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Incest with daughter(2018-01)

During illness treatment

yuna himekawa[8594]
My daughter, who was in the second year of junior high school, said that she had itchy vulva , so when she was examined at the hospital, she got an ointment under the difficult name of itchy vulva and went home. It contains a disinfectant and an antihistamine, and when I read the instruction manual, it says that I wipe it clean with a warm towel, wipe it with a disinfectant, and apply the antihistamine . happy - "a little embarrassed I let the father" and do until I got to disinfected with clean wipe disinfectant a thousand that were open leg in immediately warm towel but incidentally click 〇 door 〇 scan "dad there is probably different," "hate , then so pincers Do-me "or -" because another lewd do " " Sorry, sorry, " I wonder if how can paint the antihistamines Chitsuana is wet with a little while ago of the clitoris stimulation seems to be wet and gleaming? When I thought about it, Segare started to react, and I applied the medicine while thinking about it. After that, I will treat it several times, but I'm worried if I can put up with it.

20-year-old virgin who gave to his father

I was divorced from my mother, but my mother's habit <a woman's body is not a tool for sex>, my father seems to have been married a little earlier and was 22 years old, my mother asked me from my father after giving birth It seems that he refused even if he was married.  I think I was dyed in religion. I was taken when I was little, but I wasn't interested in it at all and naturally kept a distance from my mother. One day the couple's separation was divorced.  I chose to live with my dad, not my mother, and from some time I did not hide my nakedness and showed everything in front of my dad. I was also seeing my dad's getting bigger, I also had my dad wash all my body, and I had my dad wash my dick directly with my hands, and I stood up and opened my legs a little. "Dad, can you wait until I'm 20?" My dad looked up mysteriously, and my dick looked a little open, in fact it was his 21st birthday. From the time I took a bath, I let him lick my dick, suck my tits, and my hair was also depilated from that time, and on my 21st birthday, it was slippery, so it hurts and clings to my father. It radiated into my womb, but I felt so much that I was losing power from my body, and I loved each other almost all night. My dad's acquaintance called me today and asked me if I would bring him lunch. I'm going to buy some souvenirs, so I'll be back home soon and then go out.

My daughter divorced and came back to my house

My daughter returned with her daughter even though she left the company at the age of 63 and lived on a pension. My wife is in the hospital, so I'm happy that my daughter will take care of me. My granddaughter also follows me and says she's an old man, so I can't help but be cute. My daughter is a late marriage, so my granddaughter is three years old, so while I'm cute, my daughter and granddaughter come into the bath when I'm taking a bath. The bath is large, so it's okay for three people to enter. When three people entered the bathtub, the dick was standing, and when I stood up, my daughter grabbed my dick with my hand and said my dad and looked at my face. Tacit understanding of each other After letting my granddaughter lie down, she came to the bedroom in my room, became naked, and entered the double bed. My daughter slept naked, so it felt good to hug her and put a dick in her pussy and move her hips ... Ah ~ I whispered in her ear that it felt good. My daughter ... dad ... aaa ~~ I pushed the dick all the way to the back of the pussy and attacked. Ah ~ I'm going out ~ My daughter who seems to come out is dad ... Ah ~~~~ and hugged me strongly. Sperm came out in the pussy. When I asked my daughter if it was okay, she was okay. Don't worry, she is taking care of her wife while working. I'm taking care of my granddaughter.

Storm night events

I will read your experiences and spell out my experiences. The weather was bad from the morning on that day, and it was expected to be rough from the evening. When I got home in the storm around 10 o'clock in the evening because of my work, I couldn't see my second year middle school daughter who was supposed to be at home, and when I searched around, I was scared in the closet of my room. "What's wrong with this place ?" " I 'm scared of Kaminari." At that time, I felt like I was screaming loudly and fell nearby. At that time, my daughter hugged me and " I 'm scared." and I'll pat your head and back while "father good to sleep today together?" "Aii both" "was good" "what other bath went?" "Uh-uh still, because I was afraid." "Do leave entered because it is all right now " Yeah" A few minutes after my daughter took a bath, the lightning rang again and the power went out, and when I hurried to the bathroom with a scream similar to my daughter's scream, I hugged her again. However, at this time, I was in the middle of taking a bath, so I was naked. While crying, "I don't like it anymore" It was pitch black, but when I was hugging my naked daughter, I held a naked woman for the first time in a long time since I lost my wife, so I erected and saw my daughter as a woman. "Let's go to bed," I pulled my daughter's hand and headed to the bedroom, laid my naked daughter on the bed, and hurriedly took off and entered the bed.My naked daughter still hugged me, so the soft feeling of my chest still swelled to the point where my erection hurts. In total darkness, I sandwiched my daughter's face with both hands and put her lips together. I just put on my long lips, but when I touched my chest, my lips opened, so when I put my tongue in, my daughter also put in my tongue, so I turned to deep kiss. If you come to this point, you can reach out to your pussy and start caressing. It didn't take long to merge. I was a virgin, so it hurt a lot. It was only one adultery, but when I woke up the next morning, I was impressed by the red stains on the sheets and when I was looking at my daughter's nakedness at a bright time, I got an erection again, so I inserted it from the morning.

