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Incest with daughter(2018-09)

Fitted to daughters

Got Me It has been shackled naked and wake up to drink that day sleeping pills. Daughters of torture begins, covered with the pants in my head out undress both of whom were erection to the pathetic thing. Daughters smiled a laugh \"Thats you doing with lust in our be preached dad always so bossy,\" \"I'm had been seen in Eloy eyes with what I described uniform of skirt is short\". \"Stop me\" immediately below daughter has been pressed against the crotch so as to close my mouth, not of me in response facial daughter Omankodarake. \"Papaeroi, licking pussy of Miki (daughter of below)\". Penis was also Blow \"Papaero too, is made to Blow to Maki (daughter of the above)\". Miserable, released into the mouth of the top of the daughter, is multiplied by the urination is masturbation in the face to the daughter of below, but does not fit excitement and erection. \"I from taking the video, reflect on it and\" daughters whisper while holding the penis.

With a high school daughter ...

yuna himekawa[8085]
Fifteen years have passed since the bride passed away, and her aunt recommended that she remarriage and talked with her high school daughter. The story ended in opposition to the remarriage. I have to have entered a bath "a while ago Dad I'm sorry," "I'm good," "I am also good? Well into together." "What did you do?" "I want to to is just now of apology" within the Iowara not so I came in, "Have you finished washing?" "No, I'll wash it. " "I'll wash it from the head. " When I finished washing my head, I washed my back and came to the front and expected a rough end except for the crotch. place that I thought how to kana - and the "here also? wash?" since heard that "if possible," "I'll say," and, whipped hand have grabbed the penis. That is, the cock reacted and erected. "Oh!" "I'm sorry, because the have not seen you for a long time was touched to a person other than yourself." "Dad also ne No want a new wife because it is healthy." "It just is I do not." "I'll say now I have a place of his wife and you'll " Why do not got to me" instead? " " Well! "have been combined lips so as to rub the penis and say so. I also reached for my daughter's secret part. When I stroked the chestnut, it reacted with a jerk and the hand to rub became faster, so "Dad is about to die " "It's okay to put it out"He said "I'm gone" and spit out semen. No further progress was made in the bathroom. As soon as I returned to the bedroom, my daughter came and we both went to bed and started caressing. We licked each other's genitals. Then, the daughter straddled the top, grabbed the dick, put it deep in the vagina, and started moving slowly. It seems that the dick is pleased with the feeling of the vagina for the first time in 15 years, and I feel like I can not say anything about being a real daughter straddling the top.


Of 52-year-old company manager. I saw for the first time this site. I to am one person is the daughter of 27-year-old. Daughter-in-law is when the daughter is 5 years old at the disease has passed away. Then the came I grew up. Now the daughter If their time comes in the bath together. Daughter is likely committed to the three men's classmate at the time of the high-3. Come fled the spot. There is contact me. If you go to the opposite button of the shirt in the uniform was the sight that had taken all I have to guide the home of the boy to his daughter. Leaving a daughter in the car. Came out his mother and go to the boys home \"What?\". Once out of the daughter says to have been committed to the children of your house. Since the mother, it had been left out of the waist in situ surprised. There were 3 people and go to the room up without permission. Room daughter of shirt and would pick up because the button of had fallen. Since the 3 person of've been crime in Do Mai one Author words when he source of agreement I have. I even called the police. When taking out the mobile coming in the mother a situation to hear from the person, et al., ... is in because I to you any compensation police and please come with her three guardians to my house anyway tonight mother It came out to say to. One daughter back to the car and to agree I was saying. It is said that using the exam study together. So I said the only daughter was the reply. As soon as there is a phone call from his father heard from his mother. It was an apology. The shirt and neck of the daughter came off the button in the three parent in disputesIt showed a red bruise that could be. (And photographed) disputes but took several days. Daughter in the evening is. Me and apologize and came into the bath is that you are thinking of daughter daughter was like it was found that my virginity because dedicated to dad to me. When the treat is not to say stupid (I was embarrassed). As desired daughter because it also came in naked up in the futon, I thought at least be a fool in the parent and inserted into the daughter. Daughter and quit because wanted pain put only wants pain Sakitcho a loud der Oh, Aga - in what and put so say put out the word that does not know what to say. Sheets and move slowly pull out in two to three minutes with the blood of my daughter. (Sheets are Yes taking wash) then made to have a two or three times related to the daughter and the moon. It is going to come only when you want to have a daughter now. Daughter at the time of the 20-year-old I was dating three years can boyfriend like a daughter shook Toka reason is because not pinching is H. I now of Kara thought that if Kurere also show in the grandchildren to get married because it followed two years. Last night, my daughter had parted came into the futon. Wake to say that the compatibility of H is bad my Nani Blow insertion across daughter above. Daughter that does not have this ride comfort. Show me the early grandchildren. Good person Locate say when. The time being because to be here is to end without permission to say that I'm sorry is the daughter go. And it will not be put out a hand to the daughter and the other women and H from meDo not you listen to go home and seen like a mouth from.

