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Incest with daughter(2012-09)

The thing with the secret daughter

yuna himekawa[1594]
We have talked meet with teacher for individual interviews daughter of junior high school three years in June.
It is a path problem primarily, that home was also asked a little because it is motherless family.
Teacher of the woman of the same generation and I in front of the eyes speaking the truth if it will pass over a surprise. It's a father you have enjoy the body of Satomi (a pseudonym) of the daughter to grow every day. Tall, but I baby-faced looks, I dub vestiges of mother somewhere still face. It was not in pain, but what first came to raise the voice of the woman now. Hard breast, mono is what I enter the cramped genitals while licking a small nipple. The divorce five years ago to his wife, and here was pick up daughter in act of unchastity of wife divorce reason. It had asked to eat in there, such as diet, such as elementary school students around because it was my sister couple purchased near Fortunately. It was Satomi such rising was spoiled originally, but now it wants to depend too much on the more no longer have a mother. There was also sleep on a futon together you can have hug unabashedly physiology is a testament to the adult even begun. Satomi is 6 Toshinokoro elementary school, my drink has entered has touched the body of Satomi in the futon. Pubic hair is tangled in the finger if you put your hand in the pants to make sure the swelling of the small chest. What I also touched Satomi you should had you know. Dick I can because I have to open the leg and is touching. But I think that bad any more, so I decided to go to bed another room. Still, I roll into my bed, etc. Saturday Friday. I am also of the impulse seized dont Being in the same bed Satomi often to drink and drink human company weekend. I think I have never said the daughter, but the daughter also had asked. It went so lick to see the genitals clean touch. Satomi just simply leave the body to me. When there Satomi has been touched my things. But it was only the word \"Papa, Papa ... Papa\" and. I was invited to move up and down takes a hand Satomi. There are Satomi bare feet in the room much mortar. Then move up and down touching things my cute hand. Sperm has been issued in large quantities in the tissue along with the pathetic voice. I am also attached to the hand of her daughter. \"... Dad, felt good because I'll yet again?\" That was the summer of the junior high school one year. It may seem strange, but can not do anything with Na Satomi only on weekends, yet there is no momentum of liquor. Was there it was only hand will make us to be a mouth. You can find many on the net also the difference of the time of me. You feel me pull the waist and suck a small bud licking Sixty Nine with Satomi, a beautiful genitals. Grassy sperm is issued in a small mouth. It was me out in what tissue first, but became even say to me I drink. It is Satomi says \"I salty, daddy\" in the still innocent face. And I would be beyond the line of the last moment finally Become a junior high school three years. Satomi and want pain, Satomi is that patience. It will become a woman in every superimposing the body. It is not a big voice, but it is going to become the voice of the woman clearly. Desire is just increasing, there is also that it has embraced from behind remains sailor. I said with a laugh, \"Dad, it's fine for this it's the? Like?\" In young voice the voice of a woman is finished. And I know it is a must stop to this relationship, but it is the band to do with slurping.

Elementary school student with an adult body

On Friday morning, my 6th grade daughter didn't get out of bed saying she didn't want to go to school, my wife had to go to work so I went to work early asking me to do something about it. My eldest son went to school saying, "That's a relief," I heard that I didn't want to go to school in my daughter's room, because I put on my futon and didn't reply to anything. I rolled up my futon and said, "If you don't want to go, don't go, just tell me the reason. " Maybe I was crying. My eyes were bleeding and I felt sorry. "Then sleep, my dad will contact the school." Daughter "... "..." "I 'm going to work, so let's talk after I get home." When I try to leave the room, my daughter says "Dad ..." "What?" "I 'm all teased." "What are you teasing ?" "... Tits ..." "Eh? What?" "That's why I have big breasts, Holstein, hey, a milk girl!" "I think you're so cute that everyone envy you." "..." "That's why. "I don't care." "..." "My dad likes big tits!" "Really?" "Really, my mom is big!" I wondered if my daughter was relieved when I was talking about that. ! "I rolled up my pajamas and showed my breasts, surely a fine breast, a breast rather than a breast, a small light pink nipple and areola, I was driven by the urge to touch the soft bulge answered with a jerk "it's a fine tits's a beautiful, proud'm as good as you." "really? Dad," "Oh, I much want to even touch dad'm really" "happy ~" saying to me I hugged you, "Hey, get away." "You said you wanted to touch your dad." "That" "Then touch!" " That's it!" The moment I was hugged by my daughter, my thing started to react. I found that my whole body became hot, I never touched my daughter's breast, it was softer than I expected, it was like a marshmallow, and when I gently rubbed it, I put my lips on my daughter's lips with my eyes closed, it stopped already No, I laid my daughter down, pinched a small nipple between my lips, rolled it with my tongue and rubbed my breasts , put my hands in my pajamas and started stroking the pussy from the top of my pants , then my hands from the side of the pants When I put it in, nipples were growing and I touched the cracks , "I'll take it off? I want to see all of you in pajamas." "..." When I take off my pajamas and pants together, the nipples are so dark that I can't think of them as elementary school students. When I saw the pussy that spread between my legs, it was already in the shape of a fine woman,I also forgot to go to work and started licking my daughter's pussy, the sour smell irritated my desire and when I turned the clitoris, the white smegma licked cleanly with my tongue under the smell , around the vagina hole I carefully licked it, pushed my tongue inside and got it wet with saliva and prepared to put my cock in, hurriedly took it off and said to my daughter "Do you want to put it in?" And slowly started putting the cock in the hole, the potash neck finally I said to my daughter who was in pain, "It will hurt, but please bear with me!" And went into the back while kissing, the daughter who shook her face from side to side even if she kissed, completely fit inside " " I got everything in." "Dad hurts." "I have a little more patience." "..." While rubbing the breast with it in, I kissed it violently again and moved it slowly . The cock pressed in the narrow vaginal hole feels like ejaculation as soon as possible. I have fired on the belly in the stricken just a few seconds, "I did finished dad?" "Oh, ended by" "still like! contains something" after repeatedly again lightly lips to his daughter say so When I started cleaning up, the sheets were stained red and the cock was also red, I hurriedly notified the company of vacation and contacted my daughter's school to take a rest and filled the bath with hot water Also, I removed the sheets, washed the dirt on the mattress with water, dried it on the veranda, and turned the washing machine.And I took a bath with my daughter, but when I saw it again, the cock reacted vigorously again with a wonderful body, I washed away the dirt on the pussy and the cock with a shower and soaked in the bathtub facing each other "I love you dad, you "What ?" "I love you too", I put it on my lap, put my lips on my lips and sucked violently, and again ...

