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Incest with daughter(2017-09)

With my daughter for the first time in a year and a half

yuna himekawa[7898]
I'm sorry, I couldn't post well because it was my first time, continued, when my daughter-in-law was hospitalized for 3 weeks in August and took a bath with my daughter for the first time in a long time, I was watching her wash her body and shower , I didn't wash my crotch properly, so if I said that I would get sick if I didn't wash it properly, I said that it would be a little tingling, so show me, let me lie down and make it look like M-shaped spread legs. At that point, it seemed that I hadn't washed it properly, and it was swollen red and had white smegma, so I whipped body soap on my hands and gently washed it so that it wouldn't bleed from the pussy to the small clitoris and hurt. After I got out of the bath, I applied an ointment to a delicate place and the day was over, but I noticed that my foolishness was growing, and from the next day my daughter lay on my back to wash and M-shaped spread legs I came with my legs and I was sick, fortunately the redness disappeared in about 4 days, and the pain and bleeding disappeared, but after that I want you to wash with M-shaped spread legs so that my daughter invites me When this happened, my mischievous heart came out and Uta-chan was healed, but today I approached my daughter's crotch with M-shaped legs to wash her hair more beautifully. What does my daughter do with an uneasy face when observing a young vagina with only standing muscles that do not grow? Doesn't it hurt? It's okay, it doesn't hurt, I was relieved to say that I wanted to tickle a little, so I smiled, so when I crawled my tongue into the tightly closed vagina, I still wanted to tickle. When I was licking the whole vagina for about 10 minutes, the voice that was tickling and laughing became silent and suffocated. Didn't you start doing it, or does a 10-year-old child feel it? When I slowly inserted my tongue about 3 cm into the cleft, I felt a little pain when I inserted the foreign body for the first time, so I pulled out my tongue, and then I put the rice grain-sized clitoris hidden in the foreskin from the top of the foreskin. Stimulates with a tingle, then stimulates in a slightly stronger circle, and when you stroke the young vagina with your fingertips, a warm liquid that is different from my saliva from inside Has begun to appear, so does it feel good to my daughter? I don't know, but he says he's sick in his stomach! Even if you are 10 years old, if you blame it, you will feel it, isn't it the pleasure of your daughter for the first time on this day? I was feeling sick, so when I tried to go to bed at the end, my daughter sneaked into my bed and hugged me to sleep with me, I also hugged my daughter and lightly in my mouth When I kissed, I was surprised, so I told my loved one that I would do it. Well, then I understood, so my daughter came back with my lips again, so I was too excited. I couldn't sleep, I took off my sleeping daughter's pants, spread my legs and licked it to the extent that it did not cause a cleft, and when I generated my own power, I was surprised at the pleasant feeling and ejaculation feeling, and I was even more surprised at the amount of sperm scattered. , I hugged my daughter that day and slept in the afterglow & # 10071;I'm sorry, my wife has come up, so if you can read the rest, I will post it in the near future.

With my daughter for the first time in a year and a half

Nice to meet you, I will post with the joy of having loved JK1's daughter for the first time in a long time, the specs are 47 years old for me, 46 years old for my daughter-in-law, 16 years old for my daughter. I was working at night shift until May of Js4, so I didn't take a bath with my daughter.

