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Incest with daughter(2013-01)


The inner, have an older sister twin brother of fifth grade.
Get along well from the old days, you play with two people always, you are sleeping together.
Recently, breast daughter to have inflated, since taking a bath together still, maybe? I thought it was.
So, it's being investigated whether I'll be the first experience with two people, but either would not be good hand.
In a natural way, I want to be tied two people wanted.

And the mother's new partner

yuna himekawa[1816]
It is ten years ago, but now get along as soon as me to gently to me body have stocky really in the truck drivers of large mother
was remarried the father of the current in the spring of Nakasan I At such time, I am up to it was the sliding door and down to the bottom gently voice of Ano when the mother is able to hear all the time at night this father was the ideal man exactly if there is a longing for that father in the Electra complex On the day two years that there is also the day of the night shift is going to passed since my mother was with one person masturbation while I would also like to H Anna wind father Did time peeps always from between since has been a nurse My mother was feeling that I was surprised at first father went on in the nude I am in the place where my father is taking a bath on the day you do not stay at home work night shift, but I have a H on the mother always same as the mother from me ... then by me feel with bare hands my body even when you have got to wash the body of my father that I knew from looking into bright office Did not know my thoughts From it I was able to do with my father and asked the like, I parents in the marriage now that I got in the M woman such slave like a father to me to H with me whenever you do not stay with mother We are living in the neighboring town of town live in, but the relationship of the father has continued

Elementary school students of the body of an adult?

After my wife went to the hot spring trip was absorbed in sex with daughter.
Was bathing with daughter with ejaculation with no wear-free - Condo third time.
I put with the intention of cleaning the middle to put the pussy cock half nigga Tub Yubune.
But I accidentally ejaculation also in the narrow Yubune half immediately becomes full erection.
I am out of raw of course.
It was embraced by frothy in the body of each other and whipping - shampoo - body out of the Yubune.
It was not to wash his cock daughter can not say anything is slimy feeling.
I was washed away carefully in the pussy of course.
I was standing in the kitchen naked apron wearing daughter aprons wife Upon exiting from the bath.
Of buildings overlooking the lovely ass daughter have a cleanup - Le was the best. I daughter clean up has been completed to come When I see the TV sitting on the Sofa -
\"? May I wear clothes from cold dad\" is in the living room
and \"Do good to wear but that is only because the sex and pull cold You're right!\" We kiss to say that \"I have finished tidying up\" and \"cheers for hard work\"
turn the hand on the neck sat on top of the knee. It was a kiss had long ~. And went into the bedroom with a princess hug to say that \"Let's dad\" and \"do you want to do?\" \"When you have the pleasant softening Yeah\" and \"go to bed it 's either got better or so\" When you release the lips.

To bath and daughter

Unemployed company is crushed immediately first daughter is born and married. I have supported the household wife worked for 10 years since. Therefore, the daughter of the above things myself like grown substantially all. He had done all to and from nursery, after-school care for children, such as Secretary of parents meetings and attendance of the excursion.
Then, job to the company went well is business that caused a new Stop it, it was back to a decent life finally. I worked hard to make children and excitedly following the son Come, but was born and then also a girl yet twins. 11-year-old Away second daughter and eldest daughter, and three woman.
Problem in their eldest daughter, now a high school two years of 17-year-old. When I take a bath still in high school, I come in with his wife to take the sisters. Frankly I'm glad, but nipples are on the heavens and kick ass in serving chest anymore. Hair has grown firmly anymore dick, and also clearly visible crack and make one knee. Dick of his is likely to come to me erection not know where to look, and when you or washed back above all. By suppressing desperately, to undo something, but it seems understood by his wife gives him a sidelong glance. I laughed later.
I was building a house business is from out and go well, but this happens so I made ​​a large bathroom in your hobby. I thought my daughter had entered the whole family until I was in elementary school, but the daughter of the above would leave soon. My heart started out to become a junior high school student, it is coming together still hair over there even been flies. Wife has also said, \"gonna do not need to enter together and unreasonable,\" but, perhaps because it has become a habit, the incoming unabashedly at all. And even at such age, you're daughter I take a bath together?

