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Incest with daughter(2019-01)

Diary 2 up to the first time of Chihiro

Small 6 of the daughter, I would like to write every day as much as possible to take away for the first time of Chihiro. After we came to a place called a little,. I also anxiety and expectations Chihiro, have mingled the joy. A variety of advice and opinions, please do not hesitate to write.

Hole brother

yuna himekawa[9029]
When I was 30 years old, I was able to get married. My home, and the father (55 years old) I, and was 3 people living brother (25 years old). My brother got married a year ago, I came back to my parents divorced in six months or so. Meanwhile, I have welcomed his wife. Family also gave me gladly. More than anything else, because the only man housework had become neglected, my father was not particularly pleased. My father, we are engaged in the family business of timber factory. Management but did not stay is profit as the difference, without debt, sufficient income to go live is there was like. After the divorce brother, now I help the family business also father, had been expected. When the wife is also entering the house, I was helping as a clerk of the father of the factory. My wife is a beautiful, very similar to Megumi Yasu entertainers. Not only face, personality? Also significant was natural. In place to carry out in our night life of husband and wife is also 2 times / week, Naka also well each other dissatisfaction was not. The wife of the action, was with a doubt is the time that has passed half a year to get married. When I ask the night, it was more and more able to refuse. Moreover, the bath, which had entered together until now also, suddenly refuse now manner. I was suspect something there !!!. One day, I witnessed a sight that surprised. When his wife and father come out together from the warehouse, but it was a moment is when my father touch the wife of the skirt, the skirt is sow is ass I saw. Panties I was not there to wear. Nothing wife without having to worry about, I stared at my father. His eyes, was not clearly parent-child relationship.I, the relationship of just father and his wife is worried about, that day, we decided to leave early the company. Afternoon, did not have a father our appearance and to go home. When I look in the home the back of the office, my wife had to work using a computer. After a while, my father was a voice call his wife (Reiko). Wife, it was toward the timber warehouse there early in his father out of the office. I around in the warehouse back door while hiding, and looking through the middle from the small window, his wife and father had been kissing. Father \"Reiko, if it is! What feels good?\" Wife \"Yes, the other I want\" has come out string from pussy and father \"also Do not because rotor purse leave 1 hour!\" So saying, raise Ri sow the tight skirt of wife directly below. My father, and bring to the mouth of the wife issued a cock and take off your pants, his wife had e mouth without saying anything. Father and \"Reiko, Which son is given and my cock is good\" is said to have been answered with his wife \"is the father of the best\". Saying that his father \"accustomed to all fours\", his wife was following. My father, was put out in the insert from the back of the wife. The time the father has finished punching, my brother came back from the go. When my wife was trying to fix a lightly dressed, his father had tied the hands of his wife at the back side. Father \"would have tired him too! You have 'em heal\" wife \"For example, even -\" father \"I'm know! You, would you have a guy both relationships\" wife \"I do not do that\" father \"Well good. \" say so, took him to the place where the brother of the wife. Brother even as guessed something, went to the father of the original down from the car.Father \"tired you, but quickly returned, but you also wonder holding a Reiko!\" Brother \"What I heard from her?\" Father \"Oh. I did it I will!\" Do not you brother \"good? Wonder You're also doing ! \" father\" I Apart from good. you! \"to use in the future jointly today, the father and the other do to you to say, handed over his wife. My wife was watching the father of Rear View without saying anything. After that, it was nothing to the two people, both father and brother that was in the physical relationship was not a mistake. That is, I and the father-brother was a hole brother through his wife. And about a month from knowing that fact, I broke up with his wife. Even in the home of his wife, stupid act of daughter seemed know, I heard that was moved to the location (other prefectures) away from our house. Of course, I was also out of the home. It will not return ever again. Vain is the past events.

Deep love with my daughter

I have a daughter to become a current 35 will have two people but is the same age there is not a twin stepchildren wife was married I was the same age as the daughter of the real I remarried partner was in charge of the office in the same company with divorced but I and deep will the relationship Bale to his wife divorce and will have it become a remarried and now has passed away in a short married life of the remarried partner even three years was a journey, leaving two people of the daughter Koroku my snow of the stepchildren is now wife instead and made to have a real daughter will come to play frequently in our house took grandson became elementary school students to go to the daughter-in-law about 10 years ago is snow that had left than I was as disturbing such snow It was my first summer vacation when Yuki entered college, and I feel sorry that Yuki's life wouldn't have been like this without that, but I can't let go of that body.

