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Incest with daughter(2012-01)

Pants of daughter

I hope everyone. It is the limits to your lack of pants daughter of JC us so timid person. The Nemurase sleeping pills in her daughter, and Na want to play a desire, do not want Omankoname, do not want to insert, I want out big time. I want committed and tied hands and feet if further come true. I want the ends while kissing daughter.

Electra complex

I was lost at the time of the 18 father.
In the Electra complex, I loved things to my father. And I saw a bulletin board here for the first time, but when viewed under, comments, \"sex with my father I have come to look forward to\" the
san, I thought for the first time honest, and that enviable. I also,'s a 21 now, but my father when I live if I wanted to have sex.
When the high-3, when you walked hand in hand with my father, I remember was very excited.
I'm so jealous. Even imagine now, I feel like it is a very nice will.

My family

yuna himekawa[906]
Job search in Shokuan was the daily routine in the morning,
I go to pick the kindergarten daughter in the afternoon it was busy in cooking laundry and go home, I have been restructuring
wait to cook with my daughter until his wife home from work trout,
I am a patient in a doctor daughter elaborate on Medical Play,
Chuka so sore \"Where recently?
You pretended examination of the chest and belly shirt and turning \",
Chuka in the\" here?
You clasped a small hand pulled out the cock,
change will occur in the cock of course,
begin to rub up and down on a similar note the cock coming I erection and Mukumuku, spin
that Chuka in painful swollen so \"\"
rub last \" - Stop the hand of daughter ejaculation feeling been infested soil faster,
\"If Chi Chuyo disturb a useless\"
and begin rubbing again rejected my hand,
I'll seeing \"teacher I am also a teacher of You fuck pussy put your finger in the pants of the daughter to say,
\"You rub the crack with a spit in the pussy that would get wet, a few minutes ejaculation begins, I at night -\" I was a \"Taku-chan admire my daughter out in the daytime out with my wife, and it rubbed much while we are still quite a amount comes out, wipe clean also crack wipe your finger and cock unplug the fingertips from the crack, three people spoofing the dinner my wife comes home You sleep in a figure of the river wash carefully the crack and daughter crack of his wife taking a bath, you can ejaculate in with wife Sucking crevices of his wife daughter and sleep, this is the daily routine of my逹家group, in the years after I'm looking forward to it can do ejaculation in the daughter.


day my husband (33 years) did not stay home on a business trip, (53 years old) Takumi's father-in-law
came to play and I think we lonely in the \"one person. And take off the \"panty or not and Bechabicha by\" Mutsumi's put your hands in the panty and turning the skirt with? \"I guess Shitoru sex and\" Haruhiko
from behind me when I put the tea in the kitchen Haruhiko \"said Yaro's does Ola How can no longer even trying to come inserted in putting Standing \"and did have drinking medicine of wanted to sex and Mutsumi-san, in Gingin so\" and stood with Bee, Takumi's been cock of Takumi's in the lower body naked it is \"Takumi-san,\" Mutchan, Yaro has become more university feeling, Ya copper Haruhiko \"I stayed in Rugamama but becoming comfortably gradually, I was panting Anan and hug Takumi-san! feels good ~ ~ Oh ~ that day and \"Ya I like sex Shiyoyana, N Mutcha once in a while when\" Mutchan, Haruhiko is absent is allowed to stinking tongue \"Mutsumi and ~ Ju ~ Shiyoya\" of cute N poke more \"it becomes normal position five times sex and father-in-law one day sex with the father-in-law that there was pleasant than when the husband might have been doing with my husband After you to the workings while thinking about sex with the father-in-law when the sex and my husband is indeed of sex was becoming pleasure. But it is every day to sex and father-in-law husband because away from home at a conference in month 2