Niece of 5th year

Children at the sister of the wife of the house of which came to stay. Sister of small 5, brother of small 1 below top.
While the wife go out shopping, it was supposed to take care of these two people. You have been quiet if you are showing a video of anime, more of the younger brother fell asleep immediately.
It took him into the bedroom his brother, and lay in bed, I was watching the video only sister remains in the living room.
Chest also are becoming swollen little by little when it comes to small five, you have to bra before Itcho.
Was that it would come antsy about, it is proposed to \"let me help before Aunt comes back\", to clean the bathroom.
\"I from troubled and would wet clothes, it is better to bath cleaning and take off all your clothes a good thing anybody has not seen\"
Inokoshi as \"I do not look\", obedient niece, what you're wearing everything in front of the bathroom take off, it seemed to start a cleaning bath in the nude really.
It becomes naked in a hurry in the living room to chase after that, while ironing with one hand cock that was erected to bursting, I had to pretend that you are watching TV also washable to \"good toward the bathroom multiplied by the voice that it? \"kana are.
niece coming replied in a loud voice and a \"Contact'm able to.\"
The closer to the bathroom, I see how. Small girl of 5 is a cleaning bath in the nude to hard really.
The cute little ass shaking. Clean pussy hair is also not growing but still in full view.
\"I wonder if me Wash every corner a little more.\"
Saying so, I go to the bathroom. Niece looked at me with a look of surprise. I hear it as \"?'s Are why\".
I \"I will Arao beautifully together. Better that is probably ending soon,\" he said.
I put plenty of body soap to the body of the niece. And I also painted the body with plenty of soap on your body, I threw her arms around her from behind the niece of small 5.
It is the skin of a teenager who does not know that skin was smooth, Nan dirt. moment niece was bent over, cock erect my ass hanging out niece and hit the secret parts. In a moment of Do not you think
it \"not only do\"
Do you think, and holding firmly with both hands waist niece, I went to penetrate into the niece To a jerk. Cock erect my resistance leave no so much had been inserted more than half.
In a voice that does not become the voice Ngu-gu, niece are offered to better my ass while attached to the wall hand.
The very pleasant to each other and stuck the body that has become slimy with body soap, while the kiss many times around the forehead of a niece, and shook his hips.
And pull out the meat stick at once at the moment when I thought it was with Dell anymore, it was dumped sperm Innovation Dopyu ass niece cute small is fair.
Expression of the niece you do not know what has happened is unbearably cute really.
The story can be raised wash in the shower, \"I was in the bath clean Thanks,\" \"charm, too since worked well\" and, if you speak to \"someone, it's no good you talking bath since become dirty charm has expired The Kikaseta to say in a voice thick with \".
Niece had nodded with a worried face.
And I went with two people in the living room with TV and Yari wipe the body well, and also dress the same clothes.
My wife came home from shopping after a while. When I say \"I ○○ chan told me to clean up the bath,\" said niece also said, \"I was able to clean properly\" with a smile happily.
Is multiplied by a voice to the niece to be \"or'll help prepare the rice now\", I was convinced that it is okay, helped get ready for dinner together.
That was the best experience that can not be forgotten.