissue.
"I'm really glad toots"
"Hey I wanted to properly long before I was to follow through masturbation while thinking things toots"
"From the first time at the pictures taken with him, I already put up Dekinakutsu"
"I'm happy now gah grinded. Okonnai it in?"
I will be surprised and anger to hear that my brother had to speak.
From the way I feel is a man clearly in his brother, thinking too little or not,
The truth is I noticed that I could not stop.

Since then, taking pictures and selling, but still continues, has already taken in Yarase enjoying sex with his brother without 思Ikkiri.
Oh, and Blow is popular photos lately been full of requests I got from the manager.


yuna himekawa[4040]
Longer an accident as soon as I entered high school my mother, and even bullying 有Tsu, and now play in the downtown area, but his father was noted several times, U 聞Kitakunakatta to Suzaku.
Then his father came and beat, did say,
"The habit I'm stealing the pants, and annoying."
My father is glaring with red face, to say nothing, I think This is what you get,
"Look, I want to do right ,··."
Spread the legs showed did say to do.
I thought I felt exposed but which cut back on tea, got the joke is interesting,
Then came springing onto,
"Gimme a break," I,
I resisted, feeling that got stuck in lately I only get to feel What you think of,
I know this the first time in more than ten
Gah grinded to feel good, kidding, I!
I got to know to become wet,
I long because my father is left; Metallic 突Ttsuka terrible,
I feel such a rut, or say again, in
The chest is rubbed, the nipple is sucked,
When I feel like it, It would really feel good,
It is dangerous, I was done, nearly fainting sensation,
Just to think that I firmly Chata voice.
Maybe I'll get course, is in the soup,
Tatte feel bathed in the womb I got edged.
Long and thick, how life feeling cock.

Husband on a business trip ^ ^!

A little computer and he (the son), I learned to.
Once, I have already notified by mail in the afternoon will go to him, he would be waiting. Adding that even in a hurry, because I can stay a few days! !

In fact, come from her husband asking for a long time last night, of course, to arrive at anything in it 遣Rimashita, and tonight he was just, I do not mind spend a? Also, is the underwear at home, in his former goes from lingerie shops to buy something sexy shape and color. Every day while fun tonight

Are prepared

My son is now a sophomore, the student is also going to live in a condominium apartment for students 1DK, 2 nights for some time has been cleaned recently. I was cleaning the room after his son went to school this H, DVD coming up a lot. I will have the knowledge of my own too, and I was looking at a book but which grew to look like my son is a picture of just how mature woman. Mature mother correlate with things just 女Mono CD's, DVD I noticed that the story Hashitanai lower body is wet thinking while watching. There is hidden in my underwear semen son took the corner and try to find a better place I thought maybe my son's underwear. DVD for the first time I masturbated with decades spent rubbing underwear sperm pussy I remember the contents of her son.
That night, after drinking beer at each other a little familiar with his son, the way she has? And I asked casually.
My son, I do not, a shy young girl said that somehow I'm bad. The girl's shadow was certainly not my son 感Ji取Remasen.
DVD of the day and gone drunken remember, it was felt the sign outside his son took a shower before going to sleep like drunken Paratchatamitai what it is, with drunken 浴Binai I invite this.
Came into hiding before I'm embarrassed and she said. I understand that the penis is erect it hidden.
Take up the towel before was headed for heaven Sosori立Tsu penis. I instinctively cling like crazy. The rest is the usual outcome.
狂Imashita covered in cum young son all night. Musaborimashita my body again and again 体験Rashiku her first son. Experience first DVD in the study? Results? I delight in me enough.
Brittle and crumble in front of my son so much that I've also turned down an invitation to a man lost despite 13 years did not even want my husband. Relationship with his son and prepared for the time being I can not stop.


Ah, there but had to put cuttings for version.押Etsuke move is.
Accepts just had to lose such a folding hand hung.
I covered her with an arrow was not thinking. While two sons and I highly
I've dabbled endure a cut in the know too.
Yoshi Tadasu stabbing had just put a hand away from the frustrated just grope around in the soup, but like to know. Feel are lacking in flexibility into the rigid bar has a youth, I had been placed around the left 分Ranu husband is not the first time Otoroe husband and vitality,
It is usually felt when my son was put into the readings for example.
I know once again bursting with the thickness of the hardness. And so good.
My son will dispose of ecstasy many times, even if you want to wait ends abruptly.
If you want to get a good opportunity at that time. Would meet the needs of my son but things do 分Ri. Even pretend to know when my husband,
This would dampen, but I'll leave this evening but I hope,
Get out of hand really wet once said. Come see wet crotch.
Anyway my husband has become but more than you want That would put.
If you ask my husband may have put in will be Kizuka 其Re son,
Gradually get wet but my husband wanted to be known as his son.
The pants were wet gruel into the toilet without waiting for residence.
I felt strange when hanging Toirepepa wipe.
Feeling ever, but comes directly wet wipes, we next come to feel something.
Unlike sticky feel there is always aching. Looking for something that feels wrong. My husband, float into the face of her son. I finally put my finger and we want to put. Away for a while as it was put on leave can not stand 屈N you put the three fingers that he feels not only get a finger into the juice 伝I was standing in a very nice 屈N.
Leave the door before I knew it was 気Ga付Kanu - put together a surprised face was open.
Noticed I was late into waiting a few keys. The front of his son,
Had been left in the sight of a finger. Fingers, but pull out to overtake,
Let's turn around 近Zuki pulled finger and saying what they are up to son
Close the door and went out on the spot is crowded Ikasa finger stabbing of her son.
Now his mother has become the body and Ikasa Nari手 thumb.

