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Incest with daughter(2019-05)

Finally died wife.

yuna himekawa[11028]
His wife died at last, is busy with Toka funeral, was calm at last. In can not be discharged suddenly from the aspect that is poor becomes wife hospital last week, when life support is asking the teacher and without the hope of hope not if the life support lifelong hospital life support only, a sudden dyspnea contact There rushed have died at the time, finished funeral, was finally made to only peach and two people. It It was every day peach also sad cry no way to be accepted, was settled finally in the rock out of sex. But is a little without the energetic sex. Earthworm is not out intense, is barely last night revived after a long time of peach of earthworm earthworm is entangled the cock. Kudasari senior girls of parents in the funeral to attend, me stayed to cheer for 3 days peach after the funeral, though it is mourning, it is a bad husband and both girls seniors got to have sex. But has to do with senior girl Otochan, fast to Boyaki and not comfortable at all with premature ejaculation, so come hug and uncle, and is doing, peaches also now increasingly that of his wife is day-to-day participation to keep away from him. If you are not posted to the thread stood of others were standing and I think the new good.

The relationship between the ritual daddy's daughter wonder if time since I was!

Mr. Alaska, then with the daughter, what I feel Is Shinji's grew up born the three daughters from the marriage and rape the older woman tutor, friendly think the father of that daughter It was his friends. What has become from any ritual Papa's

A father who has already penetrated his daughter

It was full and was newly launched. I have a little support, but it will fill up soon!

Finally the sex life with my daughter

My wife died in an accident at 41 two years ago and lived with two daughters and three inconveniently, and my eldest daughter got married two years ago and left home. My second daughter remained, and in February of last year I got married to my boyfriend and had him come to adopt me. I still live with three people, but I am happy that the adopted child is a serious person. But it's been over a year now, but can't I have a grandchild? When I asked my daughter if she was contraceptive, she said that she didn't do that at all and went to the hospital with her adopted child who hates last month and had an examination. It seems that there are a lot of human beings with very few sperms, and it seems that there are many such men these days, and my daughter tells me that it may not be possible to succeed my father. I was shocked after the examination that there would be no point in adopting a child if there was no successor, but for some reason, the adopted child went on a business trip for three days after the holidays, and the life of the two with my daughter returned to my house. The night I went on a business trip, I had dinner with my daughter for the first time in a while, and I saw her taking a bath, and after that, when I told her through the door that I wanted to join her for the first time in a long time, it was embarrassing. I say, because the words were laughing, I said that I was not embarrassed even though I was in junior high school together, but I said that it was okay, so when I entered, I became an adult woman unlike when I was in junior high school While saying that I grew up to be a grown-up daughter, when I was washing my body, one thing gradually grew bigger, and my daughter grew up in front of my dad , but my daughter also grew up, laughing. However, there seems to be no strange consciousness at all, and when I say that you and my parents will get wet when I see my daughter, I laugh that it is not so, so when I touch the pussy, it gets wet and it is null When I got on my hand and said that you were also wet, yeah, I know it was wet.

You confess the awesomeness of the experience of holding your daughter ...

As a gentle dad, you raped your youngest daughter in the 4th grade at midnight. What kind of complaint did you talk about your daughter, how many times did you persuade your youngest daughter, and what technique did you use to hug your daughter and make her youngest daughter a woman?

In writing of the person to the people to put a stingy

Instead of writing the name again and again, the original events that inflame the person of feelings, crows, termites, cockroaches, Rattus norvegicus, from creatures such as the liar of the bluff father, only description of the horrible also hear content, meaning here not even understand many unknown words. But why now appears management person becomes a person, as a condition for the resumption of exchanges, and came threatened as proffer one person flesh and blood daughter, if Once you have an announcement to the janitor, management people and there is no matter to me because, taken to say, because a person who has made even janitor in a false man, nobody credit can be human, but that does not exist in this site is obvious, and the launch of their own thread, writing is launched feel free because it is free you write. From now on.

For Roripapa 4 daughters to waste vertical thread

I think it is better that no longer stay anymore. Vandalism and destruction by fire of the master all the talk of 4 daughters UsoEmi

Father of the hidden hobby, daughter of panties collected ...

Or Dad, you have what pieces of my panties now? I am a college student now 19 years old, but the father is drunk, was the woman to rape me, when I was exam season of the third year of junior high school. In my room, because the elementary school of the sister there were two people, I am in a state that can not also be violent in not put out even voice also being raped, was would fucked with. At this time, dad went with my panties. But why!