Imawashiki past

I am writing here the story of the past that I also already forgotten. My parents are divorced. I was living with my mother. But I was able boyfriend to the mother by the time of the first grade elementary school. And I drove to the Father in me ... mother nuisance for 2 people. Life with father was fun. It is that time of fifth grade elementary school, go out for a trip in the three usual ... until that time ... that had been living with daily smile at three people and (Uncle) Friends of my father and my father and became. The trip of a sleepover for the first time for me. The family rented a bath, it was entered by three people as usual. Whether there was also that first trip, it has become sleepy somehow feel rises Bathing Kaeea. Uncle and father were drinking beer Toka friends h. I was sleeping on the futon before two people to drink orange juice. Eye was awakened with the feeling that you want to pee how long was sleeping. I was surprised to be going to happen, but the body does not move freely. I saw the figure that drinking beer father is facing here and face the lateral that daze. Looking around the room and think \"Uncle with?}, While the father is watching, you can touch the pussy of my. Uncle there was a head in between. Crotch ... between the crotch I will lick It had. I thought you are going to call the father but voice so did not come out only to faint. But I know clearly only sense of there. electric running to the sound ... body sounds and Pechapecha I saw Uncle is're waving a finger to say \"just for today\" feeling ... like. And pain ran over there, before the eyes became dark. I was sleeping alongside three people to get along futon next morning is wake up. I thought there and what was a dream, but ... This is the Tsu was the beginning of the past Imawashiki uncomfortable over there faintly.

Last night

 The double bed in the bedroom of the couple, I was watching a DVD on side by side in three people in the form of sandwich the daughter of K1. It than that sleep as daughter sleepy is without returning to the room, in order to ensure the space even a little, slept and flush against the body snugly with the Ude-makura daughter.  I woke up in the middle of the night. Sleep is shallow from the usual, eyes he would wake up in the little things, but it seemed because my daughter was hit rolled over apparently at that time. Daughter would have been towards the back here is, was sleeping supinely.  Is happening is it just my wife and daughter had been deeply asleep. Only zizzing sound of two men had been heard in a quiet bedroom.  When you hit the hand of her daughter sleeping in the arms, a gentle still breast such as bud, small breast under the bra is lovely, had been up and down to match the zizzing sound. no sign daughter wake up. It is inserted gently into the bra hand, I tried to touch directly on the skin of the daughter.  Ahead of breast soft daughter, I felt a lump of small meat. Adorable nipples dear daughter. While suppressing the urge desperately to strip the futon, and turning a bra, you'll want per Sucking, Picking gently with fingertips.  Love of warmth to ... daughter of daughter transmitted from the palm is gradually increasing.  I will try to be seen DVD together next week.

