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Incest with daughter(2016-09)

It is working for snack of friends wife

My wife has one and sex in one daughter Since Asagaeri.
Interference is, will be the Pies a comfortably live so good. The wife is twice a month.

Daughter and son

yuna himekawa[6170]
Let's take a peek at my daughter Of course I'm not thinking of committing. Not so devilish. I searched for a way that only I could enjoy while my daughter's body remained pure . The balcony had to be repaired. I am good at do-it-yourself, and I do the repairs myself without asking a contractor. My daughter came back to her room behind the window. I enjoyed my daughter's changing clothes scene. I will be wearing a bra and panties, a daughter who takes off the uniforms of a private girls' high school one by one , and this time I will wear plain clothes. It is more developed than the body of the high school girl who bought the enkou dating the other day. I remember just a few years ago when I took my daughter in the bath. And yet I can't even imagine the contents of bras and panties anymore . The penis that released her daughter as sperm is erecting her naked and horribly. The change of clothes scene is over.  The next moment I come across an astonishing scene. The eldest son, the daughter's older brother, entered the daughter's room. Then he approached her and pushed her away. The smashed daughter lies in her bed and sees no signs of getting up. The eldest son immediately covered his sister. The daughter unzipped her brother's pants from herself and rubbed her brother's penis violently with her hands at the endPut it in your mouth and suck it back and forth with your tongue and lips. The eldest son strips his sister's clothes, massages his sister's milk , lowers his sister's jean and panties, and gropes his sister's clitoris with his lips and tongue. The son and daughter caressed each other in the form of perfect sixty nine . In reality, it is my father's role to jump out and stop them. But I pulled out my penis and started rubbing it. Before I knew it, my son and daughter were naked and in love with each other.  And they started having sex like skilled lovers . It 's hard sex that middle-aged adults envy. The son and daughter are initially in the missionary position and have sex while rubbing each other's bodies violently . I've never seen such lively sex . Anyway, my son is having sex with his sister live . And it reaches the climax and ejaculates to the younger sister. After a short interval, the daughter then sits on top of her son, seeking pleasure on top of the cowgirl. How skilled my daughter's waist is! I was fooled by the appearance of an innocent girl in uniform. The waist messenger is as good as Yoshiwara's soap lady. Because it was a tuna such as a high school girl who was dating the other dayCompared to that, what a lascivious waist errand, who trained, and the jealousy of the trained partner will be raised. If you are a son, you have to twist him to death. However, before I knew it, my son lost to his daughter's waist, and sperm was blown up into her daughter's womb. It's raw. I don't even wear a condom. What would they do if they had children? The two in front of me are a son and a daughter born from the sperm of my penis. The two are having sex. And it may give birth to a child. That would be my grandson.  I was dying to blow sperm too. Flexion position. Sitting position. Matsuba scraps. back. Missionary again. Young daughters and sons never stop. Even though my father's penis is wilting with one ejaculation, the entanglement of my son's penis and my daughter's vagina is forever fine. I was in a big frustration . When the eldest son ejaculates to his sister again in the missionary position, his daughter gets up and wipes his brother's body with a wet tissue like a familiar mistress . How many cc of son's sperm were released into the daughter's womb today? And even now, my brother's sperm may have started a fierce competition for survival aiming for my sister's egg .With that in mind, my withered penis also swells up. If the sperm and eggs born from my sperm combine with each other, they will be my perfect "grandchild". I also want to see it. As  a father, I was thinking of such an insane thing. If true, I would have had to jump out, pull my son and daughter apart, and hit him in the face. When I got dressed, my son left my sister's room as if nothing had happened. Make sure your daughter is dressed and nothing happens. Not only did I lose the opportunity to jump into the room, but I kept rubbing my penis violently , recalling the current scene, and letting sperm burst. Sons and daughters are siblings of sperm. For example, if I now go into my daughter's room and commit her live, will my sperm compete with my son's sperm for the daughter's womb? But my son's sperm, which has such hard sex, will be much better than my tired sperm now , so it won't be a match. It is not the sperm of the father that can jump into the egg of the daughter, but the sperm of the older brother. Having developed such a stupid delusion, I went down to the first floor on a ladder without developing into the act of jumping into my daughter's room and committing .The evening meal is as usual, a family-friendly meal. Aiming for a national university, his son, who is wandering around , explains the mock exam to a question from his mother . High 1's daughter is fooling around listening to it. That this girl had such lewd sex with her brother. What a familiar sex a son who pretends to be studying all day long ! A wife who doesn't know if she really attends a prep school . Since the two were born and the child-first life was given, the number of times it was done was reduced to the time when my wife and my sexual life were remembered . Should I tell my wife? Or I was wondering if one person should squeeze two people. And as a result, I didn't do anything. I asked for my wife for the first time in a long time that night. My wife and my son and daughter born of sex have more sex and make our pure children. That may be good too. I was unprecedentedly violent and ejaculated sperm into my wife's womb. If you take care, you can see that the son is sneaking into the daughter's room on the second floor at midnight . Perhaps they have sex every night, and in their sex career they may be like a newlywed couple. It may be unavoidable. I myself have my sisterBecause I used it as a tool for sexual love. Of course, I didn't cross the last line, but it may be my blood that the son and daughter greet each other . And I am trapped in a new desire. I want to compete with my son's sperm. In my daughter's womb. I want to taste my daughter's body. I love my daughter born of sperm and want to release more sperm. The reason why I have more sex with my wife is because my wife and daughter are very similar, so I imagine my wife as my daughter and have sex. Whether you're sucking your wife's milk, licking your wife's clitoris , or rubbing your penis against your wife's vagina, you're imagining your daughter. Oh what about my family? And where should my desire to commit my daughter be sublimated, or should I commit my daughter tonight? My desire is one step closer to realization.