I was waiting for many years I revenge for this time of father

I, Yumi's father and remarried young 39-year-old, but the family is increased along with the net even junior high school third grade of stepchildren as a mother, from the time I is small, but the good thing was nothing not, finally here It came a chance to look back to his father in. Seconded from his father decided business trip of two years in Shanghai after three days from the company, his father asked firmly answering machine to me. I called the leave is away to his father (from the bottom of my heart, and finally revenge on his father can be), (I was about to guts pose it will come out. It was a dangerous place).

What time is your daughter's hymen penetration ritual?

Do you masturbate with your daughter's panties after the adult ceremony, or masturbate with your adolescent high school girl's panties, or with your energetic and active junior high school girls' panties? Do you masturbate, maybe you do masturbate with girls' elementary school girls' shorts? This time it is the case of one daughter, but please be aware that it will not be answered (every day as you grow up, masturbating)! And at what age do you rape your daughter and perform a hymen-penetrating ritual? !!

Abuse and lifetime

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Someday hugging her daughter to my woman

Every day, because there is when the attitude try hugging her daughter, but to no quite a courage, but masturbation act every day in panties took off the daughter, still the middle of the night to commit at night crawling rape.

Someday hugging her daughter to my woman

Every day, because there is when the attitude try hugging her daughter, but to no quite a courage, but masturbation act every day in panties took off the daughter, still the middle of the night to commit at night crawling rape.

Can you have sex hugging daughter in elementary school

We are looking. Although they have two daughters in elementary school, but it is not is not have finished the through rituals still two daughters of the hymen. (I my home is already all hymen feast .4 daughters of the hymen).

Do you have sex hugging daughter in elementary school ...

Daughter is also a sister of elementary school students, do you hug from the daughter of the top firmly, my sister is attractive is not than the younger sister, is a beautiful system. Sister is larger than the sister also tension of tits ass, not the beauty system. Hugging from either and the Sex Acts


It had sniffed the forbidden Shimipan daughter. Only see as another woman

Dad is my daughter, do you hug every day ...

Do you, beloved daughter, you can assert that really loves her daughter. If a good friend, Welcome back of the kiss, together of each other in the bath, each other washing of the body, rest and dinner time, but is sleep time do you any thing!

Pleasing place of use to the Council!

From yesterday, in the sweet thought of with respect to their own, person of the name will launch the win by the thread used without permission, it has over the inconvenience. I'm sorry really troubled the site. The judgment of the basic in this turmoil, in the members gathered on the basis of the Nesuro's, for I had the please discuss in Parliament, what one answer, but it is not even contact previously, why but I want the inquiry to say that is, because it is man that he has become the agenda got over the deliberations, dare inquiry from myself, was away in that refrain! Leave tradition again. His is waiting for the results of the deliberations. I really! By the way to last night and earlier, it was the hope, but with Mr. Noropapa, thank you to restart the writing exchange. As Nowak turn off the warning and advice of the character in the writing of Mr. Noropapa, I thank you. Although I told that of his daughter in a previous writing content, so as to the year press also this time, get along with the name of Mr. Noropapa, When you have to partner Netori daughter alone, even alternating current to flow all the water says also conditions many times of trying to Susumeyo, but his has a doubt from the base of the heart. It will show me his little shin. At the same talk about the name of Mr. Nesuro, the unreasonable conditions of Mr. Noropapa, were you like to back up remarks. If Sashidase the daughter against myself, declared obsess around him, is that of the place can not be the extermination and the lead-out of the crows and small fish, to be able to at any time, that it is free also doing yourself in the site Although I was a, because his does not have any credit even this remark, really, thank you the deliberation with respect to their mistakes. In. Waiting for the results of the deliberations. !

Good upbringing

Or \"Papaero too Do flew may Wow today\" after the crawl me to unplug and ejaculation the lips while Handjob highest smiling daughter. Then Blow in the Looking At Camera worry when you take really out videos Do'm daughter erotic stone transformation of to sing into the microphone instead grabbed penis to have put together the position from their own.

To the root

It had a variety of things, so you cage is better that there are many problems .... Please refrain from posting your in Norosure If you have any problem remarks in the other thread. Thumb is likely to put in a slimy pussy. 爆睡 is to not give put in.

