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Incest with daughter(2014-03)


yuna himekawa[3076]
Luke daughter to become junior high school two years soon, I use in the office at home. My wife has a hobby shop is Takaji.
It is about 4:00 Luke is back from school. Time wife until the frog is the time of the secret of two people.
It is about one week, but it has continued the relationship of abstinence. I do not know whether Luke also are looking, but you put a face to the office.
And I will sit on my knees to sit in a chair. That is the start.
First I'll lick you have to bare only the lower body remains uniform. I will sometimes odorless Sometimes the young sweaty smell is.
Luke also me feel that because only about 2 years since I started licking Luke.
Among them will not be incomparable pink, the wife pubic hair also grows firmly. And a small protrusion is very cute. Raise the voice of half adult \"Papa, feels ...\" and
that it'll lick suck
it. I wrote once before but it is not beyond the line of the last still.
Chest will rock your body in Kusugu~tsui like than feel lick But Nipple, a small bulge.
You can see it is a service in the mouth of Luke, it is going to become better if you enjoy the taste of the genitals Luke.
Gesture licking while hiding the eyes by hand is good cute again our eyes met. And I was taught a new technique also the last few months.
Was put a tongue licking the anal Luke is beginning to me, but Luke also makes lick anal.
You're allowed to Rim Job to daughter.
And it is handjob with a lotion, but I feel like back in children still at that time.
You squeezed me \"Dad ... I put out? Lot painless Ei, Ei ...\" appreciatively.
Makes wearing a mouth to say, \"I leave ... Luke, comes out the other.\" Makes drinking firmly now. And Iiimau s the same thing all the time. I go to the bathroom in the same way as always
\"Papa, salty salty ...\"
last. You protruded the ass a pass to Luke. \"I say, ... out\" Luke will Pissing in my mouth more vigorously
I put the mouth to the genitals of Luke. This is the act of Luke and my usual, but I try also wrote that when you go out with two people and when no wife.

And Yuki ....


I look around the properties of several peeps I went to Tokyo and daughter in search of an apartment rental Yuki only daughter since passed the University of Tokyo, a real estate agent near the train station in front of two of the university But
I am in the front room of ~Tsu downy double and went to the hotel that had been booked at that and say look again tomorrow so say my daughter and I do not like, and even though had booked a twin When you enter the hotel room
\"Let's try this even a good father today,\"
\"I'll is this Daburubetsuto\" But it picks up the receiver to try to phone
\"it does not matter to me, but\"
\"~ Na,
however,\" \"because I live away with me soon for such'm good\"
so I thought that it was whether I become sad softened and is said, I went to the shower room to say that the \"Do not because bathe my shower\"
to return to the room to eat dinner at a restaurant, daughter door is open and has a shower But I come by winding a towel, and \"do you bathe together was what?\" \"I thought that it either tries to enter together because it last longer Yeah\" \"Okay\", \"Would you shed dad back\" \"Do not I'm sorry Oh\" thus \" Do not thing of the past uppercase another Yuki Na \"Yes because this was at three years of elementary school,\" I wonder what years pretending to me from entering the bath and dad \"I'll remember was the likely lonely dad at that time\" \"\" and has been clinging to the back to say I was lonely so \"and\" Thank you to \"Dad now, feel the breast seems to be soft daughter feel back, cock I was I have an erection even blunder, decided to preparedness appearance of daughter naked was reflected in the eyes fell towel that had been wrapped around the moment is out and turn around, nipple small breast beautiful of form, was kiss Embracing as it is, it was intense kiss, is taken up in something it It was like looking for each other as tired, you can touch even genital rubbing also breast, You have inserted a cock to lift one leg, \"How can put Yuki\" Yuki \"I'll say Yeah\", \"augh dad\", \" Tsu Yuki \"was pushed up many times violently, it was exteriorized course ejaculation, we must love each other again sleeping side by side in Daburubetsuto out of the shower,