With my daughter who lost her beloved wife

I lost my beloved wife seven years ago. Mayuko, my only daughter, had an affair, but she developed a uterine illness and became unable to get pregnant, resulting in a breach. Mayuko was 23 years old. At that time, my wife, who was being hospitalized, lost hope of living and suddenly deteriorated, and died at the age of 46. Since then, I have lived with Mayuko.  After my wife's memorial service, Mayuko and I became a father and daughter, but a man and a woman.  Until a few months before my wife died, I was married with my wife five or six times a week. It may seem like a good year, but when my wife is nearly 40 years old, my child is separated from my parents, and my sexual life at night, which was a couple of times a week, has increased, and my daughter has club activities such as holidays. If I was absent, I would be there from daytime. My wife is a woman I fell in love with, so even in my 40s, she was an important love wife for me, and I loved her and asked her again and again. My wife was happy to respond to my request every time.  Since our house is not large, we had a sexual life that was concerned about our daughter, but when she graduated from high school, my wife told her about the sexual life of the couple, so I entered a junior college. Immediately after that, he said, "Dad, I think my loved ones are nice, but I don't think they are unpleasant, so don't worry, just hold your mom." He even said that he wanted to see our activities, and had held his wife in front of his daughter several times. I think it's an unusual family even now.  Six years after holding Mayuko for the first time, our father and daughter continued to associate. Mayuko is now thirty, but she has never given birth, so she keeps her beautiful body. Even though I am 55 years old, I hold Mayuko almost every day.I don't have a sense of immorality now. I feel the joy of releasing my semen into the vagina of the most beloved woman in the world. Mayuko also seems to be pleased with the feeling of being embraced by me and filling her uterus with my semen every time.  If I die someday, Mayuko will be lonely for the rest of her life and will die quietly alone.  We, who have the ultimate parent-child sexual intercourse in which the father pours love into the womb of the real daughter, with the kiss that entangles the tongue that the real father and daughter exchange, are individuals that should be eliminated as living things that cannot leave genes in the world.  It was six years ago ...  I heard that after my wife's memorial service, I got drunk and hugged my daughter Mayuko and pushed her down, calling her wife's name and falling asleep. At a later date, from Mayuko, "Dad, I spicy likely gone mom. I do let your partner? Instead," I have said to. I said, "No way, I can't do that with my real daughter , " but Mayuko said, "I can't get married , but sex isn't forbidden. It has a genetic negative effect on my child. you only just have been repelling from. I do not longer pregnant, I want to feel free embraced by the people who like you were. " and he said. It made sense, but when a favorite person caught me and asked, "I fell in love with him because he looked like my dad." My daughter is a man's beloved. My name is lover. How can you keep your reason when your beloved daughter says this? "My dad also loves Mayuko. He's a very important woman. Half of him is made up of his beloved mother." On this day, I took a bath with Mayuko for the first time in 15 years. When my 24-year-old daughter washed my penis, I suddenly got an erection. "I'm glad. My dad responded to me. He saw me as a woman." I got out of the bath first and put my hands on the altar. "I 'm sorry for my mother. I'm going to hold Mayuko." I turned down my wife's photo. I decided to hold it in Mayuko's room. I was reluctant to hold my daughter in our couple's bedroom.  I saw Mayuko's pubic area for the first time. The labia were slightly browned, suggesting a history of sexual intercourse with a former fiancé. I kissed the ostium of the vagina and gently licked it with my tongue. After that, I let the tongue crawl on the bud. "Huh." Mayuko screamed. My wife also liked this. Mother and daughter are similar.  This time Mayuko kissed and sucked on my penis. I think he was a former fiancé. I was very good at it. "Dad, bigger than him ... Dad, it's about time ..." "Are you sure you want to be Dad ?" "I want you to be Dad ..." I inserted it raw into Mayuko. I felt very tight probably because I was not a multiparous woman. "Oh, oh, dad, I'm good at it." I diligently controlled the movement while checking Mayuko's reaction. When I was young, I embraced a woman violently, but after I got married, I began to think about how to make my beloved wife happy, and first of all I tried to make my wife die.Now my partner is my daughter, but the things are the same. Mayuko's vagina tightens my penis. I enjoyed Mayuko's body while choosing a place where Mayuko was pleased as much as possible, and also rubbed Mayuko's buds at the base of her penis. "Ahhh, dad!" Mayuko died clinging to me. I also pulled the trigger that I had endured and sowed the seeds into Mayuko. The first father-daughter fellowship was accompanied by a sense of immorality that poured the closest DNA into the body of the closest relative. "Mom ... I'm sorry ..." Mayuko muttered and shed tears.  We are selected individuals who cannot leave the crystals of love even if they love each other. So, we have been recording our sexual intercourse several times a year since four years ago when we confirmed each other's love. There are now eight edited DVDs, such as scenes where you normally love each other at home and scenes where you love each other at a ryokan at your travel destination. What Mayuko told me that I played it from time to time and that angle was comfortable at that time will be applied to practice. And finally, when I see the scene where my semen poured into Mayuko's vagina flows out, Mayuko holds her crotch and asks me for sexual intercourse.  We prefer Japanese-style inns when traveling. I will write my real name in the lodging book, so I am interested in what kind of relationship it is. The reason is that the next morning, it leaves clear traces of sexual intercourse on the bedding and scrap cages. How does the person who sees it infer our relationship?  I have stopped smoking and refraining from drinking alcohol except on weekends, and I am trying to maintain my energy by not neglecting to improve my physical strength. I hugged Mayuko again last night, and I will hold it tonight as well. We have sexual intercourse naturally incorporated into our lives along with meals and baths.Our sexual intercourse has a 20 minute foreplay before insertion. For about 10 minutes after inserting it, I hold my lips on top of each other without moving too much. Pleasure wraps around the whole body, so Mayuko naturally leads me to a place where I feel comfortable. All I have to do is make an effort to let Mayuko die. Looking at Mayuko when she passed away, I pour my love into Mayuko's vagina.  I don't know how long I can hold Mayuko, but I will love Mayuko for a long time.