Transformation couple

Wife \"I did to that child so much growth,\" showed me a voyeur image of the daughter. Breast also a mon's junior high school students that pubic hair is also growing bulge, me put on my head show me until further cute shorts when I was interest. Transformation play of a couple that are addicted recently, sex to commit a daughter dressed daughter of uniforms and underwear to his wife, this is chrysanthemum. My wife rolled Iki rolled felt while good, such as \"stop daddy\". I asked spy masturbation the daughter of pissing his wife.

In front of mom

I slept with my dad a week after the 11th tide. My mother cried and put on a beautiful dress, put on a thin make-up for the first time, and since I was a kid, I was taken to the Izu villa where I go to play every time I take a day off. My mother isn't as beautiful as usual, and she's a bright red rouge that I rarely wear ... I think my dad goes home at most once a week, and at least once a month. It was around the time when I started to feel that I was a stranger, very kind to me and my mother, and just a little different from my dad in a normal house . Of course, I took a bath with a housekeeper who always played without being informed of what was going to happen, put on cute pajamas, and was taken to my mother's bedroom while being guided. There are naked ... parents, a mother wearing a thin baby doll and a naked dad ... "Misaki, you've finally come to join the ranks of women, so what will mom do for a while? Look. I'll tell you later ... " Mom said to her dad many times ," Please stop, 〃 "to avoid my eyes, but she said, " At your time. You don't have to be shy, " he said, reaching out to wrap around her body and kissing her so long that she couldn't even breathe ... By the time the kiss was over, her eyes Began to be Tron, and was surprised at the squeaky gestures and the beauty of the lines as Dad began to touch his body . It's not a matter of force.Mom sometimes tried to hide my face, but when my dad's hand started stroking the important part gently, he closed his eyes as if he was happy with a faint voice. To be honest, it was so graceful that I couldn't compare it to the SEX I thought at the time, it was sensual, and I was staring at it without blinking while holding the pillow strongly. As I noticed, I got off the bed and knelt down and started to hold my dad's cock. "Kanako, let Misaki see what's going on there," she said, and her mother turned her hips toward me and slowly spread her legs ... "The beautifully groomed pubic hair Anna's ass from the inside ... and the important part ... "No, forgive me ... embarrassing." "What are you saying, it's my mother's job to show her properly ..."・ ・ " " Misaki, look at what's going on over there and touch it ... " " ...!? "Mom tried to hurry away from her dad's ass, but she stopped at her. It's ... "Beautiful ... Glittering" "Yes, mom's over there is really beautiful, I 'm glad if you touch it gently ." I tried to touch it It was slimy and soft like touching a pudding, and when I approached a slightly open fold, it clung to my finger as if it was entwined ... At the moment when there was no resistance to my fingertips For a moment to stiffen ..."That's where I want mom to touch the most ... Gently insert your finger , mom will be happy." Mom shook her head while grabbing her father's stuff , of course I'm beautiful It is said that her mother's ass is beautiful and she is curious about it, but she gives her index finger ... "Wow ... how soft and warm it is, and it moves like a living thing ..." Mom tries to close her legs to refuse my fingers, but Dad's legs don't let her knees do that, "No, you can't stand it anymore ..." "I think Misaki sees me. can no longer stand alone, quickly, ... quickly going to please " ," good Kai Misaki,'m keep a good look at a place called love is a man and a woman, " I'm away from Mom in a hurry, also the staring act clasped the pillow I was staring. The dad's thing that mom separated is unimaginably large, it 's totally different from his classmates, and an act that exceeds my understanding ... At such a small entrance of mom ... Mom and dad turn sideways I looked at me as if I was snuggling up to him, and when I lifted my mom's legs lightly from behind, my dad's cock was swallowed as thick as a hair spray ... "Ah & # 12316;" A never- ending sigh of mom, and a smile full of happiness ... While shaking mom with a constant rhythm ...The folds of my mom, who had been open small until earlier, opened wide and round, and my dad also got in and out again and again ... "Daddy ... I'm embarrassed, in front of Misaki." "Yes ...