Daughter and husband and wife quarrel

Writing here is daughter of teenagers most daughter, but is the daughter that married a 35-year-old stomach in my case.
It came back daughter, Yuko brought the two grandchildren.
It seems like it was husband and wife quarrel, but I also did not hear about it so say dogs also do not like the husband and wife quarrel.
Cooking, washing, cleaning will be saved because the daughter came back. Called the \"come here Yes\", \"go immediately yesss\" daughter says to her daughter as \"'ll go up Hey children\"
to put in the bath two grandchildren opens the door of the bathroom, grandchildren Hey mama \" I is greater than the cock dad grandpa \"Ttara this child\" Well, \"the child can reach the mouth immediately that I thought. Daughter're glanced from earlier I knew. It had been rust because it is not I also noted sword and also painted a lubricant. It is celebrated sword that rust Since lost his wife to cancer last year. Night, and \"Did rested another dad\" that it has been whether I'm going to sleep I also entered the ~Tsu downy grandchildren also sleeping voice is \"still awake Ya nice,\" \"Is it a nice little\" daughter daughter \"I Aii\" It came at the same time clinging to me and say \"I am lonely dad\" Sit ~Tsu to take the picture is all coming into the room. The \"Returning to the house Tara lonely,\" \"it hugging my dad I hate\" has been kiss, lips touching a woman after a long time, I feel the chest while stroking the hair of her daughter. I also hugged strongly daughter. I'm licking my whole body daughter get Musa-buri, or had been very much hungry. And I'll be put into the mouth cock wanted most. I also lick the pussy of her daughter. It was pretty wet. \"I also put dad\" daughter \"I Aii\" It went submerged in the hole cock straddles me. Was Fukukatsu lubricating oil painted \"I feel good big daddy\" in the celebrated sword. I went to say \"Iku~tsu ~\" \"feeling great Ii~tsu augh\", \"dad likely go again\" when pushing up more intensely when pushing up from the bottom. Daughter gave birth to children truly are you going, experienced and also fast. \"The feels like this is good for the first time dad\" \"I'm glad also flattering,\" \"gonna feels really because large Kore dad Unlike effect as husband gonna not even flattery No. I,\" \"The husband What do small\" dad \"Yeah I half position than this of \"would did you put up with it until now\" But, \"I hear\" Yeah, but I because I got to flirt and also small that \"cheating husband What\" is what was the cause \"me too But Yeah\" what I'm's guilty, I was a father of the real better my be heavy sin \"or do it again if you commit the same\" crime \"I'm the same thing, even at one time or another I'm so\" \"is husband of the daughter from the day You had sex with daughter daily for one month it came to pick. And I went back with a wink and \"dad probably good to come from time to time\" when you go home and husband who came to pick. I'm looking forward to my daughter to come. To sex with daughter It is good even though the number.

Father a devil

I am a now 3 Hello, but  a person to be changed  father from it that I went out when the small one with the
 DV mother from when I is small father Cause you have experienced 12 times the miscarriage  sperm to have entered  it is now coming over the sperm to  me finally sperm had splattered always yet to go to the bathroom, leaving the milk in the cup you enter the bath after the father propensity becomes poor in  I received a diagnosis of depression  in there that went to the psychiatric But  bed shakes  when sleeping when some such to come over the sperm I can not may be a depression father in small 4 every day becomes depression  it white stuff is dripping  those lukewarm be stuck sound to yet and have been in naked look Te Asaoki in my  bought a key to the room from it was Hatsuchu out in the first experience of my  I feel  you have already pregnant at that time will come eventually in the middle out also at that time  when it is being fucked in a month prior to greet the first period was the repetition  of fucked It was marked with wear and also coming into the room to pry the keys and can have  It was  a repeat of letting abortion be allowed to pregnancy from it  took the stuff baby like a small plunge your hands into the hole  and to consult my father stomach began to bulge from that time it was the time of four months from the floor

