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Incest with daughter(2011-10)

Child of Papa

It is the grace you have 17-year-old housewife. There is a daughter to become one year old to me. Father of this child is the daddy of implementation.
I I had been living in two people and dad mother died in the spring of 3 but had licked the pussy you notice is taken off gently pajamas I'm sleeping in the summer.
We have put forcibly Although I saying yea. It was a virgin of course. Moreover, a medium soup! Pregnancy finally being held every day from it.
It was said that I want you to birth dad because I love as a woman if you say that I want to give birth to Papa. Cho happiness. I am pregnant with second person now.
Are you asked to put up with He~era until draft regularly recently,
and very delicious sperm daddy. It was put up for a while sex!

Daughter of a small 4

Recently, tits came swollen.
But I'm taking a bath together yet. You can also kiss playfully to the likes to mess around.
From when you were born, you will because they kissed on the lips every day. I'm going to without resistance.
Recently, it seems there was a sex education class. It was a surprise as it stops \"Daddy? Not a erection\" is the heart.
I was involuntarily erection crack ... slippery breasts and over bulge.
You lost \"out because I only dad, to tell Misa\" what to teach.

Every night and the daughter of a small 6

yuna himekawa[527]
Daughter of small 6, is the motherless family. With runaway daughter made ​​a man at the time of the small 2, wife divorce as it is. It is the life of two father-daughter since.
Menarche also bra also, there was talk to me. Bathing also together of course, the night is lying. It is a father daughter relationship without each other secrets.
The other day, such a daughter, Mayu, has spoke to me such a thing in the bed.
\"Dad, are you put
up?\" \"I put up,
what?\" \"It will do can not stand Papa, probably 35 years old. Not issued from time to time,\" the other \", do not play
dumb?\" What issue? What \"
I. then, stomach, not
\"\" Oh, where did you hear that?
It's was written in a book I borrowed from \"friends. 's man must not have her, masturbation while watching DVD book or a H If you do not issued, is. later,. \"\" Yeah. Yeah \"\" But, Daddy Because it seems not such a thing, and to put up you can be a H paying money to go to the shop Apparently it will pervert the accumulated It was thought that I wonder if Tell \"and N ~ cormorant\". I do embarrassing would say such a thing, but dad also'm out by hand \"by Yeah\", and did not notice at all \"\" Yeah, so as not to be found, sneak in Toka midnight while watching the \"What?\" or \"DVD, Toka site of PC\" Yeah \". though. dad was a little relieved also I Na I was a normal guy,\" \"I\" Yes \"people and\" Papa, another woman , I'm not to be a H? \"\" Yeah \"in the future\", It 's useless to absolute. Because I'll become a place of mom \"eh\", I instead of what kind of thing? mom? \"such a thing\" \" The lower the underwear, eyebrows, led to the bushes of Venus my hand. It is my \"Daddy, Come on,. eyebrows'll get comfort without H and people of another woman\" was hesitant at first, but is overpowered instinct of man, it has embraced the daughter as naked as nature intended were. When you try to cross a line of the last, we have hesitated again, but was pushed back to the word of the daughter. \"Dad, put\" and slender waist daughter, waist was firmly my stick snugly, it has become one. My daughter, you have clung to me desperately grimly to withstand something. If you move the hips slowly, was issued a voice like hoarse daughter. Or would have passed, \"Haa ~ ~Tsu, Haa ~ ~Tsu\" few minutes. I felt a sign of my waist starts to spasm. Unplug quickly, was released aimed at the top per navel daughter served with hand. It was the amount of a lot about not comparable to when masturbation. \"Her daddy, because Mayu,'m useless cheating anymore\" from it \"Yeah,\" we ask them to comfort daughter every night I am.