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Incest with daughter(2010-09)

Father and daughter

yuna himekawa[154]
My only child is now two people living father and mother is Sousei when the junior high school two years. My father was thirteen years old I am forty years old at the time.
Night a hot summer there, and wake up feeling strange, making sure was looking at the sleeping form of my father is squatted down at the foot of the bed sleeping by Hadake the futon.
My father came into the bed and say, \"I'm going to sleep together\" If you notice that I woke up.
And I began to massage the breast by hand stood me section and while saying \"Why do not father-daughter.\" It is to resist crying, but do not come true to the power of an adult man.
Hand has invaded into the shorts finally went down to the bottom gradually.
Breath you have rubbed on my body the cock hardened become rough pleasure father in as we have more excited while raising rubbing crack wildly.
I was a virgin. Father was turned into a beast completely been naked and between say @ consciousness also becomes faint crying came overhanging.
I'll be trying to Kojiakeyo young Split by cock tick. Mono hard and hot along with the pain that is tearing the moment Zakutto body he also gave up nothing is instruction to be \"! I pull more power\" was coming in me.
Father to use Zuburizuburi waist back to try to put Osaekomi me shouting \"Ouch! Yamete it ~! Dad! Hurts,\" he said. Cold feeling will crotch and seems to have a large amount of bleeding in the laceration of the hymen.
The movement of the father has become smoothly it seems to have also become a lubricant. The only cry cry only hurts nothing but ... I.
Have gone in and I! \"Oops! ... Whoa c ~\" pleasure of the father in as growing them. Thus virgin I am've lost father beast.
The relationship was four times abortion is to toys father of three times a week between beast and continues until out of the house I have enrolled in college.
I tasted only think gruesome pleasure rather than the act of the father. It is every day writing Saddle walks a man of many as if obliterate the dark inscription was engraved in my father now.
Maybe has become a female beast I also own it might ....

Experience of the father

Experience of the father, I was little, I was sleeping with his father in the evening. That mother because that was the work of the night, that sleep together, did not have much. I think that it was when I became a elementary school, but
my father, now fiddling with my dick when you go to bed. My father was saying, that \"it is pleasant Tampering here, I sleep better\" like that. It felt good to be sure, and
also because my father had been tinkering with Chin ○ their own, I was convinced that he do such things like that. I said after a while, to me, my father is so touching Chin ○.
The very hard When I touch, and they work with jerks, I remember it from surprised. As it says my father, when I have to move the hand, breath of my father became so rough gradually,
I became concerned about the degree is to blame, we release the hand. And since then, it's touching the Chin ○ is, it declined even been asked. After a while,
the night my father had been drinking more than usual, it was put a finger over there then also. Because it is one finger, without pain separately, without a comfortable, I felt strange somehow, but the
body is so numb suddenly, it became comfortably. I think maybe, and I hit the G-spot. So I ended up raising the voice gasping.
The rubbing chin ○ his furiously with one hand, in the hands of one-way anymore, my father had to stimulate the G-spot and my chestnut. And I lacked the semen on my dick.
I was surprised, and shouted \"What is this!?\" But, without explanation, my father took a bath to be \"Come wash\". And
been put your finger also, rises from the bath, was once again the same thing. After a while, it is now possible to put two fingers. When entered two for the first time, it was a little painful.
And, when I was a just turned 2 year of elementary school, I was put Chin ○ finally. The very painful at that time, and cried with a loud voice, but scolded \"hurts because I only first! Endure\", and
was put up through gritted teeth, but tears came out in pain too much. 2 years from it, was inculcated various things to my father. Parents divorced at the time of the fourth grade,
I was picked up in the mother, but later Masturbation it is not every night scarecrow. When you know the meaning of what had been the father, it was shocked, but because it was like my father, but is not supported in hate.
You do not feel like I am a 28-year-old is only mingle with men in their 50s 40 or generations, it is! ... Kana because want tenderness of his father again, though.