Virginity of a daughter with gender identity disorder

My daughter is in her second year of high school, but she is a person with gender identity disorder and looks like a boy. I also wear men's clothes with my hair raised. School uniforms also wear school uniforms for men. I wrapped a sarashi around my chest to eliminate the bulge. It is officially recognized by the school. Although she is such a girl, she seems to be in trouble with her period, which always comes once a month. Even if it looks like a man, it's a girl inside, so it can't be helped. A daughter in men's pajamas woke up on Sunday morning. As expected, I didn't wrap my chest at home, so my chest was swollen. "Good morning dad" "Good morning" "Have you eaten yet?" "Oh, I ate it a while ago." "That 's right." " Do n't you go out today?" "Yeah , I'm at home today." "Yes." "Hey dad. " "Hmm !" "I have a girl I like ." "Hey, I have a girl I like ." "I'm going on a date next time, but I don't know where to go." "But that girl is a girl. "Do you know?" "Maybe I don't know." "What if Valetara ?" " I think Balenai." "Why do you think so?" "It doesn't make sense, but I feel like that. " "Hello . What if I kiss you and go to the next stage? " " Next ""Yaro or touching the breast Once raised," "will not yet up there" "hate know you'll recent child Do not because they Maze," "I do not touch the chest because I mean that wound I always bleached" "idiot you can do touch "Well , do I touch it?" "Yes, I'll meet you as a man." "Yes, but I haven't had that experience and I've never rubbed my chest." "Dad will tell me." "What? "What?" "How did you make a girl as a man ?" " Tell me," "Do you want to start with a kiss?" "Well, really." "Yes, I don't know unless I do it seriously. " "That's right ...・ " Come on," I put my lips together. " I'm going next" "Yeah" I'm going to massage my chest, " Wait a minute" "What?" "Because I'm rubbing my chest." "That's because you're rubbing your opponent's chest. I " " But something "Once rubbed the chest " What What " " feels something Yeah " " I'm also pleasantly opponent of girl Dara so " " next Ikuyo " before pajamas massaged the chest while again kiss I opened and touched my chest directly and picked my nipples. I thought it was a waste to hide my beautiful breasts with sarashi."Dad really do this?" "Yes, there's more to come," he said, putting his hand in his pajamas pants and touching the mancho. "Chotocho and where touching No I" "Where is the last'll'm determined to here." "Ee' of touching there." "If I was a man 's right there on I'm put in the meat bar" I "meat stick "It's a cock." "Eh, really." "It's really serious ." Put the fingertip that was touching the mancho into the vagina. "Here's the cock here." "Because I don't have a cock. " seems do body na "because it is a girl how to" well " " it Wakaran "also to me not move the" do-dad too much hand. " " Why die " " the something strange feeling to " or" law feel " Yeah something strange" "Then I'm going to stuff it at the end " "What's the last stuffing " "I'm going to put in the cock" "Well, do you really put it in?" "Oh, I want you to remember what happens when you put it in. "I'm scared." "It's okay, I'll make sure my dad is n't scared. " "I'm not really scared." "Oh, defeat me."With that said, I pulled three bath towels, spread my son's or daughter's legs, and inserted the cock. "My dad hurts," " I'll get used to it soon," and I inserted it in the back. Everything was swallowed and slowly started in and out. The face of my daughter who endures the pain and is distorted is cute. The cock was tightened in the cramped vagina and it seemed to be alive as soon as possible and I put it on my daughter's belly. I was looking at the place where my daughter came out. "Wow - first saw I such do comes out, but I can not believe I had entered that such a large" "I feel for the first time was I How" "I'm glad to know I was the only cormorant painful Mmm" "man Everyone will do this at the end. " " Hmm, I can't do that. " " That's a shame. "When I wiped the cock, it had red blood and the bath towel also had blood. How will my daughter live from now on? I'd be happy if you told me I wanted to have sex again.

Day wishes and daughter Manami come true

There is a desire of incest and I do not have a chance.
But I came unexpectedly early.
Home had been living with Manami only daughter in consultation divorce his wife.
Manami had spent leisurely soon graduated high school three years, enrollment of junior college have decided.
It took to the hospital for high fever came out that Manami is to catch cold.
It went into the pharmacy and out of the hospital and got a prescription and medical examination fee is the end.
I heard it's used when the heat does not decrease suppositories hear is in the When receiving a description of the medicine.
It was out of the room by placing a change of clothes and laid on ~Tsu downy daughter to go home.
It is also 39 degrees and measure the heat go to the room of my daughter 3 hours after you have decided to use the antipyretic
and \"Ya Manami this antipyretic but it Ya do use it put in your ass\", \"it is not - can I can put in Ee~tsu ass\" \" But heat is I do not fall If you do not use this \"- doing ~ Dad it's\" hate \",\" what I say doing \"mon can not I 'Cause\" \"I was out the ass to take off your pants and pajamas to say so . I was Ganmi pussy visible from under the ass worrisome. I push the suppository into the hole \"I was soon Dad,\" \"Oh it looks\" cute little ass. \"Something strange feeling,\" \"heat also'll go down soon,\" \"It probably had seen punished in the ass other than dad a little while ago\" \"I do not to see only ass and say,\" \"It probably was looking dick I's a lie\" \"I do not to see No\", \"to say that I want to see if you want to see dad\" \"die why\" and \"Do good to show\", \"did you say that why\" it is not to etch it from divorce as \"mom will do, \"\" It's so, but \"I'll good to embrace it when it is good in the\" I \"what good is also being held in\" You Dad \"thing It's a love dad Alright\" \",\" Manami \"daughter take off the pajamas on their own I have invited me as \"Dad come\". I did not look at the naked daughter long but the body of the daughter in front of the eyes now and beautiful clean. It was when the pubic hair desire that black people in the soft breast come true. My daughter was not a virgin, but it was happiness.