Daughter 31-year-old virgin

I think you solved Rica and at the age, joint of blood in the daughter of remarried the wife
not shy is a marriage with the widow of missing acquaintance, that
I was in the relationship of the daughter and the body, still young and 10 years of age , his father
died, was married because I take care since then.

About three years his wife passed away before, and the 31-year-old birthday of the daughter
to open the body from the daughter, welcomed me, we have chosen a safe date.
\"Dad Daite\"
\"do you Like\"
naked daughter had closed the eyes become on his back in the futon, overlap kiss
to the, rub per Sucking alternately to gradually shift the left and right nipple
, \"there ... Dad \"
hug me stick to the breasts, also became a kiss
When you open and the flower garden, the tongue to the buds that have not yet been opened
luck Sucking let crawl, daughter of the body had been twisted, my erection
is already I was ready.

\"Mind you, I put in, painful but delayed to endure,\"
eye nod is closed daughter, was put erection to bud
\"aah! painful! ... Dad ... \"
daughter clings strongly, I had died completely to the back of the daughter
,\" okay Kai? \"
Nod daughter, push-up movement and Yuukuri, movement is also gradually
push up strongly, or sometimes even kiss, push up the daughter of the uterus
\"Iiikai, I put in,\"
daughter still cling, I semen towards a strong push up the uterus
in a fire, not move overlap in a state in which the put for a while, and
slowly resume the movement, daughter almost overnight raised voice
becomes the night that love violently, outside a thin brighter, daughter and naked
had fallen asleep.
 You would think that the insane, tied in at all parent and child
will, now a husband and wife no better, I and the bed be in together,
and Anohea let shaved me every day, the hair loss from next week
to permanent hair removal returnable That's right. Contraception is not, still
no signs of pregnancy, daughter is so want to give birth et pregnant.