Diary of peach growth process with daughter

Daughter, you have erection cock as of daily uniform appearance of the peach's. Momo's

Marriage is not recognized

Suddenly, the daughter began to say and want to get married. I'm the father, was stunned, daughter of about several times married daughter-in-law, but it seems to the consultation, I was determined to reborn to the devil father thought. On the go in the shopping daughter-in-law is a dinner the next day, and Yobiire a daughter to my room, if want you to admit Subari marriage to the daughter, the period until the honeymoon first night after the wedding, and I it is because the conditions that allow the marriage to the sexual life. If you refuse if, I because marriage is also prohibited relationship with stupid man. From tonight in the year push to daughter, bath, is also separately together. Every day I also sex partner, every night, but continue until you daughter is 3 degrees, but will end if suddenly to pregnancy or menstrual irregularities, until you pregnant with my children, because my daughter is something of me, in the future humans in as to ignore that do not know without my permission. It is pussy of daughter with me only, because the ownership of my erection Sumio cock's daughter only.

What the father is a thing glad to I get from daughter

You guys, dad and father, called a stubborn father to daddy. If senior than her daughter, also a gift from or daughter gave me any thing from the daughter, a new article is over there. Eating and drinking what is not allowed. Babies and, clothes in school days is OK if that daughter has to wear once. Even in possession of the daughter of used products without permission, the problem is I I'm the daughter of bra and panties of club activities of each seven by one junior high school era of the club of tennis wear complete high school girls era uniform and at the Rhythmic Gymnastics not leotard Kana of high-cut state, the last in elementary school, is a school swimsuit of middle school and high school girls era.

Erotic father stubborn daughter was born watch the growth

Daughter from birth, the basic my life etch of fate, erotic father stubborn good command of lighter obscenity in the transformation of play, may wish in the future daughter, virgin also first date also first kiss at school relationship in the event of staying somewhere due to circumstances, participation is erotic father, sleepover is not recognized, for the first time of sex stubborn erotic father, I think you and the sexual partner. Bathing together from first grade until the end of elementary school, all of the garments of the daily change of clothes of the daughter, and the wear with stubborn erotic father is to learn to wash the next day, in the daughters of the growth process, Although there is a physiological phenomenon, it because it is also incomprehensible stubborn erotic father indeed. Daughter in the stubborn father of breast, virgin also first kiss of the first date is also, I think you and the participation is relationship of father to a school trip to the camp in the event of school officials. Stubborn father is stubborn father at the wedding honeymoon of the engagement date it because who is the daughter of the bride of stubborn father the first night. All of my daughter will look at is not the alter ego to half of the stubborn father body

What is love?

When I was 4th grade, my mother remarried and called my new father Dad. Before getting married, from the day I met Dad for the second time, I and Dad took a bath together, and always slept together on the day I stayed. I will come and also have now been to play in the evening to get to me and the bath is from the and mother and dad get married, to take a bath together every day after after bath is also allowed to spend in the naked, mother nor father I was spending my time naked. I had sex with my dad when I was 5th grade, and my mother and dad's wedding anniversary "Why did you get married?" The answer from my dad and mother was "I decided to get married because Naomi is there." " I was able to marry my dad because Naomi was there." That night, I was allowed to see my dad and my mother's SEX and said, "I want Naomi to celebrate her wedding anniversary together." Daddy and my SEX were made to SEX, while my mother's official mother cooked and SEXed with my dad when dinner was ready, after waiting for my mother to watch TV and chat with my dad sitting at my feet Then, when I got a blowjob and got well, my mother and dad had sex this time and I visited, and finally I had sex in the vagina at night, and when I had sex with my husband and ejaculate, I was called to the vagina asked to internal ejaculation is the day that the physical condition of the mother is not good, dad and going to bed with SEX with two people in my room "that is SEX and Naomi told me to marry me on the condition" day to graduate from junior high school I While signing a divorce notice with a dad who lost sexual interest inI was crying that I really loved my mother and dad who taught me

Roripapa and pedophile love is the same person

It's the same person generally. Without permission make a post thread, Ne Ja do hurry the author. I Ne Ja so much free time. Crow justice Roripapa is anti


I mistook the names in the upset. The name of the slag using without permission I will apologize to the prostrate that was arbitrarily set up a thread.


Make a thread the name of the slag using without permission, here with regard to it has prompted a reply to Noro-like, I will apologize to the prostrate.

