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Incest with daughter(2013-09)

Dear daughter

yuna himekawa[2415]
\"does not enter the bath together with dad anymore\"
Why?\" \"Mon friends anyone I have not entered the bath and Dad Because\"
\"Do not lonely dad even so?\" Daughter of a small 6
\"I'm sorry\"
\"us entered together only today because the last in today
Well,\" \"It 's last today - I wonder can not be helped\"
in that harbor daughter in the bathroom last decided, I
\"~'ll contained in the earlier\" I
think I waited for my daughter to wash the body in a bath to say, my daughter was come in and
say, \"~ I enter
pussy is not as hairy chest and that was about to bulge even's last look was the erection state as early,
we wash carefully than usual also pussy is subjected to body of daughter draw the hot water basin
and wash the body to whisk the sponge towel, cock my
pussy wash the ass from the back and is
It was Ategai in pussy cock to sit on top of me I was washing up the middle with a fingertip carefully slowly, as opposed to the daughter and soak in the bathtub to wash and walk through,
\"I have become big dad dick\"
in the \"You
Absolutely I do not fall for such \"\"
a bit sore'm \"okay but\" the cock feel like tearing thrusts his cock spread by hand the pussy of
absolute unreasonable
\"daughter by\" unreasonable,
and Merimeri \"cock I want to put rammed a stretch to fit was put,
\"! Yamete hurts
father,\" \"be patient'm just one step away\" and is head-hunting
\"Dad - I
hurt,\" perfectly
\"~ hurts Hyi ~\"
was entered in the pussy, cock
\" and because I love is \"You\", \"I also like to have gone through lips to lips of daughter she can and says\" I went \"all
the daughter that appeal to me in the face tears -\" I hurt dad, daughter face was Kyoton But ...'m ... \"You're is wanted by all means\" \"It will no good to was parent-child\" but \"it's\" No, but \"\" This is you understand somehow? \"it will do say sex you have learned in school\" Yeah \"and\" Yes \",\" and remove the cock to say that it! \"watching\" it becomes likely out as early as we move slowly while saying Now what are we going to do? \"to be\"'m moving the cock in the \"You're in, the pussy that hurts\"! \"tightening We show ejaculation in front of the daughter Te, \"baby I can this enters\" and \"Yeah\", \"like that contains something yet,\" daughter \"Wow!\" surprised \"Do not I'm sorry\" and \"good, but\" in the bathtub I did not know whether the bleeding I did,

Positive reaction of one check

It is the writing of a long time.
It seems that pregnant Apparently if I continued to cum to say my daughter does not want to contraception. It has been declared until it enters the
positive ...
stable period, the reaction is, and not only in the mouth it has brought a check one You rough.
Is unpalatable. And I had somehow Gomakase If only one person, but we are holding his head How should cover up in the neighborhood when it comes to the second person.
We are worried and should move better yet.
Son in elementary school (gender identity disorder) is no longer visible only to girls from anywhere no matter how you look at it now.
Part of Cali, I lick and carefully until the ball bag is wound licking carefully to穿Ru so at the tip of the tongue can be allowed to crawl the tongue to lick the ice candy like fellatio you have a netlist also last night.
Was ejaculation and cramps after a few minutes and licked the more I think my penis is, and is not it? Melts do is added to the mouth.
Daughter, had drank a gulp the semen in the mouth.
It had drank until semen remaining against the tongue in the urethra for the first blowjob again and I to clean the penis.
I would be a out swinging in the hips and Ategai insert my dick in vagina moist daughter would say you want the ends in yours, we will erect again at that fellatio shame.

Newlywed life with daughter

So, day-to-day as newlyweds Indeed, every day etch is followed.
In the men's junior high libido par, daughter is a big pleasure to pleasure of freshly remember.
And because would get bored of them, leaving a record so far. Out of touch with estranged wife, I wonder that when divorce becomes.