With my 5th daughter

It was when Rina was in elementary school that she realized that her younger daughter, Yuna, had become similar to me, but her older daughter, Rina, had never looked like me. Distrust was solicited, and a year later, when I did a DNA test, my father-daughter chance with Yuna was 99%, but my father-daughter chance with Rina was almost sero. My wife's cheating pregnancy ... I noticed the parasite, so I decided to make Rina my woman because I was a stranger. Every time I took a bath with Rina of elementary school 4, I carefully massaged the crack and rubbed a small chestnut. "Daddy ... it feels good ..." Rina, whose eyes were Tron, was cute. As time went by, when Rina became 5th grade, it was not only normal to touch the cracks other than in the bath, but she also said, "Daddy ... it feels good ... more ..." . And finally, Rina touched my cock. I said, "You can touch it. I'll put it out now." I put out the cock and touched it. Touching the ticking cock, "This is what Rina feels like, sex. Does it feel good?" Rina seemed to have gained sexual knowledge somewhere. After taking a bath with Rina, I stole Yuna and my wife's eyes and touched the pussy and the cock, and then rubbed the tip of the cock against the pussy. "Ann ... it feels good ..." I took the plunge and tried to put it in, but the 10-year-old pussy that had just become 5th grade was too tight to fit in.However, Rina said, "It feels better to be touched with a cock" just by putting the tip in and rubbing it, and putting it in the tip and muzzling and intercrural sex became a standard. At first, I was muffled, slipped in, and after being told "Itai-itai" , I tried to intercrural sex . I had some slight bleeding and rushing, but I don't think the hymen has been completely torn yet. During the summer vacation of the fifth grade, when my wife went out with Yuna, I washed my crotch and made Rina feel like a cunnilingus and tried to insert it in the missionary position. Then, 1/3 entered, but from that point onward, it was said that it hurts , so when I licked it at 69, Rina was not good at it, but she was holding it. I also licked Rina's cute chestnut. When I tried to insert it again into Rina who became slimy, my cock was half in the end of the piston little by little, but for some reason my daughter did not hurt. "Feel good paddle?" When asked, "softening, are mixed to feel good as hurts." He said. I was so comfortable that when I stabbed my hips with force, I slipped in and Rina hurts with "Aita Tata Tah" , and at the same time, a strong tightening and a hairless young man Excited by the cock that pierces the cock, I inadvertently ejaculate to Rina's young man. "Rina is absolutely secret. Rina is my dad's wife when she grows up."I pulled it out immediately and washed it off in the bath. "I'm sorry. Did it hurt?" He shyly said , "I wanted to do more ..." . After that, I stole Yuna and my wife's eyes and started having sex with Rina once a week. Of course, I didn't do vaginal cum shot because I don't know when my period will come. By the end of the fifth grade, Rina started to move her hips according to my movements, rather than being hurt by a violent piston. "Hah ... hah ... haan ... haan ..." A small sigh leaked, and I had completely adult sex with bread bread bread bread. Rina closed her eyes and felt as the joy juice made a nasty noise. The sex between a 39-year-old father and a small 5 girl had a feeling of love for each other as well as pleasure. "Daddy's semen, I want to drink ..." Rina drank by mouth ejaculation during the spring break after the 5th grade. "It's not delicious, but I drink it because it's my favorite dad's semen ..." In elementary school 6, I learned that I was connected to a chestnut in the middle of the piston and died. It took me up to 2nd grade to die only with a piston, but when Rina was in middle school, I picked up Rina by car and had sex in a love hotel twice a week on Monday and Thursday. I was happy that Rina, who has a cute sailor suit , died in the pant of an adult woman , "Daddy, daddy, I love you, daddy ~~" .Rina's breasts didn't swell so much even when she was in middle 3, and she remained a loli, and her younger sister, Yuna, was more feminine. They were clearly different DNA sisters. When Rina went to high school, her wife asked, "When did you start Rina?" "What did you mean?" "Rina's eyes are a woman." "If so, do you admit? " Yes, Rina isn't your child. I 'm sorry." I 'm now living with Rina, 50 and 22, and my 3-year-old daughter. Immediately after Rina graduated from high school, she divorced her wife after breaking the father-daughter relationship after filing a petition for the failure of the father-daughter relationship between Rina and me, but the marriage between me and Rina was not accepted. I have a common-law relationship with Rina, but Rina still calls me daddy. 22-year-old Rina's body is the same as when she was in junior high school, but Yuna, who lives with her wife, grew up femininely in the C cup. And 22-year-old Rina's pussy is sloppy like a housewife in her late 30s. I've been having sex since I was 11 years old, so it's been 11 years now. I will continue to love Rina and live.

I love the Father

I rarely Nante spend alone, today my father is
to go to the golf and the people of the friends, for with me also if always
I go, previously received the invitation, golf of staying in the hot spring
together that when the father in in the room, <it would be a good relationship, from other people
like do's newlywed, I'm energetic in the young daughter of the extract> I
ridiculed, it does not go today.

