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Incest with daughter(2015-01)

Day without a daughter-in-law

yuna himekawa[3734]
I 36, daughter-in-law 38, three living daughters 10 (S5).
With weekday this before, in the Women's Association of district, daughter-in-law went out to night travel.
I was home by rounding up to accelerate the work, a dinner that was me prepared before the daughter-in-law is going out, was eating while watching the daughter and TV.
Toka content of TV UFO, and in occult things psychic, daughter had watched while saying it Toka is \"scary, scary\".
I also inspiration is strong, and it was to talk to my daughter you have finished watching the talk the TV because in childhood have been (even now) experience.
To be \"Yada anymore, stop it from scary dad\", and this has been a semi-Beso.
And, it is the time you take a bath,
we have heard that \"dad I entered together?\".
\"What, is scary or is also the five years,\" said, and treat,
as \"probably because dad to talk scary\", was scolded in reverse.
Previously Wash the body, and are immersed in the bathtub, daughter came in and hide before in shyly towel. And
\"It's What,
shyly,\" \"because mon embarrassing do's\"
daughter misses the towel, you've taken seen in chest bulging only a little. Over there still'm longitudinal crack streaks of slippery. \"I think was up to second-year student,\" \"○○ and thus long time Bookshelf is I entered together\" while talking miss the story of those days. and \"What I'll wash because after a long time,\" \"Yada,\" \"parent-child wonder\" It was a reluctantly, it was supposed to make me wash daughter. I \"To tell me wash your own dad wash\" was favorite phrase. \"Such a thing'm not\" wash to stroking the \"before for\" bulge nearly breasts, stomach, at the bottom gradually. \"There wash yourself,\" of course is the \"bottom\", it's about there. \"Etch dad, Erosukebe\" \"because only put up today,\" I wash near the crack of a final daughter curse with a towel that has a foam. \"Ouch,\" \"wash also Omata?\" \"I lie arrive Na has not yet wash\", \"of course\" and end up washing the feet, once flush with hot water. And around behind the \"Do not look at because\" daughter, and put out his hand to the daughter of the crack of physical education sitting was bubbled the soap in hand. \"Are you wash properly?\" When you \"wash'm looking\" would imagine the shape of a dick daughter comes through the fingertip, son had become Bing. Daughter is occasionally jumpy. Look at the missing daughter of \"became a dad clean by another good\" force, you've thought that what was said. Rinse clean the dick of frothy, were placed in a bathtub a daughter first. Daughter by a red face, did not suit me and eyes. Was \"○○ is whether? Have you ever touched with his\" listening fearfully. \"Why? Why do you ask such a thing?\" \"I have ever touched sometimes\" and \"In me tell you because it does not say in touch wonder if? Mother,\" \"Is the because it was comfortably down when the father was not wash\" and \"Do pleasant ? \"\" Yeah \"\" The father touched it? \"\" Yeah \"destination was the daughter rise from bath to, it is not even say was pulled one shot in the bathroom. This day is daughter came into the futon, it was supposed to be going to bed together.

Pies to daughter

Koho 13-year-old, is my daughter, it will be 2 years since I have another relationship. Now I have to like the life of a married couple usually. When turning the futon also last night, \"I want to lick cock daddy, I want the\" you begging with. I Nugashi the panty of Koho, Rim the clitoris, and sipping the love juice, \"Oh, Papa went likely\" will lead to fingers feel the joy that a woman the daughter of elementary school students in the vortex of delight is placed in the vagina. \"Another useless, put cock pussy Daddy incense sail\" is another I also limit. The \"'ll go.'ll put incense sail\" was Pour a large amount of sperm in Zuburi and daughter pussy. When the incense sails pregnant, I'm going to horses.