First incest a week ago

September 18,  I am 46 years old, his wife four years ago passed away only daughter 22-year-old and two people living around ending even breakfast, "Dad, I say likely if at around 10 today on the phone it yesterday" "? ... What do you mean? " " Hot springs ... I think I'll take a bath together . " " What's with you ?! " " I'll give you " " Eh !! " I lost my word. What should I say? There was only one hot spring there, and I had passed in front of it, but when I went out with my daughter , I found that there was a hot spring there . is.  There was no room information and I was told where to go. A set of futons had already been laid and two pillows were lined up. The baths were separate for men and women, but there were no other guests, and my daughter made a reservation over the phone.  It's my first time to take a bath with my daughter and see my grown-up daughter naked in front of me . I could see the dick underneath with thin hair on a well-proportioned body and tight breasts.  I touched my soft skin to wash my body, gently rubbed my tits and touched my soko. "Dad gently wash" My stuff naturally awoke and my daughter washed it. "It's really hard and big! ... dad gently love'd "  daughter was on his back on top of the futon, gradually after the overlap kiss was massaged Sucking the left and right breasts down to. Then I opened my legs and crawled my tongue, and my daughter made a cute voice, and it seemed that love juice was coming out. I sucked and licked it, sucked it , and then overlapped with my daughter. "It hurts, so you can cling to your dad strongly." Slowly insert it into your daughter and say , "Oh, it hurts! !! ... father ... " slowly push up the daughter moves back and forth, my back turn the hands on the daughter he wanted strongly cling pain.  Eventually, semen was released toward the daughter's womb, and "Ah ... Dad ... I'm going to get numb ..." My thing was inserted deep into my daughter and her skin was in close contact with her. .. I tried it for the second time without pulling it out and overlapping it for a while. After that, he slowly pulled him out of his daughter, lay down, and sucked and rubbed his tits . "Dad ... You've become a woman's body ..." My daughter hugged me strongly, leaving virgin bleeding on the sheets that were sucking and rubbing the left and right tits .