・ ・ I lay my mom on her back, I'm sorry, I wonder if this is good ... ” Mother who looks down silently, and mom who entwines her limbs with her dad and raises her voice comfortably “ No more ... "I can't help it." Papa who raises the pitch and thrusts his hips strongly, Papa who also clings to his back " I'm going, okay ..." "Yes ..." "Utsu" When you make a small voice Daddy who inserts deeply into Mama and Mama who stops breathing and hugs Daddy strongly ... Then, Daddy who was sleeping for a few minutes said, "How about Misaki, this is to love each other, I heard that you became a woman So I thought I'd show it to you ... but mom was beautiful, it's the moment when the woman shines the most. " " Yeah, mom was very beautiful. " " Let's try Misaki ... Come on ... " Mom sleeping happily when she sits beside her lying mom " Is Misaki in your favorite school? " " No, I hate it because everyone just mischiefs me. " " Yes , but I'm sure The time will come when you will like someone , practice so that you can love them as if you were fluttering ... "When you are held by your dad from behind," Please close your eyes and feel. "While saying that, from the armpits to the chest, the rugged hands put the chest from the top of the clothes ... "I think the boobs are bigger ..." "I have a bigger child ..." "Yes, a lot Feel it. ”When I opened my eyes and checked the pain around my nipple, it protruded and became engorged like I had never seen before. "Look, it feels good, does it hurt a little?" "Yeah, but it feels weird, even if I touch it myself, it doesn't feel like this. " "Well, how about this ... Misaki's important place?" ... " " cold, why ... " is touch from Papa ... build on that for the first time pants wet ..." I would caught a cold in the "This is dire, even though in peeing When I put down my wet pants as if I had done it, I was laid down beside my mom ... No, don't open your eyes, crush and feel where you are touching ...・ ・"Yeah"・ ・ ・ Now my chest ・ ・ I'm sure Dad kisses Misaki's pants ・ ・Ah, my hands ... ・ Like drawing a circle around my lower abdomen ・ ・ ・But something strange ・・ ・ ・ When your hand comes under your stomach, "Ah" "Misaki, spread your legs ..." The legs that open naturally "Ah, this feeling of coming again" No, it's not a finger, it's warm ... I wonder whatWill is like a numb feeling like ... body arbitrarily reaction "I was not ready for another body & # 12316;" "Mom, get up and keep looking at the place where Misaki is a woman" eye When she kissed me gently, she held her hand strongly. "Don't open your eyes yet." "Yeah, be patient." "It may hurt only at the beginning, but everyone is so for the first time. "..." "I want to ..." "Some children don't hurt, I didn't hurt either." When I was relieved to hold my hand while still calm ... "Go, Misaki ..." "What ..." From an external sensation, it feels like something is coming into your stomach. It's like having a hard stool ... "It's coming in hot." "" seen?, now Dad ... "of have put a finger in the Misaki felt in properly for the first time when there" finger ... strange feeling ... "" this elaborate Ru " " I see - ... "It looks like you ..." "It doesn't look like a tight film ... I'll go ..." "Misaki ..." A hand that was held even harder ... It was thicker and warmer than before ...・ ・ ・ ・"I'm so wet ... at all ..." I wasn't worried, I'm sure I could put in my dad 's cock just like my mom did ... " I'm going ... "・ "" It's amazing, but mom, I'm sure it won't come in. "It was when I put up with the hardest part a little. "I feel daddy, it's amazing ... Oh." "I can't do it until I leave it, I'll hit it here ..." "Yes, I'm only 11 years old.・ ・ ・ ” “ The uterine ostium is still crunchy, I can't move much & # 12316; ” While listening to the conversation between these two people, the numbness in the body makes me feel uncomfortable. I want ... but I'm scared ... I felt that my consciousness was definitely going up while thinking about that. When I woke up with the voice of "Misaki, Oki", it was carefully wiped, "I will not lose consciousness after a while, but congratulations." "Somehow, I feel like my dad was taken away." ... " Although there were mother was a little sad face also" actually Mom, I did I learned from Mom left " if Remembering now, dad and the other 60 before, certainly aunt Chan also like that old ... "Then mom is also a dad's child?" "Well, don't tell anyone." "But Misaki doesn't seem to do this & # 12316;" Of course, that time didn't come, but now that I think about it, my father Life is often mysterious because the last name is different and I was able to live beyond my imagination with my mother's part alone . I slept with my mom a few times after that , and other than that, I was full of love even if my dad died outside or in my dad's office for several years now.I haven't met SEX. Unfortunately I didn't get pregnant , but maybe that was good.