The reason for the relationship with the father

I 21 years old, his father 46-year-old, semi-acquainted with him about a year, dating visible How can ulterior motives were, because had been found to come in search of the body, such unnecessarily approaching and dangerous I think, in the invitation had to keep a distance not ride. ,  I do not golf, my father went for the people and the golf trip of a friend, when to spend with my father had become to entertain also peace of mind for me.  In returning home from a golf trip, one car at home garage, but two I space is there father had been stopped, I felt the cold touch casually car, humor since the engine is cold I feel, \"Dad, I'm his car? But ..... this,\" in the manner in which I felt something father also, the key is multiplied as attempt to open gently the front door, and gently create a gap in the duplicate key chain see that is over, stops at the bay window side of the opened not with the after of the father in the back bedroom, signaled a devoted <Hist> the index finger in the mouth, that I heard from the bedroom, mother and he of that voice! Gently go back to the entrance me in the car, was let go on the second floor and I came father for a while. In the quiet house, my father up the stairs, it was me to explain the situation to enter in my room. That's right he was in the mother and bed. I in shambles is so I thought I do not want to show. Clinging to the breast of the father I had it got into the bed. Of course, I had been raised to my father. Mother and divorce, he and does not take also contact us, phone numbers are also erased, happy every day love one father.

Mistress of incest

Today's meeting in the morning,  back talk to January 2. Vice President and \"dedication of love in travelers' guardian deity-like\", was specially came two women affairs in that time my attendant. One person is wearing a Hadajiban, Another person paved with blue sheet in the middle, I had done a prepared laid a blanket on it. It will be will show that the sex show naked, was the thought of Internal Affairs chief without any attendant thought.  We had seen the sex from the beginning to the end, but when I started the Deipukisu on top of the blankets, consciousness is seen anymore not rubbed suck Nakuo' pie, straddling the face to the uncle on his back, dick to suck adhere to, 69, cowgirl, sitting, instead of behind, the normal position and Positions, lewd pant in the push-up violent also up, hugged strongly in the hot pleasure in the uterus piled the skin, both legs are entwined in the waist of his uncle deeply the uncle had been inserted up to my back, between which for two people is a translation that was looking at it. I look like a force from the body was missing, my uncle is wiped with gently towel for two people to my body when away from the body, dick also had me wipe gently. When the wear even bra to the tomb of the shorts, to stand up support, it was let me wearing a dress.  Incest both for two people, one person and the son of a high school student, the other one person in incest with his father, was from her that the father and incest To tell the truth. \"Such a beautiful president, I'm glad if Moraere in love to the woman and the father of the Goddess .......\"  This is for me, was the man to be decided. 13 (Sunday), becomes a parent and child of date \"Yuichi\" Mr. of the hotel and her bed, I went towards the father and the bed in the President's Office, but had just passed yet 10 am, forget time intense love, kindling to Rough Sex, spent a love one time without having to leave, was past 4 pm and look at the clock. Was the marriage proposal, just because the fact is my married person, say he has become a master to introduce the father of the day the third floor and to divorce remains of adoption, contact the lawyer who has a contract with the company It had. Today's go a lawyer office in the morning, proceed as follows can be without problems, \"Yuichi\" also there was thinking from the previous and the \"chairman secretary\", it seems to marry her.  So people that, there is also from last year had been invited to this company, \"Mr. Yasuyuki\", have them appointed j to \"Senior President secretary\" in the April 1, pickled. In his 47-year-old to become a master now stay in my home from today, \"Yuichi\" is a couple that was married today with her.  Compatibility of sex it is an important element.