Part 7 son Punishment

Long time no see. I thought the penis was finally put to me son, I got sick in the hospital.
In mid-September, I noticed that my poo mixed blood son.
Son and daughter persuaded me to hate the hospital, finally took him to hospital. Then, the hospital immediately began testing.

So gut check, is common enema. I get my son a spanking I ever had been. Like "punish his son-in-law" in a way, thrilled about.

The day after admission, was held the first enema.
Nurse me, "which will now enema, mother, please wait outside," he said.
I "raised so anxious to spend time with my son or not" So, nurse said "Okay. So, I can pajama pants and underwear down," he said .
I have to just to get even up to now, around the knee down to abandon, to bare a little boy. My son was quietly shut an eye.

I nurse, "Is this all right," I heard. The young nurse, a good little boy glanced at his son while blushing slightly, "May I ask to lift the foot," he said.
Lifting the legs to replace the baby diaper, nurses began to fill the hole like a jelly ass.
Gently, his fingers went into the back of the nurse's ass slowly.
I do not like being put into my hole now feel something strange.

Enema is the beginning of last.
More and more went into a long ass hole nozzle. And the solution is poured slowly, painfully son began to voice. My son enemas that are familiar to us but, did not seem to be accustomed to.
I was looking forward to an intense desire to defecate soon attack you.
They lack class and the sick in the hospital, but thought his son was thrilled.

Was removed from a disposable enema ass. The nurse added, "Please be patient as possible," he said, was holding the ass hole.
My son reached the limits of patience, and dive into the toilet room in the house 轟Kase a roar like an enema when I was always growling.
I felt like now was revenge.

My son while being massaged my stomach and nurse for excretion. Excretion was seen in a while the two women.
There are still reported, so after a long day with so much at the end.

Relationship with his sons (2)

Good Morning, excuse me to say things in a new post was full address.
居Rimashita Yesterday my best friend having sex in the bedroom as usual as usual in the end I had two sons and I understand that is a little look into the Japanese-style sliding door open next to our bedroom First Mashita was when he reached a height of and just excited I started mating after all but I did keep in mind also sons Po Ji ○ sons of one another as usual 留Mezu to notice that I was to abandon fellatio. She die once but then I erection sons in her eyes while i talk to are you getting up every day with my son this thing is amazing coming in the bedroom of us without any hesitation no I saw it I was in my hands wrapped Shigoi as soon you say, so why not tell me wonder if I was holding my son will not touch us contains a little cock is still Blow the thing began his sons and some friends start getting excited to go down Mata.
I have become two pairs of orgies with her friends after all.
Eventually she did well I did not measure life by inserting a rubber cum pill or drinking for that truly is like I was watching did not.
To understand what she says eventually passed away many times this morning and went home early this morning to say thank you I will experience this.
I must become a good habit even like her come again.
I think my sons are going to wake up to the trick or go to my bedroom, so now I'm tired of lying still work two opponents indeed.

My discourse incest

When I was 19 years old, had a relationship with my brother. My brother and I when they entered elementary school years away, an excellent brother had already left the house since early childhood they were sparsely attended prestigious private memories lived together. When I entered my brother finished college graduate, there were only two nights at home. For me, before I came out of the bathroom after a bath was a proud brother of an excellent gentle grades stood blank-faced brother 褪Meta Blue. I was surrounded by what would they be unable wincingly thing missing was not even wear a towel. I gently held a brother. I remember that the rigid body trembled say nothing rattled. Later I see ... I think that did not resist at all. After this my brother is now coming into my room and no one will be no more imposing house. But his brother had surrendered, too. Many years and met his brother and his brother put off coming to a few days after the employment was not.
My brother is suffering from a mental hospital now. Meeting will also remain. But I would love to meet my brother. My brother would love to be entertained and want to be violently if two people. I left the brother of her current illness. Want to be Held. I really sincerely forgiven body only brother.
I look forward to the day when my brother held again at the bottom of my heart now.