It was 12 years ago that I became a parent and child with Mika. Mika, who was 5 years old at the same time, is already 17 years old. My wife, Mika's mother, was remarried, but seven years ago she divorced because of her wife's affair. Mika also said she didn't want to follow her mother, so I took it. Mika had been attached to me from the beginning, but after her mother was gone, she became even more slippery. "Let's take a bath with my dad." I now think that the mistake started when I was invited by my daughter who was over 10 years old. I was 42 at the time. "Is Mika washed clean?" "Yeah, I wash it with soap ." " What is the order of washing?" "Hmm ." "What? Omata? Osiri?" "I'm washing it by hand." "No, my dad will wash it clean." I opened Mika's legs and looked into it. As I expected, Mika's XX was sore red and white mancus was stuck. "It hurts." "No, I'll put up with it a little." "My dad will wash it every day." Then, as promised, I decided to wash Mika's ○○. The red sore XX turned into a beautiful red-pink color, and from the time when there was no mancus and the odor disappeared, a mischievous heart began to sprout. "Because it's clean, let's change the washing method."With that said, I slowly stroked the inside of this with my finger that was whipped with body soap. "Kyan, tickle" When Mika, who was making a noise about tickling, became mature, she decided to stop mischief. When I repeated it every day, Mika started begging me. There was also a change in body movements. If you hold down the bulge of the foreskin to the extent that it doesn't hurt, Mika makes a gesture to close her legs. It was a clear proof that I felt comfortable. "Daddy wash Omata today" " Wash Mika yourself" "Eh ~ Daddy is good" "Why?" "Daddy feels good to wash " " Does it feel good?" "Yeah, so dad "Wash" First of all, the first stage will be over. Next is to make Mika remember masturbation.

Adopted daughter

My age is X, my daughter is 32, and when I remarried with my wife's remarriage, it was still a little over 8 years old , my wife passed away 10 years ago.  I had a relationship with my daughter one night, a few days after my wife's bones were laid, from the dressing room where I was taking a bath, "I'm going to take a bath with my dad." I thought I would look away from my daughter's first look naked when she entered the bathroom without thinking that she would enter, but she was surprised to see cracks with her daughter's Soko in front of her and only a little hair left on the hill. , My folly has begun to occur. "I saw my dad," and my daughter held my head down and pressed it against Soko. I also put both hands on my daughter's ass, stretched my tongue to my daughter's ass and licked it, and my son made a cute voice "Dad ... well ... embarrassing ... I 'll give it to my dad ... I haven't had a male experience yet ... Make me a woman ... ” That night, I pierced my daughter and became a fierce love, and it burned up to near the morning. Recently, my daughter has become a pie bread, and I am also shooting nude pie bread outdoors . It's common to find a place where no one is there and make it a dress that's easy to take off, and on the day you take it off, it's normal to wear no underwear and no bra .

Daughter's abortion

I confess now, but I was surprised that my daughter was pregnant with a man who had a wife and children before, and I was secretly consulted by my daughter. I decided not to talk to my wife and eventually decided to have an abortion, and on the day I made the reservation, I took my daughter to the passenger seat and took her to the obstetrics and gynecology department, and at that time I lived alone in a rental apartment, so my daughter When I was worried about waiting for a call from, I sat down in the passenger seat and went home, and when I entered the room, I picked up my daughter and said, "Eh! Dad is okay. ” I laid my daughter on the bed. "Dad thank you" "Because in your living room, slowly let rest" in my daughter is worried about, quietly looking into the bedroom and a small sleeper's breathing is heard to understand that was sleeping daughter, rice balls to go to the convenience store in the meantime buy the Toka and salad Back, my daughter looked at her sleeping face as if she was still sleeping . My daughter is a treasure to me, and I wanted to know what the man who made her pregnant was. "Father? What's wrong? " Did you wake up, go to the combination and bought this , can you eat it? Let's wake it up." I gently hugged my daughter and woken up and handed me the rice balls . My daughter started crying, "I'm sorry for my dad ..." "It's okay ... I'm okay." I gently hugged my daughter and wiped her tears. One night after a few days, I was handing the key to my daughter, "Dad, let 's take a bath together."I had no words and my daughter brought me a change of clothes that night . When I entered the bathroom first, my daughter came in later, and I was fascinated by the nakedness of my daughter who I saw for the first time , and my fair-skinned nakedness began to grow in front of my daughter's nakedness, and my daughter saw it. I was there. "Father! Already ... ” I washed my daughter's body, and I could see the part of the woman underneath, probably because her thin hair was well maintained. Bedroom "Eat Dad" Straddling my face, a beautiful crack opens, puts my mouth there , slowly licks it from the bottom to the top, sometimes sucks and my daughter panting with a cute voice, I put my daughter's legs I was holding it and sticking to my daughter's woman . Licking each other at 69, tied at the woman on top posture, kneading the tits from below , a young tits with good shape , getting up on the way , sucking and rubbing the tits, sometimes rolling the nipple with the tongue, the daughter makes a cute voice and I thought also that it is a good tight push-up from behind, become a normal position is Dakitsuka push-up while also daughter and kiss, violently burning up in the night ... Oh great dad ... of the good being "dad medium not remove Being in ... ”It has become a relationship between a daughter, a man, and a woman. My wife doesn't know about it, and she burns in a secret relationship. I am in my early 50s and my daughter is in my mid 20s.