20-year-old daughter

21-year-old that we couple was married, the stomach of this Tokitsuma had been able to now daughter. Wife father and a \"father-daughter incest\", I was a \"mother-to-child incest\".  Connected by a wife and sex, compatibility of the body also had become a place of relationship that I think do too much good each other, my wife had a beautiful pussy shaved. Tits wonder has been rubbed Sucking his father, it was well to the development. I was also taught sex is peeled to the mother.  Was seen as a good couple of relationship, wife of incest had lost the relationship from been found pregnant. On the day I tantamount but my wife is admitted to the maternity hospital, my mother had asked him to sleep together, but so was the hope to the mother because it cheating prevention.  In only daughter, bath from an early age is bathing in the three people, the body is also not in to thinking the wife to last three bathing is long hidden, it contains the wife put a daughter from after when I enter, 3 people bathing had become commonplace along.  Carried out as a matter of course also husband and wife sex next to my daughter is sleeping, that since enrolled in junior high school, was the night of the weekend, voice wife flare up even indecent raised, it is heard also in the daughter who was on the second floor which was raised to shout the place, the next morning at breakfast in had a whispering to his wife <mom ... I'll hear ...> in the smile becomes redness somewhat wife face, but still 3 bathing of people but it was like sex change was not husband and wife. Also a holiday from morning to hug his wife is in the ordinary, from being heard by the daughter was the norm.  It was said to his wife from before. \"That child, if mentioned ... I seem good to dad,\" rather than a surprise, I was saying sometimes the wife and daughter of virgin not passed to anyone. It seems to have said it to my daughter, and it was a love hotel topped last week January 6 (the day) daughter in the front passenger seat.  \"What really good?\"\"I ... Dad ... Dad from love ... mom ... want of ... up to ... dad\" will or daughter be shaved from an early time, break through the hymen got the body of a virgin, pain rising cry overlies the out daughter, hugged daughter clings strongly, let entwined both legs to my waist, spent the time when love enters the deeply daughter, had diverged to the daughter of the uterus is asked to live insertion. My wife had been laid on the second floor of the bed to support the daughter and the day to go home. Soi sunny in the coming-of-age ceremony, kimono daughter is a brilliant, It is beautiful now women who have molting from the girl.  I think people do not believe in the story, such as the lie also will not a few, it might be is not our kind of family.

only daughter

I 46 years old, his wife became since daughter and two people living passed away five years ago, is a 21-year-old graduated from college this year.  Night of the New Year's Eve, had to pass through the hymen is tied for the first time in one and daughter. \"I'm good?\" Daughter had entered the futon with naked eyes closed. White soft skin, had forgive inserted into my first time father, nice tits also the shape and sleeping is attractive, even cute voice and licking intake includes a nipple raised. Gently massaging or even Deipukisu while raising, let me cross the face to the daughter becomes his back, let pressed against the mouth to strengthen slightly let push the petals in my mouth a shyly, licking allowed to slowly crawl the tongue there smoked or. Daughter also raised cute voice, bending-back gasp Nayamashiku I had let pressing suffer from both legs of the daughter. \"... Ann ... Ann ... Ann ... Dad ... Oh Dame dad ... Ann AAH dad ... A'a'a' ... A'an ...\"   tell me the 69, hard and erection overlap in the normal position is licking my my son , \"mind you?\" is entranced daughter, a little inserted ahead to Hanashin \"I from stop to be able to endure but painful, I go\" is a nod daughter , it had been inserted into the slowly flower core. \"AAH\" looks like my daughter has to endure the pain \"all right Kai?\" Open arms while nod, I hug strongly both hands on the back overlap daughter, had been inserted slowly to the end. \"Oh hurts over! \" Strongly cling cry,I have also Deipukisu, had to release the semen push up the uterus moves back and forth slowly crying I ... I ... daughter did contain \"Dad. And had to not move while inserted to the back of the daughter, was each other Sucking with a strong Deipukisu also in close contact with the overlap skin.  When the leaves gently disconnect from the daughter, I had been laid under the waist plastic so as not to pre-stained with virgin bleeding. And ten minutes from putting the bath of the heating and lay a daughter, give and washed clean to sit on top of the knee to take a bath lift up the naked daughter, flowed at a rise not there also gently shower, semen There had come out a little.  And I'll give wipe the body or lift up, and I'll lay in bed, I forced breathe boobs are hug from my daughter , \"Dad I love,\" the tits of the left and right again and again to breathe, welcomed the New Year's Day morning in the daughter and naked , it had challenged a second time. Now the morning of the daughter and new beginnings. ,

The first time to the diary of Chihiro

Every day as much as possible to take away small 6 of the daughter, for the first time of Chihiro, I think that want write. Not proceed just think. While in elementary school, it will always be the first man of Chihiro.

