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Incest with daughter(2010-10)


yuna himekawa[183]
I have a relationship with the daughter. I would be seen in the daughter When I was one lost in an accident cottage.
I love one undressed to take me to bed sled remain so say dad is good daughter, and I'm good.
Entering the bath from that day and sleep with them and together. When you go to bed, my daughter physiology other than going to bed and leave it in its pussy-free daughter.
When the physiology, we sleep while touching the chest. I was pregnant and I went to the hospital, so say daughter does not come in physiology at the age of 15.
it was decided to give birth. During pregnancy, I could not have sex daughter was so terrible morning sickness. The birth girl cute
and after childbirth, daughter, do you could not endure, and has been invited from the day and was discharged, but the lifting of the ban date,
morning from came back from the hospital to was in love is allowed to stand. The girl were both have a relationship the other day.
It is a happy family. I will 3P for the first time today.

In the bath

I am a sixth grade elementary school yet. Actually were interested in a H a little bit.
Where he was watching a cartoon watch on a PC you can look for videos of free PC. I was taking a bath with my father for the first time
today. My mother did that Mase Tokii. First, my father has been touching my pussy. I ... that I said ... as \"An ...\".
I did not see it or felt good because it was the first time while you get along, it became very comfortably. Was or sucked tits.
It was aloud as \"Aaa ...\" It is also for the first time. It was not until Toko to put but I'm glad I only touch us.
I would like to a (cool people) towards the men into adulthood soon! !

Father's big cock

I'm Sachiko, a third year high school student. My first experience was with my boyfriend who was two years older when I was in the third year of junior high school. Since then, I've been sleeping with three men. After parting from my first boyfriend in about a year, a man changes every year. It was about two months ago. That day was the day my mom went on a trip with her fellow nurses. There were only two people in the house, me and my dad (45). "Then I'm going to sleep. Good night." When I said that, I fell asleep as soon as I returned to my room. ・・・・・・・・・(・・・?) For some reason, I felt a strange feeling around my chest and gently opened my eyes. "... Oh, dad !?" He was riding on me and gently rubbing his chest. " I ca n't stand it ... I'm sorry, Sachiko ..." I didn't understand. I am also a third year high school student. I know that this is an incest that you shouldn't do as a person. "No, no! I'm a parent and child ..." "I've always wanted to be Sachiko." When I laughed suspiciously, I suddenly began to rub my chest roughly. I never expected incest to come to me. At that time, Dad's eyes were no longer the eyes of his father, but the eyes of a man. "Sachiko's nipples are really hard." I felt as I kept touching my nipples. "Ah ... dad ... stop ..."Tears ran down without stopping. Father who removes the button of his pajamas because he can't wait. Even if I went against it, I couldn't resist the power of my big father. "Sachiko is a D cup, isn't it?" She puts her nipple in her mouth and uses her tongue well in her mouth to lick it. My body reacted to it many times. I don't want to feel it ... "Ah ... mmm ..." "My nipples are getting stiff . Do you feel it?" I can't say anything to my dad who says happily with a loud voice. My nipples were so stiff that I could tell. Grab your chest with both hands and gently rub it in a circular motion. "Ah! Ah ..." "It feels good, my mom is happy to touch her nipples." I knew that my dad and mom were having sex. That day I went down to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night. I could hear the pant voice and sobbing that seemed to be comfortable for my mother. After that, she screamed like a beast and her mother was completely a woman. "But Sachiko is still young. The tension is different ... If this smooth feel is irresistible, it feels like sticking to it." Dad said, gradually reaching down. .. "Ah, ah! ... No, dad." I was so happy that I was already wet with soup stock and the soup stock was flowing down my thighs. I didn't want to know me like that. But my dad's rugged, thick fingers finally came into me."Sachiko's here is very wet. It feels good," she grinned, and Dad speeded up her fingers. I stimulated my weakest place over and over again and kissed me with a breath of alcohol. My dad's kiss was so good that I inadvertently sucked my tongue. "Ah, hmm! Hmm ..." My dad knows the other person in my head. I was already looking good. "Hmm ... I, Iku ...!" Almost at the same time, my body shook greatly. I felt so bad that I couldn't breathe well. I found that the pussy was cramping and the body was quivering. "Well, Sachiko ... wasn't it comfortable?" Dad took out a stiff penis to Gingin. "Dad, would quite large" ... certainly. It's much bigger and longer than I've ever seen ... and it's mulberry-colored and stubbornly swaying over the testimony I've used. "Do you want me to poke you?" Then Dad began to squeeze in front of me. I'm stunned, my dad is out of breath ... "Oh, once ... I wanted to masturbate in front of Sachiko." " No ! Stop ... I hate ..." My dad's erection is getting bigger and bigger ...・ It was my first experience like this. Watching masturbation ... and that's my father's penis ... "Uh ... it looks good ...! Ah, u ... Sachiko!"Dad said so and ejaculated on my chest. A warm feeling spread around the chest. "I want you to suck , hore , Sachiko" Unlike before, my dad's sloppy thing. I forced it to be added to me. "Hmm ..." As soon as I got it in my mouth, it started to grow again. "Lick with your tongue ... te, re" I desperately sucked to finish this act early. "Yeah ... well ... uh ..." Lick the tip with your tongue and lick the back. I almost cry at the voice of my father who seems to be comfortable. "Huh ... hah ..." Dad suddenly pulled something out of my mouth. And I opened my crotch as much as I could. "...! No! That's no good ..." Ignore my words and insert it into my vagina that is soaked in guchogucho. It's too big to fit all. It's long ... it's really big ... The feeling of being poked in the back of the womb was a comfort that my boyfriend had never had before. "Ah ... nuu ..." My dad's big potash scratched my vagina, and the thrilling pleasure spread all over my vagina. Shallow and deep ... Shallow and calm movements made me feel like an adult. "I 'm going to go crazy," said Dad, piercing the back of his womb. I was screaming at the sensation of shaking my body that I had never tasted.It reminded me of my mother's frenzy of peeping into my father's and mother's SEX that day. I was screaming like a beast's cry, " Uh, uh ... wow ... uh" . My dad inserted everything ... and shook his hips with tremendous momentum. "Ah ... nhh ... hah!" "Huh, Sachiko Sachiko! Feelings, good ... Sachiko" I was calling my name over and over again. I turned to Acme continuously and let go of my father's big cock and my vagina tightened intensely. At the same time as I shouted , "It's no good," the warm feeling spread to my stomach and I felt my father's ejaculation. "Ahhhhhhh ..." I also felt the panic that attracted my dad's jerks, and I got deeply itte . Since that night, I've been stealing my mother's eyes and tasting my dad's big cock. If this goes on, I can't think of a life without a father. My mother seems to feel something, and sometimes she looks at me as an enemy. What will happen to my home ...