Anger of daughter

The real, say when the wife is prayer reluctant to sex in more of the protein. Ey do it a fight ... pussy with his wife the night does not mean you are having an affair to say So Nearby wife us and have fun with friends and tennis and table tennis only tea and sometimes a woman and travel friends me with my wife 52 years old is a sister wife in the 41-year-old. Daughter has a daughter at the time of the second year junior high school, I was angry, fight in noisy sex'm not in the house amazing aponeurosis and also does not enter the body studying frustrated wife Kanata is gonna bad wife , daughter when not go out is come to say that such a dad cute likely. Daughter physiological pain, terrible because in the hospital, you are drinking got a low pill. Daughter I went to the hospital to search for cramps in the net. Daughter that also to contraception would like to know. Wife, daughter when not going out is, Dad I've been saying so much sex, I want to do with. Yeah, \"you want by daughter ... dad do and I for one us to inspire with it because it is secret in the mother daughter, mother, I have to say that I when its because I have to say that going out to travel in about three people friends. My wife went to go out and travel girl friends. That night, went into the daughter and the bath finish meals. Daughter is I sat in a chair daughter if you have rubbed tits clinging from the back of the daughter has soy in my hand. Chinpoko is now want to put in the pussy of daughter become a Gingin.Daughter in mattes ... futon, ask began six nine on the bed with two people naked from the wash each other body. Juice and licking pussy become the underlying, had swallowed the Yo suck it came out. Daughter are you licking put Chinpoko leaked ... § ~ and voice in the mouth. Do you start soon daughter ... down daughter've built your fingernail into the shoulder out with a voice painful to go advanced into the Chinpoko of pussy while hugging daughter. Paddles painful to her daughter by painful daughter ... Dad what about really feels good by the daughter ... likely and pleasant to daughter comfortably If you are working with hip wiggle while a kiss to say it because you do not want to hurt my daughter I aloud. Daughter had left the body while watching my face frowned as painful. Time, sperm I plus at the height cans as the stand, has come to seem out in the pussy. I put out during'm going out to the daughter daughter was watching my face saying down. Sperm in the pussy saying - that Aaa out - is now flowing. Now we have clung to me while leaked a voice feel daughter I also daughter kept alive to me even my daughter is enjoying the sex of joy.

Saffle JS

 At the last three consecutive holidays at the love hotel where I checked in with caution with a girl child E (11 years old) who has a saffle relationship with JS5 who was camouflaged by wearing a light hat for summer with a wide brim and sunglasses. I'm a stupid person who has enjoyed "blue fruits" today as well, and I'm a salesperson who can't get rid of my sunglasses when I'm over 20 years old. , I'm going to pay special attention to contraception and parent / school barre.  The introduction was a little longer, but as soon as I entered the room, I washed each other's hands cleanly, let her take only the small loafers designated by the school, lay them on the bed on their backs, reach out and pull only one pillow. I quickly inserted it to lift E's hips. Then, if you bring it into the M-shaped spread legs position very naturally, you can take photos and videos on your smartphone as much as you want because it is a chopping board carp that is commonly referred to. In addition, do not take off your underwear from the beginning, first of all, fingering and nipple torture from the top of the underwear, and then deep kiss to raise the mood together and then discipline to take the underwear from yourself sooner or later I'm here. It was a place where I accidentally missed writing, but "the first time for a girl" was in early June when the fresh green shines in the rainy season. Although it started in April with careful priority on E's pleasure from bare thighs, it took a whole two months in the end.  Even though it is 11, ekiben fuck has become a standard because of its short stature and small physique of about 31 kg. The worries are that the external memory of the smartphone will puncture immediately and that you will be asked for pocket money every month. But so far, I haven't done that school bag play or anal, so I'll leave it for you to enjoy the cool season in the future.  In the first place, when I stopped by for sales of teaching materials and supplementary readers, I found out that I was a key kid, so I went through all the words and finally dropped the castle. Originally, I'm a child from Hokuriku, so I think it's called "snow skin" and it's fair-skinned and has a fine texture.   