If people with intellectual disabilities, daughter

Daughter, and I am troubled by people with intellectual disabilities.
It has become a serious thing when you release the eye and Cho.
It was good until the fourth grade elementary school around, but came become feminine menarche also come breasts bulge when it comes to 11 to 12 years old.
People with intellectual disabilities do not know Toka embarrassing.
That do not will be, that you should not do, you leaked the poop and pee but it does not know.
You island take off all the clothes are made ​​or become smelly or wet.
Desuyo the 12-year-old girl becomes naked in public, it does not accumulate on the go embarrassment After the parent.
When the solicitation of newspaper came, daughter have gone to the front door while scraping over there and put your hand in shorts with one piece shorts at the age of 15. Anymore, I said sorry and let the solicitor. I asked that very secret. I am troubled Siemens also can not be treated yourself. I take the diaper finally Become a 15-year-old. I became as can alone urination and excretion. For some reason, be a naked does not heal. Then you do not want soon, it will be a high school student, you are having sex is becoming naked in the middle. Some men with intellectual disabilities in the class. Men to move the hips or hug to female teachers and female employees, or touching the breast, then Dari Mong and hug from behind is also so are the boys. Some boys start to masturbate and put genitals during class. You can fuck or touch the genitals of boys, girls and begin fuck the genitals and girls and to imitate to see it. I will remember the masturbation naturally. So, sexual activity, too will learn naturally. Anywhere, troubled you are sexually active.

Daughter toys?

I am engaged in the self-employed at 45 years old.
My daughter is attending a local college at 22 years old. I was therefore a \"marriage that had made\" at a young age, it was busy in work and life, we have We worked hard until the mid-30s. When I work also on track, it was possible to afford in time and to some extent, it fits to multiple sites or play swap, and has been active as a single man. Autumn of last year, we have to apply the \"three recruiting alone Ms. us to gangbang in the field her my\" in the social networking site you are using all the time. Is a lot of 30 40s roughly, but their 40s boyfriend, because she did it with the 21-year-old woman because it was in their 20s and also, I think ... kana difference Saffle couple of years, also useless it was I have chosen you apply for in the. Play the day, at night time, place a small forest park located in the mountains. If you are waiting at the parking lot of waiting, a couple of car's also arrived two men of the other, and arrival. Other men were also about the same age as me. Wait in the car, she's is a meeting lightly only men. It was to \"wear a condom, since to prepare to go to the pavilion in the park earlier during insertion, because the e-mail as soon as ready, then play start\" and in the description of the boyfriend's. Go back to the car, respectively, alone the men will wait. And she's is down from the car, I will continue to walk with the boyfriend's. Outdoor lights in the parking lot, a woman's face because it was likely to appear somehow, if you look at it with anticipation eyes, It was a Shiori my daughter what. It had head down and shyly, but it was a daughter of Shiori definitely. Crosses in front of my car, two men went off into the darkness. I will be in panic, it was not needed even after you can have ... and Yara want to pop out I wonder want to run away. How trying that she if I Barre roughly, it is not in the situation, such as can be canceled at this place, and heart had been Bakubaku anxiety has been recruited. However, the park's total darkness, and with or thinking positively strange also ... be hard to Bale. If you are traveling, that \"one person please come every five minutes to meetings Street Satsuki\" and there is mail from boyfriend's. It does not sink in after the other. Since I was the last, other men went off in the dark and one also one person.

Daughter and four-year primary school

I will have a relationship of body night and daughter yesterday.
Where he was licking and touching pussy daughter from a young age they contain bath still with my daughter. From the second half of the second grade, I began to feel my daughter out voice. From the third grade, I began to drink even sperm lick my cock.
 Yesterday, it was two daughters and not stay in the cliff there is a stay on errands home wife.
my daughter, to things such as that put in pussy mom dick daddy always if you talk and you'll be feels more daughter to go to the beginning Farah from countries as usual and to take a bath together and eat dinner I was surprised to have heard that.
I started saying I care and want to be district and it feels like this is always watching you and listening, because they coming too take Mom Toka feel good and have put dick in pussy mom.
 And I love enough to want to etch even when the physiological wife also loves to etch. It's put away Itte even bamboo were placed.
 A daughter, I put all at once by pulling the bath towel on top of the bed. But it went on so say daughter was shy but pain, daughter and continue. And I thought it because he is such a long time have more to say whether Which Nde while changing the posture, the daughter of stylish seems to me, was exhausted in the middle a month together.
 sperm blood was mixed from the inside came out and unplugged the cock to the end.
 I love one with my daughter until three o'clock this morning thereafter. Today, we plan to love each other in the bath because some wife.
 It feels good for both my wife, my daughter even care I might not stop district

With my proud cute daughter ...

