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Incest with daughter(2015-09)

Showa old tale

Showa era, was in common for that chastisement to daughter
It is a folk tale.
A daughter naked thing that was left in the 30 long minutes house tied to pillars tied hand. Furthermore also licked the daughter of genital in order to punish.
At the time elementary school daughter he had caught my act because they have bad things. I do not have been crying in embarrassment when it was allowed to pee like a toddler to suffer embrace from behind while tied, Na because chest had begun to bulge, good memories.

Good Na Continued

We'd like a good way to monopolize the dad.

It is interesting

yuna himekawa[4942]
This is an American game. Please try it once.
This is a game that can be in just 3 minutes. try it.
You can see the surprising result. The person who thought this game is so wish come true in just 10 minutes to read the mail.
This game is fun, and will bring to you an at surprising result.
Please have promised. Absolutely without reading ahead, one line at a time advance it. Because it is only three minutes, it is worth trying.
First, please prepare and pen, paper. If you read the earlier, it will not come true is wish.
? First, from No. 1, to No. 11, please write the number on the vertical.
? Please write number 1 and the number of favorite 3-7 in the next to the No. 2 respectively.
? Please write the name of the people who know next to the No. 3 and No. 7. (Be sure to write that the gender name you are interested in. The nuclear man if a woman, a woman if the man of the people, the same surname of the name if Gay) always, please go line by line. As you read earlier, and will no longer everything.
? To 4,5,6 beside each, please write the name of the person who knows of his own.
This also and acquaintances in the human family, friends, everyone is fine. Still, you do not look ahead! !
? Next to the No. 8, 9, 10 and 11, please write the song title.
Please your wish? Last. Well, it is a description of the game.
1) that of this game, tell the people of the numbers who wrote the second.
2) people who wrote in No. 3 is the person you love.
3) the person who wrote to No. 7, is impossible love of the opponent but I like.
4) the person who wrote in No. 4, is the person that you feel very important.
5) the person who wrote the number 5 is the partner who will very well understand that your.
6) person who wrote in No. 6, is the person who you to give us good luck.
7) song you wrote in the eighth, the song that represents the person who wrote the third.
8) song that I wrote to No. 9, the song that represents the person who wrote to No. 7.
9) song I wrote in No. 10, the song that represents the inside of your heart.
10) Then, the song you wrote in No. 11, is a song that represents your life.
This write from reading, please put a copy of this writing to ten bulletin board within one hour. That way, it will come true your wish.
If, if attached, will happen is that the wish of the reverse. It is very strange, but do not hit?

Daughter and etch every day

Introductory statement (not a myth. Is a fact)
out is a motherless family to live with the late teens.
My wife died of cancer 13 years ago.
Out at home from the time dating with his wife that figure as it was born, died from the idea that good and healthy we are living in the nude.
Daughter daughter in the nude even after birth at home also to daughter from 0.00 diapers after only a diaper has let the nude.
Daughter now extra sticky from died wife loves dad from a young age.
Uchi-ra parent and child is not at all hair from the neck down in a disease called one in tens of thousands to say congenital atrichia. Of course, there is no pubic hair with two people.
Among daughter height 166cm weight 55kg chest is Slim sports bra.
The daughter is together also a bath even sleep still.
To not to ashamed to be even touch seen a pussy I do not think it is embarrassing even touched even seen the daughter of my cock.
Daughter is a child that is not only a minimum of conversation other than his father in the man-hater from an early age.
Is life children Once subjected to inspection at the hospital becomes a worry because there is no menarche and even at 2 and has been diagnosed with a body that is not filled in. Text around daughter is 15 years old, if you can be out and itchy when I and a bath give wash pussy heard that the \"What's wrong?\" together daughter \"feels good. What is this?\" and so saying have I If you answer \"It's evidence that became an adult's body,\" daughter began to say \"Well then I'll can etch\". I \"I'm so, to still early and I can not be that there is no partner\" and say my daughter and say it \"mon you are if the other party,\" I do not think, \"Who?\" daughter \"daddy\" I eye becomes a point Once referred to as the \"secret daughter and etch something can mean\" daughter would have watched the videos on naughty DVD and PC hiding \". other man and etch to had decided to try and dad when it becomes I can also be the year It was threatened to \"run away from home and not me absolutely do not want to. death. I was I thought Naa's just like my wife the body of my daughter died as the growth was not the stomach I want to etch. It is not to be erection with excitement because looking at the daughter's body and pussy as every day. I \"was found, and when to do?\" And I think that if once and to hear and to go etch start him because he said immediately was \"Once up from the bath from bath to bed with princess huggy a daughter out. Was Mashi licked the daughter of pussy while remembering the body of the deceased wife. Daughter barrage of \"pleasant An An\" while twitching body. My daughter is trembling body \"An useless\" and saying half dazed. My daughter heard the \"now of what?\" \"I it's a feeling that goes. The first is more comfortable'll become if you put dick in pussy I might hurts\" how much my daughter to put \", but Papa since of I ask you standing where you saw this thing? okay? hurt even put a dick that was larger but no \"and the cock \"I Manco's okay because the first only hurt to spread\" daughter \"was good.\" to say and I my cock so to have pussy to feel touch the pussy is allowed to open the legs of the daughter in М character has been wet licking the daughter of pussy while remembering the body of his late wife has erection Bing. Once you open the pussy and I think whether me feel no pain and I do blame the pussy of the daughter of virgin touched lightly on the inner Check the hymen daughter twitching body heard that feels \"Yeah\" is finally inserted. After a few minutes in the piston movement without also rising pain and it was a little bleeding when you break the hymen, daughter alive I also Mashi alive. Of course, since the pregnancy is not that, it is Pies. And I thought I had only once daughter every day to remember the pleasure, now come seeking. I am depending on when you are prompted and if me happy daughter. One pattern will have been so nasty to not get bored daughter or allowed to pee while standing or etch go to the park does not come nobody in the middle of the night of the summer etch. Sex with daughter has been going on now.