... To help

My ninth grade will have a relationship with the biological father from a year ago. Opportunity when I was junior high school sophomore I.
My father was brought a midnight snack when I have a night studying. And I also have a little talk with the father and with breath, become sleepy somehow, ... and I fell asleep as it is.
And tied to the wrist bet you notice, it had been laid Gagged. Father ... came to not know what occurred, and has been struggling to be \"Tsu over over over over N do\".
\".... Happened again\" ... that I do not remember most of the rest. Then my father ... you committed me on a daily basis. Leave ... do not speak to anyone for fear.
I ... if that might do. And by all means ... advice.

'12 Part2 from any

Immediately, I talked with Tamasato.
Of course,
we have to be also considered it because there may be adverse effects on the exam environment will change, but
it means that you Hikkoso new home delimiter if attached to the memories of mom and I to the conclusion directly below. Of course, I also welcome so may be when the smaller became one person. Nearby Zukiai also might vary somewhat, but seems to be no problem because it is nearby. Sunday, it was decided to go with two people to the site again. Then, that's seems ready to hear Tamasato to start cleaning up the luggage night than last night what's going on ,,,, because signed up for scrap bazaar of Culture Day. . Mind too early. . . However, I now also wind up helping reluctantly because it is so such afford not me help. . Luggage of the house, seems to be fine. . Because it will be held (flea market) monthly bazaar, It is likely to go several times. . On the other hand, Tamasato is very fun but Oh ,,,, home cooking of Tamasato has become very delicious early. It is likely to go to the daughter-in-law at any time if it is this. . It is likely to be striving toward a father to send out a bride. . Idiot son did what was really troubled Chigae the order. . .

