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Incest with daughter(2017-01)

Daughter is in demo

yuna himekawa[6647]
One daughter, three years have been married in the 18-year-old, it has been trying to stand up.
Husband of its daughter, came back to the family home with her three-year-old granddaughter died in a traffic accident.
It was lived in even earlier sore one lonely wife on their own, it had issued a sperm treats dick.

Uogokoro daughter've been back to rely on me is, I was surprised to have been the answer and I was Tsu solved \"down\" If you have to talk to would Tokar the Mizugokoro, if any.
Since the contraceptive from resulting in a useless'm pregnant I tried to cane the immediately daughter and sex night, we have to say that me waiting.

Date and the patience to want to sex, has passed.
Finally sex, can be day, it came.
Daughter when I sleep naked in a bet that has been sleeping with his late wife, wore entered in the futon in the nude.
Daughter, while touching on the body lying on his back, the daughter and are rolling the nipple with tongue while sucking milk while massaging the breasts has been felt.

When you touch the crack to expand the crotch, I have already wet, is also OK in there.
Daughter Once you put a dick to hug my daughter put a dick in pussy put the knee in the crotch of my daughter all the way, it has been clinging out the dad \"Aaaaa ~~~ and voice.

We continued to move the hips while feeling and feels good.
Daughter I to have left the body while aloud down comfortably.
While comfortably Karamashi the tongue, \"cormorant, cormorant, cormorant, and aloud
sperm from the base of the penis is now the likely out.
Daughter, has not twisting your body as you put the father and the voice.
Aaa ~ ~ out ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Wuwuu
sperm, went into the inside of the pussy.

Daughter, I want to continue to embrace the daughter also took in the son-in-law taken into family If you remarry.

Father and relationships

I divorced, the son becomes a two-year junior high school this year, in living with my parents
age is 30 generations. I time a hot summer, naked to the cleaning of the bathroom
is what, that day, my son is going out, mother and attendance, my father in the house
I was in, without having to worry about there is also cleaned by the naked from the previous, living room of
Place the lingerie and dress on the sofa, slip from the night before
and slept in one piece up, the morning I gowns.

 Also that day, the shower becomes a sweat in the cleaning of the bathroom naked
finished, bath towel is not rolled, heat enters the living room naked also there
and lay a bath towel on the floor of the living room, there on his back
had become. With a pillow instead of a cushion under the head
and comfortably, I forgot to have my father, naked in now on his back
in a little open both legs, was like has been seen little in the dick

I think I was dozing off, nipples suck in the sense
as a \"crawling\", I father I was equipped with smoke. From the body
, such as the power goes missing, I was feeling is Sucking rubbed.
\"Dad ... baby like ...\"
father rubbed to breathe as you like to, eventually go to the lower body
and further open the legs, or suck or lick per sucking dick
gone suffering is
\"Dad ... I come in ... I want to, \"
with determined
\" Indane ... \"
\" early \"
is the father is inserted into the inside of me, strongly push-up, after a long time of pleasure
body reacts to
it\" good interference , feels good, \"
\" Dad, I am also very Iiwa ... more ...
of want more ... \"
also from behind changing Positions, feel that the father of arrays are reaching the uterus
in, I asked the father to nympho and will, the last successful position
each other breathe again overlap opening in, accept the uterus
year. Not even known to the mother and son, in the secret forbidden love and father
I flare up.

It was curiosity that does not go

, Take cute daughter, cute, and also to 12, it is another woman
in from playing as become exhausted, put it in the bath, ... that was drink hypnotic introducing agent in conjunction with the juice
does not occur even shake full and had slept in
no and chest bulges Nugashi slowly pajamas, ... was turning licked to go mind the pussy
open the mouth of the daughter, it was allowed to added ahead of dick, and the other by itself, became the ejaculation likely ...
... that I have to that dont Aa


Until the first etch of the Yoshino's daughter, came to after breath, that place (@ _ @)

, but I was thinking whether to accept such a thing in the fifth grade of elementary school, precisely because I do not know anything, that each one is taken for granted it seems to have been able to teach with.

It is as ashamed of Yoshino's daughter, for the first time experience ,,,

I want to read to you.

At the same ,,,

a lot of advice, thank you m (__) m


Now, it is the daughter Airi and two people living in the small 5.