Incest discourse

I had decided a little more attack today. A daughter to touch the smartphone put on top of the knee. And conceal the hand in the pants, but it can be seen that the moment the daughter of the body becomes hard to crawl the middle finger stroked across the palm of the crack to crack. Daughter is reluctant shake the body, but hit the clitoris rather biting the middle finger. I stimulate the clitoris to carefully touch the tofu. It began to beat and after a while the face of the daughter becomes red in \"Hmm\". And I am impressed with whether there is a sexual excitement in such a young child, \"would but feels good\" is turning \"etch daddy\" daughter \"Yeah,\" \"In addition, I'm secret to Mom,\" \"Un'ii\"

Daughter of nurse

Daughter and two people living lost early his wife. Now we are living like a couple. Koki one tame semen can not be put up depressed daughter on the verge to go to masturbate while watching the beginning erotic video of the things I have seen a splash. But I stayed to see it with @ face went out as escape returned to us. Then I was awkward atmosphere for a few days, sit come daughter next to me who is watching TV \"Dad, from now that you do not know me.\" \"Okay, I take care\" is it from, daughter of the attitude has changed or watch Timbo bring my underwear on purpose in the bath when I take a bath, or the manner visible when you leave, and are rowed while watching the erotic video, daughter in the hallway It will be as sign of is I deliberately as hear the daughter \"does accumulate fish ~ ~, is likely to go, ~ ~ put the pussy of the truth, and the truth, and the truth, go ~ ~\" daughter should have heard firmly. Akuru morning, were you doing there was no face, but was transformed night. Daughter and tries to enter the bath night was also came into Ittsusho undress. My Timbo full erection daughter was also happy. Then we Yari was plenty Chinbozuke. Also later.

Divorced daughter

Divorced four years had come back before, is already in the stomach at that time was not able to have children, when I heard why this happens, my daughter had been clinging to cry out my chest, I on the back of daughter gently turn the arm, he had hugged his daughter. The reason is not heard yet, one that time will keep you open a closed mind if me,  that became his relationship with the daughter, I was coming in later in the time of the bath, watch for the first time daughter I think of the beautiful naked, I think that style good in well-proportioned body, constriction of the waist to the good tits of form, crack in the thin hair is visible, had been fascinated by the beautiful naked 23-year-old daughter. \"So look not to hate,\" Did stomach is still three months position inconspicuous, my Gusoku enters the line of sight of the daughter got up, \"... because of my naked? ... dad ... if there is no violently I mean I'm ... \"Among daughter rises in the shower at the bottom to\" lick \" put one leg on the edge of the bathtub, pressing my face to the bottom, there is also inhaling licking per Sucking extend the tongue, my daughter also raised annoying voice, my Gusoku also the leading edge licked to change, the push-up slowly inserted while rubbing the tits from behind standing, daughter of the uterus in the release, a considerable amount in a long time had been directed to the uterus.  It is since the relationship was able to, become a considerable burden on the ordinary labor is Rashiku unreasonable mother was during childbirth, pregnancy of the second person is difficult to be faced with the decision of cesarean section is expected, also eggs tube according Conclusion It was finished the contraceptive treatment.  Is a nursery school from this year, it is the employer also secured daughter. I will let me out to the daughter of the uterus, but I was also considered if I want to remarry if possible pregnancy,\"I unreasonable something remarriage of Whirlpool, dad I ne ... gonna happy, love me in the future ... I love you ... you'll get used to one at ease with the father\"  was told from daughter is. Is not it nice to put out secretly I am also at ease in the daughter. Was depending on, is so tied also the fallopian tubes to the Sai.

Only daughter 17-year-old

From an early age, taking a bath with my daughter we have it is still followed, but the daughter is receiving attention from his wife, daughter was also paying no attention to it. I have also become commonplace entering from after the daughter and has a bath, but now will take you to the majestic is, the time the daughter of hair began to grow speaking the truth, \"unplug dad,\" the hair began to grow I was raised even shaved, but many that I'll remove the hair at the time of bathing, I think that hair grows the beginning was the second half of the elementary school six years. Including hair loss at the time of bathing from that time, now at a slightly to some extent to the hill, near the now users had to shaved as much as possible rather than around the anode  during the summer vacation of the daughter in the last year that passed through the hymen, in the hotel after the wife comes into working did. It had been Shigamitsuka rising pain in the virgin bleeding. Clean had been laid on the bed give washed there.  Daughter receiving the semen to the uterus to select the safety date, seems to have felt hot. In March it will be 18-year-old high school three years. It is a well-developed breasts, but I was allowed rubbed suck the tits of the left and right hugging as infants. This fondness for only daughter.

Mistress of incest

Keiko  now company president's office, the future and of \"incest princess beginning\" father of me love last night Good luck Mr. Yuichi is amazing, \"Sayuri-like\" in a father today is to care about, me calling me of \"from the hospital to the maternity hospital in the mid of this month, during which also I ask your partner of your father, today Goyyuri please\" come down soon