Gentle daughter

In sales, I work on the outside. My wife has been in the hospital for a long time, my wife is 39 years old and I am 38 years old, but my days of frustration continued. My 17-year-old daughter is taking low-dose pills because of her menstrual cramps, so she goes into my futon and falls asleep without worrying about getting pregnant. Fortunately, I got my daughter's virginity and have a physical relationship. When my daughter is sleeping, she takes off her panties, puts a dick in her pussy and moves her hips, and when she hugs her and moves her hips while kissing, she makes a writhing voice. It is said that my dad is not over yet ... Waiting a little longer and looking at my daughter's face, sperm come out in the pussy. When I take off my dick and try to sleep, my daughter wipes her dad's pussy and then sleeps ... That's common sense, isn't it?

To the root

Touching the Mitsuru this daughter, hand washing in Batatto happened washroom when the daughter is not touching the penis in the unconscious state. Wife, \"What's wrong? What there was?\" Daughter \"No, there is nothing\" have been saved to the hardness of the mouth. Not to break the mouth, I say to the mother that it is masturbation! Let me threatened me.

To the root

I saw launched from thread did not. Noro's his dad. It is a good daughter of the physiological comes finished early. !

A father who has not yet penetrated his daughter

I'm a fan who enjoys reading every day after seeing your posts. I have been in a state close to that for almost two years. Our couple are SM hobbies, and if my wife asks for it at night and day, I will do SM, but now I have a daughter in fifth grade, but about two years ago my daughter got up in the toilet at night I didn't notice, I tied my wife, beat her with a whip, attacked a slippery pussy with a vibe and put a vibe in an anal, I did not notice my daughter coming into our room with a loud voice of my wife When they let me flute violently, my daughter hits me not to bully my mom. You thought you would bully a girl who didn't know sex at all, right? My wife was also surprised by her daughter, and when she told me to go to bed because my dad and mom were playing, he said hmm, went out of the room, and came to see our sex first, sometimes when I woke up. Even if my wife scolded me, I said that I wanted to see it interesting, and at first I was reluctant to see it, but my wife says that I can see it even if I say it, so don't worry, so SM as usual I was doing it. The change is that my daughter is playing with a vibe when she doesn't have a wife! I can't enter the omeco because it's thick, but I'm told that my dad and mom had this much in it, I wonder if we can do it too! Since you are still a small child, I said that I could do it if I became an adult, and I escaped well, but after a year, I felt quite accustomed to seeing it, and while watching it, I felt comfortable playing with my omeco myself. I'm stroking it by hand. For another year, my daughter seems to have increased her sensitivity considerably when she's ona, and my wife says that you, that child, are already feeling!When I asked my wife to put it in, I was so angry that my child told me that I wasn't stupid, so I haven't put in a dick yet, but I put in a finger and a finger rotor that makes my wife squirt several times. I'm doing. I feel like I'm already feeling it. Also, I'm very interested in the flute, and I see my wife sucking my cock, so it seems strange that she sucks my cock and grows hard and big from fluffy to bing, dad why grows up I'm having trouble answering because I hear that.

Drive with dad

To have a father and relationships, things in the way of the mountain there but is last year  I was going in somewhere outside to stop the car. I think that is Umebayashi, my dad took out the leisure seats and other items he had prepared from the trunk and was looking for a place, but the light truck was stopped, but it seems that he is doing something in the shadow of that voice. I heard, parent and child? couple? Brother and sister? , I laid a blue sheet and I could see what I was doing from behind, so I left the place quietly, but my father was also surprised. From there, I found a place where there were no people, and I was one with my father and loved each other, and I was screaming "..." in a loud voice . It was nice outside. ,

If I was taking a nap at my parents' house

yuna himekawa[10524]
I returned to my parents' house with a body of 4 months pregnant. I wanted to talk with my mother, so I went back to my parents' house, but my mother wasn't there and my father was. When I heard that my mother would come back only around 7 pm, she said she wasn't there and was sweating, so she washed her body in the bathtub and then drank beer and took a nap. .. I think I slept deeply probably because I was drunk. I didn't notice that my panties were taken off. My father's cock came into the cock. Even if I was surprised to stop and say "Stop", there is no house around me, so it's just an empty voice . While kissing, he entangles his tongue and pokes his hips, and while using it, he pokes into the back of his cock. And comfortably better body, dad "Oh cormorant - Mmm father, Momoko of" pussy and I feel good I really feel good I harbor a long while saying my body is, after Ikasa father "c, c, U ~ I leaked my voice and sperm was put out in my body. "After sex is over" My dad asked me to have Momoko sex because my mom didn't want to have sex. I forgave it once, so I started to think it was good. My husband was also dissatisfied because he finished quickly and fell asleep.