Cute daughter

I am a 41 year old man working at a construction site. When I confess my secret, I live in a relationship with my daughter in the second year of junior high school. My mother had a part-time job as a snack, but half a year ago a young man was born and ran off. It was about a month ago. My daughter, who is in middle 2, still takes a bath with me. I didn't dislike my daughter, so I stayed with her for a long time, but gradually my body became rounded and became a woman's body. My chest, which was much smaller, began to swell. Recently, she has suddenly grown up and has a rich breast that resembles her mother's body. Of course, pubic hair is growing. I wonder if I'm okay, but my daughter seems to be fine. I'm always looking at it, so I'm not so excited, but I'm really worried about it. The last time I said I would buy a present. She hugged her, saying she was happy. For the first time I had my daughter erected in front of me. My daughter seems to have noticed my erected penis in her crotch. I got a little confused. Because my father has a penis standing up ... "When you hugged me, my dad got excited. I'm sorry." After a while, [Dad, H] my daughter returned to her usual smile. That night, my daughter came into my futon saying, "Let's sleep together ." I was surprised at such a daughter."Dad, I made it big ... I was surprised at how big it was. Did you want to do something like this with me?] He hugged me. I hugged him. And I kissed him. My daughter accepted me obediently. But I couldn't do any more, and when I was hugging her, she fell asleep before I knew it. I was sleeping soon. What kind of face should I have next morning? I was in trouble, but my daughter said "Good morning" brightly as usual, and this time she kissed me lightly. "I didn't think my dad would be my first kiss partner, but I'm glad I was my dad," he says cute. I took a bath together that night. My daughter mischievously sat on her lap and got an erection again. [Wow! I grew up again] I was laughing innocently. I kissed my daughter who wouldn't resist hugging me like last night. When I talked to my lips, my daughter was hugging for a while. I entwined my tongue violently while saying [Dad, I like it] [I am too] . I haven't done any more, but it's an atmosphere that seems to be more than that with my daughter naturally someday. I finally had a relationship with the coming day. "Dad, don't you really want to have sex?" I was surprised to hear the word sex from my 13-year-old daughter.I was at a loss. Because the other party is a daughter. "I can't be with you." "Why is it my daughter ?" " Yes, that's why. " "Then, why is your dick getting bigger?" " Is it because you're becoming so feminine?" My daughter kissed me. And I touched mine. "I'm getting bigger." "What are you doing?" The daughter kept touching. "Stop" The daughter began to touch immediately. "Big!" It felt very good to me. The feel of my soft daughter's hands ... I just covered my daughter. My daughter was staring at me. I kissed my daughter and touched my chest. I was excited by the pleasant touch of the pure white and chewy chest. The daughter does not resist. "Is it okay?" "Yeah." Eventually I put a penis over my daughter. "I 'm scared" "If you quit, it's now " "Okay, I'll take the place of your mother" "You're not your mother's place " "Can I replace you ?" It's you. It's not a substitute for someone. " I was excited to say that. "Then ... love me" My daughter naturally loved me from the beginning. It means something different ...I felt that my cute and irresistible daughter was very dear. If it belongs to someone someday, then with my own hands ... I thought so. I inserted it in my daughter without putting anything on it. My daughter wanted to hurt hard, but I gently took the time to implant it all the way into her body. The moment you put it in, Buchi! I felt like I heard a noise, and the tip of my penis sank into a new pussy. "It hurts !!" My daughter cried, but slowly I advanced the penis. The inside was very tight and comfortable. My stuff might have been terrible for my virgin daughter. To be honest, my penis is big and proud. Was it about 10 minutes? My daughter endured the pain. Eventually I was filled with pleasure in my daughter. I shook my hips for a while, pulled it out of my daughter, and ejaculated for the first time in a while. It's been a long time since my wife left home and put her in the woman for half a year. I then thought I had done something ridiculous. Look at the blood coming out of my daughter over there ... My daughter said, "This is sex. I feel like I'm an adult." From that day on, my daughter and I have been married. I'm the one who's crazy about the smooth and fluffy daughter's body. However, it seems that my daughter isn't too bad. Both deep kiss and shakuhachi are advanced. A really cute girl.