Daughter and Enkou

I'm having fun with my daughter. I'm 21 years old , but I don't even have sex. There is NG. I'm paying to touch my body. At first, he said that if he touched his foot, he would give him some pocket money, and he even touched the base of his crotch. It's like playing with my daughter. I was playfully inviting my daughter with a light feeling. White and sticky skin, one hour hiding the feelings you want to touch all day long. I'm very excited. Meanwhile, the daughter is left with her eyes closed as if she slept. The inside of the hot pants is completely visible, and the crotch of the underwear is also completely visible. It's really the best. My daughter is still a student, so she has a lot of pocket money. Bytes alone are not enough. Of course, I'm giving out pocket money, but it's not enough because it's the minimum. He asked me if I should make a dating like a joke, so when I said, "If I do that, my dad will give it to me," he said, "Really," he made his eyes black and white. When I said, "Let me touch my feet instead," as if to fold it up immediately, I was asked "How much would you give me?" At that point, my heart was fluttering. I was so excited because I always wanted to touch it with my really beautiful legs. I was happy to say that I would do 10,000 yen. I promised to spend an hour while handing over the money.Immediately lie down on the sofa and slowly caress up from your feet and go up. The daughter turns red and closes her eyes and pretends to be calm because of the strange behavior of her parents. And so on, my hand went up to my inner thigh. It's been 30 minutes already. Time goes by quickly. My palm can no longer be rubbed smoothly. I'm so excited that my head is stunned to touch the inner thighs of my daughter's white skin that I dreamed of. Imagine the act of peeking into the bulge of your daughter's crotch. It's a great sight. Finally, I shoot my hands into my hot pants and rub both inner thighs at the same time. My daughter should feel good without flying. When I rubbed it until I touched the pussy, I said to myself, "It's good . " It seems that she is worried about her pussy and wants her to forgive her. If you take one leg and open it wide, lift the hot pants up to the base and expose the crotch, and while looking at it carefully, rub the inner thighs to stretch the muscles so that the pussy will open I was able to confirm that it was. I feel like I'm going to put my finger on the pussy. It's a shock that I want to suck. The hour passed in no time. I felt like giving out another 10,000 and extending it, but I managed to put up with it and decided to do it next time. After that, I was absorbed in thinking only about my daughter and Enkou for the second time.I'll tell you again when I'm done with 10,000 yen. That's why I'm playing at various hotels now. Everything except sex is in a state. Recently, I'm naked and tied up, and I'm also naked and shoot sex toys into the pussy and make me shakuhachi while blaming. My daughter knew a man. It is NG to put a penis in the vagina, anything is OK if you protect it, ejaculation by rubbing the penis on the pussy is OK, and it is also OK to put a penis in the anal. I'm escalating. My favorite is tied up and anal fuck and tied up and cum in the shakuhachi. You've probably spent over 2 million, but it's cheap. Since we are both adults, there is no problem if we agree with each other.

Wife and son

I am a 43 year old civil servant. My wife and son, 16 years old, Koichi, and my daughter, 14 years old, live in the second year of junior high school. It was a month ago? Does your daughter say that mom and brother are doing strange things? !! I don't know what it is at first, so when I ask in detail, it seems that my wife and son are having sex? I can't believe it, and my daughter told me that she heard a strange voice when she got home from school, so she secretly heard it in front of the room? Then, maybe I thought my daughter hadn't returned yet, I heard a violent voice and a vivid voice, and she said she couldn't hear it and was killing time outside several times, so I can believe it. It seems like I'm in my wife's room, so it's next to my room, so I heard that my son was about 4 o'clock when he returned from school, so I called the office a stomachache and quickly pulled my daughter I was hiding in my room, but on the first day there was nothing and I pulled fast for two days in a row, and on the second day I saw my son and wife talking and entering my wife's room, When I listened to it with my daughter, I didn't know at first whether I was starting, but when I heard my wife's voice, Jun (son's name) -chan, today from the back. After hearing the spoiled wife's voice, when the wife uttered oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. When my son said "Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. -It seems like it's gone, and after that, can you imagine that you're giving a blow to Chupa Chupa and your son? My wife always cleans the cock with my mouth when I'm done with me.My daughter, who was listening to me next to me, was so excited that she held my hand firmly from beginning to end, and my hand was wet with sweat. I heard the actions of my wife and son only once, but I think that I will be my son on the day when I go to my wife's room at night and say that I am tired even if I ask, so I will return to my room. It's been about a month since then, but my daughter's story doesn't tell me when, but she heard about two months ago, and my daughter and I are at home with the attitude of my wife and son. I changed my mind and stopped talking about wasteful things, I started to eat outside with my daughter, my daughter hated my mother, I became closer to me, and I still didn't have the courage to relate to my daughter. Are you worried about what to do? I think my daughter probably won't refuse to have sex, but don't you have the courage? I posted it because I wanted to hear your opinions. Please give us your opinion.