Father and daughter

I have robbed my real daughter's virginity. But that's what my daughter wanted. However, 12 years old is bad in another sense. I'm a criminal. However, does DNA repeat ... Actually, my first experience is with a bag. I've already died, but when I was in agony at the high school exam, I found masturbation. I let my dad do it for me. The bag was 39 years old. The father died long ago, but he was having an affair with his aunt (the youngest sister of five brothers in a bag), 29 years old, single. Well, I used to mess around with my aunt when I was in high school, but if I think calmly now, I'm probably crazy. Yuna begs for sex almost every day during the summer vacation. I was 39 at that time. I was still able to do it, so I held Yuna every day during the summer vacation. When I took him to Tokyo Disneyland, I held him at the hotel three times. In the second grade, Yuna began to enjoy sex considerably. No different from an adult woman. I try to feel the joy of sexuality properly, and I get a lot of disorder and get orgasm properly and go to the end. I went to Asamushi Onsen during the summer vacation of my second year. I'm looking for an aquarium. Everyone is with my parents, but I have two fathers and daughters. But I'm not lonely at all. Even parents and children are lovers, so I walked with my arms crossed. I walked around Yuna's shoulders and hips. Yuna looked very happy. I told Mr. Nakai of the inn that my wife was dead. Mr. Nakai smiled that he was on good terms with his father. Even at the inn, I held Yuna twice, at night and in the morning. The next day, what did Nakai think when he saw the futon, which clearly left a mark of sexual intercourse? Yuna is like living with a lover who teaches studying even with one parent. I was able to pass the entrance to school. A good boy who can balance study and sex. By the time I graduated from junior high school, my heart was swollen, though not big. He was rather delicate and maintained his style while his classmates gained weight as a virgin. Is my daughter the only father who proves that a virgin will not gain weight unless she is a virgin?Yuna manages her basal body temperature and does not vaginal cum shot except before and after her period. I used to use a condom during the period when I was going out for a basic life and it seemed to be dangerous. Yuna, who became a high school student, began to think that she didn't like rubber. If you get pregnant, much less your father and daughter are too bad. Yuna seems to have gone to the hospital hoping for a pill. The doctor called me as a guardian. I lied that my daughter had a good childhood friend. She said she would lift the ban on sexual activity when her daughter was 16 years old. However, he said that he promised not to get pregnant until then because he wanted to graduate from high school. Yuna had been examined, so she was later stabbed by a doctor. The doctor who consulted knew that Yuna was not only a virgin, but already had considerable sexual experience. You can tell by looking at the coloring of the genitals. He said he shouldn't tell his father. I can't say I was a father. However, the pill was available. In high school life, no, high school sexual activity became a vaginal cum shot.But what about fathers and daughters? I think sex compatibility is unusually good. I was 42 years old and it was a little tight every day. However, Yuna also has to balance study, club activities and sex. Studying in high school is more difficult than in junior high school, so I have sex with me three or four times a week. However, the content of one time was deep. I started to spend more than 20 minutes on so-called foreplay or oral. It is an unusual sight for a father and daughter to play with each other's genitals and lick each other, but the bond that connects them is strong. Anyway, Yuna's daughter's genitals are adorable. You can lick it for hours. Yuna also says that my cock is lovely. After all it is said that you can lick it for hours. Yuna gives a blow job for 3 to 5 minutes first. Then I do the cunnilingus for 10 to 15 minutes. And after Yuna went once, it took a few minutes at 69 (although sometimes it didn't go). Those who lick want to lick as much as they want, but those who are licked will have a limit of patience, so it will be combined with insertion. After that, they meet in a greedy manner. The delicate body of a high school girl who is scooped up by a middle-aged cock twists while being groped by a 42-year-old father. Even though this alone is abnormal, the two are fathers and daughters. It's not just about sexual desire. There is love there. It's extraordinary love ...Yuna is cute. It doesn't seem to be the desire of his father. There was a man who approached Yuna. I'm sorry, Yuna is my woman. I won't do it to anyone. that's what I thought. However, I was witnessed by a woman at the Kamogawa Aquarium where Yuna went on a family trip (although they were two) with Yuna who likes aquariums during the summer vacation of her second year of high school, and she was advised at a later date. .. It seems that the hotel I stayed at was with the woman. The woman is Rio, who was a new graduate subordinate at the time when Yuna was taken care of when she reached menarche. I'm 26 years old now. I moved to general affairs this spring. She was on a traumatic trip with her college friend after breaking up with her boyfriend who had been dating for two years (my subordinate was transferred to a branch office and married an older woman at the branch office. Rio was abandoned). It was. Rio's friend was a former boss and daughter when he saw a couple of parents and children in the aquarium and suspected an enkou dating. It was said that he did not look like a parent and child, including his actions at the hotel after that. When I was walking toward the station on my way home from work, I was stopped by Rio and told me. "I don't think it's true, but it's not a relationship between a daughter and a man and a woman, right?" "You say something amazing. Oh, I was surprised." "When my daughter saw the section chief, she had a woman 's eyes. "It's something." "If anything, I think my daughter will get dirty ..." "Hmm. I think that time has passed." I was impatient. I live in a place two stations different from Rio. "Well, I'm tired." I got off the train to escape. A few days later, after embracing Yuna, Yuna screamed at me. "My sister who helped me at the beginning of the tide, I doubted my relationship with my dad." "What?""I met at a convenience store the other day. I was told to stop with my dad." We thought it might be time to think about our future vision. Yuna is also a third year high school student this year. I want to go on to a university in Tokyo. Rio's mother school. Yuna has admitted to Rio that she has a relationship with me. Yuna was asking why Rio noticed. Rio seems to be a father complex in a single-mother family. I longed for my boss when I got a job. However, I was able to get along well with a Chara man in the same workplace. But was abandoned. So, I approached my former workplace boss who I had longed for in the past. An unusually close father and daughter. When I looked into the room from the emergency stairs in the opposite building, my father and daughter kissed, and I couldn't see clearly through the lace curtains, but it seemed that I was clearly sexually active. "I like Rio-san's dad. What if I go to college and get married again?" " How many do you think Rio-san is? 27 years old. 17 years old is different." "I'm 17 years old. I'm 27 years old. I'm not qualified to tell my dad the difference in age. " " Yuna ... I argued my dad ... I'm losing my dad now ... " " My dad and daughter are dangerous. I learned. Genetically dangerous. I can't give birth to my dad's child. My dad's lover is until he graduates from high school. Until then, he's so cute. " Yuna took off her panties and opened her legs. Exposed the genitals. It is a cunnilingus begging. I looked at Yuna's genitals again. If you look closely, Yuna's genitals are not those of high school students. It looks like a housewife who has been married for 10 years. It is the result of lewdness. I think I've had sex about 1,000 times from the middle to the present. I never get tired of it. Is it because the genes are similar between father and daughter? I responded to Yuna's request."Ahhhhhhhhhhh" I kept cunnilingus until I went. Awakened Yuna happily sucks on my cock. cute. Look at me really cute. I want you to put it in. I embraced Yuna. It's more intense than usual, and it's painful ... I think of Yuna's farewell and embrace Yuna. When Yuna returns from her lover to her daughter ... I hesitated to think so. Let's stick today. Be patient to the limit and stay in Yuna for as long as possible. Eventually Yuna moves to drag my cock into the womb. Something hits the tip of the glans. Someone is licking the glans in the womb. Oh !!! No way !! High school girls? A 17 year old girl? No, no doubt. It's Portio. Yuna is moving instinctively whether she is conscious or not. Yuna began to have convulsions. It is warped like a bow. "Quar!" Yuna is now sleeping in the afterglow. I'm curious about Rio ... How much do you know ...