Young vaginal diary?

 During the three consecutive holidays from tomorrow, the whole family will be rushing to ride a car to a hot spring inn that flows directly from the source in the suburbs of Kyoto City, where each room of the inn has a large family bath. .. Of course, Emi, the eldest daughter, and Sara, the second daughter, seem to be looking forward to it. The plan is to set up a full-scale carbon fiber video tripod in the family bath and take a live shot of the daughter's full nudity and outdoor (?) Set where sexual hair is finally growing at the top of the vertical streaks of 〇〇. I hope that I can fully demonstrate my abilities as a parent.


Ladies and gentlemen of the meeting

love ... of adults

forget the tedious day-to-day just a little bit
and enjoy the encounter of the secret.

○ ○ Kyu Roku San Ichi Ni Roku Ichi Kyu Ni

please by all means be married you.

Minors is prohibited 20s also please refrain.
The Association is a circle to enjoy the ladies and gentlemen ... That exchange of adults with each other.
We look forward to your participation in the direction of \"adult\" or more of Arasa.

I love one father

Love one in the Father and the hotel from last night, I came home in 40 minutes position before.
I was so sucked included the nipple to his father until the earlier, but the time between
sleeping gone or in, let me be posted in the meantime.

My father is 50 years old, I am 26 years old, the last month of late is also physiological, father and self-employed
without in love with the father, so the end, because I take the time
, but I decided to love each other in the hotel, the last night amazing vigorously
challenged my best father, resting repeatedly breast kiss of challenge
is in full mark, once a month I love the hotel
, but the hickey will remain in the breast.
 Well smoke is be sensitive to the father, the stimulus is rubbed Sucking on a daily basis
or will, has become a little tight in B cup.
The father raised his father at the time of the other long high school year, I am also speaking the real
once has an abortion in the pregnancy.
Then received in the womb only to safety day, usage of condoms
There is also often have time, since the time of the 21-year-old that was inserted into the ring
the father continued to attend from that time on the hair of hair removal received on the uterus
is hair is now I not have been stick suck well to his father.
 I think that soon the father occurs, mother .....

And cute grandson

Koike is the old man in front of the man to become a 61-year-old.
Celebrated retirement age last year, now will stay working in the outsourced employees at the same company, everyone is yours truly home, but I think whether there wake up as early as gender, children anymore grandson in but was 3 people 40 years of age 3 people also to stay, now at 9 grandchildren, it is bustling.
Man is four people woman 5 grandchildren. Fill girl thing only. Most of the girls grandson on is another twenty years old. We were greeted this year coming-of-age ceremony. The second is 16, third 12, following a 10-year-old, in the same house, and was celebrated coming-of-age ceremony, is the grandson of the 10-year-old.
You write that the grandson welcomed this coming-of-age ceremony.
Grandchildren before the graduation of two years ago high school, it is the winter of events.
And a grandson (Rico).
Rico is Grandpa me to come home from school, we say to lend 100,000 yen?
I, I heard that I spend what money at high school students, to not to annoy the pocket money, but was wondering,
was like was difficult to answer because I hear reason to say to lend, about one month at a later, Grandpa, and passes the other time is more, to say that a large Narushi, still does not know to me, and cross-examine that it's happening, I say that I'm pregnant.
I was surprised, to hear that it is E'anyone's children, I'm boyfriend of the child, boyfriend also to no money in high school, do not say to the parents because both are scolded, I say do not say only Grandpa. It's complicated.
Whether young cute grandson had entered the bath before I and the years has become the woman to become pregnant again,
if not the reason to put digging greater than or equal to a confided, I was in that I'll put out the money.
Grandson is a state that was quite troubled, come hug, appeared that it was to a great extent happy, with delight, is to thank you do not say only grandpa to kiss.

