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Incest with daughter(2014-01)

I like daughter.

yuna himekawa[2813]
Now, I am living the life of a 1K barely two daughters and five small, four and a half tatami mats.
There is also a debt that my wife made,
money does not remain almost pay well as nursing home cost of mother-in-law.
My wife does not know whereabouts in disappearance, is ready to divorce can not be. Daughter is bright even in such a life, we have survived in very me to and save cuisine active in saving. However, I am puzzled savings level is too little. And to say that the bath water is a waste from the other day, I was taking a bath together for the first time in years. But hot water, a little, it will stick to the shoulder if put together two people in a small bathtub, but I have an erection and feel the woman daughter also blunder body is in close contact. The nude daughter to see after a long time, chest is getting a little bulge, the Iroppo had come out. It leads to erection painfully while washing the back of her daughter. Even when you go to bed, saying electric bill electric blanket is a waste, you have sunk to my futon. It is barely suppressed excitement of the girl who can make a zizzing sound and peacefully in the arms of my pillow in close contact to say cold. It is likely to hit it too like that honesty, daughter.

I'm sorry Rei

I was alone with my daughter. Brave daughter was subjected himself to me.
It can not do anything to even tampered pussy to put your fingers in the pants. Not to withhold, it's Gonzo inserted. Daughter's junior high school, I am the first. I had committed I get if enough is done to others, cunt daughter. It's during lashed to the waist as the devil daughter to say that it hurts crying. 2 volley excited about my semen flowing out from the pussy of daughter, of without disconnecting. Pussy of you was the dad that kiss, to Mr. Nakata further entwined with the tongue while saying things my daughter crying. I,