Nice to meet you, I am the father of my only daughter who will be 47 years old this year. My daughter will be 25 this year . The life of only two parents and daughters will be a little over 20 years. We parents and daughters have been and will continue to live. (Maybe until I die first) I will report that incest ... First! At first I was with my mother just before I was promoted to the second grade of junior high school My father died before going to junior high school in an accident at a steel company After a little over a year since I became a single mother, I could not go to school due to influenza After a few days of curing , my mother wiped my body and came to the room with hot water in a bucket. After a certain amount of wiping, my mother took off my pants. (I think it would n't have happened to my mother ) (I have to clean it up here too) Contrary to my embarrassment, my mother started wiping the cock (Mother took care of her after her father died) I started working as a woman) I think my mother didn't have any weird feelings at that time. It was like treating a patient, but I'm honest! I had an erection just to the brim (Oh! Well!) My mother stopped wiping and stared at the erected cock ( ○○ is already an adult. It's a little covered, but it's okay. Yo) (Mom ...)I was fascinated by how comfortable it was. When I saw that look, my daughter (it feels good ) certainly felt more than rubbing with masturbation, and then she put me in my mouth. The beginning of incest. It didn't take long to get to sex. Such a mother-daughter (forbidden) relationship lasted until my mother passed away. My mother died when I was 19, and I eventually got married. Then my daughter was born, but after only about 6 years , my feelings were changing as my daughter started to live on a tripod with my daughter and my growing daughter turned into a woman. Somehow I was beginning to feel a woman with my daughter, one day when my daughter was in the 4th grade of elementary school, when I was taking a bath together as usual, I asked my daughter (with my dad) I wonder how long I will take a bath together) (If my dad wants to take a bath, I can do it forever) I also (Is it okay for XX to be in junior high school?) My daughter nodded I'm really happy and (dad I'll wash the body today) that I was a daughter of the body from per peripheral nipple had entered a growth phase so as to project has been tinged with hip peripheral also rounded back over and I finished washing one way I Ategai a hand to the daughter of breast says nothing daughterNipple No Kanjitore is how you feel even if Korikori further straight crack was tracing Ategai a hand to still my daughter does not say anything does not even practice swing to run away I will see to put a hand in the crack It stimulates the very shallow part I felt the change of my daughter and (there! It feels good) she said that she was spoiled later, but she did the back video I had at the time He said he had seen masturbation when he was alone, and when I apologized to my daughter with a little guilt, she said something unexpected (I'm good because I'm a dad. I love it) (Really good to paddle? Dad want to full kiss hundred of the body. but still good to paddle) (Yeah) after all that time went into the bedroom from the bath, I was the first to caress the body of the daughter sex is still talk of the previous daughter Said I wanted to see the milk coming out of my dad's cock, so I showed it to my daughter, and then almost every day I enjoyed my daughter's body.I had a strong desire to have sex, but my daughter fifth grade up to take the virginity during the summer vacation had only each other to caress daughter and I to the fifth grade of summer vacation went to stay a week Izu of the villa was a rest as soon as possible without anything that day I arrived in the morning After breakfast, it's finally time for the two of us to enter the hot springs.My daughter at that time was climbing the stairs to the woman, and her breast swelling was more developed than when she was in the 4th grade, and she was getting wet. However Oma 〇 This is still hairless (physiology without yet) and I was tied because it is a little maniac the daughter of breast SM tailoring, also wearing a sailor suit I bought in Donkey for this day also panties I don't wear it I've recorded countless photos and videos, but I left the state of that time before I etch this day I sought my lips violently in the bed I fixed my daughter's limbs was also deprived of their freedom of hands and feet is the daughter of expression me and stared at the strange sex appeal we love liquid is spilled from the clean fractures of the foot is wide open daughter in sensual breast tied open the sailor suit When I caressed my daughter, she started to make a writhing voice . It's not so loud, but my voice and breathing are exciting enough for me. When I caress my daughter's body a lot, my daughter (dad's) huntingtin want. I want to be a woman in the huntingtin dad ... again put) a plea to came I put dick dad (good! hundred Nooma 〇 this. I hope I hurt because first it) daughter nods I put a penis in the center of the crack and rub it up and down again and again and press the demon head into the hole where my daughter acceptsI pushed the penis further by hand. Kito enters. I hug my daughter's waist and poke slowly . Repeat putting in and out several times (I'm going) Let's call it a narrow space, I'll push it apart (Ah) My daughter pierced me for a moment. The penis pierced deep into my daughter's crevice, but I didn't move (I entered ... I'm glad) . It was (the happy. Yeah.) ('m fine dad. moved by may be) put in a little while will be saved the feelings in the words of the daughter I stuck on him uterus swing daughter waist ( Ah) I heard that voice of my daughter many times, and I ejaculated deeply . It's a story of my first experience. Now my 25-year-old daughter is still enjoying sex. I am also my daughter. I'm also a pie bread I'm in the middle of contraceptive treatment I'm doing a lot of maniac things Just recently my daughter has changed I will tell you that I want a child with me by 30