And grandson

yuna himekawa[7767]
While it from is not the every day, when you do not stay the wife, rock out with two people, comes to sex,
Yumi also graduated from high school, even after a job, now come actively seeking from their , my feelings become increasingly complex, and whether it is in this state, I started, fortunately or unfortunately, Yumi is absolutely not pregnant. ? ?
Since says Yumi is unbearable is when the pulsing as the Dokundokun hit flying in the back, forget fear of pregnancy, but are you out with always in, it does not pregnant for years. I Will there is no other species? ?
The man I've heard that there are species even if the 70-year-old,
you might're lost me any chance?
Yumi even after the birth, although the wife did not also contraception once until now, after the Yumi, it did not at all pregnancy, but I think that me or because the there, inspection to go to the hospital I think I need not to be, to be his wife, also in Yumi, but doing in the middle out, but as long as a little sad to think that seed in his is gone.

And mischief to daughter

I am a middle-aged erotic old man of the current 48.
Currently daughter went out of the house to get married last year become a 23-year-old
will stay spent every day lonely.
Daughter is no longer staying, is now live at home with that of the daughter and the wife to find this site boring every day alone in the house, I wrote I will try to post.
I started mischief to the daughter, I think that my daughter was the fifth grade of elementary school.
Until the fourth grade place I had entered together in the bath, no longer come in and perfect for some reason by the time the fifth grade, will not that cute pussy is touched, but had been spent somehow painful such a lonely kind of every day , in the summer vacation, daughter Yumi every day, are you taking a nap on the couch in the living room in the afternoon.
I am in the weekends and holidays, come out well from the pachinko morning, when I get back once to 2 o'clock, Yumi is spread legs in the cute pants full view on the sofa, are you sleeping.
About 2 years of pussy what I do, I wanted to look to see, secretly, increasing the side of the pants while pounding, to see the cute pussy that grew a little bit of hair, so Yumi is sleeping well not wake up, hey or touch the pussy, that day with it, stop, why is feeling pride, it was exciting feeling.
And also go to pachinko, while remembering, but was pachinko, the morning of the wins I was completely lost.
And also next Sunday, and return to the same time of the afternoon in the hope of sleeping is Yumi, Yumi, but I was sleeping,
My wife to stay at rest, not seen, sorry, absolutely night and want to see it again, with electric light at around 2 in the middle of the night, and enter sneak into the room of Yumi, so hot, Yumi one pants feelings in and we were fast asleep in a small chest is completely exposed to view, I'm licking a little touch the small tail Ppai, down pants, in light of electric lights pussy, with or against finger to crack, or try to lick against only the tongue a little also pride but I had, so do not happening, raised on the basis of the pants, was out of the room. From that day on, it is not every day, not unbearable is to mischief to Yumi, is a secretly with his wife of wait and see, Yumi until junior high school 2 around, so I was put up.
But, in the junior high school 2 around, pussy Yumi is also growing, crack even if the change in the pussy of the adult of atmosphere,
look like that except Birabira also small cute the little is, but is small enough not know chestnuts , and is touching, a little only firmly made felt,
had been changed is not only it, and licking, but just a little, I felt that have come up with joy juice. This four years or more and much To grow, I had got to delight every day, am I at last, had Barre to Yumi.
Barre was of is that I've put a finger in the pussy. Yumi awake to say that hurts, dad What are you doing, I Sukebe, it is said, I went out the room in a hurry, was a reflection.