I came in and Papa in the mother's remarriage

I am, because the school was able to go home early in the final exam, and the dismissal from school, When I arrived at home, Yes side by side panties 32 sheets neatly on top of my room of the bet, next to the bed Dad was standing in. But was stunned, because dad from the mother's pretty pedophile fetish. Because the words are heard, transformation incident that Dad was entrant is, I'll to finish early. Daddy, I absolutely was looking for unnecessary and wear prohibition of panties. Dad also boyfriend also T-back panties and string panties of Yumi, Daddy boyfriend of Yumi also, because different from the class of panties, Dad both in boyfriend, buy, wear, her boyfriend injunction to all of the selection, etc. There was the press year from. !

Your father-in-law like to come to hear.

From your father-in-law like, I want you with your father-in-law like to a detailed description of the order in which wash the undressing of the order and the body is just What I say in the bathroom is undressing of the last is the bra. Panties before the bra,

Some time

Daughter was walking with the boy. Softening Mushoni and got angry, I'm either sooner or later. Suddenly sprung sexual desire in the daughter, and got dumped large amounts of sperm too comfortably If you treat penis with borrowed daughter of pants in the Son. It is dangerous then I was hard to clean, but pants'd bra (I'm daughter still Supobura) still say that because less likely to stain. Is put underwear usually noticeable Toko daughter not yet been vigilant. Among them I guess various useless in disgust Max. I guess yet started swelling, probably grow.

Do you have sex with your elementary school daughter?

If your daughter is a sister of an elementary school student or your only daughter is in the 4th grade, you will be the target of sex, and if you always feel like attacking, please hold your daughter and confess to the person who experienced sex.

Not stop dying

My 35-year-old first marriage. 40-year-old divorced, I was married six months ago and Barikyari beauty witch. It was the grapevine of the introduction, but the wife does not appear only in the youth of much late 20s. It's incredibly beautiful woman Do I got a good daughter-in-law's a cash cow, has also been praised around me. Well a matter of fact, but you're looking'm was the daughter. Love at first sight the Aya was one in, we decided remarried. Like beauty, such as the raw copy of the young of his wife and fineness, early age to bewitching eyes and style goodness. Father seemed died in childhood, I was even willing this time of remarriage. Had been in contact with Uiuishiku not have accumulate. If there is no reason that can be something patience, we are committed every night in uniform every night. Wife Barikyari, way back in slow thanks. Like a honeymoon pretend because I'm an Ordinary way home? Smile because they say I is similar to the famous actor, it's Ichikoro Nante guard. Medium ● raw Nante Choroi Choroi. A little sweat smell of the club the way home as well as it is, one shot at the door. Because was making rice in the mother-daughter household for a long time, one shot from behind Aya is standing kitchen. Apron from the top of the uniform, skirt flipping is my hobby. Lol one shot in the bath together, may refrain soon from time easy to hot flashes. While embracing face-to-face sitting in the bathtub, cum while licking boobs, up breath dangerous. Lol I played terrible, tightening me this queue I'm not quit because this year unique. It laughs in the Tamar, chillin and while in the living room. Block the before watching TV on the sofa, how one shot like crazy pants from the hem of the shorts of the room wearing ~.Intently Kun ● to have spare time is to take off everything. I do not let him and not you after entering the bath. But is disliked when you want to watch TV. Recently Inhan ● the likely favorite. Lol Oh, - it has become rather unbearable when I wrote this why say or wrote to the machine, because it is absent in the wife business trip tonight. I was the first of accommodation absence since the marriage, wife I'm thankful because me totally credit. Innovation overnight Marutto Tanoshimo. It's the day of tomorrow garbage, wash also sheets in one morning. Come home early. Oh, it is basic in all. Still thought that all right because not physiological stability. Honestly, my child birth in hope momentum. Dekirukana his wife Once fraught? Lol

To the root

Thank you Mitsuru this thread. Cunnilingus of when you are sleeping, it seems pleasant. And the guard in the hand and licking tits. Time of cunnilingus does not guard in the hand. It is a transformation.