When menarche

The daughter was when the small 6 with two people living with daughter.
Lower body daughter came home from school was between red with blood.
\"What also was do paddle in junior college injury\" When I hear the
\"No. I hurt'm not to,\" \"the such like Yeah physiological came\"
and \"hurt not if 's\" \"physiologically?\" And I think that so do anymore around \"bloom , and change of clothes have been Come to the bathroom, \"\" Yeah \"is also wash clean in the be washed off in the shower by undressed contaminated with blood in the\" bloom also I'm became an adult \"Pussies in the bathroom\" dad pee I started the pee with open legs crouching Want \"\" I'll good to put here \"and\" embarrassing yo ~ \"and\" Please to not be shy because parent and child. \" I would put a finger into the vagina hole to come to horny When looking at the momentum well jump out pee from crack. Smoothly finger what was wet with blood of physiological went into as far as it will go. \"Because not put dad anymore,\" \"case, dad to such processing ...\" When suck the nipple with sucking chest began to swell a little bit, \"you, Dad\" disconnect the finger \"bloom, now put the cock of dad cock was the beginning to put in a hole and make sure the blood attached to the Tona \"fingertips. \"It hurts Dad,\" \"Take a little patience,\" \"and from entering a total of a little more\" glans is further put and the \"painful'm hurts\" as far as it will go enters full Nichinpo enters the \"Please do not move,\" \"bloom,'ll went all\" \"Saki, kiss try\" and \"The dad of rough I seen that softened jerks\" amazing clamped are penis, and \"'ll move\" was slowly start the piston. Cock in the cramped Pussies is also go will likely soon \"What is going?\" \"Bloom, dad another go'm likely\", \"'m juice comes out from the penis,\" \"non-N ~, feels me it of \"\" terribly by do I feel good \"Unplug it was\" I'll show you want out Toko \"\" I say look at \"cock was showing the moment of ejaculation to daughter. \"I like coming out is other than wow ~ amazing pee\" and began washing in the shower and grab the cock in the \"bloom, clean wash me dad cock\" cute hand. \"Saki, by Na also wash their Pussies\" \"Yeah\" Following is I think I try to do or before going to bed at night.

