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Incest with daughter(2019-07)

I was surprised to open it

yuna himekawa[11592]
It is a person who was supposed to be a wife in front of fifty years old. The other party is in his late twenties and has a child, but he has no marriage history ... I thought something was suspicious, but he told me that he did not want to hold a ceremony or reception because his boss also pushed him with an introduction from the president and his wife. I met several times and had a meal and a date. From the time I first met, I was surprised at the beautiful girl of JS5 with my stepchildren. I wondered if something happened at work on my third date, but my daughter was with me, but I drank until I got drunk. When I was sending her to my apartment by car, my daughter seems to feel sick, so where? I was asked to take a rest, but I couldn't even find a convenience store on a rural city road. It was a lonely love hotel that my daughter navigated and arrived in a few minutes. [Tsutsumotase! ] And waited in the parking lot saying that she and her daughter were left in the room and waiting in the car, but the strong brothers did not come and when I went to see the situation for about an hour, I snuggled up to her She gently stroked her sleeping daughter and smiled at me. She said in a small voice, "I'm sorry. I didn't bring you here with a strange intention ..." and told me about them. He talked about his habits about why he is an unmarried single mother and the relationship between his business partner and his boss. When she was about the same as her daughter, she was sold to a parent who was in trouble in her life and was exposed to countless adult cocks and semen at a membership-based child prostitution club. It was bought as the president's mistress and used for entertaining great business partners and officials in the back office. Unlike the club, it was not managed and I was held every night and I was relaxed and I could not use it after I became pregnant. Get.After giving birth to my daughter, I was forced to do business again, but the president's wife, who I couldn't see, consulted with my officer (who had held her) and was introduced to me. Preface complete

The body of an adult daughter

I lost my wife in a car accident five years ago. My daughter also entered high school this year and is working hard to study and club activities. There was talk of remarriage, but I couldn't forget my wife and kept refusing. And I have treated the menstruation with the underwear left by my wife. However, recently, her daughter Arisa has become more feminine and more like her wife. Unfortunately, I've put up with masturbation while imagining my wife, but for the past six months or so, I've been imagining my daughter's body and processing it. At this rate, I'm likely to reach out to my daughter, so I went to Tokyo the other day and used a dating site to sort out my feelings. The high school girl of hope appeared on time and immediately entered the hotel. As requested, she was a child with a height, facial features, and hairstyle that resembled her daughter. To tell a little bit, the child was in the second year of high school, and he was compensating for his parents' opposition and desire for money. Immediately, I took a shower and embraced her. The penis erected so painfully for the first time in a long time on a fresh body. The foreplay was moderately contained in her. I felt the vagina while shaking my hips slowly. It was an indescribable feeling. As expected, the limit came faster than I expected in sex for the first time in 5 years. In less than two minutes, she trembled and ejaculated inside her. "My uncle was quick, so if I'm fine, I'll be OK again," he was ridiculed and angry, but he had no choice but to suck on her boobs. This time, I also enjoyed 69, slowly tasted the feeling in the vagina and released the second spirit. With this, I was relieved that I could avoid incest with my daughter, but I went home. Then, for a while, as I expected, when I could not stand masturbation imagining my daughter, I went to Tokyo and had sex with a school girl who looked like my daughter and processed it.However, in the meantime, I felt that I couldn't stand the pattern. At that time, my daughter, who was trying to watch TV in her pajamas after taking a bath, was strangely lustrous and lost her reason as a father. I want to get closer and see my daughter's body. And I want to touch it. I lost this urge and approached my daughter and took a closer look at her face, chest, and buttocks. Excited by the breathing of the young body, I suddenly pulled out my penis from my pants and started rubbing. Eventually, my daughter woke up to my intense breathing. The girl screamed at the sight in front of her and tried to escape. I grabbed my daughter's hand and hugged her. "No. Dad." The scream of my daughter drove me. "I have no choice but to do it," I decided. Then, the daughter who resisted violently and screamed was bruised. I took off my daughter's bajamas, who crouched in pain, and stripped off her underwear. I had beautiful skin. I groped my breasts and sucked. Then I widened my crotch and looked at the moderately thick pubic area. I was so angry that I couldn't afford to foreplay, so I just licked my labia and spit on my penis and went inside my daughter. Recently, I have sex with a high school girl about once a month, but the fellowship with my daughter made me feel special excitement. My alter ego is growing so much. Every time I do Biston exercise, I feel like an adult body that wraps my penis comfortably. It feels good. He was no longer his father, but a beast. I want to get it out quickly. Increased the speed of piston movement. Soon after, an unspeakable pleasure ran and exploded in the brain. After ejaculating, I pulled back, but most of it was released in my daughter's vagina. For a while, the heart of the father and the heart of the beast were mixed with the appearance of the crying daughter. "I'm sorry Arisa. My dad has done a lot of work," he said, but he had another erection on his breathing breasts and big ass."I want to do it again" The beast's heart overcame. The resisting daughter bruises her again and sticks to her breasts. Then he licked his labia and carefully stimulated his clitoris with his tongue. While crying, my body responded to the stimulus many times. This time, I tried to insert it without spit. It was cramped, but it settled without any pain. My penis, which became a beast, went back and forth in my daughter's vagina violently and sometimes slowly in order to taste the feeling of the vagina. Eventually, the brain heaven clung to the numb daughter and ejaculated. After that, although awkwardness remained, I wondered if my daughter had to rely on her financially, and she began to respond to my request about twice a week. I bought a condom for the first time in 5 years and am drowning in my grown-up daughter's body, taking into consideration her daughter's pregnancy. And I hope that this kind of parent-child couple life will continue for a long time.