Virgin of Jun

I was married to a 45-year-old woman of Whirlpool recently at 40 years old.
Is eight months pregnant at the current shotgun marriage.
Still I am out hand, in the body or mouth every day.
And had been rubbed with myself because it is not possible now wife Nuku was admitted to the maternity. Was seen in the order of the daughter of his wife take the field. Jun said so-what attitude
\"are you doing alone because mom not
here\" and \"Oh Yeah\". It's not convinced that it is not unplugged daily libido so strong I am \"to lend body of Jun
Yeah?\" \"Have you help something when it is good in me?\" On the surprising words. I think that there is also a knowledge of sex \"What body?\" \"'S pussy Jun\" Jun also because the 17-year-old. \"I can not do that Ee~tsu\" \"The Yaro said that I help a little while ago something but\" \"I said that I\" to \"Yaro says because keep the secret to mom\" ​​Jun suffer, it's a little after. \"I do hate Jun Hey, net?\" \"There is no way Ya Ji hate No. I I\" and \"Yaro say you were,\" \"Mom ... But,\" \"it because keep the secret to mom So\" experience I still \"But It took the bedroom with Kudokiotoshi and finally \"would be nice and scary because no te\" Jun Oh \"is whether a virgin?\" ... still Yeah \"\" and because so painless \". The laid on ~Tsu downy bedroom first began from Kiss. Kiss has also or sweet bite your tongue or sucking violently gradually. You touch directly chest that was massaged from the top of the jacket also undressed. It's beautiful soft Unlike wife, cute nipples small. To move to the lower body with fluent breast. You undress together and pants G bread, thin pubic hair appears, Jun was hiding with both hands and face. Observe carefully the pussy spread legs. Clitoris is also wrapped in leather, I will issue a clitoris slowly turning the skin. I feel the nose smell was pungent white shame plaque. I think skin is I was probably the first time curling. It is a beautiful pink and widen the vagina hole in the bottom of the urethral meatus. Turn gently to coat the spit fingertips, I feel meat folds likely Sucking is attached along the fingertips. Turn slowly the cock can not take it anymore. \"~ Tsu hurts Hii~tsu ~\" \"It's painful at first Endure\" It is a taste of the virgin for the first time in 40 years. 's Tight hole, it's like Chitsuana push back, and repeat the loading and unloading at the treatment that contains about half. It was pushed into the back stretch was repeated several times. Voice was stifled in Jun to be \"Ugh\". It is the start of the high-speed piston. It feels good, \"playing ~\" cock appears to be sucked into the narrow vaginal hole. And when you go has come. \"'ll Jun'iku\" was ejaculation, it's Pies, it's in the contraceptives without proof of virgin blood was also attached to wipe with tissue Unplug the cock. Blood was attached still When I wipe also pussy. \"Let's do it hurt if I Impressions who lost her virginity\" \"I just think I'm not a virgin anymore Oh only hurts just,\" \"Do not'll do the quasi-mother until the return from now\" It's a place of my mother eh \" ? Do not because daily'm \"layer\" \"such\" ~ \"blood reluctant if pastern but ... Jun when pregnant

Elementary school students of the body of an adult?