My daughter's third semester has begun. On my behalf, I was having breakfast with my wife, Kyoko, for the first time in a while. It was a simple meal of toast and coffee. "Kyoko, that, Azumi," I cut out the story of my daughter. I was a little worried. "Azumi? What happened?" Kyoko asks while wiping the strawberry jam spilled on the apron. "Isn't his chest a little abnormal?" "Huh? That ... is that big?" "Yes. That's too big for the middle one." Even though he's short , his bust is painful. I was worried about my big daughter. I couldn't say anything in front of him, so I tried to cut it out to my wife now. "Yeah. You said you're worried about boys'eyes. It's 105 cm. It's amazing. I only have 80. I want a little." "Boys' eyes are still good. An adult man. It would be hard if weird guys noticed it. " " What are you worried about? Like a fool. " Kyoko laughed with her nose. I lost more words to say. I'm the only one who is interested. Isn't it my father who sees my daughter's bust with nasty eyes? Looking back on himself, he was biting the cold toast. I was always late to return and had no time to face my daughter.While spending time with my family during the New Year holidays, I couldn't help but worry about my daughter's chest. "Is it so big from the front?" Azumi, a daughter who seems to be heavy and helps with the general cleaning ... The sweater was about to burst. Small red lips that contrast with white skin. A slightly larger front tooth that is removed from it. I liked Azumi's rodent cuteness. I was born here in Azumino, Shinshu, so I named it "Azumi". "Hey, you're accumulating, right?" Kyoko asked me mischievously. "Oh?" "So, things Azumi tits is gonna haunting" may Zuboshi. I haven't masturbated, and the couple's activities haven't happened. "Azumi will be back by noon, so should I start now?" Why are you looking from above? But I want you to do it ... "Can you do it?" "Yeah. I wanted to do something." We took a quick shower and went to the bedroom. The bed sheets were crumpled as I stayed awake. We exchanged sweet kisses, saying that they hadn't been to each other even though they were always sleeping here. "Do you want to close the curtain?" I also took care of it from the morning."It's okay to leave it open." This is an outskirts of the village, so there are no houses around. Mt. Otensho and Mt. Jonen were faintly visible in the windows. I came up from the bathroom with just a bath towel, so I was ready to take action. Today's child goes to bed and invites me to look at me. "I'll lick it." "Yeah ." I opened my crotch and I crawled up to bed. Like a dog, he made a loud noise and licked from the valley to his ass. "Ah. Good. That's good." Becha, Becha, Pecha. Pecha ... Thin pubic hair is on the chestnut like a New Year decoration. I want to make a move. The ripe woman in the latter half of the thirties radiates pheromones, making me stiff after a long absence. "It's okay. I'll lick you." "Is that so?" I always tend to refrain. They licked each other in the form of sixty nine. "Oh, it's getting big. I'm glad," he said, licking the glans and getting it wet. Immediately, the whole thing was wrapped in a soft thing. I'm in my child's mouth today. Jubo, Jubo, Jubo A somewhat violent blow job that raises and lowers the face violently has begun. "Do you want to shave your hair? You want to get in your nose and tickle."When I thought so, I sneezeed a lot. Cushion! I laughed. "It's bad, it's okay. Let's connect now . " "Yeah. Come on ..." I fitted it in the missionary position. I pushed everything in slowly so that I could see how tight it was after a long time. "Ahhh ..." "Tight" "It hurts a little ..." "You shouldn't move" "Yeah, still ..." I sucked my mouth together. "Hmm ..." I moved with my tongue, tracing the teeth of today's child. Kyoko also tried to stick to my lips. A strange kiss created by two people. Little by little, the stiffness was released, it was gently moisturized, and the vagina began to slide. "Oh, move." "I 'm going. " The old bed squeaks. The dolls on the cabinet sway slightly. It's an old house. "Ah, ah, ah ..." " Hmm, don't get tired, hey. " "Hey, let's get up. " "Ask me. " I turned over and had my wife ride. Kyoko who supports the penis with her hands and guides herself. "Look, how?"I'm sitting down and looking at my expression. I try to inflate my penis. "Ahhh. It's amazing, it's big." "Hey, hey. " "I'm moving." I 've been doing vigorous exercise while bouncing my hips. "Oh, it hits the back," he says. I started rubbing a bust that was much smaller than my daughter. I've never died at the woman on top posture, but maybe it was accumulated, it was the limit of patience. " I'm about to die ." "Eh? Already." "Is it okay inside?" "I think it's okay, but take responsibility." What do you mean? "Is it about another person?" "Well," "I like the boy. I'll put it out, uhhh ." "Oh, I did it," Kyoko said, lying down and sucking her mouth. We came back early, didn't even know that Azumi was watching us, and we were still connected and enjoying the afterglow ...

Incest discourse

I Do not become incest daughter-in-law? Second wife is 14 daughter of 40 second wife at 44 I is likely to soon Idake a previous marriage of the second wife

Libido to daughter

To enter the bath daughter (medium 2) after a long time before this, I was surprised a little to the growth of the daughter.
The body is rounded completely, constriction of the waist had come out clearly and swelling of the breast. Crack was faintly but is covered with pubic hair, I had drifted a sexual attraction that is not the same as adults.
I erection also blunder, I felt faintly the libido to the daughter.
The now masturbation Imagine sex with daughter on the border that day, incest aspirations went getting stronger day by day.
We look to lick the body of her daughter recently.

Father-in-law and sister-in-law


I'm a 33-year-old sister of the husband ,, Is it good writing thing, but I like being pregnant.
Opponent of the real father.
Mother-in-law has passed away five years ago in the family of five of the father-in-law husband and I, and sister-in-law and children in the house.
Actually I was watching several times, two people from being in the room hugging the father-in-law.
Room of the father-in-law and sister-in-law is a one-floor on the second floor, the door had been open only a little voice annoying of sister-in-law has been heard from the room of the father-in-law to go to the toilet in the middle of the night to our room couple.
When you look through the middle and we take for by chance, both of them it was a naked sister-in-law is straddling on top of the father-in-law.
I think it was the spring of two years ago.
I think Na's there really to say and incest for the first time at that time.
It was not even necessarily have to pay particular attention from it, but had heard the voice gasp of sister-in-law several times when you go to the toilet.
Should I say to my husband I whether this is a good idea.
The thing between the father-in-law and sister-in-law to and I'm troubled.