Father hiding

I will, in the women's high school third grade at the eldest daughter of the two sisters, but my sister is a female elementary school sixth grade, hiding there when my father, is I do not even know that you are seen by chance, sister of underwear shorts while sniffing the scent I was masturbation. I am shouting my name on the verge of conk have seen in silence, it seems to have ejaculation the semen in plenty of younger sister of shorts. I have ahead around to the dressing room where the washing machine is put in silence, and waiting for the father are hidden in the bath towel, the shorts of semen with plenty sister each bath towel, into the washing machine I am a father to put walk away, dad I but can not be to get angry can not say anything, Dad, the two of lily of Miki and sister in one Otokode up to this point, to was I get to grow even without a mother to think that it is good friends family, because Dad does not do woman play for us, even the body of desire dissatisfied, I even am going to understand, sister of the lily still because children, lily of shorts Masturbation act to stop in, Dad, because I also if Miki the bra may be also brought up any underwear panties, I will dad please. Would you also like hidden masturbation act, the daughter of panties my father has a masturbation daughter of panties hiding but of you dad! Because I'm looking for people of fellow, I'd like a more and more writing.

Peach of growth record diary of daughter

Hiroaki dad's writing thank you saw launch the new because it is full.

To do with hate woman

To hate a woman, rape of rice revenge on grudge and anger, night crawling, revenge rape in the sleeping pills available. Ulam opponent sister, sister, nagging mother, nagging company of a woman boss, homeroom teacher woman, young only of Ulam of the tutor, etc., but the other party is also method is also different opponent that your Ulam, the method. (I just slap a nagging sister, silence to be my sister please himself holding it in his underwear) from let's say with, doing with feelings of cordial to your husband like brother like as a sister in the future an additional declaration words go since they are already, do not forsake the doll of movement of the sexual process slaves of my master. And many times even to say the words of the oath again and again, if Identification difference and the wording is sloppy, was told her enslaved sister and guide to the other world. You guys?

Are you doing at home and at work!

Daughter in what the age, do you have a masturbation daughter of panties, or, the middle of the night the daughter of room, while sniffing the fragrance of the daughter of panties that were brought from the dressing room, in the masturbation act of looking at the sleeping face of daughter and plenty of ejaculation the semen to the sleeping face of her daughter, as it is to scare off. It is healed to really feel good. Do you use what you guys masturbation act? Who in the case of panties, daughter, mom, sister, sister, daughter or sister of a friend, school or workplace of seniors, subordinates, next to the house of the mother and daughter. Is etc. We variety but of anyone panties used to masturbation act to be healing and

To the root

Thank you for the full thread. I was touching my daughter's body at night, but I think that there is a lot of lack of sleep. I want to fill my child every day. It's a metamorphosis. I was complaining that my wife could touch the inside of my pants from the morning. I managed to get over it ... It's a punishment.


Daughter twins. It was also mischief from childhood shooting. Cut favorite Mekurimanko a skirt in my hand let me down daughters of pants was held the penis was erect to daughters look this is a low-grade time. Vagina touch Middle Grades in daughters of pants over while showing erotic videos. With his hands at the same time in the clothes for reluctant now expected of the upper grades image touching the breast, the video is not taken because dangerous.

Mother and In'nyo

Shame mother and we are In'nyo on a daily basis.

I want to talk to Yusuke-san and Chichimochi's

Mr. Yusuke, Chichimochi's, then, What's up? I also have a daughter in elementary school. Every day, as you two people were written every day, also it has become cute daughter out. Was standing skinny been the rounded little by little, I began to bulge from the second half of the fifth grade also cheeky tits. In response to the stimulus to the writing of Yusuke's, I also want to and Ayaka daughter, the first time of Ayaka looks like you want to take away is me. If the Yusuke-san and Chichimochi's opinion, if possible in the rice field, which was in the main, I think. It is selfish writing, but thank you.