That in the last year of the April earthquake, afraid the collapse of the house, and forced two side-by-side futon in the wagon for the work,
they slept side by side with Airi.
Because it was time that has been avoided like the puberty, but Airi is I was sleeping in the back-facing,
scared to aftershocks, it came into my futon.
3GS and arm pillow, while hitting pom-pom on the back, \"okay, okay\" had been comforted by saying.
From that day, instead Airi of attitude is little by little, the conversation is increased, it deepened the parent-child bond.
I had the laid two futon for a while, Airi is out referred to as \"I'm good in one\",
to sleep together give to the arm pillow in one of the futon has become daily routine.
It's been going on back home.

Until last year, but was only the feeling of much glad deepening parent-child bond,
recently made to feel the bulge of the chest of Airi and sleeping together, now look like would be aware of the Airi as a woman Oops.

Especially the last two days, probably because that was rapidly cooled, snugly stick to me, rather than an arm pillow, shoulder pillow, close to the chest pillow state,
trying to kiss Airi coming to talk while looking up to near the face distance can also kiss if you,
and also entangled legs, resulting in a conscious extra because come deposited in my body like hunched over the side of the body.
Once out the consciousness even a little, it becomes a sensitive alone sleeper's breathing of Airi, not sleep away with excitement and feel the bulge of the chest.
Son is no longer seen only as women Airi and erection Gingin.

My wife is from the passed away two years ago, had been put up in masturbation.
Even though such a state, do not know Airi come asked the defenseless in and innocently trust body me.

The day before yesterday evening, while I think that it is useless, had touched the ass with Airi.
Thing while touching the buttocks with the right hand good the Airi's does not occur, it had soiled pants masturbation with the left hand.

And last night, the foot coming entangled of Airi is, hit the erection cock, because immediately retract the foot, but seems to have noticed the erection,
only retract the foot, swelling over boobs pressing on my body remained it was.
As you put up the desire that you want to masturbation, Airi began to make a sleeper's breathing.
And have a masturbation with the left hand, surge of desire to want to touch the Airi, when I was masturbation while touching gingerly ass in the same way the day before can not be put up,
Airi feet moving To Mozomozo Airi stimulates dick gone not unbearable.

No more, it seems to get raped when I sleep with Airi.
I think you go to bed in a different from tonight.

In drinking

I have a husband like.
I, in the fact that we are invited to the drinking of the company
have any instruction from my master.

Nururi the menthol of the lip to the nipple and pussy. To go put Frisk in the pussy.
I and a bra that is in plain view of the breasts, wearing obscene underwear pussy part and anal part is open biting into, shops ride in the car of the pick of colleagues while feeling the sweet menthol of stimulus and Frisk of stimulus I went to.

Nipples erect with excitement and stimulation, so it is not Barre in sweater over, everyone to be winding the stall while suspicious want is, I started your diet and your colleagues while desperately holding the excitement.

Because we have received the instruction to your husband like, we were allowed to send my photos stood in the middle of the toilet.
Not to say that, it had spilled a large amount estrus the juice from my pussy.

Disgraceful ones, I even during the meal with your colleagues, to erect nipples, while hanging pussy juice, had the following instructions of your husband like to look forward.

My master was Mashi under .. phoned.
I ordered from bag to bring me to put out the vibe.
I from my master, Vibe, had been kicked discipline as you put the pet bottles my pee has entered the bag.
Women's toilet is only one in the shop.
Or leak voice, must comply with the husband-like instruction so that it is not noticed by the people of colleagues.

Place the Vibe in pussy, dimensions stop when you hear likely go. Dimensions stop Once alive become likely.
While your husband sama hanging pussy juice, please say cute this kind of transformation that is lust. And over the phone source, I how much transformation of the, just how odious woman who's either, was please tell me gently.

Then, after the many times or lost or forgotten dimensions stopped,
and \"I worked hard\", we were able to get the die forgive me. While muffled voice, while I clenching the affection of the husband-like-like, was exhausted.

After that, I hurriedly To come out to the toilet to all of the original co-workers.

The next day, the LINE that will notice the physical condition and how it was strange from male colleagues who had to go to drinking parties together.
While'd say was dangerous, remember the sweet pleasure you feel also your husband like're away, also it will seek a husband like.
My mind and body are also looking for a husband like now.