I can not anymore and Shiori but Tomomi still remains.
Was the email I had been shaved pubic hair on my daughter the other day but it would have been a little more to grow.
And was able to meet with a with a few.
There was a girl who was dressed as AKB you go in front of the station of the meeting.
When I was young I used is Tomomi, and a cute looking Nde want remained this.
I went into the hotel Yukitsuke.
Then the hot embrace When you enter the room. I put in the pussy is undressed only pants while this.
The pleasant In another meaning pubic hair grew a little addition to tingling.
Reflected in the mirror figure is reflected ish hate. And it looks like being a real AKB.
I went into the bath and Tomomi first one shot is completed,. Pubic hair grows a few millimeters. I seem to feel that meat folds popped out. Licking pussy is allowed to sit on the edge of the bathroom. Meat folds have come from a slightly different daughter and daughter to chestnut also still large.
Were placed had N in the anus ring finger is placed in the middle finger pussy. 's 2 hole Trombone. Was inserted into the anus and bubbled with soap to cock and think \"kana ass
Hmmm,\" \"an uncle strange feeling'll
be,\" \"Which is? Feels\"
Tomomi Tomomi
this daughter and I feel even in the ass. It might be of tight and that's cock difference
Tomomi and \"yo ~ torn Hyi
~\" and \"Endure\"
and fingertips! \"It felt good when the finger but it seems salmon painful dick uncle Once in,\" \"out there probably Toko shit comes out\" Tomomi
\"'ll went all\" and \"Yeah, but here also'm available\" Tomomi I out slowly I began. This feeling is similar to the feeling of pussy Shiori. I became quiet Tomomi also how familiar a little bit. Was fired by the early hip swing at once. Semen has been overflowing as soon as I pulled the cock. It will flow to the pussy is along the wrinkles of the school gate. Were subjected to ass with his hot water to the basin. \"Better there feels good Yeah\" cock \"younger brother Tomomi\" or say it here after all \"touch the pussy while rubbing\" not good much Hmmm \"breast\" feel of ass How was it? \"Tomomi soak in the bathtub are you a dad-chan Shiori eh \"It's not direct Therefore pain good\" bad and Tomomi? \"Did picking skin\" Tomomi also Tomomi? \"Once you have a father,\" Shiori-chan I have sex with dad? \"\" Yeah, this pre- The hysterectomy chestnut I feel good to Kurikuri your bean's'll touch with \"their own thing's stiff by unreasonable 's dad\" out Tomomi \"from\" How Tomomi? \"'re vertebral If you ever want to Well\" \"and\" to this kind of \"wind Yari was Nde. \"By ~ Uncle kiss feels so Hmmm\" Tomomi also grabbed the cock firmly Tomomi. Tomomi \"Do put Tomomi-chan\" and \"put Yeah\" is inserted for the third time today.


yuna himekawa[2985]
I am sleeping Luke daughter (Medium 1) yet. Special day, Saturday and Sunday is the day that Luke has been living with his wife and divorced usually comes to my ex.
Playing at home with his friends are also many Saturdays. Friends, too will pass over a surprise if you know the relationship of Luke and me. Luke ... to Pissing to my mouth in mono .... the bathroom of my entering over there back is shallow and ... I lick a beautiful dick hidden in
Luke ...
pubic hair licking things erect terrifying · · · · · copper would your friends you see. Small mouth of Luke had been caressing things of me yesterday. I was licking painfully little earlier but it looks as though enjoying now. I would floated a strange delusion these days. Are toilet Park and Luke there licking things of a strange man in the nude. I overlooking Luke eyes of man shines. Tongue smell cigarette licking tongue of Luke, I begin to lick also there. And Luke became a retrospective, \"Dad, I will put ...\" \"... I feel ... I miss is tight great\" man I'll put in \"Dad, daughter to me ... man ejaculate in the vagina back if they issued a sickly voice \". I also ejaculated into the mouth in Luke of such delusion.

Change of daughter

I am looking forward every day to enter the bath together with my daughter. Head daughter and body and I'll sure to wash When you enter together, but when are washed carefully throughout the sensitive areas, and frolicked innocently and Kyakkya daughter is or wants wanted hexes to elementary school It's what it was Dei. It from getting to the middle school, I have been so Oshidamaru still without Dari clamoring. Not or reluctant. I enter to accept as before now and the have them wash his father, but the flank that has been noticeable constricted chest and over the bulge, such as the groin, which has aligned growth of the signs of decline considerably and thigh, in some places, your eyes are still touching there is a feeling that is concentrated in the sense I Tsubu. You're a caress with than say I also begin washed with bare hands to see the appearance of such a daughter. Gently. Come back to deposit the chest of here in a trance when I'll turn stroked the body so as to get one's arms around from behind. It did not say to his wife. It's a secretly fun only daughter.