Punishment for a cheeky daughter

A third-year high school daughter who tells Akera that her father is dirty when she is cheeky and the bath is the last and the laundry is washed separately. Who can help me avoid eating and worrying about school fees? On my way home from work, I went to the hospital and was diagnosed with insomnia, and when I asked him to write a strong sleep-inducing agent on his prescription and bought it at a pharmacy, he explained various precautions many times. I was listening while thinking that I wouldn't drink it. Then, at dinner that night, I put the powdered introduction agent in my wife's tea and gave her a drink, and my daughter put it in her PET bottle and waited for her to sleep. At midnight, when I first checked my wife's condition and checked my daughter's PET bottle in the refrigerator, it seemed almost empty and I invaded my daughter's room. Make sure there is no sign of waking up when you shake the girl sleeping on the bed, and when you first touch the chest, it is surprisingly big and soft, and it is no bra, unbutton the pajamas, open it, stick to the small nipple and lower the pants I play with the pussy, the hair is a lot and it is covered with cracks and I scrape the hair and care for the clitoris. And I groped the vagina hole that I do not know if I have accepted it anymore, wet it with saliva and pushed the dick. As I continued to shake my hips while getting drunk with the feeling that I had conquered my cheeky daughter, a feeling of ejaculation occurred as soon as possible and I fired it in my daughter's pants. Then I put the dirty chinpo in my mouth and wiped it clean with my lips. After that, I left the room with dirty pants and pajamas as if nothing had happened. What do you think when you wake up in the morning and notice the dirt on your pants? You never realize that your father has committed you.

The day my daughter was wearing a bra

Daughter of small 6 shyly , \"Hey, I want to buy dad bra\" and another one like that around that of thought went into \"go to say'll buy\" women's clothing store. Entering into the store and waited a little To think at the nearby coffee shop. With a cup of coffee this kind of when I think that if there is herself when the time like this - such mon in the bathroom had been flustered at one side of the blood wife the daughter Do not - even when that After me to stay was menarche remarried I was thinking. Come daughter within that crude steel \"go home - early - I bought\" \"Do good! Go home,\" wearing a bra just been bought and get to go home wearing to show the bra and \"How Dad?\". \"Dora!\" And so depressed and grab a bra and Pek Kong \"What chest or not'm not\" and is raised shifting on the bra \"rude it! There I'm perfectly\" \"Hey - still I'm a little bit.\" \"It's really\" It was a state that swells only a little. So \"But I think I wonder if trying to father a second marriage,\" \"Do not, why -\" \"If I mother Datte time of like a time and this before the menarche today.\" \"My bad.\" \"Why?\" Need say \"I new mother there is no \" \" Why? \" \" because ... I ... \" \" I have to do! \" \" ....... \" \" ... \" \" because I'm made to the father of the bride Damon \"I hugged my daughter saying \"You!\". To be embarrassed to unexpected developments \"May you kiss dad?\" \"Good but if you want you can do so,\" was together for the first time daughter and lips. Then, my son came awake and Mukumuku to blunder. Hand No way naturally and even kiss up a cut-and blood to ... head and get excited for the daughter of the real are inhaling the daughter of the tongue or put the tongue had been to rub go to the chest . He had stroked the crack put your hand into the pants stretched out a hand to crotch in feeling Nare even copper anymore. My daughter was just not asked me to touch more spread the legs as if was waiting. Now it has sucked to crack and Nugashi the pants. While small and broaden the crack of vertical muscle also has a clitoris, I tried to put in immature Chitsuana the urge to want to put the penis into the vagina and also in the vagina hole or rolled by the tongue are or put the tongue. Cali neck thanks to the patience juice of the penis enters more went in the hands of daughter tell me rubbing how to grasp the daughter disconnect Nde unreasonable likely. Daughter seemed a little there is also a knowledge of sex while small 6 also. This day has been the expansion of the vagina from, we aim to day fast penis fits all.