Incest discourse

After the husband and wife quarrel, when I was bathing with his daughter why horny to
I have pulled in intercrural sex. From behind the penis to the groin of the daughter while washing was Tsumura eyes and shampoo while standing body. Than usual persistently wash ejaculation pussy, it was felt good. Kana not Bale.

Maranga Z MusumeYumina and (JC1)

First daughter frightened to Mara
super penis Maranga Z
world condom off by the force of the erection by increasing the s peace child
to fly semen facial shower
Superuma Pies I get it now
Maranga Maranga Z
me a break laughing everyone sorry Yumi a sorry

I ended up as a father

The other day, I had sex with my father! I had no plans to go to high school, but I was free at home. My father also stayed at home as if he was on vacation. My mother was on the part and I was alone with my father. I've loved sex since I was a junior high school student, and although I'm limited to older people who are good at sex, my spear friends and boyfriends have never run out. I was in agony because my period was close on that day. However, neither my boyfriend nor my spear friend had a plan and no one was caught. I had no choice but to give up and go down to Kickin for a late breakfast. Below, my father was watching TV. My father noticed me and said, "What !? Yelled. It was hot from the morning so I was wearing pants and sleeveless. "It's okay because it's home! ", My father was having trouble with his eyes while screaming. When I returned to my room and lay down for a meal break, I was still in agony, so I started masturbating. When I was thinking about what to imagine while playing with chestnuts, I came up with the idea of ​​"with my father ...". However, it's a real parent and child, isn't it? But my father is also a man and older ... It would be awkward if I refused even if I invited him ... What should I do…. Reason and libido struggled in my head for a while. But! When I was thinking about sex with my father, the abnormal world of incest aroused more excitement and interest, and my desire prevailed and I called my father into the room.As soon as my father came to the room, he said, "Have you changed your clothes yet? I scolded me. Ignoring those words, I asked my dad for a massage because my back hurts. "what? What happened? My father was worried, so he said, "Because it's before my period, my back hurts!" Then my dad came to bed with shyness and began to push my hips prone. "is it wrong. It's lower! I ordered this and had my father massage, but I was wondering how to invite my father any more. Then, "You also started to say menstruation without any problems ..." My father muttered. "why? Is it strange? "No, I don't think I've grown up ..." my dad said with a shy smile. I said, "I'm 17 too! "I'm already an adult," he said, "That's right! "Adults, adults", my father laughed. At that time, here! I thought, "Ah & # 59145 ;! You're stupid, right? I'm no longer a child. 』\ I changed my posture and lay on my back and pulled the tits with both hands to appeal to my father. My father said, "I already understand. I turned my eyes away from my chest, so I said, "I don't know! I grabbed my father's hand and let him touch the tits. Then my father shut up and looked at the corner of the room without looking at me. My father's hand just touches the tits, and one finger doesn't move. I put my dad's hand in my clothes and let him touch the tits directly, saying, "Please touch it properly! Then my father slowly started rubbing the tits without saying anything. "How? You've grown up, right? "Yeah, even when I asked. I only get a reply. However, I got wet just because I thought my father was rubbing my tits. Occasionally, when my dad's finger hit my nipple, I heard a voice saying "Ah ..." and I was so excited that I couldn't go back anymore. Maybe my dad noticed that I was out of breath, but he didn't stop rubbing his tits.On the contrary, every time I uttered "N ... N ...", my father became a naughty way of rubbing in a circular motion. As I became more comfortable, I rubbed my dad's hand as he rubbed his tits, and he flung and picked his nipples with his fingers. To that stimulus, I said, "Oh! I felt awkward with "Ann". Suddenly, my dad turned to me, rolled up his clothes and stuck to his nipples. The gentle and sticky caress of my father was pleasant, and I was pleased while holding my father's head, saying, "Ah ... feeling ... good." My dad slept beside me while licking his nipples, crawling his hands on his flanks and thighs, and then stimulated chestnuts through his pants. I feel like I'm putting my hand around my father's neck. When my dad put his finger in from the side of his pants and started to touch the chestnuts directly, he made a strange noise from the already wet dick. My dad who fingered the dick for a while got up, took off my pants and put his mouth on the dick! By putting the tongue in and out of the vagina, sucking chestnuts, and stimulating with the tip of the tongue, "Ah ... I don't like it ... Iku & # 59145 ;! 』\ I couldn't stand it because of my father's cunnilingus. When I was surprised at how good it was, I said, "... was it good? 』\ My father kissed Hoppe while stroking my head. "Yup. When I answered "OK ...", "OK! I got up and said, "Oh? What about daddy? okay? "I can't do it anymore!" "Because it's my father and daughter," he said, "Isn't it shit? I was worried because I tilted my head and said, "Well, let's give it a blow job?" And my father became silent again, so I was my father. I took off my clothes and gave him a blowjob.My dad was stroking my head and trying to make me feel good, but after about 10 minutes of giving a blow job, he said, "It's okay. "Thank you," my father stopped the blow job. "Eh !? You haven't come out yet, right? I asked, "I'm fine if you're satisfied." Are you tired? "My father cared for me. I was so excited by my father's kindness that he said, "Daddy, please! Put it in ... " My dad silently laid me down and slowly put me in the missionary position. My dad gently licked his nipples and alternately moved shallow and deep while using his hips. Unlike the powerful etch that my boyfriend and friends always do, my father's etch was kind and soothing from beginning to end. "Ah ... Daddy ... Kimo ... Chi ... Good" When I hugged my dad, "Huh ... Aki ... Daddy seems to come out ..." I'm getting closer. "I don't like it, I don't like it," and I moved my hips in line with my father's hips. "Ah ... no! ‥ Iku! "" No ... no ... no! I was just before the climax, so when I unintentionally turned my father's waist and hugged him with all his might, he said, "Oh, oh !? Ah & # 59145; ”My dad just got it in me. The moment my dad put it out, my dad's things suddenly expanded in me, so I got it in a hurry. When I left me, I was impatient, "Wash me quickly!" When I saw it, a lot of my father's sperm was dripping from my dick.

