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Incest confession of women(2004-06)

Re: Miho

At the age of 63, plus a thriving your husband and your daughter is just a trick I can peg the youthful age in a man or a great choice 有Rimasen MILF'll like me again Please contact us a better acquaintance with

Toys are processed every night of the biological father.

yuna himekawa[218]
Sun had an affair for the first time was the day my 16 year old birthday'll fig.
The mother and brother slept away tired and mortar ~ I went to my room away as I get sleepy, I had to sleep.
The door of my room at around 2 in the morning, "Kyii." Fiddling with the sound and woke up.
Then I came into my bed suddenly someone.
I could not cry I'm scared, had pretended to be asleep to Zutsu.
振絞Tsu the courage to "Who!" Give him his voice.
That it was my father.
"What are you doing Dad?!"
And I have to speak loudly, I had a towel and press them into my mouth suddenly.
I have tried to take off my clothes and my father is not knowing that the vacancy.
"I'll uh uh" I desperately resisted,
Put out the voice, his hands tied too. My father was a Tomoshimasen move.
My father said "the virgin Manami dad I'll ask"
"Daddy I wanted it so much Manami" I said.
I could not believe it.
My father was quickly undress, remove the bra, my breasts have been massaged.
I said, "I'll uh ーー'll" put out a voice to no avail.
"I heart you are" flexible "Hey cute," he said of Dodo,
We turn to lick my chest surgeon.


My brother is going out with relatives to attend college.
Earlier this year, two months after I was admitted I was sick mom. My mom lived with two people, has been deposited in the house of his aunt lives in a tough thing.
I encourage us all together really likes you. In particular, my brother asked to tender. Tell me on Sunday and had her study took place in a car lot. I was attracted to the brother that I am.
But relatives say because I love. So I tried to forget. By the end of the semester, however, was suddenly confessed to her brother.
When I heard about "but I also liked Mika, ever say," and told me I cried. I was surprised and, I was happy. And I, my brother was naturally accepted.
While I know it's not allowed to love.
Now the summer vacation, my brother comes to his house in the absence of mother.
Here I write to be naughty. I loved the tea is not your brother but she is happy, some feeling of anxiety.
That if this is so scary to think hard and try to do their aunt and mom just end spoiler.
Is still a mix of what you stopped? Now, I really worried.


My grandfather lives in my house since last month.
I do not have time to go home at midnight from employers, parents often I go to bed earlier.

When you come home late at night as usual the other day, my grandfather was just not happening.
"Welcome home. Asuka!"
Grandfather greeted me with a smile.
Nde every night is a lonely person, very happy to meet my grandfather.
"Rice is? Bath would you do?" That my grandfather,
"I finished dinner, it enters the bathroom. I do not have to worry about Grandpa."
"I see where you sleep, Asuka."
And so my grandfather went back to the room.

The problem is after that.
Because I was tired, I forgot to shut the bathroom and dressing room keys.
Then 済Mashi bathing, lived in a bra and stood off out of the bathroom and my grandfather.
"What are you doing? Grandpa ...."
"What I'm Asuka Kii Hiroshi boobs."
"Go out quickly!"
"Asuka, a little touched Setee. From a little good"
Ridgepole grandfather while, and pleaded Pekoripekori.

"It's a little bit. To put my parents in the dark."
"Oh, I know, Asuka. Then."
My grandfather's enthusiasm? Defeated, decided to make the promise of a little touch your breasts.
My grandfather was concealing the breast showed a towel.

"It's a good breast shape, Asuka. Is the same when I was young and grandma."
My grandfather seemed to feel sorry for the grandfather gave my grandfather still will not touch your breasts in the living room sofa after a change of clothes finished.
My grandfather does not require sex, I let them touch your breasts from time to time ever since my grandfather.
Of course, I though he recently got pocket money


I was a child my son, turned into a man, in happy or sad, look away as her mother, what comes to attack, though it was fear, it is probable they.
Anything by force, a fierce look, I've never seen such a son.
Again, I 統Benaku constitute, taken underwear, come break in the body of her son,,,
Pain, heart, hips was nailed hard,,,
But the tears came out, it is useless now.
That his son is accused continued, see myself becoming a woman
Is known to stimulate the young, seem to strike up with pleasure,
And communicated the joy of her tightly, will react to the.
Than my family, I'm living with two men.