Please tell me

There is a desire of incest also me.
It is the only daughter of Yuka Sato. Yukari is a preeminent style in 3.
And nipples pungent comes upward larger chest.
When you are taking a bath and did you peep to say why and what you know.
Pubic hair was also peep the cute dark breast and ass.
But opportunity is I can not.
Medium 's courage does not come out and I think if that fails if even hit.
There is no person of that failed in the only people who are successful at this site.
You write ask of people who've failed if. I want to reference.

I gave virgin dad

It is a graduation soon 3.
Me had a bath and dad until last year.
It is nestled in the dad in the bathtub, had been rubbed or chestnut-chan or massaged tits and nipples.
You've remember going to become very comfortable, but it is said to me Desist to enter the bath and dad anymore mom.
And because I thought it I do not put yourself in the study of high school exam, and gave up being comfortably dad.
Then I recommend admission of private schoolgirl has had decided.
The night of the 22nd that did not have a mom drinking with people from the hospital where he worked, and was invited to I try to enter the bath together Dad.
I thought and I Na want you to feel good dad also, but I had to masturbation sometimes, I did went together.
Papa \"while you do not see one year, Na became larger boobs\" What.
When rubbed chestnut-chan and nipple being held from behind in the bathtub, I was chucking Koede \"A~tsua~tsuan\" Become very comfortably.
And then to rub the entrance cunt cock daddy is increased Mukumuku. Once lifted the ass
\"Appapa, it
Dameyo\", \"Mika, I can not take it anymore daddy\"
Dad, the tip of the penis was accidentally enter Te Nyuru~tsu pussy. When you say
\"Mika, or hurts\"
I does not hurt to sit still as it is,
\"Mika, do you not a virgin, whether experienced\" 's dad.
\"Papa terrible, of has been doing this for the first time I have\" to say
\"Okay, dad or for the first time,\"
Yes, Daddy was attracted ass of me.
I feel the penis comes in deep and Gugutsu, and pushed up the internal organs and, me had aloud I \"A~tsu\".
Daddy said to me \"what hurts\", and \"not painful, but it's so big daddy. Weird
feeling,\" \"or so, it becomes pleasant little by little\"
and so saying, Daddy come push up slowly the penis.
Chestnut-chan also been tossed about, me was chat say that out loud before the eye becomes white.
Daddy pulled penis if you noticed, like the milky white came floating out of the pussy.
\"Mika, Na'm just finished
physiology\" and \"Yeah, but you know
why,\" \"was put in anything of Mika. Na unless know that Mika, but Na because no worries\"
and came floating I was Daddy's semen.

The moment I tied the long-sought

I loved his father from childhood. So I was taking a bath with my father and mother say to him not to.
It had entered up to 6 years of elementary school.
I remember the tail of became sad said, \"and enter the bath with Dad please stop because I was getting to the body of a woman anymore,\" said mother menarche has come to me at that time.
I have decided that I will take the place of the mother now mother died in disease ten years have passed since then.
Just follow be asked to flesh Because it is instead of the mother of course. Face of his father say, \"If you come in because they boiled dad Bathing\" \"You also do not fall together after a long time\" so
the night of the memorial service Shijukunichi has been completed was the smile of Manmen. I also entered shortly after the father has entered. I thought, \"I saw the body of you after a long time, but I came to clean\" and \"dad really\" I also saw a roughening of the father to see the body of my father, but when the children are large but usually when you see now did. Wash the body after soaking in the bathtub for a while. I will wash the body of his father earlier. I will wash their influence to the chest, neck and stomach from. It changes significantly harder and peel Miku wash and Grasp the rough. \"It is larger dad,\" \"It 's a long time really I also did not and that erection long\" \"Can I lick dad?\" I \"would not should unpleasant\" has included in the mouth. It is not the first time of course. I was licking good things boyfriend. My father was delighted. I also glad. I went into the bedroom to wipe the body of the father out of the bath. I was sleeping instead of mother to ~Tsu downy double that father and mother were sleeping together. \"I wish larger softer mom\"​​ I started massaging the breast to remove the button of pajamas my father will grip roughness of a father and I say, \"gonna do with anything and because instead of dad my mom.\" Was open leg in front of the face of my father off together panties and pajama pants so say, \"want to see all of you.\" It has been touched to say \"You're a beautiful pussy\". We have wet dick is been with di-tion When I think has been touched favorite father. We lick to say father and delicious juice overflowing. I was also said to be \"put early\" to his father to say, \"I want to put another\". Roughening of the father was coming. It was a moment I felt my father and I and I became husband and wife in this.