Finally with my daughter

My daughter is 6 years old and 11 years old. Actually, when this girl was in the 1st grade in the bath, she said it was "comfortable" to touch her, so I touched her moderately. Time has passed and small 4. Even if I touched my straddle when I went to bed, I felt normal without any resistance . It came to be like, "Don't stop because it feels good." From around this time, I started to have a little naughty knowledge, and my daughter implicitly touched my Nani . When I said, "OK, even if I touch it," I shyly withdrew my hand at first and said, "Daddy also do it." When I touched it while asking, "Does this feel good?", My daughter also touched it. I also taught my treatment of Nani, "It feels good to do this." And 5th grade, I was late to come back, so I touched it once a week . Around that time, my daughter's breasts began to swell, and she said it hurt to touch . Only the tip of the nipple is tsundere and cute. My daughter didn't like it because her breasts only tickled and hurt, so I ended up having to wait. Around this time , I knew that my daughter also gained sexual knowledge, and that the act of inserting Nani was sex. I was pulling out my erotic comics and erotic books from the back of the closet. One day, when I found the erotic book and got a little angry, after touching it at night, I said "It feels very good" and refused to shake my head "Do you want to stop?" I asked, "Would you like to apply this here?"My daughter took off her pants and became the first union. Well I can't enter. Of course. Although it is 140 cm, it is a small body. However, just by applying it, my daughter said, "It feels much better to combine," and the combination has become a staple after this. Fifth grade winter. I was just wearing a futon and squirming from the side so that my daughter-in-law wouldn't get caught, but since my daughter-in-law didn't happen to be there, my daughter 's condition was getting better little by little, so I took the plunge and took the normal position I was sick . Then, while I was poking, I entered 3 cm. My daughter refused to say "it hurts" any more, so I decided to protect the last fort that I shouldn't break the hymen . It's April when I'm in 6th grade. My daughter has no period yet. I was born in March, so I'm not worried. When menstruation comes, I can't really relate to it anymore. My daughter grew up to 155 cm and my breasts got bigger. I also put on my bra and it gets dazzling. I haven't taken a bath since I was in the 5th grade, but I check my daily growth with this hand . It happened that my daughter was about to go to bed, and my daughter-in-law was tired and was sleeping in a separate room . I used to touch it as usual, but today I'm embarrassed to say, "I also touch my dad , " so I don't like it. ... I wonder if this day has finally come. However, he whispered and said, "Mom is sleeping." Then my daughter will be bold, and when she feels comfortable, she will wear pants.I took it off. I started 69 from last month, and my daughter is not good at adding it . I also lick my daughter's stride. Whenever I do this, my daughter always agrees, "I took a bath." It's different from usual when I put my finger in my daughter's stride. It's slimy. As soon as I started to combine, my Nani, which is 13 cm long, entered half after the piston movement . My daughter isn't in pain. When you hear "it feels good", it says "it feels really good". I felt so good that I said "What are you doing with this (union)?" ... "Sex ....." "It's a secret. It's a secret for the rest of my life. I love you." However, it feels pretty good in a narrow vagina. It was about to come out easily . Immediately pull out, haste tissue. My daughter was taken aback. When I asked, "I'm sorry. Did you want more?", He nodded shyly. And June fateful day. When I merged once in May, my daughter seemed to be asleep, so it was all right. But another chance came. My daughter-in-law was playing until late, and it was midnight when she came back. So I messed with it as usual and made it 69, and united at missionary posture. On this day, I made a mistake once so that I wouldn't go right away. It's a little bold on this day when I find out that my daughter isn't completely married. Maybe my daughter didn't have a hymen last April? I thought.It didn't seem to be right. I was told that there was such a daughter, but I couldn't stop my daughter, even though I was worried that I wouldn't get pregnant with Cowper because I was actually on my period. This time coalescence. …. I was halfway through in no time. From there it is a piston. Daughter to be very comfortable and instructs to move the hips and looks good "Nuke" small breath is leaked and, further and further to the back went entered To would like the in the back. Bread! Bread! Bread! Bread! It is a complete union. It's sex. I was so impressed that I felt like I was excited just by hearing the sound of bread and bread, and I pulled it out again soon. This time my daughter was a little dissatisfied and shy. The other day or completely united, the daughter is also in the immediate trial run the remains cowgirl was Saddle feeling premature ejaculation feeling in this age Te Yosugi. I've never had such a thing before ... It's just a pleasure relationship, so I feel guilty. I may be stabbed when my daughter grows up. But this time it's almost dangerous, so I'd like to put on a condom and try cowgirl and doggy style. Just writing this made me want to do it with my daughter again.


I is 65 years old. It is related to the daughter of 40 years old. Daughter was married once, but to come back in divorce, it is me doing housework at all instead of his wife from his wife sickly. My wife died two years ago, I was the second death anniversary memorial service this year, and the first death anniversary memorial service last year. After the memorial service is over, the customer got home everyone, I drank in the two daughters and. Daughter said.
\"I do not worry because I am taking care of life dad
now,\" \"But. Thank you, you too because I'm still young, and you do not think of even their own
happiness,\" \"let me. Gonna happy it is to take care of dad . Atashi is the unpleasant te
\"not\" ridiculous. it'm glad. But you, is I guess the really good at it,
\"it 's good\". gonna want to be with. dad likes Dad me,
\"Thank you\" meeting.
\"\" dad. mom passed away Hey, what about that person over there. You do not want
\"Na\", Nan thing
\"by\" sex. probably do want a woman still if sixty generations of man \"Na, Na\", what The'm say \"I am also gonna want a man\" Actually. But gonna want to have sex if the. dad Korigori. unpleasant. second death anniversary also because finished mom passed away, mom also me glad I'm sure the other guy kiss hug my body and mind I will Kuraso Become a wife of the father and the future. I think, \"\" do, do ......... \"I decided I\" \"daughter has been overhanging I've been to. I do not remember much about \"no, Wu, do, no, ......\" from it. If you remember in bits and pieces. Pantsuo ... is in daughter, daughter in addition to mouth my stuff, sucking, ... freshly Sucking. I also Shidaki fir breast plump ... Mushaburitsuki to ..... daughter stripped by what you are wearing daughter, Sucking, to ..... there Nokezori daughter screaming nipples pointed If you put your finger, there was moving the hips violently riding on top of the daughter and notice ..... convulsions and screams of ... daughter have become drenched as flood. Mine, is it not? Has entered into this cunt daughter. ...... I was ejaculate Dokudoku in the daughter half-mad daughter.