Marriage with a real daughter

When I became a junior high school student, I sometimes stopped by my uncle's apartment on my way to school. My uncle, who my eldest son always cared about, was seven years younger than his father and 34 years old, three years after his marriage. My uncle's wife was Kinoe, 30 years old, and she had no children. Mr. Kinoe loved me so much that I stopped by my uncle's apartment three days a week to meet him. As I was approaching adolescence, I think I was in love with Mr. Kinoe, who was neat and beautiful. In the early summer of middle 1, I spilled the tea brewed by Mr. Kinoe and got my pants wet. "Masato-kun, okay? Did not burn? Pants take off. Oh, not you wet up pants. Take off everything." Forcibly taken off the I, while I got dry the pants and pants in the dryer, Furuchin I was standing in. To be honest, I was embarrassed, but I was somewhat pleased to show my penis to Mr. Kinoe, who I admired. "Masato-kun's cock is fine. But you have to keep it clean. Sit there." Mr. Kinoe peeled off the false phimosis of my penis and wiped it with a wet washcloth. I wiped it out. "If you take a bath, you have to peel off the skin here and wash it cleanly." When I was told that and wiped the sensitive glans with a washcloth, I got an erection, but I'm still sexually octet. I didn't even know the meaning of the erection, and I was just comfortable and sick. After that, when I stopped by Mr. Kinoe, "Mr. Masato, take off your pants and show your aunt a cock. Yeah, you can wash it properly. Pass ..."While saying that, Mr. Kinoe smiled with a nasty smile and rubbed the glans to make me writhe. "What's wrong with Masato? Maybe it feels good? Oh, I wonder if he's already a good man." I was chewy, and I just opened my mouth halfway and laughed. And, after the feeling of rushing up the inner thigh, semen leaked from the penis. "Wawawa ... What collet!" "I semen. Masato-kun, I evidence that became a respectable man." On this day, virginity is I was allowed to erection again, in Kinue's been covered with a skin I graduated from. "Never tell anyone. Promise." I knew that the labia I saw for the first time was vagina, but that was the nasty part of the female genitals. "Taste a lot of Obasan's pussy." I was shaken in a face-to-face sitting position, and it was my second ejaculation, but it didn't last for 5 minutes. During the summer vacation, when I didn't have an uncle, I visited him in the morning and had sex with Mr. Kinoe. A 13-year-old boy and a 30-year-old woman were naked and indecent flowers were in full bloom. While rebelling against the odor of a rich woman, she was trained in how to lick the vagina that drips the lascivious water of pleasure, how to roll the clitoris, and how to swing her hips to Mr. Kinue who shows a nasty dance. I did. During the winter vacation, I was taught raw insertion extravaginal ejaculation and got drunk with the pleasure of rubbing mucous membranes together. From Monday to Friday, as soon as my uncle went out, I had a relationship with Mr. Kinoe.When my period approached, I poured semen into Mr. Kinoe's vagina and had vaginal cum shot sex regardless of my period. During the spring break when the middle 1 was over, I was shaken at the woman on top posture, looking up at the beautiful Kinoe- san , saying, "Oh, oh, Masato, it feels good, oh, hard, young cock is hard I was excited by the swaying and wandering breasts, and involuntarily ejaculated in Mr. Kinoe's vagina. "What? Masato-kun, right? Lie gave in. Today not is profusely fast? Wow, Yadaa. ... What should I do ... I have come up in the" Kinue's also spring break is over in the When my period didn't come and I was pale to the seriousness of the matter, my father jumped out , saying , "Makoto, you, please leave me for a while!" After a while, I got a call and my mother's serious face turned into a crying face. "Masato ... Uncle, he died in a car accident ..." After his uncle's farewell ceremony, Kinoe's pregnancy became public and he was told that he was reborn. In the third semester of the second and third semesters, Kinoe gave birth to a pretty girl. My father is me. Kinue did not remarry and raised my daughter, named Yuri, as her uncle's child. Kinoe, who was raising a lily with just one woman, fell down due to overwork just before the lily went up to the first grade of elementary school and became a person who never returned. My father took over the lily and raised it. At that time, I was in love as a father, watching Yuri's studies in the third grade of college and the first grade of elementary school, taking a bath, and sleeping with him."Yuri, when you grow up, you'll be the wife of a true brother ..." I and Yuri were seen as cousins ​​and sisters who were close friends like brothers and sisters.