Stepchildren of wife

Stepchildren of wife, Miki daughter will be 23 years old this year. Our couple is 55 years old and remarried. My daughter loves to go out with me and shopping. You feed me be happy wife because can you like at home by one person. I do not think it is a very Moteru glasses with thick to the eye daughter. So a date with me seems like. In fact there is a secret to me and my daughter. It went out with a reason and shopping with my daughter, we went to the hotel. It will be 3 years.
 I went out with that daughter would buy gifts 20th birthday cutout. Its Tokimusume is actually was started saying you want to watch adult movies. It's called \"Take me and dad,\" it is not put in one person. I became happy than surprised. I had went to see the rest well in adult movie Juan of the die.
 So say it is confirmed again daughter, want to go, I went to a certain adult movie theater around 2:00 to eat lunch. It was pretty crowded in that you say Sunday. While staring the audience, daughter and I sat with in the daughter to the edge of the seat back. Couple only we of course. 3 real Toka cheating wives, scene intertwined daughter also was also staring clenched handkerchief.
 After than 10 minutes, a man such as salaryman suit figure of middle-aged came closer to the seat next to her daughter. I was watching I think I noticed but try to leave it to flow. My daughter is a blouse and beige skirt shorter. The next guy came touching the knee of the daughter. I have been I Sawasa claws over the knee touch friendly way. The finger will continue into the inner thigh of the daughter gradually. Daughter remains to be Do not stop it.
Then the hand of man opened the knees. Right hand will continue into the crotch of her daughter. It seems that by tracing over there from the top of Pantei. I have been fidgeting daughter pointing down. We are looking at me, but was pretending such notice. Then man began fir in the chest with his left hand daughter. Breath has become rough daughter. Right hand enters the Pantei, you should have futzing pussy soaked probably. My daughter has been holding my hand. Then came Yosete himself to me \"that's there, is groping, somehow\" to say so in his ear. A man, I say \"Yes, I'm sorry\" and to say \"Please stop,\" the man told me went stood up immediately.
 But I went with a hand on the crotch of my daughter now. Pantei has wet Sure enough. It remains to be to me without closing the foot daughter or expect. When you put your hand in her bra and unbuttoned blouse with the right hand, nipples stood firm. My daughter endured still clinging to my left hand when picking it. Breast of my daughter I have become half-assed you keep rubbing still. Daughter does not try to hide even said that! \"Embarrassing\". And I've been holding what was erection to put hand to bottom down the zipper of my pants than that. Because it was not so likely to take it anymore, and entered the hotel it is close to out of the movie theater staring gaze of curious, I quickly crossed the line and daughter.