I want to conceived the Atsuko daughter part6

We will continue still. You might dream, success with Atsuko daughter in the individual plate (sexual intercourse) report can be day believe that will come.

My beloved daughter Luka

My daughter Luka, who is in middle 2, came to my room (working at home about 2 times a week) as soon as she returned from school. As soon as I entered the room, "Mom?" "I haven't returned yet." Luke sits on my lap in a chair with a little laugh. I will stroke a cute little ass from the top of the uniform. "Do you want to be a dad?" He says with a little laugh. My wife should be back in about an hour and a half. When I put down my pants and pants and sit back in the chair, Luka puts my big thing in her small mouth. The awkwardness of the beginning disappeared and I was able to lick it well. I was horrified when my wife saw such a scene. The relationship with Luka is secretly deep. The innocent face, and my thing in my mouth, the dick, becomes painfully hard. Luka holding her hand on the desk and sticking out her butt, I can only take off Luka's lower body. Although it is medium 2, pubic hair grows firmly. You can still see the pink genitals behind it. If you lick the bottom carefully, Luka's body will undulate. Lick the dick and anal while touching the small protrusions with your fingers. It's no excuse, but my wife may have a reason for this relationship. It may be natural that my daughter is a strict wife and I have been following me. It became a forbidden relationship that can not be said to people little by little from 5th grade. Make sure that the skin is firmly attached and put it in Luka. Hold your small butt and insert it from behind. "Ah, dad, ah," Luka, who makes a small voice, is the voice between a girl and a woman. "Luka feels good? It's an absolute secret, like, like.""Yeah, I know, it feels good, dad is okay, right?" "Yeah ..." Mother and daughter may be rivals in a sense. The sound of the body hitting in the room, and ejaculation. "Dad, did you come out a lot?" He says with a laugh. Luka puts my stuff in her mouth and licks it like sucking semen. I will also lick Luka's dick. Luca leaves the room with her uniform in order, and I feel like guilty, but I can't stop.

I can't stop having sex with my real daughter (middle 1)

It feels so good that I can't stop. My daughter also hurt only at the beginning, but soon she straddled herself and began to shake her hips. I have irregular holidays, my wife is working, my eldest son in high school is crazy about soccer and he returns late, and there are many days when I and my daughter are the only ones. Recently, my daughter has completely learned the taste of Ji-Po, and if she has a liking, she will jump into my crotch and chew. Squeeze the mouth and lick the bag from a strong vacuum blow job, and while lightly raising the teeth on the glans, lick the urethral meatus with the tip of the tongue like a snake. If I can't stand it, I grab my daughter's head and thrust the glans into the back of my throat, and ejaculate like pouring semen directly into the esophagus. My daughter, who was coughing at first, is now screaming and drinking her father's semen. A meat stick that seems to have concentrated blood in the whole body can not be settled by ejaculation once, I push down my daughter, grab a delicate ankle and open the crotch of a junior high school girl to the limit. The slippery Mako who remembered sex and turned red and black has her labia already sticking out as a proof that she has been used. This time I open my mouth and suck on my daughter's genitals, pry the meat hole with the tip of my tongue, and twist the clitoris. Jerky and juice overflow from the hole in the daughter's meat, twisting her hips and writhing in junior high school. After a lot of sleep, my daughter clenches her teeth and bends when she pushes Ji-Po, who suddenly became squeaky from the position of Piledriver, to the root. When the piston is started, the girl who has a loud voice makes a fuss with Ji ◯ Poma ◯ Ko. It's a daily routine to screw off my daughter's panties into her mouth so that she won't be asked by her neighbors. But my daughter wants more and more. It's bottomless. It's hard for a father. Of course, I can't stop. The last two days when my wife went on a company trip to a company year-end party and my son went to a training camp were two days when I thought I would die. At the same time as I saw my wife and son go out, at the front door I stripped off my daughter's loungewear sweatshirt and stripped it naked, letting me take a one-on-one style on the spot and squeeze in from the back. The junior high school girl, who was glaring at her eyes and said, "Try how many times you can do it before the moms come back!" Every time I did it, I decided to write a "positive" character on my daughter's pudding butt, and surprisingly, on the same day, one positive character was written on my daughter's left and right butt. I was there. I messed up in the living room, messed up in my daughter's bed, messed up in my bed, messed up on the table, messed up in the bath, and so on. I also recorded the urination and defecation scenes of junior high school girls. For this day, I also prepared an enema syringe and did a milk enema, and my daughter who was crawling on all fours in the bathroom and holding out her ass pulled out the anal plug and at the same time spouted a large amount of geri stool from the anus. I was crazy with that momentum. And I couldn't stand it because I was recording the whole story of the situation, and at the same time as the geri stool came out from my daughter's anus, I screwed in Ji Po. The junior high school student who was excited by the excitement of defecation was also excited by Ji Po who sneaked into the anus immediately afterwards. This completes a junior high school girl who can master both the front hole and the back hole. Even though the tightness of the mako is the best, the sphincter and rectum feel the best, and I always wonder which one to put in. I think I have to quit, but I can't quit.