Daughter of smell cheese odor

College students, it is crazy father in the dirty panties daughter was twenty years old.
Every night, and impoliteness panty that took off a daughter out of the bathroom undressing basket, it is I have indulged in masturbation while smell.
After you finished, leave back gently to the basket.
I of such father Will there be other?
After all, Am I abnormal?
But am I that you are has become a captive of the daughter of smell.

Only daughter

daughter my wife who lost her mother become the life of the only daughter to sudden death is now fawn to me than before.
When I have a bath
you'll be spoiled as \"dad I also good to enter together?\".
Daughter of small 6 could pounding those looking at the genitals do not have hair still grows in the breast that is bulging a little appeared in front of me in the nude figure.
\"I'm after a long time I go along with dad,\"
\"Do kana 4-5 years we hear\"
\"I No longer wash was?\"
\"No, I'm now\"
\"Well I'll I wash,\"
\"Do not I see happy ~\"
daughter There began to wash bubbled soap towel. Wash the back
, \"Yes, by raising the ass\"
If you increase the ass and wash the anus
\"next, here opposite to\"
and washed from the breast is allowed before the suited, belly, cock to have I thought How about to
\" Here also beautiful it should wash \"
and began washing Grasp the Tochinpo.
What consciousness erection with no cock I have grabbed but in private the excitement is beginning
to \"I grew Tsu array\"
\"Oh, you touch is when it becomes do I'm big\"
and \"What happens when you grow\"
\" you also I think I understood it when I grow up. \"
\"I do not know 's children\"
or \"want to know What\"
\"Yeah, tell me.\"
\"I pointed and I put to you of here I,\" said the daughter of the genitals.
\"Load of crap ~, such - I do not enter the large\"
\"I'm going to be greater here as now increases Although it is impossible\"
\"Ee~tsu really!\"
and \"Oh'm really\"
\"Well and how old it?\"
\"cormorant Do not - \"because each person N ~
me put dad when you grow \"Well I?\"
\"Do good dad put?\"
\"Yeah, because I'm waiting,\"
I hugged such daughter.
The \"father Chu to\"
and \"nice to do\"
and was the first to kiss the daughter. The other cock has inflated to Gingin. I want to put out the juice. Hole is I think want to do to tell rubbing how to daughter by hand because it is impossible
\"to me rubbed with thy hand\"
\"Soshitara it's comfortable,\"
\"Oh, do I'll feel good\"
\"? and to what Well\" , \"can I do this It was not rub the cock back and forth and do it by \"moving Te. Daughter that rubbing the innocently Nichinpo is I've touched on the genitals of daughter regrettable love. Daughter also us to make it easier to touch spread their own feet. I tried to put a finger on the bud of the daughter take the plunge. Fingertip even small 6 have us accept. Te penis goes Tokigaki in the meantime , \"Dad out'll\" and \"leave me?\" \"I'm sperm Dell\" \"What? What sperm\" \"Well look has\" \"come out'll\" cock ahead liquid has been jump out and Dopyu ~ from. \"Wow ~ amazing, Anna's I get an\" \"there is a'm can children Once inside the woman\" \"It is because I learned it in by school know,\" \"I see dad and mom do you were born because I was so '\"I \"I to also make children Yeah\" or \"came you another physiology?\" \"Yeah, I'm there for quite some time now.\" \"I do not even know that of you to do so or dad a-do\" \"Now from I'd say anything because I'll be the place of the mother, \" \"father happy,\" get to sleep together from today \"Yeah,\" I decided to sleep in the same futon and daughter from this day, it is a rice cake naked. Sun pushing the cock bud daughter it is not copper town.