Papa, etch!

\"Papa, etch!\"
Hugged her daughter lying on the bed in the up and down form of sweat from behind
his father to try to Mawaso a hand to bulge of breast
daughter while as always laughing wickedly
pretended to resist just a little crumpled body
\"Well, here or\"
father down the sweat pants over the Hip daughter

was covered with cotton cloth tired a little
and put a finger in between the legs while stroking the ass with tension
and clearance of cloth I touched the petals of the daughter from

daughter close your eyes
and disturb the breath a little
finger of his father when it reaches the back of the petals
was twisting the waist while emits a sweet voice

supine father peel off the clothes of her daughter laid to
dazzling body of daughter lying in the figure of the left who was born
in still breast that is not fully bulge
like with Sucking like a child to tease milk

daughter as if to provoke the father
the body while producing a sweet voice wriggle so it was
and was to reveal the petals in the slightly open the legs

father pledged a finger in the back of the petals
transparent body fluids attached to the fingertip was pulling the strings
to taste the fluid
father daughter of flower core was crawl the tip of the tongue to

my father every time to move the tip of the tongue
curled face as daughter was crazy
, \"Yada - fast, hey-daddy\"

My father had already become the man
to aim while lifting the leg of daughter
interrupted the body of the daughter while still expanding down the bud remains of hardness

daughter, shaking his hips slowly astride his father's body
was squeezed carefully the desire of the father of the body
to cause the body
father fluid overflowing of drip fell to the lower abdomen

daughter loneliness without a wife from so heal
has passed five years
the first gingerly
I was completely defenseless
heal and be daughter a father in a natural way is to now safety Date

apparently it was able to age boyfriend recently
\"you were able to boyfriend or\"
\"what was that person and I,\"
\"But, because they put it ...\"
\"Papa and which do you prefer?\"
\" well have decided to papa! he to small \"

is also the get healing or daughter
might end soon
father while enlightenment so
decided to mind to enjoy my best day-to-day left

Big decision?