Incest with daughter 26 years old

yuna himekawa[8489]
I will read your posts and confess my relationship with my daughter, but I will omit the details and I am sorry for any questions, but I will refrain from answering. Three years ago, I was tied with my daughter at a hotel, and of course I was a virgin, and I was surprised that the sheets got dirty due to virgin bleeding. I cleaned my part, laid my daughter on the bed, and then I cleaned my part.  She's a beautiful naked girl, cute and a treasure for me, and I strongly hugged her when her "dad, I love you" daughter hugged and kissed me. I wore shorts, a bra, and a cute mini dress.  I take a bath with my daughter, and I love each other in my double bed. For a while, I fell in love with my daughter and got pregnant and had an abortion, but "I want to have a baby if my dad's child can give birth." But it's impossible, and my daughter understands that it's impossible. That's why I decided to have an abortion. I am currently using contraception, but after consulting with the gynecologist when to use the condom, "Dad, I don't like rubber, it gets itchy", I decided to insert a ring.  I heard that my daughter is having a dinner with my friends today, so I confessed that I went out.

Fornication to the daughter of a small 6

Cheeky small 6 daughter of usually be open leg with closed eyes that it for the smartphone, on top of the meat Villa When you open the Sujiman small clitoris is wrapped in foreskin, was pink and slowly turning the skin chestnut is stroked bring and voice seems a little sigh leaks gently appear, seems to feel leaks again voice and non-picked a small nipple massage to gather the chest began to bulge with one hand. Is wet even small 6 and try to further put your finger into the vagina hole. And proceed with the fingertips to the back and poke there Upon uterus to daughter gasping by floating the waist hear that \"would here feel good\" boring. It is ready to put Mukai the penis. Without permission think emergency insertion it's okay because巨Chin not 's. Glans is fit, is more a push and all fits coalesce success to the back. I overlaid the lips feel the love press is the daughter that withstand Te wrinkled between the eyebrows.

The future is

It was two years ago that my wife died in a car accident. Then I lived with my only daughter, Ayana. Ayana has been a junior high school student since this spring. It may be a little father complex because he lost his mother early, but he grew up to be a really good child. Actually, I'm still taking a bath with Ayana. I'm happy to see my daughter grow up close, but I've been desperate for the past year because I've suppressed my libido. There is certainly a desire to embrace my daughter, but there are still too many uncertainties in the future ...