So I'll have no incest

Everyone is a divorced woman of 38 Hi! Yesterday, in trouble at all coming out of water as it flows away to the poo I know that broken toilet of the house, my brother, "my sister, I broke it not use the toilet here ~! "'ve said from the outside. "Honey, I say faster! Say it slow!" Went out to say! While having full of shame "Sis, I'm wrong with this from another useless!" That place and walked away talking tough to the fullest. Then my brother came into the room, "my sister, I re toilet!" To the surprise and says, "etc, why, oh, you are healed?" I saw too much embarrassment and upset to "my sister, you're going to shit was really big! It smells amazing too!" While we say with a grin. "I Ne annoying, and,
You talking about, "and I panicked. Then Masu Masu to get carried away, "my sister, I'm surprised such Bukkake Toku're smelling poop, but in a ladylike looks of Makoto Kiyoshi great! Excited to want to smell something really good and I think my sister's poop I got! "went out of the room while saying. Full of great shame of feeling seen something like that. It is too disgusting to be honest I'm excited by my brother so much, yet. Terrible! ,


Of the elementary school since I was younger I did I was often touched the body to his father in the bathroom.
At that time, meaning I know, but I have felt touched,
Was looking forward to take a bath every day with my father.
Once the elementary school, I placed first.
But at that time I cried in pain, getting comfortably gone out several times if I was still Since then,
Were sex in the bathroom every night.
The sex was taking a bath together well into middle school.
I began to realize that I'd do it Jojoni,
It feels good to other addictive
I was listening to my father always liked to say gently.
But now I'm a freshman in high school still has sex with his father.
As well as the other bathroom, and my bed room, with kitchen or even in the car.
The road by car at night, is taking off skirt and panties, even when there was sent to the vending machine.
More recently, and sometimes rebellious, were forced on all fours naked buttocks and thighs,
Hit a lot of boobs now.



I am more than my husband, I should close in age to my husband's children.
So the children of interest in me, what is your bathroom peep often, while changing not care, I'm naturally naughty I asked.
My husband is always slow to return, there are occasional business trip.
I always leave when the prank is not my husband.
Been responsible for getting rid of upper body binding arms behind back to my second son,
Son responsible for the lower body is getting rid of everything from a skirt.
The night my husband was, if my voice is recorded when the sex
I was told if there are no masters.
I have a relationship with my family ...
I am afraid it is not even hate.
It is all a true story.

E-mail friend ...