Daddy boyfriend

 Maki, who is still 6th grade and has a small physique, has only one "handsome (?) Daddy boyfriend", and without always asking from either side, they play a secret etch just before sex and two of each other I'm radiating libido. Blow job and cunnilingus have been taught since Maki was promoted to the fifth grade of elementary school.  By the way, Maki is still a virgin who is not good at hurting, but on her birthday next month, she promised to give her virginity to her favorite dad from before spring. However, it seems that it can only be done when there is no mom who is a flight attendant and tends to be absent.  This is Maki, but I would appreciate your support and advice.

Incest discourse

My daughter is 1st in the middle, but she takes a bath together. Since I was little, I was in charge of the bath, so I've been watching Mako's body grow. Now, my breasts are swelling and my hair is growing slightly. I will wash my whole body when I take a bath. Recently, I wash myself, but I still wash my back and over there. When I wash it, the girl showers it, saying that it's easy to get dirty, so I have to keep it clean. Mako doesn't answer anything because she is always washed, but when she showers her, she shakes her body. I think it's probably inspiring. I don't know if she is masturbating, but I want her to remember masturbation. Occasionally, Mako pees in the bath. While I'm washing it, my dad pees, so I just wait and crouch down at the drain and urinate. My wife tells me not to pee in the bath, but since I was little I've been disciplined by Mako. When I was in kindergarten, when Mako said she couldn't stand peeing, she didn't have it, okay, crap, dad was silent. Mako remembers urinating vigorously into the drain. I've always been interested in the appearance of little girls urinating. But now, in this way, the first child is urinating in front of her. Even my daughter gets excited.After seeing my daughter's urination, I masturbate while remembering her appearance before going to bed.

It has been linked by public toilet.

It is a high-1 of the girls. Father and has been etched. Of which also I heard, does not it is not everyone quite place? We are often etched in the public toilet.

Long time no see

I do not think some people are waiting, but I tried to open

... a cute daughter and after a long time of the bath

yuna himekawa[7956]
I have it with his daughter speak a secret daughter and a lifetime had been thought that'll keep Never, posted think whether may's a anonymous if here in less of this post you. I am a man of 38-year-old father home, daughter has just one year of junior high school, becoming similar to the ex - wife, looking at the bath Toka nudity, have come in another full-fledged woman, pubic hair also grows in, in slippery pussy when I was taking a bath until about third grade, crack is also not visible only muscle of the vertical line that can not be seen, when I'll wash spread foot, to the extent that a small villa looks a little, but it was cute pussy and the other the crack is also not visible in the pubic hair, but is the body of a full-fledged woman, because still the mind does not know the embarrassment and early age, Toka the bath, in the whole visible in the soft-shelled turtle pop, but breast is also smaller than his wife , as B cup to have made, I, as Doki when I saw, cock will itch. The daughter look here and there so as not to see, it was about a week ago. If you go into the bath that contains the daughter to not completely finally suppressed, and daughter just say to Otochan, has entered out, does not say that I hate, once in a while to say Ya about to enter because Shinmusume, elementary school students wash'll if, as in the case of, shyly, pussy does not hide, but we say that there is out the wash, chest nor pussy, though when the elementary school was delighted, in the parent-daughter saying will no ashamed, was Yari wash. Because the longer, the more people there if interested, also will continue posted. I think that generally lasts can imagine?