Father and daughter

It was nine years ago that I broke up with my wife. The reason is supposed to be a disagreement of personality, but nothing happened, only a man was born in the wife. I even took custody of my daughter. But when I get married again, my daughter promises to leave it to me. Because I'm worried. However, the promise was not kept. Sure enough, my anxiety hit me. My daughter was mischievous by her new father. My daughter is only 10 years old and 5 years old. So that's not to say. My daughter has SOSed me. I had my daughter carry an IC recorder and record the mischief. I called my wife who broke up and told her. "To think of I'm above you. That You're a fool than me. My daughter fool is better that I was brought up than grow." I've done saying. "Then, take it with you." The separated wife threw her daughter without any sanctions on the man who touched her. Really stupid. I'm more stupid when I get married to this. The life of Yuna and her daughter has begun. I celebrated my 11th birthday as much as I could. On my 12th birthday, I bought fashionable clothes just before entering junior high school. Yuna, who became a junior high school student, did more housework than I did. I'm studying. I'm a graduate of a national university, so it's as easy as studying for a junior high school student.Three months after I became a junior high school student, while studying together in the living room, the stain spread on the cushion on which Yuna sits. What? It's blood! That's the first tide! What should I do? I was impatient. I was in trouble. Yuna was stunned. I immediately took off what I was wearing. I took a posture like changing diapers and wiped it with a tissue. I didn't know that menstruation would produce so much blood. Shamefully, a subordinate at work called a 22-year-old woman named Rio and asked for advice. She is a talented person I take care of after graduating from college this year and being assigned to me. A quiet and quiet woman, she will be in the category of beautiful women. It's a nice lady. She helped her boss in crisis. He bought me a sanitary napkin and brought it to me. Was saved. Later, I had a dinner. I have no ulterior motive. Yuna was also present and thanked me. From that point on, I started to see Yuna as a woman. For the first time in 10 years, I made my daughter dress like a diaper exchange. Yuna's dick was still thin and hairy. Yuna's dick burns into her eyes and she can't leave. Did the new man in the wife who broke up put a cock in Yuna? chest pain. Anger rises. Final exam for the first semester. The five major subjects were taught, but at the end of the term there were also art, music, and health and physical education. Now I didn't know that girls would also do the technology. Times have changed. Except for the five major subjects, I studied with my daughter. was fun. Yuna and I studied like friends. We live on the second floor of an apartment. After the divorce, I lived alone, so I didn't need a large condominium. There is a 6-mat Japanese-style room in the kitchen with a 6-mat living room separated by bran. There is no room for my daughter. Yuna and I are sleeping together in a 6-mat Japanese-style room with a futon. One day, I proposed to my daughter to move. I wanted to give my daughter a separate room. However, Yuna said that she could stay as it was, and came to my futon and hugged me. "Daddy ... I love you ...""Daddy also loves Yuna. It's a treasure of dad." He said and stroked Yuna's head. Was cute. I was really worried. I hear that adolescent daughters hate their fathers. Well, I don't know what will happen in the future ... "Daddy ... I'm my dad's wife." "Hahaha ... I used to say that." "I love my dad ... I have sex. "..." It froze. It was different from my dad's wife 10 years ago ... "Hey, parents and children can't be married." "But I like dad ... I've been wiped by my dad at the beginning of the tide ..." With that said, Yuna began to take off her sweatshirts. "Wait a minute ..." "We're not real parents and children ..." "Eh? What do you mean?" Yuna says that the bride who broke up had a man before she married me. He is a married man 13 years older and has an affair. Yuna seems to be a child with the man. It seems that she was told when Yuna left her wife's house. I'm a crazy idiot. Yuna said I'm sorry. I 'm sorry ... I hugged Yuna and kissed her gently. Rub the chest like a chopping board and roll the nipple with the tip of your tongue. Yuna takes a deep breath. The tongue crawls on the genitals that have just reached menarche. It smells a little pee. But it's not just pee. Yuna was wet. A 12-year-old first-year middle school student is wet. No way, was it developed by a man in a wife who broke up while in elementary school ... Cunnilingus to Yuna. The body reacts with a jerk. Roll the chestnuts. "Hmm ... Hmm ..."I feel it. The waist is moving. Are you really 12 years old? Was it violated a lot ... No, it's a beautiful genital with a single vertical line. I tried to give a blow job. I tried to put out the cock that got up in front of Yuna. "What daddy of Chi Chi ○ ○, this ‥‥ of become so big, we wish or enter." "Yuna, see. Licking" "Yeah." Are Rerorero at the tip of the tongue. cute. It's like licking a candy. Blow doesn't seem to know, so I told him. "Then, I'll put it in. Yuna, I'll tell you if it hurts so much." "Yeah. I want a daddy's baby." Cute. It's so cute. I slowly enter Yuna. Oh! It's a dead end! It's a hymen! Yuna wasn't raped. It was just a prank. Try moving it up, down, left and right with a little effort. The glans rubs and feels good. Yuna's expression was fascinated. "Doesn't it hurt?" "It doesn't hurt yet. It feels good, daddy." "I 'll put it a little deeper." "Yeah. Slowly. Oh, stay there." "Are you okay?" "Yeah, yeah. , Papaa ‥‥ " Yuna led from his been clinging to the back of my cock. "Vugu ... Tsutsutsu ... Aha ~ ... Daddy, I entered. I was able to have sex with my dad." Yuna makes a happy expression while distorting her face. It's messy and sane. "I love Yuna." "I love Yuna too."I called myself Yuna. This is the time when I'm completely spoiled. It hasn't changed from the past. I thought it was painful, but I did it until the end. I threw it on Yuna's belly. "Yuna, are you okay?" "Yeah. Thank you daddy. Yuna is daddy's woman." "Still, daddy." "Because daddy. Real daddy. Mom's cheating. of the child lie. would not have me to do so said to be dad, Yuna and sex. " I was done. Yuna was a little devil.

