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Incest with daughter(2016-01)

Daughter of curiosity

It seems to peep one daughter in a couple of life.
The first was, I thought that's because of the gas, neatly closed the door, it was found open gently.
At that time be it may not I - the voice was leakage of the couple because it is so also are a child you want to experience in the junior high school student, daughter Will was awakening to sex Well, want to tell me are many (laughs)

New life with my daughter, new life with my daughters

yuna himekawa[5405]
I moved to a new house and started living with my two daughters, and my younger daughter also helped with cooking and the rice became very big. The number of bento boxes has increased and it is smiling. Even now, we are cooking together. > Mr. Kotaro of Nachi I disciplined him, but there were many negatives in terms of money. I knew how to use my ex-wife, and I had almost no money. I wanted to decide on a divorce early, so I gave up the award, so I decided to get all the remaining property. Later, I received millions of awards from my cheating partner. It's probably a minus in total, but I'm convinced that I got all the rights of my daughter and got rid of it early. I make an effort to make time, but I spend most of the time I have on my daughters. I'm doing my best for my daughters. > Incest lovers have set up the next thread! > Mr. Tsubame At first, I would like to write frequently like a diary, but I don't save much time. However, I would like to look back and read it later, so I will write it little by little. Continuing from the previous session. Later, I was shocked when I saw a photo of the cheating partner's face. His face looked a bit like his younger daughter, and I thought he was a child of an affair. I was worried about whether to keep it silent, but since the risk is greater when it comes from my wife's mouth, I showed my younger daughter a picture and told it. My younger daughter was just stunned with a photo. I hugged him tightly and pomponed my back and said, "Even if the blood isn't connected, it's my daughter. I love you."I started crying. For about 30 minutes, I calmed down a little, and when I asked, "Are you okay?", I nodded a little with my face buried in my chest. And he hugged me tightly. Suddenly the feeling of breasts was transmitted and I got an erection in such a situation. After a while, the couscous girl who noticed the erection started laughing and laughed, "Oh, I was refreshed. Dad's H " and said, "I'll definitely follow my dad," and cut his finger. After deciding to divorce, I had more hard work. I went back and forth for work, divorce, claiming compensation, transferring schools, moving, selling homes, and so on. It seemed safer to transfer to another school until the end of the first semester, so I decided to have my sister take care of my younger daughter with a promise until summer vacation. I am grateful to my sister for taking me to and from school. Around the beginning of summer vacation, I got divorced and other rough pieces, and after that I left it to an attorney, which made my private life much easier. I moved to my younger daughter on the first Saturday and Sunday of the summer vacation. Since I live with three people, I rented a larger room and moved. The bath is not a unit bath, but a little wider than the bath and toilet. I was tired from moving me and my older daughter on Saturday, my younger daughter on Sunday, and moving for two days in a row, but it was a pleasant tiredness. That Sunday night, maybe because I was tired from the bath , I was always washing my hands in the bath, but by this time I felt like I was caressing each other. I rub the dick in the shape of sandwiching me with my two daughters and press my body.I'll lose and wash my chest and dicks. I was more excited than usual. I said, "If you cosplay so much, it will come out." My younger daughter, "Are you sperm? You can put it out. I want to put it out and see where it comes out." I couldn't stand it and the sperm that had accumulated in the reservoir fired well. It was in contrast to the younger daughter, who was surprised and released her hand and said "Wow", and the older daughter, who was staring at her without stopping her hands. I felt really good. However, soon after that, the dick was in severe pain, and it seemed that it was scratched and the soap was soaked, probably because it was rubbed too hard. The pain was much better when I washed the soap, but I felt tingling and tingling overnight. The girls were worried, saying "I'm sorry". After that, I washed it myself for a few days, but I started to ask my daughters to wash it gently again, and I started to pull it out once or twice every three days.

Extremity father of Guess

\"I Sasero licking pussy\" It is a word I said when I met the last daughter of divorce is determined high school students. I can not forget terrible and staring's face with that when the daughter. \"The Jan should I liked\" is bellow daughter. But I will crawl in the immediately mini skirt is not flinch, he lowered the abandon and rubbing without hesitation pants the face to pants to the ankle. Splashing sound, it crawls tongue deliberately to rough daughter of crack to make a big sound.
Pants while standing in the lower let be skirt to ankle
licking intently the pubic area of daughter orientation on to worship, is it's the father of the real.

Lewd guy

Thing I love I like

And daughter

It is in you had a daughter of 10-year-old and 8-year-old daughter-in-law is the three people living does not divorce
the name of the daughter above Airi, under snow
daughters since the daughters have entered the bath daily naked We went to the no longer certain of evening Airi room can put up to have seen. And to sleeping in cute sleeping face was breath Nugashi the Airi of trousers and pants and would be okay. Airi was happened to be aware of if you Shaburitsui in pussy because it still does not occur.
For example Papa was surprised I're doing
Airi okay, built a neck I asked a little more and then After feeling phrase is huh of Airi feels becoming even rough snort of Airi Once you to the saying Rim continue was And then a little patience from the continues licking from falling on
that day ended with it was continued and a lick roasted pussy every day one day, Airi to also asked to be Na want to comb feeling dad was play taiko to show video on mobile from a hear as I'll do what daddy frightfully I bought feeling. Airi This is also the scene have put the cock in pussy When you see it from say to 'm going, Dad said I'm good Airi how much I want to put in Airi of pussy if you can is to say either but recently terribly painful but patience can Te from a say Yeah because say it because not still fit and I began that day quit I bought lotion the next day I tried, with Airi painful I went And then smoothly and painted Gappari lotion any moment and crying the has been for a while it was as silently from shake his head if you heard that or quit Airi next to you put in as it is Airi and because it was me and the other limit of the patience that shook his hips slowly from a little steep Airi Once you disconnect, resulting I was raised hugged gently from crying out to. I was said that I glad I was hurt and I asked another one to turn to that day went to bed hugging each other naked remains Airi room voice now so as to every day from the next day is pleasant also Airi is was a lot Positions also it began to come out there and day as usual in the city was seen in the snow when I can because I have heard are you doing with dad and sister naked honestly talk was came to be and and snow now it is sending fun every day is today I will now also

Now (5:30) daughter and .....

A week ago, \"the birthday, dad and you want to etch\" daughter is saying
now, we have.