Trap brother, and years ago I met a man at a mobile dating site, e-mail friend now. E-mail exchange several times each day, one month has passed around from person to "meet" is the next thing was to meet Saturday because I wanted to meet is said. Then go to the meeting place while pounding ... 10 minutes with what appeared, it was my brother.
At the same time a bit embarrassed to be beyond surprised, "Kanako! What did you? Me, fool to do e-mail friend and my sister." After two and laughed, and I was free to go out one day my brother, so I now. Eat or to live happily go out and get my shopping, at around 9 per night had become quite dark. "I go home soon brother?" As soon as I told my brother and I went to a love hotel was close to taking my hand. "It hurts! Ay to stop my brother," I was surprised at the sudden I have to win out to force his brother to leave the hotel to abandon resistance, it had been Tsurekoma room. "Are you kidding? I'm going home!" And say "I Do not get mad, just a little bit silly." My brother is a laugh out of a beer from the fridge and started drinking.
"Sorry! Go back drinking beer," relieved to say the words of my brother, I sat next to his brother. Then suddenly it came to my brother a deep kiss while I drink beer and oral tradition. "No!" I was immediately thrust Nashimashita brother, "my girlfriend, Kanako is just right today," I've been riding on me now and say this. I tried to escape and resistance, can not escape it very difficult to force his brother. While I was struggling, I've noticed that 火照Tsu hot body is so weak I actually alcohol. What does my brother knew my constitution. My body will not move as you wish, my brother remove the bra was on the take off my clothes, my heart has Shaburitsui 思Ikiri "Well!" Exclaimed her brother and the "squeak" with smoke and "You're cute tits, Kanako ..." she said continued to caress the nipples. "That sucked the breasts of his brother, but brother and sister ..." and such words have been swirling around inside my head at. "Oh .." and I instinctively raised his voice. Then it came time to caress the clitoris from the top of the panties. But I had resisted, there was wet in that "I'm so wet Kanako cute .." I was going to take off your panties so aggressively. "No! To stop my brother!" I was hearing words opened my legs, my brother is my tongue began to caress the clitoris. "Splashing sound .." nasty tone sounded all over the room had been left to the brother I already have. "Kanako, and tasty. Kanako taste of" but I caressing her brother and continued indefinitely. My brother was in and out while rolling my fingers on my clit tongue "Oh brother .." I was over there I seem to pick another climax. "I finally have become obedient, well, you become one .." When I think of him, and came in hard and thick inside me what my brother abandon. "If, Ouch!" Piston stop me screaming at my brother! "Okay, I Kanako in warm ... .. so irresistible stet" I do "while not extend" to my brother in my 叫Bimashi 果Temashita and quickly. My brother I sit on the floor crying, "You're wrong with the other, a resignation," the second coming on board to me and drink a beer and was attacked from behind, "Hey, is embarrassing!" "Kanako over there, I see whole. really good ..] Now I sat shaking, but it reaches to the climax still contain the older brother. My brother and I ended the day is then four times Nakade . My brother actually examines the address of my cell, I became close friends with someone pretending to be Mel, I feel it was my goal. After that, I was away for my brother soon forget "I love Kanako pass anyone anymore ..." the elder brother that day, I called time out room of her parents had secretly taken a photo story, I am embraced by my brother every day . Also at that time could not forget the pleasure I was having sex with a man other than her brother does not know the other person is not considered.



I am now a high. (☆ next two years) brother and I are attending the same school. My first time in the summer in two, it was my brother too. The thing I want to see me much, "can not take it anymore" I was attacked by Lightning. Maybe it was because of summer clothes or light clothes. . ♪ So I write naughty things happened in the school's first three semesters
Is pretty cool older brother, friend, can I go home all play? What purpose spoiler a spoiler s brother. Do not, if I met her brother and ran smack into the classroom to the bathroom in the middle class do not feel somehow take this day! Then suddenly pulled the hand, and social studies materials taken to a room that no one really seems Inasa, "What brother?" You asked me,
"I think if I become sure of them all ass in the classroom," the little boy's assigned to stay I still love my tea Nari手 Iki was told.
Then I, to become truly Okkiku O Geez, just end it with head bowed and ashamed of something happy, chin raised, was terribly deep kiss.
It just really good to be kissed, and got wet pants Geez. I am unable to bear "... fill with Ann! Brother!" Or Yuttara,
"I hear guys all the perverted voice" Hey, my pants got wet even the word.
So when it came to putting hands on pants big brother is hanging thigh again, "All, right I'm excited about an extra from a school here? Wet so" Hey, why "and the uniforms did tea have in your Did you excited about school! "What's Yutta.
Then I can lick me my love juice dripping dirty that when you arrived at the top until I could not stand Geez, and I had both knees licking his back stood open. You know, I'm coming up to her brother in the tongue? Unable to stand Geez, I was'll install many times. .
Again and again, "all cute" to me slowly said, "I love you," I thought I said in my ear, the older brother was so sudden, the little boy was coming in Okkiku , but only that Yurutte in the wet was the 痛Kunakatta at all.
Geez a voice, not extend to the very patient, but the lead time that sexual intercourse of brother and my little boy I love the sound I have a feeling Nu Chi Yunuchuttokapanpantsutte heard. . .
I was led throughout the course of an hour afterwards. I come off too! 're Cool because I was so well many times.
Jim Johnson is also the brother of a really Okkiku in me. Geez really feel good.
Sad but next year my brother graduated from. . . So, I decided! Before graduating, you have sex with my brother at school a lot a lot! But at the other and this, of course.
Also, when you write sex ~ The excitement!
So (n_n) **