 It was eight years before the mother the night funeral is finished of.
Upon exiting from I Bathing, father state of before going to my room
I think that probably already sleeping worrisome, gently in to open the door
I went to my father to say something nonsense I understand that there,
with the knee on the side of the bed, are saying what against the ear close
I was to hear how.
\"... Yu ... look ... e ...\"
is it the name of the mother, father in a dream, was called the mother.
\"... Yu ... look ... e ........\"
to what you're talking about, but is unknown, the name of the mother is discrimination
can, to sweat to see if the forehead, near of a single up the the tissue
give blotted the sweat,
\"Dad, what was of ...\"
piled up my hand to gently father of hand, so as to wrap his hand
because it was, be that I think the mother of hand may not think,
be left alone, but I was over the neck of the bath towel
and put on top of a nearby chair, as it enters the bed, the father
gently embrace closer to the chest of pajamas, I had been raised to sleep with .

 Morning, surprised father that eyes were awake, impossible does not have, breast daughter
because I was sleeping so as to fill the face.
\"Dad, happened, okay? \"
\" What? \"
\" I did not call the name of the mother, worry also sweat
Are I \"slept together because it was
touching the chest both hands of the father from the top of the pajamas, I as
I had to is.
\"Dad gonna good to smoke boobs\"
under the pajamas without anything,
\"Remove button\"
show for the first time, in my breasts, asked embrace the father upon exposure
to include the nipple, it sucked like a baby , to breathe right and left
I had hugged the father who had smoked give in.

\"If dad, raise I'll say,\"
is a kiss away the mouth from the nipple
, \"still ... I'm Kai ... father and parent-child for good ...
Kai really good?\"
\"... Even ... · ... mom like a good
love to ... \"
at that time, the alarm of the alarm is heard, my father is also a reality
in the feeling that has been pulled back,
\" well, you try to from eating wake up in the morning rice \"

and, father There is also bleeding in the pain of virgin acceptance open the body to
almost had embraced his father in bed all day.
After that, pregnancy also become a day-to-day love one intense and father no,
there is no physiological and notice, no choice but to abortion will pregnant
, should the subsequent safe date, or abortion, after the six months of pregnancy
What position, condom the father I had been attached
to release the father movement violently, when retracted away,
\"What? ... Oh!\"
\"What's the matter? \"
\" Off the condom, by \"remaining in the vagina
in the surprise, the condom father put a finger was removed from the vagina
I, then after a while physiology is no pregnancy,
during the two-year position Repeat three times the abortion, the result is another pregnancy
was is said and unreasonable to the.

 All the father, asked out to the uterus, but your pressurized with so-what attitude
the skin down at will to gloss skin becomes fresh,
\"Yumiko of ○ pussy, I was ripe to Meiki, good smell
I delicious it, than aphrodisiacs it has effect \"
father for us or sucking licking per well Sucking. Loved
awakening also joy, boobs are Sucking rubbed every day, inserted every other day
I, dick also has been sucked stick every day.


It is 60-year-old man who lost his wife. Daughter to the place you are in trouble with living alone has returned to divorce.
I ask them to absolutely housework have survived.
Now us to be the night of the party to them.
I said that I and I'll say that I saw was the masturbation with occasional look at the personal computer of adult video.
Is there a sense of guilt that his daughter, but I have also forgotten reason the young woman's body.

Pathetic but

It to say even if for some reason the insertion end of the altercation with his daughter.
But my daughter is to take off motivated rather than as \"probably do is just under\" pants only table in the prone position put the upper body. \"Do not so much long, to end soon,\" while operating the smartphone is called the do not want to see my face bellow with. I licked still labia that remain are urine odor of daughter plunged the face in a reluctantly skirt, further use of the finger, out love juice is overflowing after a while. And pathetic, but more and more gasping voice strapping become daughter not withstand to my relentless piston. Finally also caress the chest from his own, begin to cry while drooling settlement. Finally, my sperm until the convulsions received by the uterus.

My incest

It will be a little old story.
Father died that before, take off in front of the father you are sleeping, when it comes to naked
give entered the father of the futon,
\"smoked father\"
to include the nipple, I had smoked father but not out breast milk down .
\"Dad, today is sleeping I'll have together\"
and are in much also the mother house, also not go out to work for, to see the father in shifts
give, had I know the brother that day is in the second floor to stay at home It was.