Beloved daughter

 I work a night shift.
 Since sleeping until early afternoon to come back in the middle of the night,
there on the second floor in my bedroom,
on the first floor, my wife sleeping in a room on the first floor room of the daughter of a high school freshman.
 When I go home,
you sleep from drinking a fish wife had me prepared.
 You say the name of the daughter and Mika, but Mika
became the manager of the land section shortly after admission to high school. And I
 say hear, that there are senior men's longing part of the track and
 Sunday in early summer, Mika does not come back, even late at night.
 You came back at midnight, was relieved, but
I have to strike a Mika pissed off furiously.
 If you ask where to and I
went, I that I went to the beach it takes 2 hours one way and the men that gave me a lift.
 If you ask what you've been with men,
I just say, \"I'm not doing anything.\"
 To say that the Na to be this absolutely another,
you've done to my room Mika, but
Mika has done several times in the house of senior track and field, and
to play to the seaside and the men who met for the first time If you think that it is not impossible
but it did not come back until late at night to go, and nothing
happened, I was not falling asleep easily. It was caught in the desire to say before
 the next day, and then returning home after the night shift, you are drinking in the
kitchen, that it must examine the dick Mika
 Upon exiting the corridor, you will hear snoring from the room of his wife.
Wife because working, it seems to be爆睡tired.
 I was pretty drunk, but
I opened the door of the room of Mika quietly.
 The Nijiriyo~tsu to bed in a dark,
I put a hand gently in a towel under the summer hanging.
 Put your hands in the pajamas, I tried touching the breast.
 You do not have any reaction.
 I tried to lower shear pants and pajama bottom.
 Body was directed to the right slightly, but
I have removed the pants and pajamas from the left leg without regard. I tried to put
 open the crotch,
to open it to put the crack index finger and middle finger of the left hand, you should then be knead. Have
 Haisshima up during and Zuru~tsu is two fingers without resistance of
much, Mika was aloud called \"Un\".
 If you are wet inside, and knead gently with two fingers,
I was directed to the right aloud also Mika called \"Un\". I thought it was
 because the finger came out from the crack, I
want to touch again breasts stretched the pudding, but
it was out of the room of Mika Stop it any more.
 While back on drinking back to the kitchen, I was tormented by ferocious jealousy against the man you do not know
anyone who convinced Mika is not a virgin, took the virgin of Mika

Relationship of abstinence (daughter)

You can not stop the relationship with my daughter, even if it can think of that it should not bad. I think such a thought is the same or even daughter.
Is two people living with (a pseudonym) Yuko. It does not worry beams of diet, such as my parents' house so the immediate vicinity.
Divorce to his wife, and my side was taking over the daughter of his wife cheating, there is also such a thing is the cause.
Yuko is a junior high school third grade now. It was a child, such as taking a bath with me until the 5th year in rising was spoiled. Summer of this year, I was drinking at home (fruit) wine that I got from an acquaintance. And I drank a little and pass a glass of my \"'m not feeling to say drink what about this? Because fruit wine\", \"delicious Papa, I drink?\" And as this is called? \"I drink a little.\" And began to drink Bring your own glass and \"delicious this drink?\" Only one cup. Sake is a drink. Eye becomes Tron somehow and after about 30 minutes, I began sleeping in now soon. \"Yeah, chest, cute from .T shirt was made ​​Let him to the room of her daughter with. Hug and went to bed and also just say yeah and shaking body\" Hey, do not sleep in the room if you do not go the room, \"said It seemed to nipple. I had drunk a little you hear thunder. heart was touch the chest casually from the top of the T-shirt is Bakubaku. Yuko was only sleeping like a doll. feelings dont in me You have dwarf is. below was wearing the jersey. was licking a few degrees. tongue there was a chestnut such as underdeveloped and most genital pink When you open the thin bottom pubic hair is visible when Nugasu so as to sway I think it's. it's just 10 seconds. was not worn and also. began to remember the sexual desire for the daughter from that day. holiday is a weekday for the service industry. I in the house where nobody , and now the masturbation by winding over there underwear enters the room of Yuko. There is also a cute underwear you have grown-up a little and underwear. you can issue the underwear of Yuko sperm electricity to run. was placed in a washing machine It's back to the wardrobe and dries to put in the washing dryer Te. me is that ... the Yuko you are sleeping also. bought a fruit wine. began to drink the wine glass. Yuko feel sexy strangely It has been seen to. \"Dad ... Dad ...\" \"? ... What? Yeah\", \"I ... do you slept? can probably drank this this before but I will have something ... daddy ... strange?\" angry It seemed like you're smiling even smile rather than a feeling. It is not \"? ... What? E\" can only play dumb. Yuko is \"... to lick ... even if I say daddy ...\" It's knew.