Incest discourse

I'm looking forward to having sex with my dad ,,,, I'm incest. The other person is my father. I was 24, my father was 44, and my mother died when I was 13. It was about a year ago when my husband and I went to visit my father's house. My father and husband were drinking alcohol. When I was cooking, my dad came to pick me up, but he said, "Hey, you can see your boobs," and stared at my chest. I staggered, saying, "You got my dad, you can see the young woman's boobs." I had a tank top and no bra underneath, so when I leaned forward a little, I could see my boobs. When I finished cooking and had a drink with my father and husband, all three got drunk. Then my husband got drunk and fell asleep. When I and my dad carried my husband to the bedroom and I and my dad were drinking together, my dad asked me, "Do you usually look like that?" I said, "Do you care so much? I heard back. My dad was staring at my chest, saying, "I'm also a man, so if I haven't seen it for about 10 years, even my daughter wouldn't mind." I was so drunk that I said "Would you like to see it?" Then my dad asked, "Will he not get up?" And he said, "When I get drunk, I won't get up no matter what." I sat down next to him and took off my tank top. .. Then my dad was staring at me, saying, "You have big boobs." I said, "It's an 86 D-cup," and I dressed up to look good on my chest.Then my father touched his boobs and began to massage. I was just touching it thinking, "Well, okay!", But I gradually felt it and my breath became sick. My dad looked at me and asked, "Did you feel it?" And said, "Yeah ... a little ..." and he was left alone. Then my dad sucked his boobs. Then, with my free hand, I unbuttoned and zippered my pants, put my hand in, and touched my dick. I was surprised and grabbed my dad's arm and stopped him by saying , "Wait a minute! I'm sorry if I do more than that ...". Then my dad said, "... That's right ... I'm sorry ..." and he cut his hand and turned down. When I saw my dad's lonely expression, I thought, "Isn't it cute even though I made him feel that way?" And asked him, "Did you really have sex for more than 10 years?" When I asked him, he said, "I didn't have time because I was desperate to raise you." And when I asked, "... do you want to have sex with me?", My dad was silent. Seeing that expression on my father, I made up my mind. I told my dad, "Wait a minute," to make sure my husband wouldn't wake up, and then I said to my dad, "Dad, come over here." And went to my dad's bedroom. did. I took off all my clothes and kissed my dad, saying, "Dad ...". My dad pushed me down and sucked my boobs and my hands were touching the dick. I also took off my father's pajamas and touched my dick. After a while my dad buried his face between my crotch and started cunnilingus.I felt so much that I was left to say, "Oh ... dad ... it feels good ...". After a while my dad brought the dick in front of my face and I sucked it. I was dressed as sixty nine for a while, but my dad asked me, "Can I put it in?", So I said "Yeah ... put it in ..." and faced my dad's dick. I culminated in a few minutes with the extraordinary pleasure of "I'm having sex with my dad! This is incest!", But my dad kept moving inside me. My dad and I had sex until about 3 o'clock in the middle of the night. While changing my position on the way, I went about 5 times. My dad went twice. The next morning I got up early to make breakfast. Then my dad got up and greeted me with something like "Good morning ...", and when I asked "Good morning ... What's wrong?", He said, "You seemed to be drunk last night. When I asked, "Do you remember?", I smiled and said, "I remember. .. Dad is so fierce .. .. Thanks to that, my dick is still getting wet. ".." and my dad came behind me and rubbed my boobs, saying, "Is he still up?" When I asked, "I don't think I'll be up for about 30 minutes ... maybe ... do you want to do it again?", He said, "It's been 10 years since then ..." and took off my pajamas pants. I have touched.I said "Don't do it because my husband may get up!", But my dad said "I'm really still wet. I don't need foreplay." Next to the panties . I've put in my dad. I am so I say "gonna What if .. husband .. have happened .." little while voice gasp and say if the "Let me just one more time." I'll not "another .. way. I had sex in the kitchen as it was. After that, I meet my dad and have sex about once a week. Right next to my husband's sleep, I had sex with my dad and had a good time at the hotel, but just about a month ago we moved. Yes, I moved to my father's house. Of course, my husband did OK without knowing me and my father. I think, "I don't know anything, but I'm doing something wrong with my husband ...", but on the other hand, I'm looking forward to having sex with my father in the future.

Daughter and rainy day

It is that of ten years ago from now. You have elected to participate in amateur corner of erotic magazine post, my 46-year-old at the time, I was a magazine sex with a woman but
\"Today, is a combination of middle-aged men and young women. Father and daughter ... It 'is a cute girl in the face. Lori Let's go incest wind.
\"came into the studio was my daughter .... Sophomore 20 years old at the time, the knee was trembling. Can not do anything too late, it was embraced daughter.
Dick of my daughter wearing a sailor suit was a beautiful still labia. It is cunnilingus to his father, and felt
\"Aan, Han, Haan ...\"
in earnest. It had Blow the cock of his father, to whom was taught, it was quite good. I intersect
\"because it is determined, mounting wish Mars. Skins\"
with my daughter. It was great excitement. Staff do not know that it is a father daughter, was surprised to see us crossing violently excitement of the remainder. Who daughter of 20-year-old what was taught the joy
\"Aaaa, Ann An'an'an Aaaaa ~\"
of the property, and went to distort a cute face. Since then, I have embraced my daughter many times.