Night shift Fitr

You either Zukozuko alternately from behind and let knees side by side the daughter of his wife and his wife
early rather I do not know why the night shift dawn but because frustrating
And you can come and go ass daughter and his wife ass wife.
I have decided three times by both the cell squid before the two men go out to work and school.
It's a little bit hard because there is no time, but there is challenging.
Two men go out for the first time dressed slowly When I 's breakfast cookie that my wife had been prepared for over.
Then I go to bed.
I sleep in an exhilarating mood.
I weigh before the sister of his wife is doing the shop go out before noon.
And I do not think sister wife gasping while Anan said in mouth and bad sister also bad a matter of fact.
When finished, go out agrin because you're terrible anymore. This person's toughest.

Elementary school students of the body of an adult?

\"... I also want to ...\" \"How can chan Shiori or trying to do, Do not it? To\" Shiori
Tomomi \"I'm going back soon I, but do not you?\"
Yuka If you're chillin in the living room finished the meal with Tomomi and colleagues Shiori to bet or try to do Well \" 3 people are waiting for me to enter the bet Shiori also started off in a hurry, \"not a take off\" Shiori-chan? Yuka and Tomomi Yuka out undress and go turn now \"in the bedroom. I also went into the bed while thinking who to whether attempts to put. Tomomi daughter and we are committed massaging the breast of each other. I began to caress embrace with the bookmark. It was placed in a Tomomi Remove the cock of toys from the drawer saying \"Shiori-chan from the WaTomo chan me as dad,\" said Yuka. Shiori who was the sight put a finger in the pussy \"Uncle Allais What?\" Bookmark \"'m running in electric 's sex toys,\" but tightening narrow amazing still. It can be seen to have become hard and sandwich lips nipples. you are Kuwae cock to as \"me licking cock Shiori-chan?\" Shiori \"Yes\" was taught. Girls next door are also raised. \"I have above?\" And Shiori \"try to put Become on this time Shiori-chan\" and Shiori \"I can do it Shiori-chan'm fine\" and I think whether it oh well it can be every day with my daughter has wanted spans over me . I sank to Ategai pussy Shiori lowering the hips slowly grip the cock. \"Anti-?\" \"Yes, Yeah\" Shiori \"'m moving up and down slowly Shiori-chan\" I crumpled to gather the chest flat-chested of bookmarks from the bottom. I also pushed up the waist to fit the timing awkward movement. Cock has become a little sore in the pussy tightening and overuse of cock continuous. But ejaculation feeling come hit. I fired limit has come. Semen is less when you see the rubber bookmarks down from me. It was going to do with Tomomi After this it overkill to clear, but it will give up. I rested slowly go back each daughters also end.

Dad love Part 2

My father is sleeping drunk you are drinking liquor in the morning.
You have already New Year's Eve while SEX father and TV was not interesting because New Year's Eve.
Was pee me lined with several sheets and bath towels waterproof sheets if you said that it would like to pee while sleeping father. I was me ready, \"I say,\" I asked my father and I would like to bedwetting majestically Now you remember I feel good than I think when you wet the bed at an early age, and are angry is was strong. Hanging around the pussy you issue the pee get while watching my father you to bedwetting, it was a pleasure it is pleasant.
Some ovarian if there is congenital disease in addition to the atrichia, if you check my father took me to the hospital worried physiology is not this hard before, but I congenital ametria there is no uterus ? I was told pregnancy life been diagnosed with, and can not give birth. So I watched the AV of the web to erection without watching AV when SEX with me the most, my father because should already know that you do not become pregnant even if you cum even if SEX no physiological to my father without condom
you study or willing to cum in pussy my father and erection How do I.
Immediately, you're going to implement father If you encounter.