Gave a virgin brother

My brother and days to 10 SEX. Virginity is dedicated to my brother.
I am 14 years old, my brother was 11 years old. Before that feeling this way but it would be said.
We were playing to see or touch a secret place and met each other two years ago. My brother does not want to play just yet, but I no longer play, you know that you were sorry. Engage in play now and I wake up to the opposite sex Hajimemasumasu Kuni Kon and adolescence but his brother. My brother and I refuse to cry because it was based reluctantly. My brother is a cute little old so far. Following the break had not been so scared of leaks can be what ever it from the mouth of his brother.
One day. My younger brother and I'll show you my brother's penis stroking his penis while standing has taken a stance sure to bend the letter to sit erect.
"I hate?" When I asked my brother shook his head "It feels good," I said so.
Mechanism of male ejaculation and friends talking about sex education, but knew, at that time still a
And 0-year-old brother can not ejaculate soon and I'll keep my brother was stroking ejaculate involuntarily became an ecstatic expression. Familiarity with his brother it was the first ejaculation.
Brother sperm surface furikabutte a first spread on the floor.
I was shocked to see first time cum. Had even taken a considerable amount of clothes in my hands and face also was out of the way so your aware of it.
Now turn to the opposite sex are interested in and then my brother.
It was also little interest in opposite sex first started playing, it is escalated.
Catch it by reading a book about sex, now try using my brother.
To practice using a blow job for his brother beyond the kiss or caress with the fingers.
Were once more aggressive brother, I was hooked from that time more.
Sexual curiosity was stronger Originally, face to face with introverted "dark," he did not have a girl friend as a man called from. All of the interest in the opposite sex, so it was for my brother.
In a few moments until the petting with up to 69 more to fellatio and swallow semen from 済Manaku mind. My brother was happy with it, SEX I know that the act will be immediately Monotarinaku SEX now they want to.
The truly dedicated to his brother's virginity was embarrassed, but, with repeated longing stronger relationship with his brother.
Then my brother and I decided to SEX.
I teach the method for assigning let me put my brother that night to buy condoms to prevent pregnancy. Brother naked and make "Be on your back in bed," I do not tell my brother took off all my clothes.
Then my brother looked at me with open eyes is.
In previous games, you can get naked and out of the chest and lower body, it's not I did not even naked. I think it was my last reason.
I call on the name of his brother and 言I聞Kasemashita.
"We're now on I'm going to SEX. I'll give it to the No. 1 important thing Hiroshi"
My brother is like what did you mean pins.
SEX is not impossible because it is not a basic knowledge of "What sex?" My brother has asked.
"No. 1 man and a woman, it important. What I guess from the first time. Give thanks"
I am saying that your penis Ategaimashita spans brother secret place.
SEX Iyo Iyo think that the pounding of the chest.
Mino is a point of looking at the lucky end of my vagina with his penis and mystified.
"I'll" sit at once lowered his eyes 立Tasu Tsumuri tremble even say hello to his right.
Hear talk about pain, I did not feel there was a foreign object into something that certainly the thigh.
"How does it feel" a contemptible little brother asked his brother,
"Strange to the slimy," replied.
"I just feel high," I say that we often sat.
There is still pain and discomfort, and I can not stand no more ejaculation led by his brother continued to act crazy.
"Felt good" brother tenderly over the question of the "Down!" And said cheerfully.
I thought it felt much better and more just petting and masturbation discomfort at the end.
Discomfort has continued even after unplugging.
The remaining complaints were the result, seeing the happy faces of my brother, "Good."
Said that much.
Twice from it, that 'play' gone through the body after.
I will become one of the pleasant, yet only some discomfort. ,

I put my brother on the bed.