And son and father-in-law and father

Myself I will see post once have got to myself to read and Na's fun and the same because they followed the same environment a fan of this post page, posted. Since the same kind of thing, please forgive me, but you might not interesting you. Although I had stayed a child of 3 years daughter and junior high school three years high school this year, his wife and the divorce and go out three people in three years ago at the same time, it is left only one person in the house, in the lonely man watch this site, but it was three years or call Deriheru, you only daughter ago 10 days came suddenly back. Because when there is no reason to say that, I think what was also a quarrel with his father-in-law of ex-wife and remarried opponent, first, I think I came to play, so do not go home even at night, and asked if not go home , because momma say could live at the father, I say and came back. But, in an atmosphere that have come up with a daughter a little belly of the bath, I think fat of, when asked if you fat of, because reluctantly say that children had made, and re-listen, and hear whether pregnancy Te children, 5 months I say it! When the E'anyone hear children and with, because a child is a bad way of talking of something crisp children and a brother, and hear what it Ya and, the place that you are my brother, found in the father-in-law, then is, of the law the father, it says to have been. Since the father-in-law had always been put out to the mouth Toka stomach, because his brother was out in always, children are referred to as I think children of his brother, Bale the stomach is large in his ex-wife, whether Das, in consultation with my back, so was said Do not come back already, I also do try Dasa, we are troubled and you do try. From 10 days ago, it has become the father of the post.

Slave life of father-in-law when threatening to know the secret of his son's wife

My son introduced me to my father-in-law a woman who is raising a daughter in the third grade of junior high school, so I told my son in advance that he wanted to marry this person. I was surprised because I didn't have one, but I told my son that it was too early to admit marriage today. Today, I said that it would be okay if I stayed in my son's room because there was no train, but for the time being, I lived with four people tonight, and I certainly felt like a bright family. As a result of discussions between myself, my son, and my wife in the morning, if I accept the condition that I should take care of my life in old age as a condition to allow marriage, I assert that I will accept marriage, and the discussion The wedding was successfully completed, and although it was close to the format, I went on a honeymoon with a setup of 3 nights and 4 days, and I am planning to go home today. I'm excited to know the secret of my daughter-in-law that my son doesn't know, and for some reason it's time for me to become an erotic father-in-law. When you come home from your honeymoon, if you tell the bride directly about the secrets of the bride that you learned, please change the bride's complexion to your father-in-law. I bowed with a crying face asking my son to keep it secret, so if my daughter-in-law becomes a slave exclusively for my father-in-law, I will keep silent to my son, but I will take pictures of my son's underwear and naked body I ordered to make sure to copy 10 photos each.

Slave life of father-in-law when threatening to know the secret of his son's wife

My son introduced me to my father-in-law a woman who is raising a daughter in the third grade of junior high school, so I told my son in advance that he wanted to marry this person. I was surprised because I didn't have one, but I told my son that it was too early to admit marriage today. Today, I said that it would be okay if I stayed in my son's room because there was no train, but for the time being, I lived with four people tonight, and I certainly felt like a bright family. As a result of discussions between myself, my son, and my wife in the morning, if I accept the condition that I should take care of my life in old age as a condition to allow marriage, I assert that I will accept marriage, and the discussion The wedding was successfully completed, and although it was close to the format, I went on a honeymoon with a setup of 3 nights and 4 days, and I am planning to go home today. I'm excited to know the secret of my daughter-in-law that my son doesn't know, and for some reason it's time for me to become an erotic father-in-law. When you come home from your honeymoon, if you tell the bride directly about the secrets of the bride that you learned, please change the bride's complexion to your father-in-law. I bowed with a crying face asking my son to keep it secret, so if my daughter-in-law becomes a slave exclusively for my father-in-law, I will keep silent to my son, but I will take pictures of my son's underwear and naked body I ordered to make sure to copy 10 photos each.