Marumo no Okite

Certain drama canon while looking at the "Jan farce. Fine skill but to ‥ Bakka" in the words of the canon I "It's what, gonna stop if unpleasant?" Canon is "different yo ~ stop teahouse ~" certain famous child actor who is from the TV I'm happily dancing the ending dance, and when I sit shallowly on the sofa and push up the naked canon at a good tempo, the canon makes a cute panting and makes an obscene sound from the joint. Kanon managed to prevent him from going on the same path as his parents when he was adopted at the age of six when his parents died and was sent to a facility. Kanon's parents were close friends in the same class as elementary, junior high and high school. His father had a strong fight but hated the flock and was on the side of her (bride, Kanon's mother). They had a physical relationship when they were in elementary school and vowed for the future, and they dropped out because she became pregnant in the spring of high school 2. My parents supported them and gave birth to a girl safely, and I cried and hugged him. However, four years later, his wife died of cancer. As a result of working hard for his disappointed daughter, he became depressed due to overwork and disappeared, and it turned out that he was hospitalized in a hospital in a strange land, but like his wife, he died as it was because he could not pay the treatment cost due to terminal cancer. Oops. The remaining Kanon was raised at home all the time, so for Kanon I'm a father and a boyfriend. That's why I knew that I was mischievous with Kanon even though I was young, and at midnight on my 10th birthday, Kanon said, "Because I will be Mamo's wife, I will etch Kanon. If I etch, I can have a baby. ? I want a baby with a lot of sex ... Mamo-kun, make it a more naughty canon! "As expected, I calmed down my 10-year-old man because I couldn't do it with my short and false phimosis cock, but instead I taught Kanon my taste and sensation with handjob, blowjob, sperm drinking, cunnilingus, 69 until the next morning. If there was a chance, "Give me sperm and lick my pussy" and started to serve at any time and place. I'm not just learning erotic things, but learning household chores such as cooking and washing from my mother, and becoming a female kitten with a climax when I'm alone. One day at a rental video store, Kanon pulled my hand and brought me to the adult corner and said, "Can you etch in the ass hole? Why don't you try to etch in the ass hole until you put in a pussy? I'm thrilled when I'm licking a hole. " Canon's words collapsed my reason. Continue

Sexual service to the father-in-law

During the New Year, to spend at my parents 'house, the father-in-law had been asked to look at the' s younger brother of my husband came back. Although my husband today I was absent because it was beginning work, because the brother couple gave me escorted by car, but I had a thank Yara talk out the coffee, that there are no curt of your father-in-law's, .... \"Because good, welcome back early,\" Nde were also words such as drive out and to have us by saying \"your father-in-law's, was good to spend to\" together Datte ... .Rei_rei's Once you talk like that. \"- ... \" that I had become to enter and apologize that between. Such I Datte..., In the heart of the bottom I thought I (want to become faster your father-in-law's and to once and for all two people). \"Your sister-in-law's I'm sorry. Made to various feast ...\" \"That.... Just in ... tea\" , \"your sister-in-law's, big brother is also just a business trip, Taenai is with Ja worry with such bigotry of father I will, thank you, \" and you see off his brother's couple at the Gate, and there When you return to the front door father-in-law was standing. \"Back was one?\" \"Yes,\" and put a lock on the door behind him, father-in-law as soon as it came closer to me, it has been the kiss. \"Geez! What if Tsu your father-in-law's,\" \"wonder was bought Kiren wait to have? The eagle was waiting come home?\" \"Son I wonder ...\" father-in-law with a knee to the dirt floor, my skirt and a raised tucked with both hands it was not smell from the top of the shorts.\"Yuki is & # 12316; N ... Nuke ... Yuki is & # 12316; N\" \"? What about after a long time of Oman this smell,\" \"such as waiting lot, and the smell has to Iyara? You are? \" I was down with their hands, the shorts up around the knee. \"Yuki-san. Hey Look! Is not pulling the thread between the shorts that Oman!\" Say As soon as, the tongue of the father-in-law had started Mawari crawl my crack. Feeling ... of the tongue after a long time of the father-in-law from the vagina back to much it can be seen that the gushing and body fluids come gushing, in as had allowed a large amount of overflow \"Yuki-san. On how to junior college? Hundred (husband) is cherish the did not have my? \" \" Ah ..., yes .... as usual, like in ... \"not out fine night I, 28-year-old. My husband is 15 older 43-year-old. In the workplace of my husband, but it was a relationship of superiors and subordinates, now leads become the Kotobuki left the company in the OL life 2 years. Marriage initially (including earlier also) what, even although I was something satisfactory sexual activity, will ailing big mistake mentally seemed there was at work per second year, is ..., once a month thereafter or to one of the state not to. Really like the AV, I will be seen to have comforted myself in Gifu, it had been attacked as it is. I was still 22 years old. Then, I went addicted to more and more To depth ....