yuna himekawa[207]
I rubbed my brother's stomach. At that time, I try to make my chest touch my brother's shoulders and chest. Also, let your hands rub your brother's crotch with excess momentum. I found that my crotch was stiff several times . Every time I touch it, my younger brother is surprised. "Oh, wait a minute, here." I grabbed my younger brother in earnest. "Wow," the younger brother screams, but when he rubs it gently, he becomes quieter. "I have to look closely," he said with a zipper and briefs. Touch the pink Ochinchin on the back of his younger brother . It's really beautiful. It's hard on it. If you let go of the Ochinchin you were holding, it will jump vigorously. It's fun and I play with it. Half sensitive over was like too, when I continued tinkering was immediately jump out the sperm. My younger brother flutters more than I do. I'll wipe my brother's sperm with a tissue. Ochinchin seems to be even more sensitive after it is put out, and when I touch it, my younger brother pulls back and runs away. When I asked, "Did you feel better?" "Saying When the worse the condition ne me. Because I'll rub immediately." Say the "Yeah, Okay." Said his brother was honest answer. The red and white are over, the years to come are over, and the whole family has fallen asleep. Only me and my younger brother from the late-night TV group remained in the living room. I switched to a CS movie channel. D from the middle of the night I had to make sure to screening the pitch movie. Men and women who come to the room are naked and there are many waysHave sex with the combination of. I'm getting stranger. It seems that my younger brother was the same. "Sister. It hurts. Look." Penis brother This has been a tent in much no more than is. "It's Ahhonto." And and make the pants and briefs the original cares a penis you will jump out. I started rubbing. My brother touches my chest, but I'm a little reluctant . I removed one button from my blouse so that my brother could easily insert his hand. The younger brother, who entered his hand from there , also took off his bra and finally touched his breast directly. "Sister's boobs. It's soft and smooth." The button on the blouse was additionally removed and caressed with both hands. "It's boring because it's not as big as a foreign woman." "That's not true. Can I kiss you?" Shortly after answering, my brother kissed his nipple. It seems that my brother's interest has shifted to my lower body. I thrust my face into the skirt. Panty and vinegar tries Nugaso Tokkingu at the same time. I will lift my hips and support you. My younger brother is also reluctant to caress the female genitals that he sees for the first time . Since I was excited just found everything to his brother, I get wet was Re started. I will attach the condom I got from my grandpa to my younger brother. Be To blank look was a brother that, but seems to have persists the mind Once attached, tried to blindly inserted. Buy sadness of virgin Makuikazu, I was raised to lead. It's a long-awaited moment with my younger brother Ochinchin. GrandpaUnlike, the skin is smooth and the whole body is hot. However, the way of movement was terrible, and I ejaculated immediately probably because I was young . And are raised to clean up taking a condom, also began to increase or be. I did the second time using the condom I brought as a spare. On TV still foreigner continues to endlessly sex, but because to us siblings did things no longer needed, Sui I decided to sleep in each other off the pitch. When I returned to the room, there was a grandpa. He seems to know what he did with his brother. He was very pleased . It even says that my younger brother and my child will take over this house. At my age, I still want to play , and when I reply that I definitely want to avoid pregnancy, when that time comes, I will think about a socially acceptable method at a family meeting with my mother and younger brother. It was decided. My father is n't included. It's absolutely a secret, but my brother and I have my father's blood in it. So this house does not participate in the group conference. I don't know him, but my father was very sorry. I had one New Year's sex with my grandpa. Early in the new year, our family relationship also developed rapidly, and I had sex three times. What I'm worried about right now is controlling my brother and grandpa from getting in the way in my room . If you mess up with this matter, you may be exposed to your father.

Re: [205] [204] Lately, my weird. ,

> From: I'm not even look 63-year-old's dream Miwa, Miho
> Please get up in the counseling I am at it is useless.
Sakura like, or you write in bytes, that sort of thing I think you lot

Re: [204] Lately, my weird. ,

Author: please have it in counseling is useless to try I am at this I'm not even 63-year-old's dream Miwa, Miho.