Is not this the physiology of a daughter

Seems incense sail became pregnant. Always Although he had been with the contraceptives, it seems to have put out in January before drunk Tsute students, what to do, you are Mayotsu. Now still 12 years old pussy, I want to lick, I want to teach the joy, you are Shutsu want to his wife.


Daughter 12 years old. Elementary school is 5 years. Other relationships can be and will be in two years. At first I was there hate therefor; but now you have your hands waiting for my penis. You put out during the licking pussy of incense sail tonight.


It is a 72-year-old man. 3 years ago been bereaved wife has become troublesome to the house of his daughter married couple. Musumemuko is Futarigurashi grandchildren and daughter have to go to the University of Tokyo in assigned abroad. The other day, the panties of a daughter in dressing room and was seen to daughter the place you are held up to the nose and have a masturbation.
That night, my daughter told when you are drinking in daughter and two people. It is expedient or you can hope
\"Dad, if, I'm good to raised and instead of mom if good\"
of course. I have Dokin from that night with my daughter. Daughter seems to have met 48-year-old, also frustration with her ​​husband is stationed overseas. You scream and hugged me.

Mother and daughter bowl

It is a 28-year-old part-time worker of, but had 18 to become daughter and easy for mom during cohabitation and snack mom of 38-year-old.
The first I was angry sooo, now you are living happily the two women and got to forgive in three people in the other party.
I can not truly be together 3P, but have both the Fushido in daily to the room of mother and daughter under the same roof.
Any case, I'm going to marry people of the daughter, letting conceived the Mom daughter both mom acknowledgment ending.