Pathetic was go out to his wife man ·· NO2

Today, to come home from school, my head's a ... towel soaked
a while Yari wipe raised Ri sow a skirt Pantei, if you touch
the finger is split so touching, you bite. Papa, the naked clothes wet to say that if you put in the washing machine stopped, since has become, naked among the penis is toward the gone daughter back standing, the daughter to approach the daughter Become was suited to before, the penis Once you try to put Oman in this, daddy ... hey, the kiss hug We are saying that I stopped a little, the tongue while since have spread the foot if you Karamashi, penis the call, Oman I was placed in this. The penis, while put Since crowded Kuwae to tighten it by Ikuko feels is comfortable When I move the hips while Karamashi tongue hugged daughter entered into separately suffer the ass, and whispered as I feel good Because it's Papa brute force when to have a comfortably likely to come whispered and I come aloud. To come aloud, such as cry and move quickly waist I'm coming tightening to come entangled feet. Ah ~ out Papa by Nokezora the body, Oh Ikuko exits - Sucking stick as to are sperm, Oman will continue into this back. I'll Ikuko was comfortable with each other Karamashi the tongue lying while hugging each other ... I also

Daughter in elementary school

I to have a sixth-grade daughter
has entered the bath to still together cute daughter
have something etched in the bath
and licking daughter of pussy, you have to drink every time is allowed to Blow daughter
daughter born under the daughter-in-law I can not stop by feelings rather Because it is less from
that stab Handjob to daughter under occasionally
licking pussy Once bit larger, I think trying to Blow
plan to rob the virgin daughter of the above After a little more

Daughter Barre

It caught me and that is masturbation use the pants of small 4 daughters.
There was a memo that you wrote and I opened the closet \"touch Na\". You Sir bath also to no longer fit with me and me to pardon rob me of fun. We'll will put father of the cock I have committed would ZoYumi of the small pussy it comes to so much cheeky, I hope I get to licking cock and tight it would be pleasant well is interference in Na Son by Yumi variety of cute mouth.

I'm comforted to daughter ...

Daughter of Akira is not away clings to me. Also, I'm 14 years old body
is adult. And because mom is watching are you cheating you will do is my ally. Even sleeping while touching next to me sleep. Underwear is Honmani adults because they or wearing a mom. I am sleeping while touching the leg of Akira.
Sometimes, the smell is also the same smell as the daughter-in-law that was found to see pants had gotten wet when I touch the crotch. Akira I want to embrace the Akira than daughter-in-law has also been prepared
to or come touch to the touch. It's and you doing found to because they look are you Mom
'll teach you to the ironing can lick how Na want to lick like a mom
you are I thought Naa want to Pies after entering into the daughter
and are said to daughter-in-law. It is said she good to embrace. Akira is still'll make to better than Akanna daughter-in-law. Start licking it can be seen and to have touched with and Tsuruntsurun. Daughter of the room to the entered in the sex to try I Akira Come
because Mama-i not do to with Papa of the room I'll embrace in the bedroom
are you wearing underwear of mom? Akira of pants worn with or dad there is like Nanya. Akira cute show to Come here daddy

And it was with my sister

I wonder if I have was when in their 20s.
I'm forced Tsurekon to love hotel the sister on the eight-year-old. Caress without any, I do not think even trying to Nante of course kiss is not held a ruptured likely penis on the bed, what's mine is heard large or sister. and \"big really\" \"I wonder Rim sister by me\" \"We'm'm unreasonable sister brother\" \"will not pregnant If you just lick it's a good one\" and \"I'm so .....\" \"Well to me licking early\" sister who have reluctantly licking. \"It makes me put Naa\" \"It just is not good,\" and \"I because the rubber whether it's a good one.\" \"It's bad it just\" was covered with a rubber without listening also be referred to the sister \"I ask you might want a this,\" and put the place and let me make a knee to my sister and I wanted to look at the inserted into the crack and turn the legs so as to surround the body I was gone so much immediate excitement. \"I'm sorry sister\" and \"Satisfied?\" \".......\" \"healthy and out to, also I will Koyo\"