Recently, I'm weird. ,

Post your shame. Posting from my generation who are so little, who seeth not, please post it means.
63-year-old Miho is called. Currently, like son - his grandson and I marinated T SEX daily. Forget the year, her age again, I have experienced it. 3 T's relationship with months ago. My horny body will not occur every day, SEX it became an addiction.
In the workplace, employees and part-time students often young men, and men come together and tastes shift, driven by the urge Shaburitsukitai too easy
Is likely to change.
20 years since my husband is missing. SEX desire, but will not lie and say it, recently, SEX funny I wanted to wanted to.
T is the husband of my daughter, 23 years old. It is the living together. Daughter is not there six months ago, not at home.
T in the PC images of plagiarism while taking a bath and toilet, I now find the opportunity that had a large number of middle-aged women and video files. T is that I had seen on their own history? Itarashiku know, the late three months ago, has confessed to hug.
That night, opened his body.
From that night, every day, T and SEX. At first, followed by days remains sore, even when there are tough, determined now to leave the T, I am becoming more and more bitch.
Incest is about 30s, and his father, and in forties, my father and I experienced. The force feels both pleasant experience is not SEX. However, T and SEX will be different. After the age of 60,
SEX for the first time I felt a kick out of.
Thus, you are still posting, T is licking my dick in the mouth feel. 1 hour ago, I drank a yummy pee in the bath. I also, T drank pee.
I started licking anal. T - devoted the first time anal.
T-18cm in gun attack five times already, but today marks the sixth time now.
I have to say 舐Mero T, or at a later

It's my brother

I've had such a corner. I talked to my brother in the chat that the phrase,
Taught here. I am now 28 year old homemaker. No children.
It is 10 years ago. I had just entered college in the rush of it was still a virgin. My friends they long ago abandoned the Virgin, because they had too much sex talk in everyday conversation. I was fairly confident it has the appearance myself, I embarrassed myself to be the only virgin.
But that is not. I had never even seen a male erect.
Say I went to see it getting stronger day by day. But although both men have come to hitting some had to say about translation or 踏Mi込Mezu far.
That comes to mind is when was the younger brother Takashi Hazime under 3 years old. Hazime Taka one year to think of high school, too. In college friends tell me that is a grown adult.
One night I decided I was visiting my brother's room, I want to see the man himself, and asked.
Of course, my younger brother is reluctant, and I explained the situation, acknowledge me at long last, I decided to show us. However, what was nervous to say that his brother found a real sister, you get treatment with a much greater.
"Show me my sister naked. Then you might grow." His brother said. I refused. "I do not I see the injustice." His brother says.
That's right, too. I resigned the "never touch" is now naked in front of his brother on condition that. Naked brother saw what I immediately increases, and finally a hand I
With ejaculation. Ejaculation was the first man I saw it.
I was happy with people in it, but it is the younger brother seems not. The next day I visited the room, I've been asking for it to show their bare hands in the stroke.
Although rejected in words, good brother of mine is asking for a long time. Then every night I now alter ego stroke to expose the naked brother. Without knowing their hands and mouth, so to extend the hand of my brother's body, the two were tied obsession. It is dedicated to the purity of the match my brother, too.
After 10 years, still stealing the eyes of the husband continues a relationship with his brother. The abortion may in fact only once. Because children know what a child or husband's brother.
My husband said with certainty is not to light. But worryingly, 25-year-old brother is not married, I began to say. I like her, and she is
Ecstasy can not get like that when I say it.
But here is suppressing his sexuality, but also consider whether to cut off the relationship because of his brother
Everyone, what do you think?
Sorry longer.


Now his son on the knee, I'm writing this on it. Travel tour operators abroad husband is the week. Today, the order of the instructions your son went to borrow AV.
Was given to wear a blouse of sheer silk bra. Oriru before the car took off his shorts, the toothpaste was Nura Jun clitoris you. The nipples are standing, it was also evident from the thin blouse, just AV
Has been ordered to stand in the corner at least 10 minutes. They have three male customers, is blatantly threw a look, leave the clitoris is hot flashes, I found the back of the knee, expressed Soup nasty. While so avoid eye contact with a boy at the counter got out AV borrow three books, and was hailed as one of the male passenger has to run, waiting until your car Jun .
Back home, but were forced to Blow You and I saw Jun borrowed the AV. I wanted you but now Jun, begging me to put it. Blow went twice after that to get fit in the writing condition that n,,, Oh Oh, now I had put behind, Uu,, they do good, is good Sugokuki rice,,, Jun-kun, I really, and more,,,
The d Haji Yunkunnodorei Mariko, but my head,,, Oh, now, you take s

Younger guy, forgive

~ I can not believe, I did not think the real dream of my brother fucked Reruda way!
The brother 抱Kitsuka under 9 years old, was hit by the kiss, my body licked for hours, the suck, raped many times, being put to the ass
In pain, scared, sad, crying Deta Gyagya I could not believe it! I can not forgive my brother!