With my daughter who returned

I divorced my wife when I was 39 years old, and my daughter and son went out with my wife, but suddenly last year my wife told me that I had a consultation over the phone, and I seemed to be in a hurry. So I met and talked to him on that day, but he said that his wife had remarried, his daughter became 17, and his body was getting bigger, so the man who remarried committed his daughter and he was away every day. I say I'm going to my place because I don't like my daughter, so it's natural, I told her to bring me today and let me come back that day, and when I talked to my daughter last year, it's still He said he was hiding outside until his wife returned after running away a few times, saying that his daughter was scared to see the man's face, and his important virgin was robbed, and I was important for a year. I have grown up with great care. But when I see my daughter growing up and becoming a woman from the bath, I'm still excited. Every time I see my daughter naked for a year, my wife's remarried man hates me and I can't stand it. My daughter also noticed that, and for the first time last night, I thought about the reason and asked if I could sleep with my dad because he was lonely and scared at night. I don't think it has any meaning, and I sleep with my futon together and make it my daughter, Yoshiko Kana. Yoshiko, when I told her that it was painful, I was angry that it hurts, so I thought I should keep silent to tell my mother, but when my wife isn't there, I've come to do it all the time. It seems that he said he couldn't stand it, and it was painful for months, I'm sorry, we just got divorced and made you feel painful, and I thought I'd live with me all the time. Speaking of which, tears came out in Yoshiko's eyes, and as if she hugged me, she buried her face in her chest, and when her body stuck to her, her already growing hard chest hit my body and the cock hit me. It's getting bigger, and Yoshiko seems to have hit her body with her cock, so her dad's getting bigger. A man says that even his real daughter wants to have sex.I don't want to have sex, I think it's a man's instinct, and when I say that I react without permission, Yoshiko tells me that it's okay even if it's dirty, I'm really good When I asked him again, he dropped his neck vertically, and when I took off all of Yoshiko's pajamas, it became a bra and pants, and when I took it off, I shyly put it on my chest with my hands and hugged my stiff body. When I put my tongue in my mouth and entwined it, I was good at kissing, and when I asked if Yoshiko Blow was made, she said that she was made to drink almost every day, I was surprised. When I touched the omeco while kissing, it got wet enough to stick to my fingers, and when I touched it, I already heard a voice, and I knew that I was trained quite a bit. When I pushed my finger into the omeco, my body was already twisted and I was holding my cock. I'm good, I'm good at pistons as if I put it in my mouth with a puchupchu mouth, and if I accidentally put it in Yoshiko's mouth, I drank it only to Gollum and humans, I I was happy and complicated, and when I thought that I drank my wife's man every time, it was sadly complicated. When I asked if you had sex with that man in my ear, I said that there was only one person, and when I was sleeping upwards, when I got on top and put a cock on my omeco, I slowly lowered my hips and became my omeco When I thought that the cock was completely inserted, I said that I would move my hips up and down well, but when I put it in, I got something like a spill from my mouth, and when I said Dad Iku Iku, I moved it up and down violently, and I also did it for the second time I put it out inside. I didn't think I was trained so much.Yoshiko also wanted to put up with sex, but the man said that Yoshiko was younger than his wife and started telling him to break up with his wife and marry me, so he thought it was bad for his mom. Even when I'm a wife, when Yoshiko is there, I deliberately listen to my wife's voice and writhe, and it seems that I can hear it because it's a small apartment. I don't like it, but he said that his body has become selfish. I couldn't see what my wife was doing when she returned, but Yoshiko was taking a shower in the evening, so when I was asked that something was wrong, my wife hurriedly told me. The most painful report is that you may be pregnant!

It is pleasant masturbation of the daughter of panties

In the three sisters of the daughter in elementary school daughter and junior high school students of the high school girls daughter, also to pleasant masturbation act of the daughter of camisole and panties in elementary school, it's really good feeling is healed!

Masturbation act of ways and means

The masturbation brought out the panties from the sister of the room in the absence of the father sister to masturbation wrapped cock daughter of panties, my head than my sister can grasps the secret of a good brother son daughter-in-law, the son of the daughter-in-law's body Although the relationship the usually approaching, every day the future because the father-in-law to get to know the secret of the son of the daughter-in-law is the masturbation granddaughter married in bra and panties took off before bathing in junior high school third year of the bath, bathing the granddaughter of the bath I have the instruction after settlement washing also daughter-in-law of setup and semen release ejaculation of bra and panties took off before, masturbation act also daughter-in-law presence while sniffing the scent of daily granddaughter of panties and a bra since the original, the granddaughter recently is fun Masturbation act even on top of the bed of the room is pounding.

If the father with a daughter, dad, dad, dad ...

If the parent with a daughter, with the also means for the first time of the man's daughter any parent (hymen through ritual), while aiming to privatize the daughter, nightly, absolute obedience sex daughter at night crawling rape act on the daughter of the room that has a daughter that also the resistance to forced to be sure to recognize. If the father, went together to the lingerie shop and taking along a daughter, I would like to see a stylish appearance of the place to buy a bra and panties. Daughter is also in the middle of growth and development, even puberty that time, I think it makes sense to buy the daughter of underwear

Your father, the world called Dad to Dad ...

Father, dad, dad, dad, if the father of a daughter called the father, waiting for the approach from the father itching daughter who will embrace gently every day, dad Ya the panties in love liquid us hugging in the middle of the night, which is wet Gusshori father to the daddy daughter are you waiting night after night.