\"Dad here also smoked\"
brother eye line of sight a peek, a're not breathe tits to my father
I was watching. When the father of Sole also the leading edge to big I am on top of the father
give let me push up my uterus ride, the father in a few minutes to release
feel're, was superimposed on the father.
 When the lunch also finished up to eat at the father and futon, also tits
in his father fell asleep that let them breathe, still futon
is not but out of, had hugged his father naked chest.
 My father died was about it from the past about one week.
Only brother knows this thing, tell me of course, the mother
does not, I'm 27 years old, his brother 20-year-old, mother 48-year-old, my father was 55 years old at that time.
 There from about 5 years, his brother is also 25 years old, I am 32 years old, also graduated virgin brother
give in, is married next year. I am single.

What curiosity of the daughter?

Enough to take a bath along with the daughter of middle-3 even now, is Akkerakan parent-child
mother, daughter died of illness at the time of 1 small.
Fortunately, it has me obediently grew up.
Relationship is I'm good, but often it Toka but had me too much recent talk of school
I thought I conversation there is no Do ~
If this before, have a nap on the couch, daughter, kissed me ,
not I a kiss, such as the mere greeting, until now, not even that was such a thing, but I was noticed immediately, surprised a little, does not open his eyes, I have to pretend you are sleeping.
What curiosity of the daughter?
I also honestly, I have excited the lips moist daughter.

Narita divorce three years ago

Cancellation just before honeymoon departure, had been returning home to the parents' home.
I 16-year-old, raised to father a virgin in the then 20-year-old died mother, marriage
is still there is no married at the age of 22, was returning home from the airport to home.

 My father is 47 years old, my father surprised and return to the house,
\"it is cut back Dad\"
\"I lay futon\"
I think it was in the time still early time zone. In front of the father
to take a futon becomes a naked, father also heavy to be opening overlap to me naked
each other Sucking I had to open the legs fall gradually.
\"Come father,\"
my bottom was already possible wetness acceptance.
father inserted felt as far as it will go
, \"Dad ... aah ... right now Dad\"
\"Reiko your way\"
flare-up in violent sex, crazy to become each other request,
pushed up, feel the hot father violently kindling uterus
that night the challenge is amazing violently father, almost forget the time
I think it was in one night.

When I wake up, I also father also each other or determined by the naked, such as direct food
we had each other seeking to violent sex from morning to forget.
 A look at the once mirror in the shower before breakfast happening, in a surprise
tits and inner thigh was a full hickey.
 Father and so violent sex It was for the first time.
And my father gave me around greeting of apology in entrainment.
\"Sorry, I say really that selfish
does not mean\"
father was lowered a low head, I was also head down at the side of the father.
This much lower head down, words also silently bowed without
was the first time it has seen the Father.

 \"Dad ... I'm sorry,\"
\"Iinda, the other good do they do not cry, beauty is ruined
by it, but the other end was tan, I'm good at this, go home Come on,\"
 When I arrived back home, and the father It embraced becomes violent sex
I was burned.

Daughter relationship

My past the retirement age. My wife is out with a man younger become a serious cheated
go, now nearly five years since then, only daughter is also matter of working
I'm in the apartment alone, return to every Friday weekend
also relationship with my daughter It will be in five years.

 Daughter back today, every week of fall asleep until morning with me and naked
next morning also mutually sought before breakfast, get up for a slower, straight after a meal
also enters the daughter and the bed, over your almost in bed all day
to the There, the breasts become commonplace like smoke in my favorite
was, is the daughter of dick was also to smooth rather than shaved.

Daughter 31-year-old bachelor, in the family also went to the hotel, such put out a loud voice
I have, daughter and this hotel is also me screaming <pussy>
you. Enter indecent love one to love hotels from the daytime in the parent-child
obsessed with will. Go to around the hotel, the bath is
or large hotels, such as the hotel that night view can be seen, although the people
in it do not, once was pregnant with her ​​daughter, told her daughter give birth but
I think that was born if abnormal children, only to be giving birth
to avoid I've finished the pipe cut.
 It will also be in the evening each other burning with intense and daughter sex tonight.
Although only my energy also decline with age,
\"Do not worry I gonna gave to dad,\"
but I'm happy, this just will not be anyhow.