It is not Well then special that I think if you are reading your post and you want to with my daughter, and you will think. At the same, a girl of good time to eat, I from 11 to 12 years of age? Now I think I. Of which it will have a fifth-grade daughter elementary school but, more fairly and development is good.
Still, but also contains a bath together, breast that gently inflated, well-padded ass, did not have to so much care, either because we suddenly grow in this few months, would in the mood you.
At the same, vertical streaks of groin. A few centimeters destination Anohon there is a hymen of Yoshino.
The wife, is less about three years sex. Cheating, What 's going to not being noticed are you, but know that you have. I think you Barre from the payment of the card of the night out has increased.
Is not love his wife, but looks is the type. Yoshino that are similar to my wife, that his wife was not a virgin, as worrying endlessly, it seems to get out of hand.

Daughter 16 of curiosity

Since exceeds the number of write limit ... here
I feel that has become suddenly erotic body Once daughter also experienced a first experience Do ~~

Incest discourse

In the old man of 60 too, which celebrated its retirement age, although the two daughters had been independent married, those of sister (35 years old) had good luck with one person suffers from a divorce, a grandson.
However, passed away in my sick wife two years ago, it the opportunity
I also daughter of 10 years will be to say that you Sumo together because it is very live began.

Daughter and grandson and living for the first time (daughter, grandson both similar to the wife) is a fun life remembered the honeymoon period of his wife.
Coincidentally, the naked daughter and grandson of the bath witness, though ripe and daughter
I have watched a woman of meat Zu Ki good body involuntarily.
Daughter was hidden in the bath towel noticed my line of sight, but it is awkward atmosphere with what I and no two people.
As it is finished the meal, I have squeezed the Nagarachinbo remembered the naked daughter without Toshigai return to the room discharge a large amount of semen
was stayed.
Then, the daughter had returned to it discharged a large amount of semen to the daughter of pants ironing the Senzuri while smell of pants took off and take a bath in the washing machine.
If you do that a few times, and next to the toilet in the bathroom say
seems to have noticed the daughter.

Son'n'na One day, when I come out to the corridor will want to go in the middle of the night toilet
with a funny voice from the daughter of the room, it had been leaked a voice that does not tired, even with the moan.
I, a little open the door make a Listen in front of the door I think that \"I\", drank breath to see the daughter.
Lower body bare in the half-light, the middle of masturbation while smell of pants marked with my semen, my reason is the collapse.
It was hanging late become a naked standing in front of the daughter opened the door.
Violent daughter pressed, use the waist pierces rod in pussy
is well-made and are pussy masturbation Nurutto without difficulty the root to the & # 21534; weakened force that had been resisted narrowing seen gradually, with I Nishigami
entwined legs, but has reached the acme of that does not even matter how much,
and I'll lead for the second time of accession poked strip the jacket takes the pants that rammed into the mouth while it is attacking one tame, me in was Tron eye look you home.
It was the eye for no man is a look at the father eyes.
I had also begun woman treats her daughter, until now holding the girls of like the
\"Mari, Tsukidase the ass over here with all fours, ass that Oman
as look good.\"
\"I Kashii shame\"
\"It's what is embarrassing, masturbation while smell of semen, my rod in the woman who passed away also is white early twice, \"
daughter, was projecting toward the ass here.
Stroking the ass, it is the beginning of the word offensive.
\"Cunt in the middle of the raised ass is opened the biting into opening
'll have odious form, Mari of the lower body,\"
\"Oh, embarrassed not look\"
\"or embarrassing seen? If I'll make more embarrassed.
Rod in cunt in the back thrust Tsu was I'll look at the place has been \"
\" back, pleasant'll \"from entering to the back
and tapping a stop ass pledged back in slowly of truth pussy
pussy is pleasant interference with Kyukyu.
\"Truth, be good? Honestly answer Do\"
\"i ~~, Okugai ~~\"
as it is, in the becomes likely I also go to squid twice so dangerous
out to the mouth of the daughter while licking the clitoris 69 Gone are the day.
It from, is unabashedly sticky to me even Magogai, bath, enters together, are about grandson is a little confused.
Not even my daughter, is like became in no females in the grandson of the mother.
Now, it does not have the underwear is allowed to wear when you are in the house.
If training is underway remains此, the Timbo in front of a grandson in